Chapter 53: Triumphant Return Ceremony


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My battalion received the order to withdraw and departs from Arkland. After walking for several days, we have already reached the northern region.

「We can’t just leave the infantry and return quickly. First we must enter the town of Datrohn and meet up with them.」

Celia creates a plan while looking at the map. Surprisingly Celia is already able to read most sentences unless it’s a complicated phrase. Moreover, she’s able to do basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division too.

If I think back, when I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom I often saw light from Celia’s room. When we didn’t have work from the army she often went to Melissa’s room since she knew how to do simple math too.

She desperately memorized characters and learned math. It’s worlds apart from me who studied to get Lucy’s body as a reward.

Let’s pet Celia a few times since she’s such a hard-worker.

「Waa! What is it, all of a sudden?!」

A hard-worker, faithful, and serious, and also emerging as an attractive woman from a young girl. I can also tell that she’s being treated as a mascot within our squad. The harsh speech directed to those other than me is also quite the effective spice.

「It would be nice if you could be a little nicer to those other than me.」

「There exists none other than Aegir-sama that needs flattering.」

What a cutie, let’s pet her head.

「Waa! It’s embarrassing.」

「You don’t need to flatter them but…let’s see, why not be a little nicer to someone like Kroll. He admires you, you know.」

Celia’s face filled with anger.

「No. Why do I have to for that brat, he’s so annoying running around like that!」

It doesn’t seem like Kroll has a chance. He’s the one who starts the bath for you after you’ve been working hard outside so you could at least give him a smile or something.

「Even so he worries about you. When you get back at least greet him with a smile, not like you’ll lose anything.」

「If it’s only that…well I’m also an adult woman now. Let’s just put on a facade.」

A girl who just recently lost her virginity is an adult woman, it’s laughable but she’s cute so let’s pet her.

「Waa! Why are you petting me?!」

「Well~ it’s been quite the trouble to get friendly with you.」


The one who wedges in was Adolph. He had no place to go, and he wanted to come along really badly so I treated him as a temporary soldier and took him along with me. With the majestic horses of the first division cavalry lined up, having that guy’s horse, not much better than a donkey, come in is quite comical. And Celia, thinking he’s getting in the way and clicking her tongue, will get her demerit points.

「You’re quite curious aren’t you. Even if you follow me there’s nothing around her you know.」

「That’s not true, my intuition is whispering for me to follow Hardlett-sama.」

What the heck is that? If you want to tag along, do as you want, but following me up to the capital will be a problem for me.

「Fuu, I can’t ride comfortably on a horse, so what can a weakling who can’t swing a sword do?」

Adolph has almost no experience riding a horse I guess, even pulling along that small horse is all he’s capable of.

Also, just like the time with Leopolt, Celia challenged him to fight with a sword during practice, and after a few seconds got knocked out. It’s the first time I saw a guy who closed his eyes when he swung his sword. I guess he’s capable of being something like a young noble woman.

「Well, I’m an advocate of peace at heart so…I absolutely don’t fight at all.」

「Aegir-sama is a person of great martial abilities. How can a person like you be of use to him?」

「There isn’t anyone who can compare to Hardlett-sama when he fights, he surely doesn’t need some decently strong guy, I believe. On that point I have no skill in fighting, and I specialize in domestic affairs so I believe that is easy to understand.」

「No matter what you say now it won’t get you anywhere. I’ll take you up until the capital. I don’t know what will happen from here on out.」

Celia decided that she’ll ignore him and once again took out the map to look at.

「The distance to Datrohn will be about one and a half days for the cavalry, three days for the infantry. If we pick up the pace we will be able to reach the town within the day. Let’s hurry.」

Celia speaks while smiling but the slow voice gets in the way.

「Hmm, I think that we should be doing all we can to prepare for camp.」

「Why is that!? With this distance we can reach it in a day!」

「The village around this area was created without much thought. The highway is also included and is quite winding, I think. It might take more time than it looks on the map…even though you proposed to take the exact straight route along the planned village too.」

「No, we should be looking only at the distance. We should aim to head straight for the town.」

Adolph mutters and criticizes the former superior. Celia seems to have gotten stubborn.

I should be trusting Celia here, who has been with me forever.

「If possible I want to get there by today. Tell them to pick up the pace.」

「Yessir! Right away!」

Celia seems happy with my trust in her, and runs off with a spring in her step.

What follows after her good mood is, not when the town finally came into view, but when the sun disappears beyond the horizon.

「Th…this shouldn’t be the case…」

She bent her waist to stare at the sun sinking down and from both her eyes it seems like she was about to cry at any moment. In the end, the winding road that differed from what the map said took a longer time and we were unable to reach the town before the sun sets. I feel sorry for her so I’ll pet her head.

「I am terribly sorry….uu…..uuu….」

She’s crying.

