Chapter 196: Training


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Commence the test firing.」

On Leopolt’s command, fire bursts out of 10 cannons and the targeted rocks blow up with a loud boom.
The production of cannons is an ongoing process and these 10 just arrived from Lintbloom after being completed during the war.
Leopolt, Myla and myself are conducting a trial run of the cannons to determine whether they can be used in battle.
Tristan didn’t come, so I’ll reduce some of his pay.

「Number 4 is damaged! Number 7 and 9 are experiencing a significant drop in accuracy.」

「So about a third of them can’t be used……」

Myla and I slump our shoulders while Leopolt’s eyebrows lower slightly.
The cannons which broke after the first shot are out of the question, and those which can’t shoot far enough are a risk to hit friendlies so they can’t be used in battle.
The only way to use them is to leave them on the walls of the city, pointing outwards as a bluff.

「It’s a big improvement though. Initially, we would have considered it a huge success if only half of them can be used.」

Leopolt says it’s an improvement, but Myla and I are both not satisfied.

「In this case, wouldn’t it be better to prepare more catapults and ballistae?」

There is some logic to this point.
Cannons require a specific set of requirements to be met before they can be used in a field battle.

「Even so, they are our trump cards for fighting siege battles, something we used to be less proficient at. Ballistae or catapults can’t demolish castle walls after all. We should continue to better the quality of our cannons.」

「I understand. But this is the limit of what the craftsmen in our territory can make. This is the outcome after using good quality steel too.」

Presently, we’re using the best steel and commissioning the best craftsmen to make the cannons, so we can’t reasonably expect them to perform above what they’re already doing.

「Are the cannons we saw the Federation use against Magrado so much more different than ours?」

The Federation fired their cannons from ships and they seemed to be able to shoot a distance several times greater than ours, plus they could accurately hit the city they aimed for.

「The structure should be fundamentally the same though, is there something we are overlooking?」

With that said, Leopolt and I aren’t familiar with the technical aspect, so we don’t know too much about what’s wrong.
I don’t think we can come up with any good suggestions even if we rack our brains right now.

「If we’re going to have them produced in Lintbloom anyways, why not get those hairy…… hairy…… tiny-」

「The Dwarf tribe.」

Right, the hairy dwarves.

「Let’s try asking those guys for help. They should be reliable when it comes to tinkering with metal.」

Contrary to their crude appearance, they’re skilled with their hands.
When I look at my spear again, I can see how sturdy they made it as well as how much attention they paid to the tiniest details in the intricate designs.
It makes me feel a little grossed out when I picture Balbano working away at crafting it.

「They allow us to mine iron, but they don’t seem to want to help us.」

「We can probably do something about that. Gather some strong booze and greasy food and we’ll take it to them.」

Dwarves have a matchless love for alcohol, so I’m sure we can negotiate a deal if we let them drink something nice.
As for food, they can only get rats and mushrooms in the cave so they should be overjoyed when they receive any kind of food from the outside world.

「And Leopolt, don’t go.」

I don’t think the dwarves would get along with him at all.
If he went to meet them, I’m sure they would get into a conflict.

「Haah…… then I’ll just choose some random people.」

「Also bring some women so they can pour the alcohol for them.」

Muu – Myla makes an unhappy face.
Being the formal girl that she is, she probably dislikes this kind of ploy, but this method has been the most effective way since ancient times when asking a man for a favor.
Even if the request seems unreasonable, it would sound better coming from a woman’s lips, at least to me.

「Then, let’s select a few beauties for them.」

「No, beauties are not good. Choose ones that are short, chubby…… and hairy if possible.」

Their definition of beauty is different from ours after all.
Even now, the hairy sensation I felt when I slept with their ‘beauty’ still comes back in my dreams.

「Is everything else besides the construction of cannons going smoothly?」

「Yes, pretty much. However, it would take a certain expense and some time for us to recover from the loss of over 10% of our forces. I guess we should refrain from entering any major wars for now.」

「Their training is becoming harsher too, although honestly they are inferior to the soldiers of Aless.」

「Comparing to those guys…… each of the hundred men we fought were hand-picked from a group of elites but were all individually as strong as Irijina.」

It’s impossible from the beginning to try and create another group like that, so we should only do as much as we can.

