Chapter 313: Grand Marriage Meeting


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Rafen City.

「Hey, so what happened to those people in the end?」
「There were so many of them…… honestly it was a little scary, but the feudal lord-sama brought them.」

I hear soft murmurings.

「Apparently they were prisoners of war brought back by the feudal lord-sama. They had nowhere to go just like refugees.」
「Yeah, they were swarming outside the city and to the south of the borders. Is it a good idea to support people like that?」
「It’s not that bad since they’re all women, but eventually there will be an increase of thieves and pilferers.」

The citizens of Rafen are muttering as they look at the temporary tents set up for the 9500 prisoners I brought back with me.

It sounds like most of it is disapproval. I don’t blame them. After all, a third of the number of people in city came all of a sudden.

But there hasn’t been a single fight.

That’s because the citizens of Rafen were not unhappy about their living conditions.
The reason being, as former prisoners, the girls lived conservatively in consideration of the citizens.
In addition, the fact they were all females really helped.

Everyone knows that people who rape or injure females in my territory won’t be let off easily.
This is common knowledge to all the citizens.

「All girls in the world need to be treated kindly. That’s because I might make them my woman one day.」

「Chief, your thoughts are coming out in the open.」
「Everyone is looking.」

Oops, I couldn’t help but say that.

I’m accompanied by Gido, Kroll and Christoph as I head to the place where the girls I brought back from the Federation are.
I’ll be discussing what will be happening to them.
It doesn’t matter how the girls want to live in the future, I can’t leave them in Rafen while still living in tents.

I would normally have went by myself, but I was told to bring escorts just in case.

Celia and Myla are heading outside the city walls to mediate the skirmish between the refugees and the citizens on the outskirts.
I wanted to go there at first, but changed by mind when I heard it was between young men. I’d rather go to where the girls are.

The citizens who were complaining about the prisoners awkwardly stepped away when they saw me.
I can understand their apprehension. That’s why I need to resolve this issue quickly.

「For Adolph to go bald at such a critical time…… I’ll have to do things in his place.」

What bad timing on his part.
It’s a mystery how I can’t remember why he became bald. I’m sure it’s because there’s no need to remember.

「Ah, Hardlett-sama!?」
「Stupid! Address him as feudal lord-sama!」
「You came to see us!?」

When they saw me approach the tents, the girls who spotted me come running.
Hearing the commotion, more girls came running―― soon resulting in a large army of women surrounding me. I think I’m about to surrender.

「Feudal lord-sama, what’s going to happen to us from now on?」
「I can work even if it’s a little demanding――」
「How long will we keep getting food?」
「You’re in my way! Move it.」


With too many of them to fit inside a simple building, they had to live in tents, plus they don’t have enough warm water to use nor do they have perfume on, yet why do they still smell good.
And why did Christoph just fall over. Oh, whatever.

「Hahaha, I was told once but don’t remember. I don’t have the greatest memory.」

I embrace the girls and head towards the center of the camp of tents.
It’s pointless to talk only to a portion of the girls near the edge.

「’Kay~ Got it.」
「Ah, he touched my ass!」
「Gosh…… feudal lord-sama, you pervert……」

Of course I’m going to feel up some ass during the confusion.
The girls don’t seem to dislike it either.

It looks like the girls I can’t reach are blushing too.


Oh Gido, it’s you. What a perverted guy.

I gather the girls so I can talk about their future.
There are four paths the girls can take.

The first is to find a job like the other citizens.
They can be farmhands, or they can do sewing or craftsmanship if they’re good with their hands.

「You want to go with a few others and do needlework, right?」
「Yeah, we’ve been together all this time, plus I think I can work hard if I’m with everyone.」

「A female only workshop, huh…… my heart is heating up.」
「Chief, your crotch is swelling.」

Oops, that was close.

Another option is to enter a family.
The girls were military slaves or soldiers, in other words youngsters who fought.
That’s why they naturally have the option to settle down with a man, have kids, and start a family.
They probably won’t have a chance to find a partner if they stay grouped up like this.

