Chapter 54: Territory Noble


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After the celebration of our triumphant return was over, I had the honor of being appointed as Viscount and came home bringing the newly released cakes.

「Do you think they’ll argue?」

「I think so.」

Celia responds immediately without mercy.

「You have gotten three more mistresses. Everyone won’t not get angry.」

Hm? There’s only Irijina and Rita though…is there someone else?

「It’s me! I’ve also become a woman didn’t I?!」

I’ve been playing around with her all this time but It never entered my mind. Celia became a woman because of me after all.

「That body has thoroughly taken in that thick thing quite well!!」
「I bet it was a scene where a little girl was being destroyed.」

Irijina and Rita were teasing her.

「Shut up! This is close to the house so please stop. You’ll start rumors!」

This is a up to chance now. I should return while leaving those two in Celia’s shadow without saying anything.

「It’s impossible to hide Irijina-san…since my height only reaches up to her breasts…」

「 「 「 Welcome back Master, you did well not to get injured.」 」 」

At the entrance, Sebastian greeted me at the head of the line with the other servants. He has been standing by since the ceremony for our triumphant return? Even though it’s his job, he’s working hard.

After the greeting Miti ran off, bursting into the living room. Every household member is there, so we can hear the voices.

「Master has come back. And he’s safe!」

Wow what a shrill voice, but right after…this voice is Nonna?

「How many are there!? How many women did you bring back!?」

「Two of them! A large one and a slightly older one.」


Celia covers her face and laughs. I want to laugh too but I won’t.

「Hahah…large. I guess it’s true that I’m big.」
「That kid just now, what’s her name? I should re-educate her…」

「So what about their belly?! Is there a woman who is pregnant!?」

Nonna sounds overly desperate.

Her voice is coming closer.

The first one is Carla, she jumped at me and hugged me. After a hot kiss she let go of my body.

The second is Maria, as if she was embarrassed she gave a light peck.

The third is Melissa, a kiss like she was licking me, a passionate one.

The last is Nonna, she probably fell over when she heard how many people there were, and then she stumbled so she’s late. The breasts that I haven’t seen in such a long time are overwhelming as usual.

A hot kiss, naturally my hand gets sucked into her breasts. Even though she has a small build her breasts could not be held by both hands. As I got cocky and started to rub more thoroughly, Nonna’s kiss moved down from my mouth to my neck.

「And that’s enough! Are you going to start here?」

I returned to my senses since Carla intervened.

「I’m not like you, I won’t do something like that! …and also wasn’t it you who tripped me earlier?」

「Who, me? Maybe you just have bad balance because of those huge breasts of yours?」

Nina lowers her head on the side. Leopolt takes his coat off without saying it and throws it. The girl who catches it smiles as she buried her face so that the person couldn’t see it.

There is also such a quiet relationship.

「Wait Carla, what are you taking off!?」

「I was thinking that we could do it once before we eat, you wanna do it too Melissa?」

「It isn’t you who decides, but Aegir-san!」

「Don’t strip at the front door! You pervert!」

There is also such a noisy, but interesting relationship.

It seems the bath is already prepared. I give the cake to the kids, telling them not to get close to the bathroom. It’s bad for their education after all.

「Especially Miti, don’t peek today.」

「Wh-, what are you talking about!?」

「If you want to see then say it clearly, I’ll show it to you right in front of your eyes.」

We leave Miti who turned red and first we’ll get everyone in the bath.

「Umm…I would like it if you could introduce those girls behind you though…」

Maria asks, everyone nods. Of course I intend to do so. I’ll do it slowly in the bathroom.

With me in the center we submerge ourselves in the bathtub, the girls who aren’t able to fit in there sat and laid on the clean, polished floor. It is quite informal in the bathroom, so everyone was opening their legs without worrying, and laying around to relax. Rather than caring about manners, it’s a place where you can heal your heart comfortably.

「 「 「 「Wow!」 」 」 」

The girls in the mansion all raised their voices in unison and looked at me.
…at the wounds.

「I got it in the war. It’s not that rare is it?」

「Isn’t rare? But it’s all over your body…are you alright?」

As expected Carla goes pale and asks me.

「I’m fine. It’s something that I could sleep off.」

Actually I almost died from it but it can’t be helped that they’re worried over something that’s already over.

