Chapter 57.5: Character Introduction and World Map


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Aegir Hardlett
20 years old. Black hair. Goldonia Viscount. Eastern Independent Army Commander. Feudal Lord of Former Arkland Southeastern Area

The protagonist is blessed with talent for fighting, as well as having muscular build and kinetic vision. He can’t do strategic planning or tactics. His final goal is to become king; he loves women and is great in bed, and his range of women is also wide. In addition, his matured cock is in the monster class.

Family (female)

16 years old. Silver hair. Height 156cm B78 W56 H78
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-sama, Self: I (watashi)

The protagonist’s adjutant, she keeps her public and private life separate and is the closest to him.To satisfy her heart’s desire, she offered her virginity to the protagonist, and fulfills her role as a lover. She knows how to read, write and do math, and shows talent in a wide variety of fields. Her loyalty is strong, bordering on fanaticism.

19 years old. Brown hair. Height 160 B113 W61 H84
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-sama, Self: I (watakushi)

The protagonist’s legal wife. The daughter of the destroyed Elektra family, entrusting her heirloom sword to the protagonist and swears to reclaim Elektra. She is familiar with manners and etiquette, and knowledgeable of noble’s common sense but uninformed about commoners’ common sense and spending habits. She has sharp hearing and is the type of person who nags when she complains. She puts on a refined and elegant mask but when in lust, she has a preference towards masochism. Her breasts are already abnormally large, but they are still growing. She has overwhelming beauty, surpassing those even in the family.
Mid 20’s Brown hair. Height 165 B88 W60 H88
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir, Self: I (atashi)

The protagonist’s concubine. A former hunter and expert archer. Her current goal is to steal the protagonist from Nonna and work hard in creating a child. She also encourages perverted hobbies.

37 years old. Blonde hair. Height 160 B86 W63 H92
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san, Self: I (watashi)

The protagonist’s concubine. Mel was a noble’s lover but was thrown away after getting pregnant. She was severely burned in a wildfire, but the protagonist saved her and slept with her. Once separated but is now reunited, giving birth to the protagonist’s daughter.

18 years old. Blonde hair. Height 156 B80 W57 H84

Mel’s daughter. Kuu is supporting the relationship between her mother and the protagonist. Had her first kiss stolen. She has feelings for the protagonist, and her body is slowly developing.

14 years old. Blonde hair. Height 145 B72 W54 H72

Mel’s daughter. Ruu goes out into town to sell things. She is nervous, timid, and a little bit slow; she’s quick to stumble and slip up. She has feelings for the protagonist but at the same time relies on him as her father.

1 year old. The protagonist’s biological daughter.

23 years old. Chestnut-coloured hair. Height 164 B74 W58 H80
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san, Self: I (watashi)

A girl from the Roleil’s Little Bird Pavilion inn who fell in love with the protagonist after he slept with her and went with the flow. Maria is good at cooking and works hard to support her livelihood. She’s gentle, kind and liked by the children, but is a scaredy cat who can’t deal with fighting. She’s currently worrying about her present and future situation – whether or not to follow the protagonist. Her breasts are small, even Celia and Miti are clearly surpassing her.

Irijina Wolls
22 years old. Light brown hair. Height 181 B93 W68 H88
Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-dono, Self: I (watashi)

The commander of a private army. Irijina was a soldier of the former Arkland army but was captured by the protagonist and fucked, becoming his lover. She’s a master of the spear, proud of her manly herculean strength. She has a lively personality, but is unfamiliar with relations between man and woman. Also quite naive.

28 years old. Black hair. Height 170 B88 W61 H92
Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama, Self: I (watashi)

The feudal lord in Datrohn fell in love with her at first sight and took her in as a servant, but treated her as a toy. After the fall of Datrohn, Rita was brought to bed together with the protagonist and was charmed by him. She is skilled in housework, and is also highly capable in managing people. She desires to be dominated; loves large cocks.

26 years old. Red hair. Height 164 B90 W59 H88
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san, Self: I (watashi)

A prostitute from White City. Due to a tragic experience in her past, her genitals were damaged but has good compatibility with the protagonist. Because Melissa is unable to bear children, she has really gotten fond of the children servants. She likes to wear racy clothes. She plans to stay behind in the capital to look after the mansion as well as the children servants.

23 years old. Blonde hair. Height 156 B80 W57 H82
Way of addressing protagonist: Dear (anata)

A blonde beauty. Catherine is the daughter of the rebelling noble, but for the sake of saving her child, was convinced by the protagonist to give up her body. Currently, she is living together with her daughter, Rose, in the orphanage. She’s hysteric and has outrageous assumptions. She is sensitive and gets turned on easily. She’s extremely lewd, so she has quite the toughness when it comes to sex. Her body has succumbed to pleasure and can no longer leave the protagonist.

