Chapter 75: Treia Conflict ③ The Mask of the Ceasefire Negotiations


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–Alexandro the First/ Third person POV–

Capital Goldonia

「This is clearly an act of invasion!」

The man’s voice was rough, but he wasn’t getting through to anybody around him. The man prattles on further.

「My country has come to believe that your country is friendly with us. With a result like this though, we’ll have to re-examine our relationship!」

The man has been dispatched from the kingdom of Treia and is stationed in Goldonia as the ambassador. At the moment, both countries still have friendly relationships with each other and both have stationed ambassadors in the other party’s respective country.

「I have heard many testimonies from the citizens and am aware of the clash at the border zone. However, a full-scale attack is now commencing from the Goldonian side and they have even invaded by stepping over into our territory – there is no longer any kind of excuse you can make!」

The ones currently in this place are the ambassador for Treia, the king of Goldonia, as well as the high officials of diplomatic and military affairs. In reality, it was a scenario where the ambassador came storming into the palace yelling.

「I understand what you are trying to say, and I also understand your anger. But we can’t talk about it when you yell like that. You should first sit in your seat, drink some tea and try to calm down.」

「That’s unnecessary. I am fine as I am right now.」

The ambassador remains standing upright and doesn’t break his posture. He has his own anger as well, but has probably been ordered to display the resolute will of his home country. It may have been rash to think that he was really angry from the bottom of his heart just from his words.

The king tried to avoid being noticed as he sighed and looked towards Erich. The army commander, who is also looking at the ambassador, scrunches his face in disgust but tries not to get into his line of sight. The protests coming from the ambassador are starting to get old.

[The Treian army was sent to the border zone to suppress the rebellious farmers and a clash began.] [The Goldonian noble’s army commenced their full-scale attack, defeated the Treian army and also went further to invade into their territory.]

The ambassador’s complaints are only those two, but the situation is already changing. The army led by Lord Hardlett has already advanced to the central part of former Arkland and has control of the core city of the area. The difference between the king’s information, who was notified directly by the concerned party, and the ambassador’s information, gotten via Treia’s royal palace, is showing.

Due to the Hardlett army’s speedy invasion, the king’s plans are somewhat forced to be adjusted. Normally, it was going to be said here that there is proof that the first ones to attack was the Treian army. It’s hard to believe that Hardlett would lie. If he planned to lie and escape responsibility, then he wouldn’t invade in the first place.

The following line had been planned to be pushed forward: Treia makes the pre-emptive strike, Hardlett retaliates and it turns into a fight, then he advances to the neighboring city in order to restore order to the border. Of course the Treian ambassador won’t accept it so easily, but if it turns into a pointless argument, then our objective would be achieved. If things get resolved with both sides taking blame and ending in a draw due to both sides getting injured, then Goldonia won’t suffer much losses, so I won’t mind.

But Valeora, the city in which they occupied and contacted us from, is not the eastern area, but the central area. As expected, we can’t say that they are trying to restore order to the border.

「If you get that heated, you won’t be able to think straight. I would also like to think about this issue a little more carefully. Why don’t we take a break for awhile?」

The king declares arbitrarily and gets up from his seat. The ambassador seems discouraged, but when he saw the other people around him leave the room, he finally took his seat and drained the tea from his cup.

The king, having left the room, heaved a large sigh in the adjacent room, where only his trusted retainers were.

「Hardlett has certainly made a mess.」

Kenneth, the foreign affairs minister also continues on.

「Throughout this day, the ambassador should also receive the news. But right now, it’s about that. It’s something that could make you die of anger.」

Kenneth also states that a letter, which sounds like a scream, came from the ambassador who is stationed in Treia’s capital, Trisnea.

「Erich, your predictions were wrong.」

「I am terribly sorry……. Certainly, a marching speed of that extent could not be anticipated.」

Erich is still currently feeling somewhat troubled deep in his heart. Even if his entire army is composed of cavalry, it is still scary that he could arrive at Valeora in just three days. But the fact is, it has already happened and there is no use trying to argue about it.

