Chapter 258: An Unexpected Result


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

I hurry along the road to the capital on Schwartz while hugging Celia.

「Good, keep running.」

Schwartz glares backwards as if cursing me, then resigns himself and maintains his pace.
As I thought, taking a bath earlier was a good idea.

「This is ridiculous.」

Celia sighs, followed by Schwartz who seems to have the same opinion.

We advanced along the path and happened to come across a half-built bridge still under construction spanning a small river.
It would take time to prepare a ferry, so I had Schwartz jump into the water and swim to the other side.
Using the icy water on that guy’s heated body should really help cool him off.

「Uu, but I’m like this because of that.」

The bad part was I got water on Celia’s ass.

She had journeying clothes on her upper half and only underwear on the lower half, so removing the wet underwear on top of that makes her look even more strange.
Just leaving her ass exposed in midwinter would be too cold so I thought I would embrace her while on horseback.

「Just now, those travelers saw the part where you put it in! They’ll think we are perverts or something!」

No, those are the eyes of people who saw a monster of unknown origin.

It’s only natural, since they saw a man and a woman connected in the seated position while riding a horse running on the path at incredible speeds as the sun is setting.
Not only that, Celia’s wet panties are hanging on Schwartz’s head so the wind can dry it.

「Hey, your ass will get cold again if you try to lift your body up. I’ll rub it for you.」

「Aau…… if you rub it so much, I’ll make the dried underwear wet.」

Schwartz neighs to interrupt our sweet time together.
If this guy just focuses on running, I’ll let Celia’s juices run down his back, but if he gets in the way, I’ll spray him with my seed.

When we reached the capital after running frantically, the sun was just starting to rise from the horizon.

「Alright, here is good. You can go get in the stable now.」

I dismount off of Schwartz near my mansion in the capital and head towards the building.

「You did a good job, Schwartz.」

Celia pats the ear of the panting Schwartz
After rubbing his neck against Celia fondly, he opens the door of the stable and enters it.
He must be tired after all that.

I wonder if we made it in time.

It’s still too early to be called morning, so I knock on the locked door harshly.

「Aegir-san, you’re here already!? Thank goodness, she’s this way.」

The one who answered the door was Melissa.
It’s our long-awaited reunion but not long after our hug, she takes my hand and pulls me to the bedroom.

「Take those clothes you wore during your travels off! Also wash your hands and wipe your face!」

「Nn, sure.」

A midwife was also apparently called to the mansion, as she removes my clothes and wipes down my face and body with warm water after I get midway to Dorothea’s room.

「Come on, the pants too and also the unsanitary sweaty underwear…… oh my, what a large spear.」

The midwife of over 50 years old turns red when she sees my dick but now is not the time for that.

When I enter Dorothea’s bedroom, she was laying on her side on the bed, breathing pretty hard.
Beside her, Alma is holding her hand with a worried expression.


「How is it going?」

「There isn’t really a problem…… but the baby seems to have grown in her stomach.」

The midwife adds onto Alma’s comment.

「Dorothea-sama is not only getting on in years, this is her first birth so it’s quite dangerous.」

The middle-aged woman whispers in my ear so Alma couldn’t hear.

「At this rate, the mother may not survive. If nothing changes when morning comes, then we’ll have to use medicine to get the baby-……」

Looks like the situation is far more grave than Alma thought.
She’s finally gotten her first child, this is probably the last chance Dorothea ever has to get pregnant.
She sounded so happy when writing letters to me describing how round her stomach is getting, it would be too cruel if she couldn’t give birth successfully after coming this far.

If Dorothea herself dies though, then there’s no point.
Finding a solution somehow is a man’s duty.


I bring myself to the other side of Dorothea, opposite Alma.

Her breathing is feeble and she’s clearly becoming weaker.

「H-Hardlett-sama, sorry that you had to come all this way. I’m causing trouble for the baby as well. I wanted to have a smoother delivery…… what a pathetic mother……」

Even at this point, Dorothea cares more about the child, so there’s no way I can tell her to give up on it.

I bring my lips close to her ear.
The only thing I have to do is get her hole to stretch more.

「Use your imagination, Dorothea.」

「I-I’m sorry, what do you-?」

I blow gently into her ear and run my fingers through her hair.

「Right now, my member is entering you slowly.」

「Eeh, what is this all of a sudden……」

I won’t allow her to object, I continue on further.

「What does it feel like? Try to think about it.」

Trying to be considerate of Alma, Dorothea lowers her voice.

「I-it’s big. It’s thick, almost like a log……」

I add onto her words.

