Chapter 40: Omen


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Southern Goldonia Arkland border area

「There is a nice breeze blowing today.」

The season is finally summer, it will continue to get hotter from here on out. The central plains are said to be a region where it is easy to live in during the summer and winter, but even so hot weather is still hot.

「To come to such remote regions just to get blown by this wind doesn’t make it quite worthwhile for me.」

My fellow soldiers grumble. You don’t have to say it, I already understand.

We were originally stationed in an outskirt town near Goldonia as soldiers for the national army. The army was just in name and our missions consisted of subjugating criminals and bandits that come out once in a while, as well as monster elimination. The pay wasn’t bad either, and I was able to get women. That was because the great nobles in the south went extinct and the country’s border patrol changed assignments.

There is no precise line drawn between Arkland and Goldonia. Especially the place where I was stationed, in the vicinity of the source of the Nosteries River, is where there are only endless prairies and hills. It seems Arkland is a country which mistook the threat of scattering military power as diplomacy and got angry. On the borders of such an angry country are only pioneering idiots who went broke and think about setting up villages there. The place we stayed at was a simple fortress with nothing else around it, and even on our days off it took half a day by horse-carriage to get to the nearby city.

「No matter how much you grumble, in the end there is nothing else to do but enjoy the breeze here.」

We are paired in groups of two and our mission is, using the fortress as a reference, walking around while keeping watch endlessly. When I was in town, it can’t be helped that I had to do something as troublesome as keeping watch, but as I can now talk with my friends this time, it has become fun. Even if you are in the fort there is nothing for us to do, the ones who are outside and can feel the wind are the lucky ones.

「See anything odd?」

「There’s nothing strange happening. Nothing over here or there, there’s not a single thing going on in this village.」

「Don’t screw around, the damn captain said that he would take an afternoon nap since it was the same report yesterday, so don’t complain to me. Anything is fine just find something to report.」

While clicking my tongue, I survey the surroundings with my partner. There will be full marks if we collapse and die in their territory. It can be reported as ‘Arkland’s interior is even worse than poverty pattern.’

「Hey, how is that? There is a flock of sheep walking.」

Sheep huh…50 points There was the same report last week.
I guess it’s the ‘pattern where a spy is disguised as a shepherd and doing reconnaissance.’

「That’s strange…there are only sheep andno sign of the shepherd. Did they run away?」

If the sheep come to this side then tonight’s dinner would be luxurious.

「And also, somehow their movements are in sync…they are neatly spaced and their pace are also the same.」

「Say…do you have nothing else to look at besides sheep? Don’t report each and every thing about something as boring as how the sheep walk!」

As expected the angry partner would roar but his voice couldn’t be heard.

「Enemy attack—!!! It’s Arkland!!!!!」

The sheep coat were thrown off all at once, and soldiers wearing armor appeared. Damnit! While we were taking it easy they have made it all the way here!

「Run away, report it to the fortress! They have crossed the border.」

We quickly ran towards the fortress. The enemy did not move from their spot! We can escape like this!

My partner and I looked at each other and exchanged bitter smiles.

Immediately afterwards, arrows pierced through, the men became like porcupines and collapsed to the ground.

Goldonia Royal Palace After a few days

「Arkland has invaded?」

A messenger from the south kneels in front of the king and urgently tells him the news. He probably came by horse overnight, the soldier’s breath was rough and he was supporting his body but he finally finished reporting without collapsing.

「Yessir! The fortress of the border security has been burned down, they have invaded the interior, and the village of the peddlers and pioneers are damaged.」

「Tell me the size.」

「It hasn’t been confirmed but at the very least a few hundred to a thousand soldiers have crossed the border.」

The king closed his eyes and nodded.

「It must have been tough. Get some food and water and rest well.」

When the messenger leaves, the associates by the king’s side draw back…the cabinet minister as well as the army commander, and the king’s personally requested Erich was also there…they started talking.

「So, what do you think?」

「It is the same as always.」
「Maybe there is famine.」
「Or perhaps the decline in farmers have caused difficulty in planting.」

The voices of the cabinet minister and the others had neither feelings of impatience nor sense of urgency.

「During the reign of the previous king, there has always been one incident every few years. Please calm down.」

On the contrary, they seem to be used to having to calm the king down.

「I see, this must be what my father has left behind.」

It is not unusual for Arkland to invade Goldonia. With that said, it’s not your typical full-scale invasion. They are just a small-scale bunch of soldiers who only crossed the border somewhat, burned a small village, and skirmished with the border security. The reason was our border guards breached the border so they felt it customary for them to retaliate.

