Chapter 51: A Country may Fall, yet Mountains Remain


 Translator: Nat                          

—Celia POV— [1. Nat: I believe the title comes from a Japanese poem]

My head hurts really badly. Even though this isn’t the time to be sleeping, but my body won’t move. What on earth happened?

Let’s see…we broke into the palace and Agor-san was defeated and then I jumped out…

「 I was kicked!」

I bounced up and realized that I was sleeping in a fluffy bed. I promptly searched for my master but I can’t find him. I was defeated by that woman…is it possible Aegir-sama, no there’s no way!

I wanted to jump out of bed but I felt the headache and changed my mind.

「Someone! Is anyone out there!?」

「What is it?」

A soldier who was standing guard at the tent showed up.

「Is Aegir-sama safe!?」

The soldier laughed without a care in the world.

「Yeah, he defeated all the enemies and returned. Not only that but he carried that female knight on his shoulder.」

It seems vice captain Agor suffered heavy wounds but his life wasn’t in danger.

I let out a sigh of relief. I felt at ease and exasperated, for him to bring back the female knight that I made a mistake in finishing off. Eventually I might have to fight her as a woman. To be prepared for that time I’ll rest my body and sleep once again.

—Aegir POV—

「Well did Celia wake up at least?」

「Yes just earlier, but it seems like she still has a headache, so she went back to sleep. The doctor also said that she just hit her head a little.」

Well that’s a relief. Agor is also in the middle of treatment for his injuries and it seems he’ll be fine. With this you can avoid having the widow in Goldonia live in sorrow.

I lightly kiss Celia and leave the place. There are still many things I have to do.

The hellish picture inside the capital city was finished for the moment, and the city returned to being calm.

A wife who is hugging her husband who was killed, a half-naked mother and child sitting down dumbfounded…They either look at me with eyes of vengeance or they hide their bodies and look down.

「This is quite the tragedy.」

「You’re right, this is the result of what we did after we won the war. I’m concerned about the future.」

Erich holds his head, he instructs for the citizens to get enough food in order for them to be comforted so that he could earn their favor. With their family killed though, this much doesn’t really mean anything, but it’s better than nothing.

「So, how long will we be here?」

The Arkland royalty have already been annihilated, the country itself has been demolished. There might be a small handful of survivors but there is no meaning for the entire central army to stay here.

「I also want to pass this off to the parliament official and run away too, but until the armies from each country go home I can’t do so.」

The strength of the army is itself how much influence a country holds. If you pull your army out before the other countries after occupying the place you might be at a disadvantage when you negotiate for the distribution of territory.

「In the near future, the distinguished people of each country will gather together to hold a conference. Until that time, they can’t go back.」

But it’s only Erich, the current supreme commander, who can’t go back. I want to hurry up and go back.

「Sir, you too, Lord Hardlett. For some reason those from various countries are talking about your heroic feats.」

Why is this happening?

「But his Majesty will also proceed with highest priority. It won’t take that long, so until then you can rest your body.」

Well, besides that there is nothing else to do.

「However, please refrain from eating up all the women in the city. Even without that they have suffered enough, you don’t want to earn further disdain from them right?」

「I always do things under mutual consent. It won’t be a problem…by the way it’s about the female knight I captured.」

「The one you talked about yesterday? It seems like she’s the daughter of a family of knights, but she isn’t a big noble or a leader of an army. She doesn’t seem to have the social status to be blamed for the war. I didn’t really think about her sentence, so you can throw her out or embrace her or do whatever you like.」

It’s enough just to hear those words. If she was sentenced to be executed then I might have accidentally ran away with her. Like this I can talk with her boldly upfront.

「Excuse me! Hardlett-sama.」

I turned around and saw the woman that I saved from being raped yesterday.

「Thank you very much for yesterday. Thanks to you…it was settled without me getting defiled.」

「I just can’t stand it when a woman, especially a beautiful woman like you, gets raped by other guys. That’s it.」

「Just like the rumors, you really love women don’t you.」

I want to ask about what those rumors are but I’ll leave it alone for now. It’s on the way so I’ll bring you to your house.

