Chapter 70: A Chain of Troubles with Women


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–Aegir POV–

「Welcome back.」

Melissa and Maria greeted me back with open arms. Right now, I have returned to my house in the capital. The reason is because of Melissa’s letter. It took Schwartz two days to get from Rafen to the capital, when it would have taken other horses three to four days. Even though the war is over, there is still the issue with trading with the mountain people, so it’s not like I can be gone for too long, but there is also an incident here to deal with, which can’t be helped.

「Please, come this way.」

I thought the two of them would greet me with more of a smile, but would they get mad if I said they haven’t changed.

I pass through to a guest room where a rather large bed is placed. There, with a slightly tired face was Catherine and…………a sleeping baby with black hair.

「He was born five days ago. As I’ve written in the letter, the orphanage has too much dust and bugs, so this room has been used to give birth and for rest.」

「I see, you did your best.」

To be brief, Catherine seems to be a little bashful, hiding her face a little while stroking the baby.

「Thank you for letting me borrow the room……you actually didn’t want to let me in the house, right?」

Catherine’s tongue is sharp as usual. When I look at her this way, it makes her have such a childish face.

「I’m not such a demon that I would kick you out right after you’ve given birth. Take your time and rest.」

「Yeah. And also…………. Nevermind.」

If Catherine is not going to say anything, then I don’t have anything to say either.
She just gave birth to the child she was pregnant with, and was basically asking me ‘don’t you have anything to say?’

Melissa flared up. The three servants from the orphanage are behind Maria but their eyes are half-open and it seems they felt uncomfortable.

「Aegir-san! It’s your child right? Why are you not doing anything!?」

Melissa bellows unusually. I didn’t take care of him because I thought that if I took care of the child of another woman outside the family, you would get jealous for sure.

「Catherine-san, she collapsed while holding her stomach, you know? Even after helping her and after she woke up, she wouldn’t speak to anyone except Aegir-san! She said that if you weren’t here, she would have given birth on the streets!」

So she was trying to get me to notice by showing up at my doorstep here and there after her stomach started getting bigger. She didn’t say anything so I thought that she was trying to hide it.

「We finally forcefully dragged her back home and had her sleep in a bed though. Even now, she’s not telling us who the father is. Aegir-san, please ask her.」

Melissa is boiling with anger as she steps out of the way.

Even as I stood in front of the bed, Catherine was unbelievably more meek than her usual attitude. I prefer it better when she’s energetic like a beast during the times she’s getting fucked though.


「Yes……what is it?」

「Is this my kid?」

She looks down and her voice gets softer.

「No, it’s not.」


Melissa raised her voice loudly.

「I was embraced by a random man and got pregnant. I’m sorry, I’ve caused you trouble. When my body recovers, I’ll immediately-」

I kiss Catherine and hug her tightly.

「It’s my kid, right?」

The hand that was resisting me wrapped around my back, and her fingernails dug in a little.

「Yes, you’re right………it’s your son. Even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to get pregnant, I didn’t have the heart to abort the child……even though I’m not supposed to, I gave birth to your child, although I know it’s bad to do so!」

From this point on, she was sobbing incoherently and I couldn’t understand a word of what she said. For a while, I hugged her in order to calm her down, and when her voice died down, I once again tried to talk to her. Before I knew it, we were the only ones left in this place.

「Leave the rest to me. I’ll do something about it, so don’t worry.」

「You won’t kill the baby?」

「Don’t worry.」

Everything will be over once the king finds out, but it’s not like I could say Catherine is alive in the first place. So in this case, one secret, two secrets – it’s the same thing.

「I’m so glad…………」

Catherine crumbles to the ground. She must have been worried sick about the treatment of her child. She is always a person who lives for the sake of her children. Even though she’s so foul-mouthed, she’s a good mother.

「My bad, you wanted me to notice, right?」

「That’s right. I purposely came over every time and made my stomach stand out. If I could only tell you by saying it, then everybody would have found out.」

Catherine wasn’t using her usual foul mouth, but was blaming me in a pouting tone.

「I noticed it. Before you came and told me, I just thought that you wanted me to keep quiet about it.」

She immediately hits my head.

「Baka1……You’re a woman’s enemy.」

Just like that, she jumped into my chest, and while burying her face, she started to talk and squirm around in my arms.

「Today has ended. The things of the past are no more.」

I wanted to look at her face, but she remains buried in my chest and doesn’t move.

