Chapter 218: Malt Defense War ③ Demolishing of the Invading Army


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「The enemy is in disarray from the cannonfire. Now is the perfect chance to charge in!」

「Yeah…… but can’t I take this helmet off?」


I sigh as I rub the surface of the piece of metal covering my entire head.

We decided to split into two groups before engaging the enemy.
The first group consists of all the cavalry while the second group is simply everybody else.
The real value of cavalry is when they’re used on offense after all.

Spread out in formation at Fort Ram is the infantry squad led by Leopolt, who are waiting for the enemy with their fixed cannons.
I am told they would begin firing the cannons right before the enemy starts attacking.
That way, they could cause the most confusion among the enemy troops.

Meanwhile, I am in charge of a combined squad of 3000, which includes the bow cavalry, and am on standby not too far from the fort. We’ll be charging at the enemy’s flank at the same time the cannons are fired.

It was right when I was ready to sortie and jumped on my horse that I was given this helmet which covers my head completely.
Celia, who is beside me, will also be encountering the Vandolean army so she is also wearing the same kind of helmet.
But now I can’t pat her head.

「Let’s just crush them quickly so I can pet her head as much as I want. All troops, follow me!」

The 3000 cavalry begin their charge after that single command.
While the enemy has 10 000 soldiers, they are currently in the middle of retreating.
In addition, it will take them some effort to switch from a sieging formation to an anti-cavalry formation.
We won’t be giving them time to do that though.


When the sound of galloping horses starts scaring the enemy soldiers, we transition to a full-blown charge.
The bow cavalry nock their arrows on their bows and the spear cavalry thrust their weapons at the prey in front of them while running full speed.

Everyone shouts out and raises the military volunteer flag…… hey.

「Our flag! You’re raising our flag! Why do you have that with you!?」

It seems the mountain nation didn’t understand the meaning of the flag and brought the one they usually carry.
The black flag is quickly taken down and hidden by the female bow cavalry…… who I’ll punish later, and make sure her ass gets lots of love.

「They’ve surely seen it now!」

「It’s fine. They’re closing their eyes tightly so they didn’t see anything.」

Rather than worrying about that, we need to focus on routing the enemy.

「We’ll breakthrough.」

The bow cavalry splits left and right two at a time and forms a long snake-like formation, while the spear cavalry forms an acute triangle formation beside them.

There is no counterattack coming from the enemy’s bows.
We’re attacking the flanks of their siege warfare formation and they should be retreating in chaos because of the continuous cannonfire.


On Luna’s command, the bow cavalry positioned in the front charge while loosing their arrows.
They have a long vertical formation and although their numbers are small, it is enough to disrupt the enemies who are rushing to change formation.

「Archers on horseback!?」
「What are they? Some savage tribe!?」

The bow cavalry who have already released their arrows transition to melee combat and draw their swords, running out in front of the spear cavalry.
It was a clean transition, probably a result of daily training.

The enemy has given up trying to defend against the long spears, instead lining up infantry and bowgun units to form a wall.
With a bang, bolts from the bowgun squad are released and shoot down a few cavalry, though it is an insignificant amount that doesn’t affect the overall state of battle.

「B-bowgun squad, relo-…… uwah!」

There’s no way we’ll let them reload.
The spear cavalry pierce through the tiny shields and skewer a couple enemies.
Half-hearted effort and shields can not stop the force of the mounted assault, and even if they’re able to block it, the momentum would send them flying backwards.
Further, the hooves of the trailing cavalry mercilessly swoop down on the fallen enemy soldiers.

「I guess I’ll go too!」

It’s annoying how narrow my field of vision is, but it can’t be helped.

I pull my spear back before thrusting viciously at everything in front of me.
Adding Schwartz’s momentum from his charge to my attacks, I don’t just pierce one enemy soldier through the shield, I also destroy the face of the soldier behind the first enemy.

「I’m not done yet.」

I swing my spear to the side and fling the two soldiers I stabbed into three other soldiers, sending all of them flying.

「Bastard!」「T-this big horse…… ugyah!」

The pathetic soldier who tried to block Schwartz’s path gets trampled while the other one gets a powerful front kick from his forelegs.
Because he raised his legs unnaturally high, his body tilted back considerably.

