Chapter 206: Dwarven Cannon


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The entire scenery which can be seen through the window of the carriage is a reddish brown color, contrasting with the clear blue sky to make it seem even more depressing.
The rattling sound of the rolling wagon wheels can be heard as we travel along the path.

「This place is as dry as usual.」

「There’s no water nearby so none of the land here can be cultivated into farmland.」

Celia, who is sitting beside me, comments sincerely almost like she was talking to herself.
I rub her head thinking she’s cute, though it messes up her hair, causing her to fix it in a hurry.
Recently, I’ve been messing up her hair so that I can touch her ass and breasts while she’s busy tidying up her hair.

「Pipi likes it here. This is what I saw all the time when I was small.」

Pipi points out the window on the opposite side of the carriage and tells me about the black beast she saw.
Unfortunately, my eyesight isn’t good enough to see the shadow or shape of the monster.
The eyes of the mountain nation are sharp like hawks.

「Here you go, Master~」

I take a sip of the fruit juice which Leah hands me.
It has a fairly sour taste but it’s still refreshing in this dry environment.

I finish drinking everything in the cup, though it seems I still have more waiting for me.
Leah’s cheeks are puffed out and when I kiss her, sweet fruit juice flows from her mouth to mine.
Sitting in the center of the carriage, she was continually stroking my crotch and chest with her hands.
It seems she feels the utmost joy whenever she manages to sexually arouse me.

「Are we there yet, Leopolt?」

「We are scheduled to arrive on time. Lintbloom should come into view within a few hours.」

He responds with his usual affectionless voice, then closes his eyes again as if his duty was over.
He acts like some big shot and cleverly escaped giving a well-thought out answer, but I’m sure it’s because he’s thinking of something naughty.
For example……

Nina, who is sitting beside Leopolt, bows slightly to me.
This girl is admirable for being the attendant of this unsociable guy all this time.
She has quite the pretty face and her body has become more curvy compared to the first time I met her.

「He definitely tangles with her every night and enjoys himself.」


Oops, I said that out loud.
Leopolt says something to Nina as she covers her blushing face

「Lord Hardlett often says things out loud without thinking. You don’t have to respond to every comment.」


Wait a second, you were making fun of me just now, weren’t you.
How dare you, as revenge I’ll fart in this sealed space.
It’s a really stinky one, let’s see how you like that.

Leopolt just ignores it, while Celia and the other girls look at me coldly.

「I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or just annoying that the dwarves don’t speak to anybody except me.」

The reason we’re heading to Lintbloom is to check on the cannon which we entrusted them to make.
Apparently their efforts bore fruit, which is why they called me to come in person.
They don’t seem to trust many humans aside from me.

「The improvements to the cannon will largely affect our military strength in future wars. After all, we don’t have many options to choose from if Lord Hardlett leaves us for several days.」

That’s fine and dandy, but why have you come along too?
I’m worried about the overly enthusiastic Myla, who was to be entrusted with the military affairs in Rafen.
Is it because this is as important as he says it is?

Incidentally, with Pipi also heading back to her village, Leah has been left in charge of taking care of my lower half.
Furthermore, there is another large carriage following us.
That carriage belongs to Celestina, who couldn’t bear to be apart from me for even one day, accompanying me for a tour of the place I’m headed to.

I actually didn’t want too many people…… especially those of another nation, to see this place but since the only ones coming along were Celestina and Monica, it should be fine.
The rest of the Malt envoy is doing something with Adolph in Rafen.
They must be excitedly fussing about all the imported goods.

Celia speaks timidly while resting her head against my chest.

「Maria-san and company as well as the women from Treia weren’t there to see us leave.」

That’s because I fucked them a lot before leaving and all of them couldn’t stand up yet.
I think only Catherine was able to see us off with the help of a walking stick.

We chatted about some unimportant topics to kill time and before I knew it, black smoke can be seen in the direction we are headed.
The mining city of Lintbloom is an industrial city built around an iron mine and the steel mill, and is also the prominent point of provision for Goldonia’s iron supply.
With the everlasting flames of the steel mill and the continuous smoke emitting from this wasteland regardless of the time of day, it really makes me imagine those creatures of legends – the dragons.

「Welcome back, feudal lord-sama! Your Majesty, Celestina!」

When the carriages reach their destination, a middle-aged man jumps out to greet us.
He is the head of the city of Lintbloom…… whose name I can’t remember.
Celestina greets him with a casual good morning, only to be reminded by Monica to be talk in a more dignified manner.
It’s the usual spectacle.

「As I communicated, I will be in your care. Where are the dwarves?」

According to reports, several of them have temporarily come here.

「This way. I will also prepare your escort! In regards to dinner preparations……」

「I will provide my own escorts. As for dinner, you can make the choice.」

The head of the city as well as the other men around him jump in surprise from my slightly harsh tone.
I’m not actually mad though…… are they really that scared of me?
I don’t think anything good will come out of wandering the town while Leopolt is with me.
I should finish my business here first.