「Is that so, I’m glad. But after it turns into a scar it becomes quite rugged and sexy. Say, tonight…why don’t you pretend to be a thief and rape me-」 「If you want to be stupid, do it over there!」

Melissa follows Nonna’s instructions and retrieves Carla.

「It’s your precious body, so you should take care of yourself more. And also, sorry for being rude but…is your tool alright?」

Nonna peeks at my crotch, gently checking my rod and my balls.

「What the-! Isn’t that woman the pervert!?」

「You’re wrong! This is talking about the possibility of the head of the house injuring his precious thing on the battlefield and thus discontinuing the bloodline-」

I feel calm listening to this argument. Irijina and Rita are rolling their eyes but they will eventually be used to it.

「Um…protecting the princess, the wounded knight, with his body covered in wounds pushes down the princess and she can’t resist…why don’t we do it once with this scenario tonight…」

Nonna secretly whispers in my ear.
As I thought you and Carla get along well under the surface.

I urge Irijina and Rita and push them beside the other girls. The main goal for today is to have the girls open their hearts. You girls should talk to each other lots.

「Eeeh…so you were a soldier of Arkland?」

Melissa is laying on top of the cloth on the floor while talking with Irijina. When talking about Arkland, Maria is the only one who makes a strange face, but the other girls seem unrelated so they didn’t pay much attention to it.

「Yeah, I was captured on the battlefield. I don’t remember much when I had my purity taken from me and seed poured into me. And then I thought that I had no choice but to become his wife, but first they say that I should be a lover.」

Celia flicks her head to the side and looks there. It seems that she was the one who told her the lie.

「Aegir-san…what can I say, it must have hurt…」

「Don’t misunderstand. It wasn’t rape. He told me that he loved me.」

The goal this time is to make all the girls open their hearts. If I interject it wouldn’t produce a good result, I’ll just enjoy the water in the tub and ignore them.

「You have worked as a maid?」

Maria is very deeply interested in Rita and the word ‘maid’.

「Yes, however me and the other maids were treated as toys by that pig of a feudal lord. That was when Hardlett-sama came and punished that pig, stealing us away.」

Carla and Irijina oohed and applauded. To Irijina she could relate with her since she had lord killed too.

「Then the other maids offered their bodies to Hardlett-sama, I as well, my body and my heart have fallen…and I decided to follow him wherever he may go.」

「By the other maids, how many people are you saying?」

「Five people.」

「Everyone…is on that bed together?」

「Yes, at first we wanted to thank him by servicing him, but his tool was quite splendid and his technique was amazing…so conversely we were the ones who got exhausted.」

「I was also saved from the brothel, I was a prostitute so I thought I had quite the amount of experience, but even so it was something so amazing that I’ve never seen before.」

「Yes, I had thoughts that this was all a dream and I was being fucked by an orc or a horse…」

「Well I had that thing up my butt before! It tore me though.」

When they get excited, dirty jokes start coming out one after the other, are girls the same as guys in that respect?

Gathering seven women here and their talking won’t stop. The two that were awkward at first have already blended in with them quite naturally. It’s been awhile that Celia is the only one left, enjoying the bath by herself, I guess she couldn’t get into the conversation.

「Uueeee~….i」 [1. Nat: stretching sounds]

While using the bathtub, she exhaled for a long time. I’m delighted that you became an adult woman but I wouldn’t want you to become an old man.

「Well, Irijina-san and Rita-san, I hope we get along from now on.」

Maria closed things up and the party in the bath is over. Aside from Carla, she’s using -san to address the two of them.

I guess it’s because Rita is the oldest one, and Irijina is simply big so there may be some intimidation factor.

「Then since the two of you don’t have a room prepared, please come in my room.」

Celia pulled the two of them to her own room.

「Why? Are we not going to Hardlett-dono’s room?」
「That’s right, the evening is just starting…」

「Everyone has been holding back for half a year. Why don’t you be lenient at least for today?」

「Ara? I don’t mind though…well that’s because Celia-san gets only foreplay right?」

Nonna strokes Celia on the head. She’s treating her like a child. But Celia brushes away that hand.

「Fufun, I also became Aegir-sama’s woman in the real sense. That’s why I will also participate in the ladies’ agreement!」

Celia looks at Rita. She probably wants her to back her up.