Since we prioritized marching, most of the soldiers were not prepared to set up camp, so they slept around the bonfire. The only tents barely able to set up were mine and the one for injured people.

Irijina also leaned against a tree and fell asleep. It seems she has no complaints about sleeping outside. Oh, wouldn’t it be better if I spoke to her, since she’s familiar with the area around here.

Taking my silence as anger, Celia, who looks like she’s about to cry, stood up.

「I’ll take responsibility for today and sleep outside…」

With teary eyes, Celia was about to trudgingly head out, but I pulled her back into bed.

「With this I will be apologizing to the soldiers…」

「It’s fine, nobody holds a grudge against you.」

While Celia was hanging her head dejectedly, the soldiers were thinking of you pleasantly while heading towards the sunset. If they got mad over something so small, they won’t be able to survive in this squad. Also in the first place, it was a decision that I made so it’s my responsibility.

Rather the underlying reason that caused Celia to cry may be leaning more towards Adolph. This has gotten quite mixed up, but rather than making a cute girl the villain, having it be the man who was new is easier to understand.

I stroke Celia’s head in bed, and while I’m at it also pet her butt but it seems she doesn’t realize it. But seeing the girl who was burying her face in my chest while sniffling caused me to lose my sexual desire. Today will be the first time in awhile since I’ve done nothing and just having her cling to me while sleeping.

10 days later Goldonia Capital

「Aegir-sama, we can see the capital!」

It’s Goldonia which I haven’t seen in half a year, seeing it like this I can tell how much things have developed. Compared with Arkland’s capital, it’s much larger and glorious.

「So that’s Goldonia…how abundant.」

It is Irijina’s first time seeing Goldonia and she was captivated by the sight.

「The city is square-shaped, the highway runs around the vicinity…there is room for improvement but the parliament official who created this was way more skilled than the one in Arkland.」

Adolph is not really impressed but rather he is observing various things. If you make some suspicious moves then you’ll be taken away by the guards you know.

「Aah, being in a place like this together with Hardlett-sama is just like a dream!」

The one who spoke up was Rita, since she didn’t have a horse I had her ride in front of me. She was picked up in Datrohn.

10 days ago, when we were greeting the guards as we arrived in the town of Datrohn, Rita came running out. Regardless of who was watching she was raining kisses on me, and that night we naturally hid ourselves in a room.

I was already on top of Irijina in bed but Rita didn’t care.

「It’s natural for a fine man to have several women lined up for him.」
「Is that so!?」

Rita talks to Irijina while my meat rod is still inserted in her. She doesn’t know much about the relations between men and woman, and on top of that she has an honest personality. You’re believing something strange that she’s telling you?

「Currently the maids and dressed-up women of this mansion are all being embraced by Hardlett-sama.」
「The maids!? I’ve heard that isn’t a good thing though?」

Irijina comes from a family of straight-laced knights. It seems that putting your hands on the servants is something akin to bullying the weak so they avoided doing so.

「Of course he didn’t force them. Everyone consented to open up their bodies.」

「They agreed? I didn’t think they would want to become his wife!」

「Before thinking of something like that, everyone was indulging in ‘this’.」

Rita crawls a finger slowly on the meat rod that was still piercing Irijina.

「I see…they succumbed to this…」

Irijina strokes her own stomach.

「I will help Irijina-sama feel even better so please have mercy and let me have some too.」

Rita went around to my ass and took my balls in her mouth. It wasn’t an intense stimulation by any means but her tongue was softly rolling them around and the pleasure amplified the movement of my hips.

「Wa-! It suddenly got rougher. And also it is still getting bigger inside of me! Incredible!!」

With the increase in size, it was able to rub the weak point inside Irijina much stronger and she pressed my head with both hands as she let out moans. Not able to stand the pleasure, her legs flapped about, but I used my weight to press against her. She was going wild for awhile but feeling the additional pleasure, whether it was because she used up her strength, she then went back to gripping the sheets and feeling agony. There was saliva dripping from her mouth, so it might be about time that I released.

Moving my hips to get to the final stretch, Rita sensed that quite sharply and sucked harder on my balls, enough to let out slurping and sucking sounds.



I groan as I reach the limit. Rita went back to massaging my balls gently, and softly biting the part of my meat rod that didn’t enter Irijina, matching the rhythm of my thrusting. This is amazing, amazing enough that I can tell that my semen will spray everywhere.

「Rita, don’t stop and keep going…」

I instinctively gave out an order. The caressing while you are in the middle of ejaculation is incomparably good. This is the kind of pleasure you can’t taste unless you’re with several women.

「His seed juices are spurting out…This is quite amazing…」

Irijina is dazed and pressing her stomach, but that stomach is somehow inflating with my seed.

「O, ooooh…..」

After the spectacular ejaculation, I fell beside Irijina and wanted to take a break, but the faithful maid was looking for a reward.

