Chapter 203: Marriage Troubles Once Again


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「How horrible of you! Getting mama pregnant and leaving her by herself like this! Mama is certainly feeling troubled right now.」

Miti stands imposingly in front of me and berates me.
Melissa and Alma, who are quite close to Dorothea, support Miti and also sends cold gazes at me.
The only one willing to defend me is the cute Celia.
The other girls are surrounding us and observing.

「Umumu…… I actually didn’t realize until this letter arrived.」

「But you slept with Mama, didn’t you? Master should already know that going around pouring your thick seed in whoever you please will create babies!」

My dick twitches in response when Miti praises my seed for being thick, but right now I have to restrain myself.
Nevertheless, she said it was fine if she got pregnant, so it didn’t matter if my seed was thick or not, Dorothea definitely didn’t shake her head.
It will make things worse if I give any kind of excuse though so I’ll remain quiet.

「Mama will have to take care of the children with a large belly…… Mama is already past 40 years old!! She’s definitely enduring all the hardships and trying her best not to inconvenience Master!」

The normally docile Miti is frantically snapping at me.
Well, I’m also worried about Dorothea after hearing about what happened.

「But if Dorothea-san said so sooner, Aegir-sama would have helped for sure, isn’t it a mistake for her to accept the child yet stay silent about it?」

Celia provides supporting fire, but Miti, despite being afraid of Celia, retaliates with tears in her eyes.

「Master should know what Mama’s personality is like! She doesn’t want to cause Master any trouble so she endured until there was nothing else she could do on her own! I’m sure she’s more worried than ever after getting pregnant at such an unsuitable age.」


Mel clears her throat to interrupt the agitated Miti.
Her expression didn’t change much but quite a few wrinkles appeared on her forehead.
Maybe talking about the right age or the inappropriate age was a bit too much.
If Miti continued on that subject, something terrifying might have happened to her.

「In any case, we need to send some people to help Dorothea in the capital. I’ll pay the servants extra and let someone go.」

「Ah wait, I’ll go.」

The one who raised their hand was Melissa.
Woah now, even though I brought you here with me from the capital, you’re going to leave me again?

「I owe Dorothea-san for taking care of me in many ways. I also think Dorothea-san and the kids would feel uneasy if it was someone they aren’t familiar with.」

「I guess that’s true……」

Melissa is a valuable woman who keeps everything at peace when she’s with us, plus she’s popular and highly respected amongst the other females.
Catherine and Maria especially rely on her to take care of their lower halves.

「If Aegir-san really doesn’t want me to go, then I won’t…… but I actually also want to create a place to help out any troubled kids here in Rafen too. I’ve been talking with Dorothea-san about different things, so could you grant me this request?」


It can’t be helped if you say that much.
Rafen has already become a large city with 25 000 people.
Things like parents dying, kids being abandoned and disappearing, and orphans being born all happen at roughly a fixed rate.
Adolph suggested to create an orphanage to provide them the bare minimum and keep them from starving to death, but the place was surrounded in a rather gloomy atmosphere compared to the one Dorothea’s managing.
So I guess you need to do more than giving these parentless kids food to eat and a bed to sleep on.

「You’ll continue to be my woman?」

「Of course. I am Aegir-san’s woman.」

Then that’s fine.
If Melissa will become an even better woman, like Dorothea who is filled with love and affection, then it’s worth letting her leave to the capital for a while.

「No way, Melissaaa……」「Ma’am1……」

Maria, and for some reason, the maids also look on in worry.
Looks like Melissa also lent them a hand too.

「It might be tough if you go alone though, you’ll need at least one more person. Maybe Kroll can provide some muscle, or maybe it would be better if Miti or Alma went to act as an older sister.」

Alma exclaimed unenthusiastically at Kroll.

「Does Kroll want to go?」

「I’m worried about Mother Dorothea…… but I also have people here that I gotta protect.」

「’Kay, that’s perfect. Then I’ll go with Melissa-san.」

「Eh? Alma……?」

There seems to be a rather deep ditch created in their relationship.
However, helping Dorothea comes first right now.
It might be better to let Miti go along as well if Alma is going.

