Chapter 228: The Wind Blows


Translator: Nat

–Third Person POV–

Vandolea. Capital City: Vandola.

「Isaritus…… and Kashegard too!?」

「The city is buried under a mountain of ash taller than a person so we can’t even get close!」

「Does nobody know what’s going on around here!? I don’t care who it is, bring them here so they can tell me the situation.」

「The thing is, nobody from the city can escape…… we only have the testimonies of peddlers who watched what happened from a distance.」

The members participating in the Vandolea People’s Assembly are surrounding a map with perplexed looks on their faces.
Cities on the map are being blotted out with ink as they listen to the jumbled reports.

When they heard fire was erupting from the Dard mountain, the first thing they were worried about was the safety of the First and Second Army Corps defending against an attack by Altair at the base of the mountain.

But as time passed, they started to hear reports about more and more serious damages.

「Keyla as well……?」
「Urande is a city with 20,000 people. Not even a single person was saved!?」

「The cities and people don’t matter right now! What’s going on with the army fighting on the border!?」
「Are you an idiot? Urande, which is 30 kilometers away, got wiped out. Obviously there won’t be any survivors when they’re fighting at the base of the mountain!」

「What did you say!? You defeatist!」
「Shut up, incompetent fool! I’ll purge you!」

They finally start scuffling with each other.

「Will you stop, you two idiots!? ……if we think about it realistically, the First and Second corps are probably extinguished and the same can be said for the provisional army designated as backup…… we’ve lost most of our military power.」

Everyone slumps their shoulders in disappointment.
Vandolea has lost all its strength including the army formed by adding every elite squad to the survivors of the Third Corps.

「B-but Altair’s forces should also have been wiped out, if we hurry and reorganize the army……」

「No, Altair never fought using elite soldiers. They only had peasants charge at us with spears…… they could probably gather forces much quicker than we can.」

「This should be quite the crisis for them, do you think they’ll continue the invasion?」

Everyone goes into thinking.
And their conclusion was ‘yes’.

「They’re screwed in the head. Anything is possible.」
「They probably won’t move now, but it’s possible they’ll circle around to the north or south once the mountain settles down.」
「Besides, Goldonia is also poised for something big. The possibility of them flooding in from the north is also……」

The man acting as mediator clapped his hands.

「First, we should get our troops together before we can do anything. We’ll take men of course, but we’ll also take adult women. Recruit any and every citizen from 16 to 45!」

「We have no choice.」
「If we can’t get through this situation, our country is done for.」

After the conclusion was reached, everyone’s gazes concentrate at one point.
The mediator was the one in charge of the discussion up until this point but their target this time was the old man who hasn’t said a single word since the meeting started.

「W-what is it……?」

「Comrade Bellace, the 15 000 soldiers you dispatched to Goldonia are more precious than jewels. The situation would be considerably different if we had them in our hands right now.」

The elder leans backward from the pressure he felt but quickly tries to retake the initiative by yelling out loudly.

「How could I have known that disaster would happen on Dard!? It was the best plan to make at that time!!」

「But in the end, they disappeared into the ash! They were fighting a meaningless fight, unlike the army battling with Altair. And it’s even made Goldonia into our enemy.」

「B-but Goldonia views them as deserters……」
「Haven’t they invaded deep into our land because they don’t believe that!?」

The largest unresolved problem of the People’s Assembly before the spouting of fire from Dard mountain was how to deal with Hardlett’s army advancing from the south.
With the main force devoted to fighting Altair, they couldn’t spare any soldiers to defend against his attack.
There would be no choice but to execute the plan to mobilize several tens of thousands of peasant soldiers to buy time.

「T-that’s…… w-well it was also approved by the People’s Representative. I do not hold sole responsibility.」

The mediator slams a piece of paper in front of the old man.

「It is written that the Representative does not know of what happened. It was all Bellace’s judgement. Do you have anything to say?」

The politeness disappeared from the mediator’s tone.
All the other members present have grim looks on their faces.

「I-impossible! I definitely got consent from the Representative! I was told that I could do as I wished!」

「There is no official decree nor is there a notice to us, so how can we believe you!? All you have is this single piece of paper…… that’s it.」

The elder takes the document in front of him and reads it.

「No approval from the People’s Representative for the invasion on Goldonia. It was all the sole decision of Commissary Bellace……you say? What nonsense! Representative, Representative!!」

The members of the Assembly grab the elder and pins him down as he turns pale and tries to run.