「…Well I did confirm the red flower that bloomed on the sheets.」

「He slept with you!?」 「Finally…」 「Celia-chan are you alright? Did it hurt?」 「Aah, there’s also a person here with a preference for little girls…」

Celia puffs her chest out slightly. I take the girls to the bedroom to question them.

The interrogator caused everyone to faint by midnight.

That night

「Hey, you were called Kroll if I recall right? Let’s get along from now on!」

「Irijina? -san. Yeah, let’s get along…uwah!!」

Kroll fell over. It’s understandable, Irijina’s appearance was that of her underwear only, hiding her lower half, meaning her large breasts and her toned body was exposed.

「Wh-why are your clothes-!」

「Oh today I didn’t really get to swing my spear around. I thought that I would sweat a little with a few swings, since my senses get dulled if I neglect my training.」

「If so, then the bath…」

「It’s not that big a deal. I can just pour some water over it and it’ll be fine.」

The season has already become winter, it won’t be like the freezing temperature of the Federation but it isn’t a temperature you can be frolicking around in your underwear.

「There were no baths in the army after all. Something like this is nothing to me!」

While half-naked she swings her spear once, her breasts jiggle around.


「What’s wrong? Oh I caused it to swell did I?!」

Irijina speaks without restraint. She still hasn’t completely gotten used to treating him like a child. And also she has been living with the men in the army. She wouldn’t think it was anything wrong to show her bathing to a servant child. Without holding back, she gripped his crotch from on top of his clothes. She didn’t touch him in a naughty way, but just rubbed the head in a rough-ish sort of way.

「Wh-!! You’re so rough.」

「Hm…it’s much smaller compared to Hardlett-dono! I guess this is as big as it gets for kids?」


The young boy droops his head. Regardless of age, words like ‘small’ and ‘cute’ are taboo for boys. Moreover, Irijina’s voice was loud, it hurt him even more unnecessarily.

「Hm, you’re 13 right? If you train hard and become a strong man like Hardlett-dono, then the women will come to you, devote yourself!」

Irijina laughs grandiosely, her hand releasing its grip on his crotch, patting his head. With that rhythm, her breasts touch Kroll’s face.


「Oh, sorry ‘bout that. I used to much strength. Did it hurt?」

「N-no…I’m fine…」

「I see! Then I’m going back to my room. See ya tomorrow!」

Irijina was aware of her own super strength and was worried that she hit him on the head too hard. But the cause of Kroll’s shouting lies in his lower half.


The feeling of her breasts touching his face caused him to discharge, dirtying his pants. In the winter night, in the chilly temperature, a young boy with his lower half exposed is washing his pants with the ice-cold water from the well.

The next day Royal Palace

「Lord Hardlett…no, Viscount Hardlett. I have heard about your success. Despite my age, my heart was dancing as if I have heard stories of the heroes of legend as a child!」

「I am unworthy of your praise.」

Erich and I were called to the palace to have the official granting of noble status and the acceptance of territory. Before declaring it openly and publicly, it can’t be taken back but it needs to have an official oath or something of the sort.

The territory that is being bestowed upon us is the former Arkland’s eastern area, it’s the territory that is like the highway that connects Treia’s motherland and Goldonia. It is quite the remote area but Erich probably expected it since his expression didn’t change.

「It’s true that it is far from the road and doesn’t have a large population. However unlike the southern and central area, it hasn’t been affected by war as much, it should be easy to rule over.」

As if to continue where the king left off one of the civil officials steps forward.

「As the project of the kingdom, we are also improving the maintenance of the road. It will eventually be a road that will pass through all the way to the Treia kingdom.」

Currently there is only one road that is maintained that goes from Goldonia to the south. Because the river is close to the source, you cannot go upstream against the flow that quickly.

「Even though our country is the major trading partner with the Federation, we cannot ignore relations with the various countries in the southern plains, as well as the rising empires. So it isn’t good that we only have one road.」

But if you draw the road all the way to the borders of Treia, crossing the border will be the area where Mel and Mireille and the other villages that I’ve left are. Rather than a road, I believe that place only has a twisting and turning path of beasts that I ran into…it’s not like they can create a path using the territory from other countries.

But still, it’s not like it will help them any if I think about how they should develop the country. Let’s just listen without saying anything.

「As I said before it is a remote area but it is a large area. The eastern region’s area is close to half of the occupied land that our country has gained, if you include the high ground where the mountain people live then it would be several times larger.」

The population is one eighth though, he added.

