Chapter 185: Vortex of Conspiracies


Translator: Nat

–Third Person POV–

City State: Atoroa

In a corner of the city state Atoroa, there is a luxurious palatial residence amongst many other buildings lined up side-by-side in the wealthy district……which Maximilian spent a large fortune on and is essentially using as the base for Orthodox Magrado.

Being an outsider and also being able to set up a base in this place where the mayor’s power was strong meant that he and his organization received substantial support.

「What? An assassination incident involving Orthodox Magrado and Queton?」

Maximilian, who is sat on top of a gorgeously decorated throne-like chair, listens to his subordinate’s report and exclaims in a doubtful tone.

「Yessir! There are also other assassinations on Lasulis and Baldoeh, influential individuals who rejected our request to cooperate in the past.」


Maximilian smiles slightly as he instantly gulps down the liquor in his cup.

「I didn’t give out such instructions. It must have been due to some internal strife or the result of robbers.」

「However, the ones who were assassinated ranged from high class soldiers to rising money lenders without regard to ranks, all of who rejected to cooperate with us. People are already coming in our direction from every Polis to protest and affirm the truth……」

As expected, Maximilan’s face warps.

「Just deceive them somehow by saying they’re wrong in thinking it was us! We will confirm the facts ourselves in the meantime.」

Knowing he himself did not give the orders, the only thing he could think of was the spontaneous decision made by the survivors scattered around the cities.
He might be the leader of the group and the person who brought everyone together, but it isn’t like he supervises every little group in far away places.

「Damn…… those hasty idiots did something unnecessary.」

He has a friendly relationship with the mayor of Atoroa but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any pressure from the other Poleis.
Before that happens, he should capture the perpetrators and hand them to the proper authorities as hoodlums who have nothing to do with Orthodox Magrado.

「With that many assassinations occurring, they must have a considerable number of allies. We’ll know immediately if they’re some local group who seem like they would act without my instructions though.」

The remnants are mainly scattered in former Magrado and Goldonia.
There shouldn’t be many individuals here in the city states which are meaningless for them to attack.

「We’ll investigate right away.」

The subordinate rushes out the door and leaves in a hurry.

「Good grief, being a leader isn’t easy.」

Under no circumstances would Maximilian say this in front of his subordinates, but he didn’t think it was possible to restore Magrado to its former glory.
The country is in ruins and the royalty was wiped out.
What point is there in trying to pick up the pieces now?

「Goldonia and the various southern nations will definitely clash. At that time, how valuable will the hands1 I’ve stretched throughout Goldonia be?」

Assassination and destruction both only act as tools to prove his achievements.

「The remnants of Magrado are burning with a passion for revenge…… I will use that and advance forward. That Hoover was trying to use me instead.」

The corners of Maximilian’s lips raised slightly in a cynical smile.

「In the first place, such an inferior plan could never attempt to overthrow the royal power. In the end, he was nothing more than a foolish general who struggled in the Magrado war alone.」

Just when he was about to get up to refill his empty cup with alcohol, the subordinate who he thought had left rushes back in the room.

「Your Excellency! Serious news!」

「What’s the matter, how is the investigation going?」

「There’s no time for that! I received word just now. The group pretending to be Orthodox Magrado attacked the Guldiapolis Council, killing a few council members and setting the Assembly Hall on fire!」

「No way!! That’s impossible!!」

Even if it was a spontaneous act, he couldn’t believe that there were such fools in his group.
But the subordinate disregarded Maximilian’s objection and immediately continues speaking.

「It looks like the perpetrators killed over 10 of them on the spot.」


Guldia is a republican Polis so their Council is similar to the royal authority of a King.
Now that the group laid hands on them, there’s no way Maximilian could pretend not to know about it.
The current situation is not something he can argue about.

「Report all the details to me in order, I’ll go discuss this with the mayor.」

Just as he began making arrangements, there was a loud voice coming from the front of his house.

「Maximilan-dono! You have received an emergency summons from the mayor! It’s urgent!」

The sound of a table being destroyed could be heard shortly after.