「I heard from Gildress that while they only equipped themselves with swords and shields in our fight, they could really use any kind of weapon from spears to bows.」

「How many years would it take to develop soldiers of that caliber?」

I’m sure they could only do something like that because they lived their lives as a warrior at a very young age.
Similar with the bow cavalry’s skill, it isn’t something we can replicate with hasty training.

「An army ultimately operates as a collective body, each individual soldier doesn’t need to be a master at their craft. The outcome of the fight we had with them was inevitable based on the fact we were forced by politics to fight in a cramped location with such a large force.」

Leopolt doesn’t seem to falter on his own theory.
Well, he is the best military mind here after all.

「We don’t have to reinvent the way we do things. Tell them to do some personal training if they want, it’ll make it harder for them to die too.」

「Understood. That way, payments to the surviving families won’t be stupidly big either.」

Myla glares at Leopolt as if saying ‘that’s not the main focus’.

「I believe this battle will also affect how we bring together the soldiers and reserve army.」

「The currently low salaries aren’t appropriate if a tenth of the soldiers will die, I’m guessing?」

The soldiers’ wages aren’t especially high, being slightly better than that of physical labor.
Even considering the necessities of life, which are provided to them free of charge, it may not be attractive enough for them with how prosperous Rafen is now.

「They might need…… something which creates a good impression of themselves like fame or honor.」

「Leave that to me. Besides, we aren’t going to be organizing a large-scale expedition any time soon.」

I have something to say regarding Myla’s peacekeeping forces too.

「I heard you’ve been going a little overboard.」

「…… with what?」

「Seizing every single street prostitute. Stopping any kind of in-house gambling between companions. Knocking down both parties of a drunken brawl and throwing them in jail. I’ve heard about stories like that.」

Myla’s security unit is slowly becoming a group who is feared by the entire city.

「All of those activities got what they deserved according to the law! Prostitution outside the brothels is illegal, a gambling ring consisting of more than five people requires prior approval, and it is unforgivable for drunk individuals to disturb the peace of the city.」

Myla sticks out her chest with pride, insisting that she didn’t do anything wrong.

「You’re certainly right…… but you won’t make anybody happy by being unnecessarily strict.」

「This isn’t a problem about being happy or not! This is about order!」

「Isn’t it better to be a little strict? The closer the guards are to the inhabitants, the more likely they will act based on their emotions, leading to bribery and corruption. We shouldn’t have to worry about that if we have the security unit.」

Leopolt chimes in.
The security unit is a military organization led by Myla, in other words an army deployed within the city.
Their chain of command is different from that of the guards, so even if someone tried to win the guards over, the security unit can be mobilized without being affected.
They are technically under my direct command too and should have a higher standing than the guards.

It’s a sound argument. While the city will be kept in order if I let Myla and Leopolt handle this, the city would have a really strict and stuffy atmosphere.

「But you know, the citizens are telling me that they feel suffocated.」
「The citizens…… so who do you mean?」

Myla’s face encroaches closer to mine.

「There should be no effect on the average citizen. If they dislike what I’m doing, then it must be from drunkards or delinquents, or perhaps……」

I avert my eyes and attempt to whistle, but no sound comes out.
It is just as Myla guessed, the street prostitutes came to me in tears complaining how it’s harder to do business.

“Feudal lord-sama, do something about that woman~”
“I would be happy if I was captured by the feudal lord-sama and teased, but I don’t like that woman~”

That’s what they said to me as several girls licked my entire body, so I couldn’t get myself out of helping them.

「A-anyways, you could put off arresting those who aren’t harming anyone. More importantly, what about the kidnappers and bandit-like organizations within the city?」

Rafen’s population has grown quite a bit and these kinds of criminal factions will naturally start forming.

「The bud has been cut. Two of those kinds of groups have been crushed after we came back.」

That’s good.
The security unit is extremely effective on the aforementioned criminal organizations.
Myla can’t be bribed and the soldiers are heavily armed so it’s difficult for anyone to oppose them.
Cavalry have also been gathered so the criminals can be chased down and routed even if they escape outside the city.

