Chapter 81: Cavalry Battle


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–Aegir POV–

「Welcome and thanks for coming, chief!」

「Ooh, so these are the chief’s warriors?!」

Pipi leads us to her clan and the leaders of each family came to greet us. That reminds me, it’s the first time meeting the leaders since the suppression battle. They are all wrinkled old men and middle-aged men who are dark and sunburnt, so it’s not like I wanted to meet them anyways.

「The chief has come, now we can feel relieved. We won’t be scared of that Velen tribe!」

Pipi shouted in a loud voice and those around her all raised cheers. This is the first time I heard of the opponent’s name too. Their tribe is essentially the same as Pipi’s clan, so their name doesn’t mean much at all. Either way, we will crush them.

「If we continue on like this, we will confront the Velen tribe soon. The sun is already setting so why don’t we stop here for now. Let’s take our time.」

The soldiers who were brought along are mingling with the mountain tribe and are setting up camp around campfires and in tents. Pipi’s clan easily exceeds 2000 in total number, but there are many children in their tender years, so only a little over 1000 will become useful in battle. It seems that they did everything they could to send out all the warriors in the earlier conflict. To answer their loyalty, I’ll be sure to be helpful this time.

When I entered the prepared tents, there is a pelt laid out on one side and a carpet spread out to make it look more like a room. There isn’t a bed, so we’re supposed to just lie down directly on the floor.

「I’ve prepared the furs of wolves and demon rabbits. They’re fluffy and warm.」

Pipi will also be sleeping in the same place so she hops and dives into the furs; the pelts are soft so they absorbed the impact, cushioning her from the otherwise painful act.

「This is amazing……I’ve never seen pelts of this high quality before.」

Irijina is also my woman, so of course she will be sleeping on the same floor as well.

「Naturally. Both the wolves and demon rabbits are pretty tough, so they don’t come out often. Those pelts took me many tries to get.」

They’re quite valuable items then. As the three of us lied down, the fatigue from the journey caused us to get sleepy. I wanted to embrace Irijina but it would be a waste to get these high-quality pelts covered in juices. Today, we’ll just sleep like this.

「Please wait, chief! For the great chief to only have two women beside him on the floor isn’t right. You’ll lose dignity.」


「Everyone from the clan is also worried that the amount of women the chief brought with him is too little. I explained to them that you left them in the city in the plains, but a great man like you has to get a whole bunch of women to serve you. I got the leaders to call them.」

Pipi clapped her hands and women started to flood into the tent. The women are of all ages; some are in their mid-thirties, and some are still just children.

「After all, the chief seems to like mature women.」

Pipi, you better not be referring to Mel. If you tell that to her, she’ll kill you.

「「「I beg your pardon.」」」

Also, I did not pause because of the large amount of women. It was because of they are all stark naked. They didn’t take their clothes off during the time they were here, rather they were all naked in the first place.

「Did you walk outside like that?」

「Yes? Of course. Because I’ll be serving the chief.」

「I can handle this level of coldness.」

「Isn’t that obvious?」

「It is an honor for women to attend the chief. Even if they’re naked or whatever, they don’t feel embarrassed. Pipi will also strip.」

It seems that I’m reminded of the difference in the mountain nation’s shamefulness every time. Before I knew it, the naked Pipi and Irijina lay beside me, as I hugged them one on each side. Even though they are promiscuous and dressed up, my body and soul are tired. The women’s sole objective is to tend to me though so they didn’t really ask for anything in particular.

「……You don’t have pillows or blankets?」

The fur that was laid out is warm but if I don’t have a blanket, my body will get cold.

「There are pillows and futons too.」

「Here you go.」

「I will warm you up.」

A plump woman gets by my head and lies face down, wiggling her ass. Is she asking me to get on top of it? I put my head on top of her soft ass and lie sideways, then instantly the other women pulled all my clothes off and covered me. I see……a female butt pillow and a female body futon……? How extravagant. Since we’re all naked, it is certainly warm when we stick to each other like this, but the sensation that touches my nipples isn’t good; it’ll get my cock hard.

I close my eyes and enjoy the wonderful feeling of this top-class bedding, superior to any kind of high-priced pillow or futon. I feel like I could hear the women’s voices in my dream.

「Look……it’s this soft and not even hard, yet it’s this big.」

「I’ve been embraced by the previous chief but……even when he’s hard, he’s way smaller than this.」

「It’s like he’s a man above all men or something, right?」

I feel a light breathing sensation against my crotch.

「Hey, don’t you wanna try getting this thing completely erect?」

「No, we can’t, if we wake him up, he’ll get angry.」

「He’s not such a narrow-minded person, try licking it.」

I feel the warm sensation of a tongue crawling over my crotch. Although it was unskilled technique, the warm sensation of the tongue crawling along my rod and around my tip cause my meat rod to get bigger. After about 8 minutes, my dick was erect and the woman separated her tongue from my dick.

「Y-you’re kidding……」

「I can’t believe it.」


The girls are all surprised at the size of my thing. I feel several hands touching my rod carefully, as if it was something dangerous. Aside from the woman who initially touched it, there were more participants that came one after the other, making small shrieks in astonishment as they did so.

「Did Pipi-sama and Irijina-san take this thing in them?」

「I can still understand if it’s Irijina but……I don’t know about Pipi-sama.」

The men and women in the mountain nation are all small in size. The ones who are chosen to be warriors among them have robust bodies but there are not many who have heights above Nonna’s. When Irijina is put in their midst, she’s an unbelievably large large woman.

「Nnh, it’s warm.」

「Aau, I’m getting crushed……」

When I open my half-closed eyes, I see Irijina hugging Pipi and sleeping soundly. It looks like Pipi has it rough though.