「I want to get married. I want to have lots of kids and be happy.」

「I want to get a man before I even think about kids. During the battle, only old commanders ever mounted me. I want someone young!」
「I get you! There are only girls here too. When I see strong-looking men like Hardlett-sama and the others, I just can’t get enough.」
「Hey wait, I can hear some sloshing sounds! Someone is getting themselves off!」

It probably isn’t limited to one or two people. I can smell a lewd scent coming from one general spot.
Gido and Kroll bend over awkwardly while I feel a bulge forming in my crotch.

「Gido, Kroll, you can’t talk about others while you yourselves are like that.」
「Sorry. I started picturing it and this intense scent of women is unbearable.」
「I can’t control my crotch…… it’s getting bigger……」

Yeah. I’m with you guys. You didn’t do anything wrong.
My pants are literally going to rip right now.

The last option is to be a soldier.

「I have my own army too. I’d appreciate it if those with experience in battle join my forces.」

I’ve already discussed this with Leopolt.
The girls have fought and survived a major war.
It’s hard to replace that valuable experience.

「Aah, a soldier…… huh……」
「I guess if that’s the only option……」

Compared with the first two options, the girls don’t respond too positive to the last choice.
That’s a given. They’ve escaped a hellish warzone not too long ago and was about to be executed after becoming prisoners, yet they ended up living. Those who still want to be soldiers after all that deserves much praise.

That’s to be expected.
In fact, I estimated only ten percent out of everyone to choose this path.
Actually we’d be pushing the limits of the operating budget if five or six thousand chose to be soldiers.

「But the feudal lord-sama’s army is full of men, right?」
「Surrounded by young guys……?」

A few girls lick their lips after seeing us get hard.
Kroll and Gido lean forward even more.
Umu, my pants finally tore.

「And finally…… the hidden fourth option is to become my lover.」


The eyes of the girls seem to change and their bodies lean forward curiously.
Compared to the previous three options, this one seems to be the clear favorite.


The color in the eyes of Gido and Kroll also change.
I didn’t mention this option at all to Leopolt after all.

I don’t say it joyfully though.
I have to talk about something humiliating.

「Normally, I would make all those who desire it into my lovers! However, I can’t do that.」

I look at the faces of the girls.
Even I can tell that my voice is trembling from the frustration.

「Pathetically enough, I don’t have the assets to support everyone financially and allow everyone to live an abundant life.」

I had Tristan calculate it two times but it was impossible to make 9500 girls my lovers.
I’m giving green peas to Tristan’s meals after he complained how he didn’t like it when I asked him to do something so stupid.

It would have been possible if I had assets on the level of a King.
My lack of ability is annoying me.

「W-well everyone is a little……」
「The Emperor of Garland probably wouldn’t do something so ridiculous……」

I have to confess more shameful things.

「Even if I accept all of you, I wouldn’t be able to satisfy everyone at night.」

Supposing I made 9000 of them my lovers, it would take me a whole month embracing 300 girls a night to get through everyone once.

「My crude thing sadly doesn’t have the ability to handle that.」

My powerless body will get tired after twenty girls and exhausted after fifty girls.
If I squeeze out every last drop, I can probably take on 100 girls, although my dick won’t twitch at all after that.

「Oh you sleep with 20 girls every day…… amazing.」
「Shoddy? ……that thick log is shoddy…… ahaha……」
「But a lover…… that sounds nice.」

The girls comfort me.
I have to get better, and sleep with more women.

「That’s why I won’t make everyone my lover. At most…… fifty or a hundred. Go ahead and laugh at how pathetic that is.」

Before I could finish, the girls simultaneously shout out.

「Aiza wants to become a lover! I have confidence in how soft my boobs are! You can try touching them if you want.」
「Yuyun too! My ass has been trained quite a bit so I can handle big cocks just fine. Please test it out!」

The girls crowding around me are stripping me.

「Um…… regarding the job referrals, is the feudal lord-sama going to be doing the selection? Are you handling the wages and services as well?」
「Yes, I plan to.」

With that said, I can’t choose the job of all 9000 people one by one.
I’ll obviously avoid sending them to harsh conditions, although I can’t guarantee the same working environment for everyone.

