Chapter 200: The Finished Story


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

In the still-oppressive heat of the midday, the rhythmic sound of stomping steel boots continue endlessly.
I am seated on Schwartz, watching as a gathering of soldiers pass by in front of me.
Irijina and Celia, who are standing at attention on either side of me, remain motionless.

「Everyone, halt! Face to the right, riiiiiiight!!」

The legs of the soldiers stop in place, there was a remarkably loud metallic clang and the battle lines turn all at once.
Without delay, horns sound out while gongs and drums thump repeatedly.
The soldiers raise their swords and spears in time with the steady beat.
This wasn’t the wild cheering done to psyche oneself up before a battle, it was a more orderly…… and ceremonial act.

「Salute to Hardlett-sama!」

The soldiers face me and collectively salute.
I reply by raising my sword, making sure not to show them how troublesome I think this whole thing is.

「Turn right!」

The soldiers turn once again and resume their march with their swords and spears held high.
Their organized marching really makes me admire how well trained they are, but this parade has absolutely no military significance.

「That Leopolt, he’s skipping out.」

「It can’t be helped. This is just a ceremonial service, after all…… without Leopolt-san, it would hinder military practice.」

Even the cute Celia is taking his side.
The wounds in my stomach and side caused by those rusty weapons are shallow, but they hurt, and more importantly I’m forbidden by the doctor to drink any alcohol.
This must be what they call adding insult to injury.
Oh yeah, Kroll also had the doctor look at him, I don’t know what for though.

「A ceremony for the repose of souls, huh…… do we really need something like this?」

Myla answers that mix of sighing and complaining.

「The residents near Rafen, especially those living outside the city walls, are worried and asking for it. ……you can’t blame them. Several hundred corpses suddenly rose from the dead after all.」

「We defeated the main culprit so it should be fine though.」

This incident is different from the regular spawning of zombies.
That Lich used some way to revive the dead and manipulate them, but we defeated that thing so we shouldn’t have anything to worry about now.
With that guy defeated, all the zombies are currently back in their motionless state as just corpses.

「Even so, their worries won’t disappear. Isn’t it better if we hold a festival like this to ease their minds?」

The ceremony being held right at this moment is for that purpose and also for the large amount of soldiers who have died recently. The gallant marching and music is to disperse the evil spirits and guide the souls to the otherworld…… or so I’m told.
I don’t have any particular problems with the ceremony itself.
I don’t mind the cost associated with the ceremony either.

「My complaint is why I have to stand in the middle of this stupid heat.」

Schwartz neighs to express his discontent as well.
In the first place, you’re the one who’s all black and making me unnecessarily hot. Why don’t you take my feelings into consideration and turn white?
Not to mention, this guy was having fun with a woman just recently.
Whenever he has a chance, he’s lining up his favorite mare and that woman, who he made fall and is currently in charge of his breeding, and indulging himself.
That woman’s hole is darkened and her outer lips are all stretched out, so much so that they can be seen hanging loosely even when she stands…… her pussy has been stretched until it’s gaping in order to accommodate Schwartz’s size.
With the way her genitals are right now, she can’t be satisfied with a human partner anymore…… although she’s madly in love with Schwartz, so maybe it’s not really a problem.

「What a spoiled bastard, I’ll pluck the hair on your back.」

Schwartz turns his head in my direction as if telling me to stop.

「Please stop with this unproductive discussion. With Lord Hardlett here, citizens and soldiers alike feel more secure. I believe it’s an important job as a feudal lord.」

Now that I look, the soldiers are surrounding the outer perimeter of the cemetery, watching over the citizens as they march and play their instruments.
It’s true, the people do look a little more relieved with the army in front of them.

「It’s about time for the loud accompaniment.」

I guess I’ll go along with it, now bring on whatever is next.

「Ah, just do whatever preparations you need…………」

「Tristan, please do what I asked more seriously.」

Myla glares at Tristan, who gives out orders in a deflated tone.

「Cannon squad……fire.」

The citizens raise a tiny scream when they hear the thundering sounds.
White smoke spews out from the aligned cannons.

「Woah, you’re gonna fire off the cannons in a place like this!?」

It’s dangerous, plus the barrel of the cannons will explode right away.