「It seems like Lord Hardlett has stopped in Valeora and has assumed a defensive position. He will hold out until the large army comes so we can hold the negotiations for the ceasefire.」

The king turns his head to acknowledge Kenneth.

「I originally assumed that Treia was just an imaginary nation. To have them as an enemy is no problem at all……but it’s a little too soon.」

The king had planned for it to happen after the internal affairs of their country became more chaotic and after they appealed to the surrounding nations when they lost their ability to rule. Then, Goldonia’s army would be reinforced further and the difference in military power between Treia would widen.

「There have been frequent occurrences of farmers rebelling in their territory, but most of them have been roughly suppressed by force. Denying their governing power even at this point should make it tough for them to get the other countries to understand.」

「I would hope so. As I thought, we should get them to ceasefire first. Fortunately for us, the losses suffered by Lord Hardlett are small and Treia has suffered large casualties. If we were to stop the war now, the chaos in Treia will spread even further, and we won’t lose anything.」

On the underside of the imperial council, firstly, the aggregate opinions of the ceasefire are presented. But the problem is how they could convince Treia.

「When Treia suffers the loss of Valeora, they will get even more stubborn and become less flexible in thinking. We have the advantage in the state of battle so they should accept the ceasefire, but there is a possibility that they might seek monetary compensations and the punishment of the responsible parties.」

The king goes into deep thought. He had no intention of conceding to a future enemy and punishing an excellent military force in Lord Hardlett. And if possible, he wants to settle things without paying a single cent. Money wasn’t the problem, but it is a matter of dignity as a nation.

「Erich, take the central army to the southern area on the pretense of conducting an exercise. Then Kenneth will continue the ceasefire negotiations with only the condition of the withdrawal of all troops.」

The king would not trust incompetent beings who could not understand what he said. The retainers, who connected the pieces of the puzzle, lowered their heads.

A sharp sword is not only used to cut, just flashing it in front of their eyes will produce a sufficient effect.

–Aegir POV–

At the same time, Valeora

「I see, so they saw that we weren’t a large army and they came forward at us with rushed preparations?」

「It hasn’t been that many days since we’ve beat them so much already. The national army shouldn’t be able to gather numbers like this. Maybe they mobilized the surrounding noble feudal lords?」

Leopolt and I who are lined up by the castle gate are analysing the enemy army who have been deployed in a fashion which seems to encircle the city. Their numbers are roughly 6000, so I guess we can say they have at least the numerical advantage.

「If it’s a siege, I guess this amount makes sense.」

「There aren’t any walls or towers like in a castle here though.」

Valeora is the central city of the area and all cities of former Arkland above a certain level have walls. But there is a large difference in the height and size, and being located in the central area of the nation where there aren’t any enemies anywhere, it’s hard to label the city walls as splendid even as flattery. It isn’t something that could withstand an endless assault from a full-scale attack.

「Then would you like to withdraw? The enemy army is a hybrid, so they are unfit for quick movements.」

The forces we have here are all cavalry, which aren’t suitable for a defensive battle, but if we run away, they won’t be able to catch us.

「No, Erich said that they would negotiate a ceasefire based on the previous information. It’s not good to escape when they are in the middle of negotiations.」

「Yes, it’s a war that we started after all. It’s better if we don’t show weakness, is it?」

This is also considered to be an appeal to the royalty. Thinking about the future, I don’t want to start a war, run away and then have the royalty help me.

「Then will you fight them?」

「I guess. It would be great if we can rout them.」

We can’t use our usual methods. Our abnormal formation composed entirely of cavalry has overwhelming mobility and speed but they are disadvantaged in siege warfare. If we want to fight with an advantage, we would have to attack at night, but it would be idiotic to charge head-on at an enemy who has three times the amount of forces that we do.

