Chapter 570-5: Time Flows into Hot Water 5: Fifth Year


Translator: Nat

「Save usー」

Sekrit and the female prisoner――named Sulama――are sitting on the riverbank kindling a fire while waving their hands at boats going back and forth. Only these two are on the shore.

The beastmen are hidden in the grass nearby and I am in the water.

Both of them have taken off their outer coats with Sekrit even rolling her shirt up just below her breasts to reveal her belly button, and Sulama has shortened her pants until her thighs and only has a piece of cloth wrapped around her chest.
They generously expose their tanned lean bodies.

「Oh, they stopped.」

One ship drops its anchor and stops moving.
It is a rather tattered boat from a distance, but it has size at least.
We don’t have the luxury to be picky at this point.

A smaller boat is lowered into the water from the ship.
Riding inside are a clearly lecherous fat man along with several unpleasant-looking crewmen sporting tattoos on their arms.
Are they perhaps merchants travelling to the Central Plains from the Empire?

「Hey girls, what are you two doing in a remote swamp like this away from the city and port? Where did you come from?」

I know.
I was just looking for a port on foot earlier and failed.
The beastmen were also crying together after they finished picking off leeches.

「W-we were allowed to board the ship of a rich boy as his lovers. He got into a bit of a bad mood and left us here. We don’t have anywhere to go, so please let us on.」

「Well……isn’t that unfortunate.」

The fat man sticks his tongue out, examining their bodies like he was licking them with his eyes.

I can’t help getting hard from Sekrit’s sweet, charming voice.
Although I know she’s just acting, the gap between her usual behavior is irresistible.

「I’m not a demon. I’m willing to help girls in trouble……however, it’s not good luck to let unknown girls board the ship. It doesn’t look like you can pay the boat fare either.」

The man’s nostrils enlarge as his breathing becomes heavier, deliberately hesitating.
His tongue disgustingly licks his upper lip.

Sekrit answers his obviously detestable attitude with a flirtatious sidelong glance.

「Of course, it won’t be for free. If you let us on――we’ll suck you and have sex with you to your heart’s desire.」

Sekrit says as she unravels the cloth around Sulama’s chest.


Her petite breasts spill out.
Bright pink nipples offset the skin that is darker than Sekrit’s.

The fat man’s eyes widen and his tongue twirls rapidly upon hearing the offer, and the other crewmen also cheer vulgarly.

「Alright, you can board. Looks like I’m gonna empty my balls tonight!」

The fat man touches the tip of his tongue to his nose as the two of them step onto his boat.
Sekrit climbs aboard, raising each of her legs with a seductive expression, while Sulama covers her breasts with her hand and glares at Sekrit.

In the meantime, with only my eyes above the water, I sneakily approach the boat and cling to the underside.

「Somehow it feels heavy.」
「It might be my boobs. You better not try and suck on them when we reach the ship.」

The boat heads back to the main ship with Sekrit and Sulama on board, and me on the bottom.

Something falls into the water with a huge splash.

「Is that everything?」

「Yeah, only water and food for the return trip are left――wait, sorry. Missed one.」

Sekrit grabs a middle-aged man hiding in the bathroom by the arm, and twists it before tossing him into the river.

Sulama, sitting on the side of the ship, puffs her cheeks.

「Tricking men with beauty, then dumping the cargo and crew overboard, even pirates pale in comparison.」

「It’s too much trouble to monitor them. Besides, there’s not enough space for our people and the beastmen.」

Those guys have the cargo to hang onto to stay afloat, so we aren’t totally cold-hearted. Let’s put it that way.

This beat-up ship is very cheap and simple, with a single mast and one large undivided space below the deck. Apparently the beastmen are afraid of water, so they were stowed in this storage area.

「Now we just have to return to the Central Plains. Surely, we won’t get attacked from here.」

We escaped to a considerably safe area.

「And what will you do? Since we’re this far already, you can come along if you want.」

When I turn to the beastmen, the man acting as the village chief, who was playing with a rolling bucket, hastily stands up.

