Chapter 49: Arkland War ⑥ Collapsing Country, Falling Little Flower


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–Third Person King Alexandro POV–

Goldonia Royal Palace, Late at night

「Urgent report from supreme commander Radhalde!」

「You came!」

The king ordered that if an urgent report came from Baron Radhalde, he would want to be woken up even if it was late at night. The guards hurriedly rushed to let him know, but there was no need. The king appears taking along his close associates.

「Sorry for my rudeness this late at night, but it is from the supreme commander…」

「Enough! Hurry and tell me!」

He interrupts the messenger’s speech. The king is also feeling quite nervous as his face stiffens.

「Yessir! Our Central Army has collided with the enemy Arkland Northern Army’s main force in the suburbs of the town of Datrohn, and as a result of a furious battle, they have been defeated! The enemy suffers heavy losses and has run away scattered!」


「They won!」

「As expected of lord Radhalde!」

High-level officials of the minister class and high-class nobles were showing emotions and cheering as if they were soldiers of the lowest class.

「I see, they won! Good…that’s good!」

The king is also filled with emotion as he gazes up to the skies.

「The allies have suffered quite the loss too, but after shuffling some soldiers here and there, an additional invasion is possible.」

「Send the messenger immediately! Tell them to resume the invasion as soon as possible. It’s fine if they just advance.」

The king chuckles. Erich has fulfilled his role, and all the moves that the king has played in advance are starting to come together. The king feels elated in his heart. Arkland, that abominable insect of a country, will disappear forever from the map.

–Celia POV–

At the same time, Datrohn Feudal lord’s mansion; A room, Celia

「It seems that he somehow managed to hold on.」

The concerned people all breathed sighs of relief. Even amongst them I sat on the floor weakly. On top of the bed, the hero who cut down 200 people and protected the town, lord Hardlett who is Aegir-sama, is sleeping.

「There are no places on his body, which don’t have wounds. There are also several places where it reached his organs too…no matter how good of a medicine I use, losing that much blood and still being able to stay alive, I can only believe that he is someone loved by the gods.」

The doctor spreads his arms as if to say that a miracle happened.

「He’ll probably be awake soon. Keep him steady for a while, have him eat nutritious food that have been broken down gently, wipe his body down and apply the medicine. He should be fine.」

The doctor left, everyone didn’t want to disturb him while he was recovering so they also left and only I remained.

「I’m so glad…I’m really glad…」

I cling onto the hand of my unconscious master, and press it to my face.

On that day, I was relieved when he was talkative and rubbing my butt, but his entire body was covered with not only the enemy’s blood. When I went to give him first-aid treatment and took off the broken armor, I was shocked. The tip of the spear, arrows, bolts – all of them were pierced through his body.

(He can’t be saved)

I immediately thought so. If I found another soldier who suffered the same injuries, I would not let him suffer and my first thought would be to put him at ease.

But I wouldn’t do that to this man, I absolutely won’t let him die. For now, I have to let him lay in bed, although the battle is still going on right now outside the gate and there is no help. I threw away the heavy armor, lifted him up and carry him into the town.

My master, who was quite muscular, was more than twice my weight. My whole body was screaming, my muscles were hurting as if they were being torn apart. But I can’t drop him or pull back. Even if my limbs are torn off that would be fine, as long as I get him to a safe location to let him sleep as soon as possible….

I finally arrived and laid him down at the town square to call the servant’s family to allow us to borrow a bed, and have them call the doctor. But the doctor’s, as well as the family’s expression was dark. No matter how anyone looked at it, it was a fatal wound. I would give out as much money as necessary to get them to use the best medicine, but they told me that he lost too much blood and that he wouldn’t last even one night.

That day I was outside the resident’s house, sitting down as if guarding the door. Even if I was inside there was nothing I could do, and if my master died then I felt like I would kill the doctor.

Eventually, the doctor’s movements began to panic. At first he was doing his best to care for him, but whether it was his well-trained body, or because of the blessings from the war god, it seems the possibility that he would recover was increasing.

Because his wounds could rot if he was left in an unsanitary place, we carried him to the feudal lord’s mansion. It’s something rude to say, but it was normal for the regular citizens’ homes to have rodents and insects crawling in them. Starting with Mack, we gathered strong men from the squad, and moved him to the bed without letting it shake.

And then we arrive at this moment. Thinking about it, three days has passed since then and I haven’t taken a nap. When he departed, I was ready to quickly follow after him , even if it was a place like the underworld I felt like we could do it together.