「Leopolt, when do you think they’ll come attack us?」

「In that condition, it would take until sunset for them to set up their formation outside the city. If they don’t have the courage to attack at night quickly right after they arrive, then they should be coming by tomorrow morning, along with the sunrise.」

「I think so too. They’ve come with our small numbers in mind. They have no reason to uselessly delay.」

Alright, we decided on our plan.

「In the morning, when the enemy comes at us, we will open the gates wide and go at them. If we rush at them before they can form their night formation, then we can rout them.」

The formations for a siege and for night warfare completely contradict each other. If they assume the fight will include arrows raining upon them from above, then the deployed soldiers will hold their shields up while they advance and will probably come at us with the siege weapon set up at the front. The long spearmen, the natural enemies of cavalry, will become the target for loosed arrows in a siege. They probably won’t use them as vanguard. Considering the morale of the soldiers, even if the enemy is looking to destroy the gate, you can expect to shake them up a little if a large group of cavalry jumps out in front of them.

Leopolt goes into thinking for awhile though.

「That would be nice optimistically speaking. But that’s not good enough.」


The way this guy spoke is really testing the limits of my patience.

「Pardon me. But there is a problem. The gates of this city are narrow, and the way they will be invading from……..will probably be from the west side, so it would take time to reinforce troops there and after giving the enemy time to respond, there is a danger of everyone getting defeated.」

It’s true that the city walls are small and the gates aren’t big. At best, only two horses can fit side-by-side and pass through, so getting over 1000 cavalry to pass through that gap is a difficult task. We won’t make it in time if it’s just before the enemy moves, but if we get through the gate just in time, then it would give the enemy time to respond.

「We can’t get out using the gates in the other directions at the same time either?」

「It will be the same. It will take time for us to disperse and the enemy will have time to set up their defenses. So why not keep the basic idea the same while applying a little trick to it.」

「What are you going to do?」

Leopolt whispers to me.

What is he thinking? That’s a big trick.

–Third person/ Treian army POV–

The Next Morning

「All troops start advancing! Place the large shields in front, and protect the battering ram.」

As the sun rises, the Treian army launches their attack. Even though there are several thousands of us, it’s not like the city could be completely surrounded. At first, there was an argument within our troops about whether to disperse our forces but we took the safer method and the right path of concentrating our attacks on the western gate.

The ones who were painfully defeated once are excessively afraid of a second defeat. Both countries are not completely in hostile relations with each other in the first place, so having a war with ceasefire as the premise, makes things quite restrictive. In order for the negotiations to proceed advantageously, we have to gain at least one victory. Even if we allow the Goldonian army to escape, it would certainly be a win if we can recapture the city.

「Longspear squad, spread out to the sides. They might come out from the other gates, so don’t let your guards down.」

It’s hard to think that they would immediately rush out of the gate that is packed with soldiers in front. If the cavalry were to sortie, there is a higher probability that they would come out from the other gates and attack our flanks. In the first place, cavalry units are disadvantaged in a siege, so it is common sense to bring them out in a night battle. That’s what the commander had determined.

Suddenly, a large amount of arrows came raining down on top of the Treian army, who is advancing with their shields in place.

「Don’t let go of your shields!」

「If you don’t want to die, don’t stop moving!」

The arrows scattered around as they were mostly off target or blocked by the shields. The only ones that were defeated were the few who were unlucky. Our archers can return fire immediately, but they couldn’t see any signs of the enemy.

「They aren’t on top of the wall?」

「Are they shooting over the wall…….?」

The regular soldiers are looking at each other with doubtful expressions since the attack didn’t come from the top of the wall, which is the major advantage that the defensive side has. In any case, our absolute condition for victory is to destroy either the gate or the walls and invade the city. The others quicken their steps to reach the gate, even if it was only a little bit sooner.

Until finally, the vanguard reaches the gate. The shields are lined up in front of the gate and the battering ram is called forward. Valeora’s city walls and its gates are certainly not that thick, but they weren’t something you could possibly break just by using your regular hammer either.