「Then how about Miti? It might be for half a year, but you’ll be going back to your home after such a long absence.」

She would definitely want to be by Dorothea’s side when she gets weak and Dorothea will also be happy if she sees Miti again.

But the one who responded was Melissa.

「She can’t. Miti is engaged to Aegir-san so it isn’t good for her to be separated. If a weird rumor spreads, then it’ll affect Miti’s standing, you know.」



I automatically spit my thoughts out.

「Eh……? Don’t tell me…… you…… forgot……」

Miti staggers and then sits down on the spot.
Not good, I screwed up.


After hearing Miti’s pitiful squeaking, Melissa once again raises her voice angrily.
Too much time passed since I agreed to make her my betrothed so I forgot by mistake.
Ever since making her my woman, I intended to love her regardless of whether she was a concubine or a lover, so I didn’t really pay attention to that stuff.

But I guess it mattered a lot to Miti.
Tears start welling up in her quickly blinking eyes.

「U…… uue…… uuwaaaaaaaaaahh—n!!」
「Aegir-san, you idiot!!」

Miti cries out and Melissa curses at me.

「You’re horrible!」「Miti was looking forward to it.」「She desperately learned about ‘that’ at night too……」「My neck…… it hurts.」

I receive a storm of booing from the other girls, and even Celia and Leah look at me in astonishment.
……Casie is gradually becoming more visible.

I hastily hug the girl, who rampages in my arms unbelievably more than usual.

「I’m sorry! I forgot accidentally.」

「Waaaaaaaaahn! So you don’t care about me! Fine, then I’ll go back home! I’ll go back to where Mama is!」

I’ve done it now, it doesn’t look like I can soothe her easily.
I want to relocate to a different place, but if I take her to my room now, it might harden her heart unnecessarily.
It’s best if I resolve it here.

「Let me go, let me gooo-!」

「Let’s talk about it first.」

I carry Miti and sit her on the sofa, then bring my face close to her so we can chat.

「I really value you, Miti.」

「Lies! If you really treasured me, you wouldn’t forget your promise to make me your bride! You just wanted my body so you just said anything you could to please me, didn’t you!」

「Of course I want your body too. But I don’t only want that…… I want all of you, Miti.」

Miti turns red for a brief moment, but quickly raises her voice again.

「Then why did you forget something so important like the promise to marry me……」

I hug her close to my chest and rub the top of her head to discourage her from continuing.
She often gets more and more agitated from her own angry yelling after all.

「Marriage isn’t the most important, right? The most important thing is love!」

She bites me right as I say that…… but I can’t stop now.

「To me, the most important thing is my love for you, it doesn’t matter if you’re my wife or my lover. Miti is my precious, precious woman.」

Her grip on me loosens just a little bit.

「I lay my hands on women all the time, right?」

Since I’m hugging her, I can’t see Miti’s face, but I can tell she’s nodding.

「I am sheltering several dozen women right now.」

She bites me again. That’s my nipple, so please don’t.

「That’s why I can’t say I’ll only look at you. However…… I will always look after you forever. I won’t betray you.」

「You just said whatever is convenient for you……」

That’s right, but this is what happens when I speak without hiding anything.

「I’m probably thick-headed and inattentive. That’s why if you’re unhappy, speak up and I’ll make it better.」

「You won’t…… throw me away? You won’t forget about me?」

Miti’s last words are filled with emotion.
Because she’s an orphan, her fear of being abandoned is greater than a regular person.
However, she doesn’t have to worry about any of that now that she’s with me.

「What are you saying, I won’t abandon any of my women. I won’t let you go until you say you want to leave.」

「……I won’t say anything like that.」

Miti finally lifts her head up.
Her face looks like a mess after crying, but no more tears are falling.
She’s calmed down a little bit.
Now, I can finally whisper words of love to her.

「That night at the lake when you said you would marry me, I was extremely happy, and I loved Master more and more ever since that day…… and in my heart, it felt like I was becoming more and more like a wife……that’s how I felt.」

In my eyes, all of you girls are my beloved women, whether you’re a concubine or a lover.
But marriage and being engaged must have a tremendous amount of meaning to Miti.
I should have known she was like that from way back, but I guess I must have underestimated a woman’s love a little bit.