But there is no need to do that anymore. I can feel myself falling asleep with peace of mind for a few seconds.

–Third person POV–

Arkland Somewhere

「Hey did you hear?」

「About what?」

「Are you stupid? It seems like the northern army lost?」

「There’s no way! The northern army is like the strongest army, and not to mention they have the famed general, His Excellency Aslodith, leading them!」

「It seems like there is no mistaking it. They came back looking all beat up and locked themselves in the garrison.」

「It seems like the strongest elite, the steel spear cavalry also came back with only half their members.」

In the town and in the village, the rumors circulated. The Arkland king and the government officials arrested several people for spreading bad rumors and publicly executed them but they could not keep the mouths of people from opening.

It was not only within rural areas, but even in the comparatively richer cities, there was a disturbing movement spreading amongst the citizens. A high tax rate, a long-term conscription, and anything and everything that dissatisfied them about the army’s influence had originally been suppressed, and when things started to crumble, the kingdom has begun to collapse from the inside.

But rumors that leak naturally would not spread this quickly. They appear where people are gathered and spread the rumors, then they would go to another town. Those guys came from the north and are spreading the ‘truth’ of Arkland.

「Even if you say something like that, Arkland will be the one to win in the end. Try to think about it, up until now how many tens of fights have they won? Who cares if they lost once.」

「That’s right, if an idiot is making a fuss and opposes the government then they will get killed. It’s the same conclusion up till now.」

Even so, there are many that still believe in the influence that lasted for many years. If you make a bad move and nothing happens in the end, you will be the ones being hunted down after all.

「Look at that, the troops from the south are moving out!」

「They are compensating for their war potential. It seems it was true that they got beat up quite badly in the north.」

The battle lines of the troops that are coming up from the south was a scene that was seen quite often in Arkland.

「Isn’t it weird? The garrison for the southern army is not here but a bit to the east?」

「Maybe they were doing training exercises in the east or something?」

「No, I have been in this town for a long time and I haven’t seen them leave the garrison…」

Interrupting their conversation was the bell ringing in the town. If it rings it means that there is either a fire or the enemy is attacking, and then…

「Enemy attack!?」

「That flag is not the southern army! Is it the Treia kingdom? No way, those guys have crossed the borders!!」

A week from this day, it was ‘the rebellion to bring back the safety of the land due to the suffering that the corrupt government is causing’

Northern region’s Yurest Allied Nation, Western region’s Stura Kingdom and Magrado Dukedom and Southern region’s Treia kingdom.

The four nations have declared war on Arkland; Treia and Yurest which were connected by land crossed the national border, while Stura and Magrado across the river took advantage of the confusion and rode over to the port city on ships.

It’s true that these countries were enduring the tyranny of Arkland, but underneath that, it was because of Goldonia winning a battle that the rule for dividing up the territory became important.

Nevertheless, they were able to decide to take their second step towards the Arkland army because of the victory at Datrohn. The victory of the peaceful country Goldonia, where people had doubts about its military strength, caused the leadership of that country to be restored, and as if they would miss out on their share, all the countries took action at once.

The strongest northern army was defeated, all the surrounding countries declared war together, and then the citizens are being abandoned one after the other. The nobles as well as the farmers, and then even the soldiers were forced to accept the unpredicted collapse of the Arkland kingdom.

–Aegir POV–

Five days later, Datrohn

「Hey, Celia I can go by myself to the toilet.」

「No! It’s because you must absolutely relax so you can’t get up. Give up and please go ahead right into this tub.」

How can I excrete when I am being supported by a little girl? I try to get up by force but pain runs through my entire body and my movements froze. I was immediately held down by Celia.

「Aegir-sama, your wounds will open. I’m asking you to please sleep.」

I gave up, and lay on my side obediently. Even so, I am bad with the steel spear cavalry. In the past, I was also injured by it if I recall correctly.

「I want to eat something.」

「Yes, immediately.」

Celia feeds me the porridge, which was left on the table, with a spoon. I really appreciate her caring for me like this, but..

「If I don’t eat meat as well, I won’t recover.」

The hard meat is chewed by Celia and she feeds me with her mouth. It was the same with chestnuts and pears. I could actually already eat by myself but I wanted Celia’s mouth so I kept quiet.

She is also growing quite nicely enough to call herself a woman. The body that was recovering began to assert itself by raising the comforter.


I place my hand on her small head but she said no and made me sleep.

