Chapter 211: Democratic Nation of Libatis


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Buuu」「Buu, buu」

Nonna and Carla are sitting on either side of me and sulking.
It seems they still hold a grudge against me for leaving them alone and entering the forest for a whole day.

「Did you go hiking with just Celia-san and Mireille-san or something?」

It wasn’t as relaxing as that.

「What did you do in the forest? I don’t only smell a woman’s scent on you, there’s some strange scent on you too.」

That’s probably Lammy’s scent.
I had an orgy after being with her so I thought her scent would be covered up though.

「We’re part of this newlywed trip too, you know?」
「Let’s all say it. Buuu.」「Buu, buuu」

Catherine, Maria and even Miti condemns me.
By the way, Celia and Mireille were travelling with me on the first day so they switched to another carriage today.
Seeing the resisting Celia carried off against her will by her arms and legs was quite the surreal scene.

(What a wonderful view~)

Since a rope is tied around her waist and fixed to the roof of the carriage, Casie can catch the wind and soar in the sky.
Apparently she learned flying techniques and anti-crow battle techniques.

On the way, we encountered a suspicious-looking old woman who was possessed by a wicked spirit. When we told her we would pay 10 gold, Casie nose dived and scared the woman, causing her to foam at the mouth and faint.
Of course, Casie continued flying straight into the ground and got a portion of herself buried under the dirt.

「Aegir-sama, are you listening!? When we reach Tortoent, you need to pay plenty of attention to me.」

「Alright. My cute Nonna.」

When I hug her close and stroke her head, she becomes more docile.
I can feel her large breasts pressing against my chest.
If she pushes them on me like this, I can’t help but want to ravish her on the spot.

「I don’t mind, you know? A husband lusting for his wife is quite natural.」

Without hesitation, I grab her breasts.

「Aah, not fair, me too!」
「You can grab my boobs too.」「They’re small, but you can still touch them if you want.」

Breasts come at me from all directions, and I’ll even accept Maria’s erect nipples.

「I’ll be buried in boobs at this rate. Don’t feel you have to stop though, this is the best.」

However, the passing of time cruelly ends my paradise.

「Hardlett-dono, we have arrived at Tortoent. ……there will be heavy pedestrian traffic throughout the city from here on, so moaning and making the carriage shake will really draw attention to us.」

I hear the voice of the escort captain outside the carriage.
He doesn’t dare to open the window of the carriage anymore.
Now that I think about it, I’ve been constantly flirting with the girls along the way besides the time I’m asleep.

The girls quickly tidy and adjust their messed up clothes while Miti helps Nonna …… once her breasts are out of her clothes, it’s apparently difficult to get them back in due to their sheer size.
Not to mention she just gave birth not too long ago so unless her boobs are kept in check, a huge mess will be made from leaking breast milk.
Furthermore, the amount of milk she lactates can’t be underestimated and is enough to make her boobs feel stiff even after feeding her twins.

For now, I need to greet the important people here in the capital city of Libatis.
Once that’s done, I can take a relaxing walk around the city and maybe do some shopping…….

「Hm? What’s that?」

Something is glittering in the corner of the carriage hidden by a cushion.
When I go to pick it up, I find that it’s a gold necklace.
At first I thought it was something that matched with someone’s formal dress, though it’s ugly and glaringly shiny, not complimenting anyone’s dress that I know.


I know who bought this without anyone having to say anything.
I guess it isn’t a big deal after I didn’t pay attention to her for one day…… but I wonder why all the girls, besides Nonna, are avoiding eye contact awkwardly..

「We have arrived. Please alight from your carriage.」

I hear the captain’s voice again.
Whatever, I can let this gold jewellery slide.

Libatis Government Administration

「Pleased to meet you. Hardlett…… Margrave Hardlett, I presume?」

「The pleasure is mine, Minister of Foreign Affairs.」

The government administration is comparable to the royal palace in Goldonia, where apparently the ministers and individuals with the highest authority in the country called consuls do their government affairs.

「On this occasion, you have come for sightseeing so I would be delighted if you could experience the difference between our country and yours. I hope this will help in building a favorable relationship in the future.」

I can tell from one look and his few words that he doesn’t like me.
He wasn’t speaking to be in a rude tone or openly expressing his distaste for me but every one of his courteous words seem barbed.

