Chapter 190: Orthodox Magrado Clean-Up Battle ④ Rematch with the King


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–


I sense some light hitting my face and wake up.
This place is…… probably the inside of a tent, where I’ve been carried to after losing consciousness at the end of battle.
I touch here and there on my body and feel pain all over…… my face hurts the most in particular, plus there are bumps covering the surface.
I might be mistaken as some monster with all that swelling on my face.

「Ah! Have you woken up!?」

Celia, who was clinging to my leg, suddenly jerks her head up.
She must have been nursing me this entire time.

「My head and face hurt. Was I beaten up that badly?」

「Yes…… your face looks really beat up. You were asleep for one whole day.」

As I thought, I can tell my eyes are swollen just by touching it.
I have no time to worry about my face right now though.

「What happened after that?」

Celia answers as she wipes my face with a cool cloth.

「The enemy King and Aegir-sama knocked each other out. The Aless army used that as a signal to retreat.」

「There should have been a blockade behind them though. If they turned around, they would have been defeated quickly.」

Even if I’m down, I can’t imagine Leopolt missing his opportunity to strike.

「Three soldiers carried the enemy King away while the others formed a wall of flesh to protect them…… They instantly broke through the detachment behind them and they retreated in a rain of arrows.」

「I see, and we couldn’t chase after them.」

「Yes, after they broke through our squad, the ones who weren’t carrying the King stood their ground and fought, buying enough time for the enemy King to escape. They continued fighting until they all died……」

「Alright. I get it.」

I can easily picture the scene in my mind,
Knowing that musclehead didn’t die makes me smile for some reason.
Of course I would want to kill him if he showed up in front of me, but it would be just a little sad if he was shot to death in some unknown place.

「Um, what are you smiling about…… aah, you can’t! You were hit in the head, so you have to lie down!」

I break free from Celia as she tries to restrain me and then exit the tent.

The corpses have already been cleaned up from the battlefield and separated into ally and enemy.
On the enemy side…… there are 97 corpses, meaning all of them literally fought to the death.
Amongst the corpses, there was a group of three soldiers who died with their arms linked together, with arrows stabbing in various places on their bodies and their swords still tightly gripped in their hands, probably trying their hardest to block the path to their King.

「How should we deal with them?」

If we just leave the mountain of corpses as it is, they will surely be eaten by beasts or birds.
That would be a sad end to the heroic soldiers who fought to the death.

「It will take some time to send the injured back home and reorganize our troops. Have those who aren’t busy bury them. And also, what was the name of this place again?」

「I think it should be the Togor Canyon.」

Fumu, I see.

「Our allies were roughed up quite a bit too.」

I want to return as many of the fallen allies’ bodies to their families, but there are just too many of them.

「The death count reached into the thousands. Nobody would believe this to be the damage done by a mere 100 soldiers……」

The soldiers confirming the lost articles mutter in amazement.
This kind of thing only happens when you think in simple terms.

After hearing that I woke up, Leopolt, Tristan, Myla, Luna, and everyone……no, Irijina is the only one raising her voice and trying to encourage the soldiers.

「The damage is great but it isn’t impossible for us to continue marching forward. The reorganization would be complete by evening, and we should be able to resume our advance tomorrow morning together with the sun rise.」

As usual, Leopolt doesn’t say anything to me to indicate his concerns for my health.

「Uwaa…… your face looks horrible. Just like an orc…… oww! Stop it, please! Er, it ate more time than I thought so Atoroa has probably regrouped. A hasty march at this time is risky. We should send out scouts and advance carefully.」

Tristan gets strangled immediately by Celia from behind as soon as he started being rude to me.
I see…… so we can’t clean things up quickly.

「The morale of the soldiers is lacking too. Letting the enemy King escape had a big effect……」

「In addition to the morale, there’s that lingering unease of what we would do if they dispatched several thousand Aless soldiers instead of the hundred.」

Myla and Luna comment anxiously.