「If the feudal lord-sama takes a liking to you, you will have better working conditions…… maybe!」
「――A womanizer and a large cock…… in other words, a female body!」

The women who aren’t aiming to be lovers also take their clothes off.

「Wait, you girls! That’s rude to the feudal lord-sama―― w-what are you doing?」

Gido tries to stand in the way, but is outnumbered and quickly pushed down.

「A young man. I can’t hold back anymore!」
「Let’s get him too!」

Gido gets stripped just like me.
Kroll is treated similarly beside him.
Christoph was knocked out so he’s left alone.

「I have a wife! I can’t so easily――」

Gido protests while a girl climbs on top of him and clasps her hand with his, urging him to penetrate her in the cowgirl position.

「I have someone I also swore to be with……」

Kroll trails off as a larger woman wraps up his body and pushes him down.
Her wiggling waist is getting herself ready for penetration.

That’s right. You’re not a man if you refuse a naked woman pushing you down.
Enjoy the woman’s body in full and then get yelled at by your wife later.
Surely I will also get a headbutt from Nonna and cold, judging stares from Celia.

「Gido-kun, was it? Your penis is pretty big. Aahn, incredible!」

Gido is only 17 years old but he’s got a pretty big dick and has experience with girls, so he’s naturally skilled at pleasing them.
The woman moans from his unexpected movements.

「You’re Kroll-kun, right? You have such a persistent attack despite your age…… on top of that, you can handle more than one right?」

While the larger woman mounts Kroll, he also fingers a girl beside him.
Besides Alma, he also made Lola and Mira his lovers, so he is used to a threesome no matter how much of a cheeky brat he is.

「I can’t be losing to them.」

I hold the knees of the woman spreading her legs to tempt me and push my hips forward.
She was already wet enough from the atmosphere so my dick slide in pretty easily……

「Uwaaaah! Hyaaaaaah!!」

The woman shrieks, foams at the mouth and loses consciousness.
At the same time, she squirts and leaks urine.
I reluctantly pull my dick out and stand up.

「Feudal lord-sama? What is…… hiih!」
「What happened to the girl…… waah!」

The girls gathered around me take a step back.
Their reaction was practically the same reaction I get when I swing my spear on the battlefield. Should I try swinging my meat spear as well?

「T-that third leg is a cock……?」
「Big doesn’t even describe it. That log-like thing wasn’t fully hard before!?」
「That’s nothing like the dicks I know……」

The situation gets turned on its head in an instant.
However I’m not going to show any mercy now that the fight has started.

「Fufufu, prepare yourselves. I’ll put this in the ones I capture.」

I brandish my spear and charge in to defeat the female army.

And a few hours later.

「Aegir-sama~ I heard from family members that you went to inspect the refugees. You were getting late so I came to get you.」
「Hm, I don’t see you. Does anybody know where Lord Hardlett is?」

I open my eyes when I hear Celia and Myla.
I knew I was going to get in trouble when I looked at my surroundings and I try to get up, however I can’t so I give up.

「He’s here. In this tent.」

「So you are in here?」
「The sun has gone down. Nonna-san has gotten mad and――」

The front of the tent is pulled back and the two lovely girls freeze.
To be more accurate, it was three girls. Irijina was also there.
I couldn’t hear her loud voice because she was eating some meat on a stick as she was walking.

「I’ll go back soon. Wait a bit and let me get ready.」

I stand up and put my clothes back on.

「Don’t go…… make love to me until I go crazy……」
「Thrust more…… thrust until I die……」
「I can’t stop squirting. My crotch broke because it felt so good.」

The girls at my feet speak out weakly.
Continuing any further would break their bodies and hearts so I give them a soft kiss before throwing a blanket over them.

「Alright, shall we go back?」

With a refreshing smile on my face like nothing happened, I pat Celia and Myla on the shoulder and slap Irijina on the ass.
Irijina chokes and swallows the meat in her mouth…… hey, the bone’s gone. Did she swallow it? Will she be okay?