「There aren’t any stones thrown nor is oil pouring down from the top. Even the arrows are loosed randomly.」

The soldiers are now up against the gate and starting their gradual attacks using the battering ram. It’s not like they would send out their troops from this gate at this point in time, and there are no signs of movement from the other gates either.

Perhaps the main force of the Goldonian army has withdrawn already? If the gate is destroyed, the inside might be emptied out already. When such an atmosphere was beginning to float in the air, the battering ram reached the gate. Several soldiers gathered momentum and crashed it against the gate.



It seems like a voice or something could be heard.

With a single push, the gate fell with a clank.

「No way this is possible……」

Somehow or other, it is the actual gate. But it’s like it has been removed once beforehand.

Astonished voices can be heard, but they are soon replaced by shrieks and shouts. The reason wasn’t because the enemy appeared or because arrows and oil was being rained down.

The wall right in front of the Treian army, the wall that we were trying to breakthrough, the wall that we didn’t even touch – that wall is crumbling down on top of those guys’ head.

Armor and shields are of no use against the falling city walls composed of large boulders. The battering ram that crashed into the gate was crushed along with the soldiers and stones mercilessly rained down on the ones hastily running away as well. The tumbling rocks relentlessly made mincemeat out of the soldiers directly under them as well as the ones slightly ahead of them.

The collapse of the wall started directly above the gate and spread to the left and right in a domino effect.

–Aegir POV–

「As I thought, it’s a great trick, isn’t it?」

「? What are you referring to?」

I’m referring to the conversation we had. The strategy also had luck on its side and was spectacularly done.

Since yesterday, the foundation of the walls around the gate have been shaved off and stones have been removed from the inside, leaving the gate in an unstable condition. With those walls combined with the charge from the enemy, it would cause logs from the inside of the wall frame to be pushed out. By the way, the door was opened from the beginning. In addition, the braking parts were also removed, so even if the battering ram doesn’t hit the gate, a single push with a hand will cause it to fall inward.

The enemy eventually went to breakthrough and the gate collapsed at the perfect timing, so they were pretty confused, but it was originally planned for it to happen much sooner.

「I was scared that it wouldn’t fall over.」

「With that said, if it was made too unstable and collapsed before the enemy came, then it would be disastrous.」

Of course the objective is not to damage the enemy. Looking at the big picture, having a portion of the wall, which wasn’t even that tall, collapse on the enemy would not cause much damage at all.

Our objective is only to widen the once narrow gate. Having the gate actually collapse in front of our eyes caused a wide space to appear before us. In addition, the enemy who has pushed open the gate are now in chaos; this is truly what is called the blessing of the gods.

「Leopolt, remember the god you prayed to last, your prayers have been answered.」

「Unfortunately, that was during my childhood, so I do not have much memory of it.」

I point my spear to the front. Leopolt also draws his sword and gets into a stance with the sword above his head. Our entire squad has already finished gathering into a charging formation.

「The path has opened! All troops, charge! Trample over them!!」

Not long after the roar of the collapsing wall faded, the sound was replaced with the war cries of soldiers and the sound of galloping horses. In front of us are the confused and panicking Treian soldiers, making a commotion……they are like targets placed just for us. In front of the wide open space are several dozens of cavalry lined up with each other. The mass of cavalry jumps over corpses and stray rocks as they pounce forward.

「Overrun them!」

Because the collapse itself was small, the cloud of dust didn’t last long. The visibility clears and the archers released their arrows all at once. Unlike the random firing that happened earlier, this time they accurately shot to kill.

Screams resonated and the enemy soldiers fell down with clattering sounds, and at the same time the rain of arrows settled down, the long spearmen and the heavy cavalry which Leopolt is leading, charged in. Sounds of shouts and horseshoes intermingle in this hellish scene. Spears pierced through the backs of the retreating enemies and horseshoes trampled over those who fell. The escaping soldiers who split to their left and right were able to extend their lives, but behind them……if they got in the path of the advancing army, they were thoroughly hunted down.