The small house was not burned or destroyed and remained intact. It seems she lived alone.

「Then I’ll be off. If anything happens let me know.」

「Please wait! Um…does Hardlett-sama also want to sleep with me?」

「Of course. If a man doesn’t want to sleep with a nice woman then there’s something wrong with them.」

Without so much as reflection or thought, the instant response caused the woman to bashfully turn red.

「Well, I still haven’t prepared myself…but I can’t refuse if you come from the front….」

It seems possible to be a little assertive here, since she’s becoming charmed with me. It’s better to wait a little longer for her heart to be completely opened.

I take her lips and stroke her body, that’s all for now.

「Thank you very much~」

The woman walked back inside the room in a light-headed state. Come to think of it I forgot her name, no I don’t think she ever told me in the beginning.

Oh well.

It was just a stop on the way.

I was going to talk with that female knight.

On the way, I kicked away a soldier who was trying to kiss a woman against her will while the others don’t say a word, then I reached the merchant residence that my battalion confiscated. It seems the merchant here had deep ties with the royal family, and he left soldiers inside to resist, but they were killed without a sound and now it’s a vacant house.

For a merchant house it’s quite a large place, probably several times larger than my own house. The female knight was restrained in the wine cellar in the basement.

At any rate she’s capable of defeating even the likes of Agor. I don’t think we could lock her in an ordinary room and say everything’s alright. The thick door was locked and her hands were restrained with leather.

「Are you alive?」


The female knight looks at me with eyes of hostility, but she looks down immediately. From the time I saw her at the palace it seems that there’s something strange with her. She is trembling and curling up like a little girl.

「Are you dissatisfied with the meals and your treatment?」


「Answer me.」

When I lift her face she starts to cry. She looks like a pitiful girl who is about to get raped, it doesn’t match the image of the woman who was swinging the spear around.

「The meals are…sufficient. I want to bathe in some light…I won’t run away.」

「If you swear that you won’t run away then I’ll move you to a normal room. I’ll also untie your restraints, will you swear?」

「I swear. Things have already been decided. I won’t do anything at this point.」

I don’t have a hobby of pushing down a woman in the basement. I was going to cut the restraint so I took out a knife.

「Hiih! Don’t! Please stop!」

In that moment the woman lost her composure, she grabbed her head with her hands and started crying.

「I just cut the restraint. Why are you so scared?」

She can’t speak properly like this. First I will have to help relieve her of her fear.

While we were moving, the woman says absolutely nothing. I have her enter the room and sit her on the bed, then I question her.

「I met you on the battlefield but I don’t know your name. I’m Aegir Hardlett. What’s your name?」

「Irijina, right now I’m just Irijina.」

「I see, Irijina. First there is no punishment for you from the central army. You just will remain restrained until the hunt for survivors is over.」

「Is that so…sorry for the trouble.」

Her response is weak, her state of being scared hasn’t changed. This is strange isn’t it? I thought she was scared of being executed.

「Irijina, you’ll be taken care of by me. I won’t treat you harshly.」


She doesn’t react to that either. Rather it seems she is shaking even more. What is she scared of, this is getting dull.

「What are you afraid of? I already told you I don’t intend to execute you or torture you to death!」

「Hiih I’m sorry! I’m begging you please don’t eat me…please at least let me die as a knight!」

What is she saying? I sigh as I try to recall, Irijina is not afraid of death, so perhaps she is simply afraid of me. So she passed out at the palace because I was close to her, huh?

「Irijina, am I scary?」

「Y- you’re scary!」

「Why am I scary?」

「You fight like a demon…and I heard that you eat people.」

I understand the fighting part but I don’t remember cooking and eating people.