「How many women are you going to make your prisoners…… your thing will really get torn off.」
「Wahahahahaha! I finished the bone as well!」

I have to avoid the critical stares of the girls.
That’s Kroll and Gido’s job. I believe they were in the adjacent tent.

I flip open the tent.

「Hey, Gido, Kroll. We’re going.」

「How’s that? What am I to you? Call me master! Ha, chief!?」

「Mama boobies…… more sucky-sucky…… Ha, Aegir-sama!?」

It looks like the two of them are still going at it.

「Gido…… I trusted you to be Aegir-sama’s bodyguard so why are you riding another girl’s ass!?」

Gido gets his ass kicked by Myla and falls over.

「What are you going on about, Mama boobs, you perverted brat!」

Celia unleashes a kick and her toes hit Kroll’s balls, causing him to crumble in agony.

「Wahahaha! Whatever is going on, it’s punishment time!」

The powerful Irijina follows up and the two guys end up being knocked out.
It can’t be helped. I’ll leave Gido with his wife and Kroll with Alma.

「Feudal lord-sama……」

One woman calls out worriedly.

「Leave everything to me. Whether you want to live on your own or start a family, I’ll look after you.」

With that said, I drag the two young men and take my leave.

「Thank you very much. I was actually referring to how the two of them are still not wearing clothes.」

I wonder what tonight’s side dish will be.

I return the two young men to their lovers after their bodies were covered with the scent of women and kiss marks.
The next morning, Kroll received marks around his eyes and Gido got scratched up on his cheek, which was not my fault.

On a side note, nothing much happened to the fallen Christoph and he walked back home the next day.

Later. Rafen.

「So make sure both parties maintain order to the end from today forward, and don’t forget that the host, Hardlett-sama, will be bothered if a dispute breaks out. Alright, let’s begin.」

Things finally started after Myla’s long speech ends.
I’m surprised she can speak for so long. I would have just said “go for it” and left it at that.

「With so many couples gathered, you have to be strict or else they’ll go too wild.」

「Myla’s so serious. It’s cute.」

Myla cooly puffs her chest out and as I run my fingers through her hair, she visibly looks happier.

「I-I’m serious too!」

「You’re right. You’re cute too.」

I pat Celia’s head as she comes snuggling up beside me on the other side.
Celia’s face melts but Myla gets a little upset.
It’s hard to get a good balance between the two.

Happening without concern of what we are doing, the back and forth between couples unfolds before our eyes.

「Nice to meet you! I’m Matthew from the pioneer village Ruruga!」
「Hello, my name is Quelle.」
(I’m Casie. Wait, nobody can see. Oh well. Mealtime, mealtime~)

Men and women introduce themselves to each other as they sit in front of a table filled with food.
They weren’t simply sitting happily in a circle, no everyone had serious looks on their faces.

「But a marriage meeting…… for this many people.」

「There was no other way to do it.」

Over half of the girls I brought back with me wanted to be part of a family.
Which means 5000 of them, and while it is possible to introduce a job to everyone as a group, it is not so possible to introduce 5000 men to each of them.

And so a notice was posted to call any men who wanted a wife to come to Rafen today.
The gathered men and women will talk pleasantly with each other, and those who happen to find somebody they get along well with can get married.

「Still, it’s an innovative idea to prepare a table full of snacks for that.」

Nonna was the one who made that proposal after she heard about the event.

「The relationship they have with each other is important for their compatibility. There are guys who often have a fine appearance and lineage but have a vulgar character. If you let them eat together, those things will surely be noticed.」

That’s a good point. I should also be a little more conscious of my table manners.
The other day when I grabbed a tomato with my bare hands and bit into it whole, Nonna’s breasts were swinging pretty wildly because she got so upset.

「Aren’t those tags too much though?」

A tag is placed on the chests of the couples.
Written on it are not only their ages, jobs, incomes, but it also mentions their strong points and weak points.
Myla was the one who suggested that.

「Of course not! Looks and personality aren’t the only important things. Their ability and resourcefulness are important to consider too. An incompetent and penniless man will only bring misfortune to his wife.」

I get what she means, but this just resembles a slave market.
Well, they all put it on themselves so I guess that’s fine.