「The dwarves are here in this factory dedicated for military purposes.」

The place I was guided to was a prominent workshop even within Lintbloom, where all sorts of equipment meant for my personal army, like saddles and weapons, are created.
Because I can supply my own iron and steel equipment, I can steadily strengthen my army.
The dwarves were not waiting inside the workshop though, instead they were at the shooting range, which was for testing the cannons they created.

The glum look on their rugged faces turned into huge smiles when they saw me.
Spreading both arms wide and running towards me first is Balbano, who might cause an earthquake in doing so.

「’s been a while, pal! Would’ve been nice if you showed up more often.」

「And as usual, you’re looking rather chunky.」

Balbano is similar in height with the other dwarves but he has a muscular frame and a sturdier looking body.
His short and thick legs thumping their way to me as he walks is an amusing sight, although he’s an opponent even I had trouble overcoming if you simply consider his strength.

「Let’s celebrate our reunion first. Drink.」

The stein handed to me is filled with their specialty, an extremely potent alcohol.
Leah steps back after taking a small whiff of the aroma, whereas Celia steps forward.
Even though she can’t handle alcohol, she likes drinking it.

「Don’t do it, Celia. If you drink this, you might start dancing naked in front of some random men.」

「Uu……I-I’ll drink at night with Aegir-sama!」

I laugh and accept the offered stein, instantly downing all of the liquid.
Nothing will go well if I refuse alcohol from the dwarves.
That and I actually kind of like the taste of this alcohol which seems to burn your throat.

「Ooh, you’re different like I thought. It’s regrettable a man like you is human.」

Balbano’s dark face relaxes as he comments happily.
I decline his suggestion of drinking another glass.
If I drink anymore than this, I won’t be able to do my work.
I’ll probably grab a passing prostitute and talk to you while she sucks me off.

「Let’s talk about the cannons before getting drunk. We can drink till we drop tonight. I can prepare as many high quality alcohols as you want.」

The other dwarves smile at my words.
They really love their alcohol.

「’Cannon’ is that thin metal tube the man from the plains were talking about, right?」

Balbano gives the cannon I prepared an uninterested glance just for reference and declares.

「This is no good.」

「Tell me what’s wrong with it.」

You can call it defective, but we will make no progress if you stop there.

「The idea of lighting a fire at the base of this tube and using the force of the explosion to propel a metal ball is interesting, but the weak tubes you have will break and warp in no time.」

「Yeah, that’s why I thought you guys could do something to improve them.」

Balbano shakes his head.

「We can make something better than you. However, the material is too brittle in the first place. It doesn’t matter who builds something with this crude metal, most of it will turn out the same and it won’t last long.」


Leopolt and I, plus Celia, all have troubled expressions as we tilt our heads in thought.
Steel is not strong enough…… if that’s the case, we can’t do anything about it.
Now that I think about it, the dwarves have been going on all this time, saying how steel and iron is a weak metal.

「Nothing decent can be made from iron. But I can’t just refuse a request from a friend. You introduced a thick and sturdy woman to me too. I liked how she was hairy too.」

Balbano goes into a corner of the workshop and pulls out some objects he prepared.
As expected, it doesn’t matter what race you’re from, men love women…… their preferences differ greatly though.

「This is…… a cannon? It’s huge…… almost like Aegir-sama’s thing.」

Leopolt and Celia stare curiously…… at the ten cannons lined up in front of them.
The cannons made by the dwarves are similar in shape to the ones we have but are double in size and has a more intricate design.
Most of all, the color of the cannons are darker than steel, obviously meaning they used a different material to make them.

「This is…… something you guys made?」

「It’s a primitive design but I didn’t think there was any point in changing the entire thing when creating it ourselves. We used our own materials.」

I give them a light tap and they all seem thick and solid and won’t break after a few uses.
When I talk to them about it, they said that they have already been fired ten times and there was absolutely no flaws and no bending of the barrel.

「With these cannons, you can probably use several times more gunpowder! Not to mention they’re huge!」

Balbano sticks out his chest with pride but Leopolt has a sour look on his face.
I don’t say anything, guessing what he was thinking about.

「We won’t be able to use these in a field battle. They’re also going to slow down the pace of our march.」

Balbano glares at Leopolt who deliberately voiced his opinion.
It’s nice that they’re big and durable, but these cannons are too heavy.
As they are now…… we can’t load them onto the wagons, and we’ll move really slowly even if we use six horses to pull them along.

「Still, they have a certain size to them if we fix them in place. Any subpar castle walls will be blown apart in an instant. They’re excellent cannons.」

Balbano once again sticks his chest out with pride and agrees with me.
Leopolt doesn’t say anything further.
So he willingly played devil’s advocate…… he’s not that admirable of a person.
It’s definitely because he can’t understand how people feel.

However, I still have concerns.