「Guards, take him away! He’s an enemy of the people!」

「You’re wrong! At that time, I definitely received approval from the Representative! Representativeeeeee!!」

The elder screams in the direction of the Representative’s office even as his legs get grabbed by the guards and pulled away.

「One cancer of Vandolea is gone now…… but our nation is still on the brink of death with this serious disease. I would like all the members here to work like their life depended on it.」

Out of everybody who nods, one man mumbled in a subdued voice.

「The ash…… won’t stop.」

The endlessly falling ash endlessly accumulates in piles of unmelting snow.

Olga Federation. White City Siege Battle. Imperial Army Camp.

「So this is White City…… what a beautiful city.」

Zaphnes mutters as he looks at the chalk colored castle walls after crossing the North Teries river and landing on the west side of White City.

「I heard that the imperial capital Garland has more population…… but nothing can rival this enormous wall.」

His subordinates also look up at the walls keenly.

Nothing else stood in the way of Zaphnes after he defeated the main force of the Federation in battle near Albens territory and he finally made his way safely to White City.

On the other hand, the fleet led by Sekrit handedly defeated the Federation’s river fleet and secured naval supremacy.
It became possible for the Empire to freely land on the north bank of the river after attaining complete supremacy on the waters, allowing them to push back the desperately resisting Federation forces in the area and gradually surrounding White City from all sides except from the east.

「So they won’t abandon the capital?」

「Yes, according to the prisoners of war, it looks like they intend to defend till the end. Emperor Jutland II is still staying in White City as well.」

Zaphnes smiles satisfyingly.

「That’s good. That means the battle will be settled when White City falls.」

The Olga Federation is a big place, much bigger than the Empire purely in terms of area despite having many places unsuitable for living.

「No matter how large an army we have, we can’t search the nooks and crannies of the vast lands of the Federation. We have to get them to surrender.」

It was safe to say that the advancing Imperial army had an overwhelming advantage with control over the north and south coasts.
However, they haven’t reached the distant northern regions across the river and it would require years to end the war if the Federation kept running further and further east.

「If we crush White City, we might be able to finish the battle this month.」

Zaphnes laughs heartily at his subordinate’s proposal.

「If we accomplished that, we would receive the ultimate reward from His Majesty the Emperor. You and I would be entertained by 100 virgins.」

After chuckling briefly, seriousness returns to Zaphnes’s face.

「That giant wall…… it might have been impregnable if my army was in the stone ages where cannons didn’t exist and we wouldn’t have been able to do anything but pray. However, it’s nothing but a big target now.」

「You’re absolutely right, Your Excellency. Let’s line up all the cannons we have and blast the wall apart.」

Zaphnes did not only have the Imperial cannons, he also had many cannons seized from the Federation after countless battles.
If he gathered and shot them all at once, it is unthinkable for the stone wall, no matter how high and sturdy, to withstand the impact.

「Let’s mount our first attack. Have all the military slaves except the cannoneers strike with everything they have. The war will be over if we can bring White City down. It may displease His Majesty if we screw up and leave anything standing.」

The military slaves assembled from the countries and people who opposed the Empire are considered disposable, however it didn’t mean they would give their all to fight even when threatened with bowguns from behind.
Which is why the Emperor declared that the military slaves who survive two battles will be treated, along with their families, as regular citizens.

Nobody wants to treat slaves like ordinary citizens.
But the Emperor himself made the declaration so it wasn’t easy to overturn that decision without his authority or trust being called into question.

「We’ll have as many of them die in this final fight.」

「Leaving 10 or 20% alive should be enough.」

Using up military slaves wasn’t a particularly painful thing to do, rather it was encouraged.

The cannoneers line up on Zaphnes’s order and several tens of thousands of military slaves flock around White City.
There wasn’t any set formation and the focus was more on relying on power in numbers to push through.

「Still, White City should be protected by many guards. It would be hard for the slaves to breakthrough even after the walls are destroyed.」

「We’ll exhaust the enemy by attacking with numbers then defeat their main army when they arrive. Is that right?」

Zaphnes nods.

「There is no counterattack from the enemy. Maybe they’re curled up in a ball somewhere feeling scared?」

「Fufufu, they better not have some internal rebellion going on. The military slaves won’t die if they surrender.」

Then, one subordinate steps forward and kneels down.

