Chapter 76: Ceasefire Negotiations


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–Aegir POV–

「It hurts~ My stomach feels like it’s gonna break……」

「It’s alright, a woman is made for something like this. Don’t worry about it and spread your legs.」

I finally entered the woman in which I was one step away from doing and who was crying previously. The mark of her virginity has already been torn and the blood has stained the sheets. It seems like she’s the second daughter of a merchant family in Trisnea and has gone out to work for a noble who gained territory in Valeora. Perhaps she was sent to deepen the relationships between the two families.

「A kiss……」


She was a woman who ran away before, but I once again persuaded her carefully. Although she seems to feel the pain of losing her virginity, her insides had quite a lot of pleats and they undulated well – she has a good hole. She looked timid but her facial features were good, moreover if she was trained well, she could easily become a very attractive woman.

「Amazing kiss……」

She seems to be ignorant about sex so just from inserting my tongue into her mouth while I’m kissing her, causes blood to rush to her face. I move my hips as I tickle her sides and playfully poke her belly.

「Kya-! Nooo, it tickleess.」

The woman twists her body around and laughs while my cock was still inside her. It seems that she’s distracted from the pain of her deflowering and also from her nervousness. If you take her virginity poorly, then she’ll think men are scary. It’s the man’s duty to teach her the joys of sexual intercourse during her first time, so that she doesn’t become scared later on.

If I take too long though, she might feel pain again. Thinking that I should ejaculate soon, I fixed my body to hers and strengthened the shaking of my hips.


The woman seemed to understand what I was trying to do so she shuts her eyes and steeled herself. She endures the pain for a while and as I approach my climax I stick my face against her breasts and shove my penis deep into her interior.


「Hyaaaah!! It’s flowing inside of mee!」

Shaking my waist, I continue to fire my second and third round after which I stopped moving my cock and pulled it out.

「That was good.」


Melissa once told me long ago that saying a simple word after the conduct was done, means a lot to the girl. The woman closes her eyes with a smile on her face, then she stares curiously at the semen spilling out of her spread legs.

「You must be tired, right? I don’t mind if you just rest in bed like this.」

This was a room in the mansion confiscated from a former noble, prepared by me in advance, so no one will interfere. It might be nice for her to think about the lingering memory of her loss for awhile.

Thinking that I would go grab some water to drink, I went out of the room and Celia was standing in front of the door.

「What’s wrong? Did you want to peek?」

「That’s not it! A report arrived, but because it wasn’t that urgent, I waited until you were finished.」

She seems fairly composed. In the past, she would have made up some reason just to burst in and threaten the girl.

「This is a report about the confiscated goods. The captured items have been loaded and things are progressing well.」

「Is that directly from Leopolt?」

「That’s right. Is there something wrong?」

「No, it’s fine.」

After defeating the enemies which came to Valeora, there were no more enemies in the vicinity. Although with that said, it’s not like we could go around plundering the nearby villages if we consider the ceasefire negotiations. Until the King reaches a conclusion, there is nothing for us to do.

「What should we do about the wall? I think that it may leave us too defenseless, so shall we get people to repair it a little?」

The walls on the west side around the gate have collapsed completely and both bandits and mercenaries can go in and out as they please.

「No, bandits won’t come attack us, and we aren’t ruling over this city, so just leave it.」

「I understand. Even so, this is an incredible amount of carriages.」

On the main street of the city, there are large amounts of carriages lined up in various sizes ranging from the large four-horse carriages to the ones that donkeys pull.

「The owner has already been compensated. The Treian army’s goods were plundered after all.」

「Are you planning to bring back the equipment of several thousand people?」

「If it’s possible.」

Normally, it would be natural to throw away the equipment of the feudal lord’s soldiers because they were heavy, but the armor and helmet that these noblemen and knights wear were much more expensive than some botchy jewelry.

She seemed to be thinking deeply and seemed cute so I rubbed her cheeks.

「Waah! Stop stop!」

「I will leave these matters to Leopolt. You don’t have to worry about it.」

「I understand so please stop pulling on my cheeks!!」

The one who started this conflict was me, so obviously all the expenses should come from me personally. Even though we’ve managed to obtain successive victories, causalities have also appeared. It takes quite a lot of money to mobilize an army as well. I was able to help them get some actual experience in battle but since it ended so quickly, it wasn’t really worth it. If the equipments which were abandoned or disarmed from the enemy army are brought back, it could be reused or just sold off for money. If possible, I would like to get the ransom for the important-looking men, but maybe it’ll be prevented by the ceasefire conditions.

Moreover, this town had a feudal lord and there seemed to be houses where the aristocrats lived and also affluent merchants. There are many things left here, so I think it would be fine to take them. Leaving the citizen’s behind, they immediately escaped for their own lives. Therefore, I think it’s fine for them to lose this much as compensation. This has unexpectedly become quite a good expedition for my profits.

