Chapter 223: Vandolea War ① Fictional Fortress


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Biado. Royal Palace. Guest Room.

The meeting with Juno is done and the injured soldiers can all more or less move now.
It’s about time to go home.
The Kingdom will most likely find out and say something, but more importantly my girls will sulk.

All the spoils of war, except the particularly bulky ones, will be carried to my territory without Malt having to deal with it.
Malt isn’t a nation with a booming commercial sector and even if there was someone to sell arms, they wouldn’t come close to Claire’s level of skill.

「Besides, I can have another intense session with her if I entrust her with this large of a sum. Fufufu.」

I’ll switch between Claire’s small, experienced hole and Laurie’s tight, narrow hole.
I’ll make both of them kneel and finish off my spraying my seed all over their faces.
And then I’ll have the two of them kiss each other while their faces are sweaty and sticky.

「Hardlett-dono! Your pants look like they’re about to tear!」

「Oops, not good.」

I realized only after Irijina pointed out that my clothes were about to rip.
If I was any later, my thing would have definitely torn through the fabric and sprung out.

You didn’t have to say it in such a loud voice though, everybody’s looking over here.
There are lots of Celestina’s servants around here.


One of the maids of the royal palace who just happened to pass by looked at the bulge in my pants and widened her eyes in shock.
I pretend to adjust its position and purposely let the head of my dick pop out, which elicits a small shriek from her and causes her to hide her face with her hands, but she’s still looking through the gaps between her fingers.
That girl looks like the type who will consent if I’m a little forceful.
I’ll remember that.

「Oh yeah, Hardlett-dono! Her Majesty Celestina called for you!!」

「Is that so, what good timing.」

I have to tell her it’s about time for me to leave.
I’ll pet her head once or something.

I head towards the throne where I thought I should be meeting Celestina, but a maid told me she wasn’t there.
I asked if she was having a meal, but that didn’t seem like the case either.
The place I headed to next was……

「A bath, huh?」
「That’s right.」

Just the two of us, Celestina and I, gradually submerge ourselves into the water.
It’s true that this place is better.
If we met in the throne room, the ministers would all be there and I would need to be formal and polite.

「Hafuuu…… this feels so good~」

In the bathtub, Celestina is in between my legs and leaning her back against me.
She turns and looks at me with a big smile. She’s so cute it makes me hug her tightly.


Of course my dick is pushed against her small back but since it’s warm, it remains limp and soft.
I’m not some beast who lusts after the tiny Celestina.

「Big brother is going home already?」

「Yeah, how did you know?」

I use the tub to scoop warm water and pour it on Celestina’s neck while stroking her head.

「The soldiers made preparations to return. And also the bread is all packaged up.」

I see, so she found out through the packing of food supplies.
When I praised her for how smart she is, she gives me a radiant smile. Aah, so cute.

The bright, sun-like smile quickly turns clouded though.

「You helped me this time as well…… I really am a no-good King……」

「It’s not Celestina’s fault. They were the ones who attacked.」

It is impossible for Malt to compete against Vandolea with its own national power.
A King would naturally be able to do something about that, but I won’t mention it to her.
She just has to remain in the palm of my hand for a while, I’ll protect her.

「That’s why I want to give big brother plenty of thanks. However, if I decide on my own to give you something, it’ll trouble the citizens.」

Celestina rises up from between my legs.

「So, can you accept this instead?」

She spreads her legs open slightly and doesn’t bother covering up with her hands.
Her immature body is fully exposed for me to see.


「This body belongs to me, so nobody would be affected if I offer it to you.」

It appears she wants to thank me by offering her young body.

「I want big brother’s thick thing in here, just like you did with Monica.」

Celestina spreads her clean, hairless slit with her fingers to show me.
It really is a tiny hole and I can see the tiny clitoris exposed as well.


If Celestina was a mature woman about 30 years old, I would push her down without question and ram my rod into her.
But right now, she’s way too young.

All I’ve done so far is finger her or let her touch and lick my dick.
That much is just playing around, but going so far as penetration would make me some pervert with a fetish for children like Andrei.

「I will gladly accept your feelings. When you get older, I’ll definitely embrace you even if you say no.」

With that said, I grab Celestina’s butt and pull her towards me so I can lick her crotch.

「Ah! Big brother’s tongue is inside……」

「For now…… cum from this.」

Celestina squirts adorably as I pleasure her with my mouth and I continue until she climaxes.

I walk along inside the palace after putting the exhausted Celestina to bed.


The one who shouted was the maid from earlier.
She may have been a tiny girl but I was continuously sucking and licking her genitals, so it did get me aroused even if only a little.
And the maid in front of me seems interested in my dick.
In other words, our interests are aligned.

「Do you have some free time, if you don’t mind?」

As I approach the maid, she looks at me with a troubled look on her face.