–Aegir POV–


「Reports are in saying that it was a success.」

「I see.」

Tristan goes back to reading his book after a curt response.
If there is no obstacle in the work, there is nothing Leopolt can blame him for.

「In any case, what a vicious plan. You will definitely go to hell for it.」

An unconcerned voice retorted from behind the book.

「The one who arranged for the personnel is the information officer from the capital and the person who drafted the plan was yourself, was it not?」

「I just proposed that we use robberies and violent assaults. You were the one who took that and changed it to murder, that’s why I’ll be riding the carriage to heaven.」

He snorts with a ‘hmph’ in reply to Leopolt.

「Looking at the way those guys did things up until now, something as half-assed as that would cause doubt. If it will raise the chance of success even the tiniest bit, killing 10 or 20 citizens is not a big deal.」

Tristan trembles, commenting ‘Oh how scary’, but it didn’t look like he meant it.

「Well it’s already done now. Was the attack on Guldia’s assembly hall the last one?」

「It was. It would look unnatural if smaller attacks continued after such a huge incident. We can call this plan complete.」

「Will it spread around nicely?」

「It will. Guldia is large and can be considered the central Polis by the other ones nearby. The repercussions of such an attack should affect all the surrounding Poleis.」

「Guldia is critical of Orthodox Magrado after all. It wouldn’t be strange if they attacked…… I’m guessing.」

Leopolt resumes work on his other daily tasks as if nothing happened.

「Orthodox Magrado who is using Atoroa as a base will be thought to have attacked Guldia and the neighboring Poleis. The best result would be if Orthodox Magrado can’t handle the pressure and abandons Maximilian.」

「No one would save a bagworm who lost his cover. But I wonder why Atoroa accepted people like the remnants of Magrado in the first place. Even if they have a bit of money, facing off against Goldonia is not in their best interests.」

Besides the indirect trade Goldonia had with the city states, the two parties practically have no relationship.
Saying it another way, neither party should hate the other, but it was unthinkable that they would deliberately save an opposing force like Magrado.

「Perhaps there is an element we are not aware of. Maybe…… it would be better to prepare a plan B?」

It appears as if Leopolt’s nod was signifying his agreement with the presented opinion but he doesn’t do anything.
Tristan heaves a large sigh which he hadn’t done in a while.

「Haaah…… so I have to do it. When can I just focus on reading books for the rest of my life?」

Tristan mumbles to himself as he starts penning a letter to Rebecca in the capital.

「I-I’ll take a little nap until dinner.」

After finishing our ‘love training’, Celia wobbles back to her own room.
The girl has already gotten more toned but she also did a hefty amount of training today too, probably because this naughty training is starting to become quite addictive and she can’t stop.

Just thinking about it gets me excited so I stroke the ass of the young maid waiting beside me.

「Ahhn, feudal lord-sama…… what an honor.」

「Is this a good time, Hardlett-sama?」

Adolph came and interrupted me during a pleasant moment.
The maid lightly clicked her tongue and left.

「…… why are you glaring at me?」

「Hahaha, more importantly what’s the matter?」

「It’s about the construction of the new mansion you mentioned before…… and the quote for the pool is also complete.」

Adolph places a stack of documents in front of me, which I don’t have interest to read in detail so I just take a peek at the final number.
Once I saw it, I rub my eyes and check again.

「It’s a huge amount, isn’t it?」

「That’s exactly right. By the way, the development in the south costed 30,000 gold so please use that as reference.」

The figure written on the sheet of paper is 60,000 gold.

「That’s too much no matter how you look at it.」

「If we build it as the Madam wanted it, this is the result. ……Well, this is the final result and we would have to deal with the problem of workers actually constructing it, so it will be built little-by-little.」

Oh yeah, Nonna frequently called Adolph over to talk to him about something.

「But do we really need a new mansion?」

「Yeah, this mansion in Rafen was originally built for the Margrave Feudal lord of Arkland after all.」

There was more than enough land and workers so it was somewhat larger, but when I asked Claire for her true feelings, she said the mansion was a little insufficient for a Magrave’s status.

