Chapter 197: Before the Harvest


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

In the office, there is an out-of-place plate of food with a light serving of pasta placed on top. A portion of it was picked up and carried into the mouth of a girl.
The distinct flavor of the pasta spread throughout the girl’s mouth, giving off a taste slightly different from normal pasta.

「Hm, mhm…… the oil is different in this one. It just doesn’t linger in my mouth or I guess it isn’t as heavy.」

Celia was able to pinpoint the difference immediately.
The way she stuffs her cheeks like a hamster is cute, but…… is she able to eat that much in one bite?
After that, Polte and Gretel came back from doing inspections and also tasted some of the pasta.
They took several tiny bites instead.

「This is-…… oh, I like this one.」
「Ara, it’s really fresh and suitable for a woman’s palette.」

It generally received favorable reviews, but Gretel is wearing dog ears for some reason.
Don’t tell me she did the inspections looking like that.

「Now Adolph, what is the meaning of serving food during a domestic affairs meeting? Celia’s going to be fat again.」

「I’m not fat anymore! Besides, I normally eat four meals every da-…… nevermind.」

I rest the pouting Celia on my lap.
Gretel starts tapping her foot unhappily.

Adolph clears his throat once before beginning to speak.

「This morning, the trade party from the city states arrived. This oil is one of the items they brought with them. I personally think it’s an excellent commodity and I just wanted everyone to try it as well.」

「Hooh, so we’ve begun to trade with them, you work pretty fast.」

Relationships were made through visits, but I didn’t think we had talks about anything concrete, especially with regards to trade.
Adolph must have did something independently.

「Our vault is empty after all. We must push forward with talks that will make us money.」

He didn’t have to worry that much.
If we run out of money, we just have to borrow from someone.

「So, what else did they bring?」

Adolph takes out the list of trade goods.

「The items consists mainly of that oil and all sorts of fruits. Moreover, they travelled through the Democratic Nation of Libatis so a variety of decorations and luxury items are mixed in as well.」

「I see…… wait a second, why did they have to go through Libatis? The city states are right next to Goldonia so wouldn’t it be faster for them to make a direct trip?」

According to them, they didn’t come directly to Rafen, but rather detoured to the south towards Libatis and the southern nations before going up.
Incidentally, Malt didn’t have much in terms of trade value before their wheat could be harvested and were ignored.

「Let’s see. They took the long way around if you look at distance, but it is the shortest route if you consider the time.」

「Aah, I see.」

Because Polte taught this subject before, she seemed to have a clear understanding of the situation.
Celia also got the general gist of things, while Gretel just pretended to understand, so let me rub her butt.


For some reason, Celia glares at me when I smile at Gretel after teasing her a little.

「Goldonia and the city states are adjacent but our territory isn’t connected directly with the city states. They must first cross the Goldonian borders, get their cargo inspected and pay the taxes, then after that, they would be have to pass through the territories of the various feudal lords, stopping and paying taxes every time they did so. If they want the process to be smoother, they would probably need to pay an additional amount as a bribe. To that point, Libatis would only require a one-time payment for landing within their national borders, and any movement within their nation following that would be smooth, not incurring any additional charge.」

I see, taxes and road blocks…… a problem which would give headaches to any merchant.
I have heard that some ill-natured feudal lords would purposely make you wait several days unless you bribed them.
If this happened within my own territory, I would change it, however I have no say on what goes on outside my domain.

「Furthermore, Libatis has a reputation for being a safe country.」

「I thought they were just a commendable country, but it looks like they’re even better. I understand now, I don’t care what path they took. I’ll give permission to the merchants, so tell them they are free to do as they want.」

Adolph nods in acknowledgement.

「In addition, a piece of interesting information just came in from the caravan of merchants. I believe you are aware that the the city states is located between the North Teries and Teries rivers-……」

I just found out now, so no problem.

