Chapter 47:  Arkland War ④ Decisive Battle


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「Aegir-sama… Everyone is gathered in the lobby. Don’t you think you should go out there?」

「I’ll go in a bit. I don’t need to hurry, guh!」

Celia looks at me with half-opened eyes as if to scrutinize me. It’s not something I have to rush. I have decided to wait for the orders from the main troop as to whether I should leave this town or not. The messenger should be coming this evening or at night.
「Oh right, the deferment for that pig was postponed until morning wasn’t it…? But if his life gets extended he shouldn’t have a problem with that.」

「Then I will let them know to standby. Please be as fast as possible.」

「Yeah, I know. Uuu!」

Celia’s eyes get even more narrow. I was lying on the bed on my side but Celia’s gaze was looking at my feet, concentrating on the weird bump under the bed covers. One person shows her face from inside the futon.

「I was thinking servicing your morning wood, but you have to go already?」

「No, please continue. It will be a problem if you stop now.」

「I understand. Everyone, let’s do it with more intensity.」

Inside the futon the slurping noises became even more passionate, and a muffled voice could be heard.

「Incredible size. There is still room even with five people placing their mouths on it.」

「Look at the balls too, they’re so amazing! I wonder how much seed is stored within them.」

「Yesterday, this was poured into me right? Maybe I could be…」

「This large dick was the one that stole us away from that pig right? Thank you Mr. penis~」

Bouncing out; a different girl shows her face from inside the futon. Her mouth was wet and the feeling was sensational.

「Um, the feudal lord…no that male pig has been threatening the families in the village by taking hostages. That’s why when he’s dead I’ll be so happy~」

Knowing that I hold his life in my hands she is indirectly appealing to me.

「If that man is gone then I be able to become Hardlett-sama’s woman completely, isn’t that right?」

「I really want to be your woman~」

Hearing all of these women unanimously wishing for his death, I feel a little bit of sympathy for the man, but looking at the bodies of the women that have all these scars remaining on them, it’s probably what he deserves.

「I’m almost there. I’m counting on you.」

「Sure thing~」  「I’ll be taking the tip, kay?」  「I’ll suck on the side.」

Not being able to see anything inside the covers, heightened my sense of arousal, regardless of how much I did it with them yesterday, I’m feeling a large release coming.

「Hyaa!」  「It’s like a fountain…」  「I can’t fit it all in my mouth.」  「Waa, it became a puddle.」

I lightly stroke everyone’s heads and leave the bed to put my clothes on. Rita and the other girls see me off and I head towards the lobby. The feudal lord will meet the fate that the girls desired. It seems like he spit out the information but if we release him as agreed there will be too many inconveniences in the future.

「I’ve kept you waiting.」

「 「 「 「 Good morning 」 」 」 」

Three company commanders, Leopolt, and Yogley were waiting for me. First I received the report from each company commander about the conditions of their soldiers. The established soldiers did not have much injuries, they were also able to rest in the town so they don’t have much fatigue. They are ready to sortie at any time.

Even if the volunteer soldiers suffer any loss, there will be many new influxes of soldiers, so the numbers will end up increasing instead. Also after hearing the fall of Datrohn it seems there are some from the surrounding villages who want to participate.

Datrohn is the central existence to the surrounding villages, and by it falling under our control, it placed a large portion of the surrounding area, including the unoccupied villages, under our control as well.

「So, did that pig talk?」

「Yes. Here is the information about the northern army.」

When did they collect all this data? The detailed information is written on paper and handed to me. According to the report, the northern army’s military strength is 20,000 troops, their top general is Margrave Gila Aslodith , a veteran soldier which Arkland praises as a famed general. Even amongst the 20,000 troops, the most troubling thing is their steel spear cavalry that numbers 2000, the central army’s heavy cavalry don’t even number 1000 so thinking about it makes for a threatening comparison.

「Other than that, I’ve heard from the parliamentary official about the surrounding terrain and information about the villages.」

「How about the son?」

Leopolt paused for a bit.

「That man knew nothing besides vulgar things.」

I want to hear a little of what it was but it will become a nauseating conversation.