「I heard there is a forest area in the Central Plains untouched by human hands.」

Is he referring to the forest where the elves live, in the wetlands region?

「There is. However, my reign does not reach that place. Dangerous monsters roam freely. Honestly speaking, it’s not a properly developed place.」

「Nevertheless, humans will not attack us there. We intend to survive by maintaining one small village.」

The village chief states with determination in his eyes.
Sekrit rolls a round bucket in front of him, and although his eyes follow the object’s movement and his tail wags, he manages to stay firm.

「I see. You prefer monsters to humans.」

I can understand, considering what happened to him.
They are free to choose how to live. I don’t want them to think they are forced to come with me.

「Alright, I’ll drop you off somewhere in the wetlands region then. But……」

I look around, hugging a girl with a grim expression on her face.

「There are a few who are scared of going to a dangerous place. Isn’t that right?」

Her tall ears flatten against her head.

「……humans are scary. Monsters are also scary……scary.」

「Not everyone has to follow the same destiny. It’s fine to split into two groups.」

The chief nods.
He suggests solemnly that those who are frightened can remain on the ship, then chases after the bucket Sekrit rolled.

「Don’t treat him like a dog after he acted cool, you ruined the moment.」

And so, a majority of the beastmen disembarked from the ship onto unexplored territory in the wetlands.
Ten people decided to stay, reasons being they are not confident in their own strength and they are all female.

After I finish saying farewell, I return to the cargo space under the deck and sit down to rest.

I take the opportunity to observe the beastmen.

Firstly, I note the ears on top of their heads.
Each of them are unique, with some resembling dog ears, some cat ears, and some fox ears.


Circling their wrists and ankles are tufts of animal fur, and soft paws are on their palms.
Those paws also vary depending on age, with the ones on younger girls being soft and spongy while those on older girls are firmer.


When I take their clothes off, I see that their entire body is covered in fuzzy fur, and an especially thick line of fur runs along their spine.
That line continues down their back and connects to their tail.


Angry because I stripped her without permission, the girl with cat ears swings her claws at me.

I am able to easily dodge because I anticipated it from the way the fur on her back stood on end, but the thing to pay attention to is how fast she moved for a young girl.
Even someone trained a little in martial arts will find it hard to avoid her.

It’s due to this physical ability that the inhabitants of the village were able to fight against fully-armed opponents.

「It seems they have night vision too.」

I dodge the girl’s three consecutive scratch attacks and pull down her pants, then gently stroke the base of her tail.


Her slim tail fluffs up and curls around her waist to hide her precious place.

Sekrit tosses a hairball, getting the girl to instinctively jump at it and shake her tail, exposing her genitals.


She’s definitely staring at me.
I guess there are some parts of her that act without thinking as a trait of her species.

「Let’s conclude the observation for now.」

I sit down next to the mother and daughter I saved first.

「I didn’t get your names.」

「Haa. I am Tamami, my daughter is Marron.」

I nod repeatedly and place a hand on her shoulder.


Is Tamami wary of me? No, it must be my imagination.

「Shall we get to mating?」


When I wrap my arm around Tamami, she sticks out an arm against my chest.

「You’re so lovely, Tamami. Your ears in particular are so nice.」


When I bite down on her ear and close in for a kiss, she kicks my stomach and distances herself.

「Hahaha, you don’t have to be shy.」

I lower my pants and show her my partially erect dick.

「He’s doing it again. That womanizer.」

「Eh, that was him seducing? You mean him acting like an aroused caveman?」

Sekrit and Sulama are talking about something, but I’m too busy with Tamami to worry.

「Come, I’ll make you feel good.」


Her scream snaps me back to my senses.

「You don’t want it!?」

「Of course not!」

Tamami yells, panting as she hides her body with her hands.

I hit my fist on my hand after pondering briefly.

「After such things were done to you, you hate humans now? Don’t fret, I’m not like those――」

「That’s not it.」

Oh, it must be that.

「I know you have lingering attachments to your dead husband. But you’re still young, you can take another d――」

「Not that either.」

Then why?