「You idiot! What are you going to do if I fell off?」

Schwartz neighs as if he doesn’t care and continues forward without losing speed.
Any enemy who gets kicked with this guy’s full weight won’t look the same anymore.

I’m not going to lose to some perverted horse.
It may hurt, but you’ll just have to bear with it.


I grab the armor covering Schwartz’s head, hold his body steady with my left hand while using the spear in my right hand and my full strength to make him spin.
As the pervy horse gets pulled around, he complains of pain, though I don’t let up.

「Dowaah.」「W-what the heck!?」「We can’t get close like that!」

His charging power and my brute strength makes for a pretty strong combination if you ask me.
Those who are currently close to us flail in mid-air as they get flung in the air.
The three meters, which is the length of my spear, is basically my barrier.

「Aegir-sama! We penetrated the enemy’s formation!」

Our allies have already torn a hole in the enemy’s formation and are running rampant within the enemy lines.

「We can breakthrough all the way to the other side now. We don’t need to stop and fight! Only get rid of the enemies blocking your path!」

This is a chance to deal a major blow to the confused enemy, but if we stop and fight, we may also suffer heavy losses.
Right now, we just have to smash through them.

「What an absurd thing you did, calling yourselves military volunteers! As expected, you must be a famous general!」
「If you are confident in your skill then come challenge us!」
「Fair and square!」

Three heavily armed cavalry come running at me to block the road.
From their equipment and decorations, they appear to be knights of some sort.
I don’t know what Vandolea calls them.
Nevertheless, it’s strange they are calling for a fair fight when they’re coming at me 3 vs 1, or perhaps they are evaluating my strength to be equal to three knights.

「Move out of the way if you don’t want to die.」

I’ll give them a warning at least.

「Hahaha! Getting cold feet?」「We are the Chonpa brothers!」「En g-…… pyuo!」

I guess they couldn’t see my spear when I lopped off the heads of the three brothers in order.
After three evenly spaced whacks, the three of them became headless.

「Form a circle around and let them through. Once they pass by, shower their backs with your bowguns!」

I discover a commander desperately trying to calm his subordinates next to the pitiful three brothers I just wiped out.

「I’ll add one more to the list.」


I run past the commander after hammering his body with my spear.
Alright, we’ve completely broken free from the enemy.

「Guha…… looks like I fell off my horse. Hey you, hurry and get me back up!」

「B-but commander……」

「What, spit it out!」

「C-commander…… your lower half is still on the horse……」

That’s normal in a battle, I hope you rest in peace without holding grudges.

「Wahahahaha! Time to skewer peopleee!」

Irijina barges in and smashes the subordinate’s head while her horse stomps on the commander’s upper body.
Well I’m sure she won’t even realize it if she happens to be cursed, Casie is proof of that.

Following after me are the spear cavalry and bow cavalry, breaking past the enemies and reaching the other side.

「Spear cavalry, you are to head to the front and prepare to charge again. Bow cavalry, do as you are trained!」

The enemy has already stopped trying to block us from leaving and should be aiming to shoot our backs after we passed them.
However, I think the bow cavalry have a slightly different way of doing things.

「The enemy has passed! Good, aim at their backs and fir-……」

「Start firing backwards.」

The bow cavalry switched their swords with bows and instantly turn backwards, releasing arrow after arrow.
The projectiles fly to the back while their horses carried them forward, yet their accuracy is higher than regular archers.

「Bowgun squad, fire back at them!」
「That’s impossible! Not when we’re being shot at like this……!」

The bow cavalry shower the now-defenseless enemy soldiers and were able to distance themselves with ease.

「The enemy is in complete chaos. Let’s charge at them again!」

On top of a big hole being opened in their formation, the enemy is getting peppered with arrows.
If we charge one more time, we can probably further increase our achievements.

「No, the bow cavalry will maintain their distance and continue firing at them. Spear cavalry will remain ready to charge until I give the order.」

For a second, Celia slumps her shoulder sadly, though she quickly comes to terms with my decision after looking straight ahead.
While we thoroughly pulled the enemy in all directions, our ally infantry squad have left the fortress and are gradually closing in on the enemy.

「Begin shooting, shoot as much as you can.」

Simultaneous to Luna’s command, arrows fly in rapid succession towards the enemy.
The enemy has no choice but to defend against Leopolt’s attack while a rain of arrows fall from above.
If they are out of position even just a little bit, the spear cavalry are ready to charge in at any time.