「It’s already been close to a week, I’m starting to reach my limit.」

「I heard that if you release your seed, you use up your stamina. Please take care of yourself. Of course embracing a woman is out of the question.」

Celia is serious so it’s probably impossible. I’ll go and ask Rita or something.

「By the way I told the servants harshly. If Aegir-sama calls you for sex that burdens him then I’ll use a knife and slice up their lower mouth.」

It’s Celia so she actually did so without holding back. Even if I ask for it she refuses me mildly.

「When your wounds heal I can be your partner as much as you want, and I won’t do anything violent to the servants nor say anything. If you want, I could find a nice place for you in the town. That’s why I want you to please rest now.」

It can’t be helped since she has said this much. But when I get better I’ll have Celia take in everything that I stored up.

「You’re just like your usual and women-lover self.」

He was waiting in front of the door probably, Erich appears with a dubious face. Celia quietly stands down.

「This is, I’ve shown you an ugly side of me. Is there something you have for me?」

「Yeah, an order to resume invasion came from his majesty. The reorganization of the troops is the minimum but that has been completed. We’ll depart tomorrow morning.」

It’s hard to say, but they would have to leave me here when they go. It can’t be said that this body could keep up with them.

「I understand. What will happen with my battalion?」

「I thought about having them patrol around the town as security but the damage from the other squads are worse than I thought. I’m sorry but I’ll take them under my direct command.」

「They would probably want a chance to increase their merits in battle too.」

(Light Novels Illustration: Aegir lying in bed)

「I agree, I’ll leave some guards here to preserve safety. Well, there is no chance for Arkland to make a counterattack.」

I also know about the state of things. Four countries are participating in the war, and are closing in on their capital city. They can’t imagine that Goldonia was the first one to drop in on their capital.

「Then I’ll pray that you do well in battle.」

「Yeah, you should get well soon and catch up with us.」

Erich leaves, and it became calm again. Erich, Agor and Leopolt have left, the only ones left are Celia and I.

「Are you dissatisfied?」

「No, not more than the fact that I can’t hug a woman.」

Good grief, Celia laughs.

「Let’s sleep, I will also sleep together with you.」

「You’re right, I’ll get well quickly and chase after Erich.」

I change into clean clothes and sleep while I hug Celia who has crawled into the futon.

But soon, realizing that I did not do something, in the end I had Celia help me out.

「Go ahead, please let it out. I’ll support you.」


It’s the first page of my life’s humiliation.

After that, what was started by Goldonia was continued by the other countries as they had a ‘punitive force’ heading towards the capital to continue their attack. The Arkland army’s resistance was robust, but the frequently-occurring rebellions tripped them up, the transportation of their goods were delayed so the situation was such that they could not fight satisfactorily.

Especially, it was quite serious that the citizens who were abandoned were thoroughly aiming for the food – resulting in shortage, on the battlefield it was often defeated by the punitive force, but they were unable to respond, and were as a whole slowly retreating.

While they were in an overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation, Arkland did not lose control; they retreated to the capital while slowing down the punitive forces, but they cannot expect reinforcements to come from anywhere. Their food reserves is dwindling and finally rebellions came from the regular soldiers.

They were those who once served the long-term conscription and have been thoroughly trained to become powerful, but they were conscripted once again and working hard so that they could return to the their families; they were not going to sacrifice themselves for the kingdom’s sake.

The internal conflict within the army finally caused the Arkland king’s government to abandon hope of resistance deployed in a wide area. The remaining troops were ordered to return to the capital, and it was also done haphazardly; food was commandeered from the villages and towns which caused the spark.

Arkland’s remaining military strength of 10,000 were gathering while carrying food and holing up in the capital, the punitive forces were surrounding them, and the state of battle entered a stalemate.

Two weeks later

「There are no problems with your muscles or organs. It’s a frightening recovery speed.」

There is the authorization from the doctor. There’s also the medicine that helped, so my physical condition is not much different than before I got hurt.

「There are scars on your skin though…」

It was because there was no place on my body that wasn’t hurt. As expected, the scars on my body stood out.

「If I continue the treatment further for one week would the scars also get healed?」

If I do something like that, then I will be even more delayed in catching up with Erich. Arkland is already being pushed into the capital, it’s not the time for me to relax and sleep around. Besides, for a man like me scars are something like a medal of honor.

After the examination was over, I had only a towel over my crotch and head over to Celia and the servants just like that.