「You have told me everything that those guys know?」

「Yes. There is no further beneficial information from them. However the parliamentary official may still be of use.」

That’s true, we should tie up the parliamentary official and hand him over to the main troops. Well, how should I deal with them?

「Leopolt, what kind of promise did I make with them?」

「If they told us information of interest, then we might feel like releasing them」

That means I can still kill them like this, but that would not sit well with me. Let’s keep our promise.

「Bring me the feudal lord and his son.」

The feudal lord and his son were pulled along and taken to the plaza in the central part of the town, the ropes were untied. People from the nearby houses wondered what was going on and came out.

「Everyone, listen carefully! These guys are the former feudal lord and his son! They will be freed from this point forward!」

A familiar face was filled with fear and was scared. They were the female servants that returned to the town. If they are released here, they will probably go and get their revenge on the towns people. The other residents have faces of hatred and unhappiness as well.

「They will be released, however, where they will go and what will happen to them after that is none of my concern!」

The feudal lord and his son tried to protest but their voices were ignored, it seems somewhat quiet; the people of this town were whispering to each other in a barely audible voice.

「My troops are busy dealing with the victory after the war. I can’t care about the town’s safety.」

I turn my body around and return to the mansion. The pig is crying something but I can’t hear it. The citizens close the distance between them and the feudal lord and his son step by step. Moreover, the former servants have bloodshot eyes and are holding sticks and rocks in their hands. An angry roar and cheers can be heard but I don’t turn back to look. Even if there is slaughter happening, watching it is boring.

In the evening hour the messenger from the main troops have arrived. According to them the main troops are heading for Datrohn in a straight line.

Our mission has changed, the mission of scouting as vanguard has been completed. We will be continuing to fortify the defenses of this town and prepare for the stationing of the main troops.

Datrohn’s population is 1500, so it probably can’t take the central army’s main force of more than ten times the population. Then the entire surrounding must be used for us to set up camp and not only the safe inside where the walls are protecting, but also the outside where the fences and moats are made.

「The average soldier will take turns to do simple tasks, while the specialized tasks will be done by the engineering corps.」

Suddenly the soldiers are moving busily and the people are looking on with uneasy faces. There are no citizens that would welcome such a large army. Even more so when the army is from another nation.

「Will Hardlett-sama’s boss be coming?」

The watchtower was just right and I was able to overlook the town from the terrace as Rita was standing behind me.

「Yeah, Baron Radhalde, he’s the army’s leader and my superior.」

The other battalion commanders and staff officers are the same rank as me.

「It’s better if I also partner with that person?」

「He’s not like the pig-like guy from before. But he’s quite handsome so if you want to be embraced by him do as you like.」

Rita quickly draws her mouth to me.

「If that person desires a woman I’ll have the other girls go. I will not go.」

Rita previously offered her body for the sake of protecting the other women, but now you wouldn’t believe the words coming out of her.

「My heart has fallen in love with Hardlett-sama. I will not let any other men touch me.」

She knelt at my feet and I thought she would be coming for my crotch but she gently licked my feet.

「I will be turning 30 quite soon, but please keep me around for a long time.」

She was rubbing my feet with her cheek while having a face full of ecstasy, it seems she is a woman who gets happiness from being dominated. Even though she enjoyed being dominated, everything that has happened to her in the past had been excessively cruel so her desires exploded on me.

Four days later:  Morning

「You did well, being the advance guard.」

「It was nothing, just kicked away some small-fry.」

The central army that Erich is leading arrived one after the other to the town. From my report he judged that the deciding battle was close, he gathered all of the squads that were scattered around the area, and literally amassed the entire army.

「According to the spy, there are various areas of unrest in Arkland. After all, they were originally a country where the citizens were mostly dissatisfied by the governance, they will surely take action quickly.」

「Is it about time?」

「There is no mistake about it, it’s getting closer.」

「Celia, hurry to the construction of the encampment, there isn’t much time.」


Celia leaves after giving a sharp salute, just like a soldier without a hair out of place, it’s somehow quite cute.