「This is a nightmare!!」

Only a few among the enemy’s vanguard were crushed flat under the crumbling wall. But those who did not get smashed have no idea what is going on.

With me leading the charge at the front, every time I swung my spear, an enemy’s life disappeared. If the blade connects, they get bisected, if the handle hits them, they get flung away. Schwartz jumps over the tumbling large rock in front of me which might have been 2 metres high and landed on the head of the spearman who was hiding behind me. I don’t remember how many people this horse has stepped on, but it was rare for him to step on them while they are upright.


I raise a shout over the crushed enemy soldier. My subordinates continued shouting their war cries as the enemies ran away scared.

「Long spearmen on both sides! They are approaching us.」

Celia, who ran beside me before I knew it, shouted. I see, they were wary of us coming out from the other gates and placed these guys on the left and right, away from the headquarters. As it is now, the last hope of protecting their headquarters is now out of their reach. The long spearmen are powerful but that long weapon will become an obstruction when they try to move quickly. They are not suited to move when there is a sudden change in situation either.

「Fire off arrows as you pass through them.」

The bow cavalry loose their arrows sideways as the flustered soldiers try to run back to their headquarters. Their formation instantly collapses and they stop moving. This is enough.

These guys can no longer obstruct us from charging into their headquarters. The last barrier which protects their headquarters, the enemy archers, stand in our way, but the archers are not important in a siege. In other words, they were left behind by the majority of the troops who closed in on the gate and the rearguard, which got defeated instantly.

「Do not break formation! Their arrows amount to nothing.」

The arrows descend upon us, and the light-armored bow cavalryman who got hit fell over. However, the amount of soldiers who fell were unbelievably few and it was way too late. Archers without the long spearmen to protect them cannot guard against cavalry. The horses close their distance to within bow range in no time and they only have one or two chances at best to loose their arrows. And when the distance is brought closer…….



I take a large swing with my spear and several archers get blown away at once, while the slightly late bow cavalry thrust into battle with their swords drawn. The highest selling point of these guys are their horse archery skills but their swordsmanship on horseback is decent as well. Against the archers who allowed us to get close, it doesn’t matter if they lag behind. Having encroached so close to the archers, they are nothing but victims of a massacre.

Once we penetrated the archers’ lines, the appearance on the enemy’s faces changed. A plain black and brown face was decorated with brilliant colors of red, white, yellow and blue

「This looks like the headquarters!」

I stab the wonderfully decorated spearman with my spear.


The cries he lets out are slightly different too.

「Let’s search for the enemy commander.」

Celia threw a knife at the knight who charged in with his spear and he fell off his horse. He screamed something which sounded like ‘coward’, but when it was directed at Celia instead of me, I knew what kind of person he was. It got me in a bad mood so I had Schwartz step on him.

Well, now we look for the commander, but in a situation like this, how will the commander move? A brave commander will inspire his allies and try to recover. If he’s foolhardy, then he will come challenge me in a duel. If he’s cowardly, he’ll plan to leave his allies behind and run away. But more often than not, there are many commanding nobles who are of the latter type.

「Well, I thought that would be the case.」

A short distance away from the battlefield – in other words right behind us in a straight line – a group of cavalry is seen running away. The one wearing the fancy armor should either be the commander or a high-ranking officer. If you were going to abandon your allies and run, it would have been safer if you just surrendered, and I think it wouldn’t have been so unsightly.



Pipi points an arrow straight up and releases it. A high-pitched zooming sound came from the processed arrow and the nearby subordinates all traced their eyes back to where the sound originated from – to the area I was at. I directed my spear in the direction that the escaping cavalry are located.

「Do it!」

Suddenly, over a hundred arrows poured down on the escaping group and all of them were dropped from their horses.