「I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I forgot even though Miti was thinking about me in such a way, please forgive me.」

I lift her chin slightly and give her lips a light peck.
She didn’t resist.

「You’re a horrible person to shelter all those girls…… you’re so horrible…… but I can’t stop loving you.」

Miti once again buries her face in my chest, and this time she doesn’t bite me.
Now I’ll capture her heart completely.

「Miti, I know it might not be enough to apologize, so tell me if you have anything you want me to do. Anything is fine, whether you want to bite me or make love to you passionately. You can ask for jewels or gold handiwork too.」

I hug her tighter than before, so much so that Miti’s delicate body would feel the slight pain.

「I recommend the intense lovemaking session. You’ll feel so good you won’t be able to tell whether it’s day or night.」

Miti tries to hold back laughter.
There’s her smile…… everything is fine now.

「So in the end, it all leads to sex, you’re such a pervert, Master.」

Miti jokes and lightly hits my chest.

「You won’t forget anymore, right? This is as important to me as the familial bonds with my mom and my siblings.」

「I understand. But instead of not forgetting, I have a better way to remember.」

I hold the tiny Miti sideways and lift her up, declaring before everyone.

「Tomorrow morning, I will announce our marriage in front of the citizens.」

Fortunately, the harvest festival is still continuing.
If I announce the news in the central plaza, pretty much everybody will hear it.


Miti wasn’t the only one taken aback, Celia and Nonna were flipping out too.
Casie’s face was becoming quite frightening, but her expression made a complete turn around after hearing my sudden statement and she’s in a panic unsure of what to do now.

In the end, there was an imaginary line which split her face in half, where one side had a smile and the other side was in the middle of turning into a vengeful spirit.
It’s kind of disturbing, so pick one or the other.

「N-no way, tomorrow is too sudden! Before, you said I would be your wife once I got pregnant……」

「The sooner the better. Or do you not want to. Should I have said a later date?」

「Ah…… that’s…… haauuu……」

「Be my wife, Miti.」

I bring my face close to her while carrying her.
However, I don’t kiss her. I wait for her response.

「Aaaaah……I- I……」

Shaken after my sudden words, Miti’s eyes slowly melted and welled up with tears different from earlier.
Her heart has completely fallen.

「I will be Master’s……wife. I will give you everything.」

She presses her lips against mine as soon as she finished speaking.
All the girls around us cheer and shout.

「You were arguing in the beginning too, how did it become like this? As expected of Aegir I guess.」

Turning emergency situations into opportunities is a man’s weapon, Carla.

「If getting pregnant is the condition to get married, then it’s only a matter of time. She’s gone ahead of Kuu and Ruu now. If only they would not run away and squeeze it in between their legs…… and then it would be nice if they got pregnant quickly.」

It looks like Mel wans Kuu and Ruu to bear my children too.
When that happens, she would be called a grandma, so wouldn’t she get angry?

「If it’s Miti, I don’t mind. But after becoming a concubine, I’ll have to pound you with the manners and etiquette necessary to be one!」

Nonna cuts in.
Don’t be so hard on her though.

「Sis…… how nice, if only I fell in love with such a lovely and dependable person……」

None of the girls express their disapproval.
The kind and diligent Miti is loved by everyone.
There shouldn’t be anyone who would complain…….

「「Please wait!!」」

The door slams open.

「Maria? Catherine?」

I thought they were in the room all this time, but they disappeared before I even realized, Maria returning with her son Claude in her arms while Catherine pulls along Rose and Antonio in each hand

「「You didn’t forget, did you!?」」

Of course not, so wait a second, it feels like I’ll remember really soon.

「「You promised to marry us too!!」」

The encroaching women push me to the floor.
Then, the two of them speak in a feeble voice.

「Claude…… you see, papa here, he said he wouldn’t become your papa. Sorry, only mama will be with you now.」

「Rose, Antonio, listen carefully. Your mother will be going through some tough times now…… I may be looked down upon by a concubine who’s younger than me. Even so, I won’t hold it against your father. He has something in mind…… he isn’t inhumane enough to leave your mother and you precious babies alone just because he simply forgot.」

They make sidelong glances at me as they speak dramatically.
The children must also realize their mothers’ intents and are probably fake crying.

