Chapter 255: Serious Affair in the Elf Village ⑩ Reconciliation of Both Elves


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Following along to Ijaris’s residence, I alone was taken to her room.

「The others will be in the adjacent room, to be treated well. Do not worry.」1

Irijina and the others who came back to save me, as well as Alice who rode Schwartz after seeing the commotion die down, all returned with me.
I thought they walked a long distance through dense forests and marshlands to get here but Schwartz apparently bulldozed his way.
I wonder what’s got that perverted horse so worked up.

「So…… what explanation can you give me?」

Ijaris sits in a chair opposite me and purposely raises her leg high, bringing it across her body in a slow deliberate motion before crossing her legs.
I can see her dark brown thighs and her black underwear further inside her skirt.
As that beautiful scene takes away my attention, I try my best to explain the circumstances.

「We came here just to collect the ingredients for a certain potion. The reason why the swamp was burning was because we were fighting with the tentacles.」

Ijaris mumbles slightly to acknowledge my answer and then tilts her head.
She is leaning forward enough for me to barely see her nipples.

「Burning an entire area like that is a bit excessive…… but you probably haven’t seen a roper before. I guess I can disregard that. I am not particularly fond of that slimy thing either. After all, it’s dirty.」

The woman chuckles and then re-crosses her legs.
My gaze moves from her chest to her legs.

「Besides, you did not harm any of my people.」

「Of course. You’re all beauties, hitting or cutting any of you is out of the question.」

「You did tear off their clothes and exposed their breasts though.」

The woman laughs once again and changes the way she crosses her legs.
Entertained by the movement of my gaze, she spreads her legs to show me her underwear for a brief moment.

「I helped out with the extermination of that disgusting thing as well so could you consider us even?」

It’s better to keep it a secret that Natia sprinkled aphrodisiac in the water.
If that didn’t happen in the first place, they might not have struggled against the monster.

Ijaris grins.

「Hohoh, I will not consider us even. You treated the three in the underground prison to a feast with your meat rod after all.」

「Muu…… I was only trying to make them happy.」

「Nu? Did you misunderstand?」

Ijaris gets up from her seat and brings herself closer in front of me.
As she bends forward, her bountiful breasts sway before my eyes.

「I heard that you have an especially large tool. For treating my own with a generous helping of the finest quality when our village has nothing but short and small ones, I have to return the favor.」

With that said, Ijaris puts her hands behind her head.
I’m guessing she’s allowing me to reach out and grab her breasts.
If things go my way, I might also get to put it in her hole.

「Then, I have one request.」
「And that is?」

Her favor would end if I did that.
I’d like to make her a prisoner to pleasure, but I don’t think ordinary means will work on her.

「Could you stop fighting with those from Natia’s village? I hear there have been casualties.」

I’d love to get in the mix with entwined beauties but it’s a different story if blood is shed.
Beautiful women would end up dying no matter which side won, which would be the greatest tragedy.

「…… that is not something I can change. It is up to them.」

As if acting like a wet blanket, Ijaris turns her back to me.

「I don’t mind being the middleman. I owe the elves as well. I can at least talk with them.」

I should be able to get Felteris and the other five elves I embraced to become my allies.
If not, I’ll just convince them in bed.

「What merit does it bring for you? In the end, you’re just human, and you’ll return to the plains again won’t you?」

「That’s obvious. I can’t stand to see women killing each other. It’s wonderful when beautiful women get along well with each other.」

Air leaks out from Ijaris.
She bursts out in laughter.

「Pff…… pukukuku…… and your ulterior motive is to shove your large tool in them when you get the chance?」

「Naturally, if I get the chance that is.」

She claps after laughing briefly.

「I understand. You came from Yularen’s place right? Umu…… this might also be an inescapable part of destiny.」

When Ijaris slowly stands up, I hastily continue speaking.

「Please wait. If I can still ask you for a favor, let me blow one load……no, let me at least go one round, woah!」

A mass of water hits my forehead.
I think she just used magic to hurl water from a vase at me.

「You’re asking me to settle a dispute we have been fated to continue for many years. There is no more debt to be owed.」

No good, huh.
I then feel something soft against me as I hang my head after falling on my ass.

「Put up with this for now.」

Ijaris sits on the floor and hugs me.

