Chapter 532: Disarm the Second Landmine


Translator: Nat

As soon as I return, Sebastian informs me that a visitor is waiting for me and guides me to the parlor.

「I came.」

The one who says so playfully with a smile and has that recognizable curly blonde hair is Martory Leavat.
She is the sister of Cedric Leavat, Erich’s aide, and the woman who made quite a mess at the dinner party I recently attended.

Martory smiles sweetly and spreads her arms.
Before my brain could decide how to respond to the bold invitation for a hug, my body acts and embraces the woman.

In the next moment, Martory’s hand grabs my face and she jumps up to press her lips against mine.
She doesn’t waste any time and inserts her tongue in my mouth.

Although my mind is still confused at her action, which can’t even be described by the word daring at this point, my body reacts on its own accordingly.
My tongue accepts Martory’s tongue, my hand wraps around her waist, and my right leg wedges in between her thighs.

「Ahem!!! Uohhem!!」

I turn around because of the loud throat-clearing and see Nonna.

「Of course I’m here! I came to check on who the visitor was!!」

Nonna stomps over with heavy footsteps that don’t match her body size, cuts between me and Martory, and uses her humongous tits to knock her away.

「How can you do this to someone’s husband, have some shame!!」

For once, it is the yelling Nonna who has the advantage.
Coming without an appointment and bypassing the wife to kiss her husband is an act deserving of being hit.

「Don’t talk about it like someone else’s problem. Aegir-sama is also guilty for not holding back.」

Celia pokes my side.
Well, I can’t help it when my instincts tell me to accept a kiss from a woman.

「Is the Leavat family insulting me!? I accept the challenge!!」

Nonna slams her fist on the table, though the impact causes her to tremble and become teary-eyed.
It must have hurt quite a bit. It’s not something she normally does after all.

「Aha, I’m so sorry. Your husband is such a lovely man, I can’t help kissing him.」

Martory giggles, which further increases Nonna’s anger.

「No need to get so worked up. She’s drunk.」

The taste of alcohol lingers on my lips.
An empty bottle rolls out of Martory’s pocket as she slowly slithers from the sofa to the floor.

「That’s just plain rude.」

In any case I have to ask her the purpose of her visit.
Cedric is Erich’s confidant, so it must be something urgent.

「A letter……where did I put it again……oh right, in my cleavage……」

「Oh no. I better look for it.」

Nonna headbutts me as I am about to stick my hand between Martory’s breasts.

「This person, she doesn’t even have enough to hide anything. ……found it!」

Celia presumptuously gropes Martory’s body and finds the aforementioned letter.

「I’ll read it. Is that okay?」


Martory can’t form proper sentences anymore.
Celia sighs and then reads the contents of the letter.

「Let’s see, it was sent by Cedric Leavat. There is a bunch of preamble and――『I will be visiting with my sister soon so I ask that you please adjust your schedule』――so he says.」

「Well the person herself is here before any adjustments can be done.」

Nonna pokes the leg of Martory, who is now lying sideways on the sofa, with the end of her paper fan.

「Funya……Cedric was babbling on and on so I came first……uu……I feel gross, can’t hold it in anymore.」

Martory turns pale and stands up.
When I signal with my eyes, Sebastian, who appears quicker than I can give any instructions, supports Martory by the waist and shoulder, ensuring he isn’t being overly familiar, and escorts her to the bathroom.

We all chuckle nervously.

「She’s rude and out of line and makes me feel a bit sorry for the people in her house.」

Says Nonna.

「But travelling all the way here from the Leavat house by herself shows how much initiative she has.」

It is as Celia says, coming here alone is an impressive feat for a noble lady.
Whether she connected several long-distance carriages or received a ride from a merchant caravan, it would be impossible to get here if she wasn’t smart.

「Cedric is probably as white as a sheet and rushing over as we speak.」

I can watch over her until he gets here.
No big deal, babysitting a drunk is not hard.
I can take her around the city or something.