「The number of enemies amount to 20,000 huh?」

「It takes time to gather the troops aside from the northern army. This 20,000 is probably all of them.」

The number of troops is equal if we include the national army, the leadership ability of the opponent also comes from a supposedly famous general but Erich is also quite capable himself. There is no noticeable inferiority there. The problem is the skill of the soldiers and the number of heavily armed troops.

「2000 steel spear cavalry, that’s going to be pretty annoying to deal with.」

「It is better for us to challenge them rather than having them challenge us here.」

「Are you going to build an encampment and surround it with defenses?」

「Normally the attacking side will be the one forced to make a move, but time is on our side. We have ample goods, if we continue in the same condition as we are now the masses of citizens will continue to revolt one after another.」

「The impatient ones to make a move are…the enemy?」

Of course that’s Leopolt’s opinion but I’m saying it like it’s my own idea. He probably won’t mind.

「Then there is a place for us to accumulate goods, there aren’t any other suitable places other than here where there is elevation.」

「With that in mind I’ll also build a defensive encampment.」

「Alright. Then release the scouts around there, gather as much information as possible.」

「Until then strengthen the encampment, and the soldiers will rest. It’s a uselessly large mansion so take rooms however you want.」

Normally the most luxurious feudal lord’s room will be given to Erich to stay, but that room was the one where the servants and I covered it with our bodily fluids. As one would expect Erich would feel discomfort staying in such a room. Therefore, let’s just seal off that room and only use it for the purpose of pleasure.

「This way please.」

The servants guide Erich to the stupid son’s room. It’s the room that succeeds the sealed feudal lord’s room in terms of luxuriousness and the condition is not a problem.

「Hardlett-sama please come this way to this room…」

The room that Rita guided me to was simple at first glance, but only the bed was strangely large.

「The knight of this room was a stud and he often laid his hands on the servants. The room is modest but the bed is specially ordered and is something better than the feudal lord’s.」

It seems like making Rita mine has made it possible to get various benefits.

「But there are no chairs or sofas, could you bring some in from a vacant room?」

「I am sorry that I did not notice! For now please forgive me with this.」

Rita got on all fours in front of me. Are you telling me to sit on you?

For a while it was just the construction of the encampment and the understanding of the surrounding villages and terrain and nothing else really moved. I also didn’t do anything special other than embracing Rita. That reminds me, it seems that one of the maids was embraced by Erich.

He is not really the type of person to play around but he has finally reached his limit in his lifestyle on the battlefield.

「He was gentle and kind and it felt way better than the previous feudal lord. The size of his tool was also suitable I suppose.」

I don’t think a woman should talk about the size of the dick while shaking your hips on top of another guy. The maid’s body is being shared between Erich and I, and since we are just fooling around with her it probably wasn’t that big a deal.

The maid’s hand crawled around my dick telling me that ‘his was about this size’ and pointed out his size but I decided to just pretend I didn’t hear anything. Soon the woman who was shaking her hips reached her limit, and changed with Rita. The order is arranged like this: woman 1 to Rita to woman 2 to Rita. It seems Rita is completely charmed by me, so I’ll pull the other women back one step and give priority to her.

「Aegir-sama! The report from the light cavalry…and, why are you doing this again?!!」

「Anyways, just tell me the report.」

「Let’s see here! Discovered a squad that looks to be the enemy main force, the numbers are over 15,000! A half day’s walking distance away from the due south direction!」

They finally came out, the enemy’s main forces!

「Send out an additional scouting team. All units prepare for battle, I’ll head out soon too.」

「The scouting team has already left. I will also get ready!」

Celia dashes out. I also don’t have the time anymore to relax and embrace a woman. Rita also looks reluctant to leave me.

But I grab her waist and attack her violently. It wasn’t like the movements up until now of matching her rhythm but it was more like hitting the deepest parts of her and breaking her; Because of my incredible movements, Rita could do nothing except being swung around while jolting. I thought that she would leak out screams but she was biting the sheets and enduring so not even slight sounds escaped.

Experiencing my full-strength thrusting that was enough to make any woman go crazy, Rita finally opened her eyes widely before fainting and crumbling down , there was a yellow stain that was spreading on the sheets. It only took three minutes for Rita to get knocked out and I further pound her until I reached my own climax, then I put on my clothes and left the room.

