Chapter 43: Footsteps of War


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Northern Arkland,   Village on the side of the road

「How brutal…what on earth happened here?」

Looking at the scene after galloping here in response to the news from the villagers that a large amount of severed heads loaded on demonic wagons has arrived, there were several fully packed wagons adding up to a few hundred heads, causing his face to be twisted in agony as he could not bear looking at it directly. In terms of numbers, it could only be the squad that sortied to Goldonia, but thinking about that country up until now, this sudden event is hard to believe.

「Captain! Please come over here.」

He heads over to check out what his subordinate called him for.

「It’s about this head.」

「Commander Butress and adjutant Bojogief , it seems that it is a certainty that they are a mere shadow of the invading Goldonia army.」

After the subordinate finished speaking, he went over to the bushes and started to vomit. After you’re done switch with me, I’m at my limit.
Especially Commander Butress’s head was split vertically; his crumbling head had a helmet forcefully put on to maintain its shape. The one who did this was not a human; it was a demon or something of that class.

「Either way. Don’t think the top dogs in the capital will stay quiet about this. A war will erupt.」

I cannot say this out loud, but right now Arkland is confused and exhausted. Right now, the tremendous power that the royal family has is because of the large army behind them. If they ignore the situation this time, the army’s dignity will be tarnished, and if the army moves out it would also impact the whole country.

If it is going to be a war then the drafting of the citizens will begin. They are exhausted and might not be able to withstand it next time. He was not feeling compassion nor anger for the murder of the soldiers, but his head was full of unease towards the future. But that was also something normal.

—Irijina POV— 1

Northern Arkland, Army  Base

「Irijina, your behaviour is regarded as problematic.」


Northern Army vice-squad leader Count Varus Litobaroll  is quiet, but he continues to lay the blame on me without any sugarcoating.

「Your company only had a measly 10 people who ran away and came back, anyhow you ran away without giving the order to retreat.」

I did not give the order to retreat. The headquarters was destroyed; the only commander that survived was me so of course I would run away.

「In your report, everyone in the headquarters under Butress’s command died in battle, but if that’s the case then according to rank you would be the commander in his place, so shouldn’t you have taken command of the entire squad?」

Don’t say something so unreasonable! In that situation even a cat taking command would produce the same result. And also, if I didn’t run from that place I would also become that demonic knight’s prey. Just thinking about it gives me the shivers.

「I am ashamed…」

「I had hopes for you. That is why I placed the title of company commander on a woman, but in the end are you saying you were the same as the women who only dance and talk at parties?」

「In this regard! I will definitely make up this humiliation in the future!」

「Whether that opportunity will be given to you or not, I will be judging you as a commander from now on. In some cases, you will be exiled from the army, and you might even be put in prison. Be prepared.」

I keep quiet and look down. It is determined that you will be executed if you run away in the middle of a battle. If I accept that I ran away after the squad’s destruction, then it isn’t such a heavy sentence, and I can understand the meaning of something like putting a woman in prison. Suddenly running away in the enemy’s presence and becoming a traitor, the jailor and the prisoners will not show you any mercy. You will need the determination to have all the holes in your body broken.

Anyway, after becoming someone this disgraceful, I must apologize to my deceased father. Irijina sits cross-legged in the center of the room in which she was ordered to be disciplined in. I pray that there will be a chance to vindicate my honor, and on that occasion let it be one where I will not meet that knight.

—Aegir POV—

Goldonia Royal Palace

「As the new king of Goldonia, more than worrying about the throne, you should be greeting…」

「It’s fine, in the first place the country is not one who values asking of one’s mood.」

In front of the throne, Goldonia’s authority figures are all gathered around the king. For some reason, I was also invited by the king to participate even though I’m not an authority figure.

The one who is kneeling in the center is the messenger from Arkland, it seems the thing that was expected finally came.

(Light Novel Illustration: Messenger from Arkland Kneeling)

「You should have had a friendlier relationship than your previous generation.」

It seems that continuing to be extorted is a good relationship.

「I do not care about that sort of thing. Tell me the requirements; I don’t have time to spare.」

The messenger raised her head and raised her voice up one level.

