Chapter 205: Harvested Women


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Are you listening? As nobles of Goldonia, we fight as the Kingdom’s sword during wartimes, and in that regard, you are impeccable. It can be said you are the strongest sword…… however, the nation will not always be involved in wars. After the capturing of those from Magrado, there will probably be continued peace for a while, and during that time we should aim to be model citizens for the people of the Kingdom……」

「Haa…… sure……」

Erich and I are chatting in the reception room, or rather, he’s one-sidedly lecturing me while I give half-hearted responses.

「Hey, you’re the one who got all those female students pregnant.」 「I’m sorry, I will take responsibility.」

I wanted the conversation to end in such a fashion, but Erich continues to drag on lengthily after yelling at me.
Alcohol was provided in hopes that he would feel a little better and his anger would be quelled, but it might have made him work harder instead.
He’s unnecessarily babbling on and on.

「You had your fun gobbling up teen girls, so why do I have to clean up for you?」

Now, he’s just complaining.

「Regarding the second daughter of Count Baeumler……」

When I tilt my head in confusion, Erich becomes even more upset.

「Miss Heike…… the tall blonde girl.」

「Aah, that girl. I was curious whether she had thin pubic hair or not……」

「As if I would know something like that! The Baron’s household has been involved with the capital’s security for many generations. That Kenneth is trying to win him over but because of his military relationship, I was able to keep him on my side. He was saying how the Baron’s daughter was pregnant with an illegitimate child and it was going to become a scandal……」

「She was cute a girl. She was serious and had talent.」

Additionally, Heike was a girl filled with curiosity.
She was saying that her family was prestigious and her parents were strict, so I was going to pull out at the very last moment at first, however my dick caught her interest and she wrapped her legs around me and screamed at me to cum inside.

After she said that much, I couldn’t refuse her offer as a man.
Not to mention, her legs didn’t relax even after I ejaculated so I ended up filling her stomach to the brim.
It isn’t strange for her to get pregnant considering the amount I came inside, plus her healthy body and young age.

「……next time you come to the capital, I will have to arrange a meeting for you to introduce yourself to the parents of the other girls.」

I will do as much I can to take care of the pregnant girls, but I have no interest in meeting their parents.
If I say that, he might continue talking though, so I’ll keep it to myself.
It’s probably a good idea to change the topic now.

「However, it looks like you’ve been quite busy lately. I hear you haven’t been able to return to your territory either.」

「……it may be peaceful now, but the army reinforcement is still ongoing. I have a mountain of work to do, plus that Kenneth is interfering as well. On top of that, some horny guy is sowing his seed everywhere and I have to clean up after him.」

Well, I’m quite sorry about that.
I heard from the casual chats with Rebecca that Erich and Kenneth are still fighting to maintain their influence over their half of the capital.

Opposing Erich’s faction centered around the new nobles in the military is Kenneth’s faction centered around the traditional nobles in the bureaucratic system.
Both sides supervise their respective political groups and nobles are straining daily to decide which side to join based on personal benefit.

「I’ll say it because I’m talking to you, but Kenneth has been getting the better of me recently. Not too long ago, he was also able to win over one of the nobles who originated from the Wings of Dawn. He told me he would rather be the captain of the royal guard than a military commander.」

「Oh my……」

He would command more personnel and have a greater selection of equipment as an army commander, but it was a different issue when it came to income.
If he became a captain of the royal guard, he would receive a nice salary, plus get more opportunities to connect with other nobles.

「As long as the northern part of the plains are controlled, there won’t be any fights for a while. With the absence of war, the strength of the army will slowly decline…… no, I guess this is an excuse. I said that to Kenneth because I’m not proficient at bargaining after all. We’re still in a tight struggle.」

Erich gulps down the rest of the alcohol in his glass.
He drank it like he did during his mercenary days rather than he would at the seat of some high society setting.

「I’m sure he’s probably interfering with you too, no?」

「Yeah, there are various things. He sent Nonna…… my wife some expensive perfume as well.」

He also said something about sending a golden shield to me to celebrate my birthday.
But unfortunately, I don’t remember what day I was born, let alone a couple years back.
Besides, that golden shield would probably fit well with the golden armor sleeping deep in my storehouse, which is why I decisively refused.

Erich chuckles.

「Looks like you had the last word. I don’t think I need to worry about him winning you over.」

Erich seems to be in a better mood, stands up with the alcohol in one hand and looks around the room.

「You heard about what happened with the Federation, right?」

「Yeah, the Empire invaded and the war was started.」

I was just about to mention how they lost in the western plains, but stopped myself.
It would expose how fast our information network is so Leopolt told me not to say anything.
If I had another drink, I might have spilled the beans, that was close.

「Yes. It’s happening on the other side of the continent…… it’s a war between superpowers and not something we can interfere with, so it really doesn’t directly relate to us.」

I heard both sides have millions of troops.
Goldonia can squeeze 50 or 60 thousand troops as reinforcements, but even that won’t be of any use.

「However, if there is a huge conflagration, the heat would spread to distant places too, the conflict in the capital would also experience some change.」

According to the red-faced Erich’s story, Kenneth and him mainly prioritized competing for those in the capital or those who have territory or demesne nearby.
It did not mean there were only high ranking nobles in the capital.

Grand nobles reigned solemnly in the remote regions as great feudal lords, but they focus more on their own domains or the nearby regions rather than the power struggle in the capital, making it quite hard to win them over to any faction.
Furthermore, the court nobles are just idiots with standing and have a strong tendency to make fools of themselves.

On the other hand, although the number of people they rule over and their personal armies are large, they do not hold much influence in the capital.
In the first place, the grand nobles only show up in the capital once every new year to do their greetings, so it was impossible for them to start up a faction.

Until now, the nobles in the capital do not have an overly close relationship with the feudal lords of the region, but the war happening on the other side of the continent is gradually changing all of that.

「The trade goods from the Federation have visibly decreased. It feels like everything in the vicinity have stagnated…… plus I also hear the harvest in our nation is not good. If there is a shortage of supplies, then those who have stocks are powerful.」

「So that’s why you’re trying to add the local feudal lords to your own camp?」

「That’s right. Since the salaries of nobles are basically already decided, they will experience a decrease in funds if the price of goods rises. If trade is not doing well, then the business tax in the capital will also decrease…… and it’ll be tough for the nobles in the capital. If the local feudal lords can be moved to spare some of their supplies, I’m sure many people will fall at their feet.」

「Money makes the world go around.」

「That’s how nobles are. Even in banquets and balls, you would not be able to make friends or have romantic relationships without involving money.」

What a nasty world.
The relationship between a man and a woman should really only involve connecting a rod and a hole.

「Then wouldn’t that give you the advantage?」

Erich himself doesn’t look at it too much, but he has a considerably large territory.
On the contrary, Kenneth is entirely a court noble and shouldn’t possess any land.

「You’re right, trying to somehow recover, I tried calling out to the large and small feudal lords to the southeastern part of the neighborhood.」

Being invited by Erich, a Marquess and one of the nation’s authorities, the feudal lords should have jumped at the opportunity and accepted.
Those who possess territory close to him especially shouldn’t show any signs of hostility.

「I wanted to at least try and win over the entire southeastern region…… but the response was not favorable.」

「Well that’s…… surprising.」

Erich narrows his eyes and glances at me.

「At first, I thought Kenneth beat me to the punch and already talked to all of them, but that wasn’t the case. The feudal lords seemed to be buying time. It was as if they were waiting for something.」


I’ll feel troubled if you say that while staring at me.
Erich sighs when he sees the strange look on my face.

「They’re waiting for you, Lord Hardlett, and how you’re going to act.」

「Why me?」

「Put yourself in their position and think, you are the greatest feudal lord in the area and haven’t clearly indicated your intentions yet. Consider if someone went ahead and joined my faction and then you decide to join Kenneth’s faction right after. Everyone around you would follow suit, isolating that one person and surrounding him with enemies…… it seriously isn’t a comical development at all.」

「Aah, I guess that sort of thing could happen.」

That reminds me of the time when I attended a ball, the other nobles were bringing up Kenneth’s and Erich’s names quite frequently.
I do remember everyone being quite troubled when I was telling them stories about fighting together with Erich while drinking the wine Kenneth brought.