「Several thousand Aless soldiers……」

The struggle we had against them this time was largely due to the terrain.
In a battle on the plains, we would be able to use horses so this kind of thing probably wouldn’t happen.

「Still, if thousands of those guys appeared…… what could be done?」

More than anything, they’ll be unbelievably heated1.
They aren’t enemies I would want to fight in the summer.

「This case with Aless, it’s an unnatural move when the surrounding Poleis have acknowledged the subjugation of Atoroa. I could understand if a Polis had an alliance with them, but I think it’s better to send an envoy just in case considering their extremely small number of forces.」

「I’ll leave that to you. If I could avoid fighting with them in the future, I wouldn’t have done all this.」

Leopolt nods silently and takes his leave.

「Well, the sortie was the next morning, was it? Then it will be one day from now……」

I reach out nearby and grab Luna’s ass.


Luna bends her body in surprise as if trying to avoid the touch, but as she realizes the hand moving into her crotch, she relaxes and lifts her butt to make it easier for me to gain access.
Just when I was about to embrace her and slam the lust I built up from the fierce fighting against her.

「You can’t!」

I was stopped by Celia.

「You were punched in the head and remained unconscious for a whole day! You absolutely can’t be fucking girls left and right.」

「I’m fine, I don’t feel the pain anymore.」

Even if I say not to worry, Celia doesn’t listen.
She clings to my right hand, desperately pleading for me to stop.

「It really isn’t good to rock your body too much after you’ve hit your head. Please, Aegir-sama…… listen to me. If anything happened to Aegir-sama, I-…… I-…… I won’t be able to live anymore.」

Now that tears are starting to flow out from her eyes, I can’t just ignore her warnings.
This small girl always cares so much about my body.

「Alright. Then I’ll listen and go to bed today. But sleeping together is fine, right?」

「If it’s only that, then as much as you want!」

Celia sneaks quietly to the floor where I’m lying down and crawls beside me.
Luna, who lost her chance to get embraced by me, also crawls beside me on the other side.

「Tristan, take care of the rest, ‘kay?」

After saying that, Myla also crawls toward my feet.
Pipi holds herself back from jumping on me and instead quietly grabs my leg.

「Yes, yes…… I’ll work seriously while the feudal lord-sama enjoys himself.」

After confirming the lamenting Tristan has left the tent, the girls wriggle around like worms, taking off their shirts and underwear in a flash.
Umu, it’s a shame I can’t embrace any of them, but being surrounded by naked women like this will definitely make my wound heal faster.

「Mu-! You’re mean to leave me out! Let me sleep together with you too!」
「Irijina-san, you stink of sweat so go take a bath!」

「I always get all sweaty whenever I get embraced, do I not?」
「It stinks after a while! And Irijina-san has a strong body odor to begin with!」

I fall back asleep as I listen to Celia and Irijina exchange words.

We depart the next morning, leaving behind a stone monument decorated with numerous swords at the exit of the Togor Canyon.

[Here lies the 97 brave men of Aless who fought in the battle of Togor]

A Little Later, City of Atoroa

「All cannons, open fire.」

Accompanying Leopolt’s emotionless voice are the roar of cannons, followed by the rising smoke and dust from the sturdy outer walls.
These walls around the city of Atoroa – higher and thicker than the ones around Rafen – didn’t crumble instantly even from the cannons’ onslaught.
Even so, the gunpowder-propelled iron balls dug into the stone walls and created cracks in various places.

「If we keep this up, it’ll eventually be destroyed. It doesn’t look like the enemy intends to come out though.」

「Fumu, maybe it’ll be quicker if we shot flaming arrows into the city.」

The present attacks on the city of Atoroa are only from the cannons angled practically in a straight horizontal line.
Catapults and flaming arrows are available options, but direct damage to the citizens is being avoided if at all possible.

「Is Aless making a move?」

「The scouts have been dispatched but they haven’t reported any abnormalities.」

Ever since the King ran back home, it’s been quiet.
It’s nice when it’s quiet and all, but getting no response even after an envoy was sent doesn’t make me happy.

