Chapter 235: Things Left Behind By A Dragon


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Claire is holding her head in distress in front of the dragon.
Apparently, she was depressed for two reasons.

「Uuuu…… what a waste.」

「It can’t be helped. I didn’t know about the dragon blood either.」

Claire will be using her subordinates from the merchant company to disassemble the dragon’s corpse.
It’s natural to want to utilize the scales that can deflect cannonballs and the bones that even my Dual Crater can’t penetrate.

The first step when it comes to dismantling a living being is the draining of blood.
If neglected, the body will rot in no time.

Because Claire is a more than capable merchant, she works fast.
When I got there, most of the blood was already drained.

「It’s all good. If we have enough to help the injured citizens recover, that’s plenty.」

Whatever little blood left inside the body is scraped together and the treatment of the injured commences.
From what I saw with the woman I saved earlier, even the tiniest amount is shown to be effective.

「If we sold such an outstanding healing medicine, how many tens of thousands of gold would we make…… I wonder if there is any left.」

Unwilling to give up, she orders her subordinates to cut open the area near the heart.

Claire’s subordinates swung down their hammers and pickaxes countless times before looking back at her with helpless expressions, presenting their broken tools while shaking their heads.

「In the first place, our iron tools can’t even take this corpse apart.」

She heaves a heavy sigh.
The subordinates particularly proud of their strength who she gathered tried their best but were not able to take a single scale off.
They also tried to get through the stomach area where there were no scales, still they could not do so.

「I’ll get the dwarves to cooperate later. Perhaps their tools will work.」

It will have to be after they sober up though.
Each of them being able to drink a whole barrel surprised even Irijina.

「Haa…… this kind of incompetence, it hasn’t happened since the days I was first starting out.」

The only thing she did so far was extract the precious blood from the area I cut open.
For the go-getter Claire, it is a rare failure.

「Where did you say? I’ll help you out.」

The disheartened Claire has become quite pitiable.
I unsheathe the Dual Crater and approach the dragon’s corpse.

「Nn…… it’s kind of red. Whatever.」

I slash at the wound near the chest area.
A single line runs through scale and skin, cleanly opening up a slit to reveal the heart.
…… it wasn’t that easy to cut through during the fight.

「I wonder if there is any blood left.」

Claire doesn’t hesitate to reach into the slit with her hands.
It’s quite the shocking scene to see a beauty get her clothes dirty with blood while rummaging through another living creature’s internal organs.
As expected of someone who didn’t rise up in the world as a mere woman, she sees profit more than she sees it as something disgusting.

「!? T-this is-!」

In that moment, I hear the sound of grains rolling out.
A huge amount of a certain something appears to spill out from inside the heart.

「What are these, jewels? Or maybe rocks?」

The red objects range from the size of a person’s thumb to the size of a person’s fist.
I thought they were rubies at first, but these things are a darker red and don’t look pretty at all.

「They’re brittle.」

When I press them hard with my fingers, they crumble and turn into powder.

「Don’t tell me-……!」

Claire doesn’t falter, taking a knife and stabbing the back of the hand of a chubby subordinate beside her.
……how cruel, he made a sound like a filthy pig.

「Drink this!」

She pinches a small fragment off the larger granule, stuffs it into her subordinate’s mouth and watches the wound.
Claire is a pretty frightening boss.

「It’s healing…… as I thought, these are coagulated orbs of blood!!」

If you were going to test it, then…… well, it would be a waste to mark up Claire’s smooth skin for that.
In this case, the man should endure this much.

「We’re taking all of it out! Eeei, I’ll do it myself!」

With a running start, she jumps head first into the wound.
Practically her entire body went inside the corpse.
What an admirable merchant soul she has.

「I also asked for assistance from Rafen. Someone should be coming soon.」

I told them they definitely have to bring Tristan and his excessively extensive knowledge, knowing he always has spare time.

「There is still some left in the heart. Stick your hand in their and scrape it out! This organ is in the way, hold onto it for a bit!」

Claire isn’t listening anymore.
Maybe I’ll fondle Laurie’s ass or something.

I grab the tiny ass of Laurie, who is standing beside me rather than helping Claire.



