Chapter 62: The Returned Letter


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「Uuuuuunn……」 1

After my intense exercise last night, I felt sluggish when waking up. I pull away gently from the three girls coiling around me, trying not to wake them up.

I opened the window while stepping around the rocks that have lost their light. The sun has already risen high.



Nonna turns around in her sleep and her humongous breasts cover Carla’s face. Ooh, it’s completely covering her nose and mouth. Carla’s limbs are kicking and struggling, finally she was able to grasp her breasts and push her off.

「Puha-What is this?! Are you trying to kill a newlywed so soon!? Take it off……stinks of Nonna.」

There is something sticky on Nonna’s face, it’s probably wet from Mel’s breast milk.

「That reminds me, in the end of yesterday, it didn’t stop.」

「But it won’t come out next time you know?」

「Stop it, it’s not like you should be dripping all the time. If I suck on it, it should come out.」

「Is that so? Try tasting it a bit.」

I’m also reluctant, it’ll be fine if I take one side right?

「Uuun, my face is all sticky…………What’s going on?」

Nonna wakes up with the sleeping Mel’s twisted body in front of her face, and Carla and I were sucking on one breast each. We both get plenty of morning milk and we can start our day.

Having worked until dawn, we were supposed to be sleeping up till noon but there are still many women who didn’t come to the living room. Having checked on yesterday’s condition, Maria and Kuu are completely out of the question, and they certainly won’t be able to get up for the whole day. Melissa is holding her a head a little. Irijina woke up with me at daybreak quite excited and seems to be running around in the garden full of energy.

「I guess that’s alright for today. Why don’t we make tea for our first day as newlyweds?」

I sit down on the sofa, and the three beauties were feeding me tea and snacks. This luxurious lifestyle is good too. But this peace won’t last for long.


A scream resounded – it’s Celia’s voice. It’s rare to see her so flustered. With noisy shuffling from her footsteps, she appears. She just woke up so she her bed hair was pretty bad.

「A-Aegir-sama! Yesterday, who was in my room?!! 」

「Hm? Well that is……」

Celia instantly hides the paper she was holding in her hand. Oh yeah, I did do something mischievous like that yesterday. Let’s play along some more.

「Oh yeah, I had Christoph carry you while you were drunk, you talked for quite a while, huh?」

Celia fell to her knees heartbroken. She hangs her head, muttering curses.

「How did this happen……if I don’t erase it……if I don’t silence him.」

Celia tenses her faces as if she has prepared herself.

「Aegir-sama, where is Christoph-san?」

「Yesterday, he went to the brothel. He went back in the morning and at this moment isn’t he probably sleeping in the army dormitories?」

「The brothel……I’ll go out for a bit and come back.」

Celia has an incredible look as she prepares to go out. It’s not like this lie will cause Christoph to take a cute girl away from me, right? If a cute girl was taken from me, I would take damage equal to having Nonna stolen from me.

But it seems I don’t need to worry about that.

「……Celia? Where do you think you’re going?」

She hides a dagger in her thigh and holds her sword. She has throwing knives and other shady gear on her body that I’ve never seen before.

「I’m borrowing Schwartz. It is something that I must take care of without fail!」

「Wait, where are you going to do what?」

「I’ll explain my circumstances later! Please let me go! If I don’t silence that man, I won’t be able to stay by Aegir-sama’s side!」

I’ll just cut that guy’s head off! Celia is making a fuss, crying and screaming, and everyone is gathering to see what was going on. In the end, I admitted my guilt and my three new wives gave me the cold shoulder.

「Aaaah, I’m so glad, I’m really glad, I thought that I was defiled by that man, and his filthy liquids were poured into me, uuuuu.」

It seems like Celia’s soul came out of her mouth from the way she sounds, and she sinks to the floor on the spot. Her tear glands burst as she covers her face with her hands and starts crying. It’s not like he did anything that bad which she hated; Christoph may be stupid and incompetent, but he’s not a villain.

「……Why did you tell me such a pointless lie?」

「That was overkill Aegir~ She’s bawling.」

「Choose the right people to joke with. Here, Celia-chan, go eat together with Ruu and calm down.」

No, it was just that Celia was very defenseless…I tried to say that but everyone left. Even though I was previously surrounded by women and we were having fun and drinking tea, now it’s just me and Sebastian.