「Alright, I’ll make you two my wives!」

It might be false tears, but it is still shameful for a man to make his own woman cry in front of him.
I don’t care how many of you there are, bring it on.

I grab both Catherine and Maria and hug them tightly.
Miti stares blankly but eventually gets pulled in too.
This is good, tomorrow I’ll make all three of them my wives.
Now, take my hand.

「As I thought, Master is too lustful—!!」

Sorry Miti, being a womanizer is engraved into my soul.
There’s nothing I can do about it.

「Thanks for everything…… and I’m sorry for betraying you.」

「……it’s nothing really…… you didn’t betray me at all.」

「I will not forget the days you embraced me. However…… I’ll become that person’s wife. Thanks for taking care of me.」

「……right, I said it’s fine, forget about it.」

When everything calmed down, Catherine and Maria start prostrating and apologizing in tears.
All of it was directed at…….

「Hurry up and lift your heads already, actually why are you apologizing to me anyways, I don’t get it…… help me out here Aegir-san.」

「Hahaha, so Melissa did a good job with the dildo.」

Melissa holds her head.
Oh yeah, we were initially talking about sending Melissa to the capital to help Dorothea.
How did things turn out this way?

And thus, it was decided that Melissa will be going to the capital to help out until after Dorothea recovers from giving birth, accompanied by Alma as well.
I ordered Kroll to go even though he babbled something about protecting ‘them’…… but Alma coldly replied “Don’t need him”.
What really happened between the two of you?

A naked couple enters the bedroom, one of which is me, the master of the house, and the other is the wife-to-be Miti.
I wrap my arm around the waist of the girl who tensed up a little bit and guide her to the bed as if escorting her to a ball.

「You don’t have to be nervous, this is what we always do, isn’t it?」

I didn’t sleep with Miti just ten or twenty times.
I know every corner of her body like the back of my hand and there aren’t many places on her body I haven’t put my mouth on.

「Uuu, facing each other like this again formally, I just-…… Master is- nmu!」

I push a finger against Miti’s lips.

「Miti will become my wife tomorrow. I don’t have a strange fetish to be called Master or anything.」

「……then how should I address you?」

「You can use my name, can’t you?」

Miti hesitates and then mutters timidly.

「A- Ae-Aegir……-san…………」

「What is it, Miti?」

「Uwaaaaah!! This is impossible! I can’t explain it, but it’s just impossible!!」

Miti buries her face in the bed cover, exposing her cute little ass and genitals.

「If it’s hard to say, then I guess it’s fine to do as you’ve always done. First I’ll make your body my wife.」

I pounce on the futon in front of me…… in other words, I push up against Miti whose ass is pointed at me.
Careful not to lean my entire weight on her, I get on top and rest my dick on her ass.

「I’ve always said it, but I’m saying it again. It’s way too big, it’s already like a thick log when it’s still soft.」

「Fufufu, it’ll continue to get bigger and bigger.」

I rock my hips back and forth, rubbing against Miti’s ass, and my dick gradually gets bigger in size.
With our bodies stuck together and my growing cock, Miti’s body starts to heat up.

「It’s big…… it’s really big……I remember now. This huge cock forcefully violated me and robbed me of my virginity.」

「I was drunk back then. Sorry…… I’ve just been constantly apologizing to you, Miti.」

「That’s certainly the case. When I become your wife, I’m going to act selfishly and make up for all of it.」

Miti smiles, I know she’s kind-hearted by nature so she’s really just joking when she says she’ll act selfishly.
It’s about time we made love now.

「Ah, let me do it first.」

Miti stops me from pinning her face up and brings her head in between my legs.
I was going to be the one to spoil her tonight, but if she wants to do it, I’ll gladly accept her offer.

「Here I go. Nnmo……」

She gets on all fours and grabs my dick with both hands, sucking on the tip almost as if she’s cleaning it up.
I’ll leave her to it, make love to it.


Once she roughly got the entire tip wet, Miti lowers herself to my balls and slowly works her way up again.
It seemed like she was just licking at first, but she flicks her tongue carefully around every nook and cranny, giving me this gentle and comforting stimulation.
As the tip expands, she provides further stimulation on my frenulum, focusing on the edge then dragging her tongue along the tip.