I thought for sure Laurie politely stepped away but she let out a scream.
It was unexpected and surprised me.

Laurie appears to be just over ten years old but she’s actually a clever 17 year old girl who has lots of experience being a merchant as Claire’s right hand.

She takes advantage of her childish face and body to the fullest, one of her specialties being negotiating with men in bed.
Speaking from personal experience, she has made me ejaculate unwilling before.

「Aau…… it’s not that I don’t want to……I’m just a little conscious of…… hauu……」

This girl with her sharp mind and superior acting skills is blushing and hesitating to say what she wants.
She repeatedly sends me brief glances before shyly averting her eyes.

「What’s wrong? Do you have a fever?」

If she is sick or injured, the greatest medicine is right in front of her.

「N-no. It’s not that. ……please continue.」

Laurie gets closer to me and sticks out her ass.
I wonder what’s wrong.

Telling me I can fool around with her actually makes it harder to do.
I’ll still do it though.

「Ah…… aahn……」

A child’s ass doesn’t feel all that great to fondle.
However, the reactions of the rather sensitive Laurie excites me.
If this is acting, she’s something else. Lilian better watch out.

A Few Days Later. Lintbloom.

A few days after the dragon was slain, a few soldiers arrived from Rafen to help with the restoration of the city and the dismantling of the dragon corpse.
In addition, Tristan, who I personally named, wasn’t the only one who came. Leopolt and Adolph also tagged along.

With the two of them here, I didn’t think I needed to stay and was about to take two women to a separate room in the inn so I could spread their legs and lick their pussies, but Celia intervened, kicking away the girls and dragging me with her to the meeting we are presently holding.

Other people present are Claire and Laurie, as well as Balbano, who brought a chair specially modified for those with short legs.
Everyone here is within reason, but it’s quite funny that the mayor of the city of Lintbloom wasn’t asked to be present in a setting like this.
What was his name again?

「My will is his will.」

Claire said that.

「So, what is his will anyways?」

Claire grins, picks up the scrap paper on the floor and throws them in the garbage bin.


「Hm, I was just doing some thinking.」

I lift up my head as I reply to Celia.
Claire seems to be arguing with Adolph.

「The dismantling of the dragon will proceed somehow, borrowing only the help of the dwarves. Your assistance is not needed.」

「That is fine, but the dragon in the city…… if we treat it as a livestock without an owner, then the rights naturally belong to the feudal lord.」

Claire smiles at me after glaring menacingly at Adolph.
These two go up against each other fairly often.
Perhaps it’s unavoidable due to their line of work.

Laurie is sitting next to Claire as usual and constantly staring at me.
But whenever I look back at her, she looks down and averts her eyes.

「In any case, it’s quite astounding…… to call a dragon here.」

Adolph and Leopolt exhale.
Why are they looking at me like that, I did my best to kill this thing so they could at least thank me.

「As expected of Lord Hardlett. I’ve never seen a man as heroic as you. Are you satisfied with that?」

Stop that Leopolt, hearing you say that makes my whole body break out.
Rather, all of you gathered here because you’ve actually got nothing to do, right?

「Lintbloom is one of the most important cities in this territory of ours. I will rush over whenever there is any damage.」

That may be true for Adolph.
But I’m surprised Leopolt would come when he isn’t normally concerned with domestic affairs.

「Since we haven’t yet recovered all of the lost equipment, I can’t increase costs to do any training. If it’s maintaining the usual, she is more than capable. More importantly, our first priority should be dealing with this unknown threat. It looks like we were somehow able to limit the threat to just one this time.」

The woman Leopolt is referring to is Myla.
I think she’s capable in her own right, but Leopolt doesn’t trust many people besides himself.
If you treat Myla as a novice, she’ll get angry though.

「I trust Lord Hardlett to a certain extent, don’t I?」

「Stop, I will actually start developing something on my skin!」

「Let’s get back on topic.」

Leopolt wants to stop the meaningless banter.
There is one more thing before that though.

「……someone wake Tristan up.」

He’s got some nerve to sleep as soon as he arrived.

I really can’t believe he would sleep in an official setting like this.


「What’s wrong, Celia?」

「It’s nothing. It’s just like the Kingdom’s ceremony.」

What is she talking about?