「If we can make Atoroa fall and defeat those Orthodox Magrado guys, they won’t mess with us.」

A messenger was sent to the surrounding Poleis as well, but they were also surprised with Aless’s actions and have turned their eyes to the Council.
It looks like they’ll be sending a messenger to confirm the situation immediately.

「Perhaps that was an arbitrary decision made by the King.」

I nod in response to Tristan’s comment.

「That’s why he deliberately said he was taking a walk…… and took only 100 soldiers with him.」

In that case, Gildress might be in bad standing.

「It would be easier if he couldn’t make a move.」

Speaking of the devil, reports come in saying several human-shaped figures can be seen approaching from the direction of Aless.


After seeing their valor, naturally Leopolt couldn’t let them enter the headquarters, so he led them to a place further away.
As expected, many bows were aimed and ready to be fired if necessary.

「So, what do you want?」

「Because of yesterday’s incident, we would like for you to come to the council of Aless to discuss further details.」

Fumu, if the greatest decision-making body is the Council, then this will be the fastest way to settle things.
It will be dangerous, so I wonder who I should send as a messenger.

「They said they would like to invite Lord Hardlett himself.」

「Haah! Are they fucking serious!?」

Myla and Celia raise their voices.

「I also don’t want to head straight into the middle of the enemy who I just finished battling.」

This isn’t about being a coward or whatever.
There isn’t a single element I can trust.

「Of course, I answered as such, but-……」

Before Leopolt could finish his sentence, a familiar loud voice makes our ears ring.

「Hardlett! In the name of the King of Aless, Gildress, I swear that there is nothing related to conspiracies and such!」

「There he is again!」

Celia shouts out unexpectedly.
My head is starting to hurt.

「Uuumu…… at least make it a point in between the two sides……」

「I also had a reason to invite you. Believe me! Look, I’m unarmed, if you judge I have an ulterior motive, then kill me where I stand!」

Gildress lightly flips up his long red mantle and shows me he has no weapons of any kind…….


「You idiot! You’re not only unarmed, you’re fully naked!」

Her eyes were concentrating on his lower half to check if he was actually unarmed, but Celia shouted after she saw what wasn’t there. I also unconsciously let my voice out without minding my manners.
That idiotic Gildress was completely naked under his mantle.
He wasn’t even wearing his usual leather pants and the ‘thing’ I didn’t want to see was being waved around.

「I-it’s big……」
「No, Hardlett-dono’s is…… mu, I can’t tell.」

Myla and Irijina also blush as they automatically direct their gazes to the dangling cock.

It’s true that this guy is big.
It’s big enough that I honestly don’t know if his or mine is larger.

「As you can see, I came to the enemy headquarters unarmed! It’s because I trust you won’t harm me. You should trust that I’m not plotting anything against you and follow me!」

Gildress doesn’t let the spears and bowguns pointed at him affect his actions as he spreads his arms open and lumbers towards me in his naked mantle-wearing appearance.

「I can tell you’re unarmed, you don’t have to come over here!」

「Well I won’t go back until I bring you back with me! Bring your spears or bows or whatever and come with me!」

Now that I look, he didn’t ride his horse over here.
He must have ran all the way here from Aless, since as I approach Gildress, his entire body is dripping sweat like a waterfall and the intense stench of a man’s body starts wafting into my nose.

「Come with me! You’re a brave man and Aless welcomes brave men! Come on! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!」

「Alright! I get it, so don’t come any closer! At least put some pants on!」

And so, I accepted Gildress’s invitation and paid Aless a visit.


Celia and I ride Schwartz and follow Gildress.
For appearance sake, we took a few soldiers from the escort unit with us, but they probably won’t act as proper escorts.
If Aless was to try and kill me now, they couldn’t do anything to stop them.

「I told you wait for me, didn’t I?」

「No way. I want to be with Aegir-sama, in life and in death.」

Celia clings to my back, swearing she won’t ever separate herself from me.

