Chapter 262: Magrado Civil War ② Independent Faction


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–Aegir POV–

Odoros. Magrado General Governorate.

「Welcome, glad of you to come Lord Hardlett, I am the Governor General of Magrado, Dunois.」

「I am here under His Majesty’s orders to suppress the rebellion.」

When we arrived at Odoros, the Magrado General Governorate and at one time the capital city, the Governor General Dunois greets us.
I can never get used to this man bowing respectfully for some reason.

「My, what a strange feeling it is for us as past opponents to join hands.」

「I guess.」

I give a terse reply.
When I glance at the face of the old man, I see his eyes glowing with fire, clearly filled with some form of madness.

He was originally the Prime Minister of Treia who had his entire family executed by the royalty of Treia during the war.
He helped force the King of Treia to a death sentence in the post-war trial and was temporarily assigned to be the Governor General of Magrado, with the assumption that he was insane and would eventually be dismissed.

「Let us clear up how the suppression should be done before we move on to idle chatter. Give me a breakdown of the current situation.」

I don’t intend to talk with this man for long.
There’s no fun in staying beside a crazed man.
If it was an insane woman, I would have wanted to save her with my dick and loving touches though.

According to Dunois’s explanation, the ongoing frequent rebellions of various sizes were being sufficiently suppressed by the cooperative feudal lords and the general governorate army up until now.

The change happened last month where the larger feudal lord once obedient to the general governorate started to rebel.
All of a sudden, rebellions broke out throughout the land in concert and surpassed the level which the governorate could respond to.

「The armies of the governorate and feudal lords in the corresponding areas engaged separately but were not able to control the situation…… and pitifully had to request support from the Royal army.」

「Fumu, in other words we might get things under control if we defeat that larger feudal lord.」

Who knows how many months it would take if we were to fight the battles spread out throughout the land individually.
I’m sure the general governorate can handle the rest after we clear the bigger problem.

「Anyways, it’s hard to distinguish between the two groups by calling them “cooperative nobles” and “ignored nobles”.」

Commander Wittmann comments.

「The nobles allied with us are part of the governorate faction and the ones opposing us are…… truly disrespectful, calling themselves an independent faction.」

「Then we’ll go with that. Governorate faction and the independent faction, that’s easy to understand.」

Who cares what names we call them.

「I also have a decree from His Majesty. Until the rebellion is suppressed, the governorate army will be under my command.」

I can’t find the document after searching my pocket.
I panic, thinking I may have dropped it, but Celia hands it to me politely.
Right, I entrusted her with it after receiving it.

「I have no objections.」

Dunois gives his consent with a smile on his face.
I can’t express in words how disgusted his reaction makes me feel.

「So what is the status of your current forces?」

「The main force stationed here in Odoros total 10 000, while the remaining 10 000 are scattered among the other areas. The feudal lords of the governorate faction gathered their own armies as well, totalling around 20 000.」

Fumu, I see.

「The enemy force includes peasants and total 50 000 or so.」

In terms of numbers, we’re about equal.
Except we should have the advantage since we can utilize the powerful Royal army.

「How about the battle state?」

「Most of the scattered skirmishes are locked in a stalemate, but unfortunately the independent faction has the advantage near Karudia.」

「Is that where the base of that feudal lord is?」

I confirm by looking at the pieces placed on the map.
Karudia is to the northwest of Odoros where the northern part is bordering the North Teries river.
I see, the nearby major cities are all controlled by the independent faction and there aren’t many places out of those cities that originally belonged to the nobles of the governorate faction.

「Alright, let’s bring down Karudia first. That should lower the morale of the independent faction.」

It’ll be great if they surrendered, if not then we’ll have to play whack-a-mole.

I glance over at Leopolt.

「For the most part, the plan is fine. However we need to crush this point and this point so we don’t get attacked from behind.」

Leopolt points to two of the rebel army bases on the map.
I can understand the first one since it’s relatively close to Odoros, but the other one is pretty far away?