Now that Celia has woken Tristan up with a bunch, we can finally get this meeting going.

「So in the end, how much of the dragon blood were you able to collect?」

「One bucket’s worth.」

Only that much? ……that’s unexpectedly less than I thought.

「When it comes down to it, we still have a full bucket of that monstrous special product.」

Adolph points out in a cold tone while Claire clicks her tongue.

「……let’s decide how we’ll distribute it now.」

It’s very likely for disputes to break out over this stuff later.
She already has unpleasant feelings in the past regarding the wheat and Libatis merchants.
I don’t want to increase her dissatisfaction anymore.

「Why is it necessary to share the blood of the dragon that Hardlett-sama defeated in Hardlett-sama’s territory with you?」

「UUuuuu…… I poured my heart into this city. And now it’s been burned down to this extent, so the least you could do is let me earn back some profit from selling this elixir, or else Laurie and the rest of them would strangle themselves…… no, we would have to sell our bodies off to other men to pay back loans before that.」

Claire presses a handkerchief to her mouth and sniffles. Adolph, don’t you feel sorry for her?

「From what I saw, there isn’t even ten percent of damage to the structure for housing machinery.」

「Don’t be like that. Even if we want to sell it on a wide scale, we would end up borrowing Claire’s help anyways. Quarreling is inevitable too. Let’s just secure enough for us to use.」

She is several times more knowledgeable than us when it comes to selling the medicine for the highest price.
Getting enough for the family to use is good enough.

「That’s right, it would create chaos among the soldiers and citizens if you distribute it unevenly.」


Adolph also nods slightly.

Dragon’s blood is powerful enough to bring the dead back to life, but there isn’t enough to go around.
Naturally, it would make those who didn’t get it unhappy.

Keeping it all to myself would be mean though, so I would give it out secretly if really needed.
Of course, I’ll be prioritizing women and receive their bodies as compensation.

「Your reprehensible thoughts are showing on your forehead.」

「What, where!?」

I touch my forehead but I don’t feel anything.
Damn Tristan, you tricked me.

It seems Adolph has finished talking to Claire while I was busy having delusions.

「……so the sale of the medicine will be divided in this ratio and tax will be applied.」

「Hohoho, please take it easy on me.」

The dragon’s blood will be treated as a special medicine and only the essential amount was left for us, while the rest was sold to Claire.
However, unlike regular products, the profit on sales will have tax applied on it.

「Good grief, when negotiating with a woman, it feels like I’m facing off against two people.」

Adolph complains about unfairness but judging from his expression, it seems he was able to reach common ground with her.
In the first place, both him and I are amateurs at business and will fail remarkably if we tried.

The normally generous Adolph clashing with Claire like this should be because he has me and my citizens in mind.
Let me pat his head.


Don’t make such a disgusted face.

「Merchants will do business, politicians will make policies, soldiers will fight wars…… losing sight of your own role is the start of failure. Owowowow, my head is splitting!」

I grab Tristan’s head when he mumbles some philosophic mumbo-jumbo.
Nicely said, your role is my staff officer so open your eyes wide and keep giving me advice.

「There are plenty of other parts we can use from the dragon, right?」

Its bones and scales even deflected my Dual Crater after all.
If we process them, there’s no doubt some powerful equipment can be made.


But Balbano and Claire don’t look too excited.

「It’s true there is nothing harder and sturdier than this……」

What’s the problem?

「It’s too durable. It is extremely difficult to process these materials even using dwarven tools.」

Balbano kicks his feet while folding his arms and growling.

「Its scales can be taken off somehow. Removing it is possible, but it isn’t so easy to work with.」

Apparently the tool they used as a shaving edge got worn down instead.

「As of now, the only thing we can really work with is the skin.」

「And it took several artisans with a custom-made knife.」

Claire takes out a shield made with dragon skin.

It doesn’t look any different from a shield made out of cow leather from what I can see.
I try holding it in my hand and I don’t feel any difference either.
It is considerably lighter than iron or steel.

「There is a remarkable difference in its performance though. I’m proud of my strength and yet I couldn’t penetrate it even after countless thrusts with a steel sword.」

「Hooh…… I’d like to see that. Someone hold it.」

Leopolt takes the shield and quickly passes it over to Tristan.