「Will you not contact Her Excellency Sekrit? Our attack will be more efficient if we add in the bombardment from the fleet……」

Zaphnes shakes his head.

「It’s fine, we can’t be borrowing the fleet’s strength all the time. We’ll make the first attack.」

Zaphnes still intends to bring White City down even after saying that.

「I’ve already been saved plenty of times by Sekrit this war, so if I finish this battle without her aid, His Majesty will turn his attention to me.」

White City will be sieged without any reinforcements.
It wasn’t possible for the side defending against the siege to win without any outside help.
He was already thinking about his reward at this point.

「Sekrit will realize if we take too long. Let’s start as soon as preparations are ready.」

Zaphnes could not hide the grin on his face.

And then, the attack began.

「Fire all cannons!! Shower them with a storm of cannonballs!」

After the thunderous roar from the collective firing of the cannons, the emitted smoke engulfs the cannoneers.
There was enough smoke to make it seem like an explosion went off in the Imperial camp.

A few moments later, innumerable iron spheres crash into White City’s castle walls, cracking the pristine stones and causing parts of the wall to crumble.
Seeing the enormous wall shatter to pieces, the Imperial soldiers were certain of their victory.

「Fire another volley just in case before having the military slaves charge in. Fire!」

The cannoneers waited for the smoke to clear before launching the second volley, believing the walls would be reduced to dust.


The military slaves start running altogether.
They expected to face White City’s guards after passing through the demolished walls but……

「What the-!?」

The walls of the city did not collapse after the smoke cleared.
The clean exterior of the castle walls was definitely cracked.
However, the barrage of several hundred cannon balls only scratched the surface of the walls to reveal a gray, unrefined stone wall underneath.

Furthermore, there was a slight delay in firing the cannons at the supposed weak point of the walls – the base – but the projectiles were repelled after making a sharp metallic ringing on impact, like that of two swords clashing.

「They added a layer of steel at the base!?」
「The surface is just decoration…… That is the real defence of White City!」

The dull stones of the castle walls did not have a shred of elegance to them.
But in the eyes of the attackers, it looked more fortified and durable than the beautiful chalk-colored walls.

The cannons were fired again but resulted in little to no effect on the surface.

「It’s a stone wall, yet not much of it broke apart.」
「It isn’t just a stone wall!」

The initial laxity in the Imperial cannoneer commanders’ eyes starts changing to worry.

「……White City’s walls are well-known for having three layers…… there are three of those?」

The cannoneers repeat their meaningless bombardment while the military slaves stop moving altogether.
They were supposed to run into the city through the hole opened by the cannons, but the wall didn’t even get damaged much.
Nobody would expect them to climb over the towering walls.

At that moment, a change occurred on the White City side.
The upper portion of the walls opened up.

「Lookout windows? They’re just on one side of the wall though.」

When the military slaves looked up, the sky became dark.

「Ah…… ah……」

Countless arrows rained down.
There were enough arrows that it covered up the sun and made you wonder how many guards were stationed within the walls.


The arrows shot from the heights of the tall walls easily penetrated the crude armor of the slave soldiers and turned them into strange looking corpses.

「W-what are you doing!? Aim at the top, stop the arrows!」

The cannoneers panic and fix their aim on the upper portion of the wall.
Before they could even fire, the middle portion of the wall opens up and numerous barrels of cannons peek out.


Smoke was accompanied by loud booms as cannons were fired from the Empire side and the Federation side.
In terms of numbers, the Federation had about half as many cannons as the Empire.

However, the result was one-sided in nature.
The Federation’s cannons were protected by the walls and only a few of them were unluckily dealt damage by cannonballs that flew into the small openings.
Meanwhile, the Empire’s cannon squad was exposed to the merciless firing of the Federation squad, who also had the height advantage. As a result, the Imperial cannons were blown up and destroyed one after the other.

The military slaves were defeated by arrows without knowing what to do while the cannon squad eventually couldn’t continue firing and was forced to retreat after abandoning their cannons.

With the scattering of the cannoneers, the Federation’s cannon squad switched their aim to the military slaves and the area in front of the castle gates turned into a bloody hell.
The chalky white walls crumbled to reveal the gray walls but were soon dyed red with the blood of the military slaves.