「I will accompany you then.」

Nonna steps forward.

「I’m not particularly interested in such a person, but you’re definitely going to have sex if I leave you alone!」

「I don’t think that’s a good idea.」

The unexpected individual who stops Nonna is Claudia.
She continues as the muscles on her arm sticking out of the tight tank top she changed into bulges.

「That person is an unmarried daughter of a knight, wasn’t she? She is clearly of a lower class. It is a bit abnormal to treat her so hospitably as a couple.」


When the words get stuck in Nonna’s throat, Claudia crosses her arms and further explains while emphasizing her chest muscles.

「If she is led by the lord alone, she will simply be seen as a woman past her prime who he is flirting with, and it won’t create any rumors of an affair.」


Nonna’s cheeks puff and Claudia matches by flexing her abs.

「Let the two of us go. I have something I want to confirm.」

I lower my head, promising not to do anything naughty.


Nonna pulls down my pants and draws a circle around the tip of my dick with lipstick.
I see, she can tell immediately if I used it from the state of the mark.

「Hahaha, don’t worry.」

I massage Nonna’s puffed cheeks to let the air out and also release the air from Celia’s cheeks a few seconds later.

By that time, Martory comes back from the washroom.

「Fuii……the stuff from that man who I sucked off earlier came back up and the smell was so bad……」

Alright, let’s go into the city before Nonna changes her mind.

「First, let’s get some alcohol~ I finished everything I have~」

I escort the dizzy Martory through the streets and into Andrei’s Hard-boiled Pavilion.

「You’re back.」

Andrei says brusquely when he sees me.
He doesn’t address me like a feudal lord, but we’ve already agreed to treat each other like we have in the past when I come to drink.
Booze doesn’t taste as good if we have to worry about bowing or not bowing our heads.

「Just give me something strong.」
「I want a milk-based cocktail~」

I whisper to Andrei after her request, telling him that she’s already drunk and to be generous with the milk.

It is daytime so the store is noticeably empty, but a few people here and there are still enjoying food and drinks.

「How’s business?」

「Not bad considering it hasn’t been long since the war ended. However all I’ve been serving is cheap stuff. The highest quality of black beast meat, which used to be ordered two or three times a day before the war, may not even be served for an entire week now……I guess their wallets aren’t that filled yet.」

Restoration is progressing, but it will take more time for things to return to normal.
One more push might be needed.

While I’m thinking about serious issues, Martory notices the weak alcohol content and dumps my drink into her milk. It’s rather troublesome to take care of a drunk who has good senses.

「Hey~ Is that girl your daughter~?」

Martory points to Andrei’s wife, Natalie.
She should already be in her mid-twenties, but looks like she isn’t much older than a teen girl.
Andrei has been laying his hands on a lot of young girls so their relationship doesn’t seem to be doing well lately.

「She’s my dearest wife.」

「No way!」

Martory is surprised as expected, but immediately smiles and leans her body forward.

「With her size, she must be small down there too, no? Will it even fit?」

Andrei has a similar height and build as me.
Of course that is going to raise doubts.

「My love will not hurt my wife or a girl.」

「Oh, so you’re tiny.」

Having heard our conversation, Natalie walks over while glaring at Andrei and Martory.

I don’t overlook that moment.
The brief fear and resignation that appears on Martory’s face fades after she shuts her eyes tightly, then she smiles again.

「Your wife is really cute. How about the three of us do it together some time? I can be on top or on the bottom.」

「No thank you.」

Natalie rejects the proposal and gives me a kiss on the arm in passing before walking off.
Martory lets out a sigh of relief.

「Aw she turned me down. Comfort me~」

Martory takes my hand and sticks it under her skirt in one swift motion.
When my finger touches the wet center between her hot thighs, she moans erotically.

「Don’t get excited in my shop.」
「Eeeh……doesn’t master like this kind of thing too?」

Martory proceeds to bare her chest and show Andrei her boobs.