「Eeh, me!? With my strength, I’ll be sent flying……」


I draw my Dual Crater and thrust it straight at the shield which Tristan holds out above his head.
My sword cleanly pierces through the shield and grazes the top of his head, stabbing into the wall behind him and cutting several strands of his hair which slowly drift to the floor.


「What, I ran right through it.」

「……please don’t use your Dual Crater. That sword even sliced off the dragon’s scales.」

Celia comments with a sigh.
Sorry, I forgot.

After that, I tested the shield using a steel sword, slashing and thrusting multiple times, and I certainly couldn’t get through.
If I couldn’t do it with my best effort, I’m sure nobody could.

「This is nice. I definitely want armor and a shield like this.」

Being light is a plus too.
It looks capable of protecting Celia or Myla.
As for Irijina, she always ran around with a full set of metal armor, so she’s fine.

「We have plenty of materials, so now it’s a matter of how much we can increase the speed of manufacturing.」

「If we can have an entire squad fully equipped with equipment like this, it will become our trump card.」

Even Leopolt’s curiosity was piqued.

「It’s the best when the victor of the fight can be decided before the soldiers actually cross swords.」

On the other hand, Tristan doesn’t seem too interested.
Rather than a frontal assault, this guy prefers attacking the enemy’s weak point or using clever schemes after all.

Tristan appears to be drinking tea in a composed manner but his hand is shaking more than usual.

「I’m sorry about earlier. I should have been a little bit more off.」

「……wait a minute. Did you just say a bit off instead of completely off?」

I thought it would be fine since they said it was an impenetrable shield.
It missed you anyways, so it’s all good.

Tristan slumps his shoulders dejectedly and then glares at Leopolt.

「Leopolt-san, you had part in this too for pushing the shield on me!」

「The only sword Lord Hardlett had on his hip was that one. It was self evident how the simple-minded Margrave would act next.」

You guys, don’t fight.
We’re moving on to the next thing.

「So we really can’t do anything about the scales or bones……?」

I thought the scales would work better than the skin as armor, but we can’t use it if we can’t process them.
After all, we can’t just carry the scales and run around the battlefield.

Balbano replies regretfully.

「Umu, we’ve used up ten files and could still only grind a little powder off the scales. Cutting or bending is out of the question.」

「Can’t we use it as a shield as it is without processing it?」

How about attaching a string behind the scale and using that as a shield?
One scale is the perfect size for a shield.

「It’s not impossible, but…… here.」

Balbano uses both hands to pick up one scale and tosses it.

「What is it, all of a sudden?」

After I catch it with my right hand, Balbano hands it to Celia beside me.

「Here’s what I mean. Here, Celia.」

「Yes, I’ll take i-…… gyaaaah!!」

As soon as Celia tries to hold it, she gets pinned under the scale.

「Heavvyyyy, it’s crushing meeee!」

I quickly grab it off her.

「If we make the scale into a shield, it’s too heavy and nobody can carry it around besides you. Even I have to exert a lot of strength just to carry it, so I don’t think it’s fit to be used as a shield. I’m sure it can even deflect cannonballs though.」

I see…… so it’s impossible for the other soldiers to use it.

「I tried bending it with several thousand kilograms of weight but it didn’t even budge, and its hardness stayed the same after I put it in the blast furnace. This is bone, you know.」

「Alright. Just keep trying different things here and there…… if you find a way to process them, let me know.」

Adolph, Claire, and I are sad because of the unsatisfactory result.
In that moment, Tristan suddenly lifts his head up.

「A way to use them, huh…… you know yesterday, I took a quick look around the city and saw a blast furnace.」

「Yes, Lintbloom is a city of iron so there would be some scattered throughout the city.」

Claire answers cordially on the surface, wondering what the comment would lead to, but she’s probably snickering internally.

「There are also furnaces with strange coal inside them.」

「……you have good eyes. It’s a new kind of fuel and more efficient than charcoal.」

It’s a secret fuel that the dwarves told me about and isn’t used anywhere except in Lintbloom.
Claire’s faces slightly warps from the unforeseen observation made.

