Chapter 210: Irregularities of the Forest Part 2


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Fuu…… Fuu……」

I steady my breathing after crushing the last of the goblins.

「I let a few of them escape.」

「…… You overdid it. You cleared so many trees here that the sun is shining through now.」

After looking around, it’s exactly as Celia says. I’ve knocked down rows and rows of trees and the sun is peeking out from the large gap in the sky.

「Corpses of wolves and goblins are all over the place…… no, you can’t really tell what monster these bodies belong to when they’ve been destroyed this much. Whoever comes in here after us will make a huge fuss to the guards when they discover this.」

Mireille seems to feel the same way as Celia.
Hm, it was as if a wicked monster rampaged through this area.

「Let’s forget what’s already happened. More importantly, we have to head deeper into the forest.」

「About that……」「It’s hard to say……」

Gido and Celia look troubled.

「This is just the outer area of the forest. Things will probably get worse if we go deeper. To be honest, I don’t think the girl wandered that far. I can’t let the chief expose himself to more danger either…… should we just report to the guards and let them handle it?」

「If they found out this many goblins appeared in the outer part of the forest, they will probably assemble a subjugation squad too. It’s easier to search the forest if we have more personnel. We should turn back.」

Celia is suggesting we return to the city too.
She was against this idea in the first place.
The only reason she didn’t chase away the woman in the bar yesterday was because she passed out after drinking.

「Hmmm, this might be a similar situation we had before where she is kidnapped by the goblins and then raped. A few days could make the difference between life or death.」

I would like to find her on my own since I’m the one who accepted the request.
However, going further will definitely mean Celia and Mireille will be exposed to more danger.
It’s probably better just to proceed with the men…….

「By the way, I’m not leaving Aegir-sama’s side.」

Celia clings to me.
Her instincts have been unusually sharp lately.

「This is strange though.」

Mireille puts a hand to her chin and tilts her head.

「Strange? Goblins appear normally in all sorts of places.」

「That’s true. But these guys were in a pack, plus they brought wolves…… and climbed trees…… it didn’t feel like a coincidence that they came from the depths of the forest and found us.」

The one who is most knowledgeable about goblin ecology is the former mercenary and monster exterminator, Mireille.

「You’re saying they were laying in wait for us?」

Gido and Celia become serious, while Christoph and Kroll become scared.
Mack is closing his eyes and standing firmly like a large tree.

「No, they don’t have that much intelligence…… from what I could see, there wasn’t a hobgoblin leading them. They are probably living somewhere close by.」

「So does that mean they took her there?」

「I am not certain about that yet. In the first place, light shines on this place and wind blows through here often, so it isn’t the most pleasant place for goblins.」

「Fumu…… is there a reason behind them staying in an unpleasant area?」

「I can think of two reasons. The first is that they moved here just so they can hunt for prey.」

「They targeted that girl as prey?」

Mireille shakes her head in response to Celia’s question.

「Mmm, I don’t think a pack of goblins that size would change their hideout just for the sake of one girl. That’s why I think it’s the other reason.」

Kroll gulps and readies the pot lid in his hand.
After all that fighting, it hasn’t been damaged, what a sturdy lid you have there.

「Something appeared in the depths of the forest where they’re comfortable…… and made them unable to live there.」

「We should really go back!」

I’m sorry Celia, but I can’t give up here after promising that woman.
I don’t know what will happen, and honestly I could end up dying too, but I will still do my utmost.

「I have taken her lips. I can ram my rod in her when we succeed…… she is prepared for at least that much.」

「You said it in such a cool way, but you’re acting based on your lower half!?」

Shut up, Christoph.

「Such a promise was made? The only thing you did for the advance payment was stealing her lips.」

What are you talking about Mireille?
If stealing her lips is the down payment, then the reward is her body, and if the end result is even better, she might be okay with letting me cum inside her.

「Now, let’s go!」


Don’t make such an unhappy face, there may be dropped sweets deeper inside the forest.

「I won’t eat them if they’ve already dropped on the ground! What do you think I am!?」

As we progress further into the forest, the vegetation gets thicker and the overgrown grass hinders our vision.
Naturally, it wouldn’t make sense for any girl to pick mushrooms here.
So maybe she really is in the goblins’ nest from back there…… still, it’s possible she could be carried here against her will.


Gido, who is walking in the lead, sticks out his hand to stop us.
Everyone immediately hides in the grass and holds their breath.

「There’s something moving in front. It’s not a goblin, it’s something bigger.」

I look between the blades of tall grass and listen carefully.
I can hear the rustling sounds made by the motion of something which had no intention to hide.
A large area of short trees and grass is swaying.
I expected it to be big but if I can’t see its head, then it must be a long animal.

「That kind of movement is a snake…… it’s large…… easily longer than five meters.」

Celia whispers her thoughts.
Five meters huh, that’s pretty long.

