Chapter 78: The Lily Flower


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–Aegir POV–

Capital Goldonia

「Lord Hardlett, how nice of you to come. It has been a while……since the Arkland war victory ceremony.」

「Yes, your majesty. In regards to the current incident, I apologize for bothering your majesty into dirtying your own hands.」

I lower my head in front of the King. As soon as I arrived at the capital, Erich appeared and took me along to see the King. I was planning to go after I’ve had fun with Melissa and the others though.

「It’s nothing, I just pretended a little to mobilize the army. The planned training exercise has already been halted. There has been absolutely no loss.」

Oh really, then there’s no problem. I could have gone one round with the girls then. Erich glares at me.

「So, how much damage have you suffered? Did you have any hindrances in your maintenance of security or border defense?」

There are no problems in those respects. Damage has been quite insignificant, and there were many among the rebelling farmers that are experienced in military campaigns, so conversely, the private army has been strengthened.

「No. Damage was quite minimal. There is no particular need to replenish any soldiers.」

「Hooh, I have received the reports that you’ve fought twice against an opponent with several thousand forces……. But to suffer only minimal casualties despite that?」

「That is the case.」

The first battle was a total surprise attack, while the second was a massive charge after scaring the enemy out of their wits. We created situations where we were at an overwhelming advantage before attacking, so we suffered almost no casualties. Not only that, we were able to instantly invade into the central area, in large part due to the enemy not having their defenses set up.

「Is that so? As expected of the army led by my kingdom’s strongest brave general, how powerful.」

「I am not worthy of your majesty’s praise.」

I don’t see any particularly angry or unpleasant emotions from the King. Then, it means there isn’t much meaning to my apology.

「……But, this time’s incident has thrown many of my plans out of control.」

The King’s voice instantly got colder. As I thought, he’s mad, so I hope he doesn’t have some weird expectations for me. With a wave of the King’s hand, a portion of people excluding the civil officials and military officials all leave the room.

「What I’m going to say from this point on cannot be heard by anyone else.……I have secretly presumed Treia to be our next enemy. Therefore, when the time comes, I will neglect our temporary friendly relations with them.」

That reminds me, I think Leopolt mentioned something like Treia would be the next enemy. But if I just go, ‘Oh, I see’ then it might make the King mad so I’ll exaggerate a little and act surprised.

「Treia was careless this time around and the surrounding countries are beginning to be cautious about us. It has become a little annoying.」

After the ceasefire, it seems like the Treian guards are being removed from the border line, which had been neglected up until now. It means that even if the opportunity comes for them to pounce, they can’t instantly take control.

「Among the civil officials, there are some who voiced out to have you punished appropriately for stirring up the diplomacy.」

「With all due respect-!」

Erich tries to interrupt but the King raises a hand to stop him. He probably intended to cover for me. The next time I see you looking at Nonna’s valley between her breasts, I’ll forgive you.

「If the next 100 years were to continue in peace, then I won’t think about it, but right now, that is out of the question. I also think that this small incident that you did is not worth punishing you for. Therefore, I will have you repay me through action.」

Erich and I both may have made dubious faces.

「From this point on, you and Treia’s border should have few troops stationed in your respective garrisons. Strongholds or encampments may be set up, but I will still ask you.」

The King paused for a little while.

「On my order, can you tear a hole in Treia’s defenses and threaten them from the east?」

「Of course, that is an easy task.」

Their military force may be rebuilt and their defensive formations are currently unknown so there is no way to know, but it isn’t a good idea to show hesitation in this situation. I’ve already said it, so I’ll do something about it. Whether that strategy worked or not, the King once again relaxed his strict expression.

「Very well, then this future service in battle will serve to counterbalance your transgressions, and I will ignore this incident.」

The King clapped his hands and the people who exited the room rapidly stepped back inside.

「Then, let’s end it at that. You are dismissed.」

The holder of the highest authority in Goldonia slowly sat down on this throne and drank his tea. I bow once and was about to exit the room, but wasn’t allowed to leave just yet.

「Count Radhalde, Lord Hardlett, I would like you to know about the upcoming diplomacy……」

「………Lord Hardlett, don’t run away.」

In the end, several hours passed with us having to listen to the noble employed in domestic affairs’ reprimands and the civil officials’ courteous complaints. Erich told me that it was because I fell asleep twice that it dragged on unnecessarily. At any rate, the interrogation is finished. I didn’t get punished, and now I can embrace the women in the capital as much as I want. Things aren’t all that bad.