She sucks intensely for a brief moment as soon as her mouth reaches the tip, making me let out a groan.
My dick reacts and pulses once.

「Miti, you’ve gotten better. I thought you were going to suck the juices right out of my dick.」

I brush her hair softly while praising her and she smiles happily.
The way she uses her tongue is similar to Melissa, however the way she sucks and bites lightly is similar to Rita.
She may have learned from both of them.

Miti repeats her actions several more times, eventually swallowing me deeper when she notices me starting to tense up.
She must be trying to get me to ejaculate in her mouth.

「Hey now, I want my first shot of thick semen to go in here.」

I push Miti over and hold her down face up.

「You’re right. After becoming a wife……」

「Yeah, let’s make lots of babies.」

I rain kisses on her lips then to her neck, then work my way from her shoulder to her breasts, all the while Miti writhes with an embarrassed yet somewhat happy look on her face.

She’s already 18, an age where her body should be fully developed as a woman, but rather than being delicate and beautiful, it’s more appropriate to call her body cute or adorable.

Proceeding to caress her crotch as well, I grab her thighs and pull them apart.

「Aaah! T-this is embarrassing!」

When her legs get spread, Miti covers her face with her hands and shakes her head repeatedly.
If you do that, it makes me not want to do it anymore.

「This is to repay you for earlier. I’ll lick you all over from your vagina to your ass, so prepare yourself.」

「Hieeh…… it’s dirty…… aaah! Nnkyaah!」

I enjoy Miti’s pleasing screams as I suck on her pussy and ass.
Of course I don’t forget to rub her thighs and knead her clitoris.
The fellatio she performed on me earlier was wonderful, so I have to return the favor and get her just as turned on.

「Haa…… haa……」

I made Miti cum about three times with my tongue and now she’s laying down, feeling a little exhausted.
It goes without saying her crotch is soaking wet.
Now I should be able to put my overly huge dick inside rather easily.

「Do you have a preferred position?」

「If I can see your face…… then anything is fine……」

「Sure, then how about this?」

I bring my body up half way and stand on my knees, then hold Miti’s waist up.
Her lightweight body was easily picked up and after adjusting the position of her hole to match with my dick, I let go of her body so my shaft slowly slides into her.

「Aaggh! Guuuuuh!!」

The thorough pleasuring of her vagina should have loosened her up, but it actually must have gotten me aroused and just as hard and big as usual.
Her hole stretches and she lets out a strained cry.

「Bear with it a little, the thickest part is going in.」

「Guuh…… k-kiss…… kiss me!」

Granting her wish, I kiss her passionately while her body continues to slide down, until her hole finally envelopes my thick tip and lets me feel the rubbing from the grooves of her inner walls as well as the sensation of reaching her deepest parts.

「Nnh…… it’s inside you.」

Miti wraps her arms around me.
Every part of this cute young girl belongs to me now.
When I think about it like that, my dick swells up even more.

「S-so tight…… and thicccck……」

「It’ll be fine, I might cum soon because of your blowjob. I can already…… feel the semen welling up in my balls. It won’t be long until it explodes out.」

I pump my hips in the seated position while grabbing Miti’s breasts and sucking her neck.
I hate to admit it, but my pre-cum is gradually overflowing into her insides.
I’m pretty sure my thick seed will be released not too long from now.

「Ah, ah, aaaaaah—!!」

Unable to hold it any longer, I thrust with more vigor than before.
However I can’t cum before my new wife.
It might just be pride, but I should let Miti climax first.

「Miti, lick my finger.」

I extend my index finger in front of Miti’s face.

「Like this?」

She imagines the finger as my cock and thoroughly swirls her tongue around it, getting the digit wet with her saliva.
That’s good.

I redirect the finger behind her…… and put it up against her asshole.

「Don’t tell me!!」

She realized a little too late.
The lubricated finger pushes into her asshole which was loosened from the pleasure she’s currently feeling.

「Hiiiiiiiiiiih–!! My asss.」

Her reflexive scream was not an indication of pleasure, but because I’m pushing into her ass while my dick is still inside her vagina, it allows me to rub her weak point better.
Before her scream could end, her body already starts to contract from reaching a true climax.