「A five meter long serpent……」「Hieee.」

Christoph and Kroll sound pathetic.
You have that pot lid, do your best.

「If it’s big, it’ll be easier to take it down.」

The scary part about snakes is their venom, and how they suddenly jump out to bite you from the shadows.
It may be more powerful due to its large size, but that also means that its movements are not as quick.

「We don’t have to fight it unnecessarily. We can hide here and let it go past us.」

「I guess.」

If we end up fighting, somebody may get hurt and Christoph might die this time.
There’s nothing to gain from fighting either, so we’ll just stay here quietly.

As I was about to sit my ass on the ground and take a nap to pass the time, the face of a woman suddenly appears and gradually rises.
My eyes widen at the unexpected sight.
The woman’s body seems to stretch up to reach for a persimmon located on a relatively high tree branch.

I was unconsciously captivated by the beauty of her upper body, however the part from her belly and below is the body of a snake, which is thick enough that I don’t know if I can completely wrap my arms around it.
Half human, half monster…… I’ve heard stories about it, so this is a lamia.

「La-lamia…… Mmgh!」

Mireille covers Kroll’s mouth with her hand.

「Quiet…… lamias are many times more vicious than serpents……」

If you think of them as snakes with intelligence, it’s clear that they would have a nasty nature.
In addition, I heard lamias are capable of using weapons, despite the one in front of us currently holding nothing but a persimmon.

The problem isn’t that though.
The female who plucked that fruit just now isn’t wearing any clothes.
In other words, those abundant and shapely breasts were shaking all over the place as she moved.
Not good…… I can’t help myself.

「What a nice body! What nice breasts!」「Wait, Aegir-sama!?」

「Who’s there!?」

She realized I’m here.
I wonder how keen a lamia’s senses are.

「I could hear the voice from somewhere outside the forest!」

Not long after Mireille and Celia chase after me, the lamia throws the fruit away and slithers toward me.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we can avoid a battle.

「Don’t be fooled by her appearance! She’s strong!」

Everyone readies their weapons as Mireille screams.
Hey, it’s a naked woman, how can you point your weapons at her…….

The lamia wiggles its body with tremendous speed and closes the distance.
Gido aims his bow but is not able to predict the irregular zigzag movements of the monster.

When the lamia reached point-blank range, its body suddenly curls back.

「Eh? Guwah!」

Surprised at the abrupt change of direction, Gido left himself open for an attack by the flexed snake torso, getting sent flying backwards and crashing into a tree after not being able to completely stop the force of the impact.

「This thing!」

Mireille slashes at the monster.
However, the soft-looking scales parry the blade and no injury results.


The lamia circles around Mireille and wraps its long body around her, then quickly tightens and squeezes.


Now that the situation has become like this, a shield and sword is no longer effective.
Kroll and Christoph who ran to try and help get knocked away with one strike of the lamia’s tail.
The snake body seems large but by no means moves sluggishly.


Celia readies a knife aimed at the lamia’s face while Mack wields his mace.

「Wait, I’ll save her.」

It might be a monster, but it still has the upper body of a woman.
I would feel ashamed if it injures its face.
Besides, there might be a chance Celia’s knife or Mack’s mace might hit Mireille if she moves wildly.

「Coming again, human?!」

I leave my spear behind and rush towards the lamia to save Mireille.
Sure enough, its tail swings at me mid-charge, though the power of its strike is reduced because most of its body was wrapped around Mireille so I am able to block it with my arm.
Putting Kroll aside, even Christoph wearing armor was blown away by something like this……?

「Mireille, I’m coming to save you now.」
「Auu…… thanks.」

I try to pull Mireille away from the clutches of the lamia, but it squeezes tighter and fights against my strength, refusing to let me do so.

「Guh…… what’s this strength…… even though you’re just a human.」

I thought I could simply loosen her grip, but it has a considerable amount of power.
With that amount of strength, an average man would not be able to compete at all.

「Ghk, slippery.」

The biggest problem is that the snake body is smoother than I thought and every time I grab it tighter, it slips out of my grasp.
If only I had something to hold onto.

「You little-!」

Losing its temper, the lamia bites my shoulder.
Fortunately, its fangs were not very sharp and did not pierce my armor although there is the possibility of poison from getting even just a scratch.

I twist my body out of the way and my hand manages to find a slight indented area to grab on.
Further, the opening seems to go rather deep and there is no scale inside to prevent passage.
I can use this.

「Hyaah! T-that’s-!?」


I insert two fingers into the hole and pull with all my strength.


For some reason, the lamia faints and becomes limp.
Mireille was released and somehow returns to where Celia and the others are.
Even so, I wonder why it suddenly lost all of its strength like that.

「Y-y-you…… how dare you…… unforgivable…… what would you do if it tore!!?」

Now that I look again, the lamia is enraged with its human upper body, in particular its face, turning red in anger.
I guess coming to an agreement is impossible now.


Mack throws my spear so it lands in front of me.