「There is Polis located on the south coast of a part of the Teries river. Further south of that Polis is an area where a vast wetlands and dense forest are.」

「Wetlands and a dense forest, huh……」

Celia looks a little unhappy.
Wetlands means there is a swampy ground that makes it hard to walk, plus leeches and poisonous insects, not to mention there will probably be a bunch of slimy monsters hidden within the marsh.
On top of that, a dense forest would not let the sun shine through the thick cover of leaves.
Factoring in the heat of the south and the seemingly endless depths, it should be a pretty uncomfortable place to be.

「That thinking isn’t wrong. Currently, none of the powers are trying to rule over that area. It’s a dangerous place where individuals who step foot in its boundaries often go missing after all.」

「I see…… so, what’s so interesting about this place?」

If it was close, we would need to make preparations, but the place is pretty far away.

「Just being a dangerous place is enough to keep people out, but I hear that the herb used to make an expensive medicine grows there.」

Adolph shows me a few leaves he had stored in a bottle.

「One leaf of this medicinal herb can make one bottle of medicine. It’s a salve which is rumored to be able to bring even the dead back to life.」

Of course, he later adds “Though you can’t believe everything a merchant says”.
Everyone stares interestingly.

「By the way, one leaf is worth 20 gold.」

Celia and Polte spits in shock.

「Adolph! What kind of thing did you buy!?」
「That’s right! That’s half my annual salary…… no, there are four leaves so two years’ worth, abhbh.」

The cost of medicine can reach sky-high prices depending on the efficacy, but it’s unheard of for a one-use drug to cost 20 gold.
Only the very rich or the very desperate would buy something like this.

「I bought this to maintain a good relationship with them, but it’s pretty easy for our feudal lord-sama here to injure himself, so I don’t believe it will go to waste.」

How cheeky, I’ll have to confirm this with a doctor.
If it’s a fake drug, I’ll sentence him to go on a date with Madam Gonzales.

「If we keep them as close trading partners, we can get them to supply us with a huge amount of medicine like this.」

「I see, and I’m guessing we traded iron?」

「Mainly finished iron products. There is a city in the western Polis that has a mine close to the mountain range, although they don’t have enough charcoal to melt the iron…… in other words, they don’t have enough wood. The forest in their area is quite small, so I believe finished iron and steel products are incredibly important to them.」

The city states aren’t technologically or economically inferior to us, however the narrow area of their domain really limits what they can do.
In order to maintain the population of their overcrowded city, a large majority of their surplus land was converted into farmland, so their land has practically no bountiful forests left.

「As long as all the expensive medicine isn’t bought up, doing trade with them should lean towards a positive return. I intend to personally look deeper into this particular case.」

「We will be receiving money and they will obtain iron. This is a good relationship, just make sure you don’t overdo things.」

Trade…… merchant…… it feels like I’m missing something, oh well.

「There is still an important piece of information. It is regarding the harvest of wheat……」

「Do we not have an abundant harvest?」

Polte and Gretel nod and then continue their explanation.

「The Margrave’s territory has an abundant harvest. However, not so much for Goldonia and the other territories…… they have rather poor harvests to put it bluntly.」

There are years where the harvest of wheat is plentiful, but also years where the harvest is bad.
For the years where there was a sudden outbreak of war, like this year, having a low crop yield has double the impact on everyone in the territory.

「According to what the caravan of merchants said, the city states and Libatis have a decent quality of harvest…… though the thing I’m worried about is-」


「The summer this year seems to be more humid than usual. Previously, when we got this sort of climate…… there would be long spells of rain during the harvest time.」

Wheat stores better when the climate is drier, so getting lots of rain during the harvest time is fatal.

「Until now, we were able to buy in grain from the Federation even if we had a poor harvest. But this year……」

It would also depend on the state of war, but it’s hard to believe that they would export any food supplies when they’re in the middle of a war.

「It isn’t certain that we will get heavy rain again. We could unexpectedly get crisp, dry weather and clear skies for our abundant harvest.」

Celia tries to be positive, and I can hear Irijina shout “I’m sure everything will be okay!” in the distance.
Is she shouting because of her training or something……?