「To be honest, the feudal lords don’t have much interest in the conflict between Kenneth and I. It is simply a matter of territory and their own standing. The southeastern feudal lords will surge like an avalanche to the side you choose.」

I don’t really care, so go ahead and choose whichever side you want.

「Everyone probably realizes you are closer to me than to Kenneth. But unless they are certain of which household you are going to decide on, they won’t make a move…… by the way, I’m sure you know who has to go around to the parents of the girls you impregnated and explain what happened.」


「Laughing doesn’t help things! ……normally, those who get pregnant during the academic term and withdraw from school will not be able to hold a position in the public office, but they can’t do anything about being impregnated by a sex beast. Those who have a recommendation letter from you have been allowed to return to school. You know very well what this means, right!?」

It looks like I owe Erich.
After he said what he wanted to, Erich’s expression relaxes and he looks out the window at the city of Rafen.

「I thought you had a more remote territory than I did…… yet this is quite the development.」

He points at the still-in-construction aqueduct and asks what that is.
That extends under the city walls and stretches near the mansion.
It still requires some more detailed construction but it’s nearly complete.

「That thing draws water from the nearby lake.」

「Draws water? You don’t draw from wells or rivers, but use that thing made of stone……?」

Erich looks on with curiosity, and it’s the perfect timing to be interested in Rafen.

「Call Adolph here.」

He would know which places can be shown and which places can’t.
I’ll let him be the guide.
While I will enjoy my three new wives.

「I’ll provide you with a guide, so please feel free to look around the city until dinner.」

Erich, who also possesses territory of his own, seems to want to inspect the developed Rafen.
I’ll let Adolph handle the rest…….

There was a modest knock before the door opens and a maid apologetically enters the room.
I thought I told them not to enter this room unless it was an emergency though.

「Master, Kurun-san in the annex is-……」

「Is she going into labor? Is she waiting for me?」

She’s the former maid that I laid my hands on and got pregnant.
I promised to name her child.
Because this is her first child, I should probably at least hold her hand.

「Well, if you will excuse me. Adolph will guide Lord Radhald around the city.」

With that said, I leave the room.

「……he lays his hands indiscriminately on servants too?」
「It is at least consensual……」

I hear Adolph and Erich sigh.
What’s wrong with what I did, if the girl wants me to embrace them and bear my child, what’s wrong with that?

Incidentally, Kurun felt relieved after I held her hand and it didn’t take more than ten minutes for her to safely give birth.

After attending Kurun’s birth, I invite the newlywed Maria, Miti and Catherine to my bedroom.
This is all for nurturing the love between the three concubines of course.
Fortunately, Maria and Miri are already close while Catherine and Maria frequently spend intimate time together with Melissa.
The three of them shouldn’t have any qualms if I embrace all of them at once.

「You were spending time with another woman during her childbirth until now…… and now you’ll be getting us pregnant next.」

「Yeah, by the way…… would you like it if I held each of you separately?」

The girls look at each other.

「Well last night I was embraced so passionately……」
「I also always do it with Melissa so I actually can’t calm down when I’m alone.」
「……if it will feel good, then I’m fine with anything.」

It looks like each of them like something different.

「Ah, I made this.」

Maria places a basket by the bedside.
Taking a look inside, I find it packed with sandwiches.

「After we do it lots, you’ll get hungry, right? So eat that…… and then show us more love.」

Maria’s cooking is certainly not the most extravagant, but it really suits my tastes.

「You sure? If I don’t get hungry, then we won’t stop having sex. You girls…… probably won’t be able to stand.」

The three wives jump into my chest and bury their faces without saying anything.
Alright, prepare yourselves.

「Then let’s get started right away.」

I quickly take off all my clothes and reveal my naked body, prompting the girls to let out a small scream.

「Hey now, it’s something you’re all familiar with, no?」

How many times have I showed my body to these three already, Maria and Catherine have already given birth to my children too.

「That’s true, I just can’t help but think how big it really is when I see it again.」
「We didn’t do anything yet and there’s juices dripping from it already. So you want us that much?」
「Haa…… haa…… cock…… smells…… so manly……」

Miti puts her hand softly on her face while Maria blushes.
Catherine…… well, she her lewd talent has completely bloomed after being fucked by me continuously.

「We can save the rough stuff for later. First, I’ll make love to each of you individually.」

I look around at all three of them, then take Maria’s hand and drag her to the bed.
I urge her to open up her body and she obediently spreads her legs apart, though her hands remain unmoved from her breasts.

「Hey now, don’t hid the important parts. I’ll be licking and sucking those places lots after all.」

I move in between her legs, grab her hands and then slowly raise them above her head.
Maria groans slightly and reluctantly allows her hands to be moved.

「……it’s not like I have much to hide anyways.」

She timidly pouts.
It’s true Maria’s bosom might not be large enough to be called breasts.
I would probably mistake her front for her back if it was somewhat dark.

「Don’t worry about it, your boobs may be small, but you make up for it with your nipples.」


Catherine bursts out in laughter and Maria cowers even further.

「That doesn’t make me happier at all! Aegir-san, how insensitive!」

While her hands powerlessly pound my head, I move in and give her large nipples a kiss.
I stuck them tenderly like a baby, then use my tongue to draw circles around them.

「Aau…… Haahn……」

The hands hitting my hand grow weak and eventually clutch my head.
The nipple contained by my mouth is steadily getting harder and bigger.

Maria has small breasts but her large nipples are quite sensitive.
In the past, there was one time where I was sucking on them continuously in my sleep after we had sex, and she ended up squirting.

「Aau…… feels so good, do it a little harder……」

「Like…… this!?」

After seeing her close her eyes and hearing the soft nasal moan, I lightly put my teeth to her erect nipple.
All of a sudden, she shrieks and her body tenses up.

「Auuaa! Aaah–!!」

That was violent enough that it wouldn’t be strange if she complained, but it doesn’t look like she could afford to do so.
I already held back when I bit her, yet she’s still grasping the bedsheets and screaming non-stop.

「You came from your nipple again? Alright…… then this one too.」

I put the other nipple in my mouth and gently put my teeth against it.
Her legs kick around in the air and she moans even more.

「Haau…… s-so horrible of you…… I told you not to bite too.」

I can’t just stop because you told me, since this makes you cum.

「Well, I’m putting it in now.」

I grab Maria’s legs and mount her.
I don’t need to caress her precious hole since she should already be overflowing based on all that screaming earlier.

「Maria, you’re my wife now!」

After declaring in a loud voice, I penetrate her deeply.

「Aegir-san! You are my husband!!」

Sure enough, her nether regions were slathered with her love juices.
Maria’s arms and legs wrapped around me as soon as I plunged into her.

「I’m going to swing my hips, Maria. I won’t stop until you lose consciousness.」
「Right! Make me cum countless times, and let me make Aegir-san cum too. And then give me as much seed as you want!」

It’s hard to move if we’re clinging so tightly to each other, but I gyrate my hips to stir up her insides and she lets out sweet, erotic moans.
Those sexy moans make my dick harder and harder.
The movement of our hips get more intense as well.

「Maria! Even though you’ve already give birth, your hole still feels so tight! It feels so good!!」

「Aegir-san is just too big! It’s pressing against my stomach! I can practically feel it coming out of my mouth!!」

Our sex has already reached the climax and it’s about time I implant my seed in her.

「I’m cumming……get pregnant with another child!」

「I’m getting creampied! I’m getting impregnated by my beloved!」

With both arms and legs tangled around my body, I lift her hips up and slam my dick against her from above.
The bed creaks unnaturally and even Miti looks worried whether it would break or not.
After repeating my movements several more times, I feel a pleasure rise from the base of my cock to the tip.

I ram my hips against Maria for one final thrust before holding my position.

「Maria, I love you.」
「I love you too. I will stay with you for the rest of my life.」

We whisper words of love to each other, then exchange a kiss before my seed rushes into Maria’s womb.

「That was wonderful, Maria.」

I kiss the neck and back of the girl who’s laying happily on the bed.
It’s still too early for pillow talk though.

「Come here, Catherine.」

「Yes, please treat me lovingly.」

Catherine first crawls to me as I’m laying face-up and swallows my cock deep into her throat.
At the same time, she slips a finger into her own pussy and stirs it up noisily.
Normally, the obedient and dignified beauty would get aroused by sucking on me while masturbating.
Everytime she does this, it gives her the premonition of sex and apparently her sensitivity to pleasure will increase.