「The price of teasing a woman is big, huh.」

「If the woman cries, then an excuse won’t work.」

「You have experience?」

「Due to having accumulated a useless amount of years.」

「This sugar pastry is delicious though.」

「I made it. Here is a bag filled with it. When you want to please someone, feel free to use it.」

「Sorry for the trouble.」

Speaking to an uninterested Sebastian is like an oasis that heals loneliness.

Celia is eating in the living room while crying still, and my cruelty has spread to everyone aside from the sleeping Maria and Kuu on the second day. However, only Kroll who is seeing Celia look weak and crying fell in love again, and the unproductive, unrequited love continued.

「Celia, sorry about that. ……I intended for it to be a little prank.」

「No, it was also me who lost my composure. I thought that this body exclusive for Aegir-sama was embraced by that vulgar man.」

Celia really hates Christoph, huh.

「It’s not an apology, but I’ll give this to you.」

It’s Sebastian’s special sugar pastries. There were plenty of them stuffed in a bag.

「Aren’t these……the goods from the shop? Tasty!」

Celia secretly likes sweets. She comprehends the menus of all the surrounding confectionaries, and is quick to find out about newly released items. I saw it when I snuck in her room last night, but she had written the approximate times it takes for each shop to finish baking. For this kind of thing, she’s quite the diligent one.

「If you like them, I’m glad. So somehow let this time’s incident slide.」

「No! I never minded it in the first place! I was just surprised and cried, that’s all!」

「But, you should be careful with alcohol from now on. You might actually get taken home by another man.」

「I’ll be careful…………」

Celia makes a meek face, and once again my mischievous heart is welling up from within me.

「When I woke up, Kroll was lying naked beside me.」2

Kroll is in love with Celia. But the fact that he had no chance was known by everyone except the people concerned.

I was going to end it with a joke, but Celia started emitting bloodlust.

「If……he made that mistake, then I will cut off his dick and balls and make him apologize to Aegir-sama」

I hope that Kroll doesn’t lose his mind then.

Several days passed without anything happening.

There was a small incident where Nonna created a permission system for my acts of love. In other words, aside from the concubines, Nonna suggested that she must give permission before being embraced by me, but because of the absolute rejection from the girls and the rebellion of Carla, the ruling party, it got scrapped.

There were many loud voices seeking for the punishment of the legal wife, so at night, Nonna was publicly executed in front of the other lovers….as punishment, she was getting her ass slapped by me until it turned red. Moreover while she had tears on her face, the traitor Carla pointed out that she was gushing wet, the rumor that she was a masochistic pervert was spread and she largely forfeited her dignity. This is a secret between husband and wife, but from that day forward when it was just the two of us, Nonna would occasionally ask for her ass to be slapped.

However, this small incident will be blown away.

「Master. You have letters.」

I am a little surprised. The one who usually brings the letter to me is Miti or Alma. At times, Carla will run off from my side and go, but it’s quite rare for Sebastian, who is busy with many things, to bring it directly to me.

「Three letters……No, two letters and one item. Since there is one item with the royal family seal on it.」

「Show it to me.」

The contents are regarding that which we talked about in person, the official inauguration of the eastern independent army’s military strength, which includes 2000 people.

「It finally came. With this, the bandits in my territory will be swept clean.」

In any case, the same amount of armed soldiers will be entering my territory of 2000 residents. From the perspective of the bandits, they will think that there is no workplace more unsuitable than this.

「Even though 2000 people’s worth of supplies will be provided from the kingdom, why are they placing such military force in the remote regions?」

「On the surface, it should be to exterminate the mountain bandits.」

Leopolt answers Celia’s question.

The mountain bandits right now are quiet, but you don’t know when they will appear. We don’t know the exact amount of people either, but there should be about several hundreds of them. And unlike farmers, even the women and children can be included in their fighting strength. If you think about it this way, 2000 soldiers is not an unusual amount.