My crotch instantly cheers up and pushes up against her.
I hear her chuckle again.

「When conversing with me, I don’t dislike men whose eyes are drawn to my chest and legs……」

She pokes my forehead with a finger as she speaks.

「But I’ve got to say this is the first time meeting a man like you who only has my chest and legs in their eyes.」

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I looked at her face even once when we were talking.
That might have angered her.

「I adore lewd men. If he even has a large rod…… apologies, let’s stop the idle chatter here. We’ll depart immediately, I’m counting on you to guide the way.」

She doesn’t seem angry.
I feel a strange aura around Ijaris.
She seems similar to the nostalgic Lucy from a long time ago.

When we finish talking and I enter the room next door, Natia and Felteris rush to me.

「Aegir, are you alright!?」
「Being alone with the water blade…… I was worried she would cut you to pieces!」

It looks like the elves are quite fearful of Ijaris.

「Nothing happened. We just talked.」

I explain the situation after reassuring them of my safety.

「Eeh!? How could you decide that on your own so easily!? You want us to welcome someone like that to our village!!?」

Sure enough, Natia is in opposition.

「Please, at this rate you will continue to fight each other for the decades to come. Shouldn’t we let them at least try to talk things out?」

Something may change if Yularen speaks with Ijaris.

「……don’t blame me if something bad happens. For example if the village chief turns her away at the entrance and a fight breaks out.」

I’ll be prepared to step in when that time comes.

「Then, go ahead and do as you wish. Really…… don’t say I didn’t warn you.」

Natia looks at me anxiously while Felteris…… hey, where did she go?

「H-how humiliating!」

I look for her and see that she has laid down under me before I could sit on a chair.
She’s grinning despite having a hard time supporting my weight on her back.

「Having a human sit on me…… it’s heavy, it hurts. But you don’t want me to stop, right? No matter how much a cry or shout…… you still enjoy watching me suffer, right!? You pervert!」

You’re the pervert.

「Felteris, stop this! The marsh elves are looking! They’re whispering and pointing at you!」

「Pervert……」「So forest elves are like that……」「A human’s slave……」「I’m jealous……」

Ijaris told me she wants to depart right away.
We have to hurry and get ready then.

When we get outside, the aphrodisiac’s effect has started to wear off and the normal life in the village is resuming.

Even so, it looks like a few people are still affected, as there is a small storage building shaking violently.
Might as well take a little peek.

「Aaaah! Mack-sama! More! Give it to me deeper in my womb!」
「Hnn! Hmph!」


Inside that small shed, Mack is fucking that black elf captain from behind while standing.
This kind of pisses me off for some reason, so I kick his swinging ass.

「Kyaa! You came so much! No good, I’m definitely pregnant!!」

「Get yourself prepared already.」

Geez, this guy’s womanizing habits is troublesome.
It’s a shame I missed out on embracing Ijaris.

「Ahaha, what’s this little guy called? You’re called Schwartz? How cute~」

Schwartz seems to be flirting with another black elf.
So the black elves are the same as the elves in regards to loving animals and being able to understand them.
The girl is petting Schwartz with a slovenly face while that horse is playfully biting her.

「Eeh? You want to go this way~? Gosh, alright then.」

Schwartz vigorously pushes the elf with his nose under the shadow of a house.
They disappear from sight and I can only hear voices.

「Kya, I said you can’t go there. I’ve been feeling strangely wet since yesterday. Stop it, geez~」

What is that guy doing?

「Eh!? T-that’s-…… no way, it’s hitting me! Don’t, you’re an animal and-…… wa-wah! Don’t do it, no!!」

There was a brief moment of silence.


An outrageous scream resounded.
Eventually Schwartz appears with that earlier girl riding on his back.
The girl is foaming at the mouth and seems to be unconscious, a large amount of semen dripping from her vagina.

This lowly horse violated a girl again.
How could you make a woman suffer like that…….

「Aah…… you’re…… the best…… only be satisfied by a horse’s……」


That thing glances at me, puffing out its chest as if challenging me.
As he walks past, I kick the swaying balls he’s so proud of from behind.

I leave that guy alone as it neighs sharply.
Alice is crouching down for some reason.

