Chapter 216: Malt Defense War ① Military Volunteers Sortie


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

I open up the letter brought to us by the express messenger and spread it out on the table in front of us as we hold a midnight conference.
Those in attendance are Leopolt, Myla, Irijina, Luna, and Celia as individuals associated with the military.

「Is that idiot Tristan not here yet!? Celia, go kick his ass.」

「……Tristan is in the middle of constructing a fort at the national borders.」

I knew that.
Of course I did.

「I have already made contact and gave instructions to take precautions.」

Leopolt informs me in his usual emotionless voice.
By the tone of his voice, he makes it sound like it was a job I forgot to do.

「You completely forgot, didn’t you?」
「The chief’s capacity and dick are both big after all.」
「Wahahaha! I completely forgot too!」

Myla, Luna…… and even the foolish Irijina is laughing at me.

「Let’s start the meeting!!」

I slam the table to cut short their heckling.
Looks like I was able to dodge that bullet.

「Vandolea is also intimidating the Malt Kingdom similar to how they tried intimidating us.」

I thought they would be complaining about how the water in the river is being used or something but in the end they are just using the same words we heard, demanding territory be handed to them.

「Not only that, it looks like they are demanding a larger portion of territory than they did with us.」

「Hmm, it looks like that talk about mutual protection didn’t have any effect.」

Juno’s plan doesn’t seem to be working.

「No, they’re probably attacking Malt precisely because they’re curious about it. This way, they can find out who can actually respond and who is pretending.」

Vandolea is unexpectedly attacking with more assertiveness than I thought.
It seems they aren’t an opponent to stop because there is something which worries us.

「If Malt doesn’t accept their demands, they will probably start invading soon. Malt’s military inferiority is obvious. This situation is different from if we were to face off against Vandolea ourselves.」

I agree with Leopolt.
Nobody would hold back against a weak nation.

「That’s the difficult part.」

I once again open up the letter which I received from Erich just the other day.

「It is completely unnecessary to compromise in conflicts on the border. If talks devolve into military combat, the Royal Army will come running to support you…… this is good, right?」

If Goldonia’s main army sorties, we won’t lose.
There is no way Vandolea can fight a war with us while having to worry about another enemy.
The problem is with the next sentence.

「The Kingdom will not participate in the conflict between the three nations: Libatis, Malt and Vandolea. So he’s basically telling me not to offer unnecessary help……?」

That ultimately means the Goldonian army will not act unless my own territory gets invaded, not caring at all about Malt.

「It is to be expected that Goldonia has no reason to shed blood for Malt. The Kingdom has not much interest in extending to the south after all.」

In Goldonia eyes, Vandolea as well as Altair, Malt, and Libatis are all equally one nation.
If they’re going to fight amongst one another, it’s better to leave them alone.

「The Kingdom might not have a reason, but I do.」

I have to protect the cute Celestina and her country.

「But we can’t just boldly express that Malt is under our protection.」

「That’s another problem.」

They defended against the invasion when Celestina’s stupid brother attacked and got the permission from the Kingdom during the time with Orthodox Magrado.
But this time the Kingdom clearly states they want nothing to do with Malt.
I can’t send my army to save Malt either.
During these troubled times, I’ll rely on Leopolt.

「Think of a way to deploy troops which won’t upset Erich.」

「If we provoke Vandolea into invading us, we can counterattack along with the Kingdom’s army, however that would completely ruin Libatis’s plan. In addition, the Kingdom will find out Malt is under our protection.」

If we battle fiercely with Vandolea, Altair will get stronger.
The best outcome would be if we can just harshly repel the enemies invading Malt and make them give up attacking any further.

「It will be an unorthodox method.」

Let’s hear it if you have a good idea, anything is fine.

「The distance as well as the relationship between Malt and our territory are relatively close. There is traffic going in and out of both nations from people like merchants and those working abroad, right?」

I’m sure there is.
The prostitute I made cry yesterday said she was from Malt.
She was a cute woman who squealed every time I thrusted my dick into her.

「Then it is possible those who left family in Malt will take up weapons and fight, right?」

Men with guts will likely do so.

「Lord Hardlett doesn’t have control over their individual actions. In other words, they’re volunteer soldiers.」


「But how many people would we find even if we looked…… if we think about Malt’s military force, won’t that be just a drop in the bucket?」

Just as Myla says, Malt possesses about 3000 soldiers who are thought to only eliminate monsters and bandits, so the army is rather poorly equipped.