「So it’s just appearance’s sake?」

Recently, Celia has been listening carefully to Leopolt. She has recognized him to be more knowledgeable about military tactics and strategies than myself, and she’s trying to absorb the knowledge. I tell that guy if he ever puts his hands on Celia, then I’ll take Nina.

「Well. The answer lies in the central army.」

Erich’s central army is divided between the first division army to the third division army, and has already climbed over 30,000 in strength after being reinforced, and even now it is still being strengthened. It is impossible to say that this is for recovering the damage suffered in the Arkland war.

「The answer is obvious if you think about the reinforcement of the central army. His Majesty is planning to challenge all the countries in the north.」

「No way! Aren’t they allies!?」

「There are no allies or enemies in diplomacy. If there is profit to be gained, then we collaborate, that’s it. Right now, there is no meaning for Goldonia to deepen its relationship with them.」

「Then where do you think he’ll challenge first?」

「It’s Treia. Yurest Union is touching our entire border but, Goldonia is exchanging culture with them deeply, both countries also have many nobles who share blood relations with each other, so they would want to absorb them without fighting if possible.」

Celia is taking notes. You better not lose those notes. It might be problematic for diplomacy.

「The eastern independent army is a meddler?」

「That’s right. The central army is moving south and on the way, we are also located in the south. On top of Treia’s forces diminishing, they are also compelled to split forces for us in the remote regions.」

However, Leopolt continues.

「At this stage, it is impossible. If they attack without reason, the other countries will intervene using invasion as the reason. Since Goldonia is a rich land and quite attractive to them. The current strategy is to surround themselves with all the countries in the north as the enemy, so that Goldonia’s prospects for victory are slim.」

「Why do they need an excuse to justify the start of war, is it because a just cause is needed?」

「That’s right. But I don’t know what that would be. I am not too familiar with politics.」

If you can say this much, it’s quite enough. In any case, isn’t it fine to do just what was said and take out the mountain bandits?

「I’m sorry for interrupting. Should we take a look at the other letters?」

I got lost in thought. I look at the letter that Sebastian handed to me.

「This is from Adolph is it? Celia……」

I look over it briefly and hand it to Celia. His letter is long, and I was reading it desperately last time, but his conclusion was that ‘nothing really happened, everything is proceeding smoothly’. Thus, I leave it to Celia.

「This is…………that man!!」

There was no problem in the contents. However, the letter that Celia replied in my place last time was returned with its misprints and her strange way of writing corrected.

I ignore the rampaging Celia and had Sebastian say the one final part. But, my faithful butler hesitated after I held my hand out.

「What’s wrong?」

「No……this will need more than a hand.」

Sebastian is holding a box, a heavy-looking one which had a letter inside.

「What is this…………」

This isn’t one letter. 3

「Well, that is the one letter. It came via a specialized deliveryman from the Olga Federation.」

The specialized deliveryman is even faster than the specialized delivery box, pushing a horse to the limit just to get the letter delivered. Of course, the cost is not cheap. There are extremely limited people who could do this.

I don’t really need to confirm it but let’s just check the sender.

[Claudia Albens Malordol] To my beloved Aegir-sama

I thought so, I knew it.

「Ahem, then I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions.」

Nonna puts the letter in front and takes the lead. Celia has reported it.

「As expected this should be told to the legal wife Nonna-san.」

That’s how it is. The ones in here who know about Claudia are just three people: Nonna, Celia and Melissa.

「So, why did you write a letter to that person? You already knew that she was trouble, didn’t you?」

The ones aside from the three people still do not seem to understand a single thing but Nonna is beginning her inquiries.

「Previously, I talked about this in bed……」

In the Past, White City

「Haa Haa…………That was good. This thing is your treasured sword that slays women.」

「You have also become quite lewd yourself. I’m fired up.」

「Aah, my beloved! Don’t make me so happy! I won’t be able to resist!」

I roll over on the bed and hold out my hand.

「Come here Claudia.」

Claudia rests on my arm pillow and doesn’t stop kissing me.

「My beloved, you’re about to leave soon, aren’t you…? If I wasn’t that man’s wife then I would go with you.」

I’m not the type to take you along to walk with me but not saying anything is kindness.