「Let me ask you then, why do I have to mate with you?」

It troubles me to have to explain it.

「I saved you. And I tried quite hard to, if I do say so myself.」

「Yes, thank you.」

Tamami and Marron bow their heads.

「And you girls stayed on the ship instead of going with your fellow villagers.」

「I thought it was too dangerous for this girl until she becomes an adult. I also thought you were a trustworthy person.」

I inch forward again.

「Then there’s no other choice than to mate. It’s like my dick is halfway inside you at this point.」

「Like I said, that’s not it. I refuse. I don’t want to.」

She calmly states, crossing her arms in front of her chest.
If I push her down despite her rejection, this will be rape.

I slump my shoulders in disappointment.
Man, my dick was ready to go too.

「Ah, he got turned down. I mean, obviously he did.」
「The alternative is annoying……but whatever. It’s hot in here, let me take off my top.」

Sekrit and Sulama’s voices seem far away as I’m feeling despondent.

「Will you at least let me touch your earhs?」
「They’re sensitive, so do it softly.」

I continue feeling Tamami’s ears.
I stroke them from the top, pinch them with my fingers, and blow lightly on them.

「Do you feel like doing it now?」

Then next is her paws.
I rub them in circular motions, press gently on the soft parts and trace the gaps between the paws with my finger, which elicits a soft moan of pleasure from Tamami.

「How about now?」
「It feels good, but not in that way.」

Next, I move behind her, blow on her neck as I sniff her.
I can’t tell her age as a beastman, but she appears to be a lady in her thirties, and I thought she would smell good, however――


My brows furrow from the unexpectedly weird odor.
It is by no means a pleasant smell. Yet it isn’t bad either……it’s more of a sultry scent.

My heart thumps.
I can feel my heartbeats gradually become faster.

The smell that I inhaled transforms into heat and travels from my lungs to my brain, then goes down to my belly and to my crotch.


My heart is beating like a drum in my ears.
With every beat, a wave of blood gets pumped to my penis, which I can start to feel swell.

「Are you done? I would like to eat now……if possible, I want something moist, not crunch――」

The moment Tamami turned around and our eyes met, I forcefully stole her lips.

「Nnmu! Puha! Nooo!!」

I press my lips harder against Tamami as she struggles and I stick my tongue in her mouth.
I grab her arms when she pounds my chest, and use my body weight to push her down to the floor.

「Hey, he finally forced himself on her.」
「He must not have been able to hold back any longer. Is a beast really that irresistible? ……give me my shirt back, it’s cold now.」

I don’t have the luxury to interpret Sekrit and Sulama’s conversation.

「Stop it, you’re so cruel! I trusted you――hoping you weren’t that kind of human, ah!?」

Cold sweat drips from Tamami’s temple as both her arms are restrained.

「I-it’s actually mating season for me this week……could it be that I was emitting pheromones!? But they should only affect other beastmen……although it sometimes has effects on animals and monsters.」

「If you break him apart, he is actually 80% beast or monster. It was inevitable.」

Their words go right over my head as I tear Tamami’s shirt and, with her arms still restrained, bury my face in her modest breasts.

「Stop! Don’t suck on them!」

Tamami desperately twists her body, but no matter how strong she is as a beastman, she can’t escape from my pinning technique.
My mouth rubs all over her boobs, and I let out a bestial growl as I suck on her nipples.

I take my dick, which has burst a hole in my pants, and press it hard against Tamami’s pants.

「Eek! Y-you, let go――! Fshaa!」

Her resistance reaches the peak.
She flails her legs and wriggles her hips with enough force to break free from my grasp.
At the same time, the material of her pants reaches its limit and rips, leaving Tamami stark naked.

「I have to run until the pheromones wear off!」

Tamami quickly turns around, gets down on all fours and runs.
She moves like she was shot out of a cannon.


「No way.」

I’m used to catching arrows.
I move several times faster than Tamami, grab her slender waist and target the pink hole at the base of her tail――


I slam my hips into her.