「I’ve fallen……completely, even my heart. I even bore your child, so I don’t know what I should do.」

When she’s mumbling like this against my chest, it feels ticklish. My lower half seems like it’ll react to this, but as expected, I can’t embrace her five days after giving birth.


Catherine raises her face and hands me a small ring.

「What is this?」

It is such an awkward timing to be giving me a present and it’s much too small. This would only fit on my pinky finger.

「It’s the ring that was given to me by my husband; it’s something I’ve hidden and is the only thing that reminds me of him. Sell it off……no, if possible, I want to crush it with a hammer or something.」

「Are you sure?」

「Yes, I don’t need it anymore. I am not that person’s widow but your……mistress. I’ve gone so far as to bear your child, so you can play2 with me forever. Even so, I can feel happiness as a pitiful mistress.」

Catherine has bore my child, and her heart has fallen. The two of us sealed this contract with a sweet kiss and we agreed for the small ring to be forgotten.

「How did it go?」

When I exited the room, everyone was standing by in the corridor. Melissa asked me as their representative.

「Catherine became my woman. From now on the child……Antonio will be staying with her here in this house. Of course, so will the child in the orphanage.」

The son is named Antonio. It seems that Catherine decided it on the spot and I was the one who only approved it.

Everyone lets out a sigh of relief. Apparently, they all welcomed Catherine to stay. I actually wanted to take her to my territory, but as expected, I couldn’t bring a mother who just gave birth and a newly-born child on a journey with me. I’ll have them be taken care of in this house for awhile; Melissa is here so there should be nothing to worry about.

「I think it’s the correct decision……however」

In order to lecture me, Melissa took me to a separate room. It was there that the lecture of the correct way to treat a woman continued on endlessly.

「Pretending not to notice a woman’s lies is second-rate.」

I see.

「Even though you realized, she has noticed that you did, and on top of that she doesn’t care.」

Fumu fumu3, I see.

「Catherine-san has probably been seeking help from you all this time.」

That may have been the case.

「Realizing what a woman truly wants will make you a first-rate lady-killer.」

I understand quite well……hm? Something seems wrong here.

It feels like I’ve improved a little at handling women from Melissa’s lecture.

「Melissa! It’s intense.」

「Ahaha, how about here?」


After the problem got resolved, right now I am watching as Maria and Melissa are entwining their bodies together. In the past, I had several women do this before, but this time I had a slightly different idea in mind. The girls are not using their hands or mouths to caress each other, but they are instead using a large dildo, inserting both ends into themselves and rubbing their waists against each other.

「But this is quite the large dildo isn’t it.」

「It’s a specially ordered item. But even so, it’s still one size smaller than Aegir-san’s thing.」

It was made with such an unbalanced size in order for Melissa and Maria to have fun from the beginning. Melissa’s end is much thicker and longer since that is what she prefers. The tool made for the girls to enjoy is wet with the two women’s juices and is emitting quite the erotic aura. To order this…….Maria certainly couldn’t do this so it was probably Melissa who did, but just imagining Maria trying to do so is getting me hard.

「Aahn-, go a little easier on mee!」

At first, both of them were moving their hips, but because of the difference in experience, gradually Melissa was the one who took advantage and is one-sidedly attacking Maria, who has fallen over onto the bed. Which reminds me, during the time when Maria was together with Carla in Roleil, it seems she also did this kind of thing. She may have latent abilities to mingle with girls.

Seeing how Melissa is thrusting into Maria, who is letting out sweet moans, I felt a hint of uneasiness, and felt that I needed to join in, so I climbed onto the bed. I pull the rival dildo out from both of their holes and let them taste the real thing.

But even so, it hasn’t been that long since I left the capital, and yet this dildo looks like it’s been used a lot.

「How much have you two been doing it?」



While the girls are being pinned down by me, they laugh with each other.

「「We didn’t do it yesterday though?」」

In other words, they did it every day…… Should I be happy that there are no signs of another man in the picture, or should I lament the fact that their love for women is growing.

From some strange sense of jealousy, the attacks get more violent as it turned into intercourse that was intense enough to make not only Maria, but Melissa as well, start foaming at the mouth. After I was finished with them, when they tried to put the dildo back inside, it felt quite loose in their holes, which have been thoroughly molded with the shape of my cock.
Well, that should be alright for now.