「Prioritize those cases then. As for the trivial incidents…… like street prostitutes in particular, just let them off easy.」

「Everytime a street prostitute gets captured, they’ll be slapped on the ass before getting released. Both parties of a brawl will be required to work one week of hard labor for free. Is that fine with you…… geez, not even being bribed but done in by a woman’s body.」

As is the fate of a man.

「By the way, I don’t see Celia and Irijina. I thought they were supposed to be in the maneuvering grounds.」

Celia especially would normally have dropped anything she was doing and come running as soon as she saw ame.

「Oh, those two are training.」

At the end of where Myla was pointing, Celia and Irijina are crossing swords.
They are so engrossed with their training that they didn’t even notice I came over.
Both of them are using weapons which favor Celia – a one-handed sword – which are specifically designed for training purposes with a dulled edge and wrapped in cloth, but would still hurt if it hit the body.

「Yah! Taaaah!」
「Hahaha, Celia-dono’s attacks are light!! It won’t hurt even if the hits landed!!」

Irijina is casually blocking Celia’s strikes with a confident expression.
Celia fiercely darts around and attacks from all over the place, however Irijina is also skilled with weapons besides a spear so she isn’t easily defeated.

「I’ll be attacking next. Take that!」

Instead of dodging Irijina’s attack, Celia decides to block it.

「Aah, not good.」

Celia’s body is lifted into the air after she took the attack.
Irijina’s strength surpasses even some men, so despite Celia having matured and added some muscle to her body, she couldn’t block the attack completely.

Irijina chases after Celia, who rolled to the ground.
In battle, nobody would give the opponent time to recover and get into a stance again.
It looks like they’re simulating actual combat.


Celia deftly rolls on the ground to dodge the weapon swung down at her.
It looks as if the victor is decided?

「It’ll hurt if it hits you! Just surrender!」
「No way! I haven’t lost yet!」

Celia is pretty strong-willed and hates losing.

Right at the moment when Irijina stepped in to finish her off, Celia spins backwards to let the sword slam into the ground, then leaps upwards.
Irijina tries to pull her sword back but couldn’t do so in time.


Celia’s sword hits Irijina’s dominant arm.
In an actual battle, her arm would have been chopped off and she would be unable to fight.

「Oooh! Celia won.」
「It was closer to martial arts than swordplay but she did well.」

Myla is clapping her hands too.

Finally realizing our presence, Celia runs over happily.

「I finally scored a hit on Irijina-san! ……it was a sword fight though.」

Irijina’s specialty lies in her skill with the spear, although her swordsmanship is also above average.
If Celia is able to win against Irijina, then it sets her above all the other soldiers.
When I pat her head to praise her efforts, she puffs out her chest with pride.

「To think I would be bested by Celia-dono. I was careless!」

She doesn’t seem to have taken it too badly.

「Would you like to go up against me next?」

Myla makes a suggestion to spar with Celia when she saw how I was petting her.
Despite her outward appearance, Myla seems to feel deeply jealous, probably imagining herself in Celia’s position.

「Very well! I’ll use my momentum to defeat Myla-san too!」

It’s not a good thing that Celia’s getting conceited, is it?

The two of them face each other with their swords held out in front of them in a ready position.
They are equipped with the one-handed sword from before and a small shield.
Celia is obviously trying to show off her good side to me and is more enthusiastic than usual.


In time with the signal, Celia and Myla dash at each other.
They run in a distinct posture with their bodies lowered and slightly angled forward, making it harder to be counterattacked.

「Sh-! Taaaah! Yaah!」

As Celia swings her sword up from below, Myla blocks the attack with her sword and shield and also steps backwards.

「Don’t push forward!!」

Irijina shouts loudly, though it’s looking bad.
Myla is one-sidedly being attacked, yet her defenses remain impenetrable.
From Celia’s point of view, she must be waiting for the moment Myla feels numb.

「She made a move!!」

Celia changed her attack pattern, banging her shield against Myla’s before rolling in towards her stomach.
As she tumbles forward and dives to stab Myla’s thigh-


Myla’s sword made a clean hit on Celia’s head.
Because the sword was wrapped in several layers of cloth, she didn’t get injured, but she’s still holding her head in pain.