I pick up Celia, who was wondering what would happen to me and was waiting nervously for me in the waiting room, and head to my house in the capital after a long absence. The ones who accompanied me this time are Celia and Nonna. Celia naturally follows me, but Nonna told me that it had been a while since she’s shopped in the capital. According to Celia, the spy, it seems like she secretly packed an amount of gold in the carriage. Even though Rafen’s population have received a sudden influx, the place is still a remote countryside. I’ll overlook it for now.

Nonna and the others, who went home ahead of us, probably informed the others because once we entered the house, everyone gave us a warm welcome.

「「Welcome back home.」」

Melissa and Maria greeted us with a mitsuyubi.1 Behind them, Catherine appeared while holding her son.


「Yeah, how have you been doing?」

「Perfectly. Um, what should I say?」

Catherine probably wants me to hold her son, but Nonna is giving off malicious vibes beside me, so she’s a little concerned about that. She is also from a high-class noble family, so she can imagine what Nonna feels like when a lover bears a son before the legal wife.

「You don’t have to worry so much.」

I pick up and hold the son named Antonio. When I look again, he has a refined face. I guess it should be obvious because his mother is such an outstanding beauty.

「He might become quite the womanizer in the future.」

「He will definitely become one……since his father is one.」

According to Catherine, the midwife that helped with Antonio’s delivery said that his genitals were quite large.

Before I realized it, Nonna, who was releasing malicious intent from the side, is now glaring at me with teary eyes. In that sense, she may be similar to Claudia.

I won’t let Nonna feel such painful emotions. I hug her close and kiss her, stroking her head too.

「You will also bear a cute kid. After all, you’re such a beautiful woman.」

When I lift her chin and kiss her again, the malicious intent disappears. Alright, this is good.

「As I thought, Antonio will also become like that……?」

I don’t listen to what Catherine says.

「Melissa, you did well to protect the house. Did anything serious happen?」

「Yes, well it’s just……that.」

It seems hard for her to say, so she pretends to hug me and whispers in my ear.

「You see, Maria has……I’m sorry.」

It seems like something I’m worried about. Maria has always been raised in Treia, and her family is in Roleil, a city in Treia. Even though it might be somewhat limited, hearing that I clashed with her mother country may have hurt her heart. Perhaps this incident may cause her to abandon me and return to her hometown.

「Is Maria going to leave me?」

「I-it’s not that! It’s not that but……」

Melissa seems unusually hardpressed to speak.

「I won’t really blame you or Maria. Just tell me.」

She lowered her head as if preparing her heart.

「I-I’m really sorry! While Aegir-san was away, the both of us were comforting each other, but I got a little carried away……and it seems Maria has…………fallen in love with me.」

She lowers her chin with a slump. When I ask her, the conflict with Treia has limited effects and there aren’t many things talked about between the citizens. It also seems Maria isn’t too concerned.

And when I further listen to the story in detail, she was also lonely from the lack of men, and has been using the dildo every night. At first, it seemed like both of them were making each other feel good while they were playing around, but gradually Maria’s attitude and behavior changed, and even now, just being by her side at noon, she will blush and act sweetly just like she would do with a lover.

「So she fell from your charm and techniques?」

「I was also lonely because Aegir-san wasn’t here, and I just unintentionally got enthusiastic about it……. But Maria also-」

「From now on, not just your words, I’ll hear it from her directly. Can you get the bed ready?」

It’s the perfect place for a man and woman to talk to each other.

「Then……I’ll be in your care after a long absence.」

Me, Melissa, and Maria are standing naked in the bedroom. Our relationship isn’t one where we get embarrassed around each other, but Maria is hiding half her body behind Melissa.

「What’s wrong Maria?」

「Um, it’s kind of embarrassing……. And a man’s thing is a little intimidating.」

My dick stands erect at the woman’s premonition. The girls stare at the towering thing – Maria fearfully does so though.

「Have you gotten accustomed to it being just the two of you?」


Maria is confused as to why I knew about it as she widens her eyes in surprised and immediately looks at Melissa.