「……The wheat sowed during autumn should be ready for harvest right about now. Let’s hurry and reap it.」

「Agreed. We shouldn’t unnecessarily waste the ripened crops. Let’s prioritize reaping it.」

Sensing the unsettling set of events, Adolph and I make the decision immediately.
This is the only thing we can do and we can’t exactly defy the weather.

「Is Malt doing okay?」

Adolph speaks after looking at the documents in his hands.

「There are no problems in Malt for now. I did a rough calculation and the amount of manufactured goods they have within the nation is three times more than the amount they consume. They shouldn’t be in shortage even if they have a poor harvest. I also looked into their history, but there is no record of Malt experiencing any kind of famine.」

Then all is good.
As expected from a country that’s only good at farming, they at least have something to eat.

「This will be the first harvest since they formed a pact with us, and it seems Queen Celestina will be coming here too.」

So I can see that bright, beaming smile that is as radiant as the sun once again.
I’ll make sure to spoil her lots.

After our conversation ends, I stamp my seal on the authorization something-or-other document and the approval whatchamacallit that Adolph hands me.
The person who brought the papers and Polte still have things to do, so they hurried out of the room.
Celia also scurries off, most definitely going to the toilet. I can tell.

「Fuu…… I’m tired.」

I get up from the office’s desk, drop myself onto the sofa and lean back.
Doing a feudal lord’s work from morning till now is bad for the body.
The first thing I would do after I wake up is embrace a woman, then eat something nice and then drink some alcohol.
Then I guess I could do a little work before embracing more women at nice.


Oh, Gretel is still here.
I thought for sure she went with Polte.


Gretel crawls on the floor towards me on all fours.
She quickly flips up her pants to reveal her specially designed pants with a tail attached underneath, which she apparently wears all the time.

「Uu…… it’s been a while, woof. I’m lonely, woof.」

I entrusted her to Adolph so it’s been a while since I paid her any attention.

「Alright, let’s do what you want to do.」

「W-woo, woof!」

Gretel runs around on all fours and then jumps on me, latching her mouth onto mine.
When I pet her head while she’s wearing the dog ears, her mouth quickly lowers.
She bends down all the way to my crotch and Gretel places her hands on the front of my pants to remove them.

「You’re a puppy today, and dogs don’t use their hands.」

「Right, woof!」

Gretel obediently puts her hands back on the floor and tries to use her mouth to undo the string of my pants, though she seems to be struggling with it.
Her hot breath and drool make my pants wet and the moist sensation is transmitted to my gradually bulging meat rod.

「There…… woof!」

When she finally loosens the string, Gretel the dog bites my pants to pull them off as if she can’t wait any longer.

「Kyaah! It’s already so big, woof.」

She probably expected my dick to be a certain size as she felt it through my pants, but the heat from her hot sighs caused my dick to get aroused and point straight up after it broke free from my pants.

The dog-eared girl moved her hands to my shaft out of instinct, but she remembered that I told her not to use them, causing her to lower them again and then bringing her face closer.
The stimulation from the gentle flicking of her tongue leaves much to be desired.
Yet, it is also a different kind of tantalizing pleasure to enjoy.

「Lick my balls too…… aah, that’s good. Just like that.」

Until I fucked Gretel, she was a high-class noble lady who didn’t even know what a man’s dick looked like.
Now, she looks like a trained dog who is crawling on the floor and frantically sucking my cock with a flushed face.
I don’t really enjoy humiliating girls like this, but the sense of immorality makes me harder than usual.

「It’s so hard…… almost like a piece of iron…… woof.」

「I don’t mind if you bite it. I can handle your teeth.」

Brynhildr comes once a week to suck my blood and likes sinking her fangs into my dick when she gets in a bad mood.
Compared to her menacingly sharp teeth, this fake dog lady’s teeth seem cute.

「Woof…… aahmu!」

She opens her mouth and bites down playfully on the side of my shaft, giving the perfect amount of stimulation to further arouse me.