My cock invades her hole without any regards to her protest and pushes to the very back.
Tamami arches backward, but my hand firmly grips on her hips and doesn’t budge.

「Aah……got to mate……this is the best.」

I swing my hips without waiting for Tamami’s hole to adjust to my size.
My cock proceeds through the mostly dry tunnel.

「Hiiii! Myaaaa!!」

The screaming Tamami’s flailing is unthinkably light compared to before.
Just by pulling my arms towards myself, I easily bump against her ass.

「Oh, feels good. This is great. More……I want more!!」

I repeatedly pull the woman’s body, thrusting with audible slaps.
Numbing pleasure runs through my penis as it burrows into her narrow canal.

Tamami no longer resists and lets her body be handled as I please.

Warm liquid moistens my shaft midway.
It must be her body’s defense mechanism to try and protect her vagina from being totally destroyed.


I press my hips as close to her ass as possible, knocking against her womb.
The movement of my hips quicken the more I smell her vertical-standing tail.

「Uwa, listen to that clapping. Doing this in front of her daughter, there’s a limit to how fiendish you can be. Shouldn’t we stop them?」

Sulama’s voice temporarily distracts me, but Tamami’s clenching hole overwhelms any unnecessary thoughts.

The veins in my dick bulge as my heart pulses.
Friction increases, in turn heightening my pleasure and doubling Tamami’s screams.
A jet of fluid squirts from her hole as her body trembles.

「Harder. I want more!」

I lay my body on Tamami, fondling her breasts as I swing my hips.
My rock hard dick tears through her convulsing corridor with each forward thrust, while the engorged blood vessels and the fist-sized tip grinds against her inner walls every time I pull back.


Tamami is eventually drained of her strength and she collapses.
Her tongue hangs out of her half-open mouth, and saliva trickles from her tongue into a growing puddle.

「Guh, this is……」

The moment Tamami collapses, that distinct scent wafts thickly in the air from her body.
My balls start to contract and I arrive at my limit immediately.

「I can’t take it anymore. Cumming.」
「It’s coming……it’s coming inside me……」

I once again hold Tamami’s waist and push myself as tightly against her body as possible.
Tamami, who was lying face-down on the floor, curves her back with a shriek, scattering sweat from her bristled fur.


The muscles in my body tense up.
Semen rises from my balls and my dick throbs as the base of the shaft expands.


My urethra opens in time with Tamami’s cry, and a mass of semen erupts from the tip.

「Nuuu, it won’t stop!」

Following the stream of semen, something else flows up my shaft.
This feeling of a grain passing through must be those giant sperm again.

「Hey. The bubibibi sound is coming from his mouth right?」
「No, that’s the sound of his ejaculation. It’s a little intense this time.」

I groan in pleasure as my body rests on Tamami.

My low-pitched voice and Tamami’s feeble whines last for some time.
Seconds later, seed spills out from where we’re connected, and I occasionally rock my body back and forth.

My ejaculation tapers after 20 minutes and I slowly return to my senses.


Having fulfilled its duty, my now limp dick slips out from her swollen hole.

「……crap, I did it.」

Staring at the white stuff leaking from her, I ask Sekrit.

「It’s rape no matter how you look at it, right?」

Sekrit snickers.

「This is an exemplary form of rape where I forced myself on a woman who clearly refused. Not to mention, it was in front of her daughter. It reminds me of when I was young.」

Multiple arrows pierce my heart, but this is no time to feel hurt.

「First, I have to bow down and apologize. No way that will be enough though.」

At the very least, I’d have to jump into the river with a rope tied around my waist and swim with it attached to the boat.

Tamami gets up, her breathing weak.
Gazing at the semen, she calls out to the dumbfounded Marron.

「Bring me some water.」

Marron carries a pitcher with a shaky hand.

Tamami accepts it with a smile, crawls over to me and caresses my face.

「Good work――dear♪」

She kindly pours me water, her face filled with affection.

「It doesn’t appear to be poisoned.」

I ask just in case.