「I thought so.」
「Umu, that move just now was too rough!」

Irijina, for better or worse, fights daringly.
The energy behind her attacks is immense and she is able to overwhelm opponents, although she leaves herself vulnerable to an assortment of countermeasures.

On the other hand, Myla is faithful to the fundamentals, and while her fighting style isn’t flashy, she doesn’t have many openings to take advantage of either.
She isn’t someone you can defeat by testing her patience.

「Aiming for the legs of an opponent who is larger than you is a nice idea, but there was no need to somersault forward. If you wait patiently for an opening before targeting their legs, you would be able to disrupt their balance. Besides…… you are not a small girl anymore. If you roll forward in the same way you did when you were a kid, you will get punished.」

As Myla gives advice to the frustrated Celia, she crawls under my arm.
When I stroke her hair, I can hear a bitter sounding voice leak out.

「Uuu…… she took Aegir-sama’s arm…… aiming for this right from the start……」
「It is a privilege granted only to winners.」

Watching these girls fight makes me want to move my body too.

「I want to do some training too. Would someone like to face off against me?」

All the soldiers in the area collectively look away.
Why… we’re sparring with cloth-wrapped swords so nobody would die.

「……if you win, I’ll give out a reward. How about that?」

Even so, nobody accepts the challenge.

「There are no soldiers who believe they can win against Lord Hardlett. I don’t think offering a reward would make a difference.」

Fine, then you should be my partner, Leopolt.

「If I get injured, would it delay my military service?」


Celia somehow manages to pull Myla off my arm and then exclaims.

「Then I’ll be your opponent!」

「…… I appreciate the thought.」

If I were to fight with Celia, I would have to treat her like a fragile object.
It doesn’t really make me feel better.

「Then how about this!」

Irijina pulls Myla’s hand and lines up with Celia.
1 vs. 3…… that might be a little interesting.
I should probably wrap the sword in more cloth.

Just like in the previous sparring matches, I face the three girls with a small shield and a one-handed sword.
My opponents are Irijina, who is one step in front of the others, Myla, who is to her left, and Celia, who is brandishing her sword in between the other two.
Let’s see how they’ll attack, this isn’t a life or death battle so I can enjoy myself.

「Let’s go!」「En garde!」「Here I come!」

The three girls make their move simultaneously.
Irijina comes at me from the front, while Myla circles around to my side.
This is a one-hit battle where the fight would conclude once a blow lands on any of our bodies, meaning I would be at a disadvantage if I get flanked.


I meet Irijina’s strike with my sword.
She might be strong for a woman, but naturally I would be stronger than her, so I was able to knock her off-balance and make her fall back.


At the same time, Myla aims for my side with her attack, though that isn’t enough to drop me.
I twist my body to evade her sword and target her back with my sword in retaliation.


Myla instantly blocks with her shield and stumbles after being deflected by my attack, supporting her body with her hand as she falls to the ground.
Next should be Celia…… now where is she?

「Here I am!」

Celia slips past the wobbling Irijina and charges at me.
I see, so she was hiding behind Irijina’s huge body.


Celia runs at me with tremendous quickness, which I respond to by tossing my shield away and bringing my sword…… back, and using my empty hand to catch Celia before throwing her.


Since Celia dashed at full speed, she flew in the air just like a bird.
Crap, I forgot how fast she can go.
The ground is covered with grass so she should be fine…….

She was able to reactively prepare herself to land and lays still after rolling a fair distance on the ground. Her eyes are spinning and she can’t stand up though.
It…… doesn’t seem like she injured herself.

Myla takes advantage of the opening and jumps at me with a downward swing of her sword, which I meet with my own sword.
I’m in kind of a tough spot, but the difference in strength between Myla and myself is evident.
Her sword gets sent flying in the air, leaving the girl defenseless. I give the vulnerable girl a light tap on the head.

「I- it’s my loss.」

After Myla surrenders, I give her a kiss and then face off against Irijina.