「How are the wounds? Is it ugly?」

「It’s the proof that Aegir-sama has been fighting hard. It’s something to be respected, I don’t think they are ugly at all.」

「Also…it makes you look tough and quite attractive.」

Rita places her hand on my shoulder, and rubs it gently. It has been three weeks of abstinence and because of that I reacted immediately.

「Ahem! Then examination is unnecessary. So I’ll be leaving.」

It wouldn’t be possible to start in front of him, so the doctor quickly leaves the room.

I can’t control my lust. I embrace Rita and grab her breasts, not caressing but in a way that would hurt since I put strength into it.

「Ow! No, don’t mind me. It must have been hard for you…please torment me as you wish.」

I put it in my mouth and suck as if I would bite it, taking it off would be too slow so I pull back her apron dress. My meat spear is also larger than normal especially around the tip area, and it was like intercourse that animals would do.

But behind me tiny hands are rubbing her breasts.

Celia looks miserable, and she was there with an angry look, burying her face in my back. That’s right, I was swept away by my lust. Celia was also the one who saved me, and Celia was also the one who took care of me. Thus, she should be the first one that I embrace right after I recover.

「Rita, I’m sorry about everyone else but right now, please leave.」

Celia’s eyes light up, Rita, as if to say that I was helpless, nodded and went to leave the room.

「Celia-sama is still not a woman and has not matured yet. If you were to go at her for real she will break you know?」

「That’s none of your business! Just hurry up and leave.」

「I understand. Hardlett-sama, I will be waiting in front of the room so if you desire it, please call on me.」

Whether she knew what I liked or whether it was on purpose, she emphasized her butt while she was walking out of the room. Celia got upset and threatened me like a cat would.

When nobody was left in the room, I face Celia from the front and stare at her. I felt like I wanted to say something but I thought it was unnecessary and withdrew my words. It seems like it was the same for Celia.

Since the time we met we have been together all the time. There were fewer times that she was not by my side.

「Come here.」


The both of us became naked and Celia got up on my stomach. It was probably Melissa that taught her, she was twisting her waist as if trying to tempt men. But, instead of inviting lust it made me laugh.

「Why are you laughing!?」

「A virgin doesn’t have to think too much. Leave it to the guy.」

I rolled her over and I was the one on top of Celia. It’s a naked body that I’m quite familiar with but I finally think about the difference between our bodies. Because of the abstinence, my meat rod has enlarged more than usual and it doesn’t seem like it could possibly enter.

「Please don’t hesitate. I can finally become your woman for real this time and it’s been my long-cherished ambition even if I were broken.」

Seeing my indecision, Celia spread her legs wide and stretched her hands. It’s a terribly vulgar look but I did not feel it was strange. My lower half that was suppressed was crying to hurry and give it a woman.

「I may not be able to be gentle. If you can’t hold it in anymore you can scream loudly.」

「If I did that you’re going to stop right? Then even if I die I won’t scream.」

The small Celia was biting on the sheets, and doesn’t intend to scream no matter what. I was going to get her ready and put my finger in, but just from her anticipation she was already dripping with genital fluids and is quite wet.

I put myself in between Celia’s legs, and cover her body with mine. She quickly entwines her limbs with me and smiles.

「Here I go….」

「—!!! Ts—!!」

She is biting the sheets so her voice doesn’t come out but when I push the tip into her entrance it seems like it already hurts. It can’t be helped, I’ll just do some intercrural sex and was going to pull my hips back but Celia’s legs came around me.

「Don’t! Today will be the day you make me a woman. …please, even if I break or tear apart… I want to become Aegir-sama’s woman. You said you weren’t going to stop if I don’t scream didn’t you?!」

I breathe out a sigh. If I were to stop if she said this much then it would be quite cruel.

「Alright, I won’t say anymore. Prepare yourself.」


I push my cock into Celia’s tight hole. Celia’s voiceless screams, and her insides which were convulsing were ignored by me as I added more weight. I could hear her insides spreading open and as I pushed a little deeper, my meat rod hit the membrane that signified her purity.


「Go ahead.」

When I glanced at her face, she was smiling as if to say please break it quickly.

Without using lively waist movements, I just put a little strength into it and the membrane tears apart, Celia becomes a woman. I expected her to scream but unexpectedly she looked happy and was asking for a kiss.

(Light Novel Illustration: Celia becoming Aegir’s Woman)

Are you okay? While I was having doubts, she asks me to move my hips. I did not even put half of it in her, and everytime I start to move, her insides squeeze me as if wanting to shave off my meat rod.