「But half of the furnaces using the new fuel were being repaired.」

Claire’s expression visibly becomes more wary.


Tristan is my subordinate so she probably doesn’t mind.
Claire gives me a glance before smiling amiably again and continuing to speak.

「……fine, the firepower of the new fuel is too strong and the heat-resisting bricks can’t endure the high temperature for a long time. Higher quality steel can be made but frequent repairs to the furnace is required……」

Tristan commented as he points to the dragon’s scales.

「That thing, it wasn’t even affected by the heat of the dwarves’ furnace. Not to mention it’s hard and durable. If you use it for the furnace, it wouldn’t matter if it’s too heavy.」

Money signs seem to appear in Claire’s eyes for a second.
She turns around energetically and looks at me.

「Sure, go ahead. The production of steel is important to me too. Go and let the engineers know.」

「Alright then, please excuse us. Let’s go, Laurie!」

「Ah…… just a little more…… aaaah……」

Claire pulls Laurie by the arm and she exits the room as well.
It seemed like she stretched out her hand towards me for a brief moment, but I think that’s just my imagination.
When it comes to money-making, Laurie is just as greedy as Claire is after all.

And then after doing his one job, Tristan goes to sleep.
I want to slap him to the ground, but I’ll have to endure it since he provided such valuable insight.

「Now, the only thing left to deal with is the bones…… just like with the scales, you can’t process the bones, right?」

「Yeah. Powder comes out when we shave the scales, but we don’t even get that from the bones. I’ve lived for a while now and this is the first time I’ve seen anything this hard.」

I’m sure, my Dual Crater was somehow able to penetrate the scales but it completely bounced off that thing’s skull.
Meaning the strength of its bones is even further above that of its scales.

「But I will absolutely find a way to use it…… and make a replacement spear for you.」

Balbano looks at me with eyes full of determination.

「What’s up, all of a sudden? I’m grateful though…… it’s a little too sudden.」

Balbano points at my Dual Crater, the sword at my hip.

「That sword doesn’t suit our style! A pal of the dwarves needs a weapon made by the dwarves.」

It’s not like I don’t get where he’s coming from.
The Dual Crater gives off a beautiful and sharp impression.
On the other hand, a dwarven weapon gives off a stately and sturdy impression. Even similar masterpieces are made from a completely different foundation.

This is what my beloved Nonna gave me though so it isn’t just another weapon.

Not good, I’m starting to get hard when I think about Nonna’s big tits.
If I get a boner in front of Balbano again, he’ll really think I’m homosexual.

I have to think about something ugly.
Chrysanthemum…… Madam[1. Nat: Gonzales]…… chest hair…… Gildress…….
Good, it’s going down.
But now my mood is down as well.

「Oh right. I had something to ask you.」

「What is it, pal?」

I once again unsheathe my Dual Crater in front of Balbano.
Balbano looks somewhere else in displeasure, away from the brilliance of the Dual Crater’s blade. C’mon, don’t be so unhappy and look at it a little.

「It’s……mithril. A metal capable of exorcism and will never rot, something that I’ve only seen a glimpse of a shard before.」

As expected, he could tell the material quality at first glance.

「I think it was probably after I fought with the dragon…… but I think there is something strange about the glow.」

Up until that point, it had a white radiance, but now the blade has a slightly red tone to it.
No, it’s not dark enough to be considered red, more like a faded pink, but it’s still clearly different from its initial pure white shine.
At the same time, the light it gives off is slightly red too.


Balbano takes the Dual Crater in his hand and snuffs out the light in the room.
Adolph and Celia, who were writing some documents, let out unhappy grumbling while Tristan’s snoring gets louder.

「It is outside my area of expertise but this doesn’t look like the glow from mithril. Worse case scenario, it is some form of impurity and best case scenario, there is a spirit dwelling inside. It might be close to magic power.」

As I thought, it happened when I cut the dragon, I just hope it’s not cursed or anything.

「I don’t know much about curses either. But this exceeds the mithril shard I saw before as metal. It doesn’t look like it’s going in a bad direction. If you’re worried, maybe take it to a shaman.」

「Hmm…… I guess it’s fine if it makes my sword better, I don’t want some spirit to emerge every night and wander around after all.」

Maybe I’ll consult Alice.