「Why would I poison it? Fufu, you’re so weird♪」

Resting her hands on my shoulder, Tamami snuggles against me and lovingly kisses my chest and stomach.

I don’t get why she’s acting this way.
I would have drank it up even if she dumped poison or excrement in it.

「That reminds me.」

Sulama hits her fist on her hand.

「Long ago, I heard a story from my lover’s boyfriend. When female beastmen are in heat, it doesn’t mean they are aroused. They emit pheromones to charm men, but they always refuse when asked to mate.」

I nod, petting the purring Tamami as she fawns on me.

「But if they are forced, especially if they are beaten or raped, the moment penetration happens, they belong to the male. It’s like a trait of theirs to seek out seed that is stronger than them.」

「Oh oh, seriously……?」

The other beastmen around me nod enthusiastically.

「Dear, bite down here.」

Tamami, like she became an entirely different person, offers her breasts to me, and I gladly bite the tip lightly.


Then Tamami, of all things, proceeds to push up my chin, causing my teeth to sink into her skin.
I promptly ease up, but I could already feel the taste of blood in my mouth.

「Ah, and also.」

「It hurts……aah, it hurts……here it comes……」

Sulama continues to explain while Tamami holds her abdomen rather than her bleeding chest.

「Beastmen don’t get pregnant through normal intercourse. It is when something causes them pain that they ovulate.」

The surrounding beastmen nod excitedly again as Tamami yelps.

「If they get hurt during or after intercourse, they get pregnant. Due to their mating period being short, the pregnancy chance when they ovulate is close to 100%.」

Tamami shivers and looks at me with heart eyes as she rubs her belly.

「……that trait is paradise for rapists.」

Those who want to hurt women will be drooling.
I better be careful and protect them.

「That’s right, rapist.」

I’m already reflecting on my actions, don’t shoot anymore arrows into my heart, Sekrit.

Anyway, what’s done is done, though Tamami seems to be in love with me now.
I wonder if this outcome is fine, no I should tie a rope around my waist and jump after all.

「There’s no time to ponder such meaningless things. Sniff.」

I inhale sharply.
My mind feels dizzy and my crotch heats up.

「This is……」

「It’s so strong that I can smell it now. This feels like trouble.」

The beastmen squeal.

「Oh no……I saw something incredible.」
「It triggered us to go in heat too.」
「What’s going to happen in a place with no wind when tons of pheromones fills the room!?」

The last thing I saw before my sense of reason disappeared was Sulama trying to escape to the deck and Sekrit who threw her down and locked her in from the inside.


I let out a roar as a male impregnator.


The ten beastmen trapped in the enclosed space scream.


Sulama cries out inelegantly.

「Go on, run. Run for me. If you get caught, I’m going to fill you up.」

Sekrit grins, amused at the idea, and also participates.

That is when lust completely takes over my mind.

I grab the leg of a beastman digging her nails into the wall and climbing up, drag her down and mount her in the missionary position.

「No, no! Don’t put it in!」

Her struggles are in vain as I spread her legs and sink my rod into her hole.

「――aahn. I love you♪」

I catch the girl who tries to leap over me after she got trapped in the corner in midair.
Ensuring she doesn’t hit her head, we fall back down and I rip her pants.

「I don’t want a lover! I hate men!」

I lift her hips and insert my dick in the cowgirl position.

「――k-kiss me♪」

Confident in their skills, two beastmen point wooden sticks at me.

「Now that it’s come to this.」
「We’ll defeat him and protect our chastity!」

I block one of their attacks with my arm, then at the same time hook my leg around the foot she is resting her weight on, and flip her on her back.

The second girl swings her stick at my groin, but the weapon shatters with a dry crack.


I pick up the stunned girl, lay her face down on top of the first girl, and grab their stacked asses.

「I can’t move! Still, I won’t fall even if you penetrate me!」

First, I grab the woman on top and ram my dick into her.
I feel the sensation of her virginity being torn.

「――Nnooh! Thrust more, teach me about men♪」

Next, I position my manhood in front of the bottom woman’s hole and instantly shove it in.