「What’s wrong? Did something happen?」

When I call out to her, her shoulders flinch in surprise and she hides something behind her back.
It looked like something squirming around about the size of a small knife.

「I-it’s nothing…… at all? Ehehe.」

I see, that’s good.
Get ready to leave soon then.

And thus, all of us, with the addition of Ijaris, once again returned to Natia’s village.

Elf Village.


When I groan, Irijina copies me and does the same thing.

It has already been several hours since Ijaris disappeared with Yularen in her room.
At the entrance to that room, the elves are having a staring contest with Ijaris’s bodyguards.
If they hear any shouting from inside the room, I’m sure they would fight each other on the spot.
Which is why I’m also there to prevent that from happening.

When we brought Ijaris with us to the elf village, everyone actually pointed arrows at her.
However, the situation was controlled somehow after persuasion from me and the other elves I slept with, and more importantly after Yularen personally decided to accept the invitation to negotiate.

Still, with the negotiations dragging on, the tension in the air has begun to rise again.
It is a sign that things are not going well when talks are taking this long.

Unable to withstand the perilous atmosphere, Alice shrinks away.
Let’s see, is that squirming movement in her bag just my imagination?

Irijina is drinking alcohol without a care.
She isn’t the type of person to be swallowed up by the mood.

Kroll and Mack are sitting quietly with their eyes closed.
Christoph was almost killed after he rubbed the ass of some elf earlier.
The situation was somehow smoothed over and he’s kneeling obediently in the corner now.

At that time, the door opens quietly.
Everyone’s gaze focuses on the entrance.

「Yularen-sama! How was it!?」

Ignoring all the other shouting elves, a hand reaches out of the room and beckons for someone to enter.

「You, come in.」


I don’t think I can do anything to assist with a negotiation between elves, but since I’ve been requested, I have no other choice.
The door once again shuts tightly behind me.

「So, what did you need from me? I don’t really know the history between you two……」

Yularen spoke up first.

「Before that, let me tell you about our relationship.」

That’s out of the blue.
Aren’t they simply feuding village chiefs of the black and white elves respectively?

「Sadly, that is the case as of today, but we were once neighbors in the same village…… you could say we were close friends.」

「Well, it was an up and down relationship.」

Oh really.
Then this can be settled quickly, I just have to get the two friends to make up.

「It isn’t as easy as that. Us elves have been separated for several centuries…… the young ones only see the other side as enemies.」

「The only ones who know of the days when we lived together are Ijaris and myself, we can’t just decide to be friends again today.」

Wait a minute, something isn’t right.
If they were separated several hundreds of years ago, then why are these girls who look in their 40’s past friends?

When I ask them, the two of them stare blankly at me.

「How old do I look to you?」

Ijaris asks me.
I should say a lower number in this situation.

「About 30?」

「Hohohoho, my oh my, even if I know it’s not true…… it makes me happy..」

「And how about me?」

「Mid 30’s?」


After the two of them laugh for a while, they start talking cheerfully.

「We are elves, the leading tribe in the entire continent that boasts the longest life span. 30 or 40 years old to us is like a child who hasn’t even grown hair yet.」
「We are already past a thousand years in age, and to say we are only thirty…… kufufufu.」

「A thousand…… you say?」

If I recall, Lucy said she was like 500 years old.
So these two girls lived twice as long?

「By the way, Natia is 75 and Felteris is 100. They have just turned into adults.」


That brought me to my knees.

「The jailers who made you a prisoner are 150 years old. You can say they’re the prime age as a woman.」


Even my hand falls to the ground.

「The girl who helped you make your spears to defeat the orc, she’s 28 this year.」

So she’s older than me?
But that means I can sleep with her…… wait, don’t be fooled, she’s still an immature child.

「I get the thing with the age now. So how can we stop the elves from fighting each other?」

「Let’s get back to the topic at hand, we once had joined fates after all. I have no objections to ending the dispute right now, however those in the village will not be satisfied.」

「If we aren’t careful and force the villages to come together, it would cause more damage by inciting in-fighting.」

「That’s where you come in.」

I see, for the sake of beauties.
I’ll try my best then.

「With two groups unwilling to consolidate, we came to the conclusion that a third party is necessary to forcefully unify them. In other words……」

Yularen and Ijaris come to my side.