「Well, the meeting is done. You guys should stretch your wings once in a while.」

Adolph nods in response but goes back to writing something on his document again, Leopolt doesn’t even acknowledge me.
Fine, I’ll go have fun on my own.

When I left the room, Pipi and Luna couldn’t wait and hugged me.
The two of them seem to be overcome with emotion.

「You defeated Lintbloom……」

Luna’s voice is trembling.

「Chief is……a hero! Stories of you will be passed down forever among Pipi and the others.」

Hmmm, I’ve been called a hero so often lately I’m starting to get fed up with it, however getting praised by my own women is still kinda nice.

「We are merely ordinary women, but-……」
「We want to be next to the great hero.」

「Hahaha, of course. I’ll cover your entire body from your crotch to your face with my seed. But first, let’s fill our stomachs.」

The dismantling of the dragon’s corpse begins and today, lots of meat from the dragon is appearing in markets.
Naturally, the meat will spoil after a few days and there is no hope to get any additional supply of it, which is why Claire probably distributed it to the citizens instead of putting it up for sale, even without me having to embrace her.
It wasn’t for free though.

I cut up the meat served by the chefs, and first feed Pipi who is sitting on my lap.
She stops moving.

Luna cuts her meat and puts a piece in her mouth.
She stops moving.

I also cut a healthy piece and stuff my mouth.
I stop moving.

I can’t make a sound.
I can tell my body is trembling by itself.
It’s like my stomach is dancing with joy.

What a fine delicacy, I feel like I could cry at anytime if I lose concentration.
The meat of the black beast is famous for being quite the delicacy as well, but there’s no comparing the two.

「……it’s too delicious.」

「My tears won’t stop flowing.」

「Oh great mountain, I am so thankful you gave me life.」

I can’t think of anything except eating the next bite.
It goes without saying that I’m getting seconds. Luna and Pipi also get many more servings of the meat for themselves.

I have to bring some back to the girls back in the mansion too.
As I continue eating like crazy, I can feel the weight on my lap get heavier.

「My body is getting heavier and my stomach is bursting! Yet I can’t stop eating!」

「Me too…… my stomach is so big now…… I can’t stuff anymore…… but it’s so good!」

Pipi is full and becomes round like a puppy, while Luna has become like a pregnant woman and still can’t stop eating.
How strange, Pipi, who should be full and has a pained look on her face, is still stuffing her cheeks with the meat.

「Hey……isn’t this bad?」

Even I can’t stop moving my hand to my mouth.
The thought of stopping never came to mind.

Now that I look, I see the inn’s chefs also taking bites and indulging themselves.
Since the food isn’t coming out, we go into the kitchen ourselves to eat the meat.
Seasoning and preparation isn’t necessary, grilling the meat is good enough.

The citizens of the city are also making a fuss outside the window, wanting to try the meat.
Campfires are started here and there and people gather around to grill their own meat.
Normally, the guards wouldn’t allow fires to be started in the middle of the road but the soldiers are also eating happily.

This is…… a supreme delicacy, or maybe it’s a cursed.
While thinking of such nonsense, I continue to push meat down my throat until my stomach is at its limit.

「Aaaaah! I can’t stop!」
「Me neither…… my hand is moving on its own……」

It seems Celia and Leah are also taking part in the feast.

Apparently, the dragon meat is full of nutritional value too.
The next day, Pipi pats her round stomach happily whereas Celia and the others rub their bulging bellies in tears.

I could hear the screams of girls from inside the city.
They must be rubbing their fattened stomachs and thighs regretfully.

And so, the citizens agreed to make dragon meat prohibited goods, smoking only a small portion to preserve it.

I like plump girls though.
I secretly snack on the meat while taking some back to the mansion.

–Third Person POV–

Super Side Story.


「Ah, Nonna-sama……」

「-San is fine.」

「Right, Nonna-san.」

Nonna clears her throat and becomes silent.

「U-um, what should I-…… that fur, it’s brand new isn’t it. It suits you.」

「Thank you.」

Nonna lightly brushes her newly bought fur and becomes quiet again.