「I could feel it from my mouth too that it was quite the splendid ejaculation. Next will be my lewd hole…I’m already prepared for you.」

Rita places her hand on the shelf and turns her ass towards me. Her vagina is already opened quite naughtily and is dripping juices. If I told her ‘wait a minute’ then it would make me look uncool.

I stroke my cock and force it to get erect, then I grip Rita’s ass with hands like talons.

「Hardlett-sama…no, master. Please use your sturdy cock and discipline this naughty maid…」

Rita shakes her large ass while I push my meat rod in, and with each thrust she lets out a moan. She skillfully built up my pleasure, and she milked out the second portion of my seed.

By the way, Celia today found an old underground archive, and while looking for a valuable book, it became morning before she knew it. The next day, when she saw the two women using both my arms as pillows to sleep, she stamped her feet in frustration.

And then on the day we depart from Datrohn, Rita insisted to come along with me.

「I have worked as a maid for many years. I can take care of the routine tasks in the mansion and take care of your body. If I become unnecessary, I don’t mind if you sell me off to the brothel!」

In the end she said that if she couldn’t come along she would bite her tongue off on the spot so I took her and had her ride in front of me on the horse. In exchange I left Agor behind. His wounds were not good, and he wasn’t looking well.

He himself said that he felt fine, but the war is already over so there is no need to rush things. If he died here unnecessarily then it would look stupid.

I told one of the maids that I’m counting on her to look over various things but…I guess she misunderstood or something, but after entering the room for a while, she had a handkerchief in her mouth and for some reason her cheeks were dyed red. It will probably be a fun recuperation lifestyle for Agor.

And then we get to our present time. In front of the gates of the capital, the troops that have withdrawn are gathering.

Will the numbers reach 10,000? Our battalion has needed to be reorganized so it took some time so there may be some running late.

「Lord Hardlett, you’ve kept us waiting!」

Erich came galloping towards me.

「Now we can finally enter. Without the lead actor we can’t start.」

What is that about?

「Then let’s have the whole squad move out!」

Without time to ask a question the order was given, we entered the capital in two columns.

As soon as we pass through the castle gates, cheers roared at the same time. Several hundreds of trumpets sounded, petals rained down on top of our heads.

「Hurray for the victory!」 「Glory to Goldonia!」 「Let our powerful army be for eternity!!」

A grand celebration is exactly this. The main street leading up to the palace is filled with people, and you can’t see anything but their heads.

「For winning the war we need to celebrate!! It’s common sense!!!」

Erich roars loudly as he came up beside me. Unless he does so I won’t be able to hear him.

The citizens are handing bouquets of flowers to the soldiers. The parents are giving their kids to the soldiers and having them ride on their soldiers, who raised their hands.

If you talk about Goldonia’s enemy for many years, excluding the barbarians, there is none except Arkland. Defeating that enemy means the conflict has disappeared. The young king was able to accomplish what the former king of 30 years could not accomplish in a little over half a year.

The people believed in the greatness of the king, as well as believed in the strength of the army, and also the future of Goldonia. This is the explosion of happiness that resulted from that.

「Look over there! It’s lord Hardlett!」 「I heard he protected the castle all by himself and killed all the enemies!」
「I heard that he tore open the gates of the Arkland capital and called for victory!」

I stared at Erich but he sighed and looked away. It seems that the source of these exaggerated rumors was him.

「He has lots of women though.」 「You don’t know? He’s an incredible stud.」
「It seems all the women he sleeps with become sex maniacs.」 「I heard that he’ll sleep with anyone, from old women to young girls…」

When I stared at Erich, he returns the stare. So I guess this rumor was the result of my own actions.

「The people are amazing…with so many of them here…」

The rumored sex maniac Celia also seems to be excited.

The capital of Goldonia has a population of 60,000 but this is the aggregating point of the land route connecting the various countries and federations of the central plains. There are constantly wagons pulled to different locations that come in and out of here, caravans of merchants, the base for hawkers, people who stopped by due to curiosity, people who aim for crowds of people to sell to, in reality there should be way more people.

The children jump out, handing Celia a bouquet of flowers. Instead of handing it to a strong man, it’s easier to hand it to Celia. After receiving it with a complicated face she was kissed on the cheek.

Glad that the one who did it was a girl. If it was a boy then there would be a rain of blood.

「Here you go~」

Children and women are gathering around me holding flowers too. But it seems Schwartz is too tall and their hands couldn’t reach.

「Here come on.」


I hold the child by the waist and lift it up, resting on my shoulder. In addition to Schwartz’s height, you can see the frolicking scene of the path. Celia looks on jealously. I can do it for her too but won’t you think that it will be embarrassing in from of such a large public?

