Chapter 229: The Fight Finishes


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「You guys can set up camp outside the city for now. The citizens would be unsettled if 9000 people entered the city all of a sudden.」

「I won’t complain at this point in time. I don’t have anywhere to return to anyways.」

I leave Bejček on the outskirts of city after disarming him and the rest of his soldiers.
The minimum amount of security should be enough to keep them in check.
They would have nowhere else to go if they rioted here.
Well, they don’t even look energetic enough to do anything.

「Now I’ll just have to discuss with Adolph whether we’ll be adding them to the army or distributing them among the land ready for development.」

Leopolt and Adolph can handle the rest.

When I return to the mansion, Nonna and the others as well as the girls in the annex come to greet me.

「Welcome back, Aegir-sama.」

First, Nonna opens her arms and we exchange an embrace.
The other girls seem to be respecting her by letting her go first.

「I was worried.」

When she hugs me, her giant breasts press up against my chest.
They’re miraculous breasts, firm and heavy, yet soft and shapely, showing no signs of drooping.

After a passionate embrace and kiss, Miti and Maria step up next.
I notice that out of all the wives, these two are the only ones wearing looser, more comfortable, clothing.
Then it hit me.

「You two are expecting?」

「I’m pregnant with a second child.」「Uuu…… I knew it, but I was scared.」

I hug Maria, who is happily stroking her stomach, and Miti, who is a little anxious.
I wouldn’t be able to tell even if I touched their stomachs.

「If you get scared, just ask the other girls around you.」

After all, this mansion is filled with my women.
All of them have pretty much given birth to one or two of my kids.

「Just relax and bear my child.」

I kiss Miti softly many times before doing the same with Maria.
The number of my children increased again, it’s a good thing I survived.

「Um…… us too……」

Several women from the annex step forward.
Some have bigger stomachs while others are already holding the children in their arms.

The girls I keep around me don’t use contraception when we fuck so of course more children would pop out.
This time, four more got pregnant and three just gave birth.
I name the kids and give the mothers hot kisses.

「The vacancies in the maid positions need to be filled now.」

Don’t trouble Rita though.

The girls flock around me, telling me stories of what happened when I was gone as we enjoy mealtime together in the dining hall.

「The new mansion is already complete so now it needs furniture.」

「You don’t have to get anything too fancy. I know you would buy outrageous things if you’re allowed to do whatever you want.」

「I-I won’t get anything luxurious, but it still has to be first class furniture or it would degrade the appearance of the mansion.」

「In that case, let Sebastian choose. I know you always end up buying lots of counterfeit items.」

「Shh! Aegir-sama can hear you!」

Carla and Nonna are talking about furniture for the new mansion.
I can just hear Adolph now, going on about how much money we’ll get after dealing with all the spoils of war.

「Mom, you look prettier than usual today…… why’s that?」
「When Mom heard Aegir-san was coming back, she took a bath last night and repeatedly put on perfumed oil.」

Mel’s skin looks really soft.
She should be in her 40’s but she doesn’t look much different than Kuu who is 22.
When I lightly stroke her face, she smiles and links her arm with mine…… that bewitching smile matches her age though, it’s so sexy.

「And then the female knight made love with the warrior!」
「Fumu fumu…… love on the wild battlefield can be refreshing too.」

Yoguri is asking Irijina about what it’s like on the battlefield.
She’s probably getting more material for her scripts.

「And then they silenced each other in the carriage by kissing!」
「Concealing their voices secretly…… it might be a hit with the ladies.」

Liar, you would be shouting at the top of your lungs instead of staying hushed.

「And then finally, the carriage broke down!!」
「Why!? It became unrealistic all of a sudden.」
「It really happened though……」

If she writes some strange stories, it’ll end up creating some strange rumors about me.
Also it looks like Carla is complaining about something, although I’m sure Nonna’s sharp hearing picked it up.

(Meat pie~ Pumpkin soup~ Ufufufufu.)

After Casie finished eating her portion, she targets the plates of the other girls.
She is practically free to steal whatever she wants from those who can’t see her.
But if she does that…….

「Oh, I’m out of booze. Time to refill!」

Irijina stands up and steps forward to get more.
Casie, who is sneakily trying to take food from Yoguri’s plate, has her foot below her.

(Gyaaaaaah!! My foot brokeee.)