「You little-!」

The serpent body winds left and right as the lamia slithers into point-blank range, but as long as I don’t get misled by its size, I should be able to handle the speed.

I block the continuous attacks unleashed by its torso with my spear, and while the blows seem pretty heavy, they’re nothing like what I experienced in my fight with Gildress.

「Aegir-sama! Take off its head now!」

「Its abdomen is unguarded, finish it with a thrust!」

Celia and Mireille are shouting something at me from behind, but if I listen to their advice I’ll end up killing it.
To be honest, I think it’s surprisingly easy just to defeat this thing.
Even though its snake-like movements are strange, they’re monotonous and it’s nothing to worry about once I get used to it.
However, the difficulty level spikes when trying to defeat the lamia without injuring it.

「This human! This humannn!」

The lamia is clearly angry and has lost its composure.
I’ll try to bait it.

After deflecting many tail attacks and evading its bite attempts, I raise my spear up and slash at the lamia’s head.
She grins and her snake part moves agilely out of the way to avoid my spear.

「It’s over.」

After missing my attack, I’m left wide open so one strike with her tail knocks the spear out of my hand.
Without delay, the lamia coils its body around me.

「Aegir-sama!」「I’ll come save you now……」

「Don’t come!!」

I stop the flustered Celia and Mireille as well as the mace-wielding Mack.
This situation is necessary for me to defeat her.

「Fufu, are you at least trying to let your companions escape? I don’t hate that part of you, but I’m not going to show any mercy. Digging two fingers into my embarrassing hole…… now I’m going to eat you starting with your head!」

So that was her genitalia…… wonderful, I can mate with her as long as she has a hole.

「I’ll strangle you to death!」

The snake body wrapped around me starts squeezing tighter.

「Guwah, so tight.」

「Ufufu, suffer more.」

The lamia satisfyingly watches on as my body bends and I let out a painful groan.
That beautiful face gets closer to my suffering face.
Now’s the time.


「Eh, you’re kidding!」

I flex both arms and push apart the constricting snake body, then pull my hands out.
From that last grappling match, I could tell that I am stronger as long as I have a good grip, that much was simple to understand.

I grab the lamia’s face with my freed hands, pull it close to me and steal her lips.

「Nmmu!? Nmmmh!!」

She struggles desperately but is unable to get away while I’m holding her head.
She tries to wrap her snake body to strangle me but that’s not nearly enough to kill me.
Hahaha, this is my win.

「……what is that?」「He was aiming for that from the start so he purposely let himself be captured……?」

I continue pressing my lips on the lamia’s lips as Celia and Mireille stare coldly at my back.
Since I’m kissing her anyways, might as well add some tongue too.
A lamia’s tongue is completely different from a human’s, it’s thin and strangely long.

「Nggooh! Nggghuu!!」

It would be enjoyable if she just accepts me, but the lamia continues to resist.
I won’t make any progress at this rate, I’ll have to settle this soon.

I hold onto the lamia’s face with one hand while I use the other one to pinch her nose.
Her lips don’t have any gaps for her to breathe from her mouth.
It will be painful but I don’t want to hurt her, so forgive me for at least this much.

「Nngh…… Ngoh……」

Because she was struggling so much, it didn’t take long for her to run out of breath.
She groans as she flails wildly, pounding her hands against my face until she finally loses consciousness.
Her snake body also loses strength and loosely falls to the ground.

「Puha…… alright, now I’ll bring you back. Sorrah!」

After seeing her completely fainted, I separate from her lips and slap her back.
Breath returns to her lungs, though she is slightly choking, doing her best just to breathe normally again.
She won’t be able to move much for a while.

「It’s over. Now what should I do?」

I take another look at the collapsed lamia who is gasping for air.
She truly has nice tits and a pretty face.
Her lower body is that of a snake but I think fucking her shouldn’t be a problem as long as she has a hole.
It’s a shame she doesn’t have plump thighs.

「The chief defeated that snake woman with a kiss……」
「You don’t have to say it……」
「My club flew away somewhere…… I only have this lid left.」

The males comment with dumbfounded looks.

「We were saved but…… he put his finger in her hole?」

「Aegir-sama is someone who can’t help himself when he sees a hole after all.」

The females look somewhat reproachfully at me.


It was about time the lamia woke up.
I have plenty of things I want to ask and do.
Aah, I’m looking forward to it…… I’m really excited.

「Aegir-sama, you’re getting hard! Your pants are going to tear, so stop thinking about naughty things!」

That was close, that was close. If my dick gets erect and bursts out of my pants, I won’t stop at talking.
Well, let’s chat with this beautiful snake woman.



  1. Stupid lamia. Thinking she could take on Aegir and win.

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    I woder if anyone gets this reference lol

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  5. Thanks, Nat.
    Lol, Aegir style is always make me smile. He should rape her, she will thanks him later if he can give her a child. I bet his new mission is mating with the entire tribe.

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