「But it looks like you got a little frightened from Erich, huh.」

Catherine is not in a position where she can boldly show her face.
She instinctively hid herself.

「Puha! Yes……I did hide, but that person doesn’t recognize me, right?」

That reminds me.
Erich should know Catherine’s name, but not her face.

「Would he actually suspect a woman I bring along with me?」

「Not possible.」
「You have too many.」
「That makes you suspicious in the city though.」

That aside, I proceed with making love to Catherine.

「Is it alright if I get on top? I want your seed after making you feel good.」

Fumu, if that’s what she wants then she’s welcome to do whatever she wants.

「Here…… I think, a little bit more…… aaaaaaaaah!!!」

Catherine gets on top of me in a half-bent posture and then aligns her hole with my cock before dropping her hips.
Catherine seems smaller than Maria, but because of her experience or the rougher sex she has, her vagina stretches more.
Even so, it seems she’s still struggling with the cowgirl position.

「Aauuu…… ooooooh……」

My cock bulges and pulses as it fills her womb, though that doesn’t stop the woman from swallowing me in.
With the momentum from her weight, I’m deeply inserted into her depths.

「I-it’s in……」

「Thanks, you did well. I’ll do the thrusting so you can just lie down.」

Catherine topples forward and then my hands stretch out to hug her while thrusting.
However, she refuses and starts moving her own hips up and down like she’s literally riding me.

「Hiigggh! Aaaah–! S-so thick and long!」

Catherine screams as she shakes her hips, moving forward and backward while her up and down movements get more intense. I can feel my dick hit the deepest parts of her body as she moves.
Her screams make it sound like she’s getting raped, but she doesn’t stop moving.

When I clasp her hands with my own to at least provide support to her body, she smiles happily.

「How is it!? Does it feel good!?」

The newlywed wife desperately puts words together as she bounces up and down, though she isn’t simply moving her hips, she’s also clenching down on my tip whenever she pulls out to stimulate me further.
I’m just laying here, enjoying her jiggling breasts while savoring the pleasure she’s giving me.

「This is great, but don’t push yourself too much.」

「I’m fine. My body is quite durable.」

I know that.
Catherine’s body is by no means agile or strong.
However for some reason, she’s extremely sturdy when it comes to sex. There were many times when Irijina, Carla and the others would already be lying unconscious on the bed but she would continue lusting after me by herself.

「You know, I might actually have been born for the sake of swallowing men……」

「Don’t say something so scary. You’re a little lewd, but you’re my cute wife.」

Catherine’s hips have already spread apart vulgarly as she maintains the pumping of her hips.
I pull her hand towards me, making her off-balance and causing her to fall down, all so I could kiss her.

「My cute Catherine, I will not let you go, no matter if you’re lewd or whatever.」

「I’m an indecent woman and will probably hunger crazily for men if you leave me alone. So please love me a lot.」

Catherine raises her body up again and resumes the rocking her hips.
I was about to grab her hands again, but this time she puts her hands against my chest.

「I’m already…… near my limit. I’ll let you give me the final thrust.」

I immediately thrust into her fiercely, bumping against her hips hard enough to make the entire bedroom echo with naughty flesh-slapping sounds.
The lewd wife moans and eventually reaches her limit.

「Haau! G-give it to me!!」

I give Catherine one more thrust before fixing my hips, where I can feel the entirety of her vagina convulsing.
I could leave her like this and she’ll finish climaxing in a few seconds, but it’s a man’s job to guide her to even greater heights.

「Aah, like…… this! Hmph!」

I grab Catherine’s waist and push my hips up.
Of course, her hole has already swallowed as much as it could of my length and I shouldn’t push any further.
Although, there is a place inside a woman where babies are made, a place located further than the very end of her hole.

I can feel my dick get sucked in deeper as if signaling my total conquest of this woman.
As the tip of my cock digs into the woman’s womb, I feel a tremendous pressure around my shaft from the spasming of her hole.

「Ah…… aagh…… nnnnooooooooooh!!」

Accompanied by a beast-like scream, Catherine arrives at her most pleasurable orgasm yet.
Her back bends backwards, almost making it seem like her spine broke, and her nipples are comically erect.
And lastly, the incredible jet of liquid, which even squirts all the way to my face, doesn’t stop.

After providing her with a pleasure which sent her reason flying, my body also reached its limit and my cock suddenly starts spraying its seed.

「My womb…… my womb is…… aagghh……」

The tip which entered her baby room has lodged itself in there and won’t come out.
My semen pours in endlessly, inflating Catherine’s stomach.

「My wife, my Catherine, get pregnant! Give birth to another child of mine!」

I inject another helping of sperm into her while yelling.
After finally completing its role, my dick softens and satisfyingly slips out from the woman’s subjugated body.

Even after that intense mating session, the lewd Catherine has not lost her consciousness.
In fact, she’s pointing her ass at me, awaiting the next round.

「Hahaha, Miti is next. I’ll embrace you afterwards, Catherine.」

「B-but it’s already gotten limp……」

I take the hand of the worried Miti and guide it towards my dick, getting her to stroke it lightly two or three times.
In an instant, my cock pulses and engorges itself with blood, returning to its earlier size and rigidity.

「I can’t leave a woman without satisfying her now, can I? Miti…… I’ll be making love to you.」

「Ahhn! Ah……aaaaaaaaaah–!! Ahiiiiiiiih–!!」

This is just the first night with my three newlywed wives.
I have to give them enough affection until they faint.
And so our passionate time together continues.

「Maria’s sandwiches are really tasty. It reminds me of old times.」

I sit on the bed and stuff my mouth with one of the sandwiches.
I felt really famished from all that exercise and it tasted better than usual.

「That…… really pleases me.」

A feeble voice arises from Maria who lay behind me while Miti whimpers beside her, both of them feeling so exhausted that neither of them were able to move a finger.

「Nbunbunbh, nngh, nnguh!」

And the one who is in between my legs and bobbing her head up and down on my cock is Catherine.
She still seems willing to continue but her body has already reached its limit.
Her hole is swollen from being used too much and it might break if it’s used any more, which is why she’s only using her mouth right now.

「Everyone, come.」

I hold Catherine and roll her onto the bed, then bring Maria and Miti close too.

「All of you are my wives, let’s kiss.」

I tangle my tongue with each of them one by one in a rich, passionate kiss. At first it was just a kiss that would seal our vows and went hand in hand with our whispers of love, but it was mainly Catherine who made the kisses more obscene and lewd, which heightened the sexual desire of the other girls and inevitably, it led to all of us participating in a ridiculous kiss where all four of us were twirling our tongues together.

「Hey you…… were you doing it all this time?」

I answer Erich’s disgusted voice with a bitter smile.

「Normally, I should have introduced my three new wives at the place we have our evening meal…… but they couldn’t really remain standing and they’re still kind of unconscious.」

「Whatever…… I don’t have anything else to say.」

Alright, now I don’t have to introduce Catherine.
Although Erich is a trustworthy man, I can’t let him in on this secret.

Erich mingles with Nonna and talks to her about various things.
Things like being envious about my territory’s bountiful harvest, the repeated firing of his corrupt governors but being unable to find a replacement, and how the domestic affairs bureaucrats are planning to increase tax on the local feudal lords.

And then Erich started writing something on a piece of paper.

「What is this?」

「The medal of honor for suppressing the Orthodox Magrado will be given out soon. However, he is being treated as a rebel as I’m sure you are aware.」

「Oh yeah, the Commissioner of domestic affairs will be officially sending it to me soon or something?」

「Where did you hear that from……?」

Crap, this was something Rebecca told me.
I’m sure it’ll be troublesome if the fact Rebecca secretly visited me in my territory was exposed.

「I won’t investigate that right now. But you’re right, normally this is that Kenneth’s responsibility. Originally, a proxy will come in the name of the King to present you the reward, but it’s been delayed for quite a bit.」

「Perhaps it’s because the National Treasury is not doing well?」

Erich chuckles.

「Goldonia has not fallen that far yet. It’s not that, since it is unnatural for Kenneth, who would normally try to win you over by excessively awarding you with medals of honor, to delay things like this. In other words, it may be possible he himself has adjusted the schedule.」

“He’s probably like me and too busy right now” – Erich later mumbles unhappily.