When I place my hand on the girl’s head, she closes her eyes and stiffens her body as if preparing for my next actions.
She must have sensed me getting close to my limit from my twitching dick and was anticipating me to swing my hips while I hold her head down.
Before I could do so however, someone interrupts us.

「Aegir-sama, it’s already noon time, so you should get something to eat…… what are you doing!?」

Celia came back after she went to the toilet.
As soon as she saw Gretel kneeling in between my legs, she instantly understood the situation.

「Puha…… please don’t get in the way. I’m trying to pleasure my master here! ……woof.」

You don’t have to force yourself to add that to the end of your sentences.

Seeing how my face was filled with pleasure, Celia didn’t push Gretel aside, but rather sat down beside her.

「Then I will make him feel good too! The tongue of a newcomer is not nearly enough to satisfy Aegir-sama after all.」

「What did you say!? Are you trying to find fault with these techniques taught to me by the master himself!?」

「Hmph, Aegir-sama taught me ever since I was a kid!」

Gretel reacts to the word ‘kid’ and looks at me.
Of course that would lead to misunderstandings, I embraced Celia after she grew up…… no, I guess I just let her play with my dick when she was quite young.
Who really cares about that now though.

To match Gretel, Celia took off her short pants and exposed her bouncy white ass.
Then she sits herself in between my legs and the two girls start fighting each other to lick my dick.

「Ah, how could you use your teeth like that!?」
「Ara, I got permission from master to do so.」
「Kuh…… then I will do it too.」

Their playful biting from both sides draws a groan from my lips.
As I put my hands on their heads in preparation to shoot my seed, there was another interruption.
Because Celia rushed into the room, the door was left wide open.

「Pardon me, if you are done with the meeting, perhaps you would like to eat with me?」
「If you don’t mind, I would also like if you took a look at my new script. Or not..」

The ones who appeared in the room are Catherine and Yoguri, who have been hanging around each other quite frequently as of late.
I’m willing to eat with them, but they just came at a bad time.
The two in between my legs should be aware they can be seen by the other two girls, but the competing girls pay no attention and don’t stop sucking, continuing to slurp loudly.

「……you’re in the middle of enjoying yourself?」
「Is it fun to have two young girls suck on you like that?」

The other two girls seem a little angry as they enter the room, but excitedly roll up the hem of their dresses and take off their panties.

「As a woman who is charmed with the same man, I can’t lose.」
「Yeah, let us take care of the final spurt.」

Catherine and Yoguri climb on either side of the sofa, place their hands on my thighs and extend their tongues towards my dick.

「Wah, don’t snatch it away!」
「Catherine-san, was it? What a lewd manner of licking……」

My head bends backwards as the four girls concentrate their attacks on my meat rod.
I can’t get enough of this feeling, not to mention all of them are so familiar with my dick that they can focus their stimulation precisely where my weak points are.

「Chief, it’s a nice day. Let’s go on a long trip.」

Another intruder comes into the picture, this time it’s Pipi, who comes in from the window.
Don’t climb up the outer walls, you’ll be mistaken as a thief or something.

「I’m a little busy right now…… ooh, this is tremendous!」

「You’re enjoying your women? Then, Pipi wants in too!」

Pipi runs happily and jumps into the group of girls.
But there is no more room.
The other women don’t want to yield anymore space either and have carved out their own positions.

「It can’t be helped, put my head between your legs.」

Pipi wraps her thighs around my head and dangles herself down to approach my dick from my chest.

「Ahaha, how interesting..」

Pipi’s vagina just so happened to fall in front of me so I lick her while enjoying the different unique tongue techniques from the five girls.

「Hardlett-sama, if the meeting has finished then I’d like to clean up the room…… ara, a female dumpling.」

Girls just seem to be gathering from everywhere today.
Rita comes in with cleaning equipment hoping to tidy up after the meeting.

「Sorry, but it’s a full house. Wait just a little bit.」

「Oh no, I’ll be fine.」

Rita approaches me while stripping her maid uniform.