「It’s already down to just me!? As expected of Hardlett-dono!」

Irijina abandons her shield and wields her sword with both hands.
She was never skilled at using a shield in battle in the first place.
I already got rid of my shield and so I can hold my sword with two hands as well.

「When Hardlett-dono holds it in his hands, it looks like a knife!」
「Like you’re one to talk.」

The two of us charge at each other at the same time, and Irijina takes a swing at me, making sure to keep herself balanced unlike the first time.
Her attack assumes I would be blocking, which is why its course is restricted and easy to predict.
I choose to avoid the attack by a hair’s breadth instead of using my sword to block.

As soon as her sword hit the ground, Irijina recognized her defeat.
I flick her sword out of her hand and then pull her to the ground.

The sound of our passionate kissing signals the end of the match.

「Strong as expected, Hardlett-dono!」
「With such brute strength and quick movements, there’s nothing you could do.」

Irijina and Myla are clinging to me from both sides while they compliment me.
Having women sing my praises is a wonderful feeling, keep going you two.
Leopolt disappeared before I knew it.

「Uu…… both of them got a kiss at the end…… while I’m the only one who got flung away.」

「Sorry about that. Your attack was the hardest to deal with.」

「I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that!」

Celia let out a pouting ‘buu’ sound but then suddenly shoots a sharp glance in another direction.
Someone was peeking on us from the shadows.
Soldiers training in the area wouldn’t need to hide so it can’t be any of them.

「I’ll go capture them ri-…… aahn」

Just as Celia was about to run out, I grab her and hug her close to my chest.
I kiss her while I’m at it.

「Don’t worry. Look carefully.」

The person may have wanted to stay completely hidden, but those jiggling and heavy-looking boobs are sticking out of her cover.
The carriage that we have at home has stopped behind her and the escorting Gido is looking over here with both his hands spread apart.

「Madam, your breasts are sticking out!」
「Why is she hiding in the first place?」
「Sh-! She separated from the others to come and get spoiled. Let’s wait a little longer.」

「……what are you doing, Nonna-san?」

I told her to come whenever she wanted to be spoiled and she probably couldn’t wait any longer so she came to look for me, what a cutie.
I call out and tell her to come out already, prompting her to walk towards me with a “I’m coming right now” look.
There are two attending girls by her sides, whose faces aren’t wearing masks like before.
Looks like the punishment was effective.

「Ahem, good work Aegir-sama. I thought all of you may also be tired and brought some tea snacks with-……」

I cut her sentence short and spread my arms.

「You came to get me to pay attention to you, right? You don’t need to put up this show in front of the others.」


Nonna embarrassingly looks around at everyone before looking down and jumping into my chest.
Her weighty breasts press against me.

「Aegir-sama was the one who said it! That’s why I’ll take full advantage!」

Nonna huffs and puffs in my chest.

「I’ll pay you as much attention as you want. Our match just so happened to finish, so shall we have tea in the carriage? ……so I guess I’ll take my leave for now. The rest of you keep up the good work in your training.」

I pick Nonna up and carry her to the carriage, while the attending maids hurry after us.

「……In the end-」
「-was taken awayyy!!」

I’ll be affectionate with all of you tonight, so don’t get upset.

I toss Nonna into the carriage and I get in after her.
This one isn’t meant for long distance excursions.
Four people at most could fit into the carriage, along with several cushions and simple treats.

「We’re not actually going to drink tea though.」

「I didn’t think so.」

Clothes start coming off as soon as the door was shut behind us.
I was about to help Nonna take her dress off, but getting it wrinkled would be bad.
That’s why I turn her around and strip off only her panties.

「You’re fine with me doing it from behind with your clothes on, right?」

Nonna nods silently, knowing what I want and fumbling to reveal her giant breasts.
I energetically embrace her from behind, fondling her breasts and sucking on the nape of her neck.

「Aaah! You’re so intense all of a sudden!」

「Aah…… Nonna, you’re beautiful. Your breasts are incredible!」

I squeeze her breasts as if milking them and a stream of breast milk squirts out.
The inside of the carriage quickly became covered with the smell of the white liquid.

「Nonna, my cute Nonna. I’ll make more love to you!」

This is our first time having sex after she gave birth.
Unable to hold myself back any longer, I lower my pants and rub my dick against her.
Nonna’s ass is still red from before.

