Chapter 252: Serious Affair in the Elf Village ⑦ Swamp Monster (Glimpse)


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

With Natia as our guide, we leave for the wetlands located a short distance away from the village.
Felteris, who was entrusted to me, is also with us.

「Doing something like this, you’ll regret it!」

I used the reason that she was entrusted to me to have her ride in front of me on Schwartz.
Yularen said “As long as you humiliate her, you can do anything you want. That’s her punishment”, so on the way I’ve been playing with her ears, putting my hands under her clothes from behind and grabbing her undersized boobs.
Right now, my left hand is inside her underwear, stirring up her moist hole.

「Uuu…… what lewd things are you doing now……」

Meanwhile, Natia, who had been riding behind me up until now, is currently riding together with Irijina and blushing at the sight.
I would have been happy if I had an elf in front and behind me, plus Schwartz would have no problem carrying both of them because they’re so light…….

「Idiot! How can I guide you calmly while you’re doing something indecent in the front!?」

That’s what she yelled when I suggested for her to ride with me.

「By the way, what do you mean by indecent?」

「Y-you know, the obvious! Putting your hand…… in a precious place.」

「A precious place? You mean like the heart? Or maybe the neck? I don’t know what you mean.」

Natia is getting visibly more red.
Her reddened ears also move around restlessly.
Elf ears are just wonderful, they make me want to bite them.

「A-a woman’s precious…… slit…… hole…… hah! Stupid!!」

When I bring my ear closer and tell her I couldn’t hear, an apple flies towards me at high speeds.
I move my face out of the way to avoid the apple, though it continues flying straight into Christoph’s face and bursts apart, causing him to fall off his horse.
Because I dodged suddenly while my finger was still inside Felteris, it went deeper up her vagina and rubbed the inner walls more.


The unexpected stimulation brought her to climax, making her squirt all over Schwartz’s back before collapsing forward.
Her trained and tight ass as well as her convulsing hole are in plain sight.

「Look, we’ve reached the marsh while you were doing all that strange stuff! -wait what are you trying to take out!!?」

「Oh, so we’re already here.」

I put away my dick and lightly pat Felteris’s trembling ass to urge her to dismount.

「Kuh, you just want me to squeal, right!? Oink, oink! A-are you satisfied now? You want me to do it more?」

No, I’ll be happy if you simply get off.

The wetlands we arrived at couldn’t be considered pleasant by any means.

Despite being in the middle of winter, the strange warmness in the air is due to the extreme humidity.
The smell of mulch wafting in the air and the thin layer of fog only magnified the level of discomfort.

There is a muddy water spreading around at our feets, leaving us only a tiny space for walking.
That walking area is also wet so mud gets stuck on our shoes every time we take a step.
If we aren’t careful, we might slip and fall into the water.

There are aquatic plants at the bottom of the water so it isn’t deep enough that our feet can’t reach, but it’s possible that the bottom is soft mud which leads to a bottomless swamp.
The water seems to have plenty of leeches too, so it’s better to avoid falling in the water in the first place.

Irijina is carrying the miserable looking Alice on her back.
After all, this environment is an especially unpleasant one for girls.

「Y-you want me to jump into this leech-infested swamp naked!? ……fine then, though you still won’t break my spirit with that! I’ll do it!」

Stop it Felteris, you’ll ruin your pretty body.

This is not a place I want to stay for very long.
Let’s finish our business and get out.

「So, what kind of mushroom are we looking for?」

Many mushrooms look the same so verbal descriptions might not be helpful, still we can show any similar looking mushrooms to Natia.

「Err…… it’s thin and long and about this big, it has a wide cap and is pink in color. At the very tip of the cap is a slit. Sometimes there is liquid leaking out from there, but it’s harmless.」


Besides me, the other guys all keep quiet.
Well, it doesn’t seem like we’ll have trouble identifying the mushroom.
It’s a shape we’ve all gotten used to seeing everyday.

「There are some which are generally darker in color and those are fine too. They don’t grow in too many places so you have to really search for them.」

「…… alright, let’s try looking around for now.」

So I drank a potion made from a mushroom like that.