A few days later Rafen

「How was the cute little baby?」

「When will we get to meet the new woman?」

「Catherine, aah, that lewd woman.」

When I got back, the three wives immediately cross-examine me. I’m getting pretty sick of these kinds of carnage scenes.

「Catherine has just given birth after all, so she will be staying over there for a while. The son’s name is Antonio, and he’s doing well.」

The girls didn’t seem to be that surprised at all. They all knew about Melissa’s letters ahead of time and it wasn’t like Catherine was someone they didn’t know. It was different for Mel, who showed up suddenly along with her children. But one person – Nonna – was the only one who broke down completely.

「I……I’ve been beaten. To have a son born before me, ggh! How come I can’t get pregnant?」

I don’t know what would happen after I die, but speaking of inheritance, Catherine said she’s fine with being a mistress just as long as her children are looked after, so I don’t think there should be any problems.

「You can’t say those naive things! A woman who has a son is really formidable!」

Nonna is pleading to me with teary eyes, but she’s the only one who is of noble birth and the other girls don’t seem to particularly concerned. When I told them that Sebastian has finished preparing our meals, everyone dispersed.

「Aegir-sama! The other girls are getting pregnant one after the other so how come the seed isn’t reaching me?!」

Even if you say that, I intend to embrace you lots in addition to your own ambitions.

「I won’t let you sleep today! Please work hard until you have emptied yourself completely!」

If you say that much, I can’t back down as a man – after the 20th round, Nonna came down with a fever and ended up falling asleep.

「About the results of the investigation, we found a large iron mine within the mountain nation territory, but it hasn’t really been touched and it’s pretty out in the open too……」

「Regarding the trading, they have readily accepted and several dozen heads4 have been delivered already. If they want to utilize them, then the farmland has to further……..」

「About the training of the mountain nation, we had them rotated them in groups of 200. They were a bit awkward with our bows, but they can be called skilled bow cavalry who should still be of no match to anyone in the central plains. Next time………」

Sleepy, way too sleepy. Because I tried so hard last night, most of what Adolph and Leopolt are saying to me is going in one ear and out the other. Fortunately, Celia is beside me taking notes, so I just have to hear it from her later.

Even so, Catherine’s case was tackled by Melissa, and I got pestered for my seed by Nonna ever since I came back – recently, I’ve been getting worn out often from my female relationships. Celia tells me that it might be because of the grudge of a woman I slept with and abandoned, and that if this continues, my thing will get torn off. That’s funny, because when I invite you to bed, you moan sweetly though.

「What’s wrong chief? Pipi has been useful.」

I stroke Pipi in order to heal my heart. Celia is looking at me like she’s going to cry so I pet her head too. Of course, she doesn’t stop taking notes.

A relationship like this is also nice. I’ll admire Pipi for a while without sleeping with her. 5

I got into a trance of stroking Pipi, and then that happened.

「Master, could I have a little of your time?」

Sebastian comes and whispers in my ear.

「A guest seems to have come.」

「Hm? Who is it?」

「Well, it seems that they want to speak with Viscount Hardlett directly.」

I won’t make time for such a person like that, as I look at Sebastian with eyes of criticism. This is my territory, which is to say, I am the person with the highest authority. If the opposing party was to come so suddenly, they would have to be someone of noble status or someone with an invitation.

I don’t mean to brag but if I were to meet everyone who wanted to see me, then the whole day would be filled just from meeting the guests. That is where the job of the butler comes in. But it’s rare to see Sebastian do something like this.

「It’s just that the visitor is a female with a ghastly appearance. I thought that she may be an acquaintance of yours.」

Even Sebastian is looking at me in that way. But if I think about it, there are a few girls that come to mind who look like they would say ‘I got pregnant, help me’.

「…………I’ll meet them.」

「Please come this way.」

If that is the case, then I’ll grant them some living expenses and let them live in Rafen. I had that in mind when I went to greet the one at the door, but in front of my eyes, the largest class of woman trouble was waiting for me.

「Long time no see, Baronet Hardlett-sama. But I guess now you’ve been promoted to Viscount.」

「! You are…………」

When I heard it was a woman, I look to Celia who tagged along. She is mouthing the words to me, what a life saver!

「Yoguri……it’s been awhile.」

「Yeah, it really has, you’ve forgotten my name too it seems.」

She’s been listening carefully.

「You surprised me, coming so suddenly. What’s wrong?」


It’s troubling if you just clam up like that; I haven’t laid my hands on her yet so she shouldn’t be pregnant. Celia puts her hand on her face and looks down, what a weirdo.