The slaughter seemed to continue forever until the cup of alcohol Zaphnes prepared in anticipation of his victory dropped to the ground and the order to withdraw was given.

–Aegir POV–

Hardlett Territory. Southern Region.

After leaving Vandolea, we progressed north steadily together with Bejček and his army.
The march was an unpleasant one where we had to bathe in the continuously falling ash, though it wasn’t an issue as soon as we reached my territory.

「Still, everyone is in tatters…… it may have been unavoidable but they don’t have swords or armor on them.」

「…… if we gathered all that equipment, we could have probably exchanged it for a large sum of money.」

The spoils of war we attained during the defense of Malt was sent to Rafen, but it might not be enough to act as the soldiers’ rewards.

「They’re looking in sorry shape over there too.」

I look over at the poor trio of Count Monashi and the others.

「Awawa…… who would have thought the mountain would do this……」
「Not yet…… don’t give up yet. Calculate the interest per day!」
「I have seven daughters at home, this much isn’t enough!」

They were probably thinking about their relationship with me when they decided to go borrow money to sortie.
They must have expected to make up the debt and the war expenditures with the spoils of war.

However all of that went down the drain with the unexpected incident on the Dard mountain, not only losing them the spoils of war but also their own equipment.
Adolph would turn blue when he learns of what happened to my stuff but I can’t imagine what those guys will do.

「More importantly, it looks like it’s at its limit.」

「Yes, I understand.」

Myla comes to my side and heaves a sigh.
I’m wearing a single piece of plain clothing after throwing away my armor.

And my crotch is bulging…… no, the cloth is already tearing.
It’s the result of the accumulation of all the adrenaline from the life-threatening escape and the fact I couldn’t embrace any of the girls after being covered in ash.
Taking all that into account, my dick is now about to burst.

「You can’t walk around looking like that or it’ll affect your reputation. I’ll help relieve you, so please head into the carriage.」

Myla pulls my hand and leads me inside the carriage.
By the way, Schwartz’s caretaker insisted that his ass was burnt so he was free to walk around without having to carry anything on his back.
He was quite concerned about his mane being cut and looking stupid.

I heard some woman making lots of noise last night.
I guess Schwartz was pent up after returning home from the depths of death, it makes me worry about that girl’s womb.

「Ahem, go ahead.」

It looks like preparations were done while I was thinking of that perverted horse.
Myla brought a blanket into the carriage and rolled on top, then opened her legs slightly.

「Relieve me? You simply want it, isn’t that right?」

Myla shyly turns her head to the side.
What a cutie.

I grab her knees and spread her legs so I can get in between.
I don’t need to take off my clothes since my dick has already torn through my pants and is sticking out.

「You’re also dripping before being touched.」

「How mean…… I don’t like it……」

I stroke Myla’s cheek with my hand and bring my face to her neck.
The womanly smell further excites me and makes my dick swell.
I’ll leave the caressing for later and put it in now.

Our hands clasp together and fingers entwine as I swoop in for a light kiss before pushing my hips forward.

「Ah, it’s going in……」

「Here I go.」

It was right when the tip of my dick was about to plunge into Myla’s hole.

「Not fair!!」

The hood of the carriage was flipped open unabashedly.
Appearing in front is Irijina.
Celia must have leaked the information to her, since she’s sneakily clinging to her back.
She normally comes by herself but she probably feels a little inferior right now.

「Irijina…… can’t you be more considerate?」

「You aren’t the only one who wants the first helping of juice after the battle either! Let’s decide who goes first fairly!!」

Don’t say it so loud.
Everyone’s going to look at us if you’re shouting with the hood open.

I guess we can’t do it now.

「Decide however you want…… you better be quick before my dick explodes.」


Irijina, Myla, Celia, and Luna who came into the mix out of nowhere are battling it out.

「Arm wrestling…… I thought it would be some sort of trick, but there should be no secret ploy if it’s Irijina.」

It looks like the first in line will be Irijina.

「Owww! M-my arm’s breaking!」

Myla screams.


Luna screams.

「Irijina-san, stop please! It’s bending in a strange way!!」

Celia shouts.

I knew it would be Irijina.
It’s not fair for her to arm wrestle against girls.

「It’s me.」

「Yeah, I know.」

There are lots of things I want to say, but my dick is begging for a woman.
Besides, it’s not like I have anything to complain to Irijina about.
She’s also one of my cute girls.