「We can split up…… wait, before that are there any monsters in the marsh?」

I have to ask just to be on the safe side.

「I don’t know everything because I only come here to gather the ingredients for the drug, but I’ve never seen any large monsters.」

Fumu, then I guess we should be fine.

「Alright! Then let’s quickly get whatever we need and say goodbye to this gloomy place!」

Christoph is unusually enthusiastic about exploring the marsh, I guess mushroom hunting is something even he is capable of.

「There are still tons of poisonous snakes and spiders around so it’s better if we proceed with caution. I brought the serum with me so you won’t die if you get bitten…… though it will still hurt a lot. And also, the water is crawling with leeches so make sure your feet don’t fall in.」

「Christoph got bitten by a snake! Plus he’s got a bunch of leeches on his thigh!」

Snakes, spiders and leeches, huh…… it might have been safer if I left Alice, who hasn’t yet recovered her magic power, back in the village.
And Natia, help that guy out with the serum.

「No way…… it’s scary by myself……」

Alice, who is being piggybacked by Irijina, stretches her hand out to me.
When I grabbed her hand, Alice lets out a gasp.

「I found the mushroom…… but-」

「It’s got such a weird way of growing……」

The shape is exactly like Natia described, so this is definitely the one.
The problem is with how it’s growing.
I thought mushrooms would grow out from the ground or a dead tree…….

「Why is it growing out horizontally from a tree? It looks exactly like that now.」

Alice grabs the mushroom growing at about waist level.
I unconsciously look away.
For some reason, I don’t want to see this mushroom get plucked out.

「Um…… what should I do?」

Taking me into consideration, Alice pulls her hand back.
She’s a big coward though she makes up for it by being highly sensitive to the mood in the air.

「Ooh! So there are some growing here!!」

The girl carrying Alice doesn’t have the same ability to read the mood.
She doesn’t hesitate to snap off the mushroom and laugh loudly.

「Look at this Hardlett-dono! It really looks like that, doesn’t it!? Wahahahahaha!! Woah, it’s a spider.」

Irijina doesn’t falter and stomps on the palm-sized poisonous spider approaching her foot.
She’s pleasantly lively.


Alice climbed up Irijina’s back almost to the point where she’s riding on top of her shoulders.
I think not bringing Celia was the right choice.
Knowing she hates bugs so much, she would be climbing on my back too.

「Aaaah!! At this rate, I’ll be violated by the spider! I won’t be a human anymore!」

「Hey! I said they have poison so why are you charging into the spider’s nest!? Pervert! Idiot!!」

Natia is yelling at Felteris for going through with her perverted fetishes again.
Take it easy with all that, you two.

In the end, I did pick several of those strange mushrooms despite having mixed feelings and all of us successfully gathered a fair amount of ingredients.
Natia was also satisfied with the amount and was about to suggest for us to go back to the village.

「Aahn…… geez, you lecher.」

Alice, who is still riding on Irijina’s back, looks at me with an embarrassed expression.

「Hm? I’m a lecher but why are you bringing this up so suddenly?」

Alice’s face is warped with pleasure.

「……hahiii! It’s nothing really…… if you stir me up now, Irijina’s back will get wet…… nnnh!」

I wonder what’s going on.

「Aaun! You’re putting it in already? If you’re okay with it being a little dirty…… it’s fine……」
「What are you doing on my back?」

I’m not doing anything.
When I look at Alice’s ass out of curiosity, I see something black rubbing her ass, trying to pull off her pants and get inside her asshole.

I look at my own hands just to make sure I’m not going crazy and see they’re properly attached to me, plus my dick is in its proper place inside my pants too.
So what is this black thing?

「Ah…… it’s going in……」

The unidentified black substance stretches its elastic tentacle-like appendage which is about as thick as an arm.
It has the same color as the black swamp water and has a slightly slimy texture.
That thing finally lowers Alice’s pants and was about to push into her trembling asshole.

「Stop, Alice is my woman!」

「Eh!? Aegir-sama? Then this is…… kyaaaaaa!!」

She finally grasped the situation.
If I left things as they were, she would have been violated by that unknown life form.

I try to grab that black thing, but can’t get a good grip because it’s so slippery.