The meeting picks up without our involvement.

「Occupation, employee of a liquor store…… so you live in Rafen. Income is three gold a month, I guess that’s a passing mark. Decent looks too……」

「A guard? A stable job. Income is two gold, huh…… hmm, should I compromise?」

「Inn management? Income is fifteen gold a month!? He’s a horrible-looking old man, so I have to choose between money or looks…… umumu.」

I hear the lively voices of the females.

「Strength is the ability to quickly get along with anybody and everybody, weakness is being too quick to give in…… seems like the type to cheat.」

「Strength is the ability to make conversation with beings beyond human knowledge, weakness is the occasional aching of the sealed right arm. What the heck does that mean?」

「Strength is being kind to everyone-nyan, weakness is not good at being patient-nyan…… pass.」

「Strength is the ability to love a person who has earned his trust more than anyone, ooh that’s nice! Weakness is the urge to gobble up the person he’s come to like, wah scary!」

It doesn’t sound like things are going well based on the voices I’m hearing, but everybody else for the most part is getting along.

「From what I can see, the eye-catching beauties are naturally the most popular and the not-so-pretty girls are finding partners too.」

Marta casually pops her head out.
She calmly analyzes the situation as she serves me tea in a place overlooking the hall.

「True, the only ones completely left out are…… how do you describe it, the eccentric ones.」

Clearly, even the ones with inferior looks and the girls sitting reservedly get approached frequently by guys.

「Y-you’re fine with someone like me?」
「Of course. You may not be the most beautiful but we’ll be making a family together. What’s important is compatibility, right?」

It’s the same on the other side.

「Look, I…… got this scar on my face from the war.」
「I have marks too. This one is when I wasn’t paying attention and got run over by a carriage. This one is from when I fell off a cliff in the past……」

There are some who are calming down after showing each other their injuries.

「I am the messenger of the underworld. The bandage on my right hand seals the dark dragon, which I will not touch you with even if you become my husband.」

「Fufufu, I am the gatekeeper of a distant realm who has descended from heaven. This eye of mine shines a bright gold color when the end times are near, releasing its exorcising power. If you do not mind that we will be a transient couple until that time comes, I will gladly wed you.」

I have no clue what they’re saying, but they seem to be getting along too.

Meanwhile, the ones who have overwhelming auras are the surrendered former Vandolea soldiers.
Overwhelming in the bad sense of course.

They are currently gathered in one place and cooperating with each other, working hard at cultivating new land and improving flood control, trying to make the best city or village, however the process is still ongoing and they still need us to supply food to them.
There is a problem with their city. And that is the majority of them are men.

According to the report of those who went out to do the inspection, there was a strange tension surrounding the city despite public order being fine, and homosexuality was rampant.
The few times a girl would visit, dozens of men would flock to her and provide more than enough food and drinks, and also try whatever they could to ride her.
Some girls would actually frequently drop by the special Vandolea city because they would get treated like a goddess.

Still, future development could not be made without the existence of women, so they were notified of the marriage meeting…… although I really thought a revolt was happening when the several thousand men marched with bloodshot eyes.

「Please come with us! I’ll definitely make you happy! C’mon, let’s get married!」
「Hey now, that’s too sudden……」

「How many children do you want? Haha, Haha, well a house has to be built before that! No wait, mating is first! Let me get you pregnant!」
「I said stop! Don’t come close to me!」

Not good, that guy is too thirsty that he’s jumping the gun. He doesn’t realize that the girls are backing away from him.
I don’t blame him. Many guys have gone without any contact with women for close to a year.

「Occupation, unemployed (expected to be farmer, no field, still cultivating), no income (food still being subsidized) ……」
「And his thing is erect like a monkey…… despicable, I’d rather be single than have to be together with someone like that.」

Not good. At this rate, he won’t have any women left willing to become his bride. I’ll have to jump in.

「Ah, these guys are just a little desperate after being in an environment filled with men. Also the cultivation is nearly ready, so you can live comfortably once that’s done. ―――― you guys, don’t get crazy either. Respect the women more!」

The girls somehow start listening to them again.