「Does that mean there is a possibility for the Commissioner himself to show up?」

「Enough about Kenneth, enough! I told you how important it was to win over the local feudal lords, right? He should not have realized yet that bringing you down would drag the entire southeastern side to his faction. He must be trying to use the opportunity from presenting the medals of honor to disrupt the balance or something.」


「And that’s why I have this!」

Erich thrusts something that looks like an improvised thank you letter in front of me.
Written on it is are words of praise, commending me for subjugating the rebels in place of the Royal army.

「I’m not able to get the King to reward you or send you a thank you letter, but this is a letter from me as someone who has been entrusted with the military. Place it somewhere that Kenneth can see when he comes for a visit.」

I guess he wants to tell Kenneth that he was here first.
It’s almost as if he was a naughty brat who wants to claim stake on his territory by leaving an acorn behind.

「I know this is ridiculous too. But the conflict in the capital is this kind of fight.」

「Seems like trouble.」

Despite being capable with interacting in all these political environments, Erich’s roots still lie in the military.
He must be mentally tired after doing this every day.

「Ahh…… I actually feel calm in some ways with you here.」

Erich will be staying here just for tonight and will return immediately the following day.
After all, it takes a carriage three days to travel one way from the capital to Rafen.
Erich doesn’t have the luxury of leaving the capital for too long.

I cause a lot of hassle for Erich on a daily basis.
So why not let him have some fun while he’s here.

「So, would you like to flirt with some neighborhood girls tonight?」


Nonna abruptly turns her head the other way and pretends she didn’t hear anything.
Erich gives a rather vague answer to throw up a smokescreen, but later whispers to me secretly after dinner.

「You never know where people may be watching you in the capital so I couldn’t fool around…… that’s why, please arrange for four or five girls, I don’t mind if they’re prostitutes.」

「Leave it to me.」

Erich gives off an upright and clean-handed impression.
If people found out he likes having orgies with multiple women at night, there would a slew of different problems popping up left and right.
Regardless, as expected of a Marquess to ask for five.

I guess I’ll be relying on my high-class prostitute acquaintances.
That reminds me, there are some newcomer actresses trained by Lilian who want to go to the capital.
They’d do anything to rise up in the world, even sleeping their way up, so I’ll at least ask them if they’re interested.

The face of Madam Gonzales from the Chrysanthemum-opening Garden briefly appears in my mind, but I shake my head to clear the thought.
If I send that guy to Erich’s bedroom, I’m sure I’ll be treated as some rebel and subdued.
I’ll try to keep him from losing his mind.

The next day, the girls who went to Erich’s room came and gave me a report with me even asking them.

「He has the skill, though it’s the slight rough manner he does it in that I can’t get enough of~ I’ll give him maybe 70 points.」
「He has some pretty good hip movements. I’m satisfied with how good it felt…… but his size was just average. I would have gone crazy if he was just a little bit bigger~ 80 points.」
「You’re kidding me, right!? He made me cum like four times! 100 points.」

Should I be classifying this as important information?

Lately, I’ve been feeling someone’s gaze on me.

「What’s the matter?」

「Hm…… it’s nothing.」

After a long stretch, I gently stroke Mel’s head as she leans against my shoulder.
She closes her eyes to indicate how comfortable she feels.
And then, I felt someone watching me again.


I quickly turn around and see Marceline peeking from the gap in the door.

「What is it, do you have something you need me for?」

「N-no…… it’s nothing.」

She leaves in a hurry.
I wonder what’s going on with her.
Now that I think about it, I can feel the gazes more when I’m talking with Mel or any of the older maids.

「……maybe a fire has been lit under the lust of the mature lady?」

Mel comments uninterestedly.
Fumu, it might be about time for harvesting.

I pay a visit to the corner of the mansion where Marceline and her daughters live, under the pretense that I recently obtained some delicious wine.

「It tastes pretty good, doesn’t it?」

「Yes…… it’s a flavor I’ve never tasted before.」

Marceline’s face becomes faintly tinted with red.
We’re sitting together on the sofa, but there is one person’s worth of empty space between us.

「By the way, Marceline……」

I close the gap and get close enough to where she can feel my breath.
At first, she would shrink away from me and my advances would stop there, but right now she isn’t moving.

「What is it?」

「It’s something I’ve been bringing up before too, but would you like to venture outside with your daughters once in a while? You probably feel a little cramped from staying in the mansion all this time. It isn’t healthy for you to go outside only to tend to the rose garden.」

The sphere of activity of the girls are limited to inside the mansion and the rose garden out in the courtyard.
I know people may hold plenty of grudges against them, but it should be fine if I accompany them. If possible, I want them to go on a long trip every now and then.

「I’m ashamed to say that we won’t be able to bear those hateful gazes. Therefore…… um……」

Marceline cuts her words short and looks at me.
Umu, it looks like she realized I was rubbing her thigh.

「I’ll have another serving then.」

The woman doesn’t pull her body back in a panic or place her hand over mine to reject me like she first did.
It seems she’s in a rather good mood today.

「If you’d like, we can stay overnight. If we head out to the side of the lake, you’ll definitely brighten up.」

My hand gradually inches further up her leg and makes its way into her skirt.
This is as far as I could go up until now, since normally she would reject most of my advances with her feeble voice or a troubled look.

「This wine is quite delicious. It has such a mellow fragrance.」

「It certainly has a rich smell.」

I feel a pulse in my pants. Even when my hand enters her skirt and my finger traces over her underwear, she doesn’t refuse me with her words or her eyes.
I might be able to go all the way this time.


My finger moves further, wiggling its way under her panties.
The hole which my finger finds is hot and getting wetter.
She looks away when I touch her vaginal lips, probably feeling embarrassed rather than not liking it.

「I want to…… taste the luxurious wine you have too.」

My index finger finally penetrates the gates of her vagina.
Meanwhile, my other hand circles around her neck to tilt her chin, letting me steal her lips for a kiss.


Marceline closes her eyes in acceptance, even opening her mouth quietly when I prod her lips with my tongue.
I wrap my tongue around the frightened tongue hidden within the depths of her mouth and instantly taste the rich, concentrated flavor of a woman.

Without a doubt, she has accepted me at last.
Her vagina is burning up and I can feel a sticky liquid begin to overflow as well.

「Hau…… aauuu! Nnmu!」

I finger her pussy beside her on the sofa while exchanging a passionate kiss.
I separate from her lips for a bit and a seductive moan escapes the lips of the ripened woman in front of me.


The hand on her chin drops to her breasts, grabbing them tightly from above her clothes.
Marceline reacts fearfully for a second, though she later relaxes and lets me do what I want.

I don’t have any more doubts.
Finally, this former Queen Consort, this beautifully mature lady belongs to me.

「Marceline!! So you’ve finally given in!?」

I push her down onto the sofa and flip up the hem of her skirt.
She shows the slightest bit of resistance but her panties are completely wet, telling me her body is ready.

「Aah, don’t be so rough! It’s been a while after all.」

She wants me to be gentle, meaning she’s allowing my member to thrust into her.
I can’t hold it anymore, my erect dick is about to tear my pants.

「Please touch my cock.」

I lower my pants slightly to unleash my manhood and she shrieks her loudest yet.

「W-what is this!? This is your tool? It’s so large…… it’s too incredible……」

Both hands cover her mouth as she stares blankly at my throbbing meat rod. I take her hands and place it on my shaft, moving it up and down slowly.
Her velvety smooth hands stroke my impressive length while my hands fondle her breasts and caress her vagina.

The room is filled with wet sloshing sounds and dry flesh-rubbing sounds and Marceline occasionally mumbling to herself.

「It’s still getting bigger…… amazing, it’s nothing like his at all……. Did everyone also have this large tool inside them?」

Marceline’s face is unconsciously getting closer and closer to my dick.
If I push her head forward, I can probably get her to swallow me.

「Kya, something came out! Did you cum?」

I secretly extend my hand to her head and the woman let out a sudden scream.

「Hm? No, that’s just pre-cum. There’s no way I would only let out this small amount of semen.」

「This liquid is just pre-cum? S-so much of it? ……so there’s going to be more semen?」

Marceline gives the juice which splashed on her hand a little lick.
I don’t need to hold back anymore.

「I can’t wait any longer. I want to be connected to you.」

As I move in to remove her clothes, she softly puts her hand against me to stop me.
Coming this far, you’re not going to put it off again, are you?
If you’re going to stop right before penetration, then I might have to get my hands dirty by raping you.