「It may be far but we don’t have any strong ally bases located in between. If the enemy was smart, they would send an agile squad to raid Odoros and they can at least threaten our logistics.」

I see, it won’t be a simple task to take down the fortress city of Odoros and its guards, but they can cut off our supplies by attacking us.

「Alright. Then we’ll crush these two bases before heading to Karudia.」

Nobody else offered any objections and everyone went off to make preparations right away.

「Anyways, I find it strange.」

Celia speaks up after the war meeting.

「No matter how jumbled allies and enemies are, Odoros has 10 000 soldiers. That should be enough to crush the nearby bases.」

That does seem like the case.
Both bases probably have at most 3 000 soldiers, besides the governorate army is not particularly exhausted either.

「It probably isn’t a good thing to do so.」

Tristan finally opened his mouth after all this time.
No, his mouth was open while he sleeping earlier.

「If the enemy can be crushed and you don’t crush them without a reason, it shows how incompetent the commander is……and if you can’t crush them, it shows how unskilled the soldiers are.」

Don’t say something so unpleasant.

「Try considering only the 15 000 soldiers you brought along in your calculations.」

Leopolt also chimes in.

It’s fine, I have Celia…….
When I was about to pat Celia, I see Myla puff her cheeks slightly.

「Oh yeah Myla is here too.」

I pull Myla towards me and stroke her hair, grabbing her breasts while I’m at it.
Ooh, now Celia is puffing her cheeks.

「What are you doing!? Geez, we’ll be heading out soon!!」

She’s complaining but not shaking me off.
Rather, she’s putting her face close to my neck and tilting it towards me so it’s easier to kiss her.

Seeing Celia try her best to squeeze in between from all directions is cute.

「Alright, go make preparations.」

I tell the two of them after rubbing their asses.

A Few Days Later.

Out of the two bases we had to crush, I chose the farther one to lead the Royal army to first while the governorate army headed to the one closer to Odoros.
This was because the leadership of the Royal army was superior and would result in a faster movement speed.

Apparently, the Governor General Dunois will be taking direct command of the governorate army.

The march to our destination was steady and we didn’t encounter the independent faction along the way.

「So that’s the enemy base.」

It looked like a normal small city from far away, but saw the wooden fences, watchtowers and crudely dug moats as soon as we got closer.

「It appears the enemy has chosen to defend a siege.」

Like Leopolt said, the enemy doesn’t have a single soldier outside the base.
Timid faces peek out from the hastily made camp.
The leather armor and home-made spears are indicative of typical rebel army equipment.

「Shall we advise them to surrender?」

Myla asks just in case.

「They probably won’t anyways. We’ll take the deal if they come to us with the offer.」

They don’t need to entertain us who are like regular merchants in their eyes.

Having quickly surrounded the small city, archers were sent to the front.
The single file row of archers nock flaming arrows on their bow, ready to launch the first volley.

Wittmann looks to me like he was trying to see if I was impressed.
The speed at which they get into formation and attack are certainly impressive.
But my soldiers are just as fast.


On Wittmann’s command, countless flaming arrows rain down towards the city.

The enemy tries to fire back with arrows, but not with many.
On top of the difference in army size, the ratio of archers in the army is also different.

「Our arrows outnumber them ten to one.」

「We should not have trouble with this enemy.」

It is exactly as Leopolt and Myla said.
This is a siege battle for the most part, but I want to end it in one day if possible.

「Tristan, do you have anything to add?」

If I don’t ask him anything, he’ll end up sleeping again.

And then he stifles a small yawn.

「Nope. If you just continue, you’ll probably win after all.」

「That’s obvious.」

After the fifth volley of flaming arrows, Wittmann orders the archers to stop shooting and retreat outside the firing range for now.
We barely suffered any casualties.

On the other hand, the hastily prepared enemy camp is burning in different areas and the enemy soldiers are rushing to put out the flames.