「It feels good! It’s wonderful!」

When I use my finger to touch her, Celia’s vagina seems to be on the verge of bursting and has accepted my meat rod against everything, but her voice tells me she seems to be feeling quite good.

It’s fine if it doesn’t hurt and I thought to thrust for a while but my meat rod wants to quickly ejaculate and was increasing in hardness. I hug Celia’s entire body and swing my hips. Every time I thrust, her stomach inflates with the shape of my thing, her genitals are painfully spreading open, but her mouth was only telling me how much she loves me and how good it feels.

Even if I suck on her mouth, even if I thrust violently, even if I rock gently, even if I suck on her breasts, even if I rub her clit, even if I insert a finger into her asshole…no matter what I do, Celia was happy, and was begging for me to do more.

「Is it okay if I rode on top?」

Celia got on top of me and started to move her hips up and down with great vigor. I can’t believe that she is doing so while holding in her pain.

「It’s big! I love you Aegir-sama~! Please love me more and more」

Celia stretches her hand down towards me and I went to grope Celia’s breasts that have inflated but it was then that I realized. Her body was soaking wet with cold sweat, which was clearly abnormal.

She was so happy to have sex with me that Celia’s heart removed the feeling of pain. But her body was enduring the pain and was causing her to have cold sweat.

For her to love me that much is quite splendid but there is a limit to how much pleasure the heart could use to cover up the pain. I thought that Celia who was shaking her hips on top of me was pausing for a bit but with a slap, she fell to my chest.

「Wh, wha? My body won’t move…Why!?」

This time the body is trying to protect itself by not letting her move. Celia is making a fuss on top of my chest but I hug her tightly.

「It’s fine like this. You worked hard. It felt good.」

「But, I haven’t made you satisfied yet!」

「No, it’s because you tried so hard that I’m at my limit, I can cum at anytime.」

What I was saying was true, if I lost focus then it would start releasing now.


「Just feel it like you are now, without moving. I’ll pour it into you.」

「Yes…no matter how much…」

Celia, who was riding on top of me, had her ass rubbed by both of my hands, and when she was properly fixed, I relax my abdominal muscles.


「Ah! Aaaah….」

We both let out quiet voices which were not screams. What kind of noise did I even make? While I was thinking that my seed spilled out. The desire that I was accumulating for three weeks was flowing out into the hole of the girl who has just lost her virginity. My meat rod was pulsing greatly inside her narrow hole, that movement passed through Celia’s stomach and made it all the way in so my stomach could feel it too.

「Amazing…it’s hot…Aegir-sama’s seed…I’m so happy…」

I could tell that Celia’s stomach was expanding as I could feel it. The semen that was way too thick was tightly pushed in because of my meat rod and was not able to overflow outside, and it was pushed in and collected from Celia’s hole all the way to her womb.

The ejaculation lasted for a good 3 minutes, the meat rod withers as if fully satisfied and the seed was flying out from Celia and onto the bed, the floor, and also the wall. Her hole was spread out quite cruely, and I was uneasy that her hole would become as large as the size of her butt.

「That’s quite amazing…」

「I thought it would be fine just to return…then I would become exclusively for Aegir-sama…」

When I thought it would be problematic for the open hole I stuck my finger in it, and it squeezed shut. Well, it seems that I can still have fun with Celia’s tight hole.

「A large amount of juices came out so it became easier for it to go in. Please continue to be affectionate with me.」

「Don’t push yourself.」

Celia lasted until she lost her consciousness.

「Embrace me more…it’s fine if you kill me while you embrace me.」

She was speaking nonsense.

「Would I actually kill my own woman? I will be embracing you lots starting now.」

While I was hugging the sweaty Celia, there was a sweet smell of a mixture of a woman and a girl.

「Pardon the interruption.」

After everything was over, Rita comes in.

「Arara, amazing」

Normally Celia senses the presence of others like a cat, but as expected she has tired herself out and was using my chest as a pillow to sleep.

The red stain on the sheets celebrated Celia becoming an adult. It is far from having sex like animals, and a quiet atmosphere was flowing.

「If it’s like this then I won’t be able to get what’s left…」

I’m sorry but rather than embracing other women I want to lend my chest to Celia. As if she could smell other women or whether she could feel it, she hugged me slightly stronger and buried herself.