「Fumu, as expected of a man of valor like you to make women fall for you…… then I have something to look forward to in our match.」

What is he talking about?

Before I could get a response from Gildress, a large set of castle walls appeared in front of us.

「Welcome to our city of Aless!」

We get past the city walls and see the place filled with an unusual energy.
For a city state, the population of their city is usually concentrated in the capital and the population density should be higher in there than in the other provincial cities. Aless has a population of about 40,000, nearly double the amount of Rafen’s population.

However, it isn’t the population density that is abnormal.
In Rafen, it is typical for the noise from the hustle and bustle from the marketplace or the working laborers to dominate the atmosphere of the city. In this city, the liveliness from the sound of men fighting stands out the most.
Perhaps they might be doing military training, but their upper halves are bare…… there are even some fully naked men grappling with each other further inside.

「It’s a mock battle. The men of Aless from ages 10 to 45 train diligently every day.」

「From 10 years old……」

Celia is also taken aback.
Taking a look around, I can see a boy of a very young age holding a piece of wood and striking a man as old as the King, and then that man catching the boy’s attack and mercilessly throwing him aside.

「This is Aless’s strength, Aless’s soul.」

Gildress puffs out his chest with pride.

「Your nation, Goldonia, was it? Its soldiers are soft and weak-willed! If they were in Aless, I would personally train them for five straight years……」

I wouldn’t be able to bear it if it was with this guy.

「But Hardlett, you’re a different story. It is really a shame that you have such courage, yet you weren’t born here in Aless, which is why I and this city of Aless welcomes you!」

When Gildress raises his hand, the several thousand soldiers who were in the middle of training stop moving all together and they collectively move from the gates to the heart of the city, lining up on both sides of the main street which runs through the center, where the building which houses the Council is located.

「Give praise to the brave!」


What a ferocious roar, I wonder if they mind that we were the ones who killed their companions.

「Warriors alike fought magnificently and then perished in battle. What is there to hold a grudge against? Besides-」

Gildress bows deeply to me.

「I saw what was at the canyon. I just thought it would be pitiful for the birds to peck at the remains of our fallen comrades. ……it was us who picked a fight in the first place, but you didn’t let that bother you and gave them a proper burial.」

It makes me feel kind of uncomfortable when this muscle-head bows his head like that.

「Alright, I’m done bowing. Now, let’s go to the Council.」

Gildress quickly lifts his head and stomps forward, with me following not far behind, however…….


Celia crawls under my mantle with tears in her eyes.
I don’t blame her, unbelievably muscular men are lined up on both sides of the street, men who were training not too long ago and have worked up a great sweat, plus many of them were fully naked and their dangling dicks in plain sight.

「This kind of thing is just weird! And it really stinks!」

There, there, you don’t have to look at another man’s dick.
Just hide under my cloak.

「Aless does not intend to go up against Goldonia. Of course, Aless does not support Atorora either.」

That was the first thing the Council said when we arrived in front of them.
But I can’t just say “Oh, is that so? Good.” and let it slide so simply.

「So blocking the path was an accidental incident?」

「That was the King taking a walk. We acknowledge that it was an inappropriate act but it was ultimately his own personal decision. The Council makes Aless’s decisions, not the King.」

The man who appears to be the head of the Council glares at Gildress.

「The Council is extremely angry with the unnecessary conflict and sacrifices caused by the King. Thus, all the Council members unanimously support the decision to suspend the King’s authority for a reasonable duration of time. Are there any objections to that?」

This is surprising.
The King loses his power just from the decision of the Council? Aless’s political system is interesting.

「I have no objections. I shamelessly returned while letting my companions die. I have no choice but to accept the punishment.」

The head of the Council nods.

「Lord Hardlett, this battle brought misfortune on both nations. Will this outcome be satisfactory?」

「So there won’t be any compensation payments?」

Celia mumbles, and it’s certainly true the result doesn’t fit the sacrifices made.
But we can’t grumble and take the option of opposing Aless.
Our first priority right now is to take down Atoroa.