「I would be happy as long as I had a large bed and bath though.」

Most rooms in the mansion have already been filled with women and there are an insufficient number of guest rooms.
The constant renovations of the annex which houses a large number of girls is getting fairly unsightly too.

「I also thought it was probably needed too, which was why I made an earnest quote of the cost. So…… will we actually be going through with the construction?」

「We had that recent attack as well. Let’s have at least the main building constructed first. Our current mansion should be big enough to act as the annex for the girls. The problem is with the pool.」

「I thought as much so I moved the plan of constructing the main building forward. ……and we still want the pool?」

My beloved Nonna will probably forget about everything else and only concern herself with the pool.
Every day she would say happily things like “Once this child is born, I’ll teach them how to swim”.

「I knew it would take a lot of gold but compared to the mansion, isn’t this some sort of calculation error……」

「It’s 20,000 gold.」


Why is the luxurious mansion Nonna dreamed of in her wildest delusions 60,000 gold and the pool 20,000?

「For the pool, you could just find a random spot to dig and surround it with rocks and be done……」

「Maybe if that was a pool on the ground. The pool described by her was one in a high place with a nice view.」

Nonna did want that.
Adolph slams a map on the desk.
He seems upset, sorry that my wife is like that.

「The biggest problem is how to secure the water. The water from the well would not do it.」

I guess not.

「This is the existing waterway that the city uses to draw water. However, this water is also the water being used outside the city walls too. The Madam will probably be angry.」

「Well naturally, I wouldn’t want to swim in dirty water that has been used by the citizens either.」

「We also have to consider the problem with the height…… we will draw water from this lake here.」

Adolph points at a certain lake on the map.
I know about that place as well.

「That won’t be possible, it’s far from Rafen and there’s also the relatively steep hill. We won’t be able to make a waterway.」

Even just a little bit of height will stop water from flowing up, plus the surrounding area is also uneven in elevation so it doesn’t look like we will be able to detour around the hill.

「That’s where this comes in.」

Adolph takes out the blueprints for a large stone structure.

「This is…… a bridge?」

「Yes, except it will carry water instead of people, and this will be what brings clean water directly to Rafen.」

This is quite grand…… did you perhaps forget about Nonna’s pool?
We don’t need a stupidly large amount of water.

「…… of course I know that. But since we’re going out of the way anyways, we might as well achieve other objectives too. Rafen was established originally with the presumption that only a small number of people would live here, but various foundations in that thinking is rather weak. With a city of over 20,000 people, relying on only a single waterway and water from wells is dangerous.」

「Umu…… the water has been getting worse lately.」

Rafen relies on a single waterway drawing water from a small river.
We split that waterway into multiple streams and send it to different parts of the city so people can use it.
In other words, the water used from upstream flows downstream as it is to the other areas.

「Of course there isn’t anybody who would just flush their human waste down the stream, but people do drink the water after it was used to wash dishes and do laundry upstream. This isn’t the best idea.」

「So that’s where the additional waterway comes in?」

「Yes, it will require manpower and money but with the future in mind, it’s better to do it now……」

Well it should be fine.
Nonna’s pool gets constructed as well, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

「Alright, the main building of the new mansion and that bridge thing…… navigable aqueduct you called it? Do as you see fit.」

Once I gave permission to Adolph, he bounced up from his seat.

「Thank you very much. I will build something that will last for future generations.」

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Adolph looking so relieved.

「I have another positive report for you, it’s regarding those students who I sent to inspect the farmlands.」

He promptly lines up their reports.

「The farmland in the south which was newly cultivated barely made it in time for the spring wheat. It will also depend on the climate in summer but we can expect a large increase in the harvest.」

「That’s good. As I thought, money comes in when we use it.」

「That isn’t what a statesman would say…… in reality, increasing the wheat too much isn’t a good thing, since that might be the impetus for war. Stocking up on food supplies may indicate strength.」

“And also” – Adolph trails off and stares at me.

「Regarding Miss Gretel’s report……she never fails to end her sentences with a ‘woof’. Do you have any idea what that’s about?」

I have no clue.