「That thick thing is spreading your insides apart as it enters you right now. Your narrow vagina is getting stretched more and more.」

「Aaah, no way, that’s-……」

The midwife and Melissa take a peek at Dorothea’s crotch and start getting flustered.

「It’s coming out! Push harder!」

However, Dorothea’s attention is only on me.

「Listen, my dick is even thicker and larger than it was when it got you pregnant.」

「No way! It’s even thicker than that time?」

「Aaah, I can see the head coming out! One more push!」

「S-so you can give birth like this too……」

I hold Dorothea’s head in my arms as I whisper softly yet naughtily to her.

「You don’t have to tighten your hole at all. It will break if you do…… okay, it’s going in now.」

「Aah…… it’s inside. That ultra thick thing is inside.」

Dorothea’s delivery was prolonged so her consciousness is probably wavering.
She’s talking deliriously as if she’s in a dream.

「Now the tip is inside. It’s finally time.」

「Uuuu…… it’s so tight! It feels like I’m giving birth.」

「Just a little more! A little bit more!」

「It’s coming out, Dorothea-san!」

I say one final comment before biting her nape lightly.

「Here I go…… there, it’s all the way in!!」

「Aaaaah! Cumming!!」

「The baby is out! It’s a boy!」

「I-it looks like she squirted too.」

As Dorothea screams, the midwife pulls the baby out from between her crotch.
Melissa looks stunned after getting sprayed in the face.
Almost like venting his anger for not coming out sooner, the baby cries loudly.

「Fuu, that worked somehow.」

「Mama! Mama! ……oh good, it looks like she only fainted.」

Alma was worried when Dorothea became limp, though calms down after confirming her breathing.

「Just in case, I’ll have her drink this. It’s excellent medicine.」

I take out the crystallized dragon’s blood.
Oh, it’s hardened so I guess she can’t drink it while she’s passed out.

「Leave that to me.」

Melissa takes the medicine into her mouth, bites it to pieces, then transfers it to Dorothea’s mouth along with some water.
That’s kind of hot.

Dorothea should be fine now.
As for the baby, I think he should be fine judging by all that noisy crying.

「T-this is-……!」

The midwife exclaims after checking the baby’s body.
Is there something not right with him?

「Look at the size…… he seems as big as a five year old, no a ten year old child. Without a doubt, like parent like child.」

That’s good news.
He’ll be able to please women when he grows up.


Alma and Melissa collapse on the spot in relief after learning of the mother’s safety.
I’m sure they were staying alert the whole time Dorothea was going through labor pains.
It must have been really hard on them.

「Celia and I will look after her now so you two can take a good rest.」

The midwife did a good job too.
I’ll give her a special reward.

「’Kay…… I’ll take a little…… nap.」

Alma has bags under eyes but happily touches the baby before walking unsteadily back to her room.

「I’ll go back too then. The depths of my stomach have been feeling quite warm and strange recently.」

Melissa should be careful she doesn’t get sick.

I guess I’ll just pat Dorothea’s head for now.
I’ll stay by her side until everyone wakes up.
With that said, I couldn’t leave anyways since she’s been grabbing onto my arm ever since I got here.

Now that I look, Celia is staring enviously.

「I want to give birth while Aegir-sama whispers to me too.」

「Fumu, we have to make a baby first.」

「N-not yet! I still want to stay by Aegir-sama’s side and be useful!」

As if she heard us, Dorothea’s expression seems to relax and soften a tiny bit.

It wasn’t until after the sun had completely risen and set again that Dorothea, Melissa and the others woke up.

「I’ve been a burden to you. I don’t remember much because my consciousness was fading from fatigue, but did I give birth to this child in an extremely embarrassing manner……?」


Melissa and Celia let out a sarcastic laugh.
It’s true not very many women give birth while a man talks dirty to them.

But it’s all to keep the mother safe.
Everything else doesn’t matter.

「Then, shall we celebrate?」

The neighing of a horse could be heard right after I opened my mouth.
Taking a peek outside the window, I see several horses stopped outside the courtyard.

「Kroll and Gido, huh. Ooh, Natia is here too.」

Kroll and Gido are wearing their escort unit uniforms, while Natia is covering her head with a hood to hide her ears just like the first time I met her.

「It appears Christoph fell off his horse on the way here. Only his horse made it here…… I don’t know when or where he fell so I left him for now. He’s fallen along the path so he should reach here with no problem.」


「Natia? A new girl?」

Alma looks troubled.
Melissa questions me about Natia.

「I haven’t laid my hands on her yet, but I’ll get her pregnant soon enough. Please get along with her.」

「Don’t decide such things on your own!」

Natia shouts and throws a lemon at my head.