「Who did you hear it from?」

「The soldier who was bringing me meals was talking about it outside the door. He was saying things like ‘the captain will instantly eat any woman he finds’ and ‘this woman is larger so he can be a bit rough with her, there’s plenty to eat’ and ‘let’s bet how long it will take for him to eat her’…」

The story itself was out of the question but Irijina was fundamentally wrong. Maybe it was because she remained in her family of knights and don’t know the vulgar language that is used around here.

「I have inherited this body and blood from my ancestors, I have resigned myself to be killed! However please spare me from being eaten to death. At least let me remain a person till the end.」

On top of her misunderstanding it seems that her delusions are getting more intense. It seems difficult to make her understand through words, but fortunately I am a man and Irijina is a woman. There is only the two of us here, and there is also a bed. I can use a more effective way to convince her.

「Irijina, take your clothes off.」

「Hiiih! As I thought you’re going to eat me!」

「If you listen to me I won’t eat you.」

It’s harder to explain things to Irijina. I am actually going to eat her, but it’s different than what she thinks so I’m not lying.


Irijina has no choice but to believe my words. She took her clothes off, dropping them to her feet. She is scared but the way that she took her clothes off was splendid and she didn’t even try to hide her breasts or crotch. It’s amazing that my colleagues haven’t attacked her yet.

Her body is quite plump or rather she has a very muscular build. Her breasts and her ass are big, they were tightened so I didn’t notice the usual feminine softness. And the thing that stood out the most was her height. Lined up with me, there is not much difference in height, and she has muscles so if she brawled with a man I don’t think she would fall behind.

「But she isn’t too aware of herself as a woman.」

I stretched my hands to her side and her crotch, her crotch especially has excess hair and it has grown quite considerably.

「I am unmarried! There is nobody that I show it to.」

「Aren’t you currently showing someone?」

「Well…aren’t you just looking at it on your own?」

I stretch to her soldier-like spine and as Irijina stands upright I squat down towards her feet, placing my mouth at her crotch. The hair gets in my way, but when I push it away her hole is a beautiful pink color. And also it smells the same as Celia does.

「You’re a virgin?」

「I said I was unmarried! Of course I am.」

It seems she has high moral standards. I have to undo that way of thinking.

I hug Irijina from behind and grab her breasts, my cock is rubbing her ass. Her height is the same so the feeling of it hitting somewhere different compared to other women is exciting. I pinched both her nipples and pull on them slightly which causes her to let out quite a cute voice.

「Hyan~! What are you doing?!」

Without answering her, I push her down on the bed. Her nipples are surprisingly getting large and erect, her hole is also getting wet. With her build I don’t have to worry too much about breaking her. I grabbed her hips from behind and place my cock at her closed vagina.

「Where are you touching…! That will make it go in won’t it? I said I wasn’t married and you’re not my lover…」

I sink my cock in her as Irijina lies face down. The hole itself was large and was spreading open nicely, but the struggling woman caused it to tighten so the insertion stopped.

「What are you doing?! Don’t ride me, get off.」

I press the resisting Irijina completely face down, I get on top and whisper in her ear.

「I am not a monster, I’m just a man. You don’t have to be afraid.」

「Uu? R-really? You won’t eat even one of my arms?」

What kind of strange things have you been thinking?

「Yeah, so don’t worry, ugh!」

「Aah-! Ow-!!」

Irijina relaxed and I put strength in my hips to slam it in, robbing her of her purity. I put my entire weight on her, and enter her all the way to the end.

「Haah…it’s inside…Wait! Is it possible that you’re fucking me right now!?」

You’re realizing it now? I only know of your fighting appearance and your scared state but this girl is a little stupid.

「This is bad! My virginity has been stolen! I am being raped!!」

Irijina is once again going wild, but my cock is piercing her deeply so there is no way she can get away. Even so, she is terribly strong, if I don’t put in strength myself it feels like I’ll be blown back. But if you’re rampaging, my cock that has pierced you will stimulate your insides.

「Nnnah~! You’re piercing my crotch…pull it out! Pull it out!」

I ignore her screams, and push my waist further. I can’t push it all the way into her womb like I can with Melissa, but I push it as much as I can up to her womb and my member is swallowed all the way to the base.