「The other day, there was a large amount of heads found in our territory. Looking at the situation it seems like it was your work. I want your answer as to what this barbaric act is!」

「Yes. I will answer you. Invading my territory, I discovered the group of savage people who killed soldiers and commoners, I subjugated them but I was unable to find out who they were. I only knew that they came from the south, so thinking that it would be pitiful to leave the corpses, it was in my compassion that I at least sent the heads back to their home village.」

Isn’t this a merciful act? The king thought as he laughed and the messenger’s face turned red.

「I have heard that my soldiers were receiving attacks from the soldiers of your country, and they were just striking back in retaliation…」

「As a form of retaliation, you killed the villagers and set fires to the village, your army is plenty brave, I’m jealous.」

The king doesn’t even take a step back. The messenger realizes that he is completely different from the previous king.

「The man over there, Lord Hardlett is said to have split the leader of the savage group in half. It’s quite the splendid story, isn’t it?」

Apparently it seems that I am in attendance for the reason of telling the messenger this. I have to apologize to Melissa for leaving things halfway done since the king’s messenger called me while I was in the middle of my time with her. At this time, she’s probably comforting herself alone.

「The conditions for peace this time will be quite harsh than previously…」

「What are you saying over there? There has not been a war. It’s quite odd to think about peace when a war has not even started.」

「Your words…I have certainly received them. I will tell my king your exact words.」

「Very well, I’m counting on you. And also once every few years, about the trade that goes on with your country. If you so desire this year, why don’t you come to Goldonia and we’ll talk about it?」

Even if there was a war there is no need for a half-decent peace. If they make us succumb to them, they will come and attack Goldonia again. That’s what the king is saying.

「…please excuse me.」

After the messenger leaves, a strange silence envelops the area around the throne. There will definitely be a war. Everyone in this room was convinced of it.

「Arkland’s military strength is 40,000, our army’s combined strength is 25,000. Considering the skill of the troops, the difference in strength is more than double.」

Marquess Hoover opens his mouth with an uneasy look on his face. If we fight them head on, they might actually march all the way to Goldonia.

「The marquess’s role is to lead the national army and give it your all. Make the most of the troops given to you, Baron Radhalde will do the same.」

In regards to the army, it was decided that the still insufficient budget for the reinforcement will be used, while preparations for war exercise and organization will continue and after that was settled, we were dismissed.

The authorities left their seats, and in the quiet area around the throne, the only person remaining was the newly established position and the king’s favorite, minister of foreign affairs, Count Kenneth Baldwin . Among the authorities made up only of elders, Kenneth was only a little over 40 and he had a self-protective interest, a burning ambition and was an opportunistic person. The minister of foreign affairs is a job that bundles and carries out foreign exchange to the countries that high-ranking nobles or royalties frequent, and while not official, he also oversees the diplomacy.

「What do you think of the course of events?」

「It isn’t bad. Right now, the attitude is not clear but if you want results to be shown once there is….」

「I see, well done. Please continue to work as you have been. The conditions are those as usual, it’s fine no matter how much they protest.」

「Yessir, then immediately…」

Everything is going well. Once Arkland is crushed, we will have overwhelming superiority in the surroundings of Goldonia. What we need now is to win a war; it would be great if only a single victory will decide things in a war between two large armies.

Gazing at the sky, he embraces the maid who refills his drink. He wants to let loose for just a little bit. The maid tensed her body for a second but, thinking about whether there is an advantage in letting the king embrace her, she relaxes her body obediently.

While whispering ‘You mustn’t, please forgive me’ she no longer resisted his touch.

—Aegir POV—

「There will be a war in the near future. How is the battalion looking?」

I arrive at the military station and call for Agor, who is still in the middle of training, and Leopolt.

「The infantry company are somehow able to smoothly execute the basic tactics and formations. Right now, I don’t want to think about butting heads with Arkland’s steel spear cavalry squad.」

Agor definitely wants to increase the level of the infantry squad, but there is no time, and it takes too much effort just for them to remember the basics.