「Shall we attack?」

I nod to answer Wittmann.
Without delay the 2000 infantry charge forward, since a larger number than that simultaneously attacking such a small city would only crowd the limited space.
Oops, almost forgot Agor’s battalion is here too.

「Their counterattack is lacking. Let us charge into the city.」

I’m not sure if they’re too busy extinguishing fires but the number of arrows coming at us are fewer than before, allowing the infantry to get to the gate and walls without trouble.

The erected fences and stakes were broken apart with axes, the gates were destroyed with large hammers, and ladders were put up against the walls to allow soldiers to climb over.
It was a beautifully executed attack.

「It looks like they’re several levels higher than us in siege battle.」

Leopolt whispers so that Wittmann couldn’t hear.

「It’s true. My soldiers are strong on the field, not so much in a siege……」

I feel like we don’t have many options besides firing cannons or bulldozing our way through.

「Lord Hardlett, are you not fond of siege warfare?」

Myla said it for me.
That’s exactly right.

「I don’t like the slow grinding pace, it really irritates me.」

「I hate it too!!」

Irijina is also in support.
She’s been pretty restless for a while now.
It’s probably because she can’t help wanting to participate in the battle happening in front of her eyes.

「Oh, it doesn’t look like you’re using cannons.」

When I mentioned it to Wittmann, he gives me a troubled look.

「Our army was only allotted six cannons. Also they break so easily right after use…… so I was hoping to use them for a larger battle if possible.」

“I can bring them out if you want”, he adds later.

「No, it’s fine. I was just curious.」

We also struggled with fragile cannons like that before.
The rate at which they break has decreased quite a bit with the new cannons, maybe it’s a good idea to share the manufacturing process with the Kingdom?
Leopolt makes a face telling me not to say anything unnecessary, so I guess I won’t.

The attack was progressing smoothly at the start but the battle unexpectedly hasn’t been settled yet.
In the end, the squad that charged into the city had to retreat while engaging the enemy and was eventually pushed out through the gate.

「Hooh, they were chased away.」

When I said that, Wittmann seems to panic.
He doesn’t have to be so tense.
The end result just has to be a victory.

「The Guldo battalion is being pushed back! The Agor battalion is holding their ground but the enemy is powerful and they can’t completely push them back!」

The messenger kneels in front of us and gives his report.
There’s an arrow stabbed into his shoulder, is he alright?
Let me pull it out.


Sorry, it was deeper than I thought.

「What are you doing against mere rebels! Second battalion, go provide backup!」

A new squad of about 1000 soldiers charge forward.

After supporting the losing squad, the situation turns into our favor and the battlefield moves to the inside of the city.

「I thought they would be weaker after hearing they were just rebels, looks like they’re pretty high-spirited.」

In a siege defense, It isn’t uncommon for the defending side to instantly fall apart once the attackers get inside.

Normally, the reinforcements should have been enough to put an end to the battle, but the sounds of clashing don’t stop.
The enemy is persistently resisting.

「They’re having trouble..」

「My apologies…… should I have them set fire to the city?」

The first battle isn’t going Wittmann’s way and he’s become a little despondent.

「I wonder.」

There are citizens not related to the rebellion in that city too, I’m sure.
It can’t be helped if they get caught in the fire and died, but burning all of them is overdoing it.
You and pretty girls should also be included among them.

Leopolts eyes have become grim.

「From what I can see, it isn’t the Royal army’s ineptitude. They are taking action in an orderly manner and appear to be well commanded. In fact, we should change our evaluation of the enemy. It isn’t a peasant rebellion, we should treat this fight as a clash between two legitimate armies.」

Hooh, how interesting.

「Then shall I go take a look?」

When I said that, Leopolt and Celia scowl at me.
Irijina lights up and smiles.