15 years old. Black hair. Height 153 B76 W56 H78
Way of addressing protagonist: Master (danna-sama), Aegir-sama

Miti left the orphanage to live and work at the mansion. She’s good at dealing with things, and is the older sister out of the three kids from the orphanage; also admires Maria. Her work includes cooking, laundry, and other various chores. She secretly gets angry at Nonna’s sarcastic remarks. The protagonist showed her some incredible sex and now she’s sexually frustrated. She has a habit of peeping.

12 years old. Black hair
Way of addressing protagonist: she doesn’t
The youngest of the orphanage trio. Alma is a scaredy cat and always hides behind Miti. She’s skilled with her hands, so her work includes knitting and sewing. The only people she can talk to are Miti and Kroll. Especially when Celia gets close, she gets scared to death and can’t move.

13 years old. Light brown hair
Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama

The caregiver who Leopolt brought with him. Her work includes the entirety of looking after him and she has a little bit of a crush on him.

Women (separated)

Mid 20’s Red hair. Height 172 B84 W62 H90
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir, Self: I (atai)

Mireille met the protagonist while she was with Carla and worked together with him for a while. She has a determined personality and is boyish. Superior in handling a sword. Her actual family is in Sheera village where she has a large family, and in fear of the possibility of a famine, she returned to her family and has split up with the protagonist.

23 years old. Black hair. Height 163 B80 W60 H82

Former daughter of a noble, wanting to regain her family name but ended up being a bandit, was defeated by the protagonist and was raped, even in the ass. Claire ran away and headed for the republic of Stura.

Colette & Arisa
Resident of the village and town of the eastern part of the Federation.

Colette and Arisa were kidnapped and sold as slaves, but they were saved by the protagonist and returned to their hometown. They offered their virginities together.

Claudia Albens Malordol
34 years old. Blonde hair. Height 160 B88 W70 H94

Wife of a marquess. Due to discord with her husband, was left in White City. Claudia invited the protagonist, who stole her daughter’s virginity, to sleep with her but became captivated by him. When time came to part ways, she even offered her daughter to stop him from leaving. Currently, she uses her extra large dildo regularly, and moans loudly like an animal every night.

Christina Albens Malordol
20 years old. Chestnut coloured hair. Height 159 B83 W57 H83

Christina is the child of a concubine and was thrown to White City because of her problematic behaviour, her relationship with her mother is lacking and in one immoral misconduct, offered her virginity to the protagonist. She fears the sudden transformation of her mother, and developed a phobia for men, calming her immoral misconducts.

Lucy Yuktovania
500 years old?? Blonde hair. Height 166 B100 W58 H96
Way of addressing protagonist: Dear (anata), Boy

Self-declared vampire who has lived more than 500 years, Lucy has inhuman strength and demonic eyes which can send those whom it sees to their death. She protects the house deep inside the forest and is the one responsible for the lost kingdom? She is a peerless beauty, having god-like model’s style, and has extraordinarily tremendous sex techniques.

She raised the protagonist, as well as gave him his reason to live (the protagonist took her as her lover but also treats her as a mother). She promised to become the protagonist’s woman if he becomes king and rules over the area in the vicinity around Erg forest, and this promise is the origin of all of the protagonist’s actions. Her existence is absolute and takes priority over everything else.

Companions (men, subordinates)

Leopolt Fugenberg
21 years old. Eastern Independent army Commander
Way of addressing protagonist: Lord Hardlett

Leopolt appealed directly to the protagonist and became his subordinate. Excellent leadership ability and has talent in commanding. Also has knowledge about politics and conspiracy. Shares ambition with the protagonist.

Adolph Fulker
28 years old. Slender build. Domestic Affairs official (interim)
Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama

Former parliamentary official of Arkland and was thrown in prison for criticizing the upper echelon, but was rescued by the protagonist. Adolph is knowledgeable in government affairs; also has innovative ideas. He is shameless and aloof from the world but is unable to fight.

Sebastian Mizels
55 years old. Slender build Butler
Way of addressing protagonist: Master (danna-sama)

Sebastian served as a butler for a noble family but lost his job when Goldonia was undergoing reform. Was hired by the protagonist. He is courteous and polite, highly capable of business and administration. He is a calm elderly gentleman.

13 years old. Child Blonde hair
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-sama

The only boy in the orphanage trio. Kroll was taken from the orphanage to do chores which requires a man. His duties include chopping wood, starting fire, etc. The women he can’t disobey are increasing, including Melissa, Carla and Irijina. He is troubled by the size of his dick, and masturbates every day.

24 years old. Macho Rank-and-file soldier Originated from the Federation
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir, Captain

Christoph was born as a commoner and former citizen of the Federation. He escaped along with Agor. He is weak despite his looks and is frivolous, having a weak mind and openly perverted. His worth comes from being cheerful, and he is hated by the protagonist’s group of lovers. He is planning to join the protagonist’s private army.

30 years old. Height 2m. Super macho. Muscular daruma. Muscle demon. Rank-and-file soldier.
Way of addressing protagonist: no subject

A former slave but was released by the protagonist and company. Mack is the only person who comes close to comparing to the protagonist in terms of strength. His entire body is muscular and is bulky like a gorilla, almost like a monstrous beast. He isn’t good at dealing with Nonna, who was brought together with him by the same slave merchant. He doesn’t have much experience with women.