「Oooh, it went in up to the root. This is nice…」

Melissa was the only one who could take me in up to the base. Celia services me dedicatedly but not even half of it can go in. Moreover it doesn’t feel like it’s wrapping around me like Melissa, it’s a new feeling that seems like it’s squeezing me tightly and intensely. I happily move my hips.

「Aauu~! Hiih! It’s painful, why is it so big?!!」

You’re resisting, that’s why it causes you pain and suffering unnecessarily. You should be enjoying it more.

「Irijina…don’t struggle, just relax and it’ll feel better.」

「There aren’t any women who won’t resist when getting fucked.」

「You, do you dislike me? You should know that I’m not a monster.」

Irijina momentarily stops resisting. Of course I continue to move my hips.

「I like burly and strong men. But we’re mutual enemies, and more so you’re not my fiance and still having intercourse…」

「Isn’t that good then? The fighting is already over, there are no more friends or foes. I also want to get along with you.」

「W-well…nnnh! Something is going numb…」

During our conversation, since she stopped resisting her pleasure is building up. While talking, I grab and massage her breasts, only her genitals show some slight resistance and squeezes my meat rod.

「Irijina…it feels good.」

「Th-this is…my crotch is tingling and it feels good!」

「Right? This is how men and women play with each other. It’ll get even better.」

I put my hand on her crotch, and pinch her clit and she responds even more. The both of us are having fun together and Irijina seems like she wants to say something.

「What’s wrong?」

「It’s just curiosity on my part…but, do you love me?」

I thought it was sudden but women in bed think those kind of things are important. The girls back home also told me that if you whispered sweet things while sleeping with them they would reach climax twice as fast. Let’s please her here.

「Yeah, I love you. Just leave your body to me. We’ll feel good together.」

I already resolved the misunderstanding towards me and took away her strange delusions and fear so my goal is completed. What is left is just freely taking my time and tasting Irijina’s body.

「I, I see…so lovers violence huh…this is also a man’s thing.」

Irijina’s resistance disappeared, I got permission for my cock to rampage and stir her insides however I like. Even if I boldly smash my hips against her, or even if I put my weight behind it and screw her, Irijina doesn’t complain in agony. If it was any other girl they would be screaming loudly by now. And then I got a little cocky, I couldn’t hold back my ejaculation anymore.

「Irijina, I’m cumming!」

I hold down both of her hands with both my hands, and push my cock all the way to the base and strongly thrust all the way to her womb. My entire body was glued to hers, I lightly bit her neck and stop moving.

「Your seed is coming out right? This must also be fate…I’ll accept it.」

I started my release, and after both our bodies were trembling for a while, we naturally kissed, entwining our tongues together. Anyway she has a nice body. When I roll over on the bed, I hear a sniffing sound from inside the futon. As expected I was a little aggressive in taking her virginity and she probably has things to think about. I’ll leave her alone for now.

After 180 minutes

I drink the water directly from the pitcher.

「Fuu, do you want to drink too? You should be thirsty too.」

「…I don’t need it.」

Irijina was laying next to me and she was crying tears different from those from fear. While she was unable to stand from the shock of her virginity being taken I couldn’t hold back anymore and went at her again. After the extreme position was over her large body shrunk and she began to weep uncontrollably, although she isn’t scared of me anymore.

「Eating means to fuck a woman right?」

Irijina mutters without looking at me.

「Did it hurt?」

「I’m fine. It is common for women of the losing army to be teased, I was prepared.」

「I was a little rough. Sorry about that.」

I hug Irijina close to me. She is a girl not much different in height from me, but in my mind there was something like the love for small animals for the appearance of her making herself small.

「What will you do from now on?」

Her posture was changed and she is using my arm as a pillow as we talked.

「Since it’s become like this I have made my decision. Your…no, I’ll live as Hardlett-dono’s wife.」


The hand that was stroking Irijina’s body stopped.