「Does it still hurt?」

「I’m fine now. You may spank me more if you like.」

「I’m not that savage.」

「That’s a sha-…… well, nevermind then.」

All of a sudden, I realize my body smelled of sweat.
I was moving so much earlier, so that couldn’t be helped though.

「I stink of sweat, maybe I should take a bath.」
「No, it’s fine like this. I don’t particularly hate the smell.」

She previously yelled at Irijina, telling her to take a bath when she wanted to eat right after training because of the horrible stench of her sweat though.
Well, Celia and the other maids also made a fuss at that time too.

「Then I’ll have to prepare.」

I spread Nonna’s buttcheeks apart and place my mouth in the middle.

「Aau! This is embarrassing…… licking my genitals like this……」

Despite what she said, her body instantly reacts to the stimulation and starts to leak love juices.
Her hole must be pretty loose now that she’s given birth, so I’ll gladly enjoy it.

I lick her vagina until her entire body felt hot and eventually it was time for me to penetrate her.

「I’ll be intruding for the first time in a long time.」

「Yes, welcome back.」

I snicker at our ridiculous exchange of greetings before grabbing her hips and thrusting my own hips forward.
I get to feel Nonna’s insides again after a whole year.

「Ooooh…… nice, it’s wrapping around me more softly than before!」

「Aaaaaaahh, it really is thick! It’s reaching all the way to the back!」

From there, I didn’t need to use any effective words of love or caresses.
We only repeatedly called each other’s names lovingly and continued building up pleasure from bumping hips.

「I love you, Aegir-sama! Squeeze my breasts!」
「I love you too, Nonna! Raise your ass more!」

The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh gradually got louder and Nonna shook like crazy.
Nonna squealed and grabbed a cushion, trying her hardest to endure the pleasure.

During the daytime of the summer season, the dripping sweat helped to make our bodies sticky.
As I continue licking her neck and back, Nonna felt more turned on, throwing her head back and shrieking in pleasure every time I thrusted deeper.

As we approach our peak, the two attendants outside knocked on the door.

「Geez! What is it!?」

As we all told her, Nonna has been visibly kinder to the servants but when she gets interrupted when she’s having sex, her words would naturally be colder.

「Master! Madam! You’re shaking the carriage too much. This is the training area! The soldiers are all looking this way.」


Nonna looks at me.
Obviously the feeling of embarrassment would overwhelm whatever she’s feeling now.
However, I don’t care about any of that.

「Put your hand on the wall!」

I grab Nonna’s hips and pull her up.

「Please wait! If you do that, it’ll shake even more!」

「I’ll make it shake lots, so raise your voice too!」

I open the small window on the side of the carriage while saying that.
It seems like Nonna makes eye contact with Gido, who is standing guard outside, and the two attending maids.
She leaked a little squeal.

「Here I go!」

Without delay, I furiously shake my hips.

「Aaaah! Amazzinnnnng! D- don’t look! I can’t bear this!」

「M-madam……」「She’s making that kind of face.」

Nonna must be making an outrageous face from the pleasure’s she feeling right now.
I grab her shoulder and turn her to face me and she definitely looks like she’s one step away from fainting.
After a sloppy kiss, I resume thrusting again.

「Master, the carriage is going to break!」
「How intense…… I heard about the rumors but the way he has sex is incredible.」

Having sex while being watched isn’t bad either.
I can tell my seed climbing up from balls.

「Nonna…… cumming…… here’s a taste of my semen after one year, it’s gonna be thick today.」

「Tease me too! And then finish by…… slapping my ass.」

Her ass is still a little red, but if that’s what she wants, then I’ll do it.

「I’m cumming, Nonna! You should cum too…… uooooooooh!!」

「Haaau! Aaauuuuuuuu!!」

After my final thrust, I also give her ass a nice spank.
Nonna let out a long moan.

The surprised attendants watched as Nonna orgasmed and a huge load of seed flowed into Nonna’s recently pregnant womb.

「It feels like a baby is back in my belly. It’s flabby.」

Nonna becomes weak and collapses, and then the window gets closed.
The attending maids were left speechless.