「You’re pretty cute. Come here.」

I wrap my arm gently around her waist and lead her to the guest room.

「Hau…… w-what can I help you with?」

「You’re curious about this, aren’t you?」

I take her hand and have her touch my dick from above my pants.

「Hiiih! T-that’s a problem for me!」

「It’s alright, I’ll be gentle.」

When I approach the girl while loosening my pants, she steps backwards.
She’s not screaming, instead her gaze is fixed on my crotch.
As I thought, she wants my dick.


The girl’s back is finally up against the wall and she slides down timidly on the spot.
At the same time, I release my cock from my pants.

Because of her innocent reaction, my enlarged dick springs out vigorously, grazing the girl and making a thud against the wall.
I gently stroke the hair of the surprised girl and confirm for the last time.

「Won’t you become mine?」

As I draw my dick back, the maid’s face seems to be pulled along.

「Ah…… ah…… it’s big…… it’s big, so…… I- I will. Nnmoh!!」

The maid opens her mouth and envelopes my entire length.
Good, this woman belongs to me now.

Afterwards, I become one with the maid and inject plenty of my seed inside her as proof she is my woman.

–Third Person POV–

Goldonia-Vandolea National Border.

「D-…… don’t tell me this is-……」

Bejček could not believe the sight in front of his eyes.
The jaws of the soldiers around him also dropped.

「When we did reconnaissance in the summer, there was nothing like this……」

What they stopped to look blankly at was a five meter tall stone wall standing in their way.
There wasn’t just an isolated fort either.
Several forts were aligned with the same five meter tall wall connecting all of them.

「This is not possible…… a fortress…… am I dreaming right now?」

Vandolea wasn’t just watching the southern region of Goldonia calmly after Treia was destroyed.
They were repeatedly conducting scouting missions and were able to gain conclusive evidence that absolutely no camps or forts were being built.

Fortresses normally take years to construct, that’s why they determined it would be easy to invade and breakthrough the border zone, which at the very least wouldn’t have any defences.

「This isn’t small enough that we would overlook it…… did they use magic or something? Or did they actually build this in one month…… no, that’s impossible.」

He stopped thinking any further.
There was no point in saying it was impossible or racking his brain to imagine what happened.
The physical structure of the wall in front of him is real.

On top of the walls, there appeared to be soldiers from Goldonia who are glaring over at them and yelling something.
An emergency messenger should already have been dispatched to Rafen as well.
Moreover, as if to crush any hopes Bejček had, countless cannons peeked out.

「I knew from the start the chances of winning were slim.」

The army under Bejček was based around the remaining 5000 from the invading army he once commanded and was strengthened with an additional 10,000 soldiers.
He has more forces than last time but the quality of soldiers was not worth mentioning.

The survivors faintly suspected they were being treated as sacrificial pawns, while the group of prisoners sent to the army as punishment was composed mostly of those who criticized the government or broke the law so their skill and morale were extremely poor.

「Even so, if the main force is in Malt, I think we can conceivably push through in an instant and run to Rafen.」

Of course if the cavalry, which is the main force of the enemy army, were to seriously try and get here, they could probably catch up.
Still, if the army proceeds forward while leaving a small group to die as sacrificial pawns in order to slow down the cavalry, it might be possible to make it to Rafen before them.
Bejček knew it was unreasonable, but there was no other possibility of capturing Rafen otherwise.

「But even that is finished……」

Bejček holds his head in his hand.

This plan requires speed more than anything else.
They would have to rout the small group of enemies immediately and then single-mindedly run towards the destination.

The wall in front of them isn’t towering high up in the sky but it looks sturdy and has a row of cannons mounted on top…… it probably won’t be brought down in one blow.
To further cement that fact, Bejček’s army doesn’t have a single siege weapon.
The only thing they could do was use a ladder and climb up the walls.

「……so this is also the end for me? I don’t have a choice, I can’t just run back home after all.」

Bejček’s fate wouldn’t change even if he ran away.
It would be better to die in a fight than to step onto the execution platform on his own.

Right when Bejček was about to give the order for the army to rely on brute force, a man steps up and stops him.

「Comrade Bejček, please wait a moment. It is too early to bulldoze our way through.」

「Comrade Cassano…… we can only advance forward right now. We don’t have time either.」

The man’s name is Cassano, the person responsible for unifying the group of prisoners and one of Bejček’s subordinates.

「The stone wall is not necessarily all around the border. The hills and pits in the land are being used as the fences and moats.」

Bejček shakes his head to clear any pessimistic thoughts before becoming calm.

「I see…… you’re right. It was such a hurried construction that they didn’t have time to alter the terrain.」

「Especially that low ground over there…… the hill beside it will get in the way of that fort and it will be hard for cannons and arrows to shoot.」

Bejček follows Cassano’s finger and light returns to his eyes.