「No need to worry. The amount of gunpowder was reduced and cannonballs weren’t loaded. The noise may shock the citizens, but it should also act as a display of strength.」

Exactly like Myla said, the gathered residents of the city may have been in shock and bewilderment at what the strange sounds were, but eventually scattered cheers began to rise.
The shooting may be for encouraging them.

「Aegir-sama, now is the time for you to address everyone.」

Celia remains indomitable and sticks close to Myla.
No choice, I’ll get this over with.

I raise my Dual Crater in the air and call out to the soldiers and citizens.
The sword was already beautiful on its own, but becomes like a shiny jewel as it deflects the sun’s rays.

「Hear me, everyone! There was in fact a strange incident with zombies just the other day. The cause of that mess was an evil spirit who made a nest in the old mausoleum…… however, I have quickly dispatched the threat so there is no need to worry. Even if there are any problems in the future, the army will be mobilized to eliminate them. Therefore, rest assured.」

That’s the best I can do, I’ll probably make things worse by talking too much.

「If the feudal lord-sama says so, then……」
「You heard that loud sound just now, didn’t you? It’ll blow away any zombies.」
「Seems like the feudal lord-sama defeated the main cause too.」

「According to the rumors, that ghost was beaten down with his dick.」
「That’s not it, I heard that the ghost got skewered by his dick.」
「If it’s the feudal lord-sama, that might be possible. I hear that it gets as long as his height if he gets serious.」

The soldiers and citizens face me and cheer, with everyone seemingly satisfied with my explanation.
I’m glad they understand, although I’m not sure what the latter part was about. Was Celia the one who spread those rumors?

「It was Leopolt-san and Adolph who said to spread those rumors so that the people would feel reassured! Myla-san also agreed with them! But using a dick…… I have no words.」

「Just when there haven’t been many weird rumors floating around recently.」

What kind of pervert would use a dick to exterminate a ghost?
I simply squeezed it tight and slammed it into the ground.

「That’s plenty strange in itself though.」

I pinch Celia’s cheeks lightly to make her obedient.

「Hgah, hgah…… please stop! Ah, you’re even stroking my butt!」

I shift my gaze and look past the showy ceremony to find the engineering corps moving around in a corner of the cemetery.

「What are they building over there?」

「Adolph-san told you, didn’t he? It’s an incinerator…… apparently. Those who are suspected to be turned into undead or infected with some sort of plague will be cremated before they’re buried.」

So the corpses will be thrown in the fire.

「Normally, the citizens would say that it’s quite sad to see bodies burned like that, but now they’re rather receptive. Far from thinking it’s a bad idea, they’re helping out free of charge.」

It’s certainly the case that the corpses won’t turn into zombies or skeletons if you burn them.
During wartimes, we also gather the large number of bodies and burn them so they don’t become undead.
So it also helps prevent spreading of diseases too, huh.

「I don’t know whether to call it clever or wicked to use the citizens’ fear of undead like that.」

But maybe you have to think this way if you want to be a domestic affairs official.

「Let’s see, that should be the end of everything related to the public. So, how did it go?」

After seeing the ceremony to the end, we returned to the mansion’s office.
This talk isn’t something to be done in front of the soldiers or citizens after all.

All the ceremonies held until now were for the sake of reassuring the people and not for any other particular reason.
The more important issue at hand is that basement underneath the mausoleum…… or more specifically, the investigation of the place where the source of our problem, the Lich, came from.
I wanted to participate as well, but I was stopped on the basis of my injuries.

Celia’s face tenses up angrily.
She’s cute, though I think she’ll get upset if I rub her ass now.

「10 members were chosen from the escort unit to investigate. They found several skeletons but eliminated them without trouble. There were no injuries…… my mistake, Christoph fell over and was knocked unconscious.」

「No injuries, huh. I’m sure mere skeletons won’t be able to defeat the heavily armed escort squad. So, what else did they find?」

「There was one coffin found with chains wrapped around it. They tried opening it to look inside, but it appeared to be more of a mould than a coffin. Lead was used to harden the interior of the stone coffin…… so they couldn’t tell if there were bones or anything else inside.」

「……I see.」

Binding the dead from the outside and pouring lead inside isn’t normal at all.
That coffin may have been suppressing the main culprit.
In any case, I’m sure I split that guy in half and extinguished him with my Dual Crater.
The body shouldn’t be important anymore.