「If there is anything I can do, tell me. If you want money then I’ll gather it, if you want women I’ll find someone pretty from one of my servants. If you prefer a noble woman, then I’ll offer you my daughter. Please, go ahead and violate me.」

Yesterday, Claudia’s daughter, Christina, said the same thing to me which left not only me, but her mother afraid, and shut herself inside.

「It’s alright. I have enough money to travel, more importantly are you sure about the medicine?」

It goes without saying that it’s the contraceptive.

「Aah! It’s really annoying!! Being the wife of such a dull man, I won’t be able to accept your seed. It’s certainly that man’s fault that I can’t get pregnant either. It would be different now if it was Aegir-dono’s thick seed juices!」

Claudia has intense mood swings. When I think that she’s clinging to me like a dog wanting to be spoiled, the next thing I know, she gets fired up with intense and irrational anger towards her husband. If you gave birth to a child while being married to a prestigious noble, you would be quite trapped.

「If I am ever separated from you, my dear beloved, then I’ll be broken. Will you at least tell me where I can send you my letters?」

「Even if you ask me, I’m just a wanderer. I can’t say when I will be somewhere.」

「……Then as I thought, would it be better for you to become a knight in my mansion rather than living that uneasy lifestyle? I’ll even prioritize you above anything and everything.」

「I may also get a place in a town somewhere, and settle down. When that happens, I’ll send you a letter.」

「Really? I will be looking forward to it! Please remember it, you are my number one, my everything. Tell me anything you desire. Because I will do anything to get you to turn and look at me ……」

Claudia uses her body to rub against me, and once again swallows my reinvigorated cock.

「Thick, it’s big! Thrust through my stomach! Ooooh!! Use your penis and fuck this lewd self of mine until I’m dead!!」

Present Day

「It’s certain that he has found this place to settle down. You got money from her and you got her body; I thought that it was bad already but you sent letters. If you are exchanging letters with her, there might be a possibility of you abandoning us.」

「And this is the result……」

(Light Novels Illustration: Mountain of Letters)

There are easily 50 letters from Claudia. Judging from the handwriting, you can see that they are all characters from a woman, it was probably written by Claudia herself and not another person in her place.

「I apologize for being rude to a high class person, but I believe this person is not the kind of woman who gets delighted from playing around. This is coming from me, but I am also aware that I am a woman who thinks heavily of a man’s love for me. It’s just that I can see that this woman is beyond that level.」

Rita also begins to talk anxiously. I didn’t think I was playing around when I sent letters though. Even though it was pillow talk, I did also promise, and she lent me money with an ulterior motive to help with the management of territory. Erich did also say that you should treasure your connections with your fellow nobles.

「What’s important is your relationship with the head of the family. What are you doing by stealing the wife?」

I pretend not to listen to Nonna’s cold voice.

「So in the end, what did you talk to her about?」

As expected it would take too long so I’ll count on Celia to summarize what was written.

「……Guh, it’s the first time I’m reading something so unpleasant.」

Celia occasionally clicks her tongue when she reads the endless amount of letters. I saw that the summary wasn’t getting close to progressing, it seemed to be predominantly meaningless things, like compliments to me and words of love.

For a while, Celia groaned, got irritated, sighed and finally finished the summary.

「It- it’s finished. ……I’ll be taking a short break.」

Celia heads over to the dining room unsteadily. She’s probably going to replenish herself with something sweet after being damaged mentally. Well, now let’s take a look at her fruits of labor.

To my beloved Aegir-sama ~abbreviated

I am thankful that you have kept your promise. ~abbreviated

I was surprised and couldn’t believe that you are a Goldonian noble. ~abbreviated

You also became in possession of territory. ~abbreviated

Territory management will probably be tough so you can tell me anything. I will help you as much as you want. ~abbreviated

I have heard that Goldonia has changed their king and also faced a war. My family has connections with the Goldonian king, so I will come and greet the new king once. Of course, that will be the surface intention, in reality I am coming to meet you. ~abbreviated

I will be bringing lots of tributes so please be patient. ~abbreviated

「……the heck is that.」

A single letter would be enough for just the contents. So the other 49 letters are just full of compliments to me? Thinking back there were some times that Celia’s face turned red, so there must have been some obscene things in there as well.