There, I saw that coming.
It’s not broken though, it just got flattened.

「This is something I made. I don’t think it’s high class enough to sit on a noble’s dining table though.」

The dish served in front of us was made by Mireille.
Pork and spinach was mixed together with lots of cheese and then baked.
It certainly looks like something we would eat when camping outdoors…….

「I like it. ……It’s a familiar flavor」

「Really!? So it does taste the same as back then!」

It brings back memories.
After leaving Lucy’s forest, I remember eating Mireille’s cooking not long after meeting her.

「We used to fight together back then and now I’ve been left behind. It’s been lonely.」

Mireille takes a spoon, scoops some of the food and carries it to my mouth.
I’ll take her with me to go hunting or something next time.

「Hardlett-sama, if you were hungry, I could have brought you some more food.」

It looks like Rita couldn’t take seeing me eat Mireille’s home-cooked dish.
She piles up food as high as a mountain and carries it to my mouth.
Wait, that’s still piping hot. Don’t shove it in!

「Stepfather, I’ll pour your drink.」

「Ooh, thanks.」

Stephanie fills my cup with more alcohol as my mouth is stuffed with food.
In addition, Marceline and Felicie press themselves against me from both sides, letting me enjoy the softness of their breasts.

「Calling him stepfather…… aren’t you older than Aegir.」

Carla comments astoundedly when the mother and children from Treia surround me, though Stephanie doesn’t seem to mind.

「He’s mother’s beloved, so stepfather is appropriate.」
「Stepfather, I love you.」

Stephanie and Felicie get even closer to me.
Then Marceline takes my hand and blushes as she places it on her stomach.

「It’s truly…… something embarrassing for an old lady……」

She’s 46 years old, yet she wants me to feel her slightly round stomach.

「Oh? Did you get pregnant?」
「Yes…… I got impregnated with the seed of a young man who could be considered my son.」

Nonna and the others drop their utensils as if they couldn’t believe what they heard.

「Hardlett-sama’s sperm swam around inside my unused womb of 16 years…… and captured one of my eggs.」

Marceline looks up at me with a flushed face and flirtatiously puts her hand against my neck.
This naughty mature lady could not help but be proud that her eggs got taken by me.
My dick also swells up from the added achievement.

「Hardlett-sama’s tool…… it isn’t just big, it’s also very proficient at getting ladies pregnant. I’m sure my daughters will also be expecting very soon.」

「We want stepfather’s children as well.」
「Even if you don’t rush it, your eggs should get fertilized if you just entrust your bodies to him.」

Stephanie and Felicie adhere to my body even more than before, making Nonna who was unable to take anymore wedge herself in between us and push them out with her breasts.

「I’m all for kids…… but please don’t say something like that out in the open! It’ll start rumors of incest.」

Nonna glares at the girls with a harsh look in her eyes.
I’m pretty fond of being called father while making love though.
Speaking of father…….


「Celia-chan, cheer up. Master is unharmed.」

Away from the excited fuss, Leah tries to encourage the depressed Celia.

「Even though I was supposed to protect Aegir-sama…… all I did was drag him down. Because of me, he even lost his precious spear, uuuuu.」

She nibbles at the food Leah hands her while keeping her head down.

Protecting Celia is natural for me so I don’t really mind doing it.
The spear was important but a replacement works just as well, however there’s no replacing you.

I approach from behind and ruffle her hair.

「Wah, wah, my hair.」

As Celia turns around hurriedly, I transfer a little alcohol to her mouth-to-mouth.
Just for today, she can get drunk and fall asleep, then she’ll wake up feeling more cheerful tomorrow.

「By the way, what happened to Catherine and Bridget?」

It’s been on my mind since the beginning.
I haven’t seen the two of them.
If they weren’t feeling well, they could have at least let me know.


Nonna and Marceline look away awkwardly.
Don’t tell me something happened to them.

「I’ll go to their rooms.」

I stand up from my seat.
They’re my women and Catherine in particular has also given birth to my child.
If something is wrong, I’ll help them solve it.

I shake off the girls trying to stop me and right when I open the dining hall doors….

「Haa, haa……」
「Haa…… haa……」

「……oh, you two are doing fine?」

Catherine and Bridget are standing behind the door.
Each of them had maids dangling from their waist, desperately clinging on. I wonder what’s going on.