Several hours later

「Well now, are you the commander?」


I look at the bearded, important-looking, middle-aged man from across the table. The man has a bandage wrapped around his head, but it wasn’t a serious injury. It seems he got cut after his horse flung him to the ground from being stabbed in the butt by an arrow.

「I won’t know if you keep quiet. If you want suitable treatment, then you will have to tell me on your own.」

I say that, but I have already heard from the others that he is the commander. I just want to hear it from his mouth to confirm what I already know.

「……That’s right. I seek to be treated with honor as a prisoner of war.」

「Most certainly, Count.」

I left the man surprised at the fact that I knew of his standing, as I exit the room.

「Treat him courteously.」

Saying that to one of the soldiers is the entirety of my thoughtfulness to him. I feel no particular respect for this man who left his own soldiers to escape. It’s not like I want him to respect me either.

「How was it?」

「It’s nothing much; he’s just the first stage……he’ll probably be kept here under arrest until the ceasefire. It won’t hurt.」

As Celia comes over to me when I exit the room, I pat her head as I speak. As soon as the arrows dropped the group of riders of the escaping cavalry, the battle was over. In most cases where the headquarters has fallen and the commander has been defeated, the fight will be finished. Most of the ones who accompanied this guy either died instantly, or had a fatal injury and was finished off, but this guy for some reason ended up uninjured.

After it was settled, there was no meaning to pursue the retreating soldiers so we let them escape, and in regards to the ones who surrendered, we had them disarmed and forced into a tent that we set up. A majority of the Treian soldiers were emaciated so we couldn’t really leave them alone, so I’ll assign some soldiers on lookout just in case.

「I would have preferred it if they just ran away all together, it would make things easier.」

I told the lookout that if they secretly run away, don’t chase them.

「What an excellent victory. But the city wall collapsed.」

That’s correct, the outer city walls collapsed from the foundation so it cannot be repaired by us. But it collapsed outward so there is no damage to the city, and we were planning to withdraw in the first place, so it doesn’t really matter. It may become the ruins of the signs of battle or something.

「Celia also did well.」


When I pet her head, she hugs me happily. My hand moves from her head to her face, and also from her breasts to her crotch.

「Regarding the future,」



Leopolt calls out to me from behind. Celia jumps out and threatens in a way that seemed like her hair was standing on end, but Leopolt doesn’t even glance at her.

「I think we should prepare for a smooth retreat so that we can do so whenever the ceasefire comes into effect.」

Just as we witnessed, the Treian army is a hybrid army, composed of the royal army and the armies of the feudal lord nobles. From a glance, it took all they could just to squeeze out these troops, so for some time, there won’t be another attack from them. Even I expect that there won’t be any more battles as the ceasefire comes into effect.

「You’re right. Prepare as we planned in the beginning, I’ll leave it to you to handle the details.」

「I understand. Then I will take my leave.」

Leopolt leaves. Even though it’s immediately after the end of the battle, this guy is quite busy. As soon as he leaves, Celia once again snuggles up against me.


A voice calls out to me again. When I turn around, I see a female soldier from the bow cavalry unit. The mountain nation originally brought women out to battle as well. But their skills are not inferior to those of the men.

「In today’s battle, I brought down eight people……I want a reward.」

「That will be after we go back. I’ll assess the value after I confirm whether your merits are real.」

It seems like dissatisfaction has accumulated from the fact that I’m randomly giving out rewards. But the woman doesn’t move.

「What I want isn’t money……. I want the chief’s seed. This year, I’ll be 20 years old so I want to bear strong children.」


Celia is surprised, and I also look up. The woman’s physique is large but her breasts are lacking. But it might actually not be so bad for the both of us to let out our pent up sexual frustrations after the battle. I stand in front of the woman and forcefully steal her lips.

「Instead of it being a reward, it might be painful, you know?」

「It’s fine, that is also a reward.」

I pick up the woman and carry her to a random room, throwing her onto the sofa.