「This is the living room, where anybody could come at any time. If it’s in my room, though……」

「Let’s go!!」

I move with haste so I can thrust my dick inside this woman’s moist pussy as fast as possible.
Picking up Marceline, whose clothes are now a mess, I head to the girls’ room.

「Please wait! My daughters might be in there, so enter discreetly!」

「Don’t worry. I have an idea.」

Fufufu, the mother’s heart has finally melted.
Why not use this opportunity to swallow the entire Treian royal family.

Marceline’s Bedroom

「What is going on, mother……?」「This pervert! Get from mother right now!」「Hardlett-sama?」

Right now, I’m in Marceline’s room along with her and her three daughters.
I just called all of them here without explaining anything so they’re confused at the current situation.

「Aah, Hardlett-sama, what are you trying to do by embarrassing me like this?」

I’m on the bed, pressing up against Marceline, who is lying flat on her stomach.
She was grumbling about how embarrassing it would be in front of her daughters, so I even covered my back with the futon, but the three girls are still staring at her.

There was some rustling within the futon and her clothes were taken off, then thrown out.
With every article, the daughters let out a scream of embarrassment.

「Don’t tell me, you’re going to have sex right here!?」

The eldest daughter Stephanie covers her blushing face with a hand.
She is genuinely embarrassed about the act that is about to start in from of her eyes.
She’s already 25 and married, so this should be familiar to her.

「Get away from mother, you pervert! You wanted to violate her from the start after all!!」

As usual, the second daughter Bridget openly expresses her hostility towards me, raising her voice and throwing insults my way.
If Marceline herself didn’t stop me, I might have pounced on her.
She’s the tallest in the family…… yet she doesn’t have any volume in her breasts for me to enjoy if I were to let her get on top.

「Mother is…… going to…… have sex with Hardlett-sama?」

The youngest daughter Felicie has a somewhat puzzled expression despite having a softer attitude towards me.
She looks a little unhappy, although her gaze is directed at Marceline rather than me.
Nevertheless, it’s incredible how the youngest daughter has the heaviest looking and most voluminous bosom.
It isn’t as great as Nonna’s, but I can’t ignore something like hers.

「Let me say this first. Today, Marceline and I will develop a physical relationship.」

When I boldly declare my intentions, Marceline covers her face shyly while her three daughters let out differing voices of exclamation.

「The reason I called all of you here is for everyone to witness our love. And if any of you feel in the mood…… I want to deepen the relationship with everyone.」

「Haah!? Are you stupid!?」

I ignore Bridget’s abuse.

「I promise to love all of you and guarantee you will live a luxurious life. That’s why I want you to forget how you lived as one of the Treian royalty and become mine.」

「T-that’s so sudden.」「If it’s with Hardlett-sama, then I don’t really-……」「Stupid! Idiot! Who are you kidding!?」

The youngest daughter Felicie seems to have consented already, so I’ll get her to observe our love first.

「Here I go Marceline, I’ll be making love to you in front of your daughters.」

「Aah, this is so embarrassing. I’m already 46 and I’m going to be accepting a man in front of my daughters, I’m such an obscene mother.」

I’ll have to make the sex so amazing it will clear her mind of any embarrassment.
I climb on top of the body of the woman that all the daughters have their eyes on and then whisper in the mother’s ear.

「I’ll be taking this mature body now. The dick which you made hard will be going inside you.」

「Something so big will be entering…… my… hole…… aaah…………」

Marceline pulls the futon in so that her shoulders are covered.
I hold her hips and adjust the position of her body to match my dick with her vaginal entrance.
All the daughters gulp in anticipation, excluding Bridget who is continuing to rain insults on me.

I put my weight onto the flattened Marceline. The only thing that her daughters can see are our faces and Marceline’s shoulder peeking out ever so slightly.
However, they were still able to tell when I entered her.

「Here I go…… with this, you’ll be my woman!」

I grab her shoulder and push my hips forward.
My penis invades the hole which has already birthed three children and instantly slides to the very back.


「Mother!?」「What did you just do to mother!?」「What a face she’s making……」

I was going to thrust in a little forcefully, but Marceline springs up after letting out a high-pitched scream.
Her eyes are wide apart, her tongue is hanging out from her mouth and she’s grabbing the sheets tightly.

「Are you alright? Does it hurt?」

「Oooooh…… aaooooh……」

No response.
I don’t see any blood at least, so I’m just going to move.
It isn’t uncommon for a woman to faint from agony after accepting my dick for the first time.

I hold Marceline’s shoulder and rub my hips against hers to enjoy the feeling of her vagina.
I can tell from being so close to her, this isn’t the body of a 40 year old.
She’s in her late 30’s…… no, her body is as fresh and youthful as someone in their mid 30’s.

「It feels great, Marceline! You’ve aged well, you’re a wonderful woman!」

I suck on her neck, lower my hands to her body and squeeze her breasts.
She appears young but the suppleness of her body is distinct to mature ladies only, giving her the best parts of both worlds.

「Your ass and tits are soft too. What a nice body! Uooooh!!」

With my arousal rising, my movements become more intense.
The bed creaks loudly and her limp body begins to rock back and forth.
Before I realized, the daughters have gotten extremely close to the bed and seemingly want to petition me for something.

「Hardlett-sama, my mother is going to break…… if you could please be a little more gentle.」
「You want to fuck my mother to death or something!? If you do that, I’ll hold a grudge against you for life!」
「Mother…… she’s drooling.」

It felt so good I got carried away.
I wanted to hold back a little and weaken my thrusts but I’m getting this weird feeling.
Surprisingly, Marceline is grinding her hips on her own and pushing up against me willingly.

「I’m fine. I was just a little startled……」

「But…… that face you were making…… is he doing anything horrible to you?」
「That’s right! It doesn’t seem like the face or voice of someone who’s just having sex」

So Bridget has experience too.

「He isn’t doing anything strange. He just put his tool in me, that’s it.」


Marceline answers the still-worried Stephanie with an enchanted face.

「You see, Hardlett-sama’s cock is…… unbelievably big, and when it rubs against your mother’s ripened flesh pot, my entire body goes numb with pleasure. My hole gets stretched out and I can feel the stimulation directly from my vagina. His cock isn’t just big either, it’s hard and rugged, plus the tip is so wide…… a woman won’t be able to bear it when he slides his dick in and out.」


Marceline’s soliloquy continues in spite of her daughter being confused.

「Not to mention he’s skilled, probably because he’s been with many women before. With one thrust, he finds my weak point and constantly prods at it!」

How nice, she’s praising me.
I’ll have to pick up the pace then.

「Here I go, I’ll show it to them.」

My arms dive under her armpits and pulls her upper half up.
The futon is flipped up, revealing everything above the waist and exposing the bountiful mounds on her chest to all three daughters.
Her slightly sagging breasts sway back and forth with every thrust I make.

「F-feels so good!! Do it more! It’s been so long! I haven’t been with a man in so long! Thrust into me, thrust until you break meee!!」

「Don’t you worry, I’ll make you cum! Prepare yourself!!」

The woman no longer cares about being in front of her daughters as she cries out magnificently while her breasts and head swing about.
I grab her jiggling breasts from behind and push her onto the bed, slamming my hips against her and pinning her down like I’m raping her.
The daughters don’t say anything further, only watching us make love in amazement.

「Cumming! I’m cumming, cumming, cumminngggg–!! Squeeze my breasts! I don’t care if it hurts!」

「Go on and cum, Marceline! How do you like this!?」

I grasp her breasts tight enough that it would make her squeal out in pain and even pinch her nipples.
However, this woman is already on the verge of climaxing and she can’t feel anything but pleasure at this point.


Her hole clenches down on me as she lets out a sharp squeal.
The plump nipple in the palm of my hand gradually becomes soft again as her voice dies down.
The fluid dripping from her crotch is probably from her pissing herself or from her squirting.
She’s enjoying an intense orgasm right now.

「「「A, auu…… so this is sex between a man and a woman……」」」

The daughters let out a hoarse voice as Marceline collapses happily on the bed.
But I’m not finished yet, I haven’t given her the finishing touch yet.
Her sweaty back sticks to my chest as I whisper in her ear.

「Did it feel good? It’s my turn to feel good next. I’ll be injecting plenty of seed inside you.」

She twitches when she hears the word.