「Aah…… I told them not to let them out of their rooms before night……」

Rita sighs lightly.
She was locking them in their rooms?
Why would she do that?

「Hey, I’m back.」

I greet them and move in to give them a hug, but missed.
The two of them bends over and slips under my arms.
Then, they cling to my waist and thighs.

「A- a man’s…… penis.」
「It’s been so long…… a penis……a big one……」

They seem to have unfocused eyes as they bury their faces in my crotch.
I try to pull away, but they grab onto me and won’t let me go.

「My deepest apologies. When they heard that Hardlett-sama has returned, the two of them lost their sense of reason…… they wouldn’t be in the right state of mind to eat so Nonna-sama instructed me to keep them in their rooms until night time.」

「Penis……」「Fuck me……」

The two of them lick my crotch over my pants.
The other girls and the maids don’t seem to be bothered.
They already knew about Catherine, so they weren’t surprised to find out that Bridget was just as lewd.

Melissa always acted as the male to relieve their stress but she’s in the capital now.
Maria is pregnant now so she couldn’t play that role either, so I guess their pent up frustrations finally short circuited their brains.

「It can’t be helped now that it’s come to this. It’s also a man’s duty to satisfy horny women. Let’s go to the bedroom.」

「You’re going to embrace us!?」「H-hurry…… I’m going crazy!」

As the two of them start to strip on the spot, I carry both of them on each of my shoulders and head to the bedroom.

「Nonna, you and the others can take it easy after eating. Come to the bedroom.」

The girls in the dining hall seem unhappy.
I’ll have to cheer them up in bed.

I carry Catherine and Bridget to the bedroom and throw them on the bed.
It’s the first time we’re having sex in a while and the mood isn’t right at all, though I’m sure these two aren’t too concerned about it right now.

「Finally…… I can get a dick.」「I didn’t do anything yet but I think I’m about to squirt.」

I throw off my clothes and expose my somewhat erect dick, eliciting cheers from the two girls.

「So big! Ah, I’m so pleased!」「The smell from the tip…… it’s amazing how manly it is.」

「So who wants it first?」

「I’m the concubine! Giving it to your wife first is only natural!」
「I’m younger though! Relieve yourself with the tighter hole first.」

When the two of them glare at each other, I decide to start with Catherine.

「Kuh…… what are you looking at, idiot.」

Bridget starts masturbating unhappily while Catherine smiles and spreads her legs.
I grab Catherine’s pretty white legs and give them a nice lick before mounting her.

「Ahn! I want it deep please. Please say hello to my womb.」

「Say hello?」

What is she talking about?

「Yes, say hello to your child in my womb.」

Catherine says it like it was nothing so it didn’t register immediately for me.
I stop barely before my meat rod enters her.

「You’re pregnant!?」

「Yes, I believe it was when we had sex as newlyweds……」

That’s fine, I’m all for more kids.
However I can’t slam my dick into her if she’s pregnant.
More so when I know my dick will enter deep into her womb, since it might affect the baby.

Catherine’s judgement may have been clouded because of her sexual frustration.
She’s the kind of woman to risk her life for her child normally.

「It’ll be fine. If it’s your dick, then the child would also surely-…… wait! Don’t go!!」

I back away just before penetrating her and then Catherine clings to me desperately.

「I can’t just have sex with a pregnant woman. I would hate for something to happen to the baby.」

「Then my ass! You can fuck my ass. Dangling your penis in front of me and then not giving it to me is too cruel!」

Catherine is frantic and it does make me a little happy that she’s so attached to my dick.

「I don’t mind, but you’re not prepared are you?」

I glance over at Bridget.

「If you use her ass, it’ll make your penis dirty! I should go first then.」

That’s true.
If I insert it in her ass without any preparations being done, I’d feel sorry for Bridget when I stick it in her vagina.

「Let’s start with Bridget. Just wait for a bit, Catherine.」

「No way……」

Bridget open her legs with a smile. She doesn’t have very big breasts but the rest of her body is fairly meaty.
My dick hardens.

「You don’t need foreplay?」

「What do you think?」

I guess that was unnecessary concern.
There’s enough love juice flowing out from her crotch that you could scoop it with a ladle.

「Then here I go.」
「Deep, please.」

Receiving Bridget’s request, I take a hold of her legs and mount her, looking to insert my rod deep inside her.