「We may need to cooperate in the future. So it may please you to make some friends with the individuals of the national army.…… Tretts, continue to be Hardlett-dono’s escort and guide.」


So the captain’s name is Tretts.
He salutes with brisk motions though his face has a slightly contradicting expression.
Did I really cause him that much trouble?

「Now then, I will excuse myself.」

「Yes, thank you for this worthwhile meeting.」

I mutter “liar” in my heart before exiting the room.
I can see clearly in his face that he’s telling me to “hurry up and leave”.
Whatever, I wasn’t thrilled to meet the Foreign Minister anyways. My main objective is for my girls to have a relaxing outing.

「Then I will count on you for your continued service.」

「Right…… I hope you don’t act too rashly.」

The captain smiles bitterly before sighing.

–Third Person POV–

Foreign Minister’s Room

「Minister, he has also realized.」

The minister smiles slightly at the secretary’s words and plops himself on his chair.

「I’m sure he has. But it shouldn’t be a problem, in the end he’s nothing more than just a feudal lord out in some remote land.」

「Goldonia governs everything from the law to military service and tax when it comes to feudal lords.」

The minister snorts.

「The fact that only a single ruler of the region has individual privilege-…… it makes monarchy is truly an inferior system of government. In the first place, giving power to individuals through bloodline and not to those actually capable is absolutely outrageous.」

The secretary doesn’t say anything further.

「Juno has involved himself with that guy and seems to be plotting something, but I can’t trust Goldonia like I can’t trust those religious fanatics from Altair. Those guys treat agreements with neighboring countries like scrap pieces of paper. I’m not unaware of how many countries Goldonia has destroyed up till now.」

The minister brings out a report documents and shows it to the secretary.

「This is a report from one of my trusted retainers who has mixed in with the escorts…… look at it, it’s a complete mess.」

「Let me see. ……oh, this is-」

A smile unconsciously forms on the secretary’s face, but his face stiffens and becomes serious when the minister glares at him.

「The number of women accompanying him is 13. It looks like even aside from his wife and concubines, the others all have a relationship to him as a lover…… I’m surprised they all get along. I’d also like some of that good…… ahem, pardon me.」

The secretary clears his throat and continues reading.

「According to the information gleaned from miscellaneous conversations, Hardlett-dono indulges in lewd activities every night and repeatedly enjoys large-scale orgies…… he houses close to 100 girls in his home and indiscriminately impregnates them…… this is the report?」

「I feel dirty just from reading it.」

「The minister makes it a purpose to be upright and cleanhanded after all. Err, let’s see…… this is horrible, he particularly loves lusting after mothers and daughters at the same time and violates all women young and old.」

「Can we negotiate with a man like this? He makes negotiating with those religious fanatics a better idea, no?」

「Haa…… he seems to have serious issues with his personality, although he would be easy to handle if he is indeed controlled by his lust. Perhaps Vice Minister Juno also thought the same thing when he laid his eyes on that man?」

The minister makes a face as if looking down on the person who was brought up and then goes into thinking while resting his head on his hand.

「It’s possible, Juno is also quite the capable man. If that man is a sex beast ruled by his lower half, then he’ll be easy to deal with, huh…… I don’t trust him but I also can’t try to outsmart him. For now, we’ll just have to entertain him without being rude, though make sure not to send any female attendants.」

The secretary realizes something after nodding.

「The secretary who Vice Minister Juno stationed at that man’s residence for communication purposes was a woman.」

「……we’ll make an exception and raise the wages. We’re probably too late though.」

–Aegir POV–

Central Part of Tortoent

「It’s really booming here.」

「I didn’t think it would be to this extent.」

I heard that Libatis is a pretty developed nation, especially economically, amongst the southern nations.
However, the capital city Tortoent really surpassed by imaginations.
Rafen can’t compare and there seems to be as much energy in the city as there is in the capital of Goldonia.

On both sides of the main street, various shops are lined up side by side with the merchants calling out to potential customers, while in front of those shops are carts and street vendors selling everything from unique trinkets to useless junk.
And even those vendors are gradually selling most of their stock.
Which means the citizens have the luxury to buy goods besides the basic necessities.