「You big liar!!」

Yoguri clasps her fingers into a fist and punches me. But, Celia who is beside me, shouldn’t stand for that, as she grabbed Yoguri’s arm and swept her feet, causing her to fall flat on the floor.

「You insolent being! I’ll kill you here with my bare hands!」

Celia pointed a knife, which I don’t know when she took out, at Yoguri’s neck.

「If you’re going to do it, do it quick! You changed your promise and you’re going to kill the woman who came to petition to you, you coward!」

This is bad, Celia’s expression has disappeared from her face. If I leave her alone, she’ll really stab her.

「Stop it, Celia.」

There’s no point in having her get stabbed at the entrance. Why don’t we talk it out in a different room.

「My village is in a predicament right now.」

Yoguri is mixed in words of condemnation as she prattled on intensely to me.

「Hardlett-sama has certainly promised the villagers who have risked their lives to fight for you as volunteer soldiers, have you not? You said that you would give us preferential treatment! But we have gotten nothing!」

It’s impossible to talk to a woman in this state. I try to remember what Melissa told me about what a girl truly wants, but right now, she probably just wants to vent out all her pent up frustrations to me. And the thing that she wants to tell me afterwards would have to be something that she has prepared considerably for.

「Tell me straight up. Are you going to help us? Or not?」

I let out a single sigh. Celia is appealing to me with her eyes to just chase her away, but I can’t just do that. In fact, when I listened to Yoguri’s story, she said the feudal lord in her village is also doing foolish things.

「I’ll help you. What do you want to do?」

This time it’s Celia’s turn to sigh.

「I want you to drive out that feudal lord.」

「That is impossible. Because he is also a noble of Goldonia.」

「Then, let all the villagers migrate to Hardlett-sama’s territory!」

That would not be impossible.

「If you come to my territory then I will accept you.」

「The feudal lord is wary of the citizens, so it would be pretty much impossible for the whole village to move out. That’s why……」

Aah, I have a bad feeling about this.

「Take everyone away to this territory.」

At times like this, my bad premonitions are usually correct.

「You want me to kidnap people?」

「You can’t?」

「I can’t just lead my army, push my way into my ally’s domain and take the people along with me.」

「Then we will go. If we become united as one army, we can breakthrough the feudal lord’s army! After, we can head towards Hardlett-sama’s territory.」

Then what you are doing is a starting a revolt. Even if you manage to defeat that feudal lord’s army, there is still quite a distance between her village and my territory. If the feudal lord’s army continues to pursue after you one after the other, you will without a doubt get wiped out. She must also understand that while telling me.

「I understand. I’ll do something about it. Why don’t you just stay somewhere in the town?」

I can’t just return to the village at this time. So I call Celia and Irijina.

「We can’t use the eastern army. So the private army……oh right, I’ll also ask Pipi whether she can send some people from the mountain tribe..」

「Wha-! Are you sane!?」

「That’s unreasonable! If you do something like that-!」

Celia and Irijina are both turning pale. That’s natural, since I’m planning to invade on the land of a Goldonian noble. But I won’t listen to any objections. A promise is a promise, and it is my disposition to fulfill anything that I promise. And besides, if I can’t keep a promise like this, how can I keep the promise to become king?

「Yoguri, I honestly forgot, but right now I will fulfill the agreement. Is that fine with you?」

「I’ll give you a break.」

She says that while taking her clothes off.

「Is this a farewell gift?」

「Nope, it’s the proof of our contract. I’m giving it to you now.」

Yoguri, who got naked in front of Celia and Irijina looks at me, as if asking me what she should do. The other two girls have their mouths hanging open.

When I try to lay her down sideways on the sofa, she resists me.

「Wait, I don’t mean for you to make love to me. That’s why you don’t have to be gentle. I just want you to take my virginity.」

「As for me, I want the both of us to get excited though.」

「No good, that will be after you have helped everyone.」

Seeing as it can’t be helped, I put my hands on the sofa. I can’t say my cock was ready for this sudden development so it wasn’t that energetic. But it might be just right to screw a woman who hasn’t been turned on yet. If I were to force my cock into her in its peak condition, then Yoguri’s genitals would break.

「Alright, break it.」

I place my cock against her and thrust my hips up. It wasn’t lubed up enough and her virgin hole is tight. Even so, I use my strength to push my hips up and put pressure on the hymen. Yoguri’s hymen is quite resistant and reflects her actual strict personality. But, in the face of the gradually expanding cock due to touching a woman, that resistance is nothing.