「If you could stand up, then I can service you even more.」

I get up from the sofa after being prompted, bringing the four girls around my crotch with me.
Pipi is being lifted up completely, although she’s light and easy to carry.

「Then if you would excuse me……」

Rita circles around behind me, spreads my legs apart slightly…… and puts her mouth to my anus.

「Thank you for letting me do this. Nmu! Nnn! I’m going to use my tongue, so please relax.」


「Kyah! It swelled up!」「L-licking his asshole…… and even inserting your tongue inside, what a perverted maid.」

Gretel, who has gotten used to sex and fellatio, also seems surprised when she sees Rita stick her tongue in my ass.
She is totally forgetting to bark like a dog.

「How is it, does it feel good?」

Rita rubs her breasts against me from behind as she continues teasing my ass.
Yoguri and Catherine also mimic her by rubbing their own breasts against me from opposite sides.
Celia and Gretel intensify their sucking and licking while lightly biting my shaft from either side.
Pipi put her pinky finger in the tip.

The fortress that is my cock is not sturdy enough to endure the concentrated offense of the five women.

「Can’t hold it…… cumming…… Uooooooooh!!」

Just when I was about to ejaculate – and I’ve already lost count at the ridiculous amount of times it happened – the door opens again.

「Hey Aegir, it’s been a while so would you like to eat lunch together? Mel is waiting too……」

「Uooooh! I can’t stop it!!」

The ones who showed up were Carla and Nonna, who is accompanied by two child-carrying attendants.
My head is clear, but my meat rod is rampaging wildly, spraying its load everywhere like a fountain.
The worst part of it was that my dick pointed in the direction of the door.

「Gyaah-!」「Watch out, madam!」

The two attendants promptly hides Nonna behind Carla.
Semen rains down on her head and instantly drenches her.
Carla resignedly gets showered with the seed and hangs her head.
Nonna was able to narrowly escape danger.

「That was dangerous, Madam.」
「You must not move yet.」

The ejaculation continued for several minutes and eventually dies down.

「Gosh, sorry about that. So you wanted to eat lunch together?」

「……before that, I have to change and take a bath though.」

As expected of the longest serving member of my harem, Carla, she sighs and leaves with a smile.
However, one person would not allow that.

「Haa, haa, my beloved’s seed…… the seed I extracted……」

The lewd Catherine approaches Carla with eyes which can’t seem to focus on one spot.
At the sight of such a strange phenomenon, it naturally makes Carla panic.

「W-what’s wrong with you, you have a strange look in her eyes, stop it! Uwaah, don’t lick me!」

Catherine pushes Carla to the floor and starts to lick the semen stuck to her body.
Because the girls are wearing summer clothes, much of their skin is exposed.
Catherine is crawling her tongue over all of that exposed area, so it makes for an irresistible scene.

「Hey! My thigh…… aah, don’t lick my chest!」

Carla’s predicament doesn’t end there.
As if infected by Catherine, Yoguri, Rita, and even Gretel stood up slowly.
They sway as they walk and gather around Carla like zombies would when devouring their victims, licking all over Carla’s body.

「Gyaah, I’m getting violated! Nonna, help me out here!」

「I-I’m sorry. This powerless little me can’t do anything about it. I think they’ll let you go when all the semen is gone.」

「Traitor! Aegir, help me!」

「Sorry, I don’t think I can stop such a sexy show.」

I can’t bring myself to interfere with women tangling and licking each other.

In the end, the girls licked Carla until not a trace of semen was left on her body.

Claire’s Request ①

To celebrate my victory in battle I was personally invited to Claire’s hou-…… the Flitch Company’s heavy machinery building for a modest party.
I was going to invite Nonna as well, but she said she wouldn’t be able to prepare a grand enough reception for everyone, so she implicitly declined.

「So, what kind of request do you have?」

「Ara, this party is to thank you for favoring me and of course to congratulate you on your victory in war.」

There’s no way this is only about that.
I glance behind me at Laurie and a few waitress maids who are all smiling.
The point of focus is their outfits.