「There are many places in the mountain people’s territory that has not been surveyed yet, so it’s a place with promising territory.」

Erich is quietly listening but things like development and surveying are things that I don’t really understand. I’ll just hand it off to someone else to handle.

For an instant, someone’s name seemed to come to mind, but the wind came from the window blew up the skirt of a lady, taking my attention away and causing me to forget. The civil official continues his explanation.

「Count Radhalde’s territory will be the eastern region…for convenience let’s call it the Arkland passage. The north half of the passage, it’s adjacent to our country.」

Hm, it is indeed a beautiful half.

「Viscount Hardlett’s territory will be the south half, it will be the side adjacent to the Treia kingdom.」

Although our titles are different, the area is about the same.

「Of course it isn’t equal. The north side has good convenient transportation, so people gather there often. The area is the same but the difference in income is apparent.」

Eeh I see, as I drink tea and ignore it. My attendant Celia is behind me taking notes. Her memorization ability is proven, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Here the king once again starts speaking.

「There are reasons other than your merits in battle that warranted your status to skip Baron and become a Viscount. Count Radhalde is serving as the army commander so he can’t just keep watch over his own territory. That’s why I want you, who possesses the territory beside him, to be a proxy in keeping the peace and maintaining safety.」

In other words, instead of Erich, who cannot normally leave the capital, I will take his place and protect his territory together with mine from the bandits and mountain barbarians. To be the substitute for a Count, a Baronet is too low of a status. Therefore I was promoted to a Viscount, it’s good that this is easy to understand.

「So am I dismissed from the army?」

「No, during wartimes I will leave the nation’s army in your hands. But at the present moment there are no large threats. It would be meaningless to have you watch over the training everyday. You will keep your standing but there is no need to permanently lead the troops.」

That is certainly true. I don’t really remember what the army usually does for its regular training. So I’ll only be called when it looks like it will be wartime…? It might be nice that I don’t have to be troubled.

But I have one issue.

「If I don’t have an army to lead I won’t be able to maintain security though..?」

Don’t tell me that he wants me to do something devilish like kicking away everyone on my own.

「Don’t worry. I will establish a new independent eastern army to send there. They will belong to the nation’s army but you will be the commander. You will lead this army to maintain security, suppress the bandit tribes and if possible expand your territory.」

「A predetermined sum will be given to Viscount Hardlett from the national treasury for the cost of managing and maintaining the army.」

The civil official supplements.

「Of course, if you want to further increase your military strength, we don’t mind if we increase as much as our expenses can increase for that. If you want to add to your troops I will not harbour any doubts towards you nor prevent you from doing so.」

Rapid expansion of the army’s forces may invite doubt from the king, but he says that I don’t have to worry about it.

「For now our country can only expand to the lands of the mountain bandits immediately. So I don’t mind if you expand as much as you can, I will also give out rewards.」

The northeastern part of Goldonia, outside the central plains and north of the large mountain range, there is a large territory being expanded by bandits, but when the bandits here get invaded they stand up together with the clan that they normally have conflicts with. In the past there was a history of the Federation dispatching several tens of thousands of soldiers but they were brutally defeated so they couldn’t make any moves on them.

To that point, the mountain people living at the base of the mountain has no interactions with the other tribes, so they are not such a huge existence. Of course they are a large enough threat to a single region.

「Then that will be it. I will let you know as soon as the troops and funds are ready. …This is your problem but, I think that it will also be good if Viscount Hardlett becomes a retainer too.」

Erich and I line up and leave the room. Since there is a person who is a superior around, Celia is keeping her distance. When I told her that she doesn’t need to hold back and come jump into my chest, she replied with ‘oh you joke’.

「Well, Radhalde…Count」

「Say it more smoothly, I’ll lose face.」

「What does he mean by retainer?」

「…I see, you are not familiar with the noble society.」

According to Erich, a retainer is a relationship between similar nobles akin to a master and servant. Normal nobles are appointed by the king to have equivalent social status but there are differences between ranks but Baron is not the subordinate of the Marquis and he doesn’t need to listen to his orders.

It is here that the relationship between the lord and the retainer is born without the assistance of the royal family. For example, if there is a noble being invaded by a neighboring country or bandit tribes, unless there is an order from the royal family the other nobles has no obligations to assist, but for lord and retainer, they can help each other independently.