「Arrgh, so annoying!」

I unleash my Dual Crater and slice it apart without hesitation.
The bisected end secretes a green fluid when cut and writhes around on the ground.
Once the black tendril realizes it’s been cut, it quickly withdraws back into the swamp.

「Everyone, be alert, there is something strange in the area! Get into square formation!」

Reacting swiftly to my orders, everybody takes their positions.
However there is only a tiny amount of space on both sides since we’re surrounded by the marsh, so our formation isn’t perfect.
It would be dangerous if we fell in the swamp so we could only form a half-assed oblong shape.

「Ooh, I thought the one rubbing my ass and thighs was Hardlett-dono!」
「My ass is all wet and slimy…… it feels kind of nice actually.」

It looks like Irijina was also touched.
So this slimy bastard has the guts to touch my women?

「Natia, do you have an idea what that thing is?」

「No, I don’t! I’ve never seen that kind of thing before!」

We can’t do anything about that, let’s just head back while staying on defense.

After we decided on what to do, the slimy entity once again extends out from the marsh.
It was much faster this time, clearly showing its intention to attack.


Mack swings down his war hammer, while Natia and Felteris, seeing their bows won’t be effective, uses their swords to fend off the attack instead.

「Guh, it’s too slimy, I can’t crush it.」
「This tentacle is surprisingly durable! I can’t cut it so easily!」

The strength of the tentacle appears to be more than meets the eye.
What a troublesome opponent.

Seeing that our attacks are not able to deliver a decisive blow, ten more tentacles emerge from the marsh to assail us.
Everyone seems to look hurried.

「I don’t really want to cut up gross things too often.」

If I get some stinky smell on the sword, Nonna will yell at me.
Though I guess I can’t be picky at a time like this.

I hold my Dual Crater with both hands and fix my gaze on the tentacles.
The ten tentacles squirm around and seem to move in complex patterns, but they’re actually close to moving in straight lines.
Which means I can cut them all down.

I barely dodge the first one, then cut through it with my sword.

I leap in the air to dodge the second one aiming for my leg and the third one aiming for my body, letting them swing and miss before mowing the third one in midair.
As I land, I skewer the second tentacle with my sword, twisting my sword around before kicking it away.

The fourth, fifth and sixth tentacles combine together to make one thick tentacle and raises up above my head.
It probably wants to crush me, but those things becoming one tentacle isn’t bad for me.
I swing my sword to counter, slicing off the three tentacles all at once.

The remaining four tentacles, they’re going to that side.

「Leave it to me!」

Christoph shouts in response.

「I won’t let you escape.」

Mack’s war hammer finally got a decent hit on the tentacle, flattening it in one strike and making a splat sound.
I don’t think that thing can move after that.

「Over there!?」

Kroll slashes at one of the tentacles.
His strength isn’t enough to cut all the way through…… or so I thought, until he slashed at the same point from the opposite side to fully sever the tentacle.

「Kuh, poison doesn’t work!」

Natia accurately shot one of her special poison arrows at the tentacle but there didn’t appear to be any distinct effect on it.
The tentacle itself already looks poisonous so I guess poison doesn’t work on it.

「What are you doing?」

The tentacle pursuing Natia suddenly hits an invisible wall and gets deflected.
Felteris’s finger is glowing…… so this is her magic.

「Tear it apart, Wind Blade!」

The light on the tip of her finger gets brighter and then the tentacle is torn to shreds, scattering the green liquid everywhere before limply drooping down.
She’s got some incredible magic.
If she fought seriously, she could have been taken out the orcs without any trouble at all.


A tentacle wraps around Christoph and lowers his pants.
After seeming to decide to target his ass, the tentacle darts forward.

I reflexively look away.
I don’t want to look even if he’s going to lose his anal virginity.


However the crisis was averted and he was saved by Irijina.
Irijina’s spear pierces straight through the tentacle and into a dead tree behind it.

「S-sis[1: Nat: anego]…… I…… I thought I was going to be defiled for sure……」

「Wahahaha! You can count on me!」

Christoph clings to Irijina in tears.
Hey, you’re satisfied with that?