「Can you prepare these cannons with that material easily?」

「We didn’t use as much as we did for your spear, but we used what we saved up to make the cannons. I don’t think we can make more for a while.」


That doesn’t really solve the problem then.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a cannon or whatever, it’s still just a single weapon.
I’d rather have a bunch of weapons of usable quality than one masterpiece of supreme quality.

「Can you somehow make something good out of the iron?」

「I don’t understand why you’re so fixated on something like iron. What’s so good about a metal that rusts so easily?」

Balbano sits uninterestedly on his metal chair.
His butt is big enough to stick out from the side of his chair and he’s short enough that his feet don’t reach the ground.
It’s funny to see his legs kicking around in the air like a child.

「Well…… it’s because, excluding any special metals, steel is the hardest.」

Mithril and the metal used by the dwarves is overwhelmingly strong, but we can’t obtain a large quantity of that stuff.
It’s more common and practical to use steel.
However, steel seems to be inadequate as the material for the cannon’s barrel.

The engineers in the workshop behind me also nod.
They look familiar…… from the fire nation, if I recall correctly…….
Hm, I forgot.

「That is indeed true when it comes to hardness. But if we’re focusing on having enough strength to withstand explosions, then bronze is better.」


I do remember my sword and spear being made of bronze at one point or another.
Things like that are treated like antiques nowadays though.

「It’s heavy enough to take a hit and its elasticity……」

Balbano starts talking boastfully about something, but it doesn’t make any sense to me at all.


I rub Celia’s lower half while pretending to respond like I understand.
I’ll have fun with Leah’s ass too.

Umu, both of their thighs are plump, just the way I like them.
I’ll put my face between them tonight.
Getting sandwiched by their thighs while Pipi licks my cock…… that sounds wonderful.

「I-I see……」「Bronze wasn’t even considered.1」「We’ll have to check whether there are any places within the tunnel that contain copper or tin!」

The engineers become lively over something.
Leopolt seems to be thinking earnestly about something.
I’m just happy that the problem was solved.
I’ll leave the rest to Leopolt.

「That aside, I have something I want you to see. You’ll be amazed.」

Apparently, the ten cannons prepared by Balbano weren’t anything too fancy.
In his perspective, he sees them as imitations of our primitive designs.
It can’t be helped, I should be grateful that he at least made them without getting angry.

After a while of walking together with the elated Balbano, we arrive in front of a certain building.

「Is it inside here?」

He’s smiling so confidently, so I’m certain something interesting will come out.

「Now lay your eyes on this, this is our greatest work!」

「I’m looking forward to-…… what’s wrong? Don’t just put on airs, hurry and bring it out.」

Balbano’s arms are spread and he isn’t moving.
What’s going on here, you’re telling me to look at the building but nothing’s coming out.

「A-Aegir-sama…… it’s this!!」

Celia shouts in amazement.
Looking at where she’s pointing, I only see a building…… no, this is-

I thought for sure this was just a building, but the structure seems strange after a closer look.
There is no entrance or exit and there is a ladder on the side, which leads up to somewhere.
I can also see some gears and springs here and there
And finally, there is a long tube that extends out from the building, resembling the barrel of a cannon.

「This…… entire thing is a cannon?」

「That’s right! It’s stately presence and sturdiness makes it a true dwarven masterpiece!」

It’s height is easily as tall as a two-story building.
The part which resembles a pedestal isn’t just a simple piece of metal either, all kinds of springs and gears arranged in a complex manner and attached to it.
It looks very complicated and I have no idea how to use it.

What draws my attention the most however, is the giant barrel.
Its length makes the cannons we saw earlier look like toys…… it easily surpasses ten meters.
It’s a majestic and detailed piece of work constructed by the dwarves.

Balbano smiles, feeling satisfied after seeing us in shock.

「It only took us one or two days to make those cannons you saw earlier. We poured all our efforts into making this bad boy! Its name is Urgan, a nice, powerful name, don’t you think?」

「Yeah…… it’s incredible. How long has it been since I’ve been this surprised?」

It isn’t flattery.
This gigantic mechanical cannon, worlds apart from being just a simple building, has a strong enough impression to overwhelm all those who see it.
When this towering monstrosity of a cannon is fired, it could probably destroy the greatest castle walls in the Federation’s White City too.

Celia and I are dumbfounded while Leah and Pipi, who don’t really understand what a cannon is, disregard the weapon and start jostling with each other.
It goes without saying that the only one person who is keeping his cool is Leopolt.

「So…… how do we use this?」

「How, you say, of course you just pack it with gunpowder and a bullet, and then shoot it.」

What’s this guy saying?

「Where do you aim it?」

「Aim at the enemy. It’s not like we’re going to shoot our allies.」

Is this guy not well? Maybe he needs some time off.