「Seed…… which means I’ll get pregnant…… but……」

「Mother, contraception……」

Stephanie takes out a bottle of medicine from her handbag.
It seems she was prepared for the possibility of being violated when she was summoned by me.
However, that kind of medicine is not needed.

「Medicine isn’t necessary. If we love each other and make a child, then let it be.」

Stephanie still tries to say something but is stopped by Marceline.

「It’s fine…… your mother is already 46 years old, there’s no way I can get pregnant at this age.」

Well I can’t let that comment go.

「Do you really think so? You haven’t stopped being a woman, have you?」

I ask her while lifting her hips, driving my dick on the verge of exploding deep into her folds and fixing it in place, and at the same time rubbing her breasts.

「It’s true I’m still getting my periods…… but even so, it’s been 16 years since I last gave birth.」

Having positioned itself deep inside Marceline, my dick begins to twitch, causing Marceline’s body to stiffen up.

「My seed is pretty thick though…… you know about the girls in the annex, right?」

Her tone gradually gets rougher.


I haven’t been making love to the girls in the annex as frequently as I do with the women in the mansion, yet there are already several women who have large bellies.
Among those women, I’ve had sex with most of them only once and they still got pregnant.

「Even so, they’re young women aren’t they?」



Marceline should also know that I impregnated the 44 year old Dorothea.
I can feel her trying to pull her body forward a little at a time.
The real possibility of getting pregnant must have dawned on her and she’s trying to run away now.
Of course I’m holding her waist, so she’s pulling me forward instead and not able to escape from me at all.

「You finally allowed me into your body. I’m quite aroused today, feel it.」

I take Marceline’s hand and reach below where my dick is connected with her, to touch my balls which are beginning to twitch.

「……These are your balls? They’re this impressive!?」

「That’s right, everything in them will be poured into you. The juice is incredibly thick and there’s going to be lots of it.」

Marceline’s body trembles.
I don’t know if she’s terrified or excited about getting pregnant.

「Your ovaries can’t escape. Here it comes.」

I move slow but make large motions, pressing my entire body into her and pushing her into the bed.

「No…… you can’t, I’ll get pregnant. Mom is going to get pregnant!」

「Mother……」「T-take it out! Your children are no good!」「Getting pregnant…… how nice.」

The movement of my hips is by no means intense to Marceline, who is already climbing towards another climax, we’re going to be working our way up slowly and keeping our reason.

Eventually, my dick twitches and my balls tighten.
Because we’re glued together, that also gets transmitted to her.

「Stephanie, Bridget, Felicie……」

Marceline extends her hands to grab her daughters’ hands.
And then at that moment, I feel the electric pleasure of an orgasm running down to my crotch.


I’m aroused more than usual and I can feel a heavy, almost solid, mass of semen rising from my balls.
The white goop pushes out my urethra and I feel a dull pain, eliciting a soft groan from me.

「I-it moved! His seed…… his seed is flowing inside!」

「Mother!」「No, don’t give her any seed!」「So I might be getting a little sister.」

At the same time my semen gushes out, I pull my dick back until the tip gets stuck at the entrance.
Marceline doesn’t seem to have any intent for me to pull all the way out though.
She is just grasping her daughters’ hands, closing her eyes and preparing for the inevitable impact.


Right before ejaculating. I slam my hips in deep enough for my tip to dig into her inner walls.
Her womb, which hasn’t opened its doors in so long, finally awakens.
That impact even brings me to stop moving.


I suck on her neck, grab both her breasts and thrust my hips forward as far as they could go.
My entire body was focused on feeling the body of this mature lady while spitting out the thick, white baby juice.
I’m sure it wasn’t just me and her who heard the streams of liquid being shot into her belly.

「Uoooooooh!! Oooooooh!!」

There were no more words exchanged, only our moaning and groaning could be heard.
At this point, my semen almost seems like a thick paste and the sensation of it gushing out from my dick is being transmitted to me and her.

「Is he cumming? He came inside mother?」
「What the heck is with that sound…… that byuuu sound…… how gross.」
「Mother…… did he make a baby?」

「It’s not over yet, I’m still cumming! Uooo……」

「The clump of seed…… it’s accumulating in my stomach…… I’m pregnant, getting filled with such thick seed was bad. A 46 year old mature lady got pregnant from a man half her age…… my stomach is expanding.」

My ejaculation continued for a while, practically lasting ten minutes.
It’s been a while since I’ve had such an intense orgasm.
With just one round, my dick has already gone soft.
I wonder how much I actually shot out.

「Fuu, that was great. From today onward, you are my woman.」

I kiss and embrace the blankly staring Marceline.
The semen overflows back out of her genitals, though weakly.
Because it was so thick, all of it got stuck inside her womb and not much ended up leaking out.
If she’s still able to give birth, then she definitely got pregnant from that.

The exhausted Marceline lays on the edge of the bed while I beckon the other girls to come.

「Who’s next? I’ll make you feel good.」

「Hiiieh!」「You still want to have sex after releasing all that!?」「……」

I was planning on spending time with everybody.
My semen will be a little thinner, but they’ll have to be settle with that.

The eldest daughter pulls back while the second daughter acts menacingly like a cat.
That prompted the youngest daughter to step forward.

「I-I want Hardlett-sama…… no, stepfather to embrace me.」


「Well, mother is going to become stepfather’s woman and bear his child, right? That’s why he’s going to be our stepfather.」

Hmm, the mood in the air has become strange.
It feels immoral to be called a father while I embrace them, though that might be a little exciting.
Celia might be a little angry if she finds out about this though.

「Wait a minute! He’s got this monstrous thing which made mother cry out like some animal, you know!? If you take in something like that, you’ll break for sure! In the first place, Felicie is still a virgin!」

Bridget shouts frantically.

Running through the virginity of a girl who calls me her father…… I can feel my dick getting hard again.

「I’ll accept him. I’m sure it’ll get soft again after releasing more seed.」

Stephanie was once scared, but now she stands in front of me seemingly determined.
She must be acting strong to put her younger sister at ease, since I can tell she’s scared by how much her legs are trembling.

「You don’t have to worry. I don’t enjoy making women suffer, so I’ll be treating all of you tenderly. I’ll make sure you feel good.」

Smiling, I invite Stephanie to the bed and into the futon.
She must also be embarrassed to let her younger sisters see the place where she’ll be connecting with me so she squirms around inside the futon and puts her removed clothes outside the bed.

「Do you want it in the same way your mom got it? Or maybe you want me to love you from the front?」

「Do it……from behind, please.」

I acknowledge her request and press up against Stephanie from behind, rubbing my dick between her buttcheeks.
She’s 25 if I remember correctly, and she’s married although she doesn’t have a child, meaning she should be used to sex.
However her body seems to be shaking uncontrollably…… so you’re a scaredy cat, don’t worry I’ll be gentle.

「Stephanie? Don’t be so nervous, I won’t screw you so quickly. Let’s talk for a little bit first.」

I hug her from behind while continuing to rub my dick against her ass.
She seems to be afraid of how big I am, but I’m not even half erect yet.

She has a similarly soft body like her mother and her large breasts and ass feel quite nice.
A pleasant smell wafts into my nose from her slightly red-tinged blonde hair.

To make her feel somewhat more secure, I first talk about some unimportant topics while stroking her hair and sucking her shoulder, helping her relax.
Somehow the conversation ends up being about what happened after Treia fell into ruin.

「My husband was a prominent noble in Treia. He did many things for me, but it was actually all to please the royal family…… he never once opened his heart to me.」

「I see…… there’s nothing I can do about it now, but I’ll listen to you. Tell me as much as you want.」

While remaining glued together, I rock her body like a cradle and urge her to continue.

「After the destruction of Treia, my father took me and ran to Magrado. But…… even my husband1 believed he could no longer win against Goldonia. He left a letter of divorce with me and became a vassal of Goldonia. 」

If the ruler of Treia changes from the royal family to Goldonia, then she would be treated like an obstacle.

「What a ridiculous man. How could he abandon such a nice woman just to protect himself?」

I hug the teary-eyed Stephanie and steal her lips.
There was absolutely no resistance from her.

「He was just a good-for-nothing man, I’m sure his dick was a small pecker, just like the size of his capacity.」

Stephanie bursts out in laughter.