「Female bodies and cooking are alike. Simply serving them randomly won’t whet my appetite.」

Andrei doesn’t become flustered.
He has a face with no trace of interest.

「I came with onions~ Ah!」

A girl who happens to be delivering vegetables coincidentally comes by and trips majorly in front of the counter.
Her short skirt, which she is wearing in order to move comfortably despite the cold weather, flips up.

「I saw it!!!」

Andrei shouts in a loud voice, causing Natalie to pounce with the countenance of a demon.

「I think it’s about time we leave. It won’t be much of a tour of the city if we only stop at a tavern.」

「Then we’re off to the next place~」

『Aah, God will not forgive such indecent behavior!』
『Who cares about God!? Right now your beautiful body is all I can see!』
『What is there to lose? I am the one who rightfully deserves your love.』

A man and a woman are laying with each other on stage.

This is the third stage of the Rafen theatre.
As the number of actors in the theatre increased, it became possible to hold multiple performances at the same time.

A romantic love story is being performed on the first stage.
A heroic chronicle of war slash action adventure drama is being performed on the second stage.
And finally, an erotic play is being performed on the third stage.

「Uuwah, uuwah, two of them are really going in her! I didn’t think there would be actual penetration in a play!」

Martory cackles in delight.
The one who wanted to watch the third play was obviously her.

Erotica naturally includes two people having sex but that is not all this play shows.
There is a proper story and the actors further heighten the level of arousal.

In this current scene, the heroine is caught in a scheme and is being violated by a middle-aged man.

『Fufufu, what a nice body you have. It will belong to me starting today.』
『Aah, someone……someone save me……from this terror, this misery――』

The heroine calls out the name of her lover from the bottom of her heart.
However the man mercilessly pushes her down from behind, forcing the heroine to yield with tears in her eyes.

「I’m sorry. I have to go to the restroom.」

Suddenly, Martory mutters in a deep voice and stands up with a hand covering her mouth.
I support her shoulder, thinking she’s going to puke again from drinking too much, but she brushes me off.
She runs with steady strides and disappears into the bathroom.

Her face is tense and her eyes are watery.
I’m sure she doesn’t only feel the urge to throw up.

「I think I can guess what it is.」

I choose not to chase after Martory and wait for her to come back.

Once she returns, she resumes laughing like nothing happened, but she can’t hide those reddened eyes from me.

「Where are we going next? Are we going to eat~? Or maybe we’re going to drink once more~?」


I take her hand and lead her outside the city walls.
Under the light of the gradually setting sun and avoiding people along the way, we find and sit down on a spot a fair distance away from the gates.

「Ahh, outdoor sex? You prefer it this way? I knew it, you’re quite the pervert~」

Martory grimaces slightly then smirks seductively before sticking out her tongue and gulping down the alcohol I gave to her.

I hold Martory and topple her onto the grass.

「Won’t you tell me the truth?」

I wrap Martory with an enveloping embrace within the grass.

「Nobody will hear us here. Nobody will see us.」

「Aah, sure. It’s not like I care if anyone sees me, but if you’re fine with that.」

Martory looks perplexed, wondering whether I’m going to strip or not.
It’s about time to get into the heart of the matter.

「You’re not a slut or a pervert. You dislike sex and men too, isn’t that right?」

Martory freezes.

Her kisses and mischievous acts at the Hard-boiled Pavilion were forced and resolute.
It’s like she was a kid who washed down the vegetables she hates eating with water, and had also borrowed the effects of alcohol.

「I’m around girls who are perverts down to their core and I’m also a pervert. That’s why I can tell.」

When I grab her shoulder, she twitches and tenses up.
If this was Catherine, she would relax instead.
Felteris would get turned on and get naked……wait, maybe she won’t go that far.