「There was also this book, or rather a diary. From what I can see, it seems to be extremely old and is falling apart here and there…… and it contains many hard to understand expressions that we don’t use today, so we can’t glean any information from it.」

The diary which Celia carefully takes out of from the cloth it was wrapped in looked to be ancient and damaged to the point where any mishandling would cause it to crumble.

「It was left on top of the aforementioned coffin. I don’t think it’s anything important.」

「I wonder about that.」

The book might make things clear about the life that person had when alive.
I heard that a Lich is when a powerful magic caster turns into a ghost after death.
Questions like what kind of person was that magic user, how did that person live and how did that person die and even the reason of why that person turned into an apparition may be obtained from that book.

「But that’s probably meaningless too.」

I take a sip of tea and rest my elbow on the desk.

That guy’s already finished as a person.
The moment the individual died, it was no longer a human. A Lich is just another monster, nothing more than the dregs of life.
There is no point even if we dig up any more of his life.
The dead just returned to being dead and turned into dust.
I unusually put up a front and look far in the distance out the window.

(Yaaay, yaaaay, today’s snack is my favorite pumpkin pie~)

Casie is lightly floating this way.

「……there are some people who enjoy life even after they die after all, maybe I’ll take a quick peek.」

「What are you talking about? Unfortunately, I don’t understand anything in there either……」

If Celia can’t read it, then most people probably can’t.
Which leaves me with only that person.
He should be back now that the clean-up of the ceremony is done.

「Haa…… you want me to read this worn out thing……?」

「Right, it’s not like I’m asking you to transcribe the entire thing. It’s fine as long you can get some meaning from it.」

「Well it’s still a book, this unnecessarily old diary…… I’m sure whatever is written won’t even be that interesting, but if you’re asking me to do the work I’m paid for, then……」

「Stop mumbling and read it already!」

Tristan gives the irritated Celia a sidelong glance before carefully flipping open the book.
Every time he flipped a page, the book tears a little and pages start falling out, although I don’t mind because I won’t be reading this thing a second time.

With every page, Tristan reads out the contents in an unmotivated tone.
Celia gets annoyed at the way he translates, but now we have a rough understanding of everything.

”A long, long time ago, a certain man lived in the small city we call Rafen.

The man was an extremely skilled magic user and he was quite well-known, with his name not only widespread amongst the residents, but also known by the feudal lord and nearby nobles.

He could wield a wide array of spells ranging from wind magic to lightning and water magic and he was extolled as a matchless magic user.

However, the man wasn’t satisfied.

The man was a magic user who mastered a variety of magic but he only ended up as a skilled magic user for each type of magic.

He learned everything from fire magic to bewitching magic, although he never became a caster of legends.

Believing in his own ability, the man continued searching for a magic which suited him the best.

Until finally, the man found it.

And that was magic to control the dead.”

It was supposed to read like a diary, but this is how Tristan explains the contents.

「User of the dead…… was it?」

「The wind magic and lightning magic were powerful too, no?」

Alice can only use fire magic, but she probably has more power in her attacks than the Lich.
In other words, that guy was a Jack of all trades and master of none, able to do everything neither exceptionally nor poorly.
I guess I can understand a little bit of how sad he felt when he was praised as a skilled magic user.

「But to use the dead of all things……」

Magic isn’t exactly forbidden in Goldonia or any other country.
There is also the fact that not enough people exist who can use magic that requires laws to be made specifically for them in the first place, but people who are capable of small feats can be street performers while the more powerful and skilled users can use magic to help them become village chiefs or even a feudal lord.
There are cases like Alice’s where it caused discord with others, but in her situation, the relationship with her father was the problem.

「But still, a magic related to the dead……」

「It’s unheard of.」

Never hearing of something doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist.
Common sense dictates that anything which uses another person’s corpse and manipulates it is taboo.
It just isn’t logical, it gives off the same unpleasant physiological feeling as a human eating another human’s flesh.

「Continue reading on.」

I have a pretty good picture already though.

”The man was delighted.

It was because he felt the infinite possibilities with this magic unlike any others.

The number of dead he could control quickly rose from 5 to 10, then 10 to 20.

In order to master the magic to control the dead, the man devoted everything to learning the intricacies.

However, the man realized.

The city of Rafen was small and the cemetery was too cramped.

Even if he dug up the entire cemetery, he would not be able to retrieve a decent corpse.

