Chapter 242: Mansion Conflict ② A True Lady


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Here we have a wooden table made by that master craftsman Tophnaf, Madam.」

「How lovely……the wood shines just like amber.」

「Indeed. Ten coats of the precious Dylan sap were painted on the wood so it wouldn’t deteriorate……」

Nonna brushes the polished wooden table, spellbound by its luster while Claire explains with a smile.

Right now, we are currently gathered in the vacant new mansion.
Furniture for the new mansion was prepared by Claire to satisfy Nonna’s strong desire.
The shrewd woman had already accumulated notable pieces of furniture after seeing the near completion of the mansion.

I watch the exchange between Claire and Nonna while chewing some nuts and stifling a yawn.
If I was open about it, Nonna would get angry after all.

「Because of the wars, most of the handicrafts from the Federation cannot be acquired anymore. Fortunately, I have a considerable amount available for your new mansion. Except…… they are still very rare and have a higher asking price than other items……」

「Is that so!? Then we should hurry…… Carla and Mel-san, are you both okay with this?」

Nonna is already in that mindset.

「You expect me to know anything about expensive tables? Do as you like as long as Aegir is fine with it.」
「I don’t know much about it either, so if Nonna-san likes it……」

I’m not knowledgeable either.
To be honest, be it a table or a boulder, I’m fine with it as long as it has the right height so I’ll let her do as she likes.

Nonna smiles in satisfaction and turns back to Claire.

「Then I’ll have thi-「Wait right there!」……tch.」

The one who interrupted was Claudia.
The double doors swing open with a loud bang.

She rolls closer with the custom-made dress she stayed up all night to tailor wrapped around her body.
Her intensity and pressure make the other girls step back, and the temperature inside the room simultaneously rises instantly as soon as she steps in.

「What…… no, who is that?」

「Right, this is the first time Claire is meeting her. She is Claudia, one of my women, though not officially anything yet.」

「I-is that so…… you have some strange tastes.」

She wasn’t this fat when I embraced her.

Claudia brushes Claire and Nonna aside and examines the table intently.
Drops of sweat fall on the brand new table, which causes Claire to scowl.

「This isn’t something created by Tophnaf.」

「Wha-!?」「What are you saying!? Are you trying to say it’s a fake?」

Nonna is surprised while Claire raises her voice.
As expected, it would make me doubt their trustworthiness if they try to sell me a counterfeit item.

「It was certainly a product made in his workshop, but it was finished by one of his disciples.」

Heeeh, now I’m starting to get a little interested.

「The sanding and finishing touches are the same, but Tophnaf’s creations have a certain peculiarity to them. There is one grain on the tabletop that runs from the head of the table to the bottom. Yet this table has two grains, not to mention they’re in the middle, making it not a Tophnaf work.」

It certainly looks that way.
But I’m sure the Flitch company has experts on furniture.
If the thing about the wood grain is so famous, wouldn’t they have realized?

「This is something I heard from Tophnaf himself. I’ve obtained wooden products directly from him after all.」

I expected nothing less from the Malordol household.

「Certainly regular noble customers would always get the master craftsman to personally take care of their products. But if they are sold to foreign merchants……」

「It wouldn’t be strange if the products were made by his disciples and he just gives one final check before they’re sold.」

Nonna and Mel nod, Claire has a nonplussed smile on her face with some anger showing through.
That information just now was probably not even known by the suppliers of Flitch let alone Claire.

「Gather only the products made by Tophnaf himself. Even the products made by his disciples should be better than the other sundries. We can put them in the servants’ rooms.」

「Acting on your own again!」

Claudia started giving orders out of nowhere and was interrupted by Nonna, even though she was at a disadvantage earlier when causing a fuss about the masterpiece.

「Ara, then did you want to let Aegir-sama have this second-class table instead? You’ve really got nothing besides those breasts.」


As expected, she spent a longer time shopping excessively and enjoying luxuriousness.
Nonna lets out a strained cry and couldn’t say anything more.
Carla pokes fun at her and then they start grappling with each other.

Leaving the struggling Nonna and Carla aside, Claudia drops herself firmly on a chair she prepared, then asks Clara to fan her while she continues the negotiations.
When the chair creaks, Clara quickly grabs a supporting rod and props it against the chair.
She might need a metal chair dedicated for her use only.

「Next is carpet. What selections do you have available?」

「Products from Goldonia’s Schups and former Treia’s Riflo. If you aren’t worried about cost, then I can also prepare the high grade carpet made by Kiraff from the eastern part of the Federation.」

「I will of course choose products from the Federation! Even if it’s more expensive, the material quality is worlds apart. The touch and feel of Kiraff’s carpets…… is so nice it makes your body want to lay on it without thinking……」

Nonna looks on from a distance as she comments.
Now that I look, Carla, who she was scuffling with before, is upside down.
Apparently she let her guard down and got slapped by Nonna’s ferocious breasts.

「Kiraff? Something that cheap will make your feet rash. It’s no good unless it’s made by either Juht or Mashue.」

However Claudia doesn’t hold back.
She could at least phrase it better…… Nonna’s eyes are tilted upwards now.