「C-cumming! I’m cumming! Master as well…… cum with me too!」

「Yeah, I’ll cum together with you. But before that……」

I bring Miti’s head close and whisper as gently as possible.

「Miti will be mine tomorrow. And right now, your womb and the eggs in there already belong to me. Close your eyes and imagine it, picture my seed flowing into your womb.」

「Your seed…… my eggs…… getting pregnant…… a baby……」

My words remind Miti about a bunch of different things as she remains on the verge of orgasm and then she trembles once before hugging me tightly.
Following that, she lets out a sharp yet short scream.

「You came, didn’t you.」

She can’t respond anymore.
Miti’s looking silently at an empty space, panting long and hard, saliva dripping from her mouth.
But the death-grip from her pussy and ass tell me the truth of her climax.

「I will too…… hmmp!」

I pull back until I’m almost entirely out of her hole before slamming it all the way back in.
At the same time, my cock twitches and the hot, thick semen gushes into Miti’s tight canals.


My ejaculation acted as Miti’s final trigger that made Miti completely lose strength and collapse.
But I don’t stop cumming.

I had yet to ejaculate today before this moment and Miti also provided such dedicated foreplay.
In my experience, those factors will add up to extend my ejaculation for roughly five minutes.
Miti’s hole is narrow and tight, with no gaps in between her walls and my rod.
My seed will definitely pool in her baby room and inflate her stomach to make her look pregnant.

「We’ll sleep like this today to let the seed enter your womb by tomorrow. And then you’ll get pregnant.」

「Yes…… Master…… I will bear your child. Master’s children……」

We change positions to cowgirl, but because Miti doesn’t have the strength to remain upright, she lays on top of me.
Miti must have fallen asleep or became unconscious while listening to the sound of my semen shooting out from my dick and into her vagina. After my ejaculation ended, I also fall asleep with the sensation of her pregnant-like stomach on me.

The Next Morning, Early in the Morning

「A letter from Clara has arrived.」

Leopolt and the others gather with me in the office to read her letter, and while I normally would read it alone in my room while laying around, I can’t do so because of recent circumstances.
To us, this letter is one of the only sources of information from the Federation.

Currently at this moment, Sebastian is the one making preparations, even though I should be preparing to announce to all the citizens of my intentions to make Miti, Maria, and Catherine my concubines.
But then this urgent letter came from the Malordol household in the morning.

Celia looks on nervously, Leopolt has a sharp look different from his usual uncaring expression, Adolph brings stacks of documents so he’s ready to analyze whatever news he hears, and Tristan is nodding off.
I don’t mind, so go ahead and kick him Celia.

The words pop out as soon as the letter was opened, and despite it being another person’s problem, a voice filled with mixed feelings leaks out.

「……what does it say?」

I hand Celia the letter.
She gives it a glance and ends up with a similarly complicated look on her face, answering the silent pressure from Leopolt and Adolph.

「The Olga Federation has united with their vassals’ armies, formed an army of close to 1 million soldiers and sortied to the western plains. There, they clashed with the army of the Garland Empire.」

Celia takes in a deep breath .

「The Federation was defeated in the engagement at the western plains. They completely retreated from the western plains and are trying to reorganize their army within their own territory. ……The Olga Federation has lost.」

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 162,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,0002. Lintbloom: 4000.

Family: Nonna (the beautiful Nonna), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (lover), Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Pipi (lover), Alice (magical girl)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Melissa (lover, leaving for the capital), Alma (leaving for the capital)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina, Amata, Anastasia (daughters); Antonio, Claude, Gilbard, Reiner, Bartolome (sons); Rose (foster daughter)

Subordinates: Celia (jealous adjutant), Gido (escort unit), Kroll (impotent), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby
Myla (security officer), Polte (student director), Gretel (dog)
Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Tristan (strategist?)
Claire & Laurie (compiling a plan), Schwartz (lewd horse), Lilian (actress)
Mother – Marceline; Daughters – Stephanie, Bridget, Felicie (taken into custody)

Army: 5300 men
Infantry: 3000, Cavalry: 900, Archers: 900, Bow Cavalry: 500
Cannons: 19
Reserve: 3000
Security Unit: 100

Assets: 10 000 gold

Sexual Partners: 209, children who have been born: 46


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