It’s been so long since I fucked Nonna, but it really felt amazing like always.
When I play with her exceedingly large tits, her beautiful face gets warped by the pleasure and has this extremely lewd look to it.

「Aegir-sama, I love you. I’m so happy…… this is way better than being surrounded by gorgeous gems……」

Nonna finally loses consciousness after saying that, with my dick remaining inside her.

「It’s okay now. You can come in.」

「Pardon m-…… wakyyaah!」
「T-this isn’t okay at all!」

The attendant I summoned screamed after entering the carriage.
Maybe it’s because Nonna is still sitting on my dick.

「Because it’s been so long, my dick just won’t get smaller.」

When I try to pull it out when it’s still big, the unconscious Nonna doesn’t seem to want to let go.

「There’s breast milk all over the place now. Can you wipe it up? Also, take off her dress, this isn’t the time to worry about not getting it wrinkled.」


The attendants promptly got to work, although their eyes remained on my cock.
Half of it was inside Nonna while the other half was exposed.

「Why are you staring at it, is it that big?」

I jokingly act conceited.

「It is incredibly so. You sir have a fiendishly large thing and it’s rugged like the roots of a tree.」

She calmly responded to my joke.
It makes me a little embarrassed.
I should try inviting her if she’s interested though.

「Would you like to have a taste next time?」

After staring blankly for a while, the two attendants smile.

「I’m curious as to how it would feel to be embraced by the master after hearing of your sexual prowess, but…… it’s okay. After becoming a man such as yourself, master might be fine with cheating, but us servants who are around you all the time would feel bad for the madam when you embrace us.」

Wow, so they respect Nonna quite a bit.
Then continue doing your best and make sure not to betray her.

「Guh…… a little bit went up. Hey you two, could you bring your faces closer?」

「W-what?」「You want us to lick it?」

「No, just stay there.」

When I think about Nonna and feel relieved, the next batch of semen climbed up from my balls.
As the two girls bring their faces closer to the place I’m connected with Nonna, I instantly ejaculate.


「Eeeh! You’re cumming!?」「T-this is what it sounds like…… so this is an ejaculation? Exactly how much is coming out……」

As I thought, more comes out when women are watching.
Nonna moans in her sleep and milk sprays out from her nipples.
Alright, let’s head back to the mansion.

「Please stop, Master!」「I feel sorry for the madam!」

「It’s only a short distance, it’s not a big deal!」

「「It’s a very big deal!」」

When we reached the mansion, Nonna remained connected to me as I lifted her out of the carriage, bringing her all the way to the bedroom just like carrying a child to take a pee.
We were going to get naked again once we got to the bedroom anyways so it’s too much of a hassle to change into clothes.

We might be passing through places where people might see, but they’re all just servants and guards, so it shouldn’t matter too much.


Maybe because it’s still daytime, but there are more servants than I thought.

「You shouldn’t expose the madam’s precious place! Cover it up!」

The attending maids running parallel with me are using their hands to hide Nonna’s private parts.
One of them covers both her nipples while the other one covers her genitals and asshole.
Well done, I’ll give them a bonus.

Whoops, that just now was the regular general store merchant, who was looking at me with a dumbfounded expression.
That was dangerous, if Nonna was awake, she would be really embarrassed.

「Um…… Aegir-sama? Recently, the servants and frequent merchants have been looking at me strangely…… did I do something to them again?」

「No, you did nothing wrong. They don’t hate you, so don’t worry about it.」

「Haah…… my attending maids are also telling me “It’s for you own sake, madam”.」

「It really is nothing important.」

「……Carla and Melissa are looking at me weirdly too.」

「It’s a good day today too. Oh, looks like Adolph wants to talk.」

Those looks continued until Casie, who couldn’t read the mood, explained everything to Nonna.
The first flying headbutt I received after her pregnancy was a painful one.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 161,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Private Army: 5300 men
Infantry: 3000, Cavalry: 900, Archers: 900 (Bow Cavalry Reported Home, Reserve Army Returned)
Cannons: 19
Reserve: 3000

Assets: 0 gold

Sexual Partners: 207, children who have been born: 46



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