「T-those are certainly items our company doesn’t have…… they’re too expensive and not high in demand……」

「Haa…… you’re reaully useless, aren’t you. Well I guess Kiraff carpets are better to clean the dirt off our feet than other carpets of unknown make. Alright then, we’ll take Kiraff.」

「Thank you for your purchase.」

Claire politely bows her head.
As expected of a merchant to keep up appearances.
Her shoulders are trembling though…… she must be pretty angry.

「How dare that pig woman……」

Nonna is pretty upset too.
Don’t make such a scary face…… Claudia is just blunt, she doesn’t any bad intentions.

「Next is…… right now the door is a temporary one, right?」

Claudia looks at me.
This might be a mansion that hasn’t been used yet, but glass and doors have been installed.
I was planning to use it as is, what does she mean by ‘temporary’?

「It was such a simple design that I thought it was just a temporary lid to block the wind from coming in. Then let’s exchange this one too. I want one with a winter theme, using snow and ice as a motif.」

「R-right…… a handcrafted door would take some time to make though.」

Claudia lets out the biggest sigh at Claire.

「Are you an idiot? You should be bringing products with winter designs while its winter time, you don’t even know that?」

Claire apologizes while her shaking increases.
Nonna took it upon herself to start the counterattack here.

「Of course something that only looks attractive during the winter isn’t fashionable. No matter how luxurious and gorgeous it is, a winter design would look too chilly during the spring. You’re too short-sighted if you don’t even know that.」

However Claudia further exceeded Nonna’s imaginations.

「Haah? It’s obvious that once the seasons change into spring, we’ll exchange the door with one that has a spring design on it. You didn’t think we would use a winter design for the whole year, did you?」

The way Claudia said it was like asking if Nonna had her head on straight.

Does she really intend to replace all the doors of the mansion with every change in season?
It’s not like we can use the removed doors for the upcoming years.

「Of course I’m going to do just that. Reusing a thumb-marked door is nasty. We have to get another trendy door for the following year.」

Nonna’s jaw drops.
When it comes to money-spending, Claudia wins by a landslide.

So she’s been doing this all the time up till now…… I tip my hat off to Marquess Malordol who supported her luxurious lifestyle.
It makes Nonna’s wasteful habits seem like child’s play.

「Now then, next is the entrance hall chandelier.」
「I will select that!」

Nonna gets psyched again, unwilling to let Claudia choose the chandelier in the entrance hall, which can also be considered the face of the mansion.
Don’t push yourself too much.

「The chandelier is the face of the mansion! I can’t let some complete stranger choose it.」

Nonna approaches Claire while speaking.

「The entire thing should be made of either steel or silver…… or perhaps brass.」

「No, please make it out of gold! One that shines like a divine light!」

So you would see glittering gold as soon as you walk through the door……?

「Not good enough. Inlay it with sapphires and emeralds. We’ll add color to the light.」

Claudia opposes Nonna.

The first thing I would see when I return home is shiny gold and jewels…… I don’t think it’ll make me feel relaxed.

「Err let’s see…… a gold body decorated with sapphires and emeralds…… and the size……?」

「「As big as possible!」」

Their voices overlap.

「……do you know the estimated price?」

Claire asks in a hushed voice.
She didn’t want to bring up the matter of money when the girls were so enthusiastic, though I have a bad feeling about this.

「Magnificent chandeliers have skyrocketing prices. If I were to give a quote for a chandelier with your suggestions……」

I become troubled when I look at Claire’s notepad.
Why do I have to pay that much for a single chandelier?

「Honestly, I don’t want to do it even for this price. Many craftsmen would be able to make it but I don’t know if it’ll be worth the profit if you think about the risk of damaging the item during transportation.」

Alright, then I’ll have it crafted inhouse.
I’m sure the dwarves can make a sturdy one.

Besides, they don’t only make unrefined items.
They’ve already proved with my spear that they are capable of doing detailed and beautiful designs.
Their finished product would be much better than an unnecessarily shiny thing.

Might as well get them to make tableware and other small accessories too.
Irijina and Casie break things all the time, so it would be nice if more durable tools were made.

Don’t make such a sullen face Claire, I’ll make sure to buy my share from you.

「So how much will everything cost altogether?」

I’m not going to do something so unusual as changing the door every season.

「The items requested by that lady are all of the highest class even amongst those made in the Federation. The merchant headquarters would have dealt with something like this but I think the price will be quite eye-popping.」

The final decision will ultimately be made by me and Nonna.
But Nonna has pride and probably won’t choose a product with a lower rank than the ones Claudia suggested.

「The size of this new mansion is among the highest out of all the noble residences in Goldonia. If you were to lay the highest class carpet on all the floors and decorate all the rooms with the highest class furniture……」

「Enough dawdling, just tell me the price.」

Depending on the price, the way I approach Adolph will change.
I would either claim it to be a necessary expense, secretly put it on a document, or run and hide somewhere while sending Celia to deliver the message.

「Taking into account all the good favor and our relationship up till this point…… it will come to a total of 30,000 gold.」


I accidentally let out a voice of disbelief.