「She’s leaking」  「Amazing sex…」  「Could the thing expanding in her stomach be his seed?」  「Uwaa~ it’s spraying out!」

With the women’s voices at my back I head towards the battlefield.

「Lord Hardlett! Are you prepared?」

「I can head out anytime.」

The entire squad is finished deploying to the front of the town. It’s not like we are defending from a siege. The lookout tower has already confirmed the sighting of the enemies appearance. The tension of the soldiers is climbs to its peak level.

Eventually because we were standing on the plains we are able to see the appearance of the enemies quite clearly.


You could already tell when Erich leaks out his voice. The enemy army is in a splendid formation without anyone out of line and advancing just like that. The other side also knows that we are lined up in Datrohn.

A single cavalry gallops over here. He’s holding a white flag, seems like a messenger.

「Here are the words from the glorious Arkland northern army commander, Margrave Aslodith. Who is your commander?」

「It’s me.」

Erich stepped forward.

「We will not easily forgive your army and its savage behavior! Even so, if you take soldiers from Datrohn and return the goods you have stolen then we vow with a generous heart that we will not attack you, how about it!」

It seems true that they are being cornered into a lack of supplies. There is no reason to respond to their idle threats. Seeing no response from us, the messenger leaves and the enemy’s movements resume.

「Is the archer squad in the front?」

We also have archers deployed in the front. It’s an encampment with just dirt piled up, but when fighting on the plains, a little bit of elevation provides amply cover and is very valuable.

Our situation should be completely visible to the enemy but they did not decelerate at all and continued to advance towards us.


The captains of the archer teams yelled, we were the first to release our arrows.

「Truly, they are good.」

The enemy vanguard used familiar motions to put up large shields, accepting all the arrows. There were very few who fell.

As if returning the favor they fired back arrows, some soldiers died, but due to the encampment we did not lose many either.

This time we will fire flaming arrows. They received it in the same manner but the shields went up in flames, the formation is disturbed. In that opening, we consecutively fire arrows, quite a number of them fell.

「So far it has been pretty basic」

I agree with Leopolt’s opinion. Even an idiot could come up with something like this.

And the next response is…

The enemy archers split, from the gap the infantry come running while shouting. Their shields are small, instead of blocking the arrows they will jump at us before we can fire them.

The archers that fired two volleys stood down, we will also respond with infantry.

「This time Erich is here so I can’t just stand around here comfortably.」

「There is a difference in the skill level between soldiers but to put it simply the defensive encampment makes up for that. A simple attack will not settle things.」

The enemy troops also push towards the front of my battalion, the soldiers start to counter-attack. The heavy cavalry would not be able to display their strength in a free-for-all like this so they are at the back on standby.

「I will also go to the front. Let me know if the state of things change.」

「I will also follow!」

After that, the enemy charges in with their infantry and we block that, this happened three times, we both suffered roughly the same amount of casualties. The enemy tried focusing heavy attacks on one wing, purposely being defeated, and other various tactics but Erich is an excellent commander. Everything was seen through, intercepted and stopped, the enemy had no choice but to do a frontal assault.

Attacking from the front against an enemy with the same numbers and defeating them is a difficult task. The state of battle went into a stalemate, the casualties increased in vain. I also cut down 30 enemies, but it was a battle between large armies so there wasn’t any large effect.

「The next one is coming! Stay firm!」

The soldiers were looking tired as they sneered while the enemies started their attack for the fourth time. But compared with the initial attack their walking speed was slow, their formation was messy. The enemy soldiers are affected by fatigue too. The conditions are equal, the soldiers are cursing under their breath while reforming their battle lines.

But the enemies that should have been charging were propping up a large shield, they thrust the shield into the ground in front of them and are not moving. In response to their strange movements they told their allies to tell the messengers.