「And where is the enemy?」


At this point, I realized.
Lintbloom is in a remote location of a remote region, a place where an enemy raid is highly unlikely, When an enemy does come here, not just Rafen, but the entire land would be captured.
Thinking about it just for the sake of answering the question, the only possible sources of attack are from a herd of black beasts or a few brigands here and there.
If we let this thing loose on a worthless enemy, they’ll be the ones who will make a huge fuss.

「Can we transport this to Rafen somehow?」

I was thinking the same thing, Celia.
But this thing is practically as big as a building so it’s impossible.
Even if several hundred people were to pull it, it would not budge at all.

「……Shall we use it as a signal cannon to tell the time?」

「That would be a waste of gunpowder. Besides, it would make the craftsmen in the city flip.」

This thing looks like it’ll need an entire barrel of gunpowder for one shot…….

「This thing…… was also made using the same material as those new cannons, right?」

「Right! It used 50 times more than those worthless cannons…… or was it 100 times.」

I would have liked 100 cannons made from that material instead.
That would mean I no longer had to worry about a lack of cannons.
However, it’s not like I can complain to the dwarves who gladly helped out with my request.

「And also, you guys were using the burnt remains of wood to make your steel…… but that’s a waste. There’s something even more worthless than wood if you want to make steel.」

The dwarves lived in caves their whole lives so they don’t have many opportunities to obtain wood.
It’s also because trees can’t survive in the heat and humidity of the caves.

「It’s because we have plenty of trees on the plains. Besides, there isn’t anything we can use as a substitute for fuel, is there?」

Balbano and the other dwarves don’t really leave their caves often.
If they don’t use trees, what do they use as fuel?

「We use this.」

Balbano takes out a black rock from his pocket.

「Is that coal? We certainly can’t get that easily here.」

Before I knew it, the engineers behind me have gathered around.

「For us, it’s better to use kindling or charcoal2.」

Coal isn’t particularly rare.
It appears in many mineral deposits and is often excavated along with the other ores.
If you throw it in fire, it can be used as fuel, but it’s quicker and more economical to use firewood rather than making the effort to transport coal from the mines, which is why we don’t use it much outside the vicinity of the place it’s produced.
Not many trees are located near Lintbloom so coal is what they should normally be using as fuel.

「If you’re going to burn it, wouldn’t this be better? It takes more effort and time to chop down and carry the trees.」

The dwarves try telling the engineers, but they have a strained smile on their faces.

「No…… if we use coal in the production of iron, an undesirable element will enter the steel and it won’t be usable.」

「Oh, so it doesn’t work?」

Balbano turns around, seemingly believing different.

「Fool, that’s obvious if you just burn it as it is. You need to burn coal while covering it, then drain the toxic liquid……」

Ah, I’m out of my depth with this jargon, speak to the engineers and craftsmen.
I rub Celia’s ass.

Balbano raises his voice with pride while sticking out his chest while the engineers listen with wide eyes.
Their lively conversation makes the enormous Urgan seem lonely.

After that, Balbano leads the other dwarves to drink a few glasses of alcohol with me before I take a look around the city feeling slightly intoxicated.
There is not much meaning for me to stay behind for all the engineer-related talk, besides the engineers seem to want to put into practice as soon as possible the many things they learned from the dwarves.

The dwarves have not really opened up to many humans aside from me, but I’m sure their attitudes will soften up after a couple drinks and they will happily answer any question you ask as long as you don’t do anything to make them mad.

「Fumu…… it’s been a while since I’ve had a nice long look. It’s incomparable to what it was before.」

「It’s an incredible city…… it’s completely unlike Biado.」

Celia, Leah and Celestina, as well as Monia and Pipi are here.
I walk around the city accompanied by the aforementioned five girls.
Gido and Christoph are also with us as guards but I’m only concerned about the ladies.

Lintbloom’s population is 4000, making it a mid-sized city, but all the blacksmiths and blast furnaces lining the streets make it seem like a larger city than the population suggests.
On the other hand, there are no shops which sell luxury or high-class goods and the few stores which sell the necessities of life are grouped into one area of the town.

「Lintboom buys everything from miscellaneous goods, food supplies and even water from Claire-san after all.」

The land around the city is all wasteland, so no fields can be made.
Only poisonous water can be pulled from the wells, so there is no other method to obtain drinking water.

Claire’s wagon carries the water of life, meaning it’s safe to say she holds the city’s fate in her hands.
She is the one who employs and pays the miners and inhabitants of the city, but the food, drinks and everything they use in their daily lives are bought from her as well.
Not to mention, the prices cannot be considered cheap compared to other cities.

Furthermore, everything from the rent of houses people live in to the clothes that prostitutes wear is controlled by Claire.
This city is an important base of mine and at the same time Claire’s castle, which she has built up and bet her own fate on with all that money being exchanged here.

「Aegir-sama…… look over there.」

I reach my hands out to lower Celia’s short pants.

「Not there! Why are you doing that in a place like this!!? I meant over there!」

Oh, I misunderstood, I thought Celia was acting bold for once and got excited.