At this rate, the man would not be able to challenge his own limits.

That’s why the man decided to create more dead people.

Fortunately, the man was skilled in using many different magic and there was not a single person in the city who could oppose him.”

「And that’s how he ended up like this.」

「……my goodness…… so something like that happened in Rafen……」

I gently hug the trembling Celia and rub her boobs too.
Judging by the age of the book, it probably happened more than several decades ago.
I’m sure there is nobody in the city who remembers him.

「What an unpleasant story. You’d want to hole yourself up in your room for three days after reading that.」

Tristan continues reading, ignoring the comment that complained how he’s always holed up in his room anyways.

”The man attained many corpses.

Furthermore, he made magic tools to increase his own magic power and surpass the limits of his own body.

He took the hair of the dead and wove each one to create his mantle.

He bathed that mantle in the entrails and spinal fluid of the dead to allow resentment and hatred to dwell in it.

The mantle was dyed black.”

「Uwaa…… that’s terrible.」

「It wouldn’t turn so black even with the hair of that many people though.」

「A-Aegir-sama! You gave that mantle to Leopolt-san, didn’t you!?」

Umu, it would go well with the black theme of my army, so he’s probably wearing it now.

「I’m sure he’ll be fine. Continue.」

「I wonder if he’ll be alright…… if he turns into an undead……」

I don’t want to see an undead Leopolt, I’ll go check on him later.

「Everything onward is not part of the diary. ……it’s the record of the guards.」

”The man could not see anything but his own magic.

The thing that ended that path of his was a single arrow.

The arrow drenched in plenty of poison pierced the man’s arm and he passed away after writhing in pain.

Even though the man died, the guards and the people of the village feared he would control his own corpse, so they placed his body in a heavy stone coffin, poured melted lead inside, wrapped chains around the coffin and buried the entire coffin underneath the mausoleum.

This is done just to make sure that demon doesn’t come back to life for all eternity.”

「That’s the end.」

「He revived anyways though.」

I’m glad I didn’t hear any of the story and become unmotivated.
I would absolutely never come to understanding with a guy like that.
Well, now I have to go and tell Leopolt.

I leave the mansion and call out to Leopolt who is monitoring the training on the parade grounds.

「Yo…… that mantle-」

He is already splendidly wearing that mantle, which made Celia yell out in a strange voice and step back.
I guess he couldn’t just not use something which I, as his superior, gave him after all.
As a good superior, I should explain all the details to him.

「……I see.」

After hearing the story, Leopolt excitedly, yet expressionlessly, takes off the mantle.

「If this would call upon the likes of undead creatures, it would cause unnecessary trouble. I know it’s rude, but please allow me to remove it.」

Yeah, I don’t mind at all.
You don’t have to give it back to me though.
I don’t want it either.

Leopolt removed the article of clothing from his body and resumes the monitoring of training as if nothing happened.
As usual, he’s got no expression on his face and it was as if nothing changed.

「You’re fine even after hearing all that…… does that mean you really don’t have any emotions?」

「Who knows.」

That night, Leopolt, who normally doesn’t bath inefficiently, took a two-hour long bath.
I also spotted him scrupulously washing his attendant Nina’s clothes.

That guy, in actual fact maybe he’s slightly curious about her?


「In the end, it seems Leopolt stayed in the bath forever.」

「How vulgar. Good grief.」

It makes me grin when I imagine Leopolt making a troubled face for once, but Myla got angry at me.
The one who always comes to my room to take care of me is Celia, but it seems like she’s busy dealing with the aftermath of the ceremony today.

「I said I would help as well…… but she was stubborn and insisted that she could do it herself, so I let her.」

「Celia might be trying to one up you.」

「Haa, is that how it is?」

Myla is superior when it comes to swordplay, although it can’t be helped if you consider the difference in height of Celia who is 160 cm to Myla who is 170 cm.

The difference in experience between Celia, who is still learning about leadership, and Myla, who once led an army, is also clear.

That girl may consider Myla her rival.

「I’m already 27 years old…… if I fall behind a girl who hasn’t even turned 20 yet, I don’t know what I’d do.」

「That might be true, but she’s a hard worker and hates losing. She won’t be able to accept that fact so easily.」

I sit on the bed and pour alcohol in two glasses.
The doctor only forbade me to drink in the morning, and it’s night time right now, so the situation has changed.
Myla bows once before taking a seat beside me.