「I’ll be fine, I will endure it! I won’t give in!」

The tight opening only provided a tiny bit of resistance before surrendering , leaving traces of fresh blood behind.

「――aahn. Pound this virgin hole more♪」

I grab the ass of a girl who tried to hide in a box in the confusion.
Wasting no time and not bothering to remove her light hemp pants, I jump straight to plunging my dick into her hole through her clothes.

「――gyaa! What are you doing!?」

I mistakenly shoved it into her anus so she cursed at me instead of falling in love with me.

「It hurts! It really really hurts! Wait, you’re kidding, I actually ovulated from that!?」

I pull out of her ass and shift my dick downward at her vagina.

「Don’t! I’ll get pregnant! I’m ovulating, so the egg can be fertilized!! Spurt lots of your seed♪」

Several hours must have passed at this point as all around me the beastmen are laying on top of each other, whispering words of love with moist eyes.

「So mean……I also got fucked.」

Sulama is on the floor too.

Of course, Sekrit is the only one who didn’t get caught.
She silently strips herself and beckons me.

The pheromones have not dissipated the room and my sense of reason has not returned yet.

Letting out a war cry, I charge at her.

She dodges with an aerial somersault, and I run right into a barrel.

Sekrit smiles as she jumps on a box and taunts me by spreading her legs.

The only thing on my illogical mind is the sole goal of mounting that woman and making her scream with my dick.

I sway left and right as I slowly approach her.
My bulging penis is too big and gets in the way, preventing me from running.

It’s not only big, it’s heavy.
A never-before transformation of my dick occurs due to the high concentration of pheromones.

I pounce at the box Sekrit is standing on, but she easily evades me again.
However, her landing spot is wet with fluid either from me or one of the beastmen, and she slips, falling to one knee.

I grab her shoulder as she tries to stand up and push her down, sinking my dick into her from behind.


The massive penis stretches Sekrit’s unaccustomed hole, making her groan.

「I caught you. You can’t escape now.」

My statement is refuted a few seconds later.
The ship suddenly rocks, creating an opening for Sekrit to punch me in the face twice and distance herself.

It doesn’t matter.
I just have to capture her again.

Our game of tag continues.

When I corner her and try to insert myself from the front while standing, she chops my neck with her hand and escapes.

Just when I think she’s obediently putting her hands on the wall to let me fuck her, she steps on my foot right before I ejaculate and runs, allowing my stream of semen to fruitlessly spray in the air.

Sekrit naughtily sits on a barrel and masturbates with a stick, but when I jump at her, she topples the mountain of barrels and buries me.
She cackles when I’m pinned underneath, but I use my brute strength to free a hand and grab her foot, pulling her to the floor so I can penetrate her.

She provokes me, I insert my dick in her, she escapes, and provokes me. This cycle repeats endlessly.

I eventually catch Sekrit when she reaches the limits of her stamina, and I tie her up with a rope.


She makes the loudest groan so far.
Clearly, it’s because my dick has been becoming more menacing every time she escapes.

「Surely you can’t run this time.」

As I swing my hips like an animal in the missionary position, Sekrit covers my face with her hands and digs her nails in.
She doesn’t hold back and really digs them in, drawing blood.

「You do it too. You can punch me if you want. Beat me as you fuck me, otherwise I’ll resist again.」

In a trance-like state, my body acts on instincts and accepts the suggestion that knocking the woman unconscious will grant me uninhibited access to the brown-skinned body in front of me.

I wind my arm back only to touch the defenseless Sekrit’s cheek softly and then kiss her.

「That’s it? Don’t disappoint me.」

Sekrit’s tone is filled with dejection, but her crotch is overflowing with love juices.

I retract my body, pull out my dick and sit cross-legged.

「……you can’t even punch a cheeky woman, what a letdown.」

Sekrit sighs, opens her mouth and swallows my meat rod.

Her throat rubs my shaft every time she bobs her head.

Her tongue constantly twirls as she sucks up a mixture of my pre-cum and leftover juices from our earlier entanglement with noisy slurps.

