Chapter 195: Punishment and Reform


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

I order Sebastian and Rita to gather all the servants in the reception hall.
Because this kind of thing never happened in the past, everyone starts talking to the ones next to them with dubious looks.

「I wonder what this is about.」
「Maybe it’s about our pay? Rumor has it, the war expenditures emptied the bank.」
「Eeeh! I’ll be in trouble then, I don’t have any savings.」

「More importantly, I’m curious why the Madam is here. Is she going to say some ridiculous things again?」
「It’ll be fine. This time, Master will be here too.」
「But Master, he’s always soft on the Madam……」

The murmuring servants and the confused Nonna, I wonder what they are expecting.
Whatever, let’s just get things started.

「Sorry for this sudden request to gather. To let everyone know in advance, this meeting isn’t about decreasing your pay.」

All of the servants seem to sigh in relief.

「We’re here to talk about my wife, about Nonna.」
「Eh? What is it?」

The relaxed atmosphere tenses up again.
All of their faces become anxious or somewhat unhappy.
So it’s true that the servants dislike her.

「I also saw it happening here and there, so I know about how terribly Nonna acted towards you. Isn’t that right?」
「N-no, it’s nothing like that.」

One of the attendants immediately panic and deny the claim.
I guess they aren’t brave enough to say yes while Nonna’s watching.

「This is for your sake too. Bear with it.」
「Fueh! What on earth are you going to do!? I won’t whine anymore so…… eh, eh!?」

Nonna is blindfolded and then her upper body is pushed over a desk.
It looks like she’s about to be decapitated, but obviously I won’t do that.
I continue by flipping up her dress, taking off her panties and exposing her ass.

「Cover her up so they can’t see this part.」

There are male servants here too.
Rita and a few other maids wrap a sheet over Nonna to hide her genitals and ass.
From the servants’ perspective, they could only see the upper body of the blindfolded and bewildered Nonna.

「I guarantee that nothing will happen to you later because of what you say here. Those who have been treated unreasonably by Nonna, speak up. I will personally punish her for you.」

「Eeh!? W-we aren’t going to be making love here?」

Did she misunderstand something?
She should be able to tell that she’s pretty hated from the atmosphere in this room.
She needs to be punished in front of everyone and earn their trust again.


One of the maids raises her hand.

「The Madam spilled a drink on the carpet and blamed it on me…… there was no way I could pay the compensation fee, if Sebastian-sama didn’t take my place, I would have been sent to the brothel by now……」

「Is that true, Nonna?」

「T-that was just how the course of events flowed at the time…… I didn’t think Aegir-sama would get angry.」

That means it’s actually true.
I pull my arm back and slap Nonna’s exposed ass.
Unlike the slap on her cheek, I don’t hold anything back.
The sharp sound of her flesh being hit resounds throughout the entire room.

「Owwwwww! My assssss!」

「Sorry. I apologize as well.」

The maid looks slightly satisfied after seeing Nonna shout in pain.


「W-when I was preparing the Madam’s clothes, she accused me of purposely bringing her a smaller size and slapped me. In fact, it was the Madam’s chest that got too big for her clothes.」

「Is that true?」

「Uuu…… I don’t really realize my own breast size sometimes.」

「So you hit her without checking first?」

Nonna looks dejected, which means that’s also true.
I swing my arm back once again and whip it against her ass.
The sound of the impact was louder than before.

「Kyaaaaa!! I’m going to die!」

Rest assured, nobody has died from getting spanked.
Clear imprints of my hand can be seen on both butt cheeks.
Maybe I hit her too hard.

Despite Nonna being blindfolded this whole time, I can tell she’s on the verge of crying.
The servants must think this is the best chance for them to vent their anger.
That’s because the head of the household is doing the punishment, so Nonna has no choice but to accept it.
One hand raises after another…… rather, pretty much everyone here in the room raised their hands.
How much damage did Nonna actually do?

「The Madam told me to sprinkle gravel around the courtyard because it was getting muddy, but after I did so, she slipped and hurt herself, which led to her throwing something at me.」

「The Madam ordered me to move some furniture and yelled at me because of some floating dust.」

「The Madam stumbled in the corridor, said it was my fault and then slapped me!」

For each confession they made, I slapped Nonna’s ass.
Nonna was initially making excuses, but as the pain gradually got worse, she started accepting the punishment obediently.

At this point, the blindfold came loose and slipped off Nonna’s face but she’s covering her eyes and wailing non-stop so she can’t see who said what anyways.
Her ass is also swollen and red.

「Waaaaaaaaaaahhh! I’m sorry! I apologize for my actions…… so please forgive me!」

「Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to them.」

「I’m sorryyyyy…… I won’t be cruel to you anymore…… fueeeeeeeehn!」

As Nonna cried like a child, the expressions on the servants’ faces changed from anger to pity.
We should be done soon.