We couldn’t stand up within the carriage so we got on our knees instead.
Irijina is pretty tall, so there’s not much of a difference in height between us.
When I wrap my arms around her, I can distinctly feel her toned muscles.

「I’m really not womanly at all…… I’m big and rugged.」

「Sure, you have muscles. But that’s what makes you attractive.」

I peel Irijina’s clothes off and then get naked myself.
I give her well-defined abs a light tap while I’m at it.

「You’re a wonderful woman. This is the proof.」

I grab her hand and guide it to my dick.
It should be apparent to her how enthusiastic a man is when she sees such a hard cock.

「It’s huge and burly…… just like me!」

For a split second, the thought of something like that growing out of Irijina’s crotch runs through my mind.
I shake my head to chase the stupid delusion out.

「Now, let’s make love.」

We collapse on top of the blanket in each other’s arms as we kiss passionately, Irijina wrapping her arms and legs around me firmly while I also squeeze her tightly.
It was an intense embrace which would make any other girl squeal in pain.


We separate our lips and Irijina quickly spreads open her genitals.
I don’t say anything and approach her hole with my enlarged dick.

「Irijina…… can I be a little, no can I be really rough? I’m feeling extremely aroused right now.」

「Sure, my body’s strong if nothing else! It won’t break that easily!」

I can rest assured knowing this woman can take rough sex because she’s not only big but also muscular.
If I did the same with Nonna or Mel, they would break immediately for sure.


I hold Irijina’s hips and insert myself inside her opening.
I’m not using the normal missionary position, rather I’m lifting her hips up and thrusting down.


I was able to insert my entire length in one quick motion.
Irijina’s the only one who can take in my cock to the base without having to use her womb.

「I-it’s in so deep! Incredible!」

「Yeah, it’s tight and feels so good.」

The size of her vagina is proportional to the size of her body and isn’t small.
Nevertheless, it is squeezing me strongly probably because of her trained muscles.

「Thrust without holding back! I’ll show you I can handle it!」

I smile as I hold her hips and shoulder before ramming my dick into her forcefully.

「I-I’m fine! I can still take more!!」

I pound her furiously and scrape the insides of her vagina with my meat rod.
I hold her shoulders down so she doesn’t shift upwards from the emphasized motions but also so I can hit Irijina’s womb with the tip of my dick.
She doesn’t scream or doesn’t look like she’s in pain.

It makes me happy that she can endure my full thrusts.

「I’m not done yet!」
「I can take anything you do!!」

I bend my body backwards and quicken the pace of my pistoning.
Our hips bump against each other and loud flesh-slapping sounds ring out as the entire carriage shakes.


I move my hands from Irijina’s hips to her arms.
At the same time, her legs wrap around my waist.

As I repeatedly slam into Irijina and make her butt hit the floor of the carriage everytime, I start hearing a strange sound.

「There was a weird noise……」
「G-give me more!」

I’m a little curious but it’s more important to focus on the girl in front of me.

「Alright, how about this!?」

I change the movement of my hips and rub a spot in her vagina I haven’t rubbed yet.
Answering with her body, Irijina pushes her hips fiercely against me.

And then right when the both of us were about to reach the climax, there was a sound loud enough to break our concentration and the carriage fell onto its side.


Irijina and I remain connected as we tumble onto the suddenly slanted floor.
I can hear the soldiers outside making a fuss.

「The carriage broke down!」
「Well, with all that shaking……」

It seems like Irijina and I were too rough and the wheel of the carriage broke.
But he can’t stop after coming this far.

「Put your hands on the wall.」

Her hand pushes against a post of the tilted carriage and I thrust from behind.
Obviously, my arousal is close to its peak and I don’t hold back at all.

「Squeeze me as tight as you can. I’ll rub you lots.」
「Leave it to me.」

Irijina flexes her muscles and tenses up her insides.
As if trying not to lose, I thrust with more strength.

「Irijina…… Irijina!」

My hand wraps around her muscular body and grasps her breasts while I bite her neck lightly.
Irijina reaches back to touch my ass and arm as I thrust into her.

Then, the final moment came.

「I’m going to do it in your deepest parts…… you ready?」
「Okay. Give it to me!」

The two of us match timings and push our hips forward at the same time.
My meat rod meets her womb.
She finally screams out and bends her back before squirting.


I simultaneously reach my limit and inject a clump of almost-solid my pent up semen into her.