「You are acting. You are trying to be a slut.」

「Y-you’re wro-……」

I draw my face in for a kiss, which she reflexively blocks.
She immediately realizes and proceeds to give me a deep kiss, but if she genuinely enjoyed doing it, that split second hesitation would not have been present.

「Besides, you can’t act unless you’re dead drunk right? Or is there something you want to forget?」

The appearance of Mistry the other day comes to mind.

「Tell me. What is the reason you are acting like a slut?」

Receiving such a plain rejection is a good sign.
It’s like the first layer of skin has been peeled off.

「Then let’s do this.」

I stick a hand under Martory’s skirt and carefully pull down her underwear.

「I will pleasure you. If it feels good, you will tell me.」
「Huh? Why do I……uugh!」

I dive face first into her genitals and attack her with my mouth.
She pushes against my head but I’m not going to let that stop me.
For some reason, I’m sensing the same kind of aura around her that Mistry had. And that is something I can’t allow to persist.

My tongue and breath tickle her sensitive clit and I move down to her tightly closed lips, probably due to the cold, and trace the edges to tease them open.
I see, they are relatively used but it’s a facade.
She’s ten years too early to call herself a slut.

「I’m not going to say anything even if you do this. If you want to have sex, just put it in already.」

Martory spreads her legs while turning her head coldly to the side.
Fufufu, I expose my cock, wondering how long she can keep that attitude――

One Hour Later.

「Ugyuu! Noo! I-I’m going to-!!」

Her feet point out and liquid gushes out from her vagina.
I brush away the hand holding my head back and plunge my face further in so I can shove my tongue into her hole.

「I keep cumming!! My body, my insides are going to split!!」

She flails her legs and twists her upper body to no avail as the thin limbs of a woman can’t hope to repel me.
When I suck her clitoris hard, she lets out a vulgar “nnoh” sound that a decent woman shouldn’t make.

「Ah, aaaah……」

Her entire body goes limp and a stream of urine pours out.
It’s about time.

「Now tell me.」

「Uuu, please wait until my pee stops.」

Martory covers her face with her hands as she sprinkles the abundance of urine from drinking all that alcohol and resigns herself to explaining her circumstances.

House Leavat, unlike me or Erich, originally resided in Goldonia.
Their house served a lord who was close to the capital and honestly had no money to spare for luxuries but earned enough to not starve.

One day, their lord encountered trouble with a neighbor.
The Leavat family was an outsider that didn’t know anything about the issue, but the blame ultimately fell on them for some reason.
I am guessing both of the parties involved in the conflict wanted to settle the matter but couldn’t due to their pride and reached an agreement by passing responsibility to a worthless knight house.

The Leavat family suffered a terrible amount of shame and Martory, who was of marriageable age at the time, was sent to the other feudal lord as a hostage to prevent another problem.

Of course, taking a hostage was just a front for desiring a young woman.
The virgin was horribly raped and then returned to her family when her belly enlarged as if the lord was doing them a favor.

「……I didn’t give birth to the baby. It’s not that I couldn’t, I didn’t.」

「Mm, you don’t have to say anymore.」

On the verge of breaking down after having been turned into someone’s lover in her prime, Martory convinced herself to be a slut.

「I love sex so it doesn’t hurt. Life as a lover is also fun and children are unavoidable. It’s because I’m a slut.」

So Martory’s continued debauchery was supported by alcohol and those beliefs.

「Forget about it with the liquor.」

By the way, this one incident completely fractured the trust of the feudal lord the house served for generations and they have sided with Erich ever since the political upheaval.

I remember that one traditional noble, Count so-and-so, who treated Martory like a toy.
If I recall, he fell off his horse and died while patrolling his territory after the war ended.
I think I mentioned how clumsy he was to Leopolt.

Looking back, it may not have been unrelated that Cedric, her younger brother, became Erich’s aide at that point in time.

「Aaah, I feel so refreshed after that.」

Martory stretches, her body appearing light like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders, and then shivers probably because of her soaking wet lower half.