「……Sure. However I ask you to be watchful in the future as we act outside of Aless’s territory.」

「That goes without saying. We are the people of Aless, and it will naturally be us who will protect them, not someone else.」

After that, the meeting ends and the head of the Council entrusts me with a letter to the Goldonian King as a form of courtesy.
Celia put the letter up to the sun to take a peek at the contents, but there was nothing but inoffensive and harmless words of etiquette written on it.
I guess we don’t have to worry about a sudden attack from Aless for now.
I can go back and focus on how to capture Atoroa.

「Wait, Hardlett!」

「……What do you want now?」

I reactively put up my guard when Gildress opens his mouth.

「Part with that ridiculous keigo. We fought each other with our lives on the line, and are friends so to speak.」

「Don’t jump straight from enemy to friend like that……」

「Just as you heard, my authority as King is being suspended and I have nothing to do now. I am about to return home, so why don’t you come and stay for the night.」

「No way! It’ll definitely have a manly stench!」

Celia is against it.
But the sun is setting already.
It’s probably safer to stay in this guy’s mansion than it is to sleep in some crappy inn of an unfamiliar city.

「Besides, we ended in a draw, didn’t we? We still have to settle the score somehow.」

「Fighting again?」

I unconsciously put up my guard again.
The swelling on my face just went down too.

「No, the fight to the death ended in a draw. We’ll face-off in a different kind of battle.」

The two of us follow after Gildress while staying vigilant, Celia standing in front of me as if trying to protect me from whatever comes my way.
We enter his relatively large mansion, which wasn’t as big as a palace and didn’t have a reception room or dining room, and go straight to the bedroom.

「This is my wife.」

「It is a pleasure to meet you.」

She appears to be a woman in her mid-thirties, who has a rather large physique and also relatively plump tits and ass.
Well, it would take at least that kind of body to take a cock of his size.

「This is my younger sister.」

「Nice to meet you.」

She looks around mid-twenties in age, and is a slender beauty, shockingly nothing like her brother.
She’s lacking a bit in the boob department, but her toned form with sculpted muscles in all areas of her body gives her an impressive figure.

「And this is my daughter.」

「……hi there.」

She’s in her late teens, I think.
She is still developing, but little mounds are already starting to form on her chest and she’s at the prime age where she starts smelling like a woman.
Fortunately, her looks resemble that of her mother’s.

「I should be the one who’s happy to meet you all. Although, shouldn’t we eat as we introduce each other?」

Gildress laughs heartily and snaps his finger.
The three women then begin to remove their clothes.

「Hey now……」

「Now Hardlett, the next battlefield we’ll be competing on is the bed. Let’s see which one of us can make their woman cry!」

「D-dear! You’re too big, as usual! We’ve been married for 20 years and you’re making my hole scream out with joy again! N-no more, I’m cumming! Cumminnnngg!!」

Gildress is slamming his dick into his wife who lays face-up on the bed.
He is grasping her breasts and fondling them intensely, and although it looks like it should hurt when he uses that much strength, his wife looks happy with her arms around his head while moaning in pleasure.

And that huge dick of his which is stuffed into the woman’s hole is just like a thick log.
Her vagina is ruthlessly being stretched to the point it might tear at any moment.

「What a dick. Is this guy really human?」
「It’s about the same size as Aegir-sama’s though.」

Celia is covering her naked body with the sheets and preventing Gildress from looking at her as she sticks tightly to me.
Apparently, she wanted to wait on me because she saw how the opponent had three women waiting on him.


The woman’s feet stretched up high stiffly and then her arms and legs eventually drop down powerlessly.
His wife’s face is slovenly and drool is dripping from her lips.
She splendidly reached her climax.

「……so, what are you trying to say by showing off how a married couple has sex?」

To be honest, it turned me on a bit, but I don’t get what he wants me to do.