「Lord Hardlett, if there isn’t much time why don’t we train the teamwork of each company? The way we deal with their cavalry will be up to our own devices.」

Leopolt says it’s fine if the soldiers don’t have any experience, and sought 200 people.

「Even if you gather 200 people, if they are amateurs that don’t have any training it won’t become anything. Are you going to become a shield?」

Agor looks with harsh, judging eyes. He dislikes that sort of thing. However, I feel as though Leopolt is capable of doing anything.

「Speaking of shields it will be just that, we will make a shield but not from their own flesh.」

Agor and I don’t really understand what he means.

「They don’t need spears or swords, they will be specializing in setting up encampments swiftly by bringing shovels and hammers onto the battlefield.」

「Are you saying that you will make a team specializing in construction? I haven’t heard of something like that before.」

Agor spoke out loudly.

「It has not existed before, so you wouldn’t have heard about it. To defend against a heavily armed cavalry, you need a highly trained team of spearmen. However if you line up wooden stakes you can easily prevent it. Also, even a child could hammer in the wooden stakes.」

「But if the enemy changes its course slightly wouldn’t they lose their meaning, unlike spearmen they aren’t able to move.」

「That’s true. It’s important to figure out how to lure them. I will think about that.」

I will let him try it. If it’s only 200 people, regardless of experience Erich will be able to gather them in no time. If you think about it, they have their various uses so that may be good too.

「Alright. Then Leopolt will think about the formation and tactics of those 200 people. Agor will continue with the training of the infantry, and we will also push ahead with training our teamwork but don’t forget to improve your own ability.」


「I understand.」

The new squad sponsored by Leopolt were named the engineering corps and split into two groups of 100 people, the group launched quickly with 200 people. Erich made a dubious face, but sparing 200 people who have not been trained is not a large loss, so he allowed them to be assigned easily.

They are equipped with light leather armor and tools, and not carrying any weapons. Just in case, a few armed escorts are placed but they are ultimately a squad that can’t fight in a full-scale battle.

The captain selected was based on my own judgment and biasedness and the proud ultimate muscle-head of our squad, Mack. He will be able to do about five people’s work, and among the commanders there aren’t any who know about construction or engineering. Thus, I thought to have the members swear loyalty to his muscles. Leopolt didn’t particularly care and didn’t have any objections.

My squad is starting to shape up and it became quite the considerable squad boasting only of 1000 people. The cavalry and infantry are grouped into camps and marched forward to the scene in front of them. Remembering the one time when I was a mercenary and how far I have come, it was a strange feeling.

Oh yeah, didn’t I leave Celia when I was called to go to the royal palace? She’s really straightforward and honest so if she was told to wait until she was called she will end up waiting forever. I have to go pick her up before she starts sulking.

Extra Story:  Maria’s Daily Life ②

「Is it here?」

The time is late at night; by my side was Celia with her sword drawn.

After I took a bath, it was when I went to the kitchen to get my hair ornament that I forgot. I heard a scratchy sound and what sounded like a person’s voice coming from the back entrance door.

Thinking it is a robber, I panicked thinking the door was about to open and the thief will end up possibly doing a robbery. I would not be effective at all since I’m powerless.

I hurriedly ran towards Aegir-san’s room but on the way, I heard a coquettish voice from Carla’s room.

「Thrust it! Right there! Pinch my clit! Bite my nipples….hiiiiiih!!」

The intense voice that resounded in the hallway made me slightly dejected, but also made me feel a little calm. After all it could just be an object that made the sound that I mistook for a person’s voice.

It is a violation of the ladies’ agreement to intrude when being embraced by Aegir-san in their own room. There could also be intruders in Aegir-san’s bedroom too.

In the mansion, other than Aegir-san and Carla-san the people who knows about fighting are only two, but Leopolt is excluded. I don’t want there to be a misunderstanding at this time.

And as such, I open the backdoor together with Celia-chan, what was projecting from the fire from the small oil light was a shaking ass that was in the shrubbery.

「Not here…not here…even though this is the only place it could be…why?」

The butt is somehow speaking.


Celia-chan placed her sword back in its sheath and kicked the ass.


The ass pokes out from the shrubbery and screamed.