「Enemy heavy cavalry, coming out in the center! Crisis to headquarters! Urgent reinforcements required!」

Although it can be said that the outlook is good, when it becomes a battle between tens of thousands it is hard to grasp the entire picture. That being said how did they manage to hide the sounds of the cavalry getting ready? I don’t have the time to indulge in reflection, if the supreme commander is done in then most of the army will be finished. If Erich gets killed then it’ll be over.

I want to hurry and ride away, but the enemies in front of me are waiting for that. Once we turn our backs to them, they will attack us without a doubt.

「Agor! Endure with two companies and the volunteer soldiers! It’s fine if you have to retreat」


I take one infantry company and the cavalry under my direct control and head to Erich’s headquarters. The enemies behind me will start to attack, the sound of clashing blades started ringing behind me.

The situation at the headquarters is worse than I thought, the enemy steel spear cavalry has already torn into the defense line, following that the infantry have trespassed and are conducting melee battles in various places.

I look at the enemy movements to grasp the situation. Two lengths away there was a squad sustaining a square formation against a siege, so Erich is over there. With the cavalry in front and charging to pierce through the enemy we go meet up with Erich.

「Sorry! You saved me.」

「The situation is pretty bad.」

「The infantry came holding planks instead of weapons. And they threw those things across the moat so the cavalry could charge in from the front. The large shield was a camouflage, it was to hide those who were wearing iron plates.」

The cavalry is larger than the defined size, with the depth of the moat they certainly would not be able to cross. Besides, if they aim for the parts of the fence that they can pass through to destroy, they can try to breakthrough in this manner as well. Did they see past that; the spearmen were also placed too much on one side.

「In any case we must drive them out. Rush into the enemy formation!」

「They’re tough.」

「I have done something like that in the past by myself. This is better than that.」

The enemy steel spear cavalry rearranged into their battle lines, finally getting read to trample through the headquarters. The number looks to be 1000, I’ll lead my troops to their sides and breakthrough there.

「Enemy attack!」  「It’s the heavy cavalry! Be careful.」

The one who is standing at the front is of course me. It’s hard to defeat the steel spear cavalry, who are wearing heavy equipment, with arrows or swords, but if it’s my large spear, it won’t be much difference from breaking down a scarecrow.

I jump off, and smash downwards. Celia and Leopolt cleverly stabbed their swords in the gaps in the armor to finish them off, but to me they were quite god-like in skill.

「Formidable! On guard!」
A typical looking knight turns his spear and approaches me, he thrusts quite skillfully. I grab the spearhead and he opened his eyes in astonishment but I don’t have to hold back. I grab the spear and threw the knight and he landed on the spear of his ally.

The melee battle continues indefinitely, as expected you will be short of breath. Just charging towards the enemies in front of you, cutting them down, and crushing them. My men are cutting down the enemies, and the scene where enemies are slaughtered can be seen again.

「Retreat-! -Pull back for now-!」

Somehow a bad trumpet is sounding when I was out of breath, and there were no more enemies in my surroundings.

「The enemy is retreating! Raise the cry of triumph!」


You guys are noisy, what are you so crazy about? When I look up I saw the steel spear cavalry withdrawing. The infantry is also hurrying to run but there was also their fatigue so quite a few of them got taken out.

「Aegir-sama! You did it!」

「For now we got out of that crisis.」

「Commander! Wait what is this?!!」  「Amazing~! You did this by yourself?」

Around me there are just 50 steel spear cavalry corpses exposed. By the way I remember the time when I killed about this much. Stares of astonishment were seen all around me, I snatched the spear that was covered in blood and liquid as well as the armor, and returned to the headquarters.

I let the subordinates handle the cleaning of the spear and the armor while I go sleep. As expected it has been a while since I’ve been this tired. A worried Celia checks my entire body but there seems to be no wounds.

In the last battle the enemies were skilled, but the result was that we were able to force them back, the enemy should have suffered quite the amount of casualties too. We should have some breathing room until the next attack so I’ll sleep for a bit. Celia came into the futon, and I fell asleep while feeling the small and soft sensation.

「Aegir-sama! Aegir-sama! …I’m terribly sorry!」

I was tired and sleeping like a log but was being slapped, when I got up Celia lowered her head.