「Nn…… sorrraah!」

My dick instantly plunges into her hole and shakes up her womb.
Bridget digs her nails into my shoulder and throws her head back though she doesn’t moan too exaggeratedly.
I thought she would be more turned on but maybe my expectations were off.

「No…… she already came.」

Catherine spits out a comment as she unhappily teases her clitoris.

「Aah, she climaxed without making a sound.」

Now that I look at her again, her tongue is sticking out of her mouth, her legs are stretched out and her nails are dug into my skin.
Apparently I finished her off in one stroke.

「Aaoh…… aaoh…… haa……」

Since she made such an interesting reaction, I try grinding my hips while I’m still inserted deep inside.

「Aggah! Haaoooooooooh!!」

It made her squirt immediately.
There’s a lot of it too.

「Waffh, it’s like a fountain.」

To change positions, I pull out my dick, but Bridget doesn’t stop squirting.
I’m not even touching her body and she’s curling like a shrimp and bucking her hips while spraying liquid everywhere.

「How pent up is she? I just put it in her.」

「She isn’t conscious anymore, so you can embrace me now……」

Catherine’s probably right about her not being conscious, but I’d feel bad just leaving her after penetrating her once.

I sit on the edge of the bed and lift up the exhausted Bridget, who is continuing to let out a stream of liquid.
I drop her hips on top of me in a reverse sitting position and she once again moans.

「Aaaaaah…… so thick…… so hard…… it’s so rugged……」

I don’t need to hold back with Bridget’s developed body.
She’s not that thin plus she’s about 160 cm tall, so she won’t break that easily.
I grab her soft thighs and pump my hips fast enough to make the bed cry.

「Hiiiiiiiih! I’m dying! Dyinnnggggg!」

She screams and her instincts prompt her to run away.
I don’t let her resistance separate us though.
I’ll have her pussy accept all the intense thrusts.

Seeing her this aroused really gets me going too.
My cock expands more and more and stimulates Bridget even more.

「I think she’s almost at her limit.」

Her vagina has been convulsing from the beginning but now her body has begun to tremble uncontrollably.
If I continue anymore, she might really die.

「I love you, Bridget. Good night.」

I suck on the nape of her neck to leave proof of our lovemaking and push my hips up hard.


Another stream of liquid is accompanied by another wordless scream. Once the first stream of liquid diminishes to nothing, another liquid with a light gold color travels in an arc from her crotch to the floor.
Bridget completely loses consciousness and falls forward in an exhausted mess.

「Woah, that was close.」

Her face was just about to fall into the puddle she created.
While holding her up, I have her drink some water by transferring it mouth-to-mouth.
I don’t want her to get dehydrated after secreting so much liquid.

「Fufu, that girl still has much to learn. How could she faint without making you cum.」

It seems Catherine’s degree of lewdness is higher than Bridget’s.

「Now, go ahead and use the ass of this pregnant woman. I’m prepared for any sores it will cause so please just ram your cock inside.」

She leans against the wall and spreads her asshole open with her hands.

「Good grief, I don’t want to rattle the baby too much so I can’t be too rough.」

I grab her butt cheeks and push my dick into her ass.

「Aah…… soo thick…… it feels like it’s tearing me apart……」

When the thick part of my tip passes through, I could hear a squelching sound before seeing Catherine’s face distort.

「It’ll really tear at this rate. I guess I’ll just get you used to the tip for now……」

As I was about to pull out temporarily, Catherine grabs me.

「No, we’re just about to get …… to the good part!!」

She fixes her hips but pushes her ass further back towards me.
It felt like I was really stretching her as my dick gets swallowed by her anus.

「Oi oi.」

「It hurts! But it feels good!!」

She knows her ass will get sores but she still shakes her hips happily.
As mentioned earlier, Bridget is still definitely green. This is what a true lewd woman looks like.

「My butt is being satisfied…… I’m pregnant but my anus is being fucked…… no, my ass is being excavated while I’m pregnant and it’s making me so happy!」

Catherine rocks back and forth while shouting in delight.
I feel a little guilty when I see a trickle of blood but seeing such a lewd woman desire me is an irresistible feeling.

「Sorry, I can’t hold back now. I’m going to move too.」

「Of course! Give it to me, fuck me.」

I don’t worry about dirtying my dick or tearing her ass anymore.
The two of us fuck like animals, bumping our hips together until we eventually reach our limits.