She proceeds to take out a small bottle.

「Tomorrow is a full moon, you know. I was going to gaze up at the moon and drink this, planning to die. I wanted to visit Rafen once before that, which was why I hurried over……but now I guess I don’t have to.」

The bottle is thrown, rolls on the ground and drops into a hole dug by a mole.

Man, I knew she was hiding something like this.
That was a close call.

「If you’ve decided to live, why don’t we see the deed through to the end? If you really dislike men, I won’t force you though.」

I wrap my arm around her shoulder and softly kiss the back of her hand before guiding it to my crotch.

「Let’s do it. Just don’t do it from the back when I’m on all fours. That triggers the trauma from when my virginity was taken.」

So that position was why she stood up and left to vomit during the play.

「Then shall we try a more novel position, for example――」

「Upside down……? Dangling……? Walking together while sticking close to each other……? I-I’ve never heard of those.」

Fufufu, and you call yourself a slut? You’re a hundred years too soon.
Just when I am thinking of transforming her into a true pervert with intense sexual pleasure, I hear a scream in the distance.

「Hurry, hurry――something outrageous will happen because I let my sister go alone!!」

Rushing in at a tremendous speed on his horse is Cedric.
He must have scrambled here when he discovered his sister went missing.

「I’ll escort you.」
「Yes please.」

Martory and I promptly stand up, toss our wet underwear into the same hole dug by a mole, and start talking about a topic plausible for where we are.

「This is called the city walls and it’s made of stone.」
「Oh, amazing.」

Cedric also seems to have found us.

「Ah, sister! And Lord Hardlett as well……sorry I’m late……」

「This is called a gate. It opens.」

I pretend to notice Cedric only just now.

「Oh hey, it’s you Cedric. I am currently guiding your sister on a tour of the city.」
「Look, it’s the walls and the gate. They’re incredible.」

Cedric looks dubiously at us, but pats his chest knowing that his sister hasn’t been turned into a mess.

「I apologize for the sudden visit――this is……」

When greeting us in a standard way, Cedric realizes the change in his sister.

「Sister, you are quite docile today.」

Martory sneaks a glance at my face and then smiles.
There was a dark shadow associated with death and despair looming over Martory as she was acting out her debauchery.
Now it has disappeared completely. Being her brother, he would naturally notice that.

「Talking to Lord Hardlett……I mean, Aegir-sama has made me feel better. It made me consider stopping the consumption of alcohol and the luring of men.」


Martory pats Cedric on the head as his eyes widen and he becomes speechless.
I call over Celia to try and replicate the familial love displayed.

「S-sister……sister……haa, haa. Please pat me more, sister……」


Cedric’s face has become flushed and melted with emotion.
What is that about? This is familiar.

「You as well……both of you are the same, huh?」

I head for my mansion at a loss for what else to say.
As her younger brother is being satisfied with the patting, Martory turns to me and sucks her finger.
I guess I didn’t screw up after all.


「So, I know it’s kind of late, but this is the result of the investigation?」

The results of the investigation I hired Rebecca to conduct were sent to me by a puny girl.
When the adorable child suddenly clarified “it’s the investigation on that” in a low-pitched voice, I was shocked enough to pat her ass.

There is no name or anything for that matter written on the envelope.

When I cut the seal with a knife and open the envelope, I see a thick red line crossing out “Berecca” and the word “Rebecca” written over it in correction.
There is an angry-looking face drawn next to it.
I’m guessing she is trying to say she won’t forgive anyone if they get her name wrong.

「There are people who will get Rebecca’s name wrong? Stupid guys, they must be imbeciles.」

I snicker as I read the contents of the letter.

『Information degree of accuracy: B+ Mistry Schmidt. Incinerate after viewing.』

I flip the page and mutter to myself.