Moreover it is natural politically for the lord and retainer to have the same standing, it is often that the nobles who are retainers will have their intentions become that of the camp’s intentions.

Even as the royal family, if they are able to grasp this relationship they can narrow their aim at a key noble and earn support for their policy and then they can move as a unit.

And Erich has already taken other new nobles like me as the core and has gotten many retainers.

Celia is nodding while taking in the information.

「In short…it’s like the relationship of superior and subordinate in the army. You will listen to my instructions, I will help you, and take responsibility for your actions.」

「My responsibility…is it?」

Erich’s face turned pale instantly.

「Hey, is it possible that you have some serious problem hidden from me!?」

Well I don’t really remember.

「Anyway, it is also the will of his Majesty. Think it over.」

I’ll put it on hold for now.
Just as my boss became only the king, why would I want to purposefully bind myself again. Even if I don’t have that sort of relationship with Erich we can do just fine together.

The reactions from those at home were divergent.

「We finally got the territory! Aah how wonderful!! Then my honor~~~the noble~~~」

「We’re going somewhere else again. Even though the bath is nice~make it again ‘kay?」

「This time it’s in the rural area~? I wonder what it’s like.」

「I will be wherever Aegir-sama is. Why are you petting my head?!」

「What will we do with these kids…」

「Hm? Bandit tribes? Thieves? I can’t wait!」

「As long as I have Hardlett-sama and a bed, I can go anywhere…」

In actual fact, everyone is doing their own thing. But I also understand Melissa’s concerns. If this mansion is vacant then the kids will also lose their jobs.

Melissa, who was looking after them and teaching them, thought of them as if they were her own kids. To leave them would be heartrending…no we can’t do that.

Melissa gave it some thought and as if she reached a conclusion, stepped forward. Then she knelt to the ground in front of me, bringing her head to the floor. It’s something unthinkable from her usual aloof attitude.

「Aegir-san. Please forgive me for returning your good with evil…I, do not want to leave from here!」

I thought she would do something like this. It is obvious even to outsiders that Melissa looks the happiest when she is surrounded my children and having them rely on her. I know that she spends her own allowance to buy snacks for the kids and she treasures the time with the kids during tea time. She isn’t able to so easily throw away the times of happiness that surrounded her when she thought she was unable to get it for herself.

「I will definitely pay you back for the money you spent to buy me and the money that I’ve used up until now, even if I have to sell my body. So please…」

While Melissa was speaking with tears, the other girls look on, the children are also looking on with concern.

「What are you talking about?」

Nonna interjects.

「We are not going to fire the servants. For the nobles that hold territory, it is natural that they will have to visit several times a year, and if the king hires you, you will have to make haste to reach the capital. At that time will you stay at an inn? The mansion will be a residence to stay at in the capital and we will maintain it as is.」

That’s how it is. It seems that Erich will always be calling on me to eat and drink anyways. Then our plans are decided, it is regrettable but it can’t be helped.

「Melissa, you will remain here in the capital and look after this house. Of course I will give you the necessary amount of money, and the children will continue to work here. That will be fine right?」

She looks like a woman that has been thrown out but it’s her own wish. Also there will be many times that I will come to the capital. At that time I will be embracing her, and if she has been taken by another man then I will forcibly pull her to the territory if necessary.

「Ah….aah…thank you very much.」

Melissa hugs me. The children also hug her. Celia kicks away Kroll who was burying his face in Melissa’s ass. It was such a scene.

In order to prevent Melissa from cheating I will have to be very affectionate with her.

「It doesn’t seem like the exact location of the territory has been determined yet. For a while I will stay with you here.」

I hug her tightly.

「I will give you plenty of loving.」

I won’t be giving her any punishment, just gently enjoying her ass.

「Kyaa, even my ass will be broken…but I’m still happy.」

We hug and kiss each other, while hugging we move to the bedroom.

「 「Have fun~」 」

The two who have had their asses broken in already, Carla and Nonna, wave their hands. You two can actually get along as I thought.

When we arrive at the bedroom, Melissa leaves my arms and puts her hands on the window sill. Even though it was just a little foreplay I can smell the lewd atmosphere instantly.

She turned and looked back at me, sticking her tongue out and twisting her body, she slowly slouched over and spread her legs. Melissa’s skirt is much too short, way above the knees, with a large incision. If she bent forward with her legs open, she wouldn’t even need to flip up her skirt for me to see her underwear.