「U-Um, what is it?」

「……white mansion.」


Nonna mumbles and Yoguri twitches in surprise.

The white mansion was the story of a play Yoguri wrote the script for where the protagonist got bullied by the cruel mother-in-law while cultivating the love between her husband.
Incidentally, the cruel mother-in-law had wasteful habits and used her gigantic breasts as weapons to drop on men, which resulted in her reforming after getting punished by her husband, and later recognizing the relationship between her husband and the protagonist.

「Cheating on the ninth month.」


Cheating on the ninth month was a story of a new wife cheating because of a temporary delusion, who was thoroughly bullied by the mean sister-in-law who lusted after her brother in attempts of creating a forbidden relationship.

Incidentally, the conclusion had the forgiven new wife thank the husband after realizing she had a happy family, and although the sister-in-law went crazy with jealousy, she was comforted by the husband and later acknowledged their relationship.
The sister-in-law had large breasts and acted prudishly.


「I have some urgent business to attend to……」


「Hiiih, I’ll be going out and will be back later!」

「Yoguriiiiiii!! Wait!!」

「Sorry, forgive me!!」

Nonna chased Yoguri around for half a day but she didn’t stop attending shows in the theatre.

「You’ve gotten fond of the stories written by Yoguri, haven’t you?」

「Well, the script can’t commit any sins after all.」

I could hear Nonna and Carla talking about such things.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Late Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Citizens: 171,950. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4950. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Family: Nonna (Nonna), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine, expecting), Maria (concubine, expecting)
Catherine (concubine, expecting), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (plump)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (escaped), Pipi (piglet), Alice (magical girl)
Marceline (pregnant lover), Daughters – Stephanie (step daughter), Bridget (step daughter), Felicie (step daughter)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Melissa (lover, left for the capital), Alma (left for the capital)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina, Amata, Anastasia (daughters); Antonio, Claude, Gilbard, Reiner, Bartolome (sons); Rose (foster daughter)

Non-humans: Lammy (snake lover), Mirumi (mermaid), ??? (strange plant)
Subordinates: Celia (plump), Gido (escort unit), Kroll (mendicant monk), Irijina (commander), Luna (medium-sized pig), Ruby
Myla (security officer), Polte (training supervisor), Gretel (domestic affairs trainee)
Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Tristan (staff officer B)
Claire (official merchant), Laurie (charmed official merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)

Army: 6800 men
Infantry: 1150, Cavalry: 800, Archers: 450, Bow Cavalry: 900, Light Infantry (Inadequately Equipped): 3500
(Bow Cavalry and Reserve Army Dismissed)
Reserve Army: 3000 (Incompletely Armed)
Cannons: 10, Large Cannons: 12

Assets: 1700 gold (Winter Preparations for Mansion, Pelts, etc. -140)
Sexual Partners: 288, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish



  1. Si Buta dari Goa Batu

    Kroll still a monk?

  2. Maybe now with the dragon blood Kroll won’t be an impotent little shat that thinks too highly of himself after overcoming worldly desires. Dragon meat just sounds so delicious I wish it was a real thing even if it meant dealing with the dangers of having dragons flying about. The risk is worth the payout in my opinion. And I can’t wait to see a dragon scale army marching about to fight a war.

  3. Spirit girl? 🙂

  4. The story is still so far far away from Lucy. I wonder what’s the relation of Lucy to Brynhilde? I hope they’re sisters. Hehehehe Aegir my good boy.

  5. We can make a durable pants for Aegir now, yyyeeeeyyy
    Thanks nat

  6. Aegir becoming a king is nearly impossible because he easily fooled by those tricky women merchants , always prioritize girls over her subordinates , and dumb ( that’s why leopolt treating him like an idiot sometimes ) , he is a great general with those inhuman strength andd fighting skills but leading a country is no no

  7. guys i wonder why no one wonders about one thing.
    Can melissa be cured with the dragonblood? I’m pretty sure she is dead set on having a children

  8. The mithril sword was bathed in Dragon’s blood: I can see an enchantment / possibility to use the sword to throw balls of fire.

    It would be necessary to keep a vial of blood to haggle with the vampir, it must be worth even more for them ( 100 000 gold the Botle or more )

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