She was pointing to the luggage unloading zone, where an incredible number of wagons have gathered and many barrels of water are being unloaded, then being replaced by a large chunk of metal.

「I did a rough count and there are at least 50 of them, and there are probably no fewer than 100 wagons which enter and leave the city every day.」

There may be more wagons that go in and out this city than Rafen.
Food, water and the charcoal which is used as fuel for iron production is needed in large amounts everyday.
If they can manage using coal instead, that would help with their fuel problem.

「With that many caravans passing through on this road…… wouldn’t there be savage tribes or monsters that come out to attack?」

Monica is pragmatic unlike Celestina and Leah, who seem to be detached from the real world.

「We are actually fine on that front.」

The reason is because the path to Lintbloom is extremely harsh.
If you travel beyond the impressively well-maintained road, there is not a single human settlement in the complete wastelands, and naturally no water anywhere, meaning goblins or smaller insignificant monsters cannot dwell nearby.
Supposing a group of brigands were to wait for passing prey, there is no place for them to make a base anyways.

Even if they find a decent spot to hide, their surroundings are home to the still numerous – despite being less in number from being hunted – ferocious black beasts.
Those monsters will be licking their lips behind the brigands who are chuckling to themselves after finding a caravan.
It’s an absurd thought for there to be safe location besides the place you set up camp at night.

Guards are naturally assigned to protect the caravans, but when they know they’re about to reach their destination at night, they desperately rush the wagons to the garrisons set up at every turn which simultaneously acts as a fortress and shelter.

「But it’s lonely if there are no fields3…… I really like seeing the farmers hard at work.」

Celestina comes from Malt, which is a farming nation, so it might seem a little empty to her.
This city has a mountain of gold buried underground, but there is no doubt a strange feeling about it.
I know it won’t be a substitute for an abundant harvest, but you can at least touch my dick.

Celestina innocently reaches towards my crotch, though she gets stopped by Monica, who then glares at me.
At that moment, a fully loaded barrel of water passes by us.
The merchant lines the barrel up and calls out to customers with a loud voice.

「Fresh water which arrived just now! Two copper coins for a full jug of water!」

「「So expensive!」」

Celia and Monica unconsciously let their voices out.
It may be a large jug, but people probably drink two to three jugs everyday in this dry city.
Those working in especially hot environments like blacksmiths may drink even more than that.
I should probably talk to Claire about this…….

「Nobody has that kind of money.」「The usual is fine, old man.」

「Tch, poor ass people, then you can get two glasses of some old, smelly water for one copper coin. Drink as much as you want.」

I see, there is cheaper water too.
In that case, their work efficiency won’t decrease because of thirst.
However, they would end up wanting to drink the clean, tasty water as soon as they can afford to.
It must be this kind of thinking which Claire came up with that helped her rise to the top.

「She really thought things out well. That person will definitely go to hell.」

Celia is in a bad mood now because of this cunning method.
Maybe I’ll play around with this greedy female merchant and have my dick accidentally slip into her asshole.

「That’s just how merchants are though. I can’t talk bad about her since I’m also getting profits from her.」

I also partook in her own body as well as Laurie’s tiny body, so I can’t complain.
In fact, this city was essentially built up by Claire.

「That reminds me, Claire should know that I came here…… yet she didn’t show up.」

There isn’t a particular reason for her to come, but she’s recently been trying to persuade me on the matter with the wheat, so I just thought she would come anyways.

「About the issue with the wheat. It seems Claire-san and Adolph were negotiating about the portion we imported from Malt for the whole day yesterday.」

Adolph is negotiating trade with the delegation from Malt while working with Claire about handling the imported goods.
On top of that, he’s also thinking about the aqueduct, which has entered the final stages of construction.
What a busy guy, it’s fine if he works at a slower pace.

In any case, Celia knows about everything.
I kiss her cheek as we’re walking.

「D-doing that in a place like this…… it’s embarrassing.」

She dismisses me happily.
I’ll do even more…… your neck…… your chest…… your nape.

「P-people can see! Everyone can seeee!!」

「How nice…… Celia-chan. Master~, can I kiss master too?」

「I want to kiss4 too!」

「Eei, stop this! Are you trying to have an orgy in the middle of the city!?」

We look around the city, buy some rather cheap black beast meat and drink rather expensive freshwater.
When we finish our small tour, a loud ringing from a bell echoes throughout the city.
It’s about evening time…… so maybe the bell is to signal the time the sun sets?

The bell stops ringing and then a crowd of men…… miners, to be exact, rub their eyes, cursing as they wake up and emerging from houses all over the place.
I see, that bell was one to indicate a shift change.

Lintbloom is first and foremost an iron mine city, though the iron on the surface is of bad quality and has weathered away.
That’s why tunnels have been dug deep into the mountains in search for higher quality ores.
There is no sense of time after going inside the tunnels, so the miners are split into two groups and alternate between daytime and nighttime shifts when working in the mountains.