「I’m cumming, Catherine!」
「Cum! Violate my asshole!!」

The two of us hold our hips in place after one final thrust and a rhythmical pumping sound echoes as I ejaculate.

「This feeling…… aah, I can’t get enough of this feeling, of getting all that hot juice in my stomach. Aah, my stomach is gurgling now…… but this might be good too.」

Catherine savors the pleasure of receiving my ejaculation with a spellbound look on her face and even seems to enjoy the stomach pain caused by the large amount of seed injected into her stomach.
She made sure that the baby in her uterus was not harmed, but instead paid the price by getting her ass torn apart.
I’ll have to use some ointment on it later.

「I’ll take care of this.」

Having returned to her senses, Catherine takes a tub and exits the room shyly while I purposely let out a half-hearted response.
Filling her ass with enough semen to expand her stomach without any prior preparation seems like it’ll cause quite some trouble for her.

Nevertheless, she was able to walk like nothing happened even after all that.
Her gait wasn’t even unsteady.

I gently stroke Bridget, who is still passed out and occasionally squirting.

「The road to being truly lewd is a harsh one.」

–Third Person POV–

Battle of White City ② Naval Bombardment
North Teries River. Imperial Fleet. Flagship Leviathan.

「Was Zaphnes always such an unexpectedly foolish man?」

「Yes, he tries to get ahead by hogging the achievements to himself.」

Several male subordinates line up in front of Sekrit as she comments in an uninterested tone.

「In the end, General Zaphnes won’t even reach the feet of Your Excellency……」

Sekrit glares at the newcomer commander who said that.

「Aah……」「So foolish……」

The veterans sigh on reflex.

They knew the cold-hearted female general doesn’t take any form of flattery or attempts to suck up.
Those words were meaningless and would just serve to devalue anyone who used them.
The only standard she used to evaluate her subordinates is based on results.

「I don’t care who brings down White City. My only wish is to see that city burn to the ground with my own eyes. I won’t participate in some pointless contest. Everyone, get into battle positions!」

「「Yes ma’am!」」

With a single command from Sekrit, the fleet started moving into formation to bombard White City.

There is a port right next to the southern region of White City, so the fleet’s cannons should be able to reach.
The cannons on land could not make a dent on White City’s walls, but a volley from the larger cannons loaded on the ships were thought to be able to destroy them.

「We are almost done with the preparations to attack!」

Sekrit nods silently.

The Imperial fleet draws closer to the three rows of walls on the south side of White City.
The port outside the walls was destroyed not too long after the battle started.
Now they will be aiming directly at the walls.

「Start firing!」
「Blow it apart!」

Small ships with relatively shorter range were closer to the land while larger ships with a longer range were positioned near the center of the river, all of them begin firing their cannons at once.

The river was clouded by the smoke and once again, fragments of the wall were scattered by the blasts, creating smouldering dents on the surface.

「……it didn’t collapse?」

「However, it was effective.」

The walls of White City did not fall from the cannonfire of the Empire’s fleet.
But unlike the superficial damage dealt by the cannons on land, the bombardment of the fleet was able to gouge deep chunks out of the wall in several places and destroy many firing stations within the upper portion of the wall.

The soldiers inside the walls hastily try to counterattack by firing their own cannons.

It wasn’t easy to hit the fleet, which moved after the first volley.
Even so, a few cannonballs were able to hit their targets.

「Medium damage on the large battleship Lochlar!」「Small battleship Cadjis is being bombed. It’s starting to sink!」

The staff officer glances at Sekrit, but she doesn’t move.

「This won’t even leave a scratch. Send out the turtles as well.」

「Yes ma’am!」

The shootout continues.
The Imperial fleet continues to lose ships, however the walls of White City are gradually being chipped away as well.
In particular, attacks concentrated towards the upper portion of the walls caused heavy damage, slowly reducing the intensity of the Federation counterattack.

「The turtles are in position!」

The staff officers cheer.
The ships specifically designed for bombarding, called turtles, with their extra large cannons should be able to demolish even the thick walls of White City.


Sekrit gives the order in a cold, indifferent tone.

Accompanied by an exceptionally loud roar distinguishable even amongst the continuously echoing booms from the exchange of cannonfire, projectiles launch from the giant cannons installed on the eight ships towards the devastated walls.