「You want to help me remove it?」

「No, I’m just watching.」

When I sat on the bed, Melissa gave a sensational smile and started to shake her hips. While swaying her hips she slowly slid her underwear off. After a while, when she was fully exposed, she stopped moving and her finger entered her own vagina.


While standing, she stuck out her ass towards me and started to masturbate, Melissa is calling my name while stirring up her insides. Her hole is quite loose so she can easily put in quite a few of her slender fingers.


Melissa stops her motions and turns back at me, I saw that her fingers are covered in juices. When I took my pants off, unleashing my lower half, she smiled happily, but seeing that I didn’t pounce on her, she understood that I wanted to see her masturbate some more.

She licks the five fingers that have been in her pussy and licks them all together, showing them to me.

「…do it.」

When I said so, as if she got mentally prepared, she put all the fingers….in other words, her whole hand, into her vagina. As expected, it doesn’t go in quite easily, but slowly and gradually they penetrate her.

「Uu! Uu! Nngh!!」

Melissa’s face looks like she’s suffering a little as finally she put it in up to her wrist. She looks at me with a face that says ‘I’ve done it’. Seeing her with her hand up her vagina and breathing roughly, my reason snapped. I stood up, with my fully erect cock swinging, bringing myself close to her body and grabbing the hand stuffed in her vagina.

「…go ahead.」

Gaining her permission, I instantly pull her hand out, before she was able to let out a scream I stuffed my cock inside.


A voice that she couldn’t let the children hear came out. The hole that had her hand in it was spread even wider with my cock and was starting to make groaning sounds. Simply speaking, my cock is even thicker than Melissa’s wrist.

「Thrust it in me! Thrust it!!」

I place my hands on her hips and move violently, the wet hole immediately gets used to it and spreads open, and the both of us are able to enjoy pleasure without any restraints. However that is still not enough.

「Endure it Melissa」

「Yeah, come.」

Melissa’s hole has a double layer. There is another area that only I can taste. My dick is already as hard as it can get, so I push it into the deepest part with a little bit of strength.


Melissa moans as I sink my meat rod all the way into her womb. Having shoved it all the way up to the base, I didn’t hold back and thrust in and out of her womb, indulging in the pleasure. It was a pleasure that nobody except she could experience and it seemed intense, as each thrust I make caused her spray her love juices everywhere, writhing around. Her legs already lost their strength so I stabbed her with my meat rod so that she doesn’t fall over.

「It’s deep! It’s hitting the back of my womb! It’s sinking it! It’s so biiiig!!」

From now on whenever I want to do it with Melissa, I’m definitely going to do this again. If by any chance that Melissa gets swayed by another man when I’m away from the capital, once I do this type of intercourse with her, I can take her back immediately. Looking at how disheveled this makes her, having sex with her normally is nothing but foreplay now.

I continue to fuck Melissa while she is still in disarray, and just when I thought I should ejaculate right about now, I remember my objective. I wanted to dig out her ass this time.

「Ah! Why did you pull it out!?」

When I pulled it out, a sloshing sound was made, and Melissa was chasing after me by sticking her hips out more. It seems like she was just about to cum.

「I said I was going to use your ass today, didn’t I?」

「Oh, right. Sorry, it felt so good that I forgot.」

Well, let’s get her ass ready, or actually, I don’t need to. There was enough love juices flowing from her crotch that you could scoop it with your hand, I could easily get my meat rod and her ass wet. Well now that the preparations are done.

「Is it your first time getting your ass fucked?」

Now that I think about it I never used Melissa’s ass to fuck her. The previous times were so intense that I don’t remember.

「Well because I was a prostitute…I don’t have any places that aren’t used. But compared with Aegir-san, the things that went in me are like toys. So please rough me up as much as you want.」

It’s not like I was feeling jealous or anything, it’s just that if you don’t have much experience I thought I would take it easy on it. Well I guess I can go all out now.

My slippery meat rod approaches her asshole and I grab her shoulder from behind. Melissa tenses up for a second. In most cases where I grab her shoulder in the doggy-style position, it means that I’ll be moving my hips pretty roughly.