「Umu, you’re up next.」

Gildress picks up his exhausted wife and lays her in front of me.

「You’re going to fuck my wife next! It’s a battle of who can make her feel the best.」

「You’re fine with this?」

「Of course, did you hear, Daphne?」

The wife named Daphne nods to indicate her approval.

「If you can win over Daphne, then you’ll win, but if she feels bored, then I’ll win. As a trophy……」

Gildress points at Celia.

「If I win, you’ll let me have one night with her. I’ll put my mark on her.」


Celia jumps and darts to a corner of the room.

「And if you win, you may plant your seed in Daphne. Is it safe today?」

「No, my ovaries are on standby. If you ejaculate inside, I’ll get pregnant.」

「That’s how it is. Oh yeah, you are free to indulge in my sister and daughter too.」

What ridiculous conditions.

「Y-you can’t, Aegir-sama! He’s just putting on an act with his wife so he can devour me!」

「He’s not that clever. Besides……」

As a man, I can’t back down from this kind of fight.
If worse comes to worse, I’ll just run away naked with Celia like the secret lover of a married woman.
Besides, I’m confident in myself. Because of my injury, enough semen has accumulated in my balls to make them feel heavy, and Gildress only relied on his size and strength from what I saw just now, not on his proficiency in turning a woman on.
For all the soldiers who died in battle, I’ll impregnate this King’s entire household.

I approach Daphne, who remains lying down, and give her a kiss.

「Daphne, bear with it.」

「I’ll be fine. I won’t feel anything from a man besides you, my dear.」

The woman mutters to me.

「If you have anything you want me to do, then I will comply with all requests accordingly. Naturally, I will not be putting up any resistance, and although I will try my best to squeeze down, I was just penetrated by the incredible dick of my husband, so there might not be any meaning in penetrating me unless you are big enough.」

I lower my pants and unleash my dick to shut her up.

「After all, my husband’s big dick isn’t just a run-of-the-mill-…… hiih! T-this is-」

As I unveil my relatively erect cock, Daphne becomes speechless and touches it gingerly.

「A-at the very least, it seems like you aren’t playing tricks on me. M-my dear, what should I do, this one’s pretty big!」

「Just let him embrace you however he wants, I believe in you, Daphne.」

I wrap my arms around the wife in front of her husband, sucking on her breasts and gently rubbing her from her stomach to her thighs.

「Nnhh, ahh…… I’m already wet enough, if you’re a real man, why don’t you try and show me by ramming into me already?」

「Don’t be so hasty, you have such a nice body so let me enjoy it a little more.」

I spread her legs wide apart and shove my face in between, licking her genitals thoroughly.
The woman was considerably experienced and so her body responds to my caresses by secreting its viscous love juices.

Changing positions, I get the woman to sit on the bed, then I embrace her from behind, slowly but persistently massaging her breasts.

「Nnah! H-how vexing, this tingling sensation…… nnoh……」

I focus on her sucking her neck while keeping my hands moving on her breasts, then guide her own hands to her crotch to stimulate her cltoris.

「Maybe this is enough.」

「Hhaoh! Nnaaah!」

As a finishing touch, I use my fingers to pinch her clit, causing a burst of juice to jet out of her hole.
She’s in her mid-thirties, the age where she craves for men the most, and she’s already been developed nicely.
I don’t think it’ll be hard for me to conquer this woman.

First, I spread her legs apart and insert myself into her hole in the missionary position.

「Oooh, it’s going in.」

I push my hips forward and my shaft slides in smoothly.
Perhaps Gildress helped by expanding it beforehand, but I was able to easily fit my entire length into her.
And then the tip of my dick nudges against the entrance of her womb.
It looks like he’s about the same size as me.

「Ah, my dear! This is bad. This person is big…… almost as big ……」

As the wife desperately pleads to her husband, I put my hands on her waist and give her a light thrust.