「What do you mean by wife?」

She looks up at me with a blank face.

「What do you mean what? You stole my virginity and poured your seed in me. What else would I do except become your wife?」

That’s not good, she probably seriously thinks of doing so.

「Didn’t you just say that you were the general or something of the losing army?」

I did not intend to sleep with her and throw her away but I also don’t have the slightest intention to marry her.

「I told you I was prepared for something like this. Also didn’t you tell me while you were on top of me that ‘you loved me’ and ‘leave your body to me’. It wasn’t rape but it was because you like me wasn’t it?」

It is rare for a man to tell a woman in bed that ‘I don’t love you’ or ‘go ahead and resist’. How innocent are you exactly?

「I accepted Hardlett-dono, Hardlett-dono loves me. The two of us exchanged vows so what is the problem?」

Having said that much I sighed and my facial expression changed.

「Is it because you think that someone like me doesn’t have a high enough pedigree to match you!?」

「No, I’m a noble who received standing just the other day.」

「Then it shouldn’t be a problem. My social status is nothing special but I have a pedigree that goes back many years. Moreover I was taught etiquette. I won’t do anything that will bring you shame.」

Your knowledge about men and women are also taken only from old customs, I thought to myself.

「But, to say that you wanted to get married so suddenly.」

「It’s alright! As you can see, my ass and my breasts have grown quite well. I will bear and raise a healthy child so you don’t have to worry.」

I am not worried about something like that.

The sound of running in the corridor interrupts our unproductive discussion. From the lightweight sound the person has excellent athletic ability, yet I can tell that they are very lightweight. A single person comes to my mind.

With a bang, the door flung open without even a knock.

「Aegir-sama! I will bring that woman…over here…..and」

In her sights is ‘that woman’ who was lying on top of my arm pillow, the sheets are a mess, the smell of sex was in the room. There are marks on Irijina’s neck and breasts as proof of being sucked by me.

「You’re that little girl from the palace! That time we were both enemies, so please forgive me.」

「I-I was too late…I thought it would become like this-!」

「Nn? Is he your lord? I will become his bride. Let’s forget the grudge from now on and get along.」

「What do you mean wife? Wife? Wife? Wifeeeee!!??」

Let’s calm Celia down first, we can talk after that.

「As I was saying just because you say that you slept with him it doesn’t mean you can become his wife immediately.」

「What-?! I offered him my chastity too!」

「That’s right. If you say that then me too, since Aegir-sama was my first…」

「He put that huge meat rod into that small body of yours?! Celia’s hole must be huge!」

「You’re too loud! Everyone will hear you!」

I take the two of them with me to look around the city and check the condition of the squad. Despite the two of them meeting in the worst way, unexpectedly they get along well with each other, I have Celia explain the annoying things. But Irijina was living as a soldier for a long time so she is stained with the methodology of the army.

There are three important things for any army: To obey the instructions from those on top, to make your actions quickly, and to have a loud voice. Irijina was passing by and was speaking loudly of Celia’s hole and my meat rod, we are gathering attention from the people around us.

And also it’s something I noticed yesterday, but there’s a screw loose in her head somewhere. Noticing the eyes from those around her, she turned red and her voice got softer.

A portion of the soldiers saw Irijina as an enemy and made a startled face, but they accepted it since they saw her walking by along by my side.

「That knight, her face has completely become that of a woman.」 「The captain used the spear on his lower half to finish her, what an amazing man.」

Irijina remains red and tried to make herself smaller but I didn’t hold back and hugged her close, rubbing and stroking her ass.

「Wh-what are you doing?! The soldiers are watching.」

「I’m showing them. That you have completely become my woman and then guys that think that they can mess with you will disappear.」

Irijina has killed many of the guys from my squad. It’s best to eliminate as much friction as possible and make them think that she has completely fallen to become my woman.

「Is that so?! You’re doing so much for my sake.」

If it’s Irijina, then as her breasts relax and then storing the momentum, two abundant breasts bounced out. The soldiers in the vicinity cheered.