「You will use that giant tool of yours to make the two of us submit.」

What the heck?

「Stories about your large penis are already spreading within my village too. It will certainly have a large enough effect. If at least the women can be convinced, then the men who dislike conflict will not raise any objections either. Now, let me see that extra large penis of yours…… no, the dick everyone is raving about.」

The two of them take my hands and bring me to bed, then we all quickly get naked.
Of course with two sexy ladies in front of me, my body responds accordingly and my dick is already hard enough to stick up against my stomach.

「「So big!!」」

The two of them shout at the same time.

「I heard about it from the prison guards……thinking they were exaggerating because they’ve never seen a big penis in their lives……」

「How did you even manage to fit that huge thing inside those girls? I wonder what kind of lewd moans they made the moment you spread them apart.」

I’m happy they’re praising me, though Yularen’s tone is strange.
I thought she had a more elegant image than that.

「Elegant? Her? Hohoho, what a funny joke. What kind of acting have you been doing?」

Ijaris laughs.

「Us elves aim to be pure and chaste…… or that is what our ancestors told us, it can’t be helped! We had no choice but to act as young maidens without any knowledge of sex!」

Yularen took offense.

「Alright, listen carefully. We are……」

The conversation from this point on went beyond my imaginations.

Apparently, Yularen and Ijaris were unbelievably promiscuous during the time they lived together.
They would go at it with all the men of similar ages in the neighborhood, even going so far as laying hands on brothers and relatives.

「How nostalgic, we would often take each other’s younger brothers and ride them.」

「Don’t mention that anymore. That’s the reason they became scared of women.」

This is surprising.
But if they’re as lewd as they say, I’m getting more and more excited.
I love perverted women after all.

「That also brings back memories, how we would go deep into the forest and borrow orcs……」

「We would capture the orcs, bind them and enjoy their giant dicks for the entire day.」

「The two of us milked fifty shots each at least.」

「It was a shame…… that they dried up and died.」

They might be far more perverted than I ever imagined.
When I tense up, my dick stands at attention.

And then the girls finally bring themselves to my feet.

「I will go first.」

Yularen gently grabs my rod with her hands, then takes me in her mouth.
In contrary with her innocent appearance, pure white skin and her tidy clothes, she acts without any hesitation.


I let out a groan the moment she swallows me.

She rubs my balls and my shaft as she purses her lips, bobbing her head furiously to stimulate the tip of my dick.
In addition, her tongue is swirling around like crazy, flicking all over my dick from my urethra to my frenulum.
All of her actions were not wasteful.
They’re indicative of a complete understanding of how to pleasure men.

「How many does this make, I wonder…… a hundred?」

Yularen shakes her head.

「A thousand?」

She shakes her head again.

「Ten thousand?」

Yularen’s eyes narrow.
At the same time, the stimulation becomes more intense.
She purposely scrapes me lightly with her teeth, confirming that it isn’t hurting me before focusing on the sensitive parts.


My hips automatically lift as I shout.
Yularen finally pushes her tongue into my urethra and my mind goes white.


My dick, which went down almost to her stomach, slowly slides back out.
And then my meat rod starts to ejaculate uncontrollably.

「Gaah! Guah!」

Matching the timing of my yelling, seed sprays out, getting all over the ceiling and furniture.

「Ahahahaha! Amazing, amazing, it even flew up to the ceiling.」
「It doesn’t just look big, huh. It can still cum as expected.」

And then Ijaris takes me hand, guiding it to her own crotch.
Once her underwear is grabbed, strength is exerted to tear it apart.

「Now, my underwear is torn. Next, you will ……taste my vagina!」

Ijaris climbs on top of me and drops herself on my dick.
I can hear the sound of her flesh being spread apart and lastly it felt like I heard something rip apart inside.
Still, no signs of pain appear on her face.
I could only see joy.

「Aah…… I haven’t felt this size in ages. Move for me…… hard and fast, like you want to break me!」

WIth that said, Ijaris lowers and raises her hips rapidly.
I also follow suit, grabbing her breasts and thrusting my own hips up.

「Your insides feel awesome.」

Her coiling folds and perfect tightness make it me think she was born with a body meant to satisfy men.