She let out a low groan and her legs bounced up.
Her ripe hole is stretched open, not squeezing tightly but gently enveloping my member.
It looks like I can enjoy myself not only with our little competition.

If I slam my dick into her with my entire weight behind it, Daphne squeals and after a while of thrusting, she starts wrapping her arms around my neck.
When she realizes she is in front of her husband shortly after, she panics and removes her hands from me.

「So this feels good for you?」

「Y-you’re wrong. It’s just because you’re thrusting so hard.」

Then I’ll do this next.

I lift Daphne up and hold onto her thighs, then thrust as if I’m dropping my hips down on her.

「Hiih! Fuui! Aahn!」

She lets out some sharp screams and her love juices squirt out with each thrust.
Her tongue hangs out loosely as she gazes at me with moist eyes.

「How was that? Was it better than what your husband can do?」

「……No, my husband still felt better.」

That wasn’t any good, then next is this.

The woman on the bed gets on all fours as I thrust into her from behind.
If I use large swings of my hips, I can prod the entrance of her womb.

「Aaoooooh–! T-this is amazing! It feels so good!」

Daphne sprinkles her love juices like she’s urinating, and when I press against her further from behind while pinching her nipples, she reaches her climax and screams.

I also feel like some semen leaked out from my dick, but I can’t ejaculate completely until she submits to me, otherwise it would be my loss.

「How was that, better than your husband?」

「Ah…… ah……」

Daphne’s body trembles slightly, yet Gildress still looks relaxed and unworried.

「N-not yet…… it doesn’t come close…… to the pleasure of the climax my husband gives me……」

「Fuhaha, you saw her orgasm earlier, didn’t you? When my wife reaches her peak and climaxes from the bottom of her heart, her entire body loses strength. The fact she’s only twitching here and there means it wasn’t a real orgasm.」

「Kuh! Then how about this!」


I insert a finger into her asshole and thrust harder into her vagina.
Daphne repeatedly climbed to the top and climaxed countless times, but she doesn’t collapse in exhaustion.
I can feel my cock start to pulse, meaning I’ll cum first at this rate.

「Fufufu, the woman who I’ve embraced for 20 years has been completely dyed in my color, so even if you use the same techniques, she won’t fall for you so easily.」

「Aegir-sama! Please do your best!」

Gildress is slowly inching closer to Celia, there’s no way I can lose here.

「Eh? In this position-……」

We get into a sitting position where we face each other, with her on top of me as I slowly push my hips up into her hips.
Daphne, who was anguishing from the pleasure of the previously intense thrusting, looked slightly disappointed.

「Have you given up? Will you just take your time and ejaculate in this position?」

「Of course not…… I plan to make you fall.」

I bring my mouth to Daphne’s neck and bite playfully into her flesh.
Perhaps because she agreed to respond to any sexual act I wanted, she similarly digs her teeth lightly into my neck.

「Do it harder.」

「Like this?」

As Daphne’s teeth pierce the skin barrier and sinks deeper into my neck, my crotch simultaneously pulses.

「Eh!? No way, what in the- …… getting bigger…… ggh, it hurts…… u,uaah, nnhhhiiiiiiii!!」

My cock instantly expands inside her womb and makes her scream out in anguish as well as throw her head back.
Her love juices flow out endlessly accompanied by her continuous squeals.

「Now we’ll proceed to having some real sex.」

I forcefully pull out my enlarged dick from her insides and expose a cock whose size was nothing compared to what it was before.

「Wah! Like my thigh!?」

「Nuu! I certainly did not expect it to be this big!」

Celia and Gildress were also shocked, while the sister and daughter waiting patiently on the bed also gasp in surprise.

「Now get ready.」

「W-wait, that thing won’t fit! It’s so much bigger than my husband’s…… h-help me, my dear, if this thing violates me then I’ll-……」

「This is a competition, endure it.」

「How could I, it’s impossible, no way. Nnaaaaaaaah!!」

I plunge my giant dick into Daphne in the doggy-style position.
In an instant, that thick rod reached straight to her womb, and it inflated her baby room so much that a bulge appeared on the outside of her stomach.
Daphne tries to escape as she collapses to her knees but her body just slides flat onto the bed.
It’s really easy for me to fuck her like this.