「What are you doing at this time!? It’s misleading!」

「Suddenly kicking me like that!」

The person who showed her face was Catherine-san.

「Shut up! Be thankful that I didn’t cut up that filthy ass!」

「So what on earth were you doing at such a time?」

「Uhm…I dropped something.」

I suddenly remembered. It’s that handkerchief.

「In that case I have been keeping it safe. I’ll bring it to you~」

「Aah! I will secretly….uuu.」

When I hand her the handkerchief, Catherine-san holds it dearly and with a single bow she left. Well, it was getting late so if she were to stay over we would let her stay over as a guest, but Celia-chan has a red handkerchief? Where have I seen it I wonder…I mumble to myself.

Catherine-san was scared so once I thank Celia-chan I will head back to my room.

「As expected of Celia-chan. You’re so reliable.」

「Not really, the security of the mansion is my duty after all.」

She puffed out her small chest with all her might and returned to her room, she’s quite cute…She’s growing up huh.

Well, that was a riot but I should also rest.

When I got to the hallway there was the large amounts of moaning louder than before. Tomorrow it will be impossible for Carla-san to have breakfast; I will have to note that in my head. Having Aegir-san as her partner by herself, she won’t be able to wake up until noon, speaking from experience. Also, I should prepare some ointment that would be effective for muscles.

But even so, what an amazing voice. I wonder if this much also comes out when he does it with me; it gets me kind of embarrassed. My room is further in the back than Carla-san’s, so I have to pass through the front…

Miti is crouching in front of the room. If I look carefully the door is slightly open. Is that why that sound was leaking out more than before? I’m not really concerned about peeping, so I thought about telling her to stop, but when I saw Miti’s hand inside her skirt and moving intensely, I hesitated. If that appearance was seen, then she would not be able to face me properly tomorrow.

「In that condition, Miti would also be eaten soon.」

The person I love really likes women, and with so many chances she will not remain pure for much longer. Watching as Miti holds back her voice and her body starts to shake, I prepare for the suitable time.

「Is anyone awake?」

I light up the wrong direction.


Miti ran away tumbling. And that should be okay, next will be to close the door…before that though, I was slightly curious so I looked inside and my gaze met directly with Aegir-san’s.

Miti…your embarrassing appearance was completely seen.

Noticeably, Carla-san fainted after she lets out a loud scream. I was about to close the door quickly and leave, but the door opened, and my arm was pulled. Staying silent, Aegir-san dragged me into his room, and threw me onto his large specially designed bed that could fit five people at the same time.

Aah…I will also retire for tomorrow’s breakfast, and will have Miti work hard with preparing food. When he started there was no room to breathe, while I was gasping my eyes lost their focusing point and while I looked to the door Miti was peeping with bloodshot eyes. Her hand was once again inside her skirt, this kid doesn’t learn huh. She might be someone who loves these lewd things.

Aegir-san is also exchanging looks with me while laughing. Let’s get fancier for her sake as well. She was sitting in a reverse sitting position and while facing the door I spread my legs widely, and he thrusted intensely. I turn my arms to his neck and coax him for a kiss while letting out a louder voice than usual. Miti was there until my consciousness disappeared. In the middle of it, I already couldn’t understand anything anymore.

The next day, I woke up just before noon and as I saw Miti who forced a smile, I just asked her ‘what’s the matter?’ Miti was petrified, and acted as if nothing happened, so I smiled and gave instructions to make breakfast.


Name  :         Aegir Hardlett      19 years old    Summer
Status  :         Goldonia Kingdom Baronet   Central Army 3rd div. Mixed Battalion (1000 people)

Annual Salary 140 gold
Money :           1168 gold coins (Silvers and below not counted)
Weapon:          Dual Crater (long sword), Large Bardiche (spear)
Equipment:      High-grade Steel Plate armor, Black Cloak (Cursed)
Companions:   Nonna, Melissa, Maria, Carla

Servants:         Sebastian, Miti, Alma, Kroll, Nina

Subordinates:  Celia (follower), Leopolt (follower), Agor (adjutant),

Carl (company commander), Christoph (small-fry), Schwartz (Horse)
Sexual Partners Count:          30



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