「I’ll take the escort squad…… plus I’ll also get Viscount Bonbi and Baron Gekhin to follow.」

「Going to the front lines again…… it’s a dicey situation too.」

Still, Celia gives in an relays orders to the escort squad.

「Finally, it’s our time to shine!」「My beloved spear, Hinsoumaru is also rejoicing!」

The duo also seem happy.

「Huh? Lord Hardlett is personally heading out!?」

Meanwhile, Wittmann is flustered.
Well, that’s how it is.

「Our general is always like this after all!」
「It is the general’s duty to fight in the vanguard.」

Gido checks my sword, Christoph my helmet, armor, arm guards and boots before I leave.

「It’s unheard of for the supreme commander to charge straight into the enemy…… no, I guess rumors about Lord Hardlett say……」

Not a problem
Leopolt was taking command from the beginning.
Myla is there as well, me being there or not probably wouldn’t greatly affect the level of command.

「It’ll be fine, I’ll come back after taking a little look at the enemy’s position.」

I rest my drawn sword on my shoulder.
With the length of the blade greater than two meters, it gets hard to balance.

Making the blade on one side was the right decision.
If it was double-sided, I would have trouble holding it.

「What a monstrous sword…… you’re going to swing something like that?」

「Yeah, it’s my first time using it in actual combat.」

I lightly wave the sword around, hold it in my right hand and thrust into the air.

「Now, let’s go.」

I take the lead with the escort squad and Binbo’s army following behind.
Excluding a portion of our retinue, everyone is on horseback, which is unsuited for a siege battle, but perfectly allows us to easily run through the gate now that it has been broken down.

The sounds of fighting instantly get louder as soon as we pass through.
It looks like our allies have pushed about halfway into the city already but are unable to advance any further.
Looking at the city, all the residential homes are made of wooden shields and stakes, almost like a barricade.

「The city is aiding them. We might have to burn it down after all.」

「Look. That seems to be the enemy’s main force!」

At the end of Celia’s finger is where Agor’s battalion is fighting fiercely with the enemy army.

Looking from the outside, the enemy only seemed to be regular peasants-turned-soldiers wearing leather armor and wielding simple spears, but now the enemy is heavily armed and completely covered with metal armor.

「The nobles of the independent faction are getting their own soldiers to participate.」

So that means we can’t finish the battle quickly even with the same numbers.
On top of that, the houses all act like convenient defense structures for the enemy.

As I raise my sword, the escort squad gets into a triangular formation.

Irijina happily brandishes her spear.
She better be careful or Christoph will get hit.


Everyone follows my voice and lets out their own war cries as they start rushing forward.

The thunderous roar of hooves drown out the sounds of clashing swords and shields.

「Move it, move it!」

The ally infantry quickly open up a path, revealing the enemy.
I only saw the enemy for a few seconds before making contact, but I clearly made out their expressions.

They appeared terrified on the surface from the frontal assault by horses.
Yet, they did not seem to lose their desperation.
I can see they have resolved not to give up and that surrendering was not an option.

「I see, no wonder they’re tough.」

An enemy with that kind of face is hard to break.
However, I can’t lose here either.

「Charge through!」

I head towards the enemy who thrusts his spear at me from beyond the upside down stakes, then swing my long sword horizontally.


The hard and heavy bone sword destroys the aligned stakes in its path and rips apart the two enemy soldiers hiding behind.
The splintered wood is scattered with considerable force at the nearby enemies.

I raise my sword after it swings to one side and bring it down onto the head of one soldier.

「Hiih! ……gueh!」

The instantaneous reaction with the shield surprised me, though it was probably a foolish move considering the weight of my sword.
The long sword breaks through the shield and splits open the soldier’s helmet, going all the way down to through the crotch.

The poor soldier was chopped in half like firewood, with each section of the body falling to the sides.

「W-what the heck was that!?」「A monster!」「Nooooo!」

The other enemies who watched as the guts of the soldier I split apart spills out get shook from the gruesome scene.
As one tries to run away, I quickly lop his head off, then move to pierce through the back of another, tossing him away before switching targets again.
With the length of this sword, I can use it like a spear.