「Consul Kaldenas is an extremely competent man. Libatis experienced an even higher level of development ever since that man became the Consul.」

The captain……Tretts, is guarding me alone as we are in the center of the busy city.
Tortoent is a large city but he said that we should be safe as long as we don’t do anything to stand out.

「The Consul, huh. I kind of wanted to meet him.」

I’m a little curious as to what kind of person the individual who the citizens elected to be their leader is.

「My deepest apologies…… the Consul is an extremely busy person, which I’m sure Hardlett-dono can understand.」

「It’s fine, I was just curious. I’m sure he doesn’t have time to meet someone like me anyways.」

I’m sure we’ll have a chance to meet if fate allows it.

I take the girls on a walk to explore the city, doing some shopping here and there.
Their purses filled with money might have been spotted during that time.

「Kyaah! Thief!」

It looks like Nonna got pickpocketed.
The thief tries to escape quickly, but there’s no way he can run from my Celia.

「I won’t let you escape!」

As the thief tries to sprint away, his legs get skillfully swept and he trips, falling face-first to the ground.
A beautifully swift move.
When Mireille runs over and grabs the man’s arm, he starts struggling wildly.
I’ll take over from here.

「What’s your deal!? Let go!」
「Fumu, a man huh…… then I guess I’ll break it?」

I would have liked to chat a bit in the back alley if the criminal was a woman, but since it’s a young man, I unfortunately don’t have any margin to negotiate.
I’m especially angry at the fact that he targeted my Nonna.

「Ow, ow, ow, ow!! S-stop!」

「If you don’t calm down, it won’t break cleanly.」

Before I could snap his arm in half, Tretts came running to stop me.

「Hardlett-dono! Please stop that! He isn’t resisting anymore!」

「Yeah, that’s why I’m just letting him off by taking one arm.」

「Leave this to the guards! If you deliver your own personal punishment, you will be charged with a crime too!」

Is that so, how annoying.

When I let go of his arm, the man clings to Tretts.
What a pathetic man, he shouldn’t have pickpocketed in the first place.

We encountered a thief but the earlier claim about the security being good seems true as it didn’t take longer than a few minutes for guards to come running, hear the explanation from Tretts and then apprehend the man.

「If he is found to be guilty in a trial, he will be required to pay a fine or serve time in imprisonment depending on the amount of money stolen…… in addition, his right to vote will be temporarily suspended. Breaking his arm will not be tolerated.」

I think it’s the most effective way to fight against pickpockets though.

「By the way, how much was in the purse?」

Tretts looks at Nonna.

「About 100 gold.」
「100!? Are you an idiot?」「You spend so wastefully because you carry so much with you!」

That much was stuffed in the purse? ……it’s dangerous, so please don’t do it anymore.

「T-that means it’s likely he’ll get the maximum sentence…… that man isn’t lucky either.」

The goddess of luck won’t be an ally to some scoundrel who thinks about robbing such a beautiful woman.

「Still, you go through all the trouble of the trial even though it’s unnecessary and the crime happened in front of your eyes?」

「That is the way we do things in our nation. It takes more time and effort but we prevent any lynching or excessive punishments.」

So that means other countries have no say in it either?

「Incidentally, what is the punishment for pickpocketing in my territory, Celia?」

「Depending on the sum of money, fines or imprisonment, and various things like branding. ……well, most of the pickpockets we find get beaten to a pulp and then left alone so we sometimes overlook the crime too. That’s not counting Myla though.」

「T-that’s pretty harsh……」

Tretts seems shocked and slightly taken aback.

「I really think aiming for a woman is cowardly, she might get hurt, that’s why the sentence should be doubled.」

「Double is too much. How about a 50% increase?」

「Fine, let’s go with that. Let Myla and Adolph know when we get back.」

Adolph aside, Myla should be all for increasing the severity of punishments.
I’m sure that would help improve the safety in Rafen.

「U-um…… it’s been decided with just that? Don’t tell me, is that exchange all it takes for the law to change?」

Tretts seems to have mixed feelings about what we just did.
I wonder what’s wrong about it.

「I…… love the Democratic Nation of Libatis……」

What a weird guy, is he scared of something?