「Uwaa! What are you doing?!」

Celia was surprised and tried to suppress it but she wasn’t quite tall enough and couldn’t do so.

「…I didn’t say to do that much so hide them.」

Irijina who just realized what was going on yelled loudly.

「Uwa! Everyone, don’t look! You lechers!!」

No, you’re the one who stuck them out.

Seeing Irijina cross that boundary, the soldiers who were looking at her with hostility changed and looked at her with something warm. Among this atmosphere where you couldn’t say anything, a soldier came running that confirmed that the palace has been burned down.

「Reporting! A large basement-like room has been discovered near the palace. It might be an escape route or a hidden room.」

Celia and I look at each other. This is an emergency situation, if it’s an escape route then it could be possible that royalty or an important person ran away. The nobles and royalty from the burned down palace were believed to be dead and not confirmed.

「Let’s hurry and head over there, Celia, it’s fine if it’s a few but bring over some soldiers.」


I pull along Irijina’s hand who is still red and trying to suppress her breasts. I cannot leave her in this place.

「It’s here captain!」

There was a stairway that continued down from among the ruins that was still emitting a burnt smell. There is a thick stone lid, so the space underneath was not affected by the flames.


Celia brought about ten soldiers with her. This is enough, with a large crowd you won’t be able to move too easily underground.

When I was about to say to rush in Irijina says it plainly.

「This is a dungeon.」

I slumped and lost my strength.

「You found the dungeon in a separated area?」

If you left the criminals here they would all die though.

「This is for normal criminals. It’s a dungeon where those who opposed the royalty and spies from other countries are sent.」

It’s an asylum for political criminals…was it put near the palace for the sake of setting an example?

「I have never been in there myself, but I’ve heard it’s a gruesome place where they torture and execute prisoners.」

It’s making me want to go in less and less, but it’s not like we can leave it alone. I take a spear from the soldier and hand it to Irijina.

「Are you sure?」

「I don’t know what will be inside. You’re my woman aren’t you?」

A smile floated on her face that told me she loves to fight.

「That’s right! I’m your woman! Alright, I’ll be useful to you!!」

She twirls her spear to test it out and gets fascinated by it. She handles it expertly. But her voice is too loud. Celia, who is standing next to her, is covering her ears.

The basement was exactly as Irijina says and quite gruesome. They probably didn’t give the prisoners any food since they holed up in the castle during the war. Inside each cell there are countless corpses, some of which started to rot while clinging to the cages, and there were some who were trying to survive while biting at their own bodies.

「That guy again…」


There are many soldiers that experienced fighting who couldn’t hold back their nauseousness from the rotten stench and the horrible scene. Ceria and Irijina also covered their mouths and noses with their hands.

「In the meantime confirm whether are any survivors. If not then pour oil and light it on fire.」

I can’t bring myself to search every nook and corner of this place. But the captain’s privilege allows me to order soldiers to do so while I stand near the entrance where the smell is comparatively better.

「Arkland kingdom also had such a dark part, didn’t they?」

「This is my first time coming to this kind of place. If possible I didn’t want to see it.」

I try to deceive Celia into feeling depressed with this conversation, but she doesn’t bite.

「Something is strange here. Please be careful.」

It was a strange place from beginning to end, but Celia’s instincts are better than most. I also stayed alert and placed my hand on my sword.

「On the right, inside the prison!」

Celia’s shout and the incident was simultaneous. It was the rotting corpse inside the cell that we checked earlier, it should have died a while ago but it slowly rose up and was banging the steel cage.

「It’s a zombie?」

Zombies are undead monsters born out of grudges or having a wicked spirit take over the corpse. They are strong to some extent but they are not much different from when they were human, also they have no intelligence. But since they are just a corpse there is no point in cutting them or stabbing them, you need to destroy the body.

Zombies spawn easily in places where people usually die and where grudges are concentrated. This dungeon is the most suitable place to cultivate those two things. It won’t be strange if all the corpses here were to become zombies. It’s been so long since I was in such an unpleasant place that I almost forgot about it.