As the tentacle twitches after getting skewered, Irijina chops it up into pieces.
With that, they’ve all been taken care of.
This isn’t the end though.

「Its main body is actually inside the swamp. We’ve got to do something.」

The sliced tentacles all return back into the swamp.
Considering all the tentacles cooperated in their attack, it’s natural to think there is one main body controlling all of the movements.

「Alice, do you have your magic back yet?」

「Just a little……」

It’s only been a day since she emptied her reserves so I guess that’s to be expected.
That should be enough though.

「Fire it at the swamp, it doesn’t have to be as powerful as last time. Make it as wide and shallow as possible…… don’t set too many things on fire.」

As long as the main body is in the swamp, it can’t be attacked directly.
But if the plants and dead trees in the swamp are burned up, that might get the entity to reveal itself, and if not it will also act as a smokescreen to help us escape.

「Alright…… eeiya!」

Alice’s whitened hair is dyed with a faint pink color.
Fire simultaneously shoots out from her hand and flies toward the swamp.
The heat I feel coming from the attack is weak, so I can tell she doesn’t have much magic power left in her.

「The humidity is so high…… my fire won’t be that effective.」

Alice is out of magic.
The fire was only able to leave a few places burning with small campfire-like flames.

「Leave it to me. Oh wind, blow and spin into a vortex!」

Felteris supports Alice and casts her magic.
In that moment, the wind picks up and a strong gust starts blowing.
The wind fans the flames and spreads it around, growing in size and strength.

「Good, that thing can’t rely on its tentacles now. Now we can-……」

All of a sudden, I hear the whistling sound of something flying through the air.
My body reacts and swings the Dual Crater in the direction of the sound, pulling that object down to the ground.

「This is-…… an arrow?」

I look around, trying to guess where it came from and see a number of shadowy figures emerge from the trees and grass nearby.
A few dozen people…… no, maybe close to a hundred.

All of them have dark brown skin and slender limbs, slightly red eyes, and voluminous breasts which can’t be hidden by their leather armor.
Most importantly, they have long ears just like Natia and the other elves…….

「Marsh elves!? Why are they all the way here!!?」

Natai and Felteris scream.
Of course they would do that.

They have an antagonistic relationship with the black elves, however we at least have a better chance of talking to them than those tentacles.
We have no intention to be hostile towards them, besides they’re all women, and beautiful ones at that.
I definitely don’t want to fight them.

「We do not want to fight……」

「I won’t forgive you bastards!! I absolutely won’t let you leave here alive!」

The black elf who appears to be the leader of the group interrupts me and shouts angrily.

She seems to be upset for some reason.
I wonder why, I don’t remember doing anything to upset her.

「No, you couldn’t do anything worse.」

After Christoph comments, I calmly take a good look at ourselves.
All of us are armed and have weapons drawn.
To top it off, there is a sea of fire on one side.

「This is going to be impossible.」

If a similar group appeared near Rafen, Myla and Celia wouldn’t waste any time arguing and attack them without question.

「Please, could we just talk it out? There were tentacles-……」

「Enough!! Make your excuses in the other world!」

When the black elf captain shouts, a rain of arrows simultaneously pours down towards us and warriors let out war cries while they rush towards us with their swords drawn.

If only those tentacles from earlier appeared, I would be able to explain myself, however because of the fire or because of the large amount of black elves, it’s become calm.

「We have no choice but to fight!」

Natia nocks an arrow to her body, Felteris draws her sword.
I am unwilling, but it seems there is no other option.

「We must…… fight these dark-skinned beauties?」
「They’ve all got nice tits too……」

Mack readies his weapon sadly.
The war hammer he’s been swinging so easily all this time looks extraordinarily heavy now for some reason.
Christoph looks weaker than usual.

This might be the hardest battle of my life.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. (Warrior) 23 years old. Winter.

Irijina (Female Knight), Alice (Mage, magic power exhausted)
Natia (Adventuring Elf), Felteris (Magic Warrior Elf)
Mack (Warrior, weakening), Kroll (Mendicant Monk Swordsman), Christoph (Shield, weakening), Schwartz (Horse)

Assets: 20,640 gold
Sexual Partners: 396, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish



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