「God has descended!!」

「What!? Where!?」

If a goddess has appeared, I have to see it with my own eyes.
Surely she would be beautiful, with breasts unmatched in size by any human.

「Hardlett-dono, calm down. It’s just random preaching.」

I regain my composure as Tretts says.
Oh, so it was just some strange evangelist? He got my hopes up for nothing.

「Ooh, all you pitiful people…… why do you not walk alongside us? God is shedding tears because of your ignorance and unenlightenment.」

A man is enthusiastically shouting in the middle of the road while onlookers pass by him with a troubled look on their faces.
Some of them openly express their feelings of disgust and even kick sand at him.

「What’s that?」

「It’s propagation done to convert people into believing in the God Altair…… it takes some nerve to openly do something like this.」

「Altair, which means…… the Divine Nation of Altair? You’re allowing the enemy nation to solicit your fellow citizens?」

Celia is also surprised.
Nonna is looking at a jewel being sold by a street vendor.

「The religion of Altair has continued for many generations since ancient times…… but the Divine Nation just started spouting on their own that Altair is the one and only God and that the Pope is the reincarnation.」

「It seems like that man is also saying the same thing.」

「Ooh, Altair is the only absolute God! Other Gods and spirits are all deceptions, you must not believe in them.」

The man continues to appeal to the people by explaining the joy of serving his God.
Of course, nobody seems to be paying attention.
Nonna holds up the jewel to the sun and seems spellbound.

「If I were to speak my true feelings, I would also want to chase the man out of my nation and send him back to the Divine Nation of Altair. Like I said earlier, our nation has a fixed set of laws. Spreading the religion on the road isn’t illegal. It would be a different story if he were to publicly declare his loyalty to the Divine Nation of Altair though……」

The man repeatedly pleads for people to “walk with me” or “serve” but he is only referring to the ancient God named Altair.

「If we were to imprison people for worshipping a God, we would be no different than the People’s Federation of Vandolea, a nation who robs the citizens of their freedom.」

So Libatis can’t throw somebody out of the nation just because they seem suspicious.
This really is a troublesome country.
Nonna takes out her purse.

「I’ve been seeing an increase of people spreading the faith of Altair recently though…… some sort of countermeasure must be considered. However, I’m pretty sure it should be fine since nobody is foolish enough to listen.」

It seems Libatis has its own problems.
For me, if I didn’t have Leopolt and Adolph, I would have to deal with all the tiny problems myself.
I should be kinder to them.
Carla and Mireille are pulling Nonna away by her arms.

「Alright, I’ll let you return to your inn today and have something to eat. I’ll introduce you to those in the military tomorrow.」

「Okay. Thanks.」

At that moment, two soldiers come running through the crowd of people…… soldiers who I recognize as Tretts’s subordinates.
They seem to tell Tretts something.
As I watch his expression, the complexion of his face gets gradually worse.

「Err…… an emergency situation has come up……」

Tretts hesitates for a brief moment before whispering to me in a way that the girls can’t hear.

「A little bit of a problem has come up at the border between our nation and Altair…… I apologize but could you ask if any complications arose in the scheduled meeting with the military tomorrow……」

Make it a topic for discussion…… eh?

「God has come!! He has descended to this present world!!」

The evangelist who is practically spitting while he shouts is awfully loud.

Side Story

(I’ve realized something.)

What is it, Casie?

(It’s about Altair, the one and absolute God. The other Gods and mysterious beings are all fake.)

Is that so, Casie. Well you should look at yourself before saying that.

(Oh my! Does that mean I’m the one and only God, Altair!?)

Sure, Casie. Right, I think we have pumpkin pie today.
Lots of ripened pumpkins were used so surely it will taste delicious.

(Yaaaay, give thanks to the pumpkin God!)

I wonder if that strange evangelist attracts people like this.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 162,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Accompanying to the Democratic Nation of Libatis:
Nonna (beautiful I think), Celia (adjutant), Carla (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (lover), Casie (God), Yoguri (playwright), Pipi (lover)
Alice (magical girl), Antonio (son), Rose (foster daughter)

Gido (escort), Kroll (miscellaneous affairs), Schwartz (lewd horse), Mack (escort), Christoph (escort?)
Lammy (packing)

Assets: 10 670 gold

Sexual Partners: 226, children who have been born: 48



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