But zombies aren’t strong enough to break something as sturdy as those steel cages. I was going to warn the soldiers who went ahead to be careful just in case but…

「Uwaaa!!」 「Gyaaa!!」

It seems I was too late.

「Tch-! Let’s go!」

It seems that the soldiers who went on ahead were not only fighting zombies.


Skeletons are undead monsters made up of bones. The conditions for them to spawn are not much different than those for zombies but they are far more annoying. It seems they have some memory of how to fight left in them, they are moving like a warrior. The same thing for these guys made of bone, but unless you destroy the body they will continue to move.


One of the soldiers got grabbed by the throat by the skeleton and was killed. Those movements are polished so it must have been a former soldier.

「Celia stand down, you aren’t well suited for this.」

Celia fights by accurately aiming at the opponent’s vital spots. Zombies and skeletons that have no weak points put her in a disadvantageous position.

「Ku-! I’ll back you up.」

As if she knew it herself already, she frustratingly switched her sword with a throwing dagger.


A second soldier was grabbed by the skeleton, he was eaten by the zombie and died.

There are 4 skeletons and 8 zombies. There are a lot, they were probably killed from being tortured and had their corpses thrown outside the cells and left there.

I had the soldiers stand back as I faced them. Almost as if the pile of bones could tell the difference in strength between the last soldier and myself, it stood still with its sword ready.


Only the zombies that have no brain were wobbling forward. I don’t want to dirty the blade of my Dual Crater on these pieces of trash. I take the sword from a dead soldier in both hands.


Holding the sword with both hands, I send the zombie’s head flying and cut off both of its hands. That’s one down.

I cut off one of the legs of another one and crush the head when it fell down. That makes two.

Celia’s knife stabbed the heads of two of them. Of course that won’t be enough to stop them from moving, but in that opening, Irijina and I each stab one and bash them into the wall. That makes four down.

And then the skeleton that stood still finally started to move. I was easily able to demolish one, but two of them saw that Irijina was easier to deal with and headed over there.

That’s bad, Irijina is using a spear. Skeletons are hollow compared to zombies so it’s hard to pierce through them.

I was going to head over and help but it seems unnecessary.


Irijina caught her spear in their ribs and flung them up to the ceiling. Skeletons are more fragile than zombies so they broke apart into many pieces.

She blocked the strike of the other one easily and held her spear backwards, using the end of the spear to crush the skull with three quick strikes. The skull was broken and she gave the staggering skeleton a roundhouse kick, sending it crashing to the wall and getting absolutely destroyed.

She’s strong, I honestly thought so. In actual combat Celia is no match for her. She’s certainly several times stronger than Agor and Carl. The reason she lost so easily to me may be because of the fact that she lost her calm due to her fear.

The soldiers also regained their breath, and were able to stab and dismantle the remaining zombies. If we deal with them calmly, a fully armed group of soldiers will not lose to the same number of zombies.

I face the only remaining skeleton. Only this one has a different atmosphere about it, it seemed like it wanted a one-on-one from the very beginning.

Celia threw a knife at it but not even destroying its stance, it made the minimal movement to deflect it. And then it looked only at me and readied its sword.

Skeletons are slightly different than zombies in that they also carry the will of its owner when it was still alive. The soul carved into the bones probably chose me to be its final opponent.

「None of you guys interfere.」

I stop Celia who was about to throw another knife while unsheathing my Dual Crater. This one is different than the other trash.

The skeleton steps forward and intercepts me.

A single flash, getting cut by mithril, the exorcising metal, the skeleton crumbled and disappeared into dust.

It literally disappeared and among the dust, a ring was left behind. There was no jewel attached to it nor was it made of gold, it was a crude ring. However for some reason I can’t bring myself to throw it away in this rotten place and picked it up.

「Carry out the dead soldiers! They’ll become zombies if you leave them here.」

We have to bury them as fast as possible.