I’m already used to seeing the attire of the servants of the Flitch Company, however everyone here is wearing skirts which are 10 cm shorter.
Furthermore, Laurie in particular is wearing a poor excuse of a skirt, which only reaches her mid-thigh and would reveal her underwear if she bent over just a little bit.
Even I can tell that she’s planning to use sex appeal to get me to agree to a certain request.

「……then shall we relax and enjoy a meal together?」

「I don’t want to, don’t say something so cold.」

She sends me a flirtatious glance and leans forward a tiny bit.
I can see the light color of her nipples from the large slit in the chest area of her dress.

But I won’t be tempted today.
After all, the orgy I had with the girls this morning drained me of 20 shots.
Even my balls seem a little too light.

「So you are starting to harvest the wheat in your territory, right?」

「Yeah, the farmers will be devoting much of their time to it.」

It will be a slightly rough period for the peddlers as even the blacksmiths and hunters in a farming village gather together to reap the harvest, meaning pelts and home-made accessories won’t be getting produced.

「I hear your territory will be getting a wonderfully bountiful harvest. Congratulations.」

「Yeah, thanks.」

「So I have something to discuss regarding that……」

I’m getting a bad feeling about this.

「The market price of wheat has now risen…… even for our company, and so we want to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Which is why I want to purchase the right to the wheat leftover from the harvest. I’m willing to offer 20% more than the current market price.」


In other words, she is trying to decide the price of wheat which has yet to be harvested.
Thinking about it normally, over 20% of the current market price would be favorable for me, and an ignorant feudal lord might have taken that deal immediately.

「……are you okay with buying wheat at such a high price?」

「It will be a gamble, but there is a small chance something would cause the price to rise steeply. This is just a precaution for that risk.」

Her coquettish gaze which concealed her greed for money is now visible.

「Like if the Empire invaded the Federation?」

My statement makes Claire freeze.
Ooh, it’s quite rare for her to become stiff so noticeably.

She isn’t my subordinate but rather a merchant and it’s natural for her to chase after profits. I don’t think she’ll try and deceive me, but I won’t lose that easily either.

「What’s wrong, the food is getting cold. Eat it quickly.」

「Y-you got your information pretty quickly, didn’t you.」

「It’s not that I’m fast, but aren’t you just slow?」

My source of information comes from Clara’s letter, who is close to the prestigious Marquess Marlordol of the Federation, but she is nothing more than an attendant.
I didn’t think Claire would be slower than that kind of informant.

Claire lets out a sigh.

「Recently, the head office’s…… the Flitch company’s influence has been on the decline. Naturally, their ability to gather information has proportionately declined as well. No, I shouldn’t say it’s only Flitch. In fact, it’s the strength of all the companies in Stura that is decreasing.」

Fumu, it’s rare for her to speak about insider information like this.
I’ll listen quietly.

「Stura’s company is on the coast of the North Teries river and has developed through the mediation of trade with the northern nations. Magrado, Treia, Arkland…… and Goldonia, they would freely move around whenever certain nations were in conflict with each other and was able to develop commercially.」

Of course dealings with the Federation is an important factor, but if there is a war, it wouldn’t be possible to buy anything from the opposing country and transporting can’t be done either.
Stura, who could do safely business anywhere, should have a large advantage in terms of purchasing or transporting.

「But as of now, the entire northern region of the Central Plains has become Goldonian territory, so mediation is unnecessary. We are using all the experience and customer base accumulated up to this point and are trying to fight back…… but even that is slowly being taken away.」

Goldonia has native companies as well.
They use their connections with the Kingdom or Great Nobles as backing to rapidly extend their influence.

I remember there also being individuals in charge of domestic companies who clinged to the noble families invited to the periodic tea parties and dinner parties held by Nonna who wanted to meet me.
If I entertained them, I wouldn’t be able to take part in much of the party and Nonna apparently felt frustrated because of that.