What I’m receiving is not the service of a disappointed and dejected woman.
Sekrit’s eyes, however, plead for me to be more violent.


She abruptly presses her teeth down on my dick.
Looking down, I see her lightly patting the top of her head.

Urged by Sekrit, I grab her head and pull it toward me.
I push my dick deep into her throat, not worrying when she gags and holding her head in place for about 30 seconds, then let go so she doesn’t suffocate.

「Geho! Goho!」

I wait for Sekrit to finish coughing, then ask for her service again.

She alternates between gentle sucking and rougher sucking until I near orgasm.


Sekrit takes in large mouthfuls of air to catch her breath, then lays on her back with her head pointing at me.
I grab her head, using her like a doll, plunge my dick deep in her mouth until it reaches her stomach, then ejaculate.


Sekrit’s stomach inflates as she gulps down my seed, and eventually there’s too much liquid for her to handle that it gushes back out from her mouth.
She faintly smiles at the uncontainable amount of semen.

「Gohoho! Gehoh! Gefu gefuh!!」

I pull my dick out so she doesn’t suffocate.
She doesn’t vomit anything, she only coughs out semen.

「Haa haa……what is this?」

Sekrit pokes at the seed that spilled out.

「Sperm? What the heck did you shoot out……?」

I don’t reply and lean on Sekrit’s body.

「Wait, could this bizarre object be enlarged sper――」

I seal her mouth with a kiss, then penetrate her, ignoring her question.
I simply swing my hips forcefully, thrusting my dick at the back――the entrance to her womb, which opens after knocking on it about ten times.

「You know, I like you.」

Although my sense of reason has not returned, I can still speak.
But her reaction is weak.

「I love you.」

She doesn’t react much to that either.
Since I’m not in a stable state of mind, should I try saying ‘that’?

「You are-」

Her body trembles.

「You are mine. You belong to me. Your heart, your memories, your soul, everything is mine.」

Sweat pours out from her body and her insides start to spasm.

「Call my name. Shout that you want to get pregnant.」

「Idiot, what nonsense are you saying?」

I quicken the movements of my hips as Sekrit peers into my eyes that are tinged with a primal instinct.

「Hah……alright, get me pregnant.」
「Say my name!」

My thrusts become rougher.

「Nn……Aegir, impregnate me with your child.」
「Say it with more energy.」

I pound her like a battering ram trying to break down a gate.

「Give me Aegir’s――」

I grunt, slamming my hips against her with the weight of my entire body behind each thrust.

「Impregnate me with your seed! Pour your stinky seed in me and make me Aegir’s baby mama!」
「You are my woman, Sekrit. Bear my child!!」

Sekrit screams as I discharge my semen.
Her stomach swells up and eventually the amount that can’t fit overflows from the part where we’re connected.

「You really like this kind of play, huh. Gu, I can really feel those things squirming in my stomach.」

I cling to Sekrit, spent from all the activity, and bury my face in her chest.
All I know is that plenty of enlarged sperm is passing through my urethra.

The Next Morning――

「Urk, it stinks.」

Sulama mutters after smelling her face, then says the same thing after checking her surroundings.
I can’t be sure as I wasn’t in the right state of mind, but I think she was the only one who I didn’t cum in.

Her sincerely disgusted comment wakes everyone up.

Everyone, including me, slept covered in fluids.

「Aah, dear.」
「My love, where are you?」
「Fufu, Aegir-sama♪」

The beastmen crawl toward me, with Tamami in the lead.
My status as their lover or husband seems to have been decided already.

Preceding them, Sekrit who is resting in my arms, turns away coldly as if she forgot about yesterday’s sex.
The small bottle she drinks from must be some kind of morning-after contraception.


Everyone covers their mouth at the same time.
Sulama and I exchange looks, confused.

They immediately rush up to the deck and I hear a sound that a man should not hear.

「Everyone is seasick?」
「I understand the beastmen, but no way Sekrit would get seasick.」

After the ugly sound of puking ceases, I strain my ears to the conversation on the deck.