This is just furniture, you know?
Things like tables, carpets, and beds…… wait a second, how much did it cost to build this mansion?
Don’t tell me it’ll be more expensive than the house itself.

「I know this price is insane. But the goods requested by that madam are all ordered from the Federation…… they’re all items that could be considered heirlooms for the average noble household.」

This definitely won’t work.
Adolph will definitely faint and die.
If all the money meant to re-equip the soldiers disappears, Leopolt would yell at me too.

「I’d easily be made into the tyrant for turning all the tax money into furniture. It’s not possible, sorry but cancel all of it……」

「Wait just a minute!」

Claudia stands in the way with her chubby arms and thick waist.
Even though she’s shorter than me, she has quite the pressure.

「You don’t have to worry about the money.」

Claudia tries to snap her fingers but fails.
Her fingers were too fat and couldn’t produce a crisp sound.
She ended up hitting her own stomach.
It made a satisfying sound.

「Right away, Madam.」

Clara acknowledges the signal and brings forth the jewels.
They’re the ones Claudia wrapped around her body.
They were covered in sweat and body odor but I guess they were just wiped clean.

「Miss, how much value do all these jewels have?」

Claire’s eyes widen at the incomparable size and beauty of the jewels not usually found at your average jewel vendor.
Surprise was not the only emotion within her eyes.
Unlike Nonna, Claire was not interested in the jewels themselves, rather the value they carry.
Before I knew it, even Laurie rushed to her side with sharp eyes.

「Let me see here.」

There was a few moments of continued silence.

「…… could you tell me the source?」

She’s implicitly asking if they are stolen goods.
There is no way such a large amount of high quality jewels could be found around town.
Each individual jewel is amazing enough to have its own name.

「From the Malordol household in Albens.」


Claire and Laurie gulp.
They probably know about the fall of Albens.

「I am Claudia Albens Malordol, though I’m only Claudia right now.」

「The wife of the Malordol house!? W-why is she here in the Central plains……」

Claudia wraps her arm around my waist.

「It’s natural for a woman to rely on her beloved man in adverse circumstances, no?」

「Marquess Malordol died in Albens…… beloved? Eeeh!?」

「Claire-sama, if I remember correctly, the wife of the Malordol house came to Goldonia for a friendly visit once before and Margrave Hardlett was the one responsible for entertaining her.」

「So during that time, she committed adultery…… eeh? Eeeeeh!?」

Claire is unusually flustered for once.

「There’s no point in hiding it now. It is a burning love, where I, pierced by the exceedingly thick rod and scorched by the flames of affection, fall into a sea of pleasure and…… mggmhmgh.」

We’re getting off topic so I block the madam’s mouth.
Now, just tell me the assessment of the jewels’ value.

「……Ahem, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it. Giving these impressive jewels a once-over, I estimate the value to be about 20,000…… no, 25,000.」

Claudia sighs and moves in to scoop up the jewels.

「You really aren’t the best merchant. I’ll ask someone else.」

Claire pleads her case in a panic.

「Please wait! I’ll get the jewels properly appraised by an expert in the field and tell you an accurate price!」

「Ara, you will? Then hurry it up. That amount will offset the furniture while you can keep any extra money. I’m not trying to buy someone like you, this is just preferential treatment from my beloved, so be grateful.」

After saying that, Claudia lifts up her head and wiggles her nose.

「Ara, it’s about time lunch. Clara, we’re going to the dining hall.」
「Yes, madam…… aah, please don’t go so fast.」

Claudia rolls out of the room in the same manner she came in.
Clara hastily follows her…… the madam surprisingly moves quite fast like that.

Claire exhales deeply.

「Formidable, isn’t she?」

Her strained smile told the whole story without her having to say anything.
Claudia is a person who enjoys expensive products, though it can be taken that she understands the true value of those things.

「Anyways, I’m surprised you were able to make her fall. Was it a single thrust from that huge dick of yours that did the trick?」

「Hahaha, various things happened.」

What a nostalgic story.

Claire forces another smile before heading over to Nonna and the others.
Nonna was arguing with Carla over something like bed materials.

Looking over at Laurie, it looks like she’s about to cry.
I wonder what’s wrong.

「So you liked fat women…… no, meatballs. So when you embraced someone as inferior as me, was it like tasting chicken bones……?」

Wait, I’m okay with fucking plump women but I’m not that crazy about them.
I like thin women too, don’t make such a grim face.

「You mean it……?」

The naked body of Claudia suddenly comes to mind.
It isn’t something which can be considered aesthetically pleasing.
But when she rides on top and clings to me, the feeling of her soft flesh enveloping me is…….
It might be unexpectedly nice.


Aah, don’t cry Laurie. I love women with a childlike body like yours too.
The next time we fuck, we can pretend you’re a kid.

Thus ends the selection of the furniture. All family members will move to the new mansion at the start of the next year.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Citizens: 174,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 25,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Family: Nonna (feeling defeated), Claudia (meatball who knows the difference), Claire (tired), Laurie (pouting)

Assets: 35,820 gold (all furniture -30 000) (offset from sale of jewels +30 000)
Sexual Partners: 288, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish



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