「I knew it.」

『Information from a servant: Took a bath and slept together with younger brother, Reval Schmidt, until she was 14 years old. Suspected of sharing a love beyond that of brother and sister, she was given the title of Ormud Viscount and forced to leave the mansion.』

『Information from a vassal: There were discussions within the family about imprisoning the mentally-ill Mistry and debates about banishing her to a remote area under the guise of treatment, but Reval Schmidt was adamantly opposed to the idea. Because of that stance, a decision on that seems to have been delayed.』


I whip the document on the desk.

「Good going! I thought you were merely a clamoring idiot!」

Whether she is his older or younger sister, any stance which protects women is splendid.
He was unable to make her his or heal her heart, but doing something is better than nothing.
I may have to rethink how I treat him.

「Lord Hardlett, the results of the investigation have been compiled.」

Leopolt enters the room.
He spots the document I neglected on the desk and tosses it into the fireplace.

「As you can see, Berecca has already looked into the matter with Reval.」

「That is convenient.」

Leopolt unfolds the results of an investigation on Cedric and Martory.

「What good is investigating allies?」

「Ally? Who might you be referring to?」

Don’t say such twisted things with those unclouded eyes.

With an air of distaste for his statement, I look at the investigation presented by Leopolt.

After Martory was released and returned to her home, Cedric stopped her several times from attempting suicide.
Afterward, he desperately searched for suitable marriage partners and places for her to recuperate, but rumors of her debauchery destroyed everything.

Feeling he was left with no choice, he decided to make her his own wife and pulled her into bed, but he was unluckily witnessed by a maid and that caused quite a problem.

Ever since then, Cedric distanced himself from her and he became unable to control her wild behaviors.

「I admire your spirit but you that’s not good enough. If you decided to do it, at least be prepared to drag the maid in for an orgy and impregnate her too!」

「This is a critical moment.」

Leopolt comments quietly.
I didn’t think you would be interested in scandals like these.

「Lord Hardlett has slept with both women, right?」

「No, just one, but I was close with the other.」

Leopolt nods. This is a little surreal.

「Cedric and Reval……or the Schmidt family in the back, to be exact. Both parties are the keystone of their respective factions…… and we have essentially gotten a hold of their weaknesses, but we have to be careful of their handling or we may turn both sides against us.」

Mistry’s life was ruined by the assault of a savage man.
Martory was sacrificed because of a struggle of power between high-ranking nobles and treated as a toy.

「Both have come into contact with Lord Hardlett. Even the friendly Cedric……」

It’s unlikely to happen, but if I treat Martory cruelly, humiliate her in public or corner her into killing herself, Cedric will ignore both profit and loss and Erich and will possibly become hostile towards me. Needless to say, the same applies with Reval.

「Now is the time to give my all.」

I slap my thigh.

At the exact timing, someone knocks on the door.

「May I please speak to you?」

It’s Martory’s voice.
I gather the investigation reports and drop them all in the fireplace before standing up.

Zwei Elfie.

One gargantuan voice overwhelms the surrounding hustle and bustle of an already noisy bar filled with excited customers.
The vibrations caused by the roar are strong enough to tip over a pile of meat stacked on a table.

「So you see, that’s why I can’t go north to Goldonia or to the Federation. The Empire to the south is also a bad idea, which is why I’m here!」

「Makes sense.」

Visitacion mutters in a voice far softer than Zaphnes’s voice.

「It’s not impossible for me to hide in Goldonia, but a man of my caliber can’t stand living in obscurity!」

Gido and Visitacion, feeling annoyed at how Zaphnes won’t stop talking, reach for the food on the table. There were no towns or villages on the journey to this city so it has been a while since their last proper meal.

「There’s no better place for a wanted man to earn a lot of money with his body than this city! That’s why I came.」

When the baby starts crying, Visitacion glares at Zaphnes, but he doesn’t seem to notice.

「This is just between us, okay?」

「The whole bar can hear you though. Your voice echoes.」

Gido’s complaint was drowned out by nearby clattering and didn’t reach Zaphnes’s ears.