「I’m sorry……we’re Aegir-san’s women after all so I have to at least let him know……」


I throw the embarrassed Maria roughly on the bed and lower my mouth to her crotch. Having used such a thick dildo every day, her hole has become moderately developed and has loosened quite a bit. Maria is holding my head and sending looks at Melissa to get her to save her, but of course she doesn’t help her. I’ve recently been neglecting to contact them, but it’s a body that I knew inside and out; once I slip my tongue inside and suck her clitoris, she yields to the pleasure.


Without much time passing, she reaches her climax and Maria stretches her legs; her hole tightens as she gets into an exhausted state. For her to fall in love with a woman, and for that woman to be Melissa, doesn’t make me especially angry, but I won’t surrender Maria from under my eyes. I place my dick, of disproportionate size close to Maria’s delicate body, right at her entrance and push straight into her.

「Aaaa……It’s entering.」

My thing, even larger than the thick dildo, which Maria used while she had sex with Melissa, was spreading Maria apart as it penetrated her. It is thicker, and longer than the dildo and more than anything, the warmth from the flesh that only my dick possessed, instantly caused Maria’s love juices to overflow.

「Fuu, your hole has become better than before. Melissa has probably stretched it out more as well.」

「Ahaha……I’m sorry.」

「Aahn!! It’s thick! It’s amazingly deep!」

Even if she gets drowned in the love between females, it seems that it can’t win against the pleasure of my meat rod, as Maria moans while grabbing my hand and seeks my lips. It looks like this might be fine after all. If she said ‘I won’t do anything except with women, and won’t even look at men’, then I was planning to correct her and fuck her the entire day though.

Then, I guess I’ll allow her to include playing around with females in her activities. But first, I’ll ejaculate once.

「Take this Maria!」

I screw in my cock as much as it can, while it is still only halfway in, and hold down the girl as I cum. This is the first release since coming to the capital, so it should continue for a relatively long time.

「Ah-!! Don’t!!」

Maria is struggling under me, but I won’t stop now. My seed continues to fire abundantly and eventually the girl loses strength and becomes quiet. Melissa facepalms and has a troubled look on her face.

「Aah, I came alot. But what’s with the sudden rampage?」

「I didn’t know that you were going to visit this time, so the contraceptive……」

「I was going to use it before we did it.」

I see, that’s because contraceptives are unnecessary when two females play with each other.

「Did you dislike it?」

「No, that’s not it. I don’t have the determination to make a baby, plus……」

Maria looks at Melissa and she becomes at a loss for words.

「If you get pregnant, you think you’ll separate from Melissa?」

「Yeah……Of course I like Aegir-san, in fact I love you. Of all the males in this world, you’re the best. But if Melissa isn’t here for me-」

Melissa turns her face away as she makes a bitter smile. I didn’t think that I would get a girl taken away from me by another girl. Not to mention, the girl who stole from me is my own woman, so I don’t know what to say. Whatever, I’ll just impregnate her with my seed. When she gives birth, her feelings might change again. Moreover, this kind of thing has its own way to entertain myself.

I pull my cock out from Maria as she rolls face up. A large amount of seed spills out onto the sheets from inside of her, but since it’ll get soggy anyways, it shouldn’t be a problem.

「Melissa, use the dildo on Maria. Do it the way you have always done it.」

Melissa smiles as she must have understood my intentions and cheerfully brought out the dildo. As I thought, you had it on you. She pushed one end into her own hole and was going to push the other against Maria, but I stop her.

「Melissa will be on the bottom. Maria will flop on top of her.」

「Aah……. Maria, focus properly.」

「Eh? O-okay.」

The women become just like how I described and the two of them thrust their hips. They must have gotten used to doing it in cowgirl position as they smoothly moved their hips, giving each other deep kisses occasionally. From the intense shaking of the women’s asses, my dick regained its hardness, not losing to its earlier state.

「Aahn! It’s good Melissa! Thrust iiit!」

Maria, gasping in pleasure, contrasts with Melissa, whose face remains troubled. She probably knows what I’m going to do, since I’ve even gone so far as to determine their positions. And her premonition is probably correct.

「Eh? What is-?」

I grab Maria by the hips from behind, who is bouncing on top of Melissa, and put my dick at her entrance. Her vagina is already full with the dildo but her asshole is vacant. Is this Maria’s first time? While I was thinking, I violated her asshole with my cock, wet with semen as lubricant.


Her voice was like that of a cat that was stepped on. With a dildo in one hole and my thick dick in another, Maria was stretched to the limit with those two rods piercing her vagina and asshole.