As soon as the miners of the nighttime shift head to the mine, the miners from the daytime shift all return to town.
Aiming for that moment are the street vendors and prostitutes.
There is no better time to earn money than when the burly miners return from work, hungry for food and women.

「W-wow, amazing……」
「Your Majesty, you must not look!」

Celestina’s eyes widen as the prostitutes look to excite the carnal desires of the miners with their outrageous actions.
It really is amazing, some expose their asses and breasts and when the miners make any kind of eye contact, they spread open their pussy lips.
Myla is keeping a watchful eye in Rafen, so any prostitutes with such an appearance would get captured immediately.

「The number of people here have gone up quickly. It will be a big deal if something were to happen so Celestina should go back to the inn.」

The miners are not people who are considerate or polite to say the least.
It would be bad if something happened to the cute Celestina or Leah.

「T-then me too……」

I kiss Celia as well and then urge everyone to go together to the inn.

「Uuu-…… I want to be by your side though……」

「I’ll be back after I finish a little business.」

As Celia was reluctantly about to head back with everyone, a drunk miner calls out to her.

「Hyuuu! Hey miss, looking damn fine! How much for one round? I’m pretty rich today……」
「Shut up!」

Celia’s fierce kick slams straight into the man’s crotch, causing the miner to fall to the ground silently.
The difference in the way she treats men aside from me is like night and day, that part of her really tickles my feeling of superiority.

I leave the confused escorts and head to my destination on my own.
There is a strange heat and a dense population in the corner of Lintbloom where the bars and prostitutes’ houses are closely packed.
People would bump shoulders with each other and curse while passing by.

Umu, this is a pretty good situation.
I stroke the asses of the scantily-clad prostitutes in this crowd of people.
This is a pleasant but the one thing that is sure to show up in this situation is…….

「Fuck!! Where did my money go!!? Someone pickpocketed me!!」

A miner with a muscular build shouts in the middle of the path..
He grabs the people around him with a husky voice but if he only realized now, then the pickpocketer is probably already long gone.

「Damn it, damn it!! I had three silver in there today!」

He literally stamps his feet in frustration, inducing those around him to snicker.

「Heh, it’s because such an idiot was walking around with all that money.」

「What did you say, bastard!?」

The man gets triggered instantly and punches the face of the man who jeered at him.
With his visible muscle mass, that one hit knocked out his opponent.
There was a soft scream from someone in the surroundings but a brawl between miners shouldn’t be something that unusual.
It didn’t turn into a bigger deal.

「Take that, dumbass! No way I’ll lose to a bitch like you……」

The man already lost his cool from getting his wallet swiped, and he just curses out the fallen man.
Taking another look, the man is even taller than me, and his bulging muscles cover his whole body.
He looks like a person who doesn’t have class or smarts, but I don’t hate these passionate types.

A clear smile emerges on my face when I think about such things.

「Hey you, you just smiled, didn’t you!!」

He directs his bellow at me.
The prostitutes and street vendors keep their distance to prevent themselves from getting involved.

「Oh? You’re talking to me?」
「Of course it’s you, you have a problem with me, buddy!?」

Well, those living outside of Rafen aren’t too familiar with my face after all.
If they recognized me, I might not get to see someone’s blood rise to their head like this.

「I don’t have anything against you. I just thought it was funny.」

「You little-!!」

I avoid the fist thrown at me, hook my foot around his leg and trip him.
He looks strong, though there is no reason to fight. Only an amateur would do something like that.

「Pfft」「So uncool.」「He got tripped nicely.」「He’s just how he looks, a stupid musclehead.」

The hooting from the onlookers further lights a fire under the miner.
Aah, now that it’s gotten to this point, there’s no choice but to fight

「I-I’ll kill you!」

「Don’t say something so violent. Here, I’ll let you hit me.」

I tap my stomach as if telling him to hit me here.
There’s no reason for me to have a death battle with him, I’ll just play around.
The man grins and pulls back his arm.

「You better not regret it!!」

His movements are rather slow, if I wanted to, I can probably dodge him at least ten times.
But I deliberately let him punch me in the stomach.


「Wha-! You didn’t fall over!?」

As expected of a miner whose proud of his brute strength, his fist packs quite a punch.
Although that’s not enough to defeat me.

「Next is my turn.」

I pull my arm back as well.
The miner was briefly taken aback, though he understood my intentions quickly and throws his shirt off, slapping his own stomach the same way I did earlier.

「You got guts! Go ahead and punch me. Your fist won’t do anything……」

My punch lands on his stomach with a thud.
His abs are pretty large, but my fist sinks deep into his body.

「Guhh! Gaah! Oogghhh……」

It seems the man is struggling to breathe as he is bent over while holding his stomach, though he barely avoids dropping his knee to the ground.
Incredible, he can still stand?