「There…it’s gonna sink in ‘kay…?」


Just by pushing the tip inside, there is no longer any resistance. I push it in until the base and make big motions. Melissa’s ass is quite plump so it’s nice to hit, and the inside of her asshole is undulating and feels quite good. However it doesn’t seem Melissa can think that way.

「Uu! I can’t move! It pierced me all the way to the back…I can’t, I’m going to wet myself, sorry!!」

She started to urinate with great momentum. She may have felt too good that she wet herself or it could be the impact from being fucked in the ass.

While thrusting, I lay my body down and continue the attack with her on top. If I thrust too strongly it may hurt her intestines so I pull out a little from the back, and thrust gently…going back to the large motions.

Melissa, who was suffering in the beginning, soon started to recover and move her hips on her own, maybe because of her pride as a prostitute, but her crotch was completely wet, spraying out a mix of urine and love juices.

While making puddles around the room, I lift her up switching from doggy-style to cowgirl position to missionary position, and it was almost time for me to ejaculate.

「I’m cumming!」

「Yeah! Release everything you’ve got!」

In the end I release a large amount while she remained lifted up, Melissa clings to my head, and the water that was still remaining sprayed against my chest. There was a large amount of seed dumped in her ass and Melissa twitches.

「Aah…It’s no good! Pull it out! This isn’t good. It’s going to come out, it’s really going to come out!」

I can hear a rumbling sound from the stomach transmitted to me through our connected area. Since so much seed went in her stomach started to churn.

「Let it out just like that.」

I want to smile, but Melissa doesn’t have the luxury nor the usual naughty atmosphere.

「I said it wasn’t good! Anything but that, this is about a woman’s dignity!」

However I didn’t pull out and pushed her onto the bed, holding her down. Melissa was spewing out every kind of appealing words to me with tears running down her face, but finally she reached her limit.

「…I’m…sorry…you’ll get dirty…」

Her ass tightens and closes, her entire body tenses up. Then..nothing happens.

「What’s wrong?」

「It’s not coming out……uuuu it’s painful.」

With my member widening her asshole to the limit and entering her there shouldn’t be anything coming out. Melissa’s pain of holding it in and the relief of it not turning into the worst situation in front of me, I continue to attack her. That anguished expression and her wriggling and protruding stomach caused me to ejaculate further.

「Eeeeh! Stop, it, aaaah! My stomach will burst!」

「Fuu…then I’ll pull out.」

「D-don’t! If you pull out now then the entire room will become a huge mess!!」

I grinned and laughed as I continued to talk with Melissa.

「Then what should I do?」

「As we are now, go to the toilet…」

「While still connected?」


After that, I lift Melissa up while still connected, and we head to the toilet. On our way, we encountered everyone in the hallway as if it was pre-arranged beforehand, unusually Melissa turned red and bit my shoulder.

In the toilet there was a loud sound of flowing debris, but for her sake, I’ll pretend I didn’t see or hear anything. Then we pushed our ways to the bathroom, thoroughly washing each other’s bodies for one hour.

For the matter with Melissa, there are surprisingly many various things that must be decided. I am no longer associated with the army like I was up until now. A noble possessing territory is a lord of a castle. From governing to military affairs, and even meeting with fellow nobles, everything must be done on my own. If I became a retainer then it would get easier but having freedom is important after all.

Leopolt is appointed as the vice-commander of the independent army that the king dispatched. In essence he will be the guy who will command things. He has a proven talent in war. There is too much of a difference in leadership ability from him and the other subordinates.

Agor and Carl and the others will stay the same and remain in the army. They have just managed to establish a place within the army for themselves so it would be cruel to tell them to come with me to the remote region.

Also Agor’s circumstances at home are complicated. The maid that was looking after Agor when I told him to rest up was nursing him back to health and taking care of his sexual urges, which then caused her to fall in love with him, and she ended up following him just like Rita did with me. Then there is the widow who has formed a good relationship with him back in Goldonia, so it is truly a sticky situation. I am not such a mean-spirited person to take him with me to the remote region with him in such a situation. But for some reason Christoph will come along.

Then I will organize a unique squad by my own expense. It will be called Viscount Hardlett’s army, and I’ll have Irijina as its captain. With that said, at this point she is the only one in the army. I guess Christoph is there too, so there are one and a half soldiers.