We have no more use for this place. There is no passageway that leads anywhere either, and we will burn this place as planned.

「Heeey….anyone…is anyone there…?」

Celia and Irijina react. The voice came from the back of the prison, from the place where corpses are.

Zombies are not smart enough to say meaningful words. So that means a high-class species of ghoul or maybe…

「I am hungry…do you…have any food?」

It’s a living human being.

While watching the smoke rise from the graveyard that was up in flames, a man was greedily devouring porridge.

「Well, I really thought I was gonna die. When I saw that lady I thought that they were coming to pick me up and bring me to the underworld or something.」

「I thought it was surprising that the capital would be occupied by another country.」

The man stopped moving the hand he was eating with for a little bit.

「I guess so. It was unexpected that Goldonia would be here, everything else wasn’t strange. With such an unreasonable policy I could see this coming.」

Once again, he shoveled the porridge in his mouth.

It seems the meals stopped coming to the prisoners since a month ago, but there was sewage draining from the ceiling of the man’s cell which he drank from and he managed to survive by eating the mushrooms and moss that grew here and there. He didn’t talk very quietly, but he was quite a tough guy.

「Is it about time that we get your time?」

「Sorry about that. I was too busy eating!」

Well it has been a month so I guess that’s alright.

「I’m Adolph Fulker. I don’t have a surname but I’m not a noble so please call me by my name.」

「Adolph is it? You don’t seem like the type of person to conspire to rebel so why are you in a place like this?」

「This country…I guess it doesn’t exist anymore…I used to work as domestic affairs officer for the former Arkland kingdom, and I complained that the tax collection and the labor was so horrible, this country was going to collapse.」

「That’s all you did to get yourself here?」

「At the time I was complaining at length at how the current policy was foolish and stupid, and before I knew it I was here.」

This guy is just like Leopolt, he says things bluntly but unlike Leopolt he can’t seem to make a living.

「I was hoping that the government would get destroyed but if it becomes like this, it puts me in a tough spot. If another country is occupying the place then it seems I won’t be able to work.」

Each country will be taking a portion of the former Arkland kingdom’s territory so it would be natural for them to bring their own personnel there. There are many nobles who are looking for a position. There aren’t any countries who would specifically hire a person who has been in jail.

「Hardlett-sama, what do you think? I have experience in dealing with domestic affairs, and I have innovative plans to offer you. I can show you how to manage a noble’s territory so won’t you consider hiring me?」

「I don’t dislike how fast you change sides and your shamelessness. But unfortunately I don’t have any territory.」

「Is that so…well that’s no good. But I guess I’ll think about it again when I’m full again.」

Adolph once again moves his hands and mouth, it would be pitiful if we threw him out again to starve to death. I guess I’ll give him some food for now.

That day nothing else really changed, I was sleeping together with both Celia and Irijina. And then the rumors were circulating.

「That female knight, the captain has trained her completely and if he gives the order, she’ll get naked wherever he wants.」

「On the contrary when she gets man-crazy it seems she’ll be craving dick the entire day and will be shaking her waist like crazy.」

「She also asks to be treated like a dog too.」

「Then if we ask her do you think we can do it too?」

「Don’t be stupid, if you fuck the captain’s woman he’ll cut you in half.」

「If you wanna be the 201st person then do whatever you want.」

「You’re right, knock on wood.」

This is absolutely against my will.

Normal mode

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett 19 years old Autumn
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Baronet Central Army 3rd div. Mixed Battalion Commander
Annual salary 140 gold
Assets: 1000 gold (silver and below not counted)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword)
Equipment: Black Cloak (Cursed)
Companions: Nonna, Melissa, Maria, Carla, Catherine (commuting)
Servants: Sebastian, Miti, Alma, Kroll, Nina
Subordinates: Celia (follower and lover), Leopolt (staff officer), Agor (adjutant), Carl (company commander), Christoph, Schwartz (horse), Irijina
Sexual Partners: 37



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