If the battle progresses as expected, it will be our victory.

「The enemy cavalry will need to be deployed since they have no choice but to drive us away if they want to overcome this situation.」

「Yeah. Escort unit and heavy cavalry, follow me.」

Sure enough, cavalry appear from the back of the enemy camp. Some were lightly equipped, simply wielding swords while others are heavily equipped and wearing armor.

「They have around 1000……」

「Bow cavalry will continue firing at the enemy flank and support Leopolt’s attack. Everyone else follow me. Irijina…… go wild.」
「Leave it to me! I’ll massacre everyone!」

It seems to me Irijina has become more violent these days.

Ally and enemy alike let out war cries as they charge at each other, everybody sprinting full speed until they clash.

「Crush themmmm!」

The commanders of both armies yell as loud as they could.
This moment always gets my heart pumping.

「Enemies on the right wing are being overwhelmed! We’re pushing through.」

Our main forces are the spear cavalry, whose range is superior to the lightly-equipped sword cavalry of Vandolea.
They are the ones who were knocked off their horses first.

「We are getting pushed back on the left wing!」

On the other side, heavy cavalry are a poor matchup for our spear cavalry because of the impenetrable armor. If they stopped and fought them, it would be hard to manage, which is why they are gradually being pressured.

「Send the heavy cavalry over there. I will take the front!」

I will have the heavy cavalry handle the part where we are at a disadvantage.
Meanwhile, I head towards the center with the escort unit.

「I will protect you!」「I’ll accompany the chief.」「I can see it…… the world……」

Celia, Gido and the strangely acting Kroll follows me.

「I’ll deal with your spear and engage in close comba-…… guwah!!」

He must have mistaken me for one of the spear cavalry after seeing my spear.
As the heavy cavalry tries to parry my attack with his shield, I pierce his body through his armor and then throw him in the direction of his friends.
Because a metal armor wrapped his entire body, the soldier was heavy, so when he crashed into his three friends, all of them including their horses were knocked down.

「If you want to block me, go ahead and try.」

In a passing fashion, I dash past one cavalry after crushing him through his armor, then pass by another one and stab his horse to drop the soldier to the ground.
The last soldier was able to block my attack with his shield but was sent flying like a deflected arrow.


I swing my spear at the group of heavy cavalry who try to huddle together and block my path with their shields aligned in a row.
There was an explosive sound as my weapon connects with their metal defences, and while their shields were knocked away, the soldiers remained steadfast.
I guess Vandolea soldiers are pretty skilled too.

「Uwaaaah!」「M-my horse!」

However their horses could not withstand the impact.
The animals’ legs trembled and they collapsed to the ground one after the other.

On that note, Schwartz is actually quite strong then. I lightly pat his head.
…… even after praising him, he neighs as if telling me to get this fight over with.
I’m sure all he’s going to do is mate with some mare anyways.…… I’ll pluck his mane later.

「Ah, isn’t that Hardlett!?」

I then hear someone scream a comment which I can’t ignore.

「I was a mercenary for Magrado in the past! That large spear and brute strength…… that savage personality…… it’s without a doubt!」

Fortunately, rumors about me haven’t really spread to the southern nations yet. Even so, there are a few soldiers who reacted.

「You’re wrong.」

It would be bad if anyone were to recognize my voice so I reject their claim in a high-pitched falsetto voice.

「No really, I remember seeing that large black horse before too……」

「And like I said, you’re wronngg!」

I stab the man in the stomach with my spear and send him flying.
I have to make sure nothing unnecessary is said, so I bisect the man’s body vertically in mid-air from head to crotch.
That will reassure me.

「Slicing a human in half like that…… monster!」
「As I thought, if those rumors are true then that’s Hardlett……」

Huh, that’s strange.

「Aegir-sama! You’re in the middle of fighting right now!」

It seems an enemy was coming at me from the side as I tilted my head to ponder how I should deal with this trouble.
Celia readies her sword and accurately stabs the enemy through the gap in his armor…… to be specific, she aimed at the hole where the enemy’s eyes are.
The precise thrust, which was like passing a thread through the eye of a needle, finished off the enemy instantly.