「Actually, it still had the foreskin covering the tip. And he was finished too quickly.」

「He’s got a tiny phimosis dick, plus a premature ejaculator!? He has a small vessel and an inferior package, but what about his head and body?」

「Both were mediocre, not to mention he was balding too. He embraced me for three years, but he couldn’t get me pregnant.」

She must have been keeping many things bottled up and now Stephanie is happily joking about her former husband.
The subject was depressing, but her heart has visibly started to melt.
Up until this moment, her body would stiffen everytime my dick rubbed against her ass. Now, it only makes her breathing get slightly rougher.

「Hey Stephanie, forget about that man and become my woman. I’ll protect you and won’t abandon you either. Besides, I can allow you to have a great time at night.」

I pull Stephanie’s hand toward my cock and have her fingers wrap around the shaft.
It’s still only 70% erect, yet it’s thicker than her wrist and should be way bigger than the tiny pecker that man has.

「Ah…… it’s big…… how lovely……」

I can already tell what her response would be at this point, but I want to hear it from the girl’s mouth.

「So, can you give me your answer? Will you wipe the slate clean of your former husband and become my woman?」

The woman in my arms smiles and turns to face me while I’m on top of her.

「Yes, I will become your woman, stepfather.」

Hey now, Stephanie is older than me.
Ah, why is my dick swelling up so much?

There’s no reason to hold back now.
I adjust the position of my body, going from rubbing my dick against her ass to pushing my dick against her entrance.

「I’m putting it in, Stephanie.」

I hug the back of the woman who silently smiles at me, then thrust my hips forward.

「Nn, this is-……」

When my hips push forward, I feel a strong resistance and then hear the tearing sound I usually hear when I tear through someone’s virginity.
But she should not be a virgin.
Thinking she should be fine, I push forward with more strength, which makes Stephanie scream.

「Kyaa! It hurts!!」

「Are you alright!? Why is it so tight?」

Stephanie’s breathing is feeble from trying to endure the pain and she answers me while forcing herself to smile.

「That man was just too small…… it never stretched me this much so I didn’t even feel the pain from losing my virginity at the time……」

I see, her husband’s dicklet couldn’t push apart her walls whereas my dick stretched her just about as much as possible.
However, this just makes her a virgin without a hymen, I’ll have to be even more gentle.

「No, just continue moving like this. Change my body…… change my hole for your exclusive use, stepfather.」

「You sure?」

「Yes, Stephanie is stepfather’s woman from this day forward, so I want you to treat my body as such.」

If she’s going to say this much, then I don’t need to ask any further.
I’ll make the body of this older stepdaughter mine and mine alone.

First I bring her head close so I can tangle my tongue with hers in a passionate kiss, engorging my dick with blood so that it’s fully erect.
The futon is just annoying at this point, so I fling it up and away. I hold Stephanie, who is on her knees, by the ass and plunge straight into her depths.

「Ow! It hurts! My flesh is parting! My hole is stretching and my body is changing!」

I pull Stephanie’s ass back and give the screaming girl another merciless thrust.
There must be cold sweat mixed with all the usual sweat on her back.
I’ll use this one session to make her entire body belong to me.

「How do you like my dick!? This thing will be going inside you all the time from now on!」

「Yes! I will only swallow stepfather’s dick! It hurts…… but it’s fun when I think about how my vagina is being molded into stepfather’s shape! Aaaah! Amazing!」

Our mating was even more audacious and intense than the time I had with Marceline, leaving the other two sisters speechless.

「Stepfather! Oh, stepfatherrrrr! No moree!」

Stephanie collapses on her hands and knees with her ass still sticking up.
I take this chance to mount her and thrust even more.

「Hm…… this is-」

I realize something is out of place.
Her hole doesn’t feel deep, it actually felt deeper when I was thrusting earlier.
Then I smile as it dawns on me.

「Stephanie, your womb has come down. Do you want to get pregnant that badly?」

「Eh!? H-how would I know!?」

For the first time in her life, her body has experienced real sex and it’s getting ready to be impregnated on pure instinct.
I was considering letting her use contraceptive if she wanted to, but now I changed my mind. Her body wants to get pregnant, so it’s definitely a man’s duty to provide the seed.

「Here I go, Stephanie. Accept your father’s seed and get pregnant!」

She starts refusing me and struggles to get her body away.
But when she saw Marceline…… who is lying happily with a bellyful of my seed, she becomes docile.

「If that is what stepfather wants, then please make sure I’m happy after I get pregnant too, ‘kay?」

「That goes without…… saying!!」

I make one final thrust before ejaculating, releasing a thinner fluid because of all that semen I let out earlier.
My ejaculation only lasted for 30 seconds but she’ll get pregnant if she’s lucky.


Stephanie screams as she climaxes, getting off on the sensation of my seed plastering her womb, then collapses limply.
I spread apart her legs to see her red, swollen vaginal lips.
It doesn’t look like it’ll go back to the cute little hole it once was, meaning she has become a woman who is only able to accept my cock now.

「Good night, Stephanie. I’ll give you more loving from now on too.」

I give her a soft kiss and she responds with half-opened eyes.

「Stepfather…… I love you.」

After saying those words, she completely loses consciousness.

「Alright, next is-……」

「Me, me, meee!」

Felicie raises both hands and bounces up and down.
It looks like she’s become rather attached to me.
Apparently, she’s a virgin…… I’ll just take it gently.

Her preferred position is missionary, and we also cover ourselves with the futon so only our chests could be seen.

「They’re big, just like I thought. You’re only 16 and you already have these incredible boobs.」

Depending on her future growth, she has a chance of rivalling Nonna.
She has about two sizes to go.

「Stepfather’s penis even reaches to Felicie’s chest…… amazing.」

When I the small girl’s legs and get in between them, my length reaches her breasts.
She has large breasts even though her body is rather small. If I’m not careful, I’ll probably injure her vagina.

First I get her vagina wet with my tongue.
Not only that, I wet the insides of her hole with my saliva.

「Nyahaha! That tickles!」

This girl becomes extremely timid and frightened when the servants look at her with hostility, but now she’s laughing like she’s having fun.
That’s right, I wanted to see this face.
It’s much better when girls are laughing, crying is only for when they climax from my dick penetrating them.

「Father…… he never paid any attention to Felicie at all.」

I guess it would be hard for a King to pay much attention to the youngest daughter.
I have to be careful myself, since I’m just not good with taking care of and playing with young kids and have been leaving the women to do it for me.
If they get to be at least ten years old, I can play with them in many different ways.

「I don’t know how to give you attention as your stepfather, but I know how to entertain you as a man.」

With Felicie now lying on her back, I push my dick inside her.

「O-oww! That really hurts!」

I use the saliva to slowly sink deeper, stopping my hips before I reach the mark of her virginity.
As expected of a genuine virgin. Stephanie was tight, but Felicie is even tighter.
I’ll leave her half-dead if I put it in now though.

「Felicie, you have to be loud.」


「Yeah, it doesn’t matter what you scream, but it will help to ease the pain a little. In the meantime, I’ll be taking your virginity.」

Felicie doesn’t hesitate to take in a deep breath.
She’ll be overheard by those around us, but it doesn’t matter because everyone here will become mine.

「Stepfather, I love you! Please stay with me forever from now on! Papa, papaaa!!」

What she shouted was beyond what I expected.
I inserted my dick inside while matching the timing of her words, although this entire situation reminds me a lot of the time I made love to Celia.

「It hurrrttttssssss!!」

There was a ripping sound as the membrane tears.
My dick just bulges and gets even louder from her rather cute screams.
As my dick continues to increase in size within Felicie, she starts crying.

「N-not good. Say something to make it go limp!」

「It hurts, but I’ll bear with it! Felicie wants to belong to stepfather~! Love me more!」

「Don’t be saying something so admirable! Oooh…… it’s getting even bigger!」

My cock seems to bulge endlessly and Felicie’s last string seems to snap, knocking her unconscious.
I was able to somehow pull out from her vagina and retrieve my dick covered with the blood of her virginity, but I can’t see any signs of her pretty virgin hole after I stretched it so much.
It doesn’t look like I split her apart or gave her a wound, though an average-sized dick will probably not fit snugly in her loose hole now.

「Only I’ll be sleeping with her from now on, so I guess that’s fine.」

When I give Felicie a kiss and whisper words of love in her ear, she replies softly in her sleep, saying “please protect me…… stepfather.”
There’s no need to worry, I’ll continue sheltering you. I’ll also have you give birth to many children.