–Third Person POV–

Side Story: In-house Struggles
Going back in time to winter, Federation Provincial City: Albens



In the living room, Marquess Malordol himself and some other family members are sitting down, unable to calm themselves down as they wait for the situation to develop.
As if cutting through the tense atmosphere surrounding all of the present members, the door of a room opens quietly and an elderly butler walks up to the Marquess.

「She has gone into labor.」

「So it’s finally happening.」

The Marquess closes his eyes and looks downward almost like he was praying.
Normally, he would be praying that his wife Claudia who returned from White City would have a safe delivery.

「Please don’t be born……」

Another family member unintentionally expressed their true feelings, but the Marquess doesn’t rebuke him.
He didn’t say anything, but he actually felt the same way.

Ever since Claudia came back to Albens with a huge belly, the family was all in disarray.
The prudent Marquess Malordol had already decided the three heirs for the family in the case of his sudden death in an attempt to prevent his family from fighting for successorship.

That was when Claudia comes flying in with her pregnancy.
The woman who didn’t get pregnant during the 20 years after their wedding suddenly getting pregnant would naturally raise doubts from those concerned, although it isn’t outside reason that it would happen considering they had sex.

No matter how much he tries to secure his family, everything would be overturned if his wife Claudia gives birth to a son.
As one would expect, even her family who had originally given up hopes came because of the sudden occurrence.

Some members of the family advocated a hardline position, wanting to either kill her and make her death look like an accident or cause her to have a miscarriage, which Claudia’s family probably sensed, prompting them to send maids and servants over to her in the name of taking care of her body.
Claudia’s family is also quite the influential one so if they discovered the plot and involved White City, all hell would break loose.

In that case, there was no other option but to hope Claudia’s first birth at 37 years of age was too late.

「No need to worry, there’s a chance the child won’t be male. And even if it was a male, we could come up with an excuse to-……」

It happened right when one of the family went to whisper to the Marquess.


There was a terrifying growl.
Claudia’s voice could be heard even through the thick door.

「Claudia ……why did you become like that?」

The Marquess sobs, reminiscing about how her voice was pretty when she was younger.
And then, the sounds of footsteps running down the corridor could be heard.

「The child has been born!」

「Is it a boy!?」「Is it healthy!?」

The family members were clearly holding opposing expectations as they expressed their concerns.

「It’s a healthy…… baby boy!」

Matching the timing of the servant’s statement, a voice could be heard from the opened door.

「Hooooooohohohohoho! I did it! I did it, my beloved one!」

「Madam, you must not move around yet!」

「I gave birth! I gave birth to that person’s child! Oooohohohohohoo–!」

「Madam, you’re still bleeding! You must not leave the bed!」


Everyone present slumped their shoulders in disappointment.
The Marquess went towards Claudia, feeling an obligation to fulfill his duty as a father.

「Dear, I gave birth.」

「U- umu……」

The child’s face resembles that of Claudia.
However, there aren’t any traces of similarity with the Marquess.

「His dick…… it’s quite big.」

「Just like his father’s.」

「Mu, I have a bit of confidence in myself, but this child is even one level bigger.」

He touches the baby who was held in front of the expressionless Claudia who probably felt exhausted from giving birth.
The baby babbles cheerfully and grabs the father’s finger.

「Mu- muu……」

Of course, he isn’t a cruel person.
He loves children and he’s kind to women.
He once seriously loved Claudia as well.
All his ruthless actions were because he was thinking of the family.

His loved one became fat, but there was no way the baby with traces of her former appearance could not be cute.

「How cute.」

「He’s the heir of the Malordol family.」

That would definitely cause internal conflict within the family.
Even so…….

The baby boy cries in her arms, while the heart of the Marquess wavers.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 158,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 23,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Private Army: 7000 men
Infantry: 4000, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 1000
Cannons: 15
Reserve Army: 3000 men

Assets: 12,300 gold (New Mansion only the Main Room -30,000) (Navigable Aqueduct -20,000)

Sexual Partners: 198, children who have been born: 44


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