「Take everything off.」


The woman threw aside her clothes without hesitation. She didn’t seem to put much energy into it, so my mischievous heart is unconsciously budding.

「Spread your legs.」


Her legs opened wide and her crotch is exposed. There was the smell of sweat that accumulated right after the battle. Even so, she isn’t embarrassed?

「Spread open your vagina and show me the inside.」

「Like this?」

With her fingers, she spread it so that it was gaping open. It was a nice pink color but the embarrassment that I expected, couldn’t be seen. It seems that the mountain nation believed that baby-making was something natural and didn’t feel embarrassed about it.

I give up and also take my clothes off. I was also pent up after fighting so I actually didn’t have much luxury to fool around either. I took everything off and was just about to penetrate her as I turned to face the bed, but the woman held her mouth and turned red.

「Wha-?! Wh-wh-wh-?!」

「What’s wrong?」

I glanced at my body but there wasn’t anything particularly there. Don’t tell me that she’s embarrassed at this point at my erect dick.

「B-biiigg!! To think it was this much so!」


「Amazing! It’s more than twice the size of the thing that I had my brother show me! Amazing! It’s too amazing, chief!」

As if her earlier attitude was a lie, she edges closer to my crotch. Then she grabs my cock with both hands with an incredibly interested face and strokes it. Seeing that I realized her astonishment, she cleared her throat to come back to her senses and return to her usual tone.

「For a man with such a big thing to exist……. Wouldn’t your clothes tear if you’re wearing them while this thing is erect?」

It won’t tear my clothes, but it’s easy to tell when I’m turned on no matter what kind of clothes I wear, so that creates its own hardships.

「Are you really that curious about such a large cock?」

「Yeah! I heard from my brother, that a man with a large cock means that he also has a large capacity[1. Nat: he can accomplish many things in life, work, society, etc. and has a big heart, meaning he doesn’t get mad at little things, etc.]. Since the chief has such a humongous thing, he must be the greatest man alive.」

Is it some superstition the mountain nation have that can tell a person’s capacity from the size of their dick?

「Is that something that is common amongst you guys?」

「Nope, my brother told me. My brother is knowledgeable after all.」

It looks like she adores her brother quite a bit.

「He also told me many more things regarding men.」

I have a bad feeling about this.

「He also taught me the method to care for a cock for when I get a husband in the future. You do it like this, right?」

She grabs my thing with both hands, drools over it and starts rubbing it slowly.

「My brother taught me this every day in the hopes that I will become a wonderful wife.」

I won’t say anymore. Your brother was discreetly playing around with you.

「Well, I’m already prepared so I want you to pump your seed in me. You don’t need to hold back, since my brother tore my hymen with his cock in advance so I won’t be troubled later when I become a wife. That way, I won’t feel pain during the important times.」


Remaining silent, I spread open her hole and push myself inside. The hole that was trained by her brother is narrow, but well-developed.

「Aah! As I thought, it’s big! Aaa, it’s painful but it feels good!」

I’ll need to apologize to her brother, since I’ve stretched out the younger sister’s hole quite a bit. Not to mention, she might go back to him as a pregnant woman.

「A child! Give me a strong child! Give me your seed!」

There are other factors too, but having her plead me to become pregnant while I’m in the middle of penetrating her is a good feeling. Since she’s the first woman that I’m embracing, I hold back a little when moving my hips so as to not break her. It’s a bit lonely that she doesn’t have much for breasts, since when I try to bury my face, I hit her ribs.

「I feel strange, like something……is cominnngg!」

She twitches and throws her head back. Her brother probably made her quite sensitive.

「Hey you, it’ll make a mark.」

The girl was feeling agonizing pleasure and was biting her own hand pretty hard.