「Moreover…… she may be competing with you in this area too.」

I embrace Myla and fondle her breasts over her clothes.

「Aau…… aaau……」

Myla, who normally puts up a resistance to anything lewd, doesn’t do so this time.
Women who are my lovers have to allow their breasts to be grabbed in the bedroom…… that knowledge is as natural as breathing is.
There is no doubt that she came into my room tonight with the intention of accepting my cock.

「Uuu…… it’s never going to be as big as Nonna-san’s though.」

「It’s wrong of you to compare with Nonna. ……you have a nice pair of breasts that tempt men.」

Myla’s boobs are sufficiently big.
If Maria hears you calling them small, she would cry tears of blood.

Celia’s boobs have been growing at a rapid pace recently although they don’t come close to Myla’s size yet.
They both have a pair of nice and soft breasts.

「If you fondle them so much…… aahn」

I kiss her neck while rubbing her boobs and make her let out a sexy moan.
That should turn on her switch.
I push Myla down and kiss her neck like I’m sucking on it.
I gradually lower my mouth as I rip open the chest area of her shirt, licking the mounds of flesh and eventually rolling my tongue over her nipples…….

「Please wait!」

All of a sudden, Myla pushes my face away and stands up from the bed.
She’s not going to postpone this for later is she…… especially when my dick is starting to get in the mood.

「I don’t have a problem with you coming onto me. I came here with that intent in the first place…… it’s not that, but since it’s just the two of us, I wanted to do things from the start, you know, like in the right order.」

「Alright. Then stand over there.」

Myla stands a little bit apart from the bed.
I follow after her and cling to her body although I don’t pull her panties down or suck on her breasts.
It might be nice to do it like two virgins.

「My lips……nnh」

I hug her from the front and press my lips against hers.
It was a kiss where no tongue was used and only our lips pushed together. It was not supposed to induce any sexual excitement, but Myla closed her eyes like she was enjoying it and her body leaned in towards me.

We repeatedly pecked at each other and the intensity of the kisses gradually increased.
First our mouths would part slightly, and then my tongue would flick at her teeth, and then my tongue would enter deeper into her mouth.

「Nnh, nnh, nnh—! Nnn!」

Everything up until now was to her liking so Myla also began to extend her tongue, tangling hers with mine almost like the two tongues were wrestling with each other.
First, I would send some of my saliva into her mouth, which she swallows, then she would send saliva into mine.
It was intense but a gentle and pleasant kiss.

「Nnhaa…… haa, haa」

When we pulled our mouths apart from each other, a strand of saliva formed a bridge between our lips.
Myla looked at me somewhat reluctant to stop, however it’s about time we move to the next stage.

「Will you take it off yourself? Or do you want me to take it off?」

「Could I ask you…… to strip me?」

Her cute voice makes me smile unconsciously.
The way I took her clothes off was by no means rough, as I removed her jacket carefully like any attendant would their master and do the same for the shirt worn underneath.
Because it is still summer time, only two pieces of house-clothing were rolled up before her breasts came into my sight.
Her nipples are already erect and hard.

「Oh…… fufufu, you’re already raring to go.」

Myla’s face turns red.
The faint scent of fruit juice seems to emit from her now naked upper body.
It looks like she put on perfume.

Following that, I quietly, but with quick motions, lower her pants.
When I removed the last piece of clothing, her lower lips adorned with a beautiful layer of gold hair opened slightly.

「How pretty.」

「P-please don’t compliment a place like that!」

I was thinking of using my mouth to start, but Myla put a hand on my head.

「Um…… it’s embarrassing if I’m the only one who’s naked. Please take your clothes off, Lord Hardlett.」

Right, let’s get these clothes out of the way immediately.
After I pulled my shirt off to reveal my naked upper body, a hand stretches to my side.

「This wound…… was it when you defeated the Lich?」

「It was from an old blade after all. The medicine was effective so there shouldn’t be any concern of the wound festering.」

After stroking the wound for a while, Myla tenderly licks it.
I can’t hold back much longer, I’m taking out my cock.

「Ah, please wait! I’ll take care of the bottom-……」

With that comment, Myla kneels at my feet and lowers my pants and underwear.
When she did so, my dick is unleashed and springs up all the way to my stomach, accompanied by the sound of the slapping of flesh.