The last one collapses to the ground and urinates uncontrollably.
I can tell this one is a girl judging by the voice so I’ll let her go.

Looking to the side, I see Irijina and the others going wild.

「Sorah, sorah! Hngrah!」

Irijina isn’t strong enough to destroy the entire stake, instead she deflects the spear strike aimed at her and counterattacks with one of her own thrusts.
She uses brute strength to penetrate the body of those wearing leather armor while she uses a well-aimed thrust to target the gaps in the armor of those wearing metal armor.

「We won’t lose either!」

The poor group dismount from their horses and fight on foot.

Viscount Binbo parries the enemy’s spear, cuts the abdomen of the enemy before putting some distance between his opponent and thrusting into the throat with his sword.
In one motion, he pulls out the sword from the dead soldier’s windpipe and spins to threaten the surrounding enemies.
His retinue takes care of the stopped enemies, defeating and routing them.

「You’re mine!」

Baron Gokhin aims for the enemy commander with his spear at the same time he dismounts from his horse.
While his first attack was blocked, he crosses his spear to take the counterattack before hooking the enemy’s spear and flinging it out of his hands, then thrusting straight into the commander’s side.

They gave off the impression of money grubbers but they’re decent in battle.
I guess Erich looked after them.

「I can’t be shown up.」

I urge Schwartz to gallop forward, charging deep into the enemy camp.

「Aww, c’mon! Weren’t you just going to take a look at the enemy’s position!?」

Celia hurries after me, but you know I can’t do something so unsightly after coming this far.

The enemy holes up in a residential home, fortifying the entrance with spearmen while positioning bowguns and archers out of the window.
Unfortunately, I have no intention of fighting in such a narrow space.

I maintain Schwartz’s speed as I swing my sword, striking the stone house as if I’m running through it.

「Luchely got cut in half!」「Impossible, he cut through the stone walls too!」

With a low rumbling sound, the walls of the house were gouged out.
It looks like the bowgun soldier camped inside was sliced apart too.

This long sword doesn’t have as sharp an edge as the Dual Crater, instead it has overwhelming durability, allowing me to use it with reckless abandon.

It’s a weapon more suited for melees than one-on-one fights.


While I was admiring the craftsmanship of the sword, an enemy thrusts a spear at me from the side.
Woah, that was close.

I casually grab the shaft of the spear, pull the enemy in towards me, take the soldier’s arm and throw him behind me.


I had intended to let the escort squad deal with him but he was unlucky and fell on top of a wooden spike.
The skewered enemy wriggles around briefly before becoming motionless, dyeing the stake red.

「Hieeeh……」「F-fall back. A fearsome soldier showed up!」

The enemies around me start retreating.
After diving into the enemy’s defensive formation, we are unexpectedly surrounding the enemy on both sides now.

「This is looking good.」

Celia nods her head.

I just wanted to test the waters, though we might end up finishing things right here.
War is all about taking advantage of momentum.

「How many casualties did the escort squad suffer?」

Gido briskly provides the answer.

「Christoph-san is the only one knocked unconscious!」

No casualties means the new armor is doing their jobs?
In that case, let’s press on.

「Cut into the flank of the enemy on the right. Let’s assist Agor.」

It doesn’t look like our allies suffered many casualties either so our morale is high.

We charge in once again to support the Agor battalion’s unfolding life or death struggle.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.

Citizens: 175,000. Refugees: 900
Major Cities – Rafen: 26,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Celia (adjutant), Myla (second in command), Irijina (commander)
Gido, Christoph (escort troops), Wittmann (Royal army corps commander)

Army under command:
Royal Army – 4th Army Corps: 14 950 men
Escort Squad: 100, Retinue of Trio: 100

Assets: 19,599 gold
Sexual Partners: 406, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish



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