「Sorry…… our city only has men in it so this is the first time in almost half a year that I’ve seen a woman.」
「It smelled so nice that my sense of reason flew away.」

The men become docile like dogs who got scolded, which makes the girls start laughing.

「Gosh, how turned on are you?」
「Since you’ve calmed down, why don’t we chat a bit?」

Things are developing nicely.

「Heeh, so that happened…… hey, why are you getting hard from just me getting close?」
「S-sorry. I jacked off five times yesterday so this wouldn’t happen, but when a beauty like you gets near me……」

「Ahaha, how cute. His face gets all red when I rub his back.」
「F-forgive me. The smell is too much for me.」

Can I participate too?

「If Aegir-sama goes wild, the purpose of this meeting will disappear.」

Eventually, the couples who have developed a nice mood with each other stand up and start heading towards the tents prepared in the corner of the hall.

「Fufufu, my suggestion is finally coming into play.」

When I proudly push my chest out, Myla lets out a sigh.
Celia’s eyebrows furrow.

「I’m supposed to be protecting the public morals of the city.」
「This is Aegir-sama after all.」
「Marta is also a little surprised.」

The couple links arms and blushes.

「This way is…… you know?」
「Yeah, I know you’re a good person, but this kind of compatibility is also important for couples.」

This is my idea, in other words a place for couples to check their sexual compatibility.

It doesn’t matter how satisfied you are with personality, looks or occupation, since you wouldn’t want kids if you don’t get excited in bed.
Eventually, your family will fall apart. In order to prevent that, this place will allow couples to test one round with each other.

Let’s get closer and check on how things are going.

「Your thing is incredible! I-I’m sorry. I was actually still naive, thinking of whether or not to keep you. Please make me your wife.」
「Fufufu, it was the one thing I was proud of in the past. I’ll make sure you’re satisfied!」

「Uwah, it feels so good! What is this!?」
「I’m feeling great too! It looks like our bodies are a perfect match. Let’s be together.」

「Fufufu, I have money after all. I’ll make one my wife and the other my lover.」
「Yes, I’ll be in your―― eh, what the-, it’s so small! It’s like a bean sprout.」
「Uwah, this is no good. ……I think there are better people for you, so we’re excusing ourselves~」

Looks like there is all sorts of drama going on.

And so the grand marriage meeting came to a close, with all the women seeking to make a family able to find a spouse.
The men were separated into fortunate and unfortunate, but most of the former Vandolea soldiers were able to return with a bride in hand.

「If I were to bring a lady as beautiful as you back home, it will cause a big fuss. I’m worried about cheating.」
「You better work hard so that doesn’t happen then, hubby~」

Now their city will have an injection of energy and the men will improve how they work.

「My one regret is not being able to join.」
「You embraced Marta until she leaked last night and you still haven’t had enough? ……how lustful can you be……」

It’s a real shame.

「Then as planned, the clean up will be left as labor for the prisoners. Those who committed minor crimes will have their sentences reduced by one month with this.」

Myla seems unhappy, however after one peek inside the tent, her face scrunches up and she accepts.

Several thousand pairs went at it constantly after all.
Every tent is covered in juices and sopping wet, not to mention the smell is quite intense with it being summer.
Having to clean all that up is sufficient enough to make up for one month in prison.

「Next time, I’ll be nicer to the maids who clean up Aegir-sama’s room.」
「Me too.」

Celia, Myla, did you say something?

Side Story: An Apothecary’s Longest Journey.

「Failure, huh?」

Natia hangs her head. I lightly pat her shoulder and touch her boobs while I’m at it, only to get my hand pinched.

「Wahahaha!! This is fun though!」

Irijina laughs as she passes gas noisily.

「What a mysterious feeling. Interesting.」

Pipi also laughs as she does the same but not as loud as Irijina.

「This is horrible……」

Rita squeezes her nose and opens the window.

「But what mistake could you have made to turn a hair growing potion into a endless farting potion?」
「Midoro leaf plus the skin of a Ram snake plus the entrails of an orc, it should have come out perfectly……」

Let’s call this drug “farter”.