「You think so too, don’t you? Men who can last more than one minute…… don’t exist!」

I hear a wet sloshing sound.
She used her weight to shove my dick into her womb.
The one who agonized from the pleasure was not her, but me.


「Ooh, wonderful just as I thought. It’s been so long since I’ve had one big enough to reach my womb. Let me enjoy this more.」

Ijaris happily swings her hips while my dick digs into her womb.
I can’t do anything about the clenching of her vagina around my shaft and the tightening of her cervix around my tip.

「Can’t hold it, cumming!」

On instinct, my hands hold down the girl’s thighs to prevent her from escaping.
It’s been a while since I’ve experienced an ejaculation as intense as this, it was as if I was urinating semen, yet Ijaris seems disappointed.
Crap, I came before she did.

「I can still go on. Don’t worry.」

「Ooh, you’re using your hips while you’re ejaculating…… it doesn’t shrink at all, huh.」

I buck my hips while continuing to cum, stirring up her womb.
To be honest, my hips are about to give out but feeling good on my own without satisfying the woman is unforgivable.

「Ah, it’s close. For once, a man is…… aaoooh.」

Ijaris howls.
Unable to hold back either, Yularen also climbs onto the bed.
The real battle has only begun.

A Few Hours Later.

「We have come to a conclusion.」
「From here on out, all of us will form one village and live together.」

After assuming their former appearances, the two of them declare loudly to the villagers.
While leaning against the wall, I also nod in agreement as dignifiedly as possible.

The fact is, if I don’t lean against something, I won’t be able to stand.
My dick and balls have become surprisingly small.
I’ve completely emptied everything, leaving nothing left.

「W-what, that’s so sudden!」
「We’re going to live with those dirty marsh elves!?」

The amount of backlash was as expected.
It’s my turn now.

After I step forward, the two elves blush and hook their arms around mine.
I assume they’re putting on a act, though it’s hard to distinguish.

「There’s nothing we can do. After all, he decided it……」

「The two of us, we were embraced by him…… and swore to get along.」

「「We cannot oppose this man anymore.」」

Louder screams resound.

「……I thought it was something like that.」

After somehow getting everyone to calm down, I return to Natia’s room.
I decided to reveal the truth to her.

「Yeah, I didn’t actually rape them and dominate them, don’t worry.」

I’ll keep it a secret that Yularen is actually insanely perverted.

「Then did you actually need to have sex with them?」

「It’s rude not to give them what they want.」

I dodge away from Natia’s staring eyes.

「But then…… sure there might be fewer disputes between elves…… but Aegir, you basically told them you defiled the village chiefs so wouldn’t you be targeted from both sides?」

I guess that’s true.
Not too long ago, an elf tried to assassinate me with a knife.

Their dissatisfaction at the method used to reach the decision will be directed at me so I’ll have to be more careful for a while.


I cover the elf who is laying on the bed while mumbling words of submission with a blanket.
Maybe it’s because she wasn’t accustomed at all, she surrendered completely after I deflected the knife away and stuck a finger inside her.

「That comes with the decision. Besides, I’ll be heading back right away and I can’t continue to live as I want while being fearful of my life all the time anyways.」

「You’re going back already?」

Natia seems sad.
It can’t be helped, there might be some event I have to attend in the capital for the new year.
If I want to feign illness, I’ll have to rush back just in case they visit me to check if I’m really sick.

「I see…… then I have to get ready quickly too.」

Natia starts rummaging around for her belongings.

「Don’t misunderstand! I just want to see more of Goldonia…… it’s not because I want to be with a pervert like you!」

「It still makes me happy.」

I hug Natia and try to kiss her, but she avoids me.
When I give her ear a soft kiss, she turns red and both ears start wiggling.

「Preparing is fine, but it’s getting late today. Let’s sleep.」

「Ah, you can get on the floor…… kyaa~!」

I get into bed while still hugging Natia.
She struggles, making a fuss about how she’s going to get raped, but when she realizes I wasn’t going to do anything besides hugging, she settles down.

「So you won’t do anything if I say I don’t want it?」

I can hear a voice when I’m still half awake.

「You’re just a perverted man…… yet you’re kind. You’re strong and gentle…… and somewhat of an idiot.」

Natia’s body is fantastic, the usual me would have fucked her already.