–Third Person POV–

Capital, Goldonia

「For the above reasons, even if we put aside the attack at the start of the war, it is clear that the Goldonian side made an excessive attack. Thus, the ceasefire will require compensation for the loss and the repairing of the border line and……」

Count Verdot has a strict face while pleading to King Alexandro.

In addition to the fall of Valeora, their army also got destroyed in their attempt to recapture the city, so the Treian government decided that it would no longer be possible to solve things except by negotiating through the ambassador. After the war in Arkland, they also managed to take the upper hand from Goldonia in negotiating for dominion of territory and Count Verdot who spoke in a loud voice about his warm personal relationship with the King made him the first choice to act as an ambassador.

At first, he denied the role, but because he was pressed on by the high society due to his big mouth which spread heroic tales about himself, he was forced into the position of special envoy and sent towards Goldonia.

「Well, isn’t that a strange argument. If our country does not have the responsibility for starting the war, why would there be a need for us to make compensation?」

「However, currently great damage has been caused. If you don’t compensate for the damage that your country has caused……」

「My country and your country has favorable relations, so the incident that happened this time only appears to me as an unfortunate accident between my retainer and your country. Or is it that my retainer……Viscount Hardlett, has committed some unjust act that opposes your sense of morality?」

「I am not quite aware of that……」

「Rather, according to the information I gained, it seems to me that your army massacred the escaping citizens and on top of that, aimed their arrows towards my army and fired shots.」

Verdot looks away. That was exactly the case, but he would not admit it even if his mouth was ripped open, although it’s quite an unsightly result.

「That is nothing but the thoughtless words of insurgents. That’s not what really happened……」

The King slams the desk……or you would think he would, instead he forcefully rested his teacup on the desk.

「We received the pre-emptive strike and further, you have stepped deeply into our territory……if this is in fact a war between enemy nations, then the one who needs to pay compensations is your country, isn’t it? But I have said that I would withdraw my troops unconditionally. I’ll have my troops back to the border line and we’ll both forget this happened. Isn’t that the best outcome?」

But Verdot doesn’t agree to those conditions. The things lost in the war between the Treian kingdom and the Hardlett army is too big. The army defeated on the border suffered significant casualties, and the army which attempted to retake Valeora has been destroyed and many have surrendered, and even now the exact amount of casualties is unknown.

The accumulated total number of troops which have been destroyed exceeds 10,000. The amount of equipment they lost was huge too, and the supplies stolen from the crushed supply squads were also a ridiculously large amount. The supplies have already been running low due to the sudden price increase of grain and the frequent occurrences of rebellion inside the occupied land. At this point, if they are unable to gain reparations, the government would be dealt a big blow.

More than anything, instead of losing against the Goldonian royal army, the Treian army lost twice to some feudal lord in the remote regions. Getting nothing in return for making peace will cause the royalty to completely lose face. This situation is seriously not good since right now in the former Arkland territory, they have their hands full trying to suppress the frequent rebellions of farmers.

Verdot had hopes that the Goldonian King would not prove to be a tough negotiating opponent as he was in the rumors. It was also like this in the previous negotiation. If he won’t make any mistakes, there is no choice but to continuously pressure him.

「If you won’t accept paying the compensation, then unfortunately, I can’t agree to the ceasefire so soon. Lord Hardlett is already quite deep into my territory, so it might end with him and his army meeting an unfortunate fate, you know?」

That was a bluff. As soon as they failed in capturing Valeora, there is no longer any capable armies in the area. The main force of the royal army is in the vicinity of the capital Trisnea, and even if the armies of the lords are gathered, the surrounding feudal lords wouldn’t challenge the powerful army of Hardlett who has already won twice with his small amount of forces.

「I don’t desire a war with your country.」

Relief appears on Verdot’s face.

「But, there are many wars that occur even when unwanted by both sides.」

His face stiffens.

「I don’t need to know whether or not you are going to annihilate some people. But those actions will cause me displeasure.」

The King opens the window while speaking and overlooks the entire capital.

「Goldonia is a great country. And a suitable army has been gathered too.」

「……What do you mean by that?」

The King looks back at him. He was smiling, but his gaze does not leave Verdot’s eyes.

「It has nothing to do with this incident, but I’m having my army get stronger by letting them conduct training exercises.」

Now that it was mentioned, Verdot realizes that the number of soldiers in the garrison got fewer.

「There is a perfect place to hold the exercises in the southern territory. It’s a large exercise conducted with 30,000 troops, which I would wish for them to succeed by all means.」

Verdot’s face starts to lose color as the blood drains from his face. A large army of 30,000 is heading to the south. He hasn’t gotten stupid enough from the peaceful times to think that this would be just an ordinary exercise at this point in time.

Even just the rebellious farmers and the invasion of Hardlett’s army is causing enough of a ruckus, so thinking about what would happen if 30,000 of Goldonia’s legitimate army also collides into them is a frightening thing.

