Chapter 56: The Night of the Ball


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In our journey to bring back Mel and her daughters, we didn’t stop by any villages or towns and took the shortest distance, which is probably why there weren’t any brigands or thieves of the sort. Those guys also open up shop in remote places where there aren’t many people.

We finished our journey with nothing eventful but something might happen from now on.

「Welcome back! …you’ve brought back more again?」

It doesn’t look like Nonna or Celia is going to investigate them. It feels like every time I go out on a journey I’m increasing the amount of women. I must be a bit more prudent or else the mansion will be overcrowded with women.

「We are just about running out of rooms. Even though it’s the ability of a man to surround himself with women, there is a limit.」

While Nonna was mumbling I introduce them, Mel also didn’t expect for me to be surrounded with women but was full of smiles as she greeted everyone politely.

It seems Kuu is shocked at the impact of different women appearing left and right. Ruu doesn’t really know what’s going on, she’s probably thinking that there are a bunch of family members around.

I was slightly worried but Mel and Nonna unexpectedly opened up to each other quickly.

「When I heard you were acquaintances with our pervert, I wondered what kind of suspicious person you were, but I’m relieved that you are such a refined and calm person.」

「No, no, I should be saying that to you Nonna-san, you’re doing pretty well at that young age.」

Wow, she has already broken past Nonna, one of the two great barriers of our house. It may be that the two of them are similar in personality. They have deeply rooted elegance, but they also have a slight malicious side.

「You also have three daughters, don’t you?」

Nonna gently touches Sue, who was being held by Ruu, as if she was something fragile. She was smiling while squeezing her hand.

「Yes, Kuu and Ruu are the children from my previous marriage, Aegir-san told me he would look after all of us.」

「I see, since he really is a man of high caliber, huh?」

Nonna seems to have sensed something wrong with the words ‘Kuu and Ruu are the children from my previous marriage’, but she realized the truth faster than she could ask the question.

「Come here Sue, this child was previously the seed given to me by Aegir-san. Look, this is your father’s family.」

Sue is going ‘daa, daa’ and gripping her hand but Nonna seems to be frozen in place. Should I get out of here before she erupts?

There was a crash, the sound of pottery breaking. Avoiding to show her face, Celia who was drinking tea in the corridor seems to have dropped her cup. She immediately opened the door with a bang and came in. My path of retreat is blocked.

「A- a father!? Aegir-sama got you pregnant!? Why is it before all of us-!?」

「I slept with Mel before meeting you guys.」

Maria and Melissa were also surprised but they weren’t making such a pathetic face. Especially Melissa is engrossed with the children. She has her finger grabbed and her face relaxed. Irijina just gave a greeting since she is training her body, Rita is also out buying food for the welcoming meal.

「How come you didn’t use contraceptives!? Even as it is you would spray it everywhere over there!!」
「You could make a village from just the children of Aegir-sama!」

I understand Nonna and Celia’s eyes that are questioning me quite well.

「Hey wait! Why do you have to be mandating what Aegir-san and my mom are doing? We knew him way before you did!」

Celia and Kuu glare at each other. Kuu is acting on her emotions and lashing out, but being stared back caused her knees to tremble. Celia has cut down many people on the battlefield after all, she has a different kind of bloodlust. Don’t put your left hand on your hip though, although today it’s fine since she’s unarmed…

「Don’t argue and emit such bloodthirstiness.」


I hit Celia with a knock on the head. Her murderous intent disappears, Kuu lets out a ‘hmph’ to pretend to be strong and sits on the sofa but she lets out a long sigh of relief.

「Carla! You were with them at the time weren’t you!? Well…didn’t you have a way of doing things? You probably only had talent to wet yourself outdoors!」

「Well that is…I guess…wait what do you mean outdoors, we do it indoors as well!」

Carla looks at me to confirm but I signaled for her to keep quiet. It would look uncool if I were to give an excuse as to why I didn’t use contraception.

「Nonna, I thought it was fine if something like that happened, that’s why I embraced Mel, and I’m also happy that Sue was born. So that’s why, don’t say so much about it, ‘kay?」

「Uuu! I’m sorry…it’s not like I hate the children or Mel-san. I was just frustrated that she had children first, if I made her feel unpleasant then I’ll apologize.」

Nonna and Celia are dejected, for the smaller one I’ll pet her head and for the one with large breasts, I’ll leave it to Carla. Carla tries to comfort by stroking her, but Nonna shakes her hand away and declares.

「However, there is definitely nothing better than having a boy be the successor! I’ll show you that the successor of the Hardlett family will be birthed by this womb!」

「Ufu, try your best.」

Sue was taken away by Melissa so Ruu came over beside me. Celia again threatens her but I stretch her cheeks.