Celia furiously protested this, saying that she was more suitable, or that she would get mad and throw a tantrum, or that she would eat up Irijina, and finally she ended up sulking with teary eyes. But if Celia is the captain, the troops that will be recruited from now on can only view it as some sort of joke. And also it would be kind of lonely if she isn’t in a place where I can pet her head easily.

In the end, Celia regained her mood as my adjutant. Even for me, with Celia at my side I can daze off whenever I want and I can sleep well. It’s a wonderful relationship.

But I realized a problem here. There is nobody among my subordinates or my acquaintances that know how to manage territory. Accurately speaking Leopolt is able to do it but he is in charge of commanding the army so he will not be free.

Then I remember the existence of a man that I forgot before.

「My instincts are quite on point. I knew that Viscount-sama will be needing a domestic affairs official.」

Adolph appeared haughtily. After the triumphant return ceremony, it seems that in a strange twist of fate he was living and working at the Hard-boiled Pavilion. The reason for that is birth, the wife of the shopkeeper Andrei, Natalie, has just bore a child and he cannot leave them unattended, the other person…called Lily, this year will be 12 years old has also been impregnated by the devilish shopkeeper.

「What an amazing sight…」

The girl of such a tender age is rubbing her belly while knitting. It seems the smile of the one responsible was her salvation.

Natalie’s punishment of Andrei seems to be continuing, since she bore his child she has not been his partner at night at all.
Andrei says

「A mistake from your past…it’ll come back to bite you.」

That’s how it is.

This rumor has also been told to the orphanage, Dorothea owes him for all that he has done so it doesn’t show on the surface but whenever Andrei comes over there, there will always be two boys constantly monitoring his actions.

「So, are you really skilled at being a domestic affairs official?」

「I am confident in myself, but you are the one who should decide…」

That is also right, alright I got it.

「For now you will go to the territory, and as my substitute official control the current situation on site.」

I give him a map and travel expenses, a temporary cost of 100 gold coins. I wanted to have the largest city in the territory to be my base so I circled it. In addition I gave him a document that said that he was the temporary official of Viscount Hardlett. Now it is perfect.

「Please make the citizens of the territory as rich as you can. Until I get there you can do as you see fit. I’m counting on you.」

「Um…I’m thankful that you are giving me such large authority but what will I do with this complete trust…」

In the first place I have no idea of what you should do. It is the perfect time for me to see how capable he is.

「Produce the best results you can think of within the amount of money you have. That’s all.」

Adolph still remains confused.

「And in the case that it does not meet your expectations…」

「When that time comes something like this might happen. So what is that in front of you? I don’t remember. Or something like that.」

Adolph touches his face with his hand and looks up to the sky.

「I will devote myself for your resolute determination.」

「I’m counting on you.」

If he could only move so promptly during normal times as well, that would be nice. There is also the possibility that he doesn’t say anything and just runs with the money. If that happens then it just simply means that my eyes didn’t judge him correctly.

Well, let’s make another move shall we?

「What are you going to do?」

Celia sharply realizes.

「I’m writing a letter. After that I’m going on a short trip.」

「You’re travelling? If I recall correctly you did get released from army duties, and I don’t think there will be any wars occurring…so I guess you have to do preparations for your territory?」

「That’s right, even though it’s too late now, it’s finally calm now after all.」

I entrust the letter to Celia and tell her to deliver it. The faithful Celia did not steal a glance at the address. Then, after that I will be doing it with all the women in the house.

The letter is addressed to the White City of the Federation, even entrusted to a specialized express delivery, in this time of extreme cold, it will take 20 days to arrive. For the reply to come, another 20 days, but I have plenty of time. Accidents also occur quite frequently so I will be sending the same thing for three weeks.

「Then I’ll hurry and prepare for the trip!」

Celia doesn’t doubt that she will be accompanying me on the trip. I feel slightly guilty.

「No, you will remain in the mansion. I will be going…along with only Carla.」

Celia’s teary eyes cause my heart to want to break, but I will not give in here. It is a little late but I have to fulfill my promise.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett 20 years old Winter
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount Eastern Independent Army Commander
Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area
Assets: 900 gold (silver and below not counted)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword) , Jeweled spear (temporary)
Equipment: Black Cloak (Cursed)
Companions: Nonna, Melissa, Maria, Carla, Catherine, Rita
Servants: Sebastian, Miti, Alma, Kroll, Nina
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina, Leopolt, Christoph, Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 39



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