「What an incredible state of arousal…… it’s as energetic as a 15 or 16 year old young man. Furthermore, it’s really huge like always…… look, it’s practically touching your chest.」

「Fufufu, if you praise me so much, it’ll get even bigger.」

「If it gets any bigger than that, I’m really going to die. Shall I suck on it?」

「That’s tempting, but not this time.」

We decided to act like a young innocent couple this time.
I hug Myla from the back and push my finger against the entrance of her vagina.

「Aau…… r-right there! The shallow area…… aaaaah!」

That was only stimulation with my finger, although I know Myla’s weak points inside and out.
It took no more than 30 seconds of fingering before she started to grind her hips.

「What a sensitive girl. Now…… how about here. You’re weak here too, aren’t you?」

I knead her clitoris with my index finger and continue to pleasure her most sensitive spots.
Myla could do nothing as she squealed, falling forward limply.
Her love juices are overflowing and already making puddles on the floor.

「Make sure you don’t fall over.」

I pull my finger out, grab her ass, put my mouth against her privates and slip my tongue inside.

「Aaooooh! Your mouth is……nnnhaa!」

Myla puts her hands on her knees and desperately tries to endure the pleasure while keeping herself from falling.
A third-party onlooker may consider this a vulgar position.
But with my face buried in her intimate areas, the only thing in my eyes are her spread out twitching asshole and her dripping wet pussy.
I’m just focusing on sucking on her naughty parts right now.

「Haa, haa, my legs can’t hold me up anymore.」

I lift up Myla when she reaches her limit and toss her onto the bed.
A small scream escapes Myla’s lips as she bounces once on the bed, then hides her face shyly when I crawl in between her legs.

「Is this kind of childish and naive sex enjoyable too?」

「I won’t be able to endure it when there’s such a skilled kid.」

We exchange another kiss with tongue.
It’s about time for penetration.

「I’m putting it in. How do you want me to do it?」

「Just get on top like this. From the front…… like normal……」

So she wants sex to be simple and childish too.
Is she going to follow through all the way?

「Then, here I go. You’re not being executed, so you don’t have to make such a determined face.」

Myla puts her hand on my shoulder and shuts her eyes tight.

「A woman needs to have a certain amount of resolve in order to take a huge dick like Lord Hardlett’s!」

Now that I think about it, most girls have that expression on their faces.
Although as soon as I start thrusting, they start drooling and moaning in pleasure.

「Here I go…… there…… it’s going in.」

I hold her thighs and push my hips forward.
There was a squelching sound as I first entered her hole, making Myla’s brow wrinkle, but after breaking past the entrance, her overflowing juices guide my shaft smoothly inside.



I push my way all the way inside until I hit the wall of flesh at the very depths of her canal.
Her closed eyes shoot open wide and her body tenses up drastically…… and then she slowly loosens up.

「It reached the very back. You’re squeezing so nicely around me.」

「I trained myself after all, even so only a little bit more than half is inside…… your dick is truly large beyond belief.」

Myla’s hole is quite narrow for her size, however she makes up for that with her toned muscles and strong clenching ability, so the both of us can enjoy ourselves even if I’m rubbing the shallower area.

「Your pussy swallowed my dick and is secreting all this liquid. What a lewd hole you have.」

「It is the fate of all women to want to engulf the dick of a nice man such as yourself.」

Myla brushes her hand over my back and arm as she says that.

「You’ve got such wonderful muscles, it’s so manly and lovely.」

When Myla whispers “I love how you’re so buff and manly” to me, I get happy and start moving my hips, which breaks up her sentence.

「Hiiih! This rubbing is so amazing…… feels so good! More……」

「More? Like this?」

I emphatically move my hips in large sweeping motions, slamming rather deep into her.
Myla lets out a few moans, although she glares at me unhappily.
I know this isn’t what she meant.
I just want her to tell me what she wants out loud.

「N-not like that, more…… more-」

「More what? You want me to push it deeper inside?」

After hesitating for a bit, Myla appears to have resolved herself and then she shouts loudly.

「Right here! Please rub this more, harder!」

She extends her hand and presses against her own stomach, in doing so it makes her hole clench tighter, her narrowed walls causing a strong friction against my dick.
That slight stimulation must have caused her to cum a little as her head was thrown backwards and her tongue hung out of her mouth.
The area Myla is the weakest is the rough area close to the entrance and can be reached even with a finger.
If that place is rubbed with my dick, she’ll fall instantly.