Natia felt guilty for the unfortunate accident which made Adolph go completely bald and tried to make a hair growing serum.

It may be simple to make a deathly poison, but difficult to make a life-giving potion.
I guess it’s the same concept for hair, where it’s easy to concoct something that removes it and hard to make something which helps it grow.

「The previous trial drug was one that made people endlessly hungry.」

That medicine made people so hungry that they would eat enough to make themselves fat once the effect wore off.
I’ll call this drug Clau-…… no, “fat-regainer”.

「I was confident in this one too……yet for some reason it has an effect of shrivelling boobs.」

The bottle Natia hands me has multiple seals plastered over it.
Nonna, Carla and Maria especially, sealed it away as a demonic drug.
I don’t think Maria has to worry so much since it would not have much effect anyways.
By the way, I named that drug “boobshrinker”.

Why are the potions that Natia make always so dangerous to women?

「By the way, there’s a person you tested the cruel effect on, right? Did you apologize properly?」

Who did she test it on, it might be better to send a gold coin to that person.

「I-I did apologize. I put my head to the floor and apologized.」

Natia looks away. I noticed that.

「Don’t tell me you didn’t test it before it was used on Adolph?」

Natita turns her back to me.

Poor Adolph…… on top of being bald, he’s going to fatten up, his boobs will shrink and he’ll be farting endlessly.

「If there was a God, this would definitely not be fair. Is there no God for Adolph? Once again, is there no God?」

「I will absolutely make hair grow on that man’s head!」

Natia’s fight continues in order to save Adolph.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Citizens: 190,000. Refugees: 26,000. (assimilated female prisoners)
Major Cities – Rafen: 32,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Vandolea Special Town: 13,000.

Army: 10,500 men
Infantry: 5000, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 800, Bow Cavalry: 500, Temporary Refugee Guards: 2200
Cannons: 26, Large Cannons: 20, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Chariots: 10
Female Soldiers: 1000 (candidates only, light infantry)
Reserve Army: 2000.
Security Unit: 150

Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine)
Melissa (lover), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Pipi (fart)
Casie (satiated), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (lobbying), Alice (ass lover), Leah (lover)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Natia (fighting hard), Sofia (lover), Sekrit (roaming)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (ball), Clara (female attendant)

Brynhildr (vampire), Lammy (garden caretaker), Alraune (migrated), Mirumi (mermaid)
Pochi (giant flying flame lizard), Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (horse), Felteris (bored)

Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Marta (aide), Irijina (big fart), Luna (commander), Ruby
Gido (scratched), Polte (refugee case worker), Gretel (preparing for marriage)
Leopolt (dispatch of troops), Adolph (miserable), Tristan (exhausting work)
Claire & Laurie (political strife), Lilian (lobbying), Kroll (punched), Alma (angry)

Assets: 90,000 gold (grand marriage meeting -1000), (female soldiers employment -3000), (occupation services -1300)
(Grant Money –unopened)
Sexual Partners: 530, children who have been born: 66 + 555 fish



  1. Kucing Terbang

    So he will set up a grand marriage meeting for men in the city to marry the girls and integrated them as his citizen? Nice idea.

    • I was thinking of making the girls a special force; since they had some form of training to be the meatshield army of the Empire, why not just make them a special army division composed of women/lovers to be trained and that take direct orders only to Aegir–his private retinue, I mean

      • Probably there is…. Maybe just a 1000 strong? It’s dangerous to make a big army since the king is in crazed condition

      • no way aegir would agree to let the women fight and die

  2. i am a little disappointed no one goes to Lintbloom. They need more worker, right ?

  3. Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

  4. I’ve never cringed so hard just from reading a chuuni line before today. It was just far too cringy and even worse was the fact that that was the reason they hooked up. It just multiplied the cringe factor up to a thousand.

  5. theoriginofdeath

    But that was literally one of the best parts about the chapter! it’s good to see some people who have deviant personalities that aren’t “GOD YOUR SO GOOD AT SEX LET ME BE WITH YOU”

    Like out of all the people there, how many actually gave a shit about the others personality or job.
    -People with lots of scars
    -people with weird personalities

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