「Ouwei! It huurths!」[1. Nat: she’s speaking with her cheeks pulled]


When Ruu laughs, Celia glares sharply at her, and Ruu got frightened.

「Why are you always so severe?」

「It huurths! You’re pulling them too faar!」

It is literally the seed I sowed, but somehow I was able to peacefully get them to accept Mel and the others.

I have relations with eight of the women in the house, in the near future I plan on taking Kuu so it would be nine people… It’s getting to the point that I can’t just have fun with everyone.

Erich also told me that if I don’t decide on a wife soon, they’ll dispute with each other. When eventually children are born and become successors, it will become a huge fuss with the status. Erich might have had something happen to himself as he turned dark while talking to me. I believe he mentioned that he was originally born from a noble family.

I’ll make a decision after moving to the territory, I’ll put off the problem for now.

….And more fuel to cause the problem that I postponed to recur has been dropped.

「That Erich, doing something unnecessary…」

He didn’t use a mailman, but he purposely sent a messenger to bring a letter to everyone at their house. Hurriedly I cut open the letter to see what is was about, it seems that it was an announcement for a ball.

Separate from the party sponsored by the royal family commemorating our victory in the war, it seems to be a party that Erich’s Radhalde family is sponsoring. New nobles are certain, but it seems that people from traditional nobles to their friends are invited too.

When you become one of the counts then you have to do things like this, seems dreadful. I was taking it easy but when I looked at the date, I was taken aback.

「Isn’t it tonight?!」

The messenger looked apologetic and handed another letter to me.

The previous one was the official invitation, probably this was something different than what was sent to everyone else, and what was written in this informal letter…

‘I thought I should tell you directly but I forgot. Although you probably don’t plan to attend the other parties anyways. On the invitation it is written that you are allowed to have one female guest accompanying you, so don’t bring five or six with you.’

And that was what was written. You know me quite well don’t you.

It was rare for the master of the house to talk with the messenger in front of the entrance. Everyone in the house peeked to see what was going on, so I showed them the invitation.

「A ball? A dancing one?」 「Is it something like a festival?」 「A noble’s ball is something stricter I’m sure.」

Carla, Maria, Melissa all talk boisterously but they don’t really know much. I also actually don’t know much about it. Previously I was obligated to go to a banquet hosted by the king and was placed at the lowest seat, the only thing I remember was that I drank too much alcohol and drank the water from the pond in the castle.

「At least Erich has written that he would allow me to bring a woman with me…」

Everyone looks at me wanting to be chosen. But first off Carla is out of the question. She’s a good woman, but she’s not really the type of woman you want to introduce to people. It would go well if it was Celia but I will get the stigma of being a person who prefers little girls.

I’ve thought about it till now but I’ve got my answer. Nonna’s gaze was different than the other women and it was like she was heading out to the battlefield, filled with bloodlust. Maria and Irijina who were standing next to her distanced themselves a little.

「…Nonna, can I count on you?」

「Of course! Please leave it to me!」

For the first time since I was born, I thought that a woman’s gaze is frightening.

The luxurious dress that was previously bought for Nonna, continuously criticized as the ‘unused dress of the drawer’ and ‘the symbol of waste’, is now finally getting a chance to see the sun’s rays.

Nonna’s body wrapped in the dress combined with her natural beauty is the literally like that of a flower in full bloom. Even comparing just her face, Nonna is the most beautiful among the women in the house. And above all, the arousing breasts that seem to pop out and destroy her dress, if a man doesn’t turn back to look then it would be wise to protect my own butt.

「How does it look?」


My voice comes out unintentionally. Nonna giggles as she gathers everyone to show off.

A woman’s fashion attracts men’s attention while at the same time intimidating other women. I feel like I’ve heard those words somewhere.

Before I knew it, Nonna got on the carriage that I ordered, and we arrive at Erich’s seems after receiving the title of Count he’s bought quite the gorgeous mansion.

When I escorted Nonna to enter the mansion, the eyes of all the participants instantly gather around us. Half of them are captivated by the beauty of Nonna, the other half were on me, the new noble following Erich and Number 2 of the important persons, a celebrity with multiple achievements on the battlefield that the king personally praised, and a mysterious character who didn’t show up to banquets or parties they have been hearing about from Erich.

「Viscount Hardlett, it’s rare for you to take part in a ball!」

The one who spoke up was Bruno. We shake hands and bump shoulders. To nobles it was a vulgar greeting but he’s an acquaintance since my mercenary days, I’m not concerned.