And after fighting for a certain extent, before it turns into a full-scale war, they will ask us for reconciliation. The condition is the exchange of products between countries: weapons and slaves from Arkland, and mainly food and daily necessities from Goldonia. Of course, it would be done at a far more favorable rate than normal for Arkland. Saying that they want an equal exchange for peace is an excuse for them to one-sidedly demand for trade.

The previous king did not change these humiliating conditions in order to keep the peace while continuing to drink. That lasted for 30 years, and even now Arkland continues to invade every few years as if it is an established tradition.

In regards to national strength, we overwhelm Arkland so why do we let such a small country like Arkland extort us with such humiliating conditions? In the beginning, there was a man who claimed something like that. But while Arkland is a small country, it is a military country which uses the majority of its resources to maintain its army. There is an unthinkable amount of military strength that comes from its national resources, and their skill is also high since they have been maintained for many years. If they were to fight for real, it is clear that there will be many casualties.

The commoners and nobles who have been accustomed to peace for many years also do not want to have a dispute with Arkland until they have taken sacrifices. The goods that they are seeking from the abundant Goldonia are not a significant amount at all either. Thus, it would be fine if we put up with a moment of humiliation, and that was how the previous king’s policy was supported.

But it is already different, the previous king has already died, the one currently on the throne is me. I will not resign myself to humiliation and I will not accept it. In exchange, there will be large sacrifices? It is nothing to worry about; I will annihilate those guys in atonement.

Goldonia is not just a gentle old dog. Let’s become like that new noble with the decided surname…the legendary wolf, like Hardlett. I will certainly rip apart those who invade my territory and send them to hell myself, even if it would cause me to be drenched in blood.

「Marquess Hoover, is the national army prepared for ambushes?」

Talking to the shaking supreme commander of the royal army Marquess Hoover, he was inarticulate.

「We are doing our utmost to protect your Majesty’s realm, but we are somewhat scattered…and it would require some time to gather. if we confront them poorly when Arkland’s main army comes out, there would be considerable damage…」

Incompetent fool! I have no use for you! You only stand there with the face of a commander.

「The national army is unable is it? Erich, what about the central army?」

「We can do it your Majesty.」

With the two replies the king nods with a satisfied look and urges him to continue.

「Deploying from the capital would be a strenuous march but we can make it in five days. With the event of the past suppression of the rebels, I will take the infantry battalion left in Zaar and accept the duty. The security of the town may be disturbed somewhat but that should not be a problem.」

Hoover and the military aides make a bitter face. They have no information about the central army’s formation or the placement of the army. Moreover, the unit called the infantry battalion is unique to them and there are few amongst them that can understand. Originally, the central army would belong inside the national army, but due to the king’s intentions, it became a separate entity.

「However, the enemy forces are many and hasn’t it already been reported to be over 1000, can we respond with a numerically inferior amount?」

「Lord Bruno’s infantry battalion numbers 800, it is numerically inferior however they are not expecting us to resist with great organization. I don’t think their formation is prepared for a full-scale war either.」

「That is dangerous! The report is not certain, so if there are 2000 soldiers what would you do? In case of defeat, you will only lose soldiers and their demands will become even more severe.」

Hoover’s followers raised their voices.

「Did I ask for your opinion?」

The men looked down in silence, but it seems they were not convinced. There is one other reason, however; in most cases, the scout’s report has seen the enemy to have many troops but they did not deny the possibility that there may be fewer troops. And if the enemy is prepared for our attack and are able to fight with an equal amount of troops there will be many sacrifices.

「Your Majesty, there is one way to solve that issue. I will form a reinforcement squad from the capital to the location.」

The king’s face clouds up. He disliked how Erich altered his own opinion.

「But didn’t you just say it takes five days to get there from the capital? So, do you presume I would let you do as you want until then?」

「No, it would only be the 1st division cavalry company that would be leaving the capital. The entire squad is composed of cavalry so if it’s a cavalry company and supplies are prepared in the city ahead it would take two days to arrive. In addition, if the intruders are focusing on mobility they will not have many spears, meaning the heavy cavalry will display their overwhelming strength. Even if the enemy has 2000 we will take the initiative.」

「I see, a squad with only cavalry huh…and the person who is leading it would be that person, right?」

The surroundings became noisy; there are none among those who participate in the country’s army that do not know about that man. A single man who is able to line up twenty or so of the elite imperial guards and cut down its captain in one slash. In addition to that, there was also the most prevalent rumor spreading in the country; a brave hero cutting down Cecil Bellido in a duel.

「It will be just right for Lord Hardlett. Let us lead those who invaded my territory to hell, and why don’t we show those fools along with them too.」

The king shouts in a good mood. Hoover and his followers grinded their teeth in frustration, they had to go through the trouble of making it up to the civil servants or to change the minds of the other side.