The young girls may have heard of the rumors about me and are gathering. When I reached out my hand to accept the bouquet of flowers I was suddenly kissed.

「I did it~!」 「Kyaa!!」 「If the rumors are true then I’ll get pregnant~♪」

The girls are making a fuss and making noise. Celia’s stares are getting worse but it’s not like she could yell at them in front of the crowd so she just continues to worry.

The squad moves slowly, as if they are stopped, all the way to the palace, the celebration and welcoming of the citizens continued for a long time. The plaza in front of the palace has squads already set up in place, the king is standing on the platform.

「You brave soldiers. And the citizens that are supporting them. I will declare here. We are victorious!」

The entire town cheered, as if an explosion went off.

「Give your extol and praise. Proud citizens of Goldonia!」

The voices extolling praise to the king resounded. Right now he didn’t even have to use hired applauders, support towards the king was spreading from all the country’s citizens.

「We have won. But we should not be satisfied! Enemies are everywhere, waiting for you to be defenseless as you sleep!」

The stirring spread. They could not imagine the next enemies in this place of celebrating a victory.

「But it is nothing to worry about. I will not let my guard down, Goldonia will not let its guard down. If we have everyone’s devotion and the strong army’s power, when the enemy shows up, we will once again be victorious!」

The king’s speech was received by the citizens. I was thinking that he probably thought this all up beforehand, while I stroke Irijina’s butt, who seems to look uncomfortable. Since the soldiers are all pretty dense together we won’t get found out. She glares at me but it’s not like she could make noise right now. Maybe I should just put my finger in like this.

「This victory will be engraved in history. And so will the heroes of this victory…Baron Erich Radhalde, Baronet Aegir Hardlett, step forward!」

As it was getting good, I get called. I go up to the platform with Irijina staring at my back.

「Baron Radhalde. Commanding the central army, defeating the enemy, a peerless achievement! In order to reward you I will appoint you with the title of Count, and I swear to grant you the corresponding territory.」

He skipped the title of Viscount and went straight to being a Count from Baron, exactly the treatment a hero gets. I’m also getting promoted like Erich so it doesn’t feel bad. I should just accept it and applaud for him.

「Lord Hardlett. You have done well on the battlefield, just like the god of battle. Even with a broken spear, crumbling armor, the appearance of you continuing to fight for the sake of the citizens is exactly the model of a noble! For that I will appoint you with the title of Viscount, and swear to grant you with territory.」

The king restrained the citizens with his hand when the citizens were oohing and aahing.

「In place of the spear that was broken for the sake of the country, I will give you a new blade.」

The spear that the two civil officials carried out sparkled with gold and silver, the handle had jewels inlaid in it.

「With that blade take revenge for our country and defeat the enemies.」

When I hold it in my hand it isn’t all that heavy. With all those jewels though it’s hard to hold…let’s try putting some strength into it.

Woah, crap! This isn’t good, this will really bend and twist! If I use both hands and put my strength into it, it’ll probably break, so much for this new blade.

If by any chance that it breaks I’ll probably be executed so I’ll handle it carefully. I turn to face the citizens and hold up the large spear. The sun reflected off the gold and the jewels so it looked quite sublime.

There was a larger amount of cheers that erupted than during Erich’s turn. It seems I have quite the talent for exciting the king’s citizens.

And thus the ceremony is over, and I finally return back to my house.

「Listen carefully, take great care with the spear when you hang it up. Don’t swing it around by mistake when a robber comes, you hear!?」

Erich pushes his fears on me. I can understand that this is just an ornament. If I threw it at a steel plated armor and helmet then this thing will break.

「Also, the Viscount title is different from what you had up till now, and amongst the nobles it has quite the status so don’t just simply eat up all the girls in town. You’re unmarried so the other parties will be interested in you.」

I cannot guarantee that. I want to ask my lower body.

「I hear that the details for the territory will be given tomorrow at the palace. I know the general idea…but don’t play too much with the girls tonight and be late, you hear?」

Erich has been scolding a lot lately. I guess for those people on top there are a lot of things to worry about.

Unlike the last time, the celebration for our triumphant return was quite grand. The ones at the house have probably made preparations as well. I also need to prepare myself and be ready.

The Celia who is keeping calm and making large strides is nice. It’s an excuse for Rita who is sticking to my arm, and Irijina who is looking around curiously.

For now, why don’t we buy some cake to please the girls.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett 20 years old Winter
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount
Annual salary 140 gold
Assets: 1000 gold (silver and below not counted)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword) , Jeweled spear (temporary)
Equipment: Black Cloak (Cursed)
Companions: Nonna, Melissa, Maria, Carla, Catherine, Irijina, Rita
Servants: Sebastian, Miti, Alma, Kroll, Nina
Subordinates: Celia (follower and lover), Leopolt, Agor, Carl, Christoph, Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 39



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