「Next …… is my……turn…… uggh……」

「Are you alright? We can stop here, you know?」

This was just a little distraction, I want him to work happily and pay taxes tomorrow too.
However the man doesn’t seem like he’ll give up any time soon, plus people are starting to form a circle around us while betting silver and copper coins.
The odds are apparently 1:5 in my favor.



A fist strikes my stomach again.
His legs should be feeling weak by now, but that punch had more force than the first one.
It winded me a little.

「Hehe…… b-bring it.」

The man folds his arms and exposes his stomach to me.
I’ll really injure him if I continue to hit him.
I’ll end it with this punch.

I put my hips behind his strike and throw a punch.


The moment my fist collides with his body, the contents of the meal that man just ate explodes out from his mouth like a geyser and he collapses to the ground.
The spectators cheer and bet more money.
I may have overdone it a little.

「Hey, you two.」


I call out to two sexy-looking prostitutes and hand them a gold coin from my pocket.

「Uha, a gold coin!? The two of us will gladly spend the whole night with you!」

That’s not what I mean.

「Could you look after this man until morning? If you’re in the mood, suck on his cock too.」

「Eh? What are you-……」

I feel somewhat guilty.
He might not want to work anymore after getting his wallet stolen and getting knocked out.

「Wow, what a generous guy.」「How nice…… you look like you pay well. Would you like to buy me?」
「Wait, isn’t that the feudal lord-sama?」「It feels like I saw him before in Rafen……」

Not good, if this becomes a big fuss, Celia will get mad again.
I should get away from this place.

I get away from all the clamor and find a place with few people.
It might be a good idea to get some strong alcohol as souvenirs.

「Shopkeep, one barrel of that……」

When I reached for my wallet to pay, a woman of small build bumps into my chest.

「Ara, sorry about that.」

The woman moves smoothly and walks past me, trying to leave with the stolen wallet…… but I grab her long bundled hair.


「Return the wallet. I won’t be able to buy the alcohol if you don’t.」

However, the woman becomes defiant after putting the wallet in her bosom.

「This is mine! Do you have any proof that it belongs to you!?」

If you just obediently admit you stole it, I wouldn’t have to follow you.

「…… then how much is in that wallet?」

「Guh…… a few silver coins and copper coins probably. I don’t remember all the details.」

「Wrong, there is 50 gold.」

I always have that much in there.
To be more precise, I only have 49 gold after I gave one away a little earlier.
The woman opens the wallet and her eyes widen.

「W-what is this……」

Another wallet drops from the hem of the shaken woman’s clothes.
Not only that, there are two of them…… both are roughly made and not something which females usually carry.
It looks like this girl is the serial pickpocketer.


The woman tries to run away with my wallet.
Like I was saying, don’t run.

「Hey, give it up.」

I grab her hand and pull her back, then wrap my arm around her shoulder.
It looked like a bandit was trying to kidnap a woman.

「Stop it! Let me goooo!!」

The woman screams as if she was on fire and people start to gather.
She probably thought I would falter from that…… how unfortunate.

「Feudal lord-sama, are you hurt!?」

Don’t scream so much, you’ve made the guards who know my face run over.

「F-feudal lord!?」

「That’s right, now return my wallet.」

I have to meet people after this and I can’t go empty-handed.
I have to buy some souvenirs.

「You’re Patta, the pickpocketer! Don’t tell me, did you……」

The guards’ expressions changed when they saw the girl.
The guards in charge of the area might get angry if they find out I got pickpocketed.

「Ah, ahaha……」

If I nod my head, she will definitely be thrown into prison for a long time.
Or maybe, the head of the city will treat this as a special case and kill her.
She has a pretty face and a nice ass.
It’ll be a shame if she gets killed or wastes away in a prison just for stealing.

「We’re just fooling around. You can go now.」

「R-right…… is it really okay?」

Of course, the fun is about to begin.

After the guards left, I drop Patta in the back alley and grasp her shoulder.

「W-what do you want? I mean, how can I help you……」

「I’ll spare you from going to prison this time. However, I can’t just acquit you…… pull down your panties and flip up your skirt.」

Patta hesitates for a moment, then sighs in resignation and lowers her underwear.

「Haa, I guess going one round with you is nothing compared to going to prison…… please don’t do anything bad.」

「Of course not, I’ll just stick my cock in normally. You’ll let me…… cum inside.」

「So the feudal lord-sama is quite the pervert. Fine, go ahead.」

I put her hands on the wall of the alley, roll up her skirt and grab her hips from behind.
Since she has a small body, her hole is also small, and while I would normally do thorough foreplay before sticking it in, this is also her punishment.
Just a little spit should be fine.
It’s nice that I’m doing it from behind, she might get frightened when she sees my bulging dick after all.