Feeling a limit to the amount she can train her body and muscles, Celia instead focused on improving her accuracy and speed.
She targets the two cavalry charging at me from the side and thrusts at their eyes, then slashes the neck of another one.
There wasn’t a lot of gushing blood, instead each of the enemy cavalry just groaned while falling off their horses one by one.

「I won’t lose either!」

During the melee, Gido was able to use his bow at close range and shoot down one enemy.
At this range, his composite bow can shoot through crappy armor.
After shooting another enemy closing in on him, he stores away his bow and quickly draws his sword to engage the remaining enemies.

Gido blocks the two pre-emptive downward slashes before transitioning to counterattack, aiming for the shoulder, chest, and arm of the enemy soldier.
He must have already anticipated his attacks to be blocked as he brought his horse towards the enemy who was focusing on defending.
The enemy soldier staggers and his balance crumbles after being tackled by the horse, allowing Gido to cleanly lop his head off.

「You guys have too much extra movement……」

Kroll is closing his eyes as he’s on his horse.
Naturally, the enemy charges in with their swords, believing he’s doing something foolish.

「Your breathing…… the movement of your muscles…… I can see your movements.」

There was a sharp metallic ringing.
Kroll slowly lowers his sword, then blood sprays out from the arms of the two soldiers simultaneously as they fall off their horses.

「You emit bloodlust when you try to kill me…… I just have to cut you down……」

I don’t understand what Kroll’s saying anymore.
I’ll leave him alone for a while.


One strike from Irijina sends the opponent’s sword and arm flying altogether.
She deflects the thrust of another enemy’s spear with her arm guard and runs her spear through the center of the enemy’s armor.


「Y-you fuckin’ giant woman! Are you monster or something!?」

「Wahaha, flattering me won’t help you!」

She twirls her spear around before attacking again, finishing off another heavy cavalry.
As I thought, Irijina has a somewhat different but overwhelming strength.

「Aaah! Christoph got hit!」

However it seems like Christoph got struck in the head when she spun her spear around.
It was amazing how he held on for this long today, but getting hit by an ally is…….
Of course, Irijina didn’t even notice.

「The right wing has defeated the enemy! The left wing is also pushing back!」

「The escort squad and I can’t be at a loss. We’ll finish the fight right now.」

In no time at all, the enemy in the center was also successfully defeated, and the entire enemy cavalry unit collapsed completely.

Meanwhile, the main army of the enemy is being bombarded by the support fire of the bow cavalry while having to defend Leopolt’s attacks and are gradually being destroyed. After seeing us circle around to the rear and their cavalry defeated, the main force of the Malt Invasion Army of the Vandolea People’s Federation finally collapsed.

Without any need to hold back anymore, I give the order to thoroughly chase and annihilate the rest of the enemies, reducing the number of enemies by more than half as they try to run back to their nation.

Furthermore, the enemy commander plus his staff officers were surrounded and forced to surrender after they couldn’t escape in time, making this battle a victory for the Malt Kingdom army and the military volunteers who gathered together to defend their motherland.
And finally, future historians would have a heated debate as to the identity of the mysterious man who led the military volunteers.

「No, I think everyone pretty much found out your identity.」

Myla, you don’t have to say anything unnecessary.

「The captured enemy commander…… he’s really glaring hard at you.」

You too, Celia.
If you stay quiet, I’ll give you lots of love tonight.

「Okay, I won’t open my mouth anymore.」

Celia covers her own mouth with both hands. Alright, I’ll have an amazing night with you.

「Wahahahahaha! We won!! Wahahahahaha!!」

Irijina, you’re simply too noisy.
Save your shouting only for when you’re in bed tonight.

「It looks like the enemy commander wants to have a direct negotiation in regards to surrendering.」

Alright Leopolt, we’ll switch places in that shadow over there.
You just need to stuff your shoulders and crotch with bags of wheat and look macho. That way, they shouldn’t figure out the difference.


I get the feeling everybody’s looking at me and saying “it’s already too late”.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 163,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4500.

Army: 11,650 men (Standing By Within the Territory: 2000)
Infantry: 5800 , Cavalry: 900, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 1950
Cannons: 30, Large Cannons: 10

Assets: 1070 gold
Sexual Partners: 227, children who have been born: 48 + 555 fish



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