「My asssss!! Waaaaaaa!!」

There is no blood, so I think it should be fine, but just in case, Melissa and I both stop moving. After she screamed for a while, she slumped limply onto Melissa’s chest.

「Maria, are you alright?」

「Melissaa, my ass, my ass is……」

Melissa speaks softly with Maria, who became teary eyed.

「Maria, it might hurt but do your best to endure it. You like Aegir-san, don’t you? I also love Aegir-san and I also like Maria. The three of us have become one, you know?」

「Everyone is as one?」

「That’s right, so while I’m stuck with you like this through the dildo, you can also feel Aegir-san’s thing. Maria will also feel our two rods as well.」

「Alright……. But hug me tightly, and please give me kisses too.」

When they finished talking, I resume using my hips. Melissa and I alternate in using our hips and the both us attack Maria’s holes. Maria desperately clings on to Melissa while enduring as we approach the finale.

「Here I go!」



It was an intense ejaculation in her ass. I wanted to screw as much into her asshole as possible and when I pushed my hips down, Melissa surprisingly moaned. Maria, who has pretty much passed out, has lost her strength so most of the power in my hips were sent straight to her.

「Th-the dildo is so deep, aaaaaooo!!」

The dildo entered all the way up to the entrances of both of their wombs; Maria’s is a dead end but Melissa is different. It seems that the weight of two people has finally caused the barrier of her womb to be broken through.


I pick up Maria, while her asshole is still skewered, but the dildo is no longer in her. It has clearly thrust unusually deep into Melissa.

While fucking the ass of the trembling Maria, I try to pull out the dildo that imitated my dick, but it is caught at the entrance of her womb and I can’t remove it.

「W-wait! Use soap or something to loosen it slowly……」

「Melissa, don’t you think that the woman who stole my girl needs to receive some punishment?」

「Eeh! No way, you can’t possibly……!! Aaaaaaaah—!!」

She screams like a little girl as I pull the dildo out. Melissa’s eyes lose their focus as she squirts her juices all the way to the opposite end of the room. Melissa convulses, almost as if she’s broken, but it seems she was able to genuinely climax from something other than my meat rod.

But the party isn’t over yet. I pull my cock out from Maria’s ass, and penetrate Melissa’s hole, which has been stretched out and is slightly squirting, all the way to her womb. I continue to ride on top of her as she collapses on the bed and I grab her ass and spread her apart forcefully.

「Come, Maria, fuck her ass.」

Maria, who has a blank look, wobbles over and attaches the dildo as she covers Melissa from behind. Once again, Melissa’s agonizing, yet pleasure-filled screams echo.

A few days later

「I was able to do some good shopping.」

「Another waste of money……」

Nonna is pleased with herself after buying new clothes and new cutlery, while Celia sighs. Sebastian was left at the territory so she probably grabbed a few fakes among those items. Did he think Nonna wouldn’t spend money for her amusement?

Melissa and Maria were sitting beside me, acting sweetly like cats. After the three of us participated in such intense sexual activities, it further deepened the bonds in our hearts. Occasionally, the two of them kissed, but I’ll overlook something like that.

「I think it’s about time to return to the territory.」

Melissa and Maria display a lonely expression, but it’s not like I can stay here forever. I allowed Adolph and Leopolt to take care of the territory management and daily training respectively, but I also received information that Treia has reinforced the border with troops. It must be a defensive reinforcement, but if I’m absent for too long, they might get some strange ideas.

「Maria……will you not come with me?」

「I’m sorry, but I can’t leave Melissa alone by herself.」

Then the two of them exchange a deep kiss. Nonna and Celia were also amazed. I’d feel bad to leave Melissa alone too. I did enough these few days to make up for the half year that I didn’t embrace them. I did it such that their holes will be kept gaping open for a while.

It’s time to return now. I’ll be taking the two children, Rose and Antonio, as well as Catherine, back with me to the territory. Antonio is still a baby so I’m worried about him for the journey, but it’s already pretty safe and the season is cooperating. Catherine has also recovered from giving birth, so a small trip like this is no problem.

There is also a reason why I have to bring her along no matter what. After recovering from childbirth, it seems that Catherine is feeling the recoil of not being embraced by a man in about one year’s time and is extremely pent up sexually. According to what Melissa says, during that time, she might end up eating Kroll or worst case end up finding a random man and being embraced. In the first place, Catherine is a woman who always had a lewd body. A one-year abstinence of men may have been an incredibly difficult penance for her.