「Fufu, alright, I get it. Like this, right?」

I’ll give her the intense friction she wanted.
Her natural moans sound like screams, then I feel a warm sensation near my crotch.
So she finally ended up squirting.
I won’t let things end here though.

「Hiih, it’s still getting harder!」

When I tighten up my abdomen, my cock gets one stage stiffer.
I push my steel-like meat rod against her weak point and rub the edge of the tip of my dick against the interior of her genitals harshly.

「Hiiiiiiiih—!! Not good, not good, not gooooood-! This really isn’t goood! If you do it that rough, I’ll go crazyyyy!!」

Her tone changed.
Myla, who typically uses keigo, is now screaming like some child.
Both of her arms flail around trying to get me to release her, but her legs are wrapped around my waist to prevent me from leaving.

「I’ll trust your feet. How’s this! This isn’t over yet!」

While her legs are wrapped around my waist, I forcefully bring my body up in a half-rising posture.
In that bent position, I slam my dick down into Myla from above and continue to pleasure her.

「Aauuu—-! Nnniiii–! Aaaaaaah–!」

I fondle Myla’s breasts and seal her lips with kisses, doing whatever I please in addition to my constant thrusting, and after screaming for a while, her body eventually starts twitching.

「Ah…… aaaah…… aaaaaaah……」

She must be experiencing a strong and genuine orgasm.
I kiss her again as she takes in a deep breath probably because of all the screaming she did.
When I did so-


She let out a muffled moan due to her mouth being covered by me and squirts a huge amount of fluid incomparable to the previous times, entwining both arms and legs around my body as she reaches the peak of her climax.


I feel a strong constricting pressure at the same time, bringing me close to releasing my load again.
After enduring the tight grip from her contractions, Myla completely loses her strength and collapses on the bed, letting me to pull my dick out and determine the course of my ejaculation.

「I’m cumming Myla, take this!」

A tremendous amount of semen jets out and accurately splashes on Myla’s face, painting the entire surface of her face as well as her breasts white.
Normally, she would get upset and tell me how thoughtless such an action was, however the woman was too immersed in the feeling of her own orgasm, happily allowing her entire body to be showered with my seed.

「Fuu…… that felt good.」

「My body…… is all sticky…… have to take a bath.」

Myla was about to get up a short while after our climax, but I’m not finished with her yet.

「What are you saying? You can take a bath after we’re finished here, right?」

「Eh? You already let out so much, so……」

I stick my still-erect dick in front of Myla’s face.
There’s no way I would be satisfied with only ejaculating once.

「N-no way, my body is already at its limit……」

「Then you can just lie there. I’ll do all the moving.」

I drag Myla across the bed as I say that and then thrust into her from the side.

「Aauuuah! That’s not fair! If you rub me there, I won’t be able to-……」

I keep nudging at her weak point to prevent any resistance and change positions.
Doing it while she’s face down is nice, and so is thrusting up into her while she sits on top of me.
If that’s the case, lifting her up and pounding her hard could be nice too.
This night is just beginning.

「Wait, my body is really going to break, s-stop-…… hiiiiiiih!! This cock is soo amazinnggg!!」

「Fuu…… now I’m satisfied.」

I look over at Myla who’s lying beside me.
I gently shake the woman’s shoulder while her arms and legs are spread apart.

「Myla, are you asleep?」

「No, I’m just barely conscious. I can’t move my body anymore though…… I can’t go take a bath either.」

That’s fine, it’s romantic just to lay together and greet the morning bathed in each other’s bodily fluids.

「Peerless…… cock…… lady killer……」

「Thanks for the compliment.」

As I stroke Myla’s hair, which has become crusty from the dried semen, she musters up the last of her energy and buries her face in my chest.
Both of us must be stinking of sex, but she doesn’t care at this moment.
Hugging each other like this until morning is nice too.

And then, I hear a knock on the door.

「Aegir-sama? Have you gone to bed already?」

It’s Celia’s voice, she must have stayed up all-night to finish whatever work she was doing.
As I was about to reply, Myla seals my mouth with a kiss.