「What is this gross stuff?」

「This feels like……no, but it wasn’t like that yesterday……does this really belong to a human?」

「Eeek! Try touching your stomach! It’s bigger!」

「That monster. I had three layers of contraception……no, but it’s only been a day……damn, what do I do?」

And so we safely arrived back in the Central Plains.

「Hey, why are you backing away?」

Nonna and the others congregate in the corner, far from me.

「Pss pss monster.」
「Pst pst demon.」

I can hear you.
How can you say such horrible things about your husband?

「It’s true, you monster.」

The bathroom door opens and Sekrit appears.
Her belly is visibly sticking out.

「The doctor said the baby will be born within a month. He also said that he wasn’t confident if the baby will be human or not. ……well, it is your child. If the baby bursts out of my stomach, then I’ll just give up and die.」

Sekrit enters the bathtub, supporting her large belly.

The beastmen whisper to Celia, asking questions.

「Hey, is human semen really like that? A sperm the size of my pinky finger is wiggling around.」

「I’m sure that in all of the continent, Aegir-sama is the only one who shoots such big ones.」

Sulama tip-toes behind Sekrit and comes in as well.
She rests a wrung towel on her head and submerges her body in the water up to her shoulders, relaxing in the warmth.

「Wow, I went along with everyone and came to the Central Plains, but who would have thought that you are the infamous lecher king. Now that I’ve become the lover of a king, I’m secure for life. I can say goodbye to risking my life for a puny organization.」

Somehow Sulama ended up in the inner palace.

「Mmm, you’re not my lover. You have a different role.」

「Eh, you’re not going to make me your lover!?」

Sulama instantly rises to her feet in shock, meanwhile Bartolome stares at her.
He also glances at Sekrit’s direction, but shakes his head as if telling himself not to be tempted.

I speak softly so that the kids can’t hear.

「I want you to teach the boys about sex education when they’re a bit older. I want you to show them purely how to properly use their penis, not for the sake of love or romance. As someone who has lots of experience, I figured you’d be the perfect person for the job.」

I considered the elves too, but they have a bad habit of not being able to control themselves.

「Eeh, I thought I’d be surrounded by jewels and laughing like a rich lady, but I have to take care of the sexual needs of kids……?」

Sulama peeks at the children.
She rubs her eyes and takes a second look.

「What’s with that group of handsome boys? Are they really your children? There’s no way.」

Don’t be ridiculous.
If they belonged to another man, I’d be so sad that I would go all over the country impregnating every single woman.

「I see, it’s because all your wives are pretty……okay, I’ll do it. Let me do it.」

Sulama says, exhaling with an excited huff.
Her personality is interesting. I don’t get bored of it.

「By the way.」

Sulama stretches her fingers.

Is it about wages?
I can’t surround her with jewels, but I intend to pay her more than an average bureaucrat.

「How old are those kids? W――!? And are kids at that age normally 15 cm big!? I take back what I said, they’re definitely your children.」

The suddenly motivated Sulama skips over to greet my children.
Does she not care about the important matter of wages……?

Antonio is emotionless as usual, Gilbard is slightly shy, and Bartolome nervously greets her in a high-pitched voice. That boy seems to have a preference for dark skin, I see.


I leave the bathtub and rub the bellies of the beastmen who cuddle up to me.

「I think a messenger will come soon.」

「「A messenger?」」

Celia and Rebecca tilt their heads.

「It’s fine not to reply though. Anyway, since I’ve gotten out of the bath I guess I’ll go take a ride on Schwartz. He’s an old horse now. I’ll ride him until he becomes exhausted and laugh at him.」

I have to regain the feeling of riding a horse.
I’m sure Leopolt is almost ready.

A few days later, a messenger arrived from the Olga Federation with a request to attack the Empire and an imperial letter urging another visit to White City.

I didn’t give a clear answer to either of them, and only laughed with my lovers, the aroused Catherine, and Sulama, who is wearing string-like garments that expose her body if she takes a single step.


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