Personnel (Country, army)

Alexandro Goldonia (Alexandro the First)
29 years old. Goldonian king.
After his father’s death, Alexandro murdered his brother and uncle and ascended to the throne. In order to strengthen his royal authority, he uses a variety of schemes. He aims for Goldonia to be the strongest nation, and rejects the principle of peace his father advocated. He established the central army and is excellent in planning; can also perform cold-hearted tactics. He relies heavily on the protagonist and others with superb abilities as the core for his central army.

Marquess Gudroit Hoover
51 years old. Royal army Supreme Commander.

Gudroit is the supreme commander who unifies all the armies, but the central army is managed and commanded by the king himself, so he has no power to influence it. He is stubborn and doesn’t have the king’s trust. Due to the rise of the central army, he has lost his actual authority, and his popularity is in decline.

Count Erich Radhalde
31 years old. Central army captain. Feudal lord of the former Arkland northeastern area.

Erich has been serving as the army captain since the days of the Wings of Dawn. He is highly capable in tactics, politics, and leadership. He has a good personal relationship with the protagonist. He is one of the king’s favourites, and is a new noble.

Baron Bruno Renster
26 years old. Affiliated with the Central army.

A veteran soldier since the Wings of Dawn days. Bruno has climbed to his current standing from a rank-and-file soldier. He has a steady leadership and has established himself to be quite tenacious but is lacking in explosive offensive power. He has a rather good relationship with the protagonist. He is a new noble.

Count Kenneth Baldwin
40 years old. Goldonia’s Foreign Minister.

Kenneth was appointed by the king in the newly established position as minister. He is skilled in conspiracies and scheming.

30’s. Company commander affiliated with the Goldonia central army.

Agor fled from the Federation and is a former subordinate of the protagonist. He has above-average abilities as a company commander, and is an individually strong soldier. He is a closet pervert and goes back and forth to visit the widow, and brought along the maid that took care of him in Datrohn and is hiding her. The affiliation is separate but he still continues to be good friends with the protagonist.

Personnel (Others)

42 years old. Bearded. Large man.

Andrei fled from the Federation, now owning the Hard-boiled Pavilion inn, and is quite the dandy and austere man. He is a severe lolicon and has yearned for the girl 30 years younger than him, getting her pregnant, destroying his popularity. Since then, his family and his employees treated him coldly. He had a son with Natalie. Recently, he has been sexually frustrated and is commuting to the orphanage.

19 years old. Has an infant’s short stature.

Andrei’s wife, who can only be seen as a child around 10 years old. Natalie is planning to castrate Andrei because he impregnated another girl.

41 years old. Director of the orphanage. Thin.

The middle-aged woman in charge of managing the orphanage. Dorothea tries her best from the very beginning to do everything she can for the sake of all the children. She is a quick thinker. Since she has improved her meals, she has gotten plumper and has returned to being quite an attractive mature lady. She is wary of Andrei.

19 years old. Helper at the orphanage Tiny

A girl who was raised in the orphanage. Aurelia helps Dorothea around the orphanage. She’s a lively but child-like girl. She misunderstands Andrei’s passionate looks at her as a father’s love but already…

Relations between Countries With a simple map

A comparison of national strength between countries.

A few more countries may be added in the vicinity in the future.
Goldonia Kingdom
Population: 1.55 million
Ruler: Alexandro the First
Capital: Goldonia – population: 60,000
System: Feudal
Military personnel: Peace times – 40,000 / maximum mobilization – 150,000
Dominated area: Entirety of the northern part of the central plains

The largest nation in the central plains. Located on the north end of the central plains, trades with Olga Federation using the Nosteries river and the land route, cultural exchange is prosperous. With the fight for a successor and the crowning of a new king, the strengthening of the army and the royal authority is continuing. The influence is shifting from traditional nobles to the new nobles now that the new king has been established. As the main force in the Arkland war and having won, the other country has been dismantled, and the north and south parts have been annexed. As of now, the army is being reinforced at a tremendous speed.

Treia Kingdom
Population: 400,000
Ruler: ——
Capital: Trisnea – population: 20,000
System: Feudal
Military personnel: Peace times – 12,000 / maximum mobilization – 50,000
Dominated area: Central area of the central plains

It is your typical small country in the central plains but is continuing to grow larger. Inside the country is the famous Erg forest, also known as the forest of death. Compared to the amount of population, there is a lot of land, but there are also lots of remote areas. They can be self sufficient in both agriculture and mining, but they can’t say they are especially rich. As a result of the Arkland war, they annexed the south half and the capital. However, the southern area has suffered tremendous damage, and furthermore, the occupied citizens have been holding animosity against the country for many years, so they are unable to obtain the fruits of their occupation of that area.

(Map of the northern part of the central plains after the Arkland war)



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