「Not only that, their soldiers are weak.」

「Yes…… that is their nature. You can’t change that with training or discipline.」

Malt’s soldiers are all generally weak.
I have seen plenty of supposedly well-trained squads fall apart in mock battles.
There is no other way of putting it than saying the citizens don’t have a disposition geared towards combat.

If you think this way, conducting a field battle with the same numbers as the enemy is impossible, and you are left wondering how many days they can hold out against a siege in a walled city.
You start having more doubts when looking at Vandolea, whose forces are in the tens of thousands.

「Do you think people actually check the backgrounds of each and every volunteer soldier?」

Myla stares back sharply at Leopolt when he speaks in a tired tone.
Don’t provoke her, Myla’s quite hot-tempered.

「We just have to dispatch trained soldiers and have them pretend to be volunteers. Malt is weak, that’s why Vandolea will also be underestimating them. If we send our elite troops there, it should give them a decent shock.」

「That sounds good, let’s do it.」

It’s a wonderful plan to save Malt without Erich complaining.

「Alright, then I’ll be selecting the commander and squads to dispatch……」

Leopolt, what are you talking about?

「Isn’t it already decided that I’ll be directly leading the troops?」

This is a huge incident regarding the important Celestina, I won’t be able to calm down unless I go myself.


「What’s wrong?」

「We can somehow make it seem natural with volunteer soldiers, but if you go so far and do something as blatant as that, they’re going to protest.」

「Play it off by feigning ignorance. I am in bed because of a sickness.」

Leopolt sighs and proceeds to select the troops to be left in the territory.
A certain amount of soldiers should be left to Tristan just in case Vandolea decides to invade.
After that, we’ll figure something out.

「Contact the mountain nation as well, tell them it’s time for war again.」

「Got it! The chief fights all the time and it’s never boring!」

Soon after, Vandolea would be enraged at Malt’s response in regards to the national border and would advance their army to deal with the people trying to free citizens from their dictatorial rulers.

–Third Person POV–

A While Later
Within Malt Kingdom Territory, Vandolea Invasion Army Vanguard

「They are weaker than what we expected, commander.」

「Yeah, it’s almost like we’re tearing through paper.」

Cerny, who is leading the 2000 soldiers of the vanguard army invading Malt Kingdom, is somewhat shocked at the frailness of the enemy’s soldiers.
Just the other day, his vanguard squad just earned an overwhelming victory over the Malt Kingdom army with almost the same number of forces.

「I heard they were weak…… but if they’re this weak, then we can handle everything.」

「We have 2000, the main army has 10,000…… that’s excessive. Biado is already in front of us.」

Vandolea estimated Malt to have 3000 to 5000 troops, but it seems the difference in military strength was simply numerical.

「When I asked, I heard that our harvest this year is quite severe, though they have prioritized giving food to the military……」

That was also the reason for this invasion, since Vandolea never considered Malt a hostile enemy in the first place.
They were just thinking of strengthening the country in preparation for the fight against their nemesis, the Divine Nation of Altair, hoping to get Malt to cede a decent amount of territory for them or annexing them if circumstances permit.

「Seems so. The same should be happening to Altair though. If we can at least get our hands on Malt, we’ll be ahead in that area…… it’s annoying to deal with, but it’s not like the fight with those crazy fanatics is going to end today or tomorrow. This year’s poor harvest may not even carry over to next year or the years after that. I definitely want Malt’s bountiful food production.」

Cerny and the others have already stopped doubting their victory.
The only things on their minds are the speed at which the fight ends, as well as making sure arable land or villages don’t get destroyed at the end of the war.

「Try not to mess up the fields as much as possible. If we destroy them, then what reason would we be attacking for.」
「Yessir! We will also prioritize looking for already harvested wheat!」

Just as Cerny nods, a light cavalry scout came running to him at full speed.

「Did you find something!?」

「An army is deployed on the other side of the river just in front of us! Their numbers exceed 3000!」

The cavalry reports while out of breath, however Cerny and his subordinates don’t seem particularly flustered.

「3000…… it must be Malt’s main force.」
「Let’s defeat them head-on and rush to Biado. It’s best if we join up there with our main army and annihilate them altogether.」

With how easy their fight has been up till now, it is unthinkable that they would struggle despite the large number of enemy forces.
The vanguard is hoping that they can defeat this army in order to allow the main army to invade quicker.