「Anything change on your side?」

「I was a rear guard in that war, I didn’t get to accomplish much but I received the rank of Baron because of his Highness’s compassion. Of course I don’t have any territory.」

My sleeves are lightly pulled. She wants me to introduce her I guess. Although I believe that you and Bruno have met before.

「So this is Nonna. She’s living with me…」

Should I say that she’s my lover? If I say something like this in this place then I feel like Nonna would lose her standing.

「This is a pleasure seeing you for the first time. I am grateful for the generous favor gifted to me by Hardlett-sama, taking me along with him to a place such as this. I am delighted to make your acquaintance…」

With grace, she spreads her skirt and bows once, so that’s how you say it.

「You are…I see. You’re quite famous in a lot of ways.」

I would like to hear those details, they’re probably good-for-nothing rumors though. If I say that she was a former slave, Nonna would naturally be ashamed, but I will also be shamed. I’ll just pretend not to know.

Once Bruno and I finished greeting each other, the other nobles start coming towards us one after the other. I was on guard that they were all targeting Nonna but surprisingly they all came to talk to me.

「I have been granted the title of Baron~ as I was saying.」 「Pleased to make your acquaintance from now on.」 「I have heard you are quite famous.」

I relied on Nonna’s help to not be rude, while trying to deal with it as to not look servile. After a while of tiring greetings and introductions, finally the organizer shows his face.

「Viscount Hardlett. You did well to come on such sudden invitation. Please enjoy yourself this evening.」

As if I can enjoy myself! He knows that I think it’s annoying and yet he’s saying that with a smile.

Erich pretends to be diplomatic as he comes close to my ear.

「What are you thinking of doing carrying a sword while pulling a woman along?」
「Am I a barbarian?!」

Actually I brought a normal sword but it was taken from me at the entrance.

「Is that woman over there your lover? Or perhaps a wife?」

「I do not have social status, but I was specially had favor bestowed on me.」

Nonna responds normally to the whispering gossip. Don’t look down on her sharp ears. I want to assert that she’s a lover, but the first one amongst all of them.

「Is- is that so…it might be preferable if you take such a beautiful lady as your wife though, don’t underestimate the ambitions of the nobles. Since you’re a person who holds Viscount status and also getting special treatment from his Majesty. If you don’t take your legal wife with you to the ball then they will come to you in crowds.」

The new nobles are what they call a group of upstarts. For better or for worse there is no connections with blood relatives.

At least there is the political faction centered around Erich, however he’s not connected by blood so the cooperation is weak. Therefore it is normal to get a promising person into your own faction, or to marry into a family and benefit from the career advancement, in which the traditional nobles here are mostly aiming for.

「You are Viscount Hardlett, aren’t you? I am called Wogroh…」

This middle-aged man seems to be a Baron but I haven’t seen or heard of him before.

「Being able to meet you today is some kind of fate, this over here is my daughter…」

His daughter is dressed up fancily, smiling to the best of her ability. Her body’s plumpness is to my liking but her good looks are several levels below Nonna. If you remove the makeup then the difference will widen even further. Even so I will welcome you if you want to come into bed.

After that, nobles came one after the other introducing their daughters and sisters. Among them, what was terrible was

「This girl was born out of adulterous relations and has no place within our house, if you would like, I can leave her by lord Hardlett’s side where you can teach her manners through apprenticeship. Naturally, I will agree to also let you teach her relations between man and woman…」

What appeared was a child that didn’t look matured enough to be 10 years old. Don’t think that I will eat up everything and anything that looks like a woman.

It was exactly as Erich said when the nobles came swarming, but I warded them off, declined them politely, and somehow was able to pull through.

「I’m tired…this is really tiring.」

It was briefly over and I was drinking tea with Nonna in a lounge with few people.

「Ufufu, thanks for your hard work. So what do you think? Socializing is also like a battlefield right?」

This is a battlefield for nobles, huh?

「Aah…it would be easier for me to just grab a spear and run onto the battlefield.」

「Please take this.」

Nonna gave me a piece of paper with something written on it.

「They are the names, statuses, positions, facial features, and the people they brought along of those that you have met with today. If you remember it then it will surely be useful in the future.」

「I appreciate it. Honestly I don’t really remember many of them.」

Nonna giggles.

「I thought so. Also, this mark represents the people who took a peek at my breasts and those who were talking bad of us behind our backs. If they are not important people, please give them a cold reception.」

I want to laugh with Nonna, but I sigh as my expression darkens.