「I’m back.」
「I have returned.」

When the sun has already started to set, Celia and I return back to the house from the garrison. Departure is set for tomorrow morning, the preparations for the squad are already done and everyone at the garrison was allowed to rest. But I have something else I want to do.

「Kroll, it’s a bit sudden but heat up the bath, it’s the top priority.」
「Alma, prepare wet towels and drinks and leave it there.」
「Melissa? Find Carla and tell her to take a bath and come to my bedroom.」

During this day, I have to make sure that I copulate with everyone so much that their hips give out. The reason why I only called Carla is because she is the only one who doesn’t have a set location; the others have pretty much determined their spots. Other than her own room, Nonna is either in the living room or the terrace in the garden drinking tea, Melissa is where the children are, Maria is in the kitchen and Celia is by my side.

When I looked for Carla in the past, she had climbed on top of the roof, or she went down to the basement storehouse. Her degree of freedom is still rising.

Celia returns to her room, while I, wanting to eat something light, headed to the kitchen where Maria was humming while shaking her ass. It seems to be a song about cleaning that she made up herself, but what I was more interested in was her wet ass.


I embrace her from behind and suck on her neck. Maria screams suddenly- her screams extending even to her lower half.

「Maria, put your hands over there.」

「Wh- what is it!? Don’t do something like that.」

I suppress her resistance, checking to see if the fire was out before placing her hands on the window and caressing her ass. Preparations were immediately ready; I pull off her underwear and flip up her skirt. After tapping her ass three times with my dick, I stuff her wet hole.

「Ahn~! It’s thick!!」

Among the women’s insides – excluding Celia who I have not penetrated yet – Maria is the most delicate. If I put too much strength, it seems it would break so I rotate my hips and stir up her insides and sometimes I would thrust repeated as such. I strip the clothes in the front part and try to find her breasts but I am unable to do so.


Maria seems to get mad and overlaps her hand with mine and guides me to her breasts. In contrast with her small breasts, she has large nipples and when I kneaded them she happily tightens on me. Making sweet love to her eventually gets her to her climax and it was at that time that an uninvited audience appeared.

「Maria-san. The cleaning of the hallway is done….hiiih!!」

The mop made a thump sound as it fell to the ground. It seems that Miti came to report that she has finished cleaning.

「Eeeh! This is the kitchen? Why!?」

Normally, once we were surprised we would suspend what we were doing, but both Maria and I were one step to the climax so we both don’t stop.

「Miti!! Please d-don’t look! Don’t loook! I can’t anymore!!」


Maria, the usually kind adult woman who she admired for being good at cleaning, is being tortured by a man and her face is distorted, her tongue is hanging out while she moans and looks dazed. Miti covers her mouth with her hand but it seems she can’t look away.

Maria reaches her peak first and squeezes me; following that stimulation, I also release my seed. Ending with my grunts and Maria’s moans, our movements stop, and I slowly separate from Maria.


Once again, she screams, maybe because she saw my thing covered in cloudy white liquid, or perhaps it was because she saw that Maria is leaking my seed as she collapsed.

I pick up the absent-minded Maria and head to the bath. The bath is probably not heated up yet, but at this time I can at least wash her body with water. Before the water is heated up, I could also make love to Maria one more time in the bathroom.

「Sorry. I showed you something unpleasant…or was that not the case?」

As I speak, I finally realize that Miti has her own hand inside her skirt. In a panic, she tidies up her clothes and looks down while turning red. It’s the first time I see Miti making a face like she was about to cry. While she is still a child, it wouldn’t be good if I placed a woman’s shame on her.


While still holding Maria in one hand I draw Miti’s mouth to me. I was thinking of stealing her lips just like this but it seems she isn’t ready, she has closed her eyes tightly and tears are dripping. It can’t be helped if I do it forcefully; I shift away from her lips and kiss the nape of her neck, sucking strongly to leave a mark.


Lastly, I lick her from the neck to her ears and release her face. Miti’s hips crumble and she sits down on the spot. With this, her misery of having masturbated in front of a man has been slightly diluted.

After we left the bathroom, whether Miti would once again put her hands in her underwear while remembering my tongue and Maria’s disheveled face is something I don’t know.

—Bruno Renster POV—

Three days later in the Southern Goldonia Outskirts of Arkland border.

「Report from the scouts! Enemy campsite has been discovered.」

I, Bruno Renster, seethe at the report and each of the company captains and adjutants secretly held their heads. The order was to meet up with the reinforcements from the capital and eliminate the enemy. But right now, if we let go of our chance the enemy might discover us. If that happens the defense would become tighter, and if we screw up we might let them escape.