「I might actually…… like you…… only a little bit.」

However I was milked dry by Ijaris and Yularen today.
Unfortunately, I can’t get hard until I get some rest.

「Good night, Aegir.」

I feel the sensation of her soft lips pecking my cheek before I slowly fall into deep sleep.

The Next Day.

「This is the drug as promised, I made a lot so I think it should be enough.」

Natia shoulders plenty of that aphrodisiac on her back.

「I’ve also incorporated what happened in the black elves’ village so anybody who drinks it won’t turn into horny beasts.」

That really helps.
It would be pathetic if Kroll turned into an animal crazy for sex like how I did when I fucked all those girls.
If he pounces on Myla by mistake, he would either get cut down and killed or thrown into jail for life.
And if he happens to lay his hands on Nonna and the others, I would have to remove his dick.

「I-I will not follow the likes of you! But I’ll probably just be captured and turned into a meat toilet by force! Even if you do that though, the pride and honor of an elf will not-……」

「Felteris-sama, you no longer has any honor or pride left. You were peeking into Natia’s house until morning and were masturbating, weren’t you…… that area you were in is where everybody passes through. Everyone in the whole village saw you.」

Felteris was the one making the fuss.
To translate, she wants to live with me forever.
However, Yularen stopped her, saying it would be better for her to stay behind as a powerful asset while the village is in an expected state of confusion.

The next ones to call out to me are Yularen and Ijaris.
Of course, they’re still acting as my prisoners.

「My beloved, this will be a short parting.」
「Kufufu, I really thought I ascended to heaven last night. If you didn’t turn it around at that point, it would have been my win.」

Last night’s battle was extremely fierce, I was on the verge of defeat.
I used a daring upside down move to somehow get the better of Ijaris in the end and make her faint, also making Yularen pass out as well.

「Well, see you again. They will not come frequently but I will entrust letters to Natia.」


I give the two of them a kiss.
Ijaris slips her tongue in my mouth like it’s the most natural thing, making the elves nearby blush.

Yularen only presses her lips lightly against mine but she uses her knee to nudge my crotch out of the sight of the others.
What a splendidly lewd woman.

And so, we left the elf village behind.

–Third Person POV–

「Hey Ijaris?」

「What is it?」

「At the end of last night, you didn’t actually faint, did you. I don’t know what you meant when you said, “I’m going crazy! I’m going crazy for large dicks!”」

「Heh, a good woman lets the man feel good about making them climax. He looked so happy when he saw me pass out. Besides, you could have continued on longer as well, what was that about “Oh I’m dying! Your dick is killing me!”」

「It was such a long time since I’ve enjoyed a cock as large as that. It was just my way of thanking him.」

「It really was many decades ago. By the way, I have a proposal.」

「I see, to further deepen our understanding of each other, we will have young males come to each of our villages. While in actuality……」

「「We’ll gobble up each other’s young males!」」

「Then we are in agreement.」


「One more thing, Yularen.」

「What is it?」

「Are there any males in your village who can do that upside down position?」

「…… I would have long since made them my lover if there were.」

「I didn’t think so. Aah, somehow he made his way deep down into my heart.」

「24, was he? It makes me so thrilled to hear such a number.」

「You pervert.」

「Of course. If I’m not the pervert, who would be? Felteris is nothing but a mere brat. I kept a bottle with plenty of the semen I squeezed from him last night as well. I will enjoy it later.」

The two old friends continued to talk long into the night.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. (Warrior, tired) 24 years old. Winter. (Year has changed)

Irijina (Female Knight), Alice (Mage, magic power exhausted), Natia (Elf, in love)
Mack (Tired relief, Warrior), Kroll (Mendicant Monk Swordsman), Christoph (Shield), Schwartz (Tired relief, Horse)

Assets: 20,640 gold
Sexual Partners: 401, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish


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    Well he did get ganged up 2v1, maybe he can fare better when it’s Mano in Mano, but this time, it’s a defeat, bud haha

  9. Poor aegir he finally got his first defeat 😢

  10. Shota Aegir…looooool
    I hope someday we will get the scene where he is back in berserk mode by drinking Natia’s potion then fighting against the entire village of elf. Epic…

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