「And last is……」

「Absolutely not! I’d rather bite my tongue and die instead of being embraced by you!」

With a ‘hmph’, Bridget glares menacingly at me like a cat.
I extend my hand, offering just to chat with her, but she brushes me away.
She’s unapproachable and unfortunately I can’t get violent.
I guess I’ll wait for another opportunity.

「No, please embrace her today!」

Marceline has gotten up and pushed Bridget onto the bed.

「What are you doing, mother!?」

「I should be asking you! Hardlett-sama was the one who saved our lives and brought us here, and yet you use such harsh words to speak to him! Your mother won’t tolerate that.」

With that said, Marceline grabs and holds Bridget’s left leg.

「That’s right!」

Stephanie wakes up next.

「He’s been taking care of this and that for us and you’re here talking like that!?」

「Hey big sister, but he’s-……」

「Our stepfather! And I won’t forgive you for speaking ill of mother’s and your sister’s precious gentleman!」

Stephanie grabs a hold of Bridget’s right leg.

「That’s right, stepfather has given us many things.」

Ooh, Felicie revived too.

「He did that because he was aiming for our bodies! To prove that fact, he’s already eaten the three of you, hasn’t he!?」

「And what’s wrong with that? Felicie and the rest of us were happy to have stepfather embrace us, you know? I don’t care about big sister Bridget’s selfishness anymore.」

Felicie climbs onto the bed and pins down both of Bridget’s arms.

「Wait a second! Everyone, what are you doing……」

As Bridget struggles to get free, the three holding her down wink at me.
So that’s what they’re doing, however I’ll be doing it by force.

「It’s fine. When Hardlett-sama puts his thing inside her, I’m sure this girl will understand too.」

「Fueh!? Mother!?」

「Yeah, please make big sister feel good too.」

「Felicie, don’t say anything unnecessary!」

「You don’t have to hold back. This girl might not have the largest pair of breasts, but she has a nice body. Besides, she’s ate her fair share of male servants when she was in the palace, so her body should be quite familiar with men.」

「Big sis Stephanie!? Why do you know-!!?」

「You thought I didn’t know about you calling and getting on top of Linever, the person in charge of chores, every night?」

Well what do you know. I thought she was absolutely unaffected because of all her yelling, but she surprisingly has someone she likes.
In that case, I don’t have to hold back.

With nothing to hide, I stand up.
Three of them let out erotic sighs while one of them screams.

「It truly is big……」「Something like that went inside Felicie.」「Now, go on, use that giant spear of yours and slam it inside.」
「Noooo–! Something that big won’t fit inside! I’ll break, it’s going to tear me, I’m going to dieeee—!!」

Don’t worry, your body is quite sturdy.
I’ll thoroughly pleasure you.

I grab her legs and put my dick against her.
It isn’t really wet, but Marceline and Stephanie use their saliva to lubricate me without delay.

「Alright, are you ready?」

「Of course notttttt–!!」
「I don’t mind. Mother will allow it!」


I thrust my dick inside Bridget, who is continuing to shout noisily.


Her screams are amazing, but her insides are also amazing.
When I entered her vagina, she starts squeezing down on me tightly and her walls are rubbing against my shaft quite nicely.
This is an exquisite pussy, making my hips move like they have a will of their own.

I hold both her wrists and everytime I give her a big thrust, Bridget’s body shakes and she lets out a scream.
Come on, this makes it look like I’m raping you.
Wanting to make her feel good, I reach for her boobs, though not much is there for me to fondle.

「Fumu, it’s non-existent.」

「Shut up, leave me alone!」

It is often the case that those with small breasts have sensitive nipples.
I don’t stop moving my hips and start sucking on her nipples. When I do so, I can feel her getting wet and making the entry and re-entry of my dick smoother.

「You really are experienced. On top of that, you’re a pretty big pervert.」


She bit my shoulder…… but that also acts as nice stimulation.
I continue rocking my hips and sucking her nipples, shrugging aside her resistance and whisper lovingly in her ear.
At first, Bridget was rampaging as if it was not enough already but she’s gradually becoming more meek.

She moans in agony when I suck her breasts, she gets more turned on when I rub her ass, she squeals when I pinch her clitoris, and she unconsciously wraps her arms around my back when I bite her shoulder playfully.

「You actually love getting fucked, don’t you.」

「Seems so…… she gets aroused no matter what is done to her.」「She wasn’t wet in the beginning…… but now, it’s a big sopping mess.」

「There’s no way that’s true!」

If you’re still going to say that, then I’ll have to make you fall completely so you can’t resist even if you wanted to.

I raise both of her arms above her head and press my entire body against hers.

「How about……this!?」

I grind my body, rubbing her nipples with my chest and her clitoris with my pubic hair while stimulating her insides with my constant deep thrusts.
I don’t forget to kiss her and whisper into her ear.
It didn’t take more than five minutes for Bridget to stop the abusive language.

「Fufufu, it’s good, isn’t it?」

「What are you talking!? All you’re doing is rape……」

I lick her ear and neck.
In addition, I make tiny thrusts against her G-spot.

「And is this still rape?」

Bridget’s face turns red and after quieting down for a while, her shoulders slump over.

「Uuuuu, so good! I’ve never had anything like this…… this is consensual!」

The desperate-sounding girl felt it adorably.

「Don’t speak in that rough way from now on, you hear.」

Not that I mind, but it’ll make the others around her, like the servants and other girls, treat her coldy.

「……I understand…… um…… stepfather.」

「No, you don’t need to call me stepfather.」

Bridget suddenly turns red and starts rampaging again, but I use intense thrusts to calm her down.
I’m almost at my limit.
And I’m pretty sure she is close too.

「It’s coming soon. We’ll both climax together, and I’ll cum inside.」

「Eh…… inside?」

A look of terror from getting pregnant appeared briefly on her face.
She doesn’t seem prepared to have children yet.

「I’m cumming.」

「Aau! Noooo!!」

I make her orgasm with one final thrust, then I pull my dick out quickly.

「Aauuuuuuuu—! Cummingggg–!!」

I point my dick at her face while she’s orgasming and my body bends back.

「You are also…… my woman!」

A sticky sound resounds throughout the room as Bridget’s shapely face is painted white with my seed.
With every pulse of my dick, my manly juices intermittently sprays out and dirties her face with the sloppy white mess, making it hard to determine the original color of her strawberry-blonde hair, until finally dying down.



After feeling satisfied from emptying my load, I drop my ass onto the bed and stretch my body.
Bridget, after getting blasted in the face with a bucket load of semen glares at me.

「You didn’t want it inside, right?」

「But you didn’t have to shoot it on my face! My entire upper half is covered in it now.」

「That’s just proof you became mine. You can go take a bath later.」

「You …… I’ll bite you!」

The enraged Bridget dives into my crotch.
The other three scream, assuming she would bite my dick, however I don’t feel any pain. Rather I feel a soft and warm sensation wrapping my length.

「Just for today, nnbh, I can forgive, nnbhoh, this much, but if you do anything strange again, nnmnh, I’ll really, nnhnnhnnh, bite this thing off, got it!?」

Contrary to what she said she would do, she carefully cleans my dick of all the juices.
I was worried for a bit, but Bridget also successfully became mine.

From that day onward, I had the four former Treian royalty eat with the other family members in the same place and I also took them outside with me whenever we were together.
There are still a few servants who look at them with harsh stares, but they can evade them by hiding behind me.

I can’t leave things as they are.
I have to get rid of the hostility from the remaining portion of servants.
Oh right, I promised to make them maids in the past. Let’s use that.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 162,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Family: Nonna (the beautiful Nonna), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (lover), Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid)
Yoguri (playwright), Pipi (lover), Alice (magical girl)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Melissa (lover, leaving for the capital), Alma (leaving for the capital)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina, Amata, Anastasia (daughters); Antonio, Claude, Gilbard, Reiner, Bartolome (sons); Rose (foster daughter)

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Gido (escort unit), Kroll ( ), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby
Myla (security officer), Polte (student director), Gretel (learning domestic affairs)
Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Tristan (strategist?)
Claire & Laurie (compiling a plan), Schwartz (lewd horse), Lilian (actress)

Army: 5500 men
Infantry: 3000, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 500
Cannons: 19
Reserve: 3000
Security Unit: 100

Assets: 9100 gold (Family Only Marriage Celebration -70) (Erich expense -30) (Military Expansion of 200 people -800)

Sexual Partners: 213, children who have been born: 47


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