The two of us collapse in each other’s arms and enjoy the lingering pleasures…… or that was supposed to be what happened.

「Watch out!」

The support pillar was not able to endure our intense hip bumping and snapped, finally causing the entire carriage to break apart.

The main support pillar was broken, the braces propping up the hood also broke, and furthermore the floorboards shatter into pieces, resulting in the total destruction of the carriage.
Irijina and I were thrown to the ground as the carriage scattered into pieces.

「F-feudal lord-sama…… are you alright?」

The soldiers around us look on in shock as they check whether I was harmed or not.

「……no problem. I was just a little too rough.」

「Too rough? ……from the outside, the carriage was shaking like it was a living animal.」

Myla had a somewhat pouting and also angry expression on her face.

Precisely at that time, there was a rhythmical pumping sound and my dick slipped out of Irijina.
I’ll cover her with a blanket.

「Well, who’s next?」

We’ll use a more sturdy carriage next time.

I suddenly realize my body, warmed from the intense sex, is rapidly cooling down.

「It’s fairly cold today. Is it winter already?」

「The seasons are changing and it seems that we got a sudden gust of northern wind.」

Leopolt stands in front of me with an unconcerned expression despite me being naked.
I feel like I would lose if I got embarrassed, so I stand up boldly with my dick exposed.

「It’s not unusual to get northern winds, but it’s pretty strong.」

Well, it doesn’t matter if the winds are from the north or south, I don’t particularly like the cold.
I just want to go home and take a bath.

「We’ve already lost a lot of equipment as it is. Unnecessarily breaking carriages isn’t a good idea.」

Leopolt spit out what he wanted to say and leaves.

The northern winds have really gotten stronger.
Let’s get into a different carriage.
The wind could have waited until we arrived in Rafen…… I guess I’m surprisingly unlucky.

Federation VS. Empire – Comparison of Military Forces (Personnel will increase depending on drafting)

Olga Federation
Military Strength – Current: 400 000, Max Mobilization: 2 550 000, Losses: 1 100 000, Civilian Victims: 900 000

Garland Empire
Military Strength – Current: 2 250 000, Max Mobilization: 3 100 000, Losses: 850 000 (Military slaves not included)

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 163,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4500.

Family: Nonna (the pretty Nonna), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine)
Catherine (concubine, sexually frustrated ++++), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (lover)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Pipi (lover), Alice (magical girl)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (sexually frustrated ++++), Felicie (lover)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Melissa (lover, left for the capital), Alma (left for the capital)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina, Amata, Anastasia (daughters); Antonio, Claude, Gilbard, Reiner, Bartolome (sons); Rose (foster daughter)

Non-humans: Lammy (snake lover), Mirumi (mermaid), ??? (strange plant)

Subordinates: Celia (depressed), Gido (escort unit), Kroll (mendicant monk), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby
Myla (security officer), Polte (training supervisor), Gretel (domestic affairs trainee)
Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Tristan (staff officer B)
Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (tired), Lilian (actress)

Army: 14,200 men
Infantry: 7150 , Cavalry: 800, Archers: 950, Bow Cavalry: 3900 (Vassal lords army: 1400)
Cannons: 10, Large Cannons: 10
Vandolea Army?: 9000

Assets: 470 gold
Sexual Partners: 233, children who have been born: 48 + 555 fish



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  6. Catherine (concubine, sexually frustrated ++++), Bridget (sexually frustrated ++++)… I’m not liking this… Will the MC get there before they cheat? Melissa is not there to satisfy Catherine after all… :/

  7. I hope the dragon from that mountain lands in Olga Federation then somehow wipe everything out there hahaha. I can’t really imagine how Aegir and co. will defeat the garland empire as they are now even if they team up with the surrounding nations(suppose if they do) since olga federation’s going into destruction because of plot. Then the dragon flies away somewhere away and there will start the arc where aegir takes goldonia’s throne from that idiot of a king. I think it would be kenneth vs aegir knowing erich he probably wont compete for it anyway and he’ll side with aegir due to their friendship since wings of dawn. After aegir takes the throne we finally get to see lucy again yeeeeyy now they’ll go on a conquest to fight of what remains of the garland empire. Oh by the way that admiral chick from garland aegir will probably find her in the empires devastated navy after the dragon attack and adds her to his harem.

    Just my two cents feel free to comment you own theories.

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