「Surely you jest……with such a demonstration, you will invite the isolation of your nation. As much as Goldonia is a large country, it can’t stand up against four opposing countries at the same time.」

「It’s just a training exercise. But if we are talking about hypotheses here……」

The King smiles. It was an aggressive smile, without an iota of calmness or friendship.

「At that time, it would only be three nations. If they have already been killed, will the punishments I receive from those offenders be important?」

Both of them no longer utters a single word. The King has no need to say anything more and Verdot couldn’t reply anything with either. It is quite obvious that Triea can not currently bear any kind of full-scale attack from Goldonia. Even if Goldonia were to receive armed sanctions from the surrounding countries, Triea certainly will not be in the picture by then.

The silence continues even as the King slowly finishes enjoying his second helping of tea, as the sound of him softly placing his cup down resonates.

「Count Verdot, it’s a ceasefire. Let us both suppress our swords and return home. What do you say?」

Verdot is the special envoy entrusted with the full authority, and as soon as he disappointedly nods his head, both countries agreed mutually to enter into a ceasefire. The conditions were to immediately withdraw to the previous border line, release all prisoners of war, and both sides will not question who the responsibility of the war falls on. In addition, to prevent clashes at the border zone, it was decided that an area acting as a buffer zone will be created.

Verdot was able to thoroughly taste the terror of the man called King Alexandro. Who said that this King was sweeter than his reputation? If there are benefits to be gained, this King is willing to get involved in wars all over the land on these plains. However, the biggest concern for Verdot right now is how he will be treated after he brings this information back to his home country.

–Aegir POV–

One week later, Valeora

「It looks like a ceasefire.」

「I see.」

「Is that so?」

「The war is over?!」

「Cease Fire???」

The people gathered in this place are me, Leopolt, Celia, Irijina and Pipi. No one seems to be surprised. It was a result already predicted, and we formed our plans around that assumption.

「What are the terms?」

「Unconditional and instantaneous withdrawal of troops, and the release of all prisoners of war. That’s it.」

「Hoh, it seems the King has come out superior in the negotiations.」

「I guess, but Leopolt, you shouldn’t address the King so casually.」

「I won’t say it in front of his presence.」

「In any case, since the ceasefire has been determined, we don’t need to overstay, so let’s take what we need and quickly get back home.」

「We’re just like a group of bandits.」

Celia jokes around.

「If we were real bandits, then we would also take the women.」

「……Then aren’t you a bandit? You not only ate that girl, you also ate those two maids, didn’t you?」

She’s paying attention. I certainly enjoyed a maid with large breasts and a middle-aged maid. Of course, I didn’t do anything by force.

「Leopolt, the plundered items……and the loot, have they been loaded yet?」

One of the ceasefire conditions is that responsibility of war will not be questioned by either party. In that case, we don’t have to return the goods that we plundered during the conflict.

「Yes, there are no delays. Roughly everything which has some value, especially armor and weapons, are piled up in mountains. As expected, we couldn’t fit everything so a portion will be left behind.」

「I don’t mind. When we leave, bandits may come, so it’s fine to leave a little bit.」

It’s because we destroyed the walls protecting the city. It would make me feel bad if I let the bandits rape the nice women in this city as they please.

「If the soldiers want to bring it back, let them bring what they want.」

Of course, I can’t let them do as they pleased with the equipment, but if they were to sell it, it would act as a nice extra income for them. Since individual plundering is somewhat forbidden, if I don’t give them some sort of reward, then their morale won’t improve.

「With weapons aside, we’re bringing back things like gold and jewels, right?」

The conversation is getting more and more similar to that of a bandit.

「We are prioritizing those when packing. To prevent them from being stolen, there is a record which lists the items.」

I tell him I don’t need to see it, but Celia takes it anyway and gives it a read. She’s really an earnest girl.

「If preparations are ready, then why don’t we withdraw tomorrow. There’s no reason to stay.」



It hasn’t even been two years since I’ve lived in Goldonia, but how many wars does this make? Not to mention, it looks like more wars will come. It would seem that my life is intricately intertwined with both battles and wars.

I watch as my subordinates quickly leave the room to make final checks on the preparations and give out orders to the soldiers, then I head to the bedroom. Once I gave out the order, there’s nothing else for me to do. They are skilled, so they are already doing everything quite well.

「Are you heading to bed? Then shall I bring the sheets……kyaah!!」

In the corridor, I hug and lift the middle-aged maid by the sides, thrust my hand into her crotch and lower her underwear. I expose her ass and bring the flustered woman all the way to the bedroom.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 20 years old. Summer
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Eastern Independent Army Commander. Troop Count 2000
Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. Private Army 300. Mountain Nation: Approx. 1000
Assets: 2000 gold (5000 gold Debt )
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear.
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Sue (daughter), Kuu, Ruu,
Rita (imitation maid), Sebastian (butler), Yoguri (house guest).
Capital: Melissa, Maria, Catherine, Antonio (son), Miti, Alma, Kroll.
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (private army commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt (Independent Army Vice-Commander), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 49, children who have been born: 7.



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