In regards to her identity, right now at this current time, it’s extremely dangerous for her and Rose to stay in the house. Consequently, she cannot stand by the windowside to enjoy the good weather. If I take her with me to the territory, she won’t be seen and she can freely move in and out.

「Shall we go, Catherine?」


Catherine remained silent as she hugged her baby and led Rose by the hand while following me. Unlike how we came, I can’t have her ride with me on the same horse while she’s hugging her baby. So I had prepared for her to get on a large, high-quality carriage, which doesn’t shake too much.

「What an amazing number of wagons……are they carriages?」

Celia looks at the large amount of carriages accompanying us and leaks an amazed voice as she herself gets on one.

「Yeah, Erich asked whether I needed any additions to the eastern army. I told him I didn’t need soldiers, but he said that he would give me some large wagons instead.」

In actuality, he said that it was possible to reinforce me with around 500 to 1000 soldiers, but with such small casualties, I only needed a little compensation and refused him. From now on, I want to form my army with the private army at the core.

There are 30 large wagons in front of us; they are the newest type of two-horse wagons so they are also fast. They are more expensive than a soldier’s upkeep, so Erich is probably complaining.

「Leopolt was also quite noisy about getting more supplies somehow too.」

What he wanted was the highly efficient wagons which could keep up with the marching speed of the cavalry. Now, the strategies he comes up with can be made more realistic.

I leave the operation of the wagons to the driver as I climb in as well. Inside the wagon, one side has an animal pelt laid across, so even if I lie down, it would be quite comfortable.

Celia is sitting in an upright posture even though she has that sword, which she keeps with her everyday, by her waist. Nonna was tired after she went shopping so she quickly plopped on her side. I also laid down in the shape of the ‘大’ character while Catherine sucked on my meat rod.


「What is it, all of a sudden?!!」

「……What are you doing?」

「Nh! Nboh-! Nguh!」

Catherine doesn’t even pay the question any attention and just focuses on desperately sucking my dick. Her face is dyed red and it seems hard for her to breathe. It’s rough and feels good, but Celia looks like she’s about to explode so I grab her face and pull out.

「What’s wrong?」

「Haa-! Haa-! I can’t hold back anymore-! Please let me suck it, I’ll go crazy!!」

Catherine brushes my hand aside and once again takes my cock all the way into her throat. She makes loud slurping noises and I can hear the choking sounds she makes as it hits the back of her throat, but she doesn’t stop moving. This place is more enclosed than the house, so it seems that her sexual excitement finally burst out.

「A man after one year……this large penis is delicious, can’t get enough!!」

I’m not mean enough to shake off the woman who is so desperately clinging to my thing with teary eyes.

「Celia, play with Rose. Nonna…… let Antonio suck on your breasts or something.」

「To do this in front of a child, what a lewd woman……」

「Why do I have to let some other woman’s baby suck on something like my breasts…… nothing will even come out.」

Celia mumbles to herself as she holds Rose, while Nonna exposes her humongous breasts and lets him suck on them in place of a toy.

Without even checking on him, Catherine continues to greedily devour my cock. The sexual desire pent up in this woman was terrifying as she continues to suck from dawn – when we departed – to dusk, swallowing everything from the ten times that I ejaculated as well. Even when Antonio was given breasts to suck, her mouth didn’t leave my meat rod. While sucking me, the genitals she was fondling at the same time, got all swollen, but still she didn’t stop her fingers.

「「How lewd is this woman……?」」

Deprived of their meat rod, Celia and Nonna both masturbated and their lonely voices resonated in the carriage.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 20 years old. Autumn.
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Eastern Independent Army Commander. Troop Count 2000
Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. Private Army 600. Mountain Nation: Approx. 1000
Assets: 5900 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (pregnant concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Kuu, Ruu, Rita (imitation maid), Catherine, Sebastian (butler), Yoguri (house guest)
Children: Sue (daughter), Rose (foster), Antonio (son)
Capital: (Melissa X3 Maria), Miti, Alma, Kroll
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (private army commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt (Independent Army Vice-Commander), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 49, children who have been born: 7


  1. Nat: basically a formal bow where three fingers are touching the ground, hence mitsuyubi.
  2. Nat: kind of a grunt used when effort is exerted. E.g. huff, oof. No real meaning.
  3. Nat: used to describe pairing


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