「It was something I expected, but she’s coming here, huh.」

With that said, it is a long journey from White City to Goldonia. Not to mention, if a noble’s wife were to travel, it would take several times slower than if we were to go. Moreover, the cold weather in the Federation is harsh, so she should first try to avoid travelling in the winter.

「It is winter right now, so she can’t depart. She will have to wait for the Federation’s late spring to come before setting out…..the estimated time is two months, so the arrival will be around the height of summer.」

I did a quick calculation.

「You’re naive.」

「That’s probably impossible.」

Nonna and Melissa instantly denies it.

「Please look at this letter. I have never seen something like this. This is more than saying it clearly! If you send something like this do you think that a person would really wait until spring? She has already, no, when you write this letter she may already be on the way.」

Nonna says that, but it’s really difficult to travel in winter. If she’s coming to greet the royal family of another nation, you’ll need attendants and servants and a large group so she can’t come here at a quick pace. Will she really be able to bear it?

「From what I could see in White City, her attachment to Aegir-san was incredible. We just talked about it, but didn’t she say that she would hand over her daughter if you wanted? I think she wouldn’t care if a servant died on the way and come here at full speed.」

Melissa and Nonna have the same opinion. I wonder if my thinking really is naive.

On a later day, the answer was revealed in the place of the establishment ceremony for the eastern independent army.

「Then I’ll be counting on you, Lord Hardlett.」

「Yessir, this is certainly his Majesty’s army, I will be borrowing it.」

The establishment ceremony ended and the 2000 soldiers came under my command. After preparing for about two days, we will head out to Rafen.

「Very well, I also have one more notice for you. There was a messenger of a noble from Olga Federation, Marquess Malordol’s family. It seems they are coming to greet me no matter what. They said, since the enthronement, they were late because of the continuing strife.」

I know that. But I can’t say that.

「Since the Marquess himself can’t be away from his territory for several months, it seems that his wife is coming. I don’t have to say this but to my country, there is no relationship more important than the one with the Federation. Also, Marquess Malordol’s family has a pedigree with quite the tradition in the Federation.」

I also know that. But of course I will not say it.

「In the past, their family has also been made a part of our royal family. Although they are but one noble family, we cannot treat them with disdain. Also, when the wife heard of your heroic stories in the earlier war, she became curious.」

I don’t believe that a high class noble of the Federation will be interested in the skirmishes in the central plains. I believe it is because in this short period, I have been writing her letters to let her know. She has quite the tenacity and the ability to take action.

「Thus, I want you to entertain her and be hospitable to her. She’s a wife of a prestigious noble, she must be hungry for some stimulating conversation. If you talk to her about the war then she’ll probably be satisfied.」

She definitely won’t be satisfied. She is seeking stimulating sex.

「I heard rumors that you don’t have slovenly women. Hearing that you married a wife, Madam Malordol should be able to live without worrying.」

Probably as soon it becomes just the two of us, she’ll take off all her clothes and come hug me. I’m willing to bet on it.

「I will humbly receive her.」

「Good, about the time of arrival though……she is coming from a different place than White City. It seems that it will take three weeks, and she will arrive in spring.」

I once again see a woman’s tenacity. In addition, the messenger for the royal family came at a later date than when I received my letter.

I felt a vague fear, but I have also matured in various ways since I last embraced Claudia. Even if you tell me it’s attachment or tenacity, the point is that women are coming to be embraced by me because they have fallen for me. ‘Why don’t I turn the tables on her’, I thought as a smile escapes.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett 20 years old Winter
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount Eastern Independent Army Commander Troop Count 2000
Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area
Assets: 80 gold (silver and below not counted)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Custom-made large spear
Equipment: Black Cloak (Cursed)
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Sue (daughter),
Melissa, Maria, Rita, Kuu, Ruu, Catherine (commuting)
Servants: Sebastian (butler), Miti, Alma, Kroll, Nina
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (private army commander),
Leopolt (Independent army vice-commander), Schwartz (horse), Adolph (domestic affairs official)
Sexual Partners: 40, children who have been born: 6


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  3. Nat: referring to counters in japanese used to count certain types of objects, in this case letters.


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