「You’re already asleep? ……how strange, the door is locked.」

I normally don’t lock the bedroom door.
That’s because a woman may pay me a visit at night.

「This is suspicious…… Aegir-sama, are you really asleep?」

I would feel sorry for her if I don’t respond, however Myla tears up and shakes her head.
Hmmm, I feel bad for Celia, but let’s dedicate this day to Myla.
I’ll enjoy some sweets together with her tomorrow or something.

In the early morning of the next day, Celia clung to the back of the maid who came to bring water and became enraged when she saw the happily sleeping Myla, which caused a little bit of a kerfuffle, but it was ultimately nothing too significant.

–Third Person POV–

Kroll – Super Side Story: Despair

Late Night, Tristan’s Room

It was late at night and all the household members and servants have fallen asleep, but one young man paid a visit to a certain room with a serious look on his face.
The young man knew that the owner of that room did not have a daytime or night time.
In fact, he knew that the owner would not even be awake in the morning or daytime.

「Haa…… why do I have to listen to you talk about your lower half?」

「T-the doctor told me “It’s impossible for someone your age”…… so now I don’t have anyone else to rely on.」

Tristan’s sigh was heavier than usual.

Tristan commented uninterestedly after Kroll finished explaining his circumstances.

「It’s probably because your life energy was drained by the Lich.」1

Tristan pulls out a book from one of the many shelves lining his room.

「When you are touched by a Lich, your life energy…… in other words, your very life essence was taken from you. It becomes the source of that thing’s power, you see.」

Kroll nervously parrots what he heard.

「Life energy was drained……?」

「You would die. Life energy is the basis of all living things after all. If you run out of it, you can’t continue living.」

Kroll pictures the dried up corpses of the couple he saw in the cemetery.

「But in your case, you were saved before that happened, right? That’s why you were able to escape death.」

Tristan takes a gulp of his tea.

「S-so that means-……?」

「The place where humans are most directly linked with life is…… the place where you are currently experiencing troubles. In your case, the Lich was draining your life energy for a considerable amount of time. Because of that, you may have lost functionality in that area.」

「No way!」

Kroll drops to his knees in shock.

「B-but Aegir-sama was also drained for a fair amount of time, yet he was able to return home and have several women-……」

The reverberating moaning and screaming of women in this mansion is well-known and that fact hasn’t changed even now.

「Well, each person has differing amounts of life energy. That person…… is a little abnormal, so it’s better not to use him as reference in my opinion.」

When the two of them leave one another, the image of that man fucking over a dozen women from day to night comes to mind.

「Uuu…… it’s true that he is at least three times my size…… b-but what am I supposed to do about this?」

Tristan told him something so cruel as if it was nothing.

「It was an accidental side effect, so it might actually go back to normal after some time, however it could also never go back to what it was until you die. In my personal opinion, I think you’re out of luck if it doesn’t get better in three days. That part may have malfunctioned because your life energy was pulled out of you so suddenly.」

Kroll collapses to the floor and cries.
Tristan tries to offer some support by spreading his arms and talking to the young man gently.

「Life isn’t all about women. I haven’t been with a single female in my whole life since I was born and I’m still quite happy. If you also come to understand the enjoyment of books, tea and afternoon naps, you might not worry about this anymore.」

Kroll did not put his lips to the expensive tea placed in front of him and just continued to bawl his eyes out.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 161,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Private Army: 5300 men
Infantry: 3000, Cavalry: 900, Archers: 900, Bow Cavalry: 500
Cannons: 19
Reserve: 3000

Family: Nonna (the beautiful Nonna), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Melissa (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (lover), Miti (betrothed), Maria (betrothed), Catherine (betrothed), Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Pipi (lover), Alice (magical girl), Alma (servant)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina, Amata, Anastasia (daughters); Antonio, Claude, Gilbard, Reiner, Bartolome (sons); Rose (foster daughter)

Subordinates: Celia (jealous adjutant), Gido (escort unit), Kroll (despairing, impotent), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby
Myla (happy security officer), Polte (student director), Gretel (dog)
Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Tristan (strategist?)
Claire & Laurie (compiling a plan), Schwartz (lewd horse), Lilian (actress)
Mother – Marceline; Daughters – Stephanie, Bridget, Felicie (taken into custody)

Assets: -200 gold (memorial ceremony -200)

Sexual Partners: 209, children who have been born: 46


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