「Well…… looks like it somehow went in.」

I push my dick even deeper inside.
A wet slimy sound can be heard accompanied by a groan of agony.
Don’t worry, there’s only a little more to go.

As soon as I put in even more strength, my dick is sucked in and I don’t feel anymore resistance.
My cock finally entered her womb.


Daphne, who was once making lots of noise, suddenly became quiet.

「Daphne…… between that man and me, which one of us feels better?」

Daphne doesn’t answer Gildress’s question, remaining flat on the bed and exhaling deeply.
Her entire body gradually loses its strength.

The woman lifts her calm face that says she’s given up on everything, and then smiles at her beloved husband.

「I’m sorry, my dear. This man ……is better…… than you, even though I wanted to love only you…… I lost to this exceptionally large dick!! I was defeated and conquered by his penis! I like this man more nowwww!!」

「Nuu! So she got stolen from me!」

「Well said. It’s my win!」

At the same time, I feel myself reaching my limit and ejaculating into her honey pot.
In a flash, Daphne’s uterus is filled with my semen and she eventually loses her consciousness with a satisfied expression on her face.

「Fuu…… if we used the contraception now, wouldn’t we be able to make it in time?」

I came directly into her womb so it might be too late to slather any ointment.

「No, my wife’s womb is yours as promised. I’m sure she will give birth to a wonderful child.」

Gildress had his wife stolen from him and impregnated right in front of his eyes, yet he can still smile with such a carefree attitude.

「Man, I lost! As expected of Hardlett, he’s also quite the warrior in bed.」

He follows up by instructing his sister and daughter to service me.
Going by his promise, these girls belong to me for the night too.
However, the girls are already blushing from seeing my cock and don’t seem hesitant to my advances.

「This huge cock made my mother go crazy…… how immense this thing is.」
「This is…… terrifying.」

The two of them grab my cock as it immerses in the lingering sensation of pleasure and tries to ride me.

「Hey now, it won’t go in so quickly.」

Daphne was accustomed to Gildress’s big dick so it went in despite the tightness of her hole, but these girls will definitely break if this thing enters them right now.
I want them to at least wait until it returns to its normal size.

「No, it won’t be a problem…… because, aaahn!」

The King’s sister inserts the rod into her body by force.
Her insides are clenching tightly around me although it doesn’t seem like it’ll tear.

「My virginity was taken by my brother when I was 17 and he would frequently stir me up.」

So he fucked his sister…… how greedy is he for sex?

「I became old enough to be considered a woman last year so my father took my virginity……」

He even violated his daughter?
What a man, how outrageous.

As I ponder his unethical deeds, the daughter switches places with the sister.
It’s hard to call her voluptuous when compared with Daphne, and I can’t do whatever I want to her with my dick, but it feels good to engrave myself in this still unripened fruit.

「D-don’t leave me out.」

Celia hurries and adds herself to this orgy, jostling for position.

「Nuu…… I feel lonely by myself. Hey, can I fuck you?」

Gildress calls out to the young servant girl who brought in some water, and then the girl smiles as she happily takes off her underwear.
Based on that expression she just made, it seems she’s completely entranced with him.

「Now let’s thrust from behind and release our seed as we watch the girls kiss.」

Gildress pounds the servant while I bump hips with his daughter from behind.
The girls passionately tangle their tongues with each other and the two of us mercilessly pump our seed into their canals while enjoying the immoral scene.

It felt like I got along with this clingy man for just a tiny moment.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 159,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 23,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Private Army: 11,000 men
Infantry: 5500, Cavalry: 800, Archers: 750, Bow Cavalry: 3950
Cannons: 15 (3 damaged)

Assets: 300 gold

Sexual Partners: 205, children who have been born: 46


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