「Lisha, go on. You were treated the worst.」
「B-but the Madam is crying……」
「You’re so irritating!」

One of the kitchen maids forcibly raised her co-worker’s hand.
Nonna’s shoulder twitched in response.

「Tell me.」

「This girl’s weak-hearted so I’ll say it for her. When she brought the Madam her meal, she said that the soup was too hot, and then flipped the plate over! The Madam still lectured her even after the soup spilled on her……」

The strong-willed maid rolls up the sleeve of her co-worker’s uniform.
Obvious signs of being burned are left on the girl’s arm.
She must have been trying her hardest to endure the pain of the hot soup on her clothes while Nonna yelled at her.

「Nonna, is that true?」

「I’m sorry……」

Since it left a mark on the girl, she needs punishment even harsher than before.

「This will hurt even more than the other ones. Bear with it.」

「I’m sorry…… I’m sorry……」

I bring my arm back and slap her even harder than I have previously.

「Gyaaaaaaah! My ass is going to spliiiiiitttt!!」

It’s already splitting, so you don’t have to worry.
The following second and third slaps were powerful enough to cause her entire body to vibrate.

「It hurrttsssss, owwww, uwaaaaahhhn!」

After the fourth strike, Nonna collapses limply over the desk.
The sound of water trickling can be heard and a pubble starts forming on the floor.
She finally ended up peeing herself.

「My pee…… came out…… I did it…… in front of so many people……」

Perhaps she drank a lot of tea, because the puddle is pretty big.
Nonna slowly opens her eyes and looks at the maid she burned.
Her face was stained with tears and mucous from crying so much.

「I’m really sorry. Please find it in yourself…… to forgive me.」

「Y-yes, I do. Madam, I should be asking, if um…… are you doing okay?」

Feeling relieved after her apology was accepted, Nonna lays completely exhausted on the desk.
Anymore than this would be too much, even for her ass.

「You, follow me after this is over. If it isn’t a wound from a long time ago, the mark will disappear after putting some ointment on it.」

I need to erase the scar in addition to giving her an apology.
So, I guess that’s it.

「If there are no others, we will end the punishment here. Sorry for all the trouble.」

I bow once to everyone.
The servants all respond in a panic and lower their heads even lower.

「In light of me and…… Nonna’s swollen ass, please put all that’s happened behind you, and respect her as the legal wife starting tomorrow. Of course, if she does anything ridiculous again, tell me directly.」

Nonna is unable to walk by herself, so she’s borrowing Rita’s shoulder.

「All the men, turn away. The only man allowed to see Nonna’s naked holes is me.」

Everyone smiles and the gardeners and cooks turn around.
The girls start whispering to each other when they saw Nonna’s red ass.

「Uwaah…… it’s actually red.」
「The Master used his brute strength to hit her ass…… she probably won’t be able to sit for a while.」
「The Madam also cried so much, I guess there’s no reason to stay mad.」
「To see Master get that mad at the Madam, he must have been really upset.」

It looks like the servants aren’t angry anymore.
If possible, I want Nonna to become someone they can respect from now on.

「Carry Nonna to her room and let her rest. I’ll go visit her later.」

Next I have to heal that maid’s burn.
I’ll use the best possible medicine so that no trace remains.

「Alright, I’ve finished putting the ointment on the burn. It isn’t all that bad, so it should heal quickly.」

The maid’s scar isn’t as terrible as the one Mel suffered way back.
I used some good medicine too, so the mark should disappear after two days.

「I’m really sorry about my wife. Let me apologize again.」

I gently stroke the girl’s hair.

「She’s also reflecting on her actions. So please, don’t avoid her and make contact with her as if nothing happened.」

She hasn’t been responding to any of my comments so far.
Is she alright?

「Haah…… haa, that was incredible.」

Oh, she finally said something.
The naked maid turns face up on the bed and is breathing heavily.
Her legs are spread open loosely and my seed is spilling out from her vagina.

At first, I was purely trying to treat her burn, but the cute girl got aroused after feeling grateful and I took her virginity in the heat of the moment.

「The burn doesn’t bother me anymore. More importantly, I feel sorry for the Madam that I got Master to embrace me.」

Don’t worry about that.
The time I stop embracing girls is when my life ends.

「Fufu~, so this juice-covered tool will enter the Madam? That may be the best revenge for me.」

The girl blushes and kisses my dick.
I’ve added another woman to my list.
I better speed up the construction of the new mansion or I’ll run out of space to keep them.

「Uuu…… it feels like my ass is on fire.」

Nonna is lying on her stomach in her room.
Her nightwear is rolled down, exposing her ass, probably because it hurts just from her clothes brushing against her skin.

「Sorry about that.」

「Don’t be, I reap what I sow. I understand Aegir-sama is doing it with me in mind.」

As Nonna tries to raise her head, she winces in pain.
You can just stay like that.