「I am glad that I am able to help Aegir-sama. …But I still feel ashamed. When the daughters and sisters were being introduced my heart was beating quickly. If this person was to become a legal wife then what would happen to me?」

I hug Nonna, bringing her to my chest. A small amount of people around us send their gazes this way but I pay no attention to it. I am declaring that she is my woman.

「I pretend to be elegant, polite, but in the end I’m still a woman from slavery. Out of everyone here I’m the most vulgar woman…」

The trembling Nonna looked much smaller than usual.

「I will not make light of you. I promised not to tell anyone right? And you are also the most beautiful out of everyone here.」

「I believe you. But I’m afraid, I’m just a lover, the worry that I have of being thrown away someday won’t disappear.」

I kiss her gently but Nonna doesn’t stop trembling.

「What should I do to ease your anxiety?」

「I want a child…actually when I saw Mel-san’s children, it felt like my heart was going crazy. That person certainly has a bond with you, but so do I!」

This was just a gift from heaven. I put in some effort but I wasn’t sure about the result.

「Effort huh…well, we can do it tonight. But is there anything else that would calm your heart?」

Nonna raises her head up and looks at me with upturned eyes. From the corner of her eyes there are some tears forming.

「I want to officially be your wife…please. It will only be a formality to Aegir-sama at most and you will probably be made fun of, but I will live amongst that. I trust in your love, but without the name as a wife, without the formality, I can’t help but feel uneasy.」

She buries her face in my chest even stronger. The paper she handed me earlier, she is able to recall how a person looks like after seeing them. She wrote it for my sake with earnestness. Every time they asked me, she had to endure the humiliation of having my reply be ‘she’s a lover’.

The one who told Nonna, who has given up everything as a slave, that she would be saved was me. Her body, her heart, her soul, her everything. If I can help this woman, whose body is trembling with unease, by making her my wife, then I shall do just that.

For a second, the image of Lucy crossed my mind, but she probably wouldn’t care about such things. Whether I welcome her with a wife, or if I surround myself with many women, I’ll trust that she would laugh and mock me about it.

「I have said an impertinent thing…please forget about it.」

I guess she took my silence as a rejection, but as Nonna was about to separate her body from mine, I pull her back in and hug her.

「If your anxiety will disappear then it’s a simple task. We can deal with the details later. Today, starting now you will be my wife.」

Nonna instantly raises her face. There are no more tears in her eyes.

「Is that alright with you!?」

「Yeah, I won’t go back on it.」

「Really…I’m so happy…it’s unbelievable…」

Nonna hides her face with her hand placed against her nose and mouth. If I made you that happy then I might use up my good fortune of being born a male.

The lady attendant serving as the waiter for the Radhalde family was astonished at the sudden proposal that started. Originally there was already nothing left to do in the lounge, but since it was something that can’t be missed and she wasn’t needed at the moment, she poured tea for herself and camped in the corner of the lounge.

And at the end of the moving scene, the man and the woman hug each other, the woman cries tears of joy while hiding her face and crumbling to the floor. Just like the happy ending at the end of a romance play, the lady attendant’s face turned red. However, the woman held the man’s shoulder and went to fix her makeup, and after a while of closing her mouth and doing it she was picked up and I realized.

Is it possible that she was covering her mouth for this reason?! The lady attendant from a commoner’s birth realized how frightening a noble woman can be and sent shivers down her spine.

Nonna, who went to the toilet to fix her makeup, did not weep her eyes out, it was to re-enter with her beautiful appearance, and stand beside me so she can enjoy the ball with vigor.

Different from the time up until now, there was a bright aura drifting around her entire body and I could see her charm several times more, even as the man being her partner, my eyes were captivated unknowingly.

「Nonna is quite skilled.」

「For a noble, manners and dancing is required.」

She escorts me properly since my dancing is uncoordinated. If it was another woman then I might have stepped on their feet and toppled them over.

「I’m your wife after all, I will do my best to make my husband look good.」

If I dance with Nonna those enormous breasts will hit me no matter what.

「Please don’t get big. You’ll have to wait until the pledge tonight♪」

We gather stares in the area and dance with our hands connected. I thought she was just like a fairy.

The banquet is over, there are those still talking friendly with each other, there are also those who are scattering and returning home, and Erich once again comes to talk to me.

「Today’s dance was excellent…that woman, does she have experience at balls?」

「Well? She’s a former slave who I saved from attacking bandits.」

Nonna’s origin is a secret known only by the family members. Even if it’s Erich I can’t say anything.

「Well that’s fine. So have you listened to the sales pitches from the nobles? Are there any ladies that you’re interested in?」

If I was married then I would also have relations with a political faction so he wants a single word.

