Chapter 204.5: National Strength Comparison – Federation & Empire


Translator: Nat

Olga Federation
Population: 20 million
Ruler: Jutland II
Capital City: Jutlandgrad: Population 600,000 – 800,000 (2nd class citizens details unknown)
System: Feudal
Military Strength: Current – 800,000 / Max Mobilization – 2.7 million (0.3 million already lost)
Area of Dominion: All Areas North of the Great Mountain Range

With a 500-year history, this continent is the oldest and largest nation.
Since the north and central regions will get intensely cold in the winter season, the citizens of the main cities, including those of the capital, will congregate in the southwest region.
A strong and conservative class system is maintained and a stable society is formed.
They dived straight into preparing for war and gathered soldiers from all over the land, especially ordering all the armies in the western area to mobilize.

Garland Empire
Population: 40 million
Ruler: Garland The Great
Capital City: Garland: Population 1 million
System: Absolute Monarchy
Military Strength: Current – 2.6 million / Max Mobilization – 3.2 million (0.3 million already lost, not including slave soldiers)
Area of Dominion: All Areas South of the Great Mountain Range

The Empire is a rising nation which has been swallowing up the countries to the south one after the other in recent years to expand their territory.
Although the nobility system remains, the authority of the emperor is so strong it is virtually a dictatorship.
Since it is warm throughout the land, there is an abundance of people and farmable land.

General mobilization is occurring throughout the land and conscription is forced, securing an army of military slaves from the subjects regardless of gender.
All national power is being invested into the war, with a particular emphasis on strengthening the navy.


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