「Did you heal the maid’s burn?」

「Yeah, it’ll heal nicely. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.」

I gently stroke her from her head to her back.
Nonna closes her eyes to enjoy the relaxing sensation.

「Everything that you did to them until now will be water under the bridge, you should turn over a new leaf starting tomorrow.」

「I understand. ……so, you’re not going to embrace me?」

As Nonna waits impatiently, she looks up at me with tears welling up in her eyes.
Even though I hit her ass so much, what’s with her reaction?

「That was that-……」

I slip my finger into the fidgeting Nonna’s vagina and feel a flood of juices.
Reasons aside, I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t stick it in now.

「Your ass probably hurts like hell, so get on top.」

I’ll try not to let her ass touch anything and fuck her in the cowgirl position.
Right when I was about to insert my dick inside, there was a knock on the door.

「Sorry, it’s Melissa.」

Oh yeah, I have to get Nonna to apologize to Melissa first.
I lower Nonna’s body back down.
Right now, we are the only ones in the room so Nonna can apologize without worrying about the gazes of others.

「I sincerely apologize…… for all the horrible things I said.」
「Eeh! Please, raise your head.」

Nonna swiftly put her hands on the bed and politely bows her head, which actually makes Melissa get a little flustered instead.

「It might have been something which was said in the heat of the moment, but I was acting too arrogant and said something rude. I was acting conceited, even though the both of us were saved from hellish environments by Aegir-sama. I beg you to please forgive me.」

「S-sure. I was just shocked and it actually didn’t bother me that much. I’ll feel troubled if you act so courteous.」

Melissa forgave her just like that, but I don’t want there to be any grudges held by either party.

「Melissa, if you have something you want to say, please say everything you want here. It will help us to understand better.」

After I end my sentence, Melissa hesitates slightly and then starts to explain her side of the story.

「I probably mentioned it to Nonna briefly but…… I didn’t want to become a prostitute myself either.」

Nonna lifts her head and listens quietly.

「I was actually born from a certain merchant family. There were various circumstances and they went bankrupt…… so they sold me.」

「Ah…… how sad……」

Nonna’s face stiffens.
Probably because her situation is similar.

「Nobody came to help me for a long time…… after I was sold. I was thoroughly raped by many men.」

She smiles bitterly while Nonna’s eyes become wet with tears.
If she didn’t meet me at that time, she would have continued down that path.

「Naturally, I wasn’t always such an obedient girl and I resisted. But then…… they got rough with my insides. And then I couldn’t have kids anymore.」

I pretend to look at the scenery outside the window.
Maybe this conversation should be between the two of them.

「I don’t care that you called me a prostitute, but I treat the kids from the orphanage in the capital just like my own children. That’s why I got a little upset.」

Nonna is left speechless.
Tears drip down her face continuously.
She was never blessed with many children herself and she did experience the feeling of losing a child once, so she can relate somewhat to Melissa’s feelings.

「I-…… I didn’t know…… I- I’m sorry……」

When Nonna falls over in tears, Melissa gently hugs her.

「It’s okay, as long as you understand now. Don’t take the money meant for the children from now on, okay?」

Melissa starts to cry, probably because seeing somebody else cry influenced her.
Nonna’s been crying the entire day today.

「I will reform…… so please get along with me in the future too.」

Melissa wipes her tears and smiles back at Nonna.
She’s really a kind woman to be able to hug and smile with the person who said something which should have offended her.
She’s glowing almost like a goddess.

「Alright, then give her a slap on the ass to ensure there will be no future troubles. With that, this incident will be resolved.」

「M-my ass again!?」

「Alright. I’ll do it once then.」

I hold down Nonna as she tries to shield her bottom, and then turn her butt towards Melissa.
You don’t have to worry since I’m sure Melissa will be kind and won’t hit you so hard.
It’ll just be a light tap on your swollen ass.

「Alright, then I won’t do it half-heartedly……」

Hm? Melissa is awfully fired up.
With Nonna’s ass like it is now, just a soft touch would do…….


With a running start, Melissa’s hand met Nonna’s swollen ass for a clean, well-struck slap.


Nonna bounces up like a spear stabbed her up the ass and then passes out.

「Eh? Huh? Why? I just slapped her ass……」

Melissa seems puzzled while Nonna spasms irregularly…… fumu, I guess I’ll sleep with Melissa for now.
Then, I start hearing some voices from the corridor.
They’re from the maids who carried Nonna in here.

「That punishment earlier was incredible, wasn’t it?」

「Yeah, she was slapped so much that she wet herself.」

「And also…… did you see?」

「Yeah, that last hit didn’t only make the Madam pee, she also squirted, right?」

「Squirting from feeling pain…… so the Madam is also quite a pervert……」

I don’t hear anything.
I’ll pretend I didn’t see Nonna fainting from the pain and wetting herself with liquid other than urine.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 159,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 23,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Nonna (the beautiful Nonna)

Assets: 0 gold

Sexual Partners: 207, children who have been born: 46



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