「I see…… you’re having a tough time too.」

Claire has done well up until now.
If I didn’t have her when I was in debt or when I needed to do any major developments, my domain would probably be in poorer shape.
There hasn’t been any swindlers or information leaking as of now either.
Even if other large companies try to appeal to me, I don’t think I would be able to simply change over to them from the Flitch company.

「And so, I think the Flitch company will be dissolving soon.」


I almost crush the desk by accident.
In my heart, I decided to stick with them to the very ended and Claire all of a sudden declared that she’s abandoning them.

「Ara, the Margrave-sama will be staying with myself though. By the way, you are aware of who the president of the Flitch company is?」

「……I don’t know his name or face.」

“Well, he’s named Flitch.” – She adds with a smile.
Of course, that’s pretty obvious.

The one who cooperated with me and did business with me all this time was Claire.
I don’t know the president or anyone from the head office.

「If the head office becomes a burden in the near future, I am planning to start up a new independent company. When that time comes, I humbly ask that you treat me favorably as well.」

「Of course. You’re the only merchant for me.」

We exchange a deep kiss, disregarding the presence of the servants.
Not good, I can feel my balls getting heavier.

「Then, I have something I want you to explain.」

「Hm? We aren’t going into bed?」

「Before that…… I hear that a caravan of merchants periodically comes here from the city states and through Libatis.」

Claire remains smiling but a little anger is hidden behind her expression.

「That caravan has absolutely nothing to do with us…… and is under the patronage of the merchants of Libatis.」

She’s pressing me and asking me what’s going on.
But it’s something that Adolph negotiated, so I don’t know.

「It doesn’t put me at ease after I just told you I would be going independent and there’s already a business rival in front of me. To ensure you will not change from our caravan, give us a large supply of grain. You’ll be importing a massive quantity of it from Malt Kingdom anyways, right?」

No, but Adolph told me to absolutely not make any promises of my own accord in regards to wheat.
If he gets angry, then I would have to take over the domestic affairs.

「Laurie! Lunice! Amidra! 」

「「「Yes, Claire-sama!」」」

The three girls crawl under the table and I instantly feel a wave of pleasure.

「Oaah! I-I won’t change my mind even if you do this. Discuss this with Adolph!」

「That man is quite hard to convince. So if the Margrave could make the final judgement, Laurie, do it with more intensity.」

「Uooh…… even my ass!」

The severe attack continued after that, and eventually Claire herself joined in as well, however I was able to endure to the end because of the thought of how difficult it would be to take care of the domestic affairs on my own.
That may be due to the nourishing fruit 1I ate yesterday.

The other three girls lay exhaustedly over the desk with seed spilling out from their crotch, just like Claire, but she was the only one who could spew sharp parting words.

「Uuuu…… I won’t give up, you hear…… I will definitely…… make a huge profit…… off wheea-」

「What a scary woman…… but that’s what makes her lovely.」

It looks like we’ll be having more fun exchanges in the future.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 161,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Private Army: 5300 men
Infantry: 3000, Cavalry: 900, Archers: 900, Bow Cavalry: 500
Cannons: 19
Reserve: 3000

Assets: 0 gold

Sexual Partners: 209, children who have been born: 46


  1. Nat: not sure about this. The raw is 精のつく木の実


  1. The sex scene is so stupid lol

  2. thanks for the chapter

  3. Thanks for the chapter!! (シ_ _)シ

  4. Thanks Nat.
    Oowh..I’m so proud of Aegir, he can endure Claire army now.

  5. RTK is taking things serious as always~ love tthe swap from H to war to managing city, really.

  6. Why does he scream like a filthy pig just from having a tongue inserted into his anus?

    Not like they shoved a fricking freight train in there

  7. I initially believed i saw the future since the first part was very familiar, then I remembered it was the preview from last chapter. Oh well.

  8. I initially believed i can see the future since i already read the first part, then I remembered it was the preview from last chapter. Oh well.

  9. I misses these detailed s*x scenes

  10. I want more chapters with vampires

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