「Oh that, if it’s a woman to be my wife then I’ve decided.」

I pull Nonna over.

Erich was surprised slightly but soon seems to consent.

「That’s right, speaking from a noble’s point of view, taking a lover of commoner’s birth to be your wife is extremely outside their common sense, but you don’t let such things affect you…」

Erich bows once to Nonna. It is unthinkable for a person with Count status to bow to a commoner. I guess he recognizes her as the wife of a Viscount.

As if Nonna understands that, she returns the bow, then she covers her face and holds her mouth. Is she feeling happy again? This is happening quite a lot, isn’t it.

After Erich and I talked for a bit, the both of us emptied our glasses and left each other.

「Once we leave the socializing place, it will become a storm of invitations. Prepare yourself.」

「I will try my best for my husband.」

How depressing, before I could get out what I had to say, Nonna beat me to the punch. She got on the carriage and was thoroughly acting spoiled, so much so that even the driver let out a sigh.

It was late at night when we returned home, it was about time for the day to change over to the next day. Everyone aside from Celia and Sebastian have already retired to bed.

「Welcome back Master.」

「It’s gotten late.」

「Welcome back.」

Celia’s still awake, will she fine getting up early in the morning to train with her sword?

「How was the ball? …Nonna-san what are you smiling about?」

「I will tell you when everyone is here.」

Was Nonna actually smiling? Celia is quite sensitive to these things but does she get it wrong sometimes?

「Well, that’s how it is. I’m sorry for keeping you waiting but tonight is special. I’ll ask Nonna to keep watch at night so you can take a rest.」

I give Celia a kiss.

「No, well I wasn’t going to do that, it’s natural for me to wait for my master’s return-!」

I know it is something that is anticipating but as expected tonight will be the night where the two of us, Nonna and I, plan to love each other.

「It’s the special day for a woman…we have preparations so please leave us late.」

Nonna heads to the bath with her usual smile.

「Nonna-san? Why is she smiling so much?」

Again? Isn’t Celia acting strange today?

「Ufufu, Celia-chan. Good night.」

Celia stares at her with scornful eyes as Nonna hastily runs off. Celia’s face doesn’t seem to be in agreement with what is going on but I’ll pet her head to distract her.

As it gets later into the evening, because of the tea that she drank before going to bed, Miti gets up to go to the toilet.

「Hmm. I wonder if Master and Nonna-san has come back already. If something happens then I feel like I’ll get scolded again…」

Swaying my way towards the toilet half-asleep, but I realized that Nonna’s room had a light burning.

「Doing it…at a time like this? But I shouldn’t peek, since I’ll get caught.」

But from inside the room, you could a hear a voice that was somewhat different from a flirtatious voice. The thoughts of ‘I shouldn’t do it’ ran through my mind, but before I knew it my ear was up against the door.

「Yay–! I did it! I did it!! At last I did it!!! It’s like a dream! I can’t believe it! Aah, I’m speechless!」

With a shush, as her voice is likely to be overheard, she covers her mouth shut. She isn’t speechless at all.

「I won! I have won! I am thankful to the goddess of love! With this Aegir-sama is my man! I have claimed him for myself!!」

It’s not your usual strange voice. The creaking sound is coming from the bed. She seems to be bouncing up and down on the bed. Maybe she’s gone crazy.

「All that’s left is a child! Once I get a child I’ll be his number one!! Aah, I want to get pregnant! Are there eggs properly in my womb? I’ll get his seed to flow into me right now. So make sure that you accept them.」

I frighteningly back off and bring my ear away from the room. I lost the urge to pee. Eventually Master comes and enters Nonna’s room. I put my ear to the door again but it’s just the usual, the moaning from sexual intercourse and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

They are going at it quite intensely but for some reason I am relieved that it went back to the usual noises. Although what was that earlier…maybe it was some auditory hallucination from being half-asleep. Let’s just sleep tonight.

The next day, the small fact that Miti wet the bed at 15 years old disappeared in the presence of an important announcement that shocked the entire house.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett 20 years old Winter
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount Eastern Independent Army Commander
Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area
Assets: 860 gold (silver and below not counted)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword) , Jeweled spear (temporary)
Equipment: Black Cloak (Cursed)
Family: Nonna (wife), Melissa, Maria, Carla, Rita,
Mel and her 3 daughters (Sue: biological child)
Servants: Sebastian, Miti, Alma, Kroll, Nina
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina, Leopolt (army commander),
Schwartz (horse), Adolph (domestic affairs official)
Sexual Partners: 39, persons who got pregnant: 6



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