The moment the cannonballs hit the walls, it made a completely different sound from the previous bombardments.

「Oooh! It’s collapsing!」

The shells which hit the upper portion of the wall destroyed large parts and eventually caused debris to crumble down.
Furthermore, the cannonballs which hit the center of the walls opened up large holes and penetrated through to the other side.

A hole was finally opened in the walls of the White City, which were up till now the supreme rulers of the continent and the backbone of the Olga Federation.

「Your Excellency…… you’ve done it!!」
「The Federation is finished!」

The staff officers cheer, but Sekrit doesn’t even grin.

「Continue the bombardment. We only made a hole. Besides, there are still two walls standing.」

The smiles on the faces of everyone except the woman don’t disappear.
They just need to destroy all the walls with even more cannonfire.
However, something happened right when the order was triumphantly given.

There was a sound of something slicing through the air and then a large column of water exploding up suddenly, creating shockwaves powerful enough to capsize the small ships nearby.

「W-what was that!?」
「It was even larger than the large cannons on the turtles!」

Another giant cannonball dropped from the sky.
A large ship guarding the Leviathan’s flank was hit in the center and the vessel instantly split in half, the two parts sinking into the water.

「B-battleship Auron……has sunk…… impossible……」

More of those huge cannonballs soar through the air and sinks one Imperial ship after the other.
The soldiers, who were excited and confident in their victory a second ago, quickly turn pale.

「A third turtle has been sunk! Where on earth are the enemy cannons……」
「Battleship Beroad’s mast was broken. It can’t continue to sail!」

「They’re shooting diagonally from in between the walls. Look over there.」

Sekrit’s tone remains the some compared to her panicking subordinates.
On the top of the worn down wall where she pointed, a red and blue flag was waving on the inside of the wall.

「They’re probably using that to signal our location and movements.」

The Imperial fleet keeps their bombardment going even now, though it didn’t take long for a fourth turtle to shatter into pieces, prompting Sekrit to give the order to retreat.

「I guess that’s as far as we can go. We’ve opened a path to the south. The rest is up to Zaphnes.」

With the order to retreat given, many ship captains felt relieved and scrambled to be the first ones to move to the center of the river, away from White City.
That was how the second act of the attack on White City came to a close.

That Night.

「It didn’t go so smoothly. But still, how long can those Federation bastards survive without any backup?」

The corners of Sekrit’s mouth curves up as she throws a girl with a collar around her neck onto the bed.
That girl was from the Federation who was made into a prisoner of war after the city she lived in was destroyed.

「Ah…… aau…… please don’t be so rough……」

Sekrit silently takes out a dildo.
It wasn’t just too big for that young girl, there was also countless pointy bumps covering the shaft, clearly meant for giving pleasure.

「Let me hear you scream.」

「Stop…… stop it…… nooooooooooo!!!」

The girl’s screams echo within the Leviathan.

Federation VS. Empire – Comparison of Military Forces (Personnel will increase depending on drafting)

Olga Federation
Military Strength – Current: 500 000, Max Mobilization: 2 550 000, Losses: 1 120 000, Civilian Victims: 920 000

Garland Empire
Military Strength – Current: 2 220 000, Max Mobilization: 3 100 000, Losses: 880 000 (Military slaves not included)

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Late Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 163,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4500.

Family: Nonna (the extremely pretty Nonna), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine, expecting), Maria (concubine, expecting)
Catherine (tired concubine, expecting), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (lover)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Pipi (lover), Alice (magical girl)
Marceline (pregnant lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (fountain), Felicie (lover)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Melissa (lover, left for the capital), Alma (left for the capital)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina, Amata, Anastasia (daughters); Antonio, Claude, Gilbard, Reiner, Bartolome (sons); Rose (foster daughter)

Non-humans: Lammy (snake lover), Mirumi (mermaid), ??? (strange plant)

Subordinates: Celia (dejected), Gido (escort unit), Kroll (mendicant monk), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby
Myla (security officer), Polte (training supervisor), Gretel (domestic affairs trainee)
Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Tristan (staff officer B)
Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (tired), Lilian (actress)

Army: 14,200 men
Cannons: 10, Large Cannons: 10

Assets: 450 gold (small banquet -20)
Sexual Partners: 233, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish



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