「Mmm, don’t touch my ears so much.」

While Natia sits in between Melissa and I for dinner, the two of us touch her long ears from both sides.
She tried to escape at first by wriggling her ears out of the way, but now they’re drooping down as if resigning themselves to being touched.

「Aren’t they nice?」
「Yeah…… this might become a habit.」

「Will. You. Stop.」

On the other side of me, Celia is puffing her cheeks.
When I blow her ears after she sticks them out, she relaxes.

「So, is everything ready?」

「Yeah, I had him drink plenty.」

Natia and I look at each other and nod.

「Geez, it isn’t something strange, right?」

Melissa smiles even though she’s worried.

Of course, we are currently planning to have Kroll and Alma repair their relationship.

The clearly awkward Kroll and Alma were put into a different room so they could talk.
At first, they reconciled normally but Alma is a little confused at the strange feeling Kroll is giving off after he became impotent.

Which is why I made Kroll drink lots of that aphrodisiac and arranged for the two of them to be alone in another room.
If things go well, they would make love and resolve everything peacefully.

「You’re sure he won’t turn into some kind of beast?」

I check with Natia just in case.
If his reason flies out the window and he rapes her, it’s game over.

「I made the necessary adjustments. It will elevate the feelings of lust but won’t make him take excessively violent actions.」

Then it should be fine.
Things might be complicated now, but if the man she once fell in love with acts like a gentleman, I’m sure she will forgive him.
The two of them will go back to normal and everybody lived happily ever after.

I hear a woman’s voice from the room next door and feel a slight vibration.

「Fufufu, looks like they’ve started.」
「You have such bad taste~」

Melissa and I put our ears to the door.
We should be hearing sweet whispers of love and moaning.

「Y-you’re the worst! Don’t come near me!」

「Uehehehe, just a little is fine, let me touch that bouncy ass of yours.」

「Go away, dirty lecher! What is the meaning of this!?」

「Then how about your breasts!? I’ll just use my finger to tap those cute little nipples.」

Melissa and I look at each other, then open the door.
Kroll is crawling on the ground on all fours with a naughty look on his face, while Alma is kicking his away.

Kroll tries to peek up Alma’s skirt as he’s getting stepped on.

「Ohoh, I saw some nice white panties! Let’s see, is there a stain on them?」

「Y-you dirty little-!!」

Kroll squirts blood from his nose after Alma kicks him.
However that doesn’t stop him.

「You can step on me, just let me see your boobies! Let me see your pink nipples.」

「Absolutely no way, why are you talking about boobs all of a sudden……」

「Say it again! Boobs? Boobieboob? Boobieboobie?」

「No moreeeee!」

This was not expected.

「Natia…… why did this happen?」

「I-I don’t know. But his lust is certainly brimming and he isn’t acting violent.」

Well, sure.
He’s not trying to force himself on her, though he’s persistently trying despite being kicked or punched.

I imagined a more sensual gentleman.
This is exactly as if he’s a perverted old man.

「One lemon, ten lemons, a hundred lemons, a thousand lemons, what’s next?」

「Go away, pervert! You’re the worst! Gosh, I hate you, Kroll!」

Alma runs out of the room crying.
Everything’s ruined.

「Super big breasts, discovered! Bouncy, bouncy breasts are the best!」

Instead of chasing after the escaping Alma, Kroll gets entranced by Melissa’s breasts.
Furthermore, after seeing Celia and Natia, a nasty smile forms on his face.

「Big boobies, medium boobies…… and then-」

He looks at Natia.

「Small boobies…… gaah!」

「You’re the worst!」

Natia’s roundhouse kick explodes and Kroll gets knocked unconscious, collapsing on the spot.

The situation instantly deteriorated.
This is because Kroll was unlucky and had some perverted heart hidden away, it’s not my fault.
Let’s continue eating dinner.

Our plan has utterly failed, and the next day Alma doesn’t even look Kroll in the eye.

Meanwhile, I was scheduled to have an audience with King at the royal palace with Erich.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.

Citizens: 175,000. Refugees: 500
Major Cities – Rafen: 26,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Army: 7000 men
Infantry: 2800, Cavalry: 800, Archers: 500, Bow Cavalry: 900, Light Infantry (Inadequately Equipped): 2000

Reserve Army: 3000 (Incompletely Armed)
Cannons: 15, Large Cannons: 5, Dwarven Cannons: 16 (Dwarven cannons were made from special materials, newly manufactured cannons were made into large cannons)

Alice (experimenting), Dorothea (fatigued), Melissa (feeling pleasantly warm), Alma (enraged), Natia (angry)

Celia (adjutant), Gido (escort), Kroll (perverted old man)

Assets: 19,640 gold
Sexual Partners: 402, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish



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