「Captain! Let’s attack!」

The adjutants approach. However, the scouts have only discovered the enemies and the report does not contain any details about the numbers or their situation. It would be best to wait for the report from the additional scouts.

「If we do it now they will escape.」

The adjutant seems to have had a negative experience in the past from an Arkland attack, so his breathing is rough. It would be nice if the reinforcements arrived here a bit earlier…

「Report from the additional scouts! The enemy numbers 800, the formation is: they are folding up their tents and getting ready to move.」

「Supreme captain! We must hurry.」

The enemy numbers are equal to ours, but while they are getting ready to move they are defenseless, if we ambush them we will win. The company captains are getting impatient, and should be reaching their limit.

「All squads move out, we will ambush the enemy. Don’t cross the edge of the hill while approaching the enemy’s location!」

The squad started moving all at once. My squad is completely an infantry battalion; there are no cavalry apart from those used for scouting. It is not a glorious charge from horseback. The soldiers kept silent without asking anything and progressed slowly…

The enemy is already on the other side of the hill. The only task left is to give out the order and the ambush would succeed. But, the order to charge did not come out from Bruno’s mouth.

「All squads in defensive positions!!! The arrows will come!!」

As soon as I finish speaking, arrows like pouring rain fell upon the vanguard, and other than the ones who were barely able to put up their shields up in time fell one by one.

「They saw through us! The enemy force was already not at the campsite. They have already formed battle positions at the top of the hill!」

I can’t believe it! The troops that climbed on top of the hill would be prey to arrows; however, the enemy conversely climbed to the top and deployed their troops. For the sake of moving quietly, we moved in a narrow formation but the enemy is pretty good.

「Let us rearrange our formation. Arrow squad shift to the front, drop the enemies at the peak!」

My squad is not low in skill either. At first, we were surprised at being ambushed and were confused, but we soon regained our cool and reassembled our formation. As long as we take the hill we would be able to overturn the momentum.

The infantry raised their voices and resume their attack. But the voices are not proportional, and they are not moving an inch.

「Report from the company captain, the enemy attack is too intense! They can’t advance forward.」

「Same, all paths are not possible! The arrows are accurately flying towards the vanguard. The confusion is spreading.」

The reports coming back to me are all bad. The enemy’s leadership and skill are higher than what we expected. They are always faster than we are at changing their formation, and are constantly taking the initiative!」

Even though we originated from mercenaries, the majority of the current central army soldiers are recruited and transferred from the national army. In other words, they are glorified soldiers who have enjoyed long years of peace, so aside from practice the only actual experience they have is only something like the previous rebellion.

On the other hand, Arkland experiences some form of armed combat with other countries once a year. The differences in experience of the commanders and the soldiers are too great.

「Stop the attack, get into formation! First, we have to get out of the range of their bows. Retreat calmly, don’t panic!」

We slowly inched backwards, and soon the arrows no longer reach us so they halt their attack. Alright, with this we have fixed our formation. Once we get the enemy off the hill they will lose their advantage. The damage is also within acceptable limits, we can still fight!

But such hopes were soon broken apart. A section of the enemy hurriedly branches out and threatens our flanks when we are retreating. Their marching speed is also fast, and no matter how much we retreat they can catch up to us with ease. The numbers are about 200, but because of our retreat our formation is messed up and cannot deal with it.

「The enemy’s right wing has detached! They are already at our flanks. Left wing company is skirmishing!」

「The enemy’s main force are taking a charging formation and are running at us from the hill!」

「Where should the archer squad aim!? In the front!? At the flanks!?」

There are 600 in the front and 200 at our flank. We have lost approximately a portion of our forces and are numbered at 700…we are unable to assemble a formation and have created a crumbling square formation while putting up a half-decent defense. Every element gives off the feeling that the worst result has occurred.


The adjutant absent-mindedly mutters; I also didn’t give any instructions. Immediately, all the companies are drowning in confusion and are not listening to any detailed orders. There is only one valid command. That is to run away…or ignore orders and attack, get caught in a trap and lose the squad…

Like this, my fate is sealed. But even if I fight until all the soldiers in front of me are one-sidedly killed, the state of the battle would not be overturned.

「All units……Retre-!!」

When I was about to give the order to retreat, suddenly, as if our confusion was transferred to the enemy, their formation messed up. The enemy’s main force stopped its attack on us and ignored us while changing directions, turning around and meeting up with the squad attacking from the flanks.

「What on earth…」

The answer was the roaring sound, the noise of infantry battling each other was also amazing, but compared to that it was almost as if it was the murmurs of a small stream.

The galloping sound of the horseshoes of 200 heavy cavalry rumbled as they instantly dominated the battlefield.

—Bruno Renster POV End—



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