「Well, here I go.」

「Okay…… you’ll really pardon me after we screw, right?」

「Of course. Soraah!」

I grab her hips tightly and push into her hole.
I feel a tremendous resistance, but I was able to reach the back of her insides with one strong thrust.
I can feel my dick pushing apart the flesh inside her tight canals and the sensation of her vagina spasming from the impact of my penetration…….

「Wha-! U-ugyaaaaahhhh—!! What the heck is this–!?」

Oh come on, don’t scream from this.
It’s not like I’m torturing you.

「Kuh, a stake…… you pierced me with a stake, didn’t you!? You’re really going to kill me, aren’t you!? You’re going to execute me, aren’t you!?」

「I didn’t stab you with a stake. It’s just my dick.」

The girl turns around in tears, takes a look at the rod half-buried into her hole and screams.

「You’re kidding…… it’s huge! That dick is even bigger than a stake!! Not good, my stomach hurts! It’s tearing me apart!」

This is a punishment so it can’t be helped if it hurts.
You’ll be fine, even Pipi can fit me so a woman’s body won’t break from this.
It might be a little soon, but I’m moving right away.

「Aaaah–! I’m dying! This stake of a dick is tearing my holeeee, I’m dyinggg–!!」

「There, there, it’ll get better soon. I’ll fill your stomach and get you to quit5 pickpocketing.」

「Aaaah—-!! It’s digging into my womb–!」

I make Patta reform with my dick and semen and meet the person I wanted to meet.
That person is…… the nostalgic hairy madam, the female dwarf I slept with in the past.
She contacted me through Balbano and wanted to see me no matter what, so I felt I needed to despite our somewhat differing preferences.

When I arrive, she is carrying a child, though she smiles gently and quickly jumps into my chest with her hairy body.
Her body hair is even thicker than before.
In addition, her bearded face really makes me doubt if she really is a woman. I needed to check her crotch two to three times to make sure.

She has short limbs and a thick body, and as I feel the bristle of her hair from hugging her, I pour my seed in the second woman of the day.

The Next Day

「Aegir-sama…… there are rumors about you.」

「What kind of rumors? Celia, your face is all smooth. You don’t have any beard either.」

「Why would a beard grow on my face!? ……rumors about you fucking some woman in the alleys.」

「That was work. As a feudal lord, I protected the peace in Lintbloom and corrected a woman who was going down the wrong path.」

「That woman has been sitting in front of the mansion since the early morning. She was saying things like, “I want him to embrace me one more time.” “I don’t mind being a sex slave.”」

I was giving her punishment and she’s now attracted to me? Human relationships are a mysterious thing.
But now, this woman will stop pickpocketing.
She was a nice fuck, so maybe I’ll go another round before I leave, maybe a little gentler this time.
She wasn’t hairy either.

「Lord Hardlett, looks like you don’t have time to get aroused.」

「……what do you want, Leopolt?」

I didn’t say anything, yet he knew what I was thinking.

「News just came from Rafen. Another nation…… the Democratic Nation of Libatis has sent a messenger. They want us to head back as soon as we are finished with our business here.」

「After the ball, it’s been busy over here…… oh well, I guess we’ll return home.」

「I’ll make preparations immediately.」

Lintbloom is not a place to stay long in the first place.
There’s no bath here so it’ll be hard for me to embrace someone and get her covered in juice.

Celia and Leah will be going back with me while Pipi will be returning to the mountain nation she hasn’t seen in a while.
I’ll pass on a reward of loyalty and ask her to send them my regards.

「We’ll return as soon as preparations are done……」

My eyes meet with the moist eyes of the Patta, who is sitting by the entrance.
When she finds me, she desperately pleads for me to mate with her again.
She fell this far just from me violating her roughly for one night…… how wonderful.

Maybe I’ll entertain her until we have to leave.
When I undo the front of pants and beckon her to come, the girl comes running with a huge smile on her face.
Of course, she didn’t have a beard either.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 162,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Army: 5500 men
Infantry: 3000, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 500
Cannons: 19, Large Cannons: 10, Super Large Cannon: 1 (impossible to move from Lintbloom)
Reserve: 3000
Security Unit: 100

Assets: 9100 gold

Sexual Partners: 214, children who have been born: 48


  1. Nat: bronze was a blind spot.
  2. Nat: just fyi, coal is the naturally occurring mineral while charcoal is the remains of the slow burning of wood
  3. Nat: ~noja
  4. Nat: chuu~~
  5. Nat: literally wash your feet


  1. In not too long into the future, I would imagine that everyone would become a descendant of Aegir. If there is ever a cataclysm, the survivors would be his children or children’s children.

  2. stop it with this dwarf woman!!! it give me a very serious of goosebumps

  3. Then some idiot decides to attack Aegir’s domain through Lintbloom somehow and thinks they’re totally unprepared for an attack.

    *Cue Urgan*

  4. Urgan should probably be Uragan which means cyclone or great storm.

  5. For some reason my comment wasnt posted so another try. Urgan is probably Uragan which means cyclone or great storm.(croatian if anyone wonders).

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