「Well the thing is…… they are not troops of the Malt army.」

「What? Don’t tell me, is it Libatis!? I heard they have strengthened their connections lately……」

If Libatis joins the battle, it will become a completely different fight.
The ‘easy victory mood’ would instantly be blown away.

「They have various mismatching flags I’ve never seen before…… they’re probably military volunteers.」

The shoulders of Cerny and his subordinates drop, glaring at the scout.

「Don’t talk in such a misleading way! Military volunteers are even more of a medley group than the Malt army, let’s just crush them quickly.」

And so, both armies face off against each other across the ankle-high river.

「Volunteer…… soldiers?」
「Isn’t that foul play!?」

Nobody could blame Cerny and the others from muttering in shock.
Military volunteers should be lined up wearing worn out armor and holding farming tools or homemade weapons in their hands.
What was in front of them was completely different.

「T-these are heavy cavalry!!」
「There are three rows of archers lined up!」

The heavy cavalry wore shining metal armor and lined up in an orderly row, wielding impressive-looking shields and swords.
Similarly, the archers moved smoothly in trained fashion, nocking their arrows and ready to launch a collective volley of arrows at any time.
Even the infantry and cavalry fortifying the sides of the army had better weapons and armor than Cerny’s army.

「W-wait, who are these guys!?」

It happened as the distraught Cerny sought answers from his subordinates.

「Archers, loose the first volley!!」

As the army of military volunteers of unknown origin fired their arrows, the vanguard army from Vandolea extremely reluctantly took up arms.

–Aegir POV–

Side Story: New Discoveries

「Aah…… your breasts are really amazing. They’re so soft and it feels like my body is going to be buried by them.」

「Thank you, aahn! Very…… haaun!」

I hug Nonna tightly as I pump my hips.
As expected, she likes it the most when I wrap my arms around her while I thrust.

「Aah…… nnnaaaaaaah!! Hiiii……」

Nonna is getting enough pleasure but she seems to be suffering slightly.
It’s not a surprise, since my dick is larger and harder than usual right now.
If I prolong this, it will start hurting her hole, that’s why I should take it out soon.

「Nonna! Cumming…… I’m going to pour my seed inside.」
「O-okay! Aauuuu–!!」

I embrace Nonna stronger and ejaculate vigorously.
Her enormous boobs crushing against my chest feels amazing.
Not only that, she’s lactating so I can also feel the warm sensation from the leaking milk on my chest.

「Oooooh, it’s not stopping. It’s still coming out.」
「Aah…… aaaaaah…… haaffu……」

As my ejaculation continues, Nonna loses consciousness in my arms.
Still, my dick doesn’t stop pulsing.

「Uoooooh! I’m still cumming! Guoooooh! Oops, this isn’t good.」

After seeing Nonna’s stomach expand enough to make her look like she’s pregnant, I quickly pull out, shooting the rest of my semen into a tub.
I nearly made my wife burst.
……the tub is almost full and my ejaculation is still going strong.
I’ll need a second one of these.

「This amount surprises even me.」

I didn’t even use any drugs of the sort this time.
I just wanted to enjoy Nonna’s breasts and appreciate her naked body.
As a joke, I wanted to have her wear that unfashionable gold necklace she bought in Libatis while she was naked.

「I didn’t think this vulgar and distasteful necklace would fit so well.」

Something so shiny wouldn’t match with regular dresses.
But when Nonna’s naked body, with its slightly flushed white skin, gets decorated with this item, it really excites me.
Furthermore, that necklace rests perfectly on top of her giant breasts, glimmering erotically everytime she makes a move.
I couldn’t hold it in when I saw that and pounced on her, climaxing three consecutive times.

「I think it’ll be nice if you wear this the next time we have sex too. It looks good on a big-breasted woman.」

After expelling two tubs worth of semen, a pleasant feeling of exhaustion welled up within me and I slept not long later.
I’ll embrace Nonna within my dreams too.

「Fu…… fufufu…… to think he would get this fired up…… that means it was worth paying the high price.」

I-I think I heard something…… whatever, let’s sleep for now.

「If you liked this decoration, then perhaps you would like this one…… or that one…… or that one.」

The voice suddenly gasps.

「If I use that drug after dressing up, what would he…… what will happen to me?」

I fell asleep while listening to some faint laughter.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 163,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4500.

Army: 12 000 men
Infantry: 8000 (Standing By Within the Territory: 2000), Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 2000
Cannons: 30, Large Cannons: 10

Assets: 1070 gold (Military Volunteers Sortie -3000)

Sexual Partners: 226, children who have been born: 48 + 555 fish



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