「I am trying to make a certain woman mine. I was one step away but I failed. She sold me for 35 gold coins to hide her embarrassment! She’s got a few quirks to say the least.」

「How do you still have a pulse?」

「You’re pretty optimistic……that is amazing.」

Zaphnes takes a generous bite out of a piece of meat, only swallowing the most delicious part and throws the rest on the floor.
Skinny men, who probably don’t have any money, swarm around the leftovers.

Zaphnes watches in amusement and smiles.

「I was no better than a rat at first, like these guys. I was marched off into a newly discovered cave like a slave. That’s when orcs and goblins came out in droves.」


Zaphnes gauges the reactions of the other two then nods in content.

「The other small fry adventurers were falling like flies and the only ones left were myself and the person who bought me. When I offered to protect him for 35 gold, he nodded like a sycophant!」

Zaphnes checks to see how the two react again.

「This is tasty.」
「Really? This one is rotten. Change it.」

He nods and continues.

「I stood in front like the walls of White City, cutting down goblin after goblin and chopping off the arm of an orc to defeat it. In the end, the guy who bought me died from a stray spear, but I was richer from the 35 gold and the additional reward, and I ultimately officially became a free man.」

「That’s no good.」

Gido’s words don’t reach him at all.

「Oh right, Visitacion, was it? How long has it been since you gave birth?」


Zaphnes sits next to Visitacion with his body facing her.

「If you can use that hole of yours, why not become my woman? I’m strong and I’m rich. Not to mention I’m pretty well-endowed down there. You won’t find a better man than me to sleep with!」

「What a horrible way of seducing a girl……」

Visitacion shivers from the chill that runs down her spine.

「Muu, well I’m down whenever you change your mind, but if you wait too long and women gather around me, your turn might not come.」

Disappointed, Zaphnes returns to his seat and smiles again when the two finish eating.

「Did you enjoy the food? It was the best this garbage city has to offer. There’s no way it didn’t taste good. And now that I’ve treated you, you owe me.」

The two of them exchange looks like they got into undesired trouble.

「I found a fort in a certain place, you see. The strategic location of the fort makes it the military center of the area, and there is no doubt that a large amount of weapons are stockpiled there. However, the fort was crushed and buried by large bugs, and the warehouse is believed to have sunk underground. Swords and spears are a given, but we might also find expensive horse tack, bows, crossbows, and cannons if we’re lucky. If discovered, the profit will be enormous!」

He pauses for a second before adding to his explanation.

「It will be highly dangerous because nobody has gone inside. There will likely be surviving insects or dead soldiers who haven’t been eaten and have turned into zombies or skeletons. Normally, I’d rather have twenty people to accompany me……」

「「Can’t you recruit them?」」

Zaphnes slaps Gido firmly on the shoulder, making him groan, and tries to caress Visitacion’s cheek, but gets his hand bitten.

「The three of us can make a fortune together! I’ll take 50% and you two can split the rest! Now come, pay me back for the food!」

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.
Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City. Mad Demon God. Poison Resistance (strong). Counselor (temporary).

Appears in the present story:
Nonna (monitoring), Reval (loves his sister), Cedric (sisterly love), Martory (suicide interrupted), Mistry (departure)
Rebecca (angry), Gido (woman-hater), Visitacion (lone wolf and cub), Zaphnes (charismatic adventurer)

Territory Population
Total: 365 000
Rafen: 47 000, Lintbloom: 8 000
Richemott (former Libatis): 34 000, Zwei Elfie: 2700

Personnel: Infantry: 1000, Cavalry: 500, Escort: 30
Armaments: Cannons: 30, Large Cannons: 15, Dwarven Cannons: 15, Field Artillery: 10, Chariots: 30

Assets: -281 000 gold (gold ore large +12 000), (adventurer bonus -1000)
Sexual Partners: 816
Children who have been born: 71 + 567 (++)
Current Location: Rafen


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