「Alright…… let’s aim for that spot and shift to an all-out attack. If we can breakthrough quickly, it will open up a path for us to survive!」

Concentrating 15,000 troops in a narrow area is a foolish move. It is easier for the enemy to defend and it will result in more casualties.
Even so, it seemed to have a much higher chance of winning than charging mindlessly at the stone fortress and cannons.

Bejček calls out loudly to his army whose morale has stayed low all this time.

「Everyone, listen! I’m sure all of you have faintly sensed your own fates. I also share the same fate. However, don’t give up! If we win here, our fatherland will see us in a different light…… we will open a way of surviving through victory!」

They were certainly not in high spirits.
But the soldiers couldn’t think of any other possibility, so they forced themselves to cry out and started running.

Border Fortress (?)

「The enemy is charging towards the crack in the wall!」

「Heeh, that basin?」

Tristan answers the lookout as he drinks tea within the camp set up behind the castle walls.
News of the start of an enemy attack is normally something that would make the soldiers the most nervous.
But Tristan’s response sounded as casual as if he asking “Is the food ready?”.

「Yessir! It looks like the enemy is focusing their attack on point #1.」

「So there’s a person who can see the whole picture.」

Tristan puts down his tea reluctantly and stands up.
Then he takes a short breath and exhales.

「I’m glad they’re looking carefully. I don’t have defences anywhere but there. If they decided to brute force their way through, I would have no choice but to run.」

He looks towards the towering castle walls in front of him after breathing out a sigh.

「It’s just a thin board after all……」

「It’s a good thing there’s no wind. It would be comical if the wall was blown down.」

The true form of the stone wall blocking the border zone is a thin plank.
Several planks were painted in colors that made it appear to be dirty stones and loosely fixed together on the ground, supported with only a stick placed diagonally into the ground in a way which outsiders can’t see from the other side. That was how the fortress on the border came to be.

「You should be careful not to fall too, Mr. lookout.」

The fort itself was also made of superficial materials and was nothing more than a wall.
A watchtower was erected a few steps to the side and soldiers climbed on top to make it seem like many people were on top of the wall.

「It was tough making it so tall.」

It was checked from the outside to ensure nobody’s feet made a bump in the walls or whether it was unnaturally tall and corrected many times to make it look perfect.

「If the enemy attacked us after all that, our efforts would have been wasted. Even throwing a hammer at it would be enough to make everything crumble.」

「If that happened, we would have to run away as fast as we could.」

「I prepared a fence behind just in case…… but this development is the most convenient. Phew, I’m glad.」

And then, a collective shout could be heard from the other side of the wall.

「It sounds like the enemy vanguard has fallen down the hidden ditches.」

「Good, I spread out straw at the bottom of the ditch there so it’ll catch on fire. Be careful the wall doesn’t start burning down as well.」

Shortly after, a scream several times louder than before could be heard and smoke can be seen rising.
Furthermore, the archers start loosing their arrows.

「The walls are made well enough to look like stone…… but they’ll probably discover the truth if they get close enough. Intimidate them by continuing to fire the cannons. How many do we have again?」

「We have 10 which have exploded and can’t be used, then we have 10 which we can shoot from but not very accurately.」

「I brought the defective ones with me as well, but even their appearance seems to be quite effective.」

All of the operational cannons were taken by the main force so Tristan was left with all the defective ones, however he never intended to defeat the enemy with cannons in the first place.

「Notify everyone again. Tell them that it’s okay for them to run if the enemy realizes the secret of the walls. There’s no reason to fight and die unnecessarily. You told them about the place to gather after, right?」

「Yessir! I made sure to tell everyone without exception.」

Tristan nods in satisfaction and once again takes a seat on his chair.

「Sheesh, it really is tough for just 2000 to protect the border between us and Vandolea, even if it is a narrow area. I can somehow manage if you tell me not to die, but I would need to funnel the enemy through one area if you tell me not to let them pass.」

The sword fighting and screams of the soldiers continue while Tristan just sits and reads his book. He remains conscious of the reports from the lookout and only occasionally gives out simple orders.

「C’mon now…… how can you know anything without even stepping foot to the front?」

「But everything is going smoothly. The enemy has yet to move one step forward.」

The soldiers stare at Tristan in blank amazement.

「Until ally reinforcements arrive or until the enemy finds out about the wall’s secret, everyone should probably try their best to fight without dying.」

He continues to speak in a slow and lazy tone uncharacteristic of someone on the battlefield.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 163,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4500.

Army: 11,260 men
Border Garrison: 1960

Main Army
Infantry: 5550, Cavalry: 850, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 1900
Cannons: 30, Large Cannons: 10

Assets: 6070 gold (Fund for Cooperating with Libatis +5000), Spoils of war/soldiers’ rewards being calculated
Sexual Partners: 230, children who have been born: 48 + 555 fish



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