「ts-!! Ow-!! Guuuu!!」

Yoguri shouted unintentionally due to feeling more pain than she expected, but she bit the sofa and it seems like she endured it.

「Uooh! I think I heard something.」

「Riip……That’s the sound of her hymen tearing isn’t it. How repulsive.」

When I noticed, Irijina and Celia are inspecting the place we are connected from a close distance.

「gh-! Don’t look!」

For the tough hymen, there is also a lot of bleeding, and while the blood was running down her thigh, Yoguri tries to threaten the two girls. I can’t have them fight so I move my hips in a way that makes her lose her composure. It seems that the pain is stronger than the pleasure as Yoguri is desperately trying to endure it while biting down on the sofa. There is a way for her to feel more pleasureable but it seems that she doesn’t want it.

The mating continued with just the sounds of moaning and flesh slapping against flesh. But regardless of what was on the mind, when a man is attacking a woman, he is bound to get turned on.

「Don’t……expand while you’re inside!」

Yoguri raises her voice, as the cock that penetrated her is continuing to get bigger since the time it entered.

「Aegir-sama is a terrible person. To push into a virgin and expand her on the inside……he must want to burst the inside of the hole. Poor thing, she will no longer function as a woman.」

Celia says it with the utmost hate towards Yoguri, but she can’t get rid of her cuteness no matter what. Also, the reason my cock is enlarging is also due to the fact that your hand is rubbing my body. But at this rate, she might actually get broken.

「It’s for your sake.」

I rub Yoguri’s clit and attack her breasts. I also got Irijina to help as she rubbed my entire body.

「Sto-! I only said I would offer my virginity……」

Gradually, her insides started getting wet and it got easier to move. Nevertheless, it seems that the pain is strong as she also starts leaking more cold sweat. I should hurry and release then.

「Celia, Irijina, I’m counting on you.」

While I’m thrusting into Yoguri, I had them service my balls and chest to speed up the buildup of pleasure. My seed instantly climbs up and I ejaculate.


「Eeh? …………Eeeeh!!! Wait aaaaa–!!!」

While Yoguri feels the pulsations of my dick, she goes wild. I forcibly pull the still ejaculating meat rod out of her and her entire body is bathed in semen.

「Wha-! Don’t get it on me! …………no way, you came inside!!」

When I pulled out, quite a bit flowed into her, but what of it?

「What’s wrong?」

「What do you mean what’s wrong?! I said I was only offering you my virginity, but to inject your seed in me, how horrible!」

「Is that how it is?」

「Of course it is! Look how much……uuu, I can’t scrape out that much.」

「I see, so you didn’t use any contraceptives?」

「If I could buy that kind of medicine, then I would have used that money to buy food!」

She eagerly applies the contraceptive given to her by Celia. Even so, the seed may have reached her womb earlier so the possibility of her getting pregnant is not zero. The powerful drug also have secondary effects, and there aren’t many girls who don’t want to be pregnant that badly so we never used such strong medicine.

「You’re unmarried right? Don’t worry about it.」

「I worry about it! I want to get married with a person I love and create a family! I don’t want to be treated as a plaything!」

Yoguri stands up, as if saying she’s had enough.

「I’ve offered my virginity as per the contract. On top of that, you shot your seed in me, so I will definitely get you to help everyone in the village!」

Well, what should I do?

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 20 years old. Summer
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Eastern Independent Army Commander. Troop Count 2000
Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. Private Army 150. Mountain Nation: xxxx
Assets: 5020 gold (5000 gold Debt )
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Equipment: Black Cloak, Gold Armor (lol)
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Sue (daughter), Kuu, Ruu,
Rita (imitation maid), Sebastian (butler)
Capital: Melissa, Maria, Catherine, Antonio (son), Miti, Alma, Kroll
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (private army commander), Pipi (mountain nation emissary), Leopolt (Independent Army Vice-Commander), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 45, children who have been born: 7


  1. Nat: I normally don’t keep things like this in its japanese form but, I’ll make an exception for this cute moment.
  2. Nat: as in treat her as a toy
  3. Nat: indicating approval, or comprehension
  4. Heads referring to heads of sheep or cattle or other livestock.
  5. Nat: I’m sure it won’t be long before she begs him for it. Like Celia


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