「I brought a wet towel. Hardlett-sama should have more fun wiping down your body by yourself right?」

Celia was sweating all over from working so hard. Wiping that sweat after sex is standard, but I feel like I become something like a father with her. Even after wiping down her entire body, there are no signs of her waking up. I wiped her genitals and her breasts that were covered in juices too, but it doesn’t seem like she got turned on from that.

「It seems like I’m in the way so I’m quite free.」

Rita seems able to read the mood between the two of us and obediently pulls away. If I let it go like this, I would feel a little sorry for her.

「Tomorrow I’ll be leaving quickly to chase after the army but…come to the room at dawn. I’ll leave it unlocked.」

From the bed I reach one hand over to rub her butt. I saw the flames of passion lit within the woman as she smiled and sent her off, I hug Celia and then fell asleep.

–Rita POV–


「Rita-san, where is Hardlett-sama…?」

A close servant waiting outside the door asked her with a confused look. She thought that Rita would also get embraced.

「It seems that Celia-sama has satisfied him. There was nothing remaining for me.」

「Such a delicate girl was able to?」

「Ufufu, in exchange he wants me to come at night.」

She squeals in delight.

「But Hardlett-sama, I thought he was matchless but a single girl was able to satisfy him, wasn’t it an incomplete combustion?」

「That’s not true…after all」

I stalled for time.

「They were laying together quietly, but the area around the bed was a disaster. It was as if there was a gangbang, it even flew all the way to the ceiling!」

–Aegir POV–

In the evening, the unbecoming sounds of sparrows were sounding.

The next morning, Celia and I were side-by-side preparing to sortie. The soldiers will not be taken, as it will be just us and the spare horses. That’s because Celia’s horse may not be able to keep up with Schwartz’s pace.

The destination is the capital of Arkland where the punitive forces are sieging. It seems that they got tired of attacking such a strong fortress city though so it should be fine until I arrive.

「Are you sure that you don’t need someone to accompany you?」

Celia looks at me with a worried face.
As expected, she is uneasy that she won’t be able to protect me if we encounter a detached squad.

「When the moment comes, I’ll put you on Schwartz and we can ride away. There are no horses that could chase him.」

Also if Celia gets on Schwartz his speed instantly increases. While the light Celia is rocking, he must be enjoying the feeling of her crotch. Well, I also enjoyed it yesterday and it’s something quite nice.

「Alright. Ngh!!」

It was as usual, but when Celia nimbly jumps on top of the horse her face distorts. Right after yesterday she might have trouble riding on a horse.

「Here, use this.」

I hand her a pillow stuffed with feathers that I brought from the mansion. It looks quite awkward but there’s only the two of us here so it should be fine.

Celia looks quite embarrassed when she gets her ass on top of the pillow. I thought that this morning I thoroughly shot everything out, but it seems that I might react again. Let’s hurry up and depart.

「 「「May good fortune be upon you! 」 」 」

With the voices of the remaining soldiers and servants behind us, we ride off. Finally this war is coming to an end.

「That reminds me where is Rita? She was so charmed by him and yet she doesn’t come see him off…」
「I haven’t seen her today. Maybe the shock of not being able to go together with him caused her to sleep in?」

One of the servants raised her hand feeling embarrassed.

「I, I went to check on the room, she’s lying face down with her ass raised up and fainted…I tried to wake her up but she just kept calling Hardlett-sama’s name…」

「If I recall yesterday, she said that she was going to attend to him at night, right?」

「I, I was in the room next door. I was woken up at dawn. Almost like two animals, their sweet whisperings were unbelievable. They were both moaning and groaning.」

「And also, her special place was spread open, even just peeking from behind I was able to see all the way up to her womb…」

The servants were shuddering with fear and immorality as they wondered how violent the sex was.

Aegir Hardlett 19 years old Autumn
Class: Central Army 3rd div. Mixed Battalion Commander
Squad: Celia 1 person
Total 1 person
Army Subordinates: Celia (follower), Leopolt (follower and strategist), Agor (infantry company commander), Carl (infantry company commander), Mack (engineering corps commander), Christoph (rank and file), Yogley (volunteer soldier manager)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword) , cavalry lance
Equipment: Black Cloak (Cursed) , light cavalry armor
Current Location: Arkland territory northern part Town of Datrohn
Achievements: Enemy vanguard vanquished (Joint)
Villages captured x8 , occupied Datrohn , repelled the steel spear cavalry
Single-handedly defended Datrohn , 200 people killed



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