「If you’re going to bite, then bite me.」

「I’m sorry……then don’t mind if I do.」

Then the woman bit the nape of my neck instead of my shoulder. There are some who would bite on vital areas so I tried to stop her, but the feeling of her teeth sinking into my nape brought nostalgic memories back into my mind. My beloved Lucy is smiling as she teases me, kisses me, then pierces her fangs into me to suck my blood…………. The pleasure that runs through me in that moment, as I feel her breath on my skin and the stinging sensation of her teeth digging into my body…….

「Ah-! Uwaaaaa! What is this?!」

My dick that was inside the girl pulsed and seemed to inflate. It’s a pleasure that I can’t even control, so I don’t know how big it will get. I was going to pull out from the screaming woman, but it has swollen large enough that the tip gets caught inside her.

「Aah-! AAaahh—-!!」

As if my swelling cock would burst her insides, the girl agonized as she finally fainted. Urine slowly leaked out of her.

I also felt a sudden gush of pleasure as I couldn’t hold back any longer. I forcefully pinch the breasts that she doesn’t have and hold her down violently.


An unbelievable groan comes out of me. Then my semen sprays out, making me think for an instant that it was urine that flowed out.

「Uoo! Guaaaa!」

My dick pulsed in a rhythm that made it possible to see her stomach move. And the sound of my seed firing out could also clearly be heard.

The girl’s stomach quickly inflated but it still doesn’t stop. I forcibly pull out of the loosened hole after she lost consciousness but my semen still comes out, splattering the sticky sperm all over the fainted girl’s body.

As soon as my ejaculation stopped, my dick shrunk. It seems like just about everything came out after a single ejaculation. It was a release with quite the momentum so I could feel a dull pain in my balls.

The girl was leaking my seed on the sofa almost as if she was excreting from her crotch.

「What on earth was that?」

I look at the sleeping girl on the sofa once again, but it wasn’t like she was particularly pretty, and her tits weren’t great. Her technique wasn’t anything special, rather her skills don’t even come close to the feet of Melissa.

「I guess it must be that……」

I rub my nape. This girl’s playful biting must have coincidentally but accurately hit the place that Lucy sucks my blood from. During the time after I lost my virginity……when my sexual appetite was still growing, Lucy’s blood sucking and the rich sex I had with her was the best pleasure. It seems that having my nape bitten revived that memory which has been carved into my soul.

「I unconsciously discovered a sexual fetish.」

I chuckle to myself as I cover the girl with a blanket. With such an amount, she should be able to conceive a child. With such a large release, my lust has also calmed down. I’m feeling hungry too, so I should take a bath and eat something.

–Third person POV–

The girl who watched as the man left……Celia unexpectedly pops her head out. The man she loved brought another woman with him into the room so she secretly peeped as she pouts. If there was a chance, she was planning to join in as well, but there weren’t any openings. However, there was a far greater result from this.

「Aegir-sama’s erogenous zone comes from teeth hitting his nape……」

Her beloved man already has several women surrounding him; he already has a legal wife and concubines as well. But none of them should know about this information. The sharp eyes of this girl saw precisely where the teeth had dug into, and it wasn’t something that she would forget. After that forceful ejaculation, the cock which was pulled out seemed unbelievably big, even to Celia, who has gotten quite familiar with his dick already.

Celia, who always acted tough in front of everyone besides her beloved person, relaxed her eyebrows and lips. It was a secret between just the two of them……there is nothing that sounds sweeter than that.

Aegir Hardlett 20 years old – Wartime Mode

Eastern Independent Army: 480, Cavalry: 480
Normal Private Army: 190, Cavalry: 190
Bow Cavalry: 980, Cavalry: 980
Total: 1650

Subordinates: Leopolt (Independent Army Vice-Commander), Celia (adjutant), Irijina (normal private army commander), Pipi (communication duties)
Current location: Treia kingdom (former Arkland), Central area, city of Valeora
Achievements: Defeated 5000 of Treia’s royal army, fell several towns and villages, fell the center area’s central city of Valeora, complete annihilation of the Valeora defense/Treia hybrid army



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