「Forgive me for being rude. But it’s an emergency! An enemy party is going to bypass us. The numbers are unknown since the sun was setting.」

Erich comes rushing in without waiting.

「A detour?」

「Yes, I don’t know the details. Just in case your battalion should defend the entrance of the town.」

I don’t have any objections. My battalion has lost quite a bit of strength from the earlier fight but even so they are the highest class battalion amongst the army. It wasn’t far until the town’s gates. If necessary reinforcements will come soon.

I soon regretted my carefree thoughts after getting into position. Approximately 1500 steel spear cavalry were seen, probably they were the ones from the last fight excluding the ones that were lost.

「Hey come on, 1500 cavalry to an empty town what are they thinking?」

When in trouble, I should ask Leopolt for advice he’ll know what to do somehow.

「If they burn the town then our army will lose its base. Or perhaps they have come to take back the town’s reserve food supply. And also if they are coming out like this then probably…」

There was one approaching cavalry, a flaming arrow is fired above his head. There was some sort of mineral in there, and the blue flaming arrow danced high in the sky.

「It’s what I thought…a night attack from all sides. The enemy intends to decide the victor in this short decisive battle. I could not predict that they would want the supplies this badly.」

Oooooo, the sound vibrated through the ground and the voices reached the headquarters. For the headquarters the enemy’s night raid has begun.

「Now that it’s come to this we should abandon the town and meet up with the main troops. It hurts to lose the town but if the main troops are breached then everything will be over.」

He must be a little impatient, but he didn’t sound panicked. it’s probably wise of me to follow the advice of the calm and collected Leopolt. After all, It’s impossible to defeat the 1500 heavy cavalry with the troops we have on hand.

「I won’t abandon the town. But the battalion will meet up with the main troops.」

Leopolt of course makes a dubious face.

「What do you mean by that?」

「I will protect this gate. If I can protect it until my allies are able to fend off the night ambush, then the steel spear cavalry that are here will be trapped like mice.」

「That’s unreasonable!」

Making Celia’s scream like this is bad, but I’ll ignore her.

「If I am behind the gate the most that can come attack me is three at a time. Finish tidying up the situation as soon as possible and come back here.」

「You’re going to die you know?」

「I won’t die. If you don’t go quickly they’ll come charging you know?」

Leopolt seeing me not giving up, takes command of the battalion and has them head towards the main troops. And then he grabs the struggling Celia and left together.

「May luck be on your side.」

A short but sweet last word.

The enemy is in front of me. I do not need to be riding a horse to protect this gate. I was going to chase Schwartz after and close the gate, but that idiot came running to this side of the gate. I go to see it through and he neighs as he falls back.

「It’s been awhile since I’ve had a death match.」

I toss away the sheath of the Dual Crater, and stab the unsheathed blade into the ground. If Nonna saw this she may give me a headbutt.

With this sword and spear close by, I’ll make sure to stab every single one of them. The gate swayed slightly and creaked with a sword as the replacement for the bolt. It’s simple to break through the gate, I had no intention of sealing it off. But I’ll give hell to those guys when they pass through the gate.

I carry the spear on my shoulder and I lowered my body. I won’t place my hand against my face to confirm it, but I am quite certain that I was smiling.

Aegir Hardlett      19 years old           Autumn
Class:  Central Army 3rd div. Mixed Battalion Commander

Squads:  1st div. Cavalry company  Heavy cavalry 130 units, light cavalry 20 units

3 infantry companies  180 men,  150 men,  120 men

Engineering corps  200 people

Volunteer soldiers  350 people

Total  1150 people

Army Subordinates:  Celia (follower), Leopolt (follower and strategist), Agor (infantry company commander), Carl (infantry company commander), Mack (engineering corps commander), Christoph (rank and file), Yogley (volunteer soldier manager)

Weapons:  Dual Crater (large sword),  Large Bardiche (spear)

Equipment:  High-grade Steel Plate Armor, Black Cloak (Cursed)

Current Location:  Arkland territory northern part  Town of Datrohn

Achievements:  Enemy vanguard vanquished (Joint)

Villages captured  x8  , occupied town of Datrohn  , repelled the steel spear cavalry



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