「Don’t you want to try putting it in?」

「Don’t push yourself, it’ll tear.」

「But leaving it erect like that is rude.」

The whisperings continue, and as a result, the woman who initially used her tongue to caress me took responsibility to make me cum. Unlike the earlier tickling from her tongue, she took the tip into her mouth and began to caress me. The other girls help out by running their hands along my shaft and provide stimulation to my balls.

「It’s still getting bigger……」

「It’s practically that of a horse’s thing. No, he’s probably even bigger than the horse we have.」

Nobody would get upset when their dick gets praised. Combined with the caressing of several people, the pleasure builds up and my dick starts to pulse.

「Ah-, it’s twitching. His seed’s coming out.」

「Look, you’re gonna get the floor dirty. Catch it, catch it.」

「It won’t all fit in my mouth……nnboh-!」

The woman that was servicing me is holding back the other girls and filling her mouth with my cock. The stimulation of her teeth touching me caused the dam to finally burst open, and my seed erupted, draining my balls.



I was trying to pretend to sleep, but as expected my groan leaked out. The woman’s mouth instantly filled up and she asked other girls to help so that she wouldn’t spill.

「Eeeh!? That much comes out?」

「Anyways, you’re switching with me!」

Once the women got their mouths filled to the brim, they switched with each other, and once the eighth person’s mouth reached the limit, my ejaculation finally stopped. Many of the women couldn’t talk so there was a moment of silence, and I could only hear the sounds of gulping.

「Geho- gehoh1, what thick seed. It’s not going down my throat.」

「It seems like I could get pregnant through my mouth.」

「It’s too big and my jaw……」

「Hey, let’s clean it up.」

Close to 10 tongues crawl around my rod, and they licked up all the remaining seed. Is it about time soon?

「Nnh……. What’s going on?」

I pretend to wake up as if I had been sleeping all this time.

「N-no, it’s nothing. Your cock was just too marvelous and we were just admiring it.」

「Please don’t pay us any attention and relax your body.」

「Is that so? Then I’ll go ahead and rest.」

I took the girl, who was the first one to put her mouth on me and was still coughing from the large amount of seed, and rolled over with her.


「I like the shape of your body. I’ll make you my body pillow.」

「Sure! It’s an honor!」

The other women look on in envy as the woman resting against my chest smiles and my dick regained some of its hardness. Irijina, who is sleeping beside me, is starting to really squeeze Pipi and four of the other girls are trying desperately trying to pry her arms off.

Two days later

「I see them! It’s the Velen tribe!」

We mobilized together with the mountain tribe and it took about two days until we finally got the chance to play an active role. The ones who can’t fight, like the children and livestock, are taken to the rear, while the warriors retrieved their bows and swords and straddled their horses. The cavalry unit I brought with me are also getting their own preparations in order.

The Velen tribe who was seen at a distance is also doing the same and are clamoring to make preparations to get battle-ready. They were clumping up like a dumpling so it was hard to count their numbers, but they didn’t look like they had drastically more numbers than we did.

「Are we going to fight the instant we meet up? Are we not going to talk?」

「We fought before with the Velen tribe at the watering hole. We have no choice but to fight.」

I don’t know much about it, but it seems they have their own code of conduct. Although it makes things easier for me to understand if we’re fighting.

「Form into ranks! Do it in three sections!」

The first difference between our forces and theirs appears here. The enemy mountain tribe has their own peculiar formation of using entire families, and are moving in clusters of 50 people. We have formed in clean lines, a product of our military training. The bow cavalry are at the vanguard, while the heavy cavalry are lined up behind them, and the spear cavalry spread out around the flanks.

「Those guys are starting to move!」

One of the leaders point and shout at the enemy who is charging at us, but there is no confusion or fear in his voice. They have complete trust in me, and are exclaiming things like ‘if the great chief is here, it is impossible for us to lose’. I’ll have to respond to their expectations.


We are also charging head on towards the enemy. The distance between us is about 1 hour apart if we were on foot, but since we are both riding horses, the distance instantly closed.


It was here that another point of difference showed itself. It was the ability to use the bow and arrow. The Velen tribe are using the traditional crude bow and arrow which the mountain tribes typically use, while on the other hand, our allies are using the high-performance composite bows. The arrows are also refined as their range and power are high. Still, in the previous battle, the mountain tribe was able to dominate in a skirmish because their overwhelming skills were taught since they were very young, but their skills are the same in this fight. That meant that the difference in the performance of the weapons became a force in its own right.


The enemies, who were also trying to fire off their arrows at us, are starting to fall off their horses one after the other. We preceded them by just a few seconds, but the effect was tremendous. The bow cavalry stowed away their bows, unsheathed their sword, and equipped their shields to block the arrows. Considering their ridiculous confrontation speed, they had no room to let loose a second volley.

The enemy then released their arrows as well, and although some of the bow cavalry were defeated, it paled in comparison to the amount that the enemy lost. The shields caused arrows to ricochet away and the performance of the armor was also different.

Just like that, both armies did not alter their charging routes and enemy and allies alike are on an extremely fast collision course for each other.

「There aren’t many opportunities to see this amount of cavalry pass each other during a charge.」

Irijina, who had galloped to meet me from the head of the heavy cavalry, smiled. Irijina has also gotten accustomed to battle, so she has no fear and instead appears to find it fun.

「Don’t stop moving! Charge through!!」

Shouts and roars resonated as the cavalry began to cross swords as they passed each other. Swords were swung around and heads started to fly through the air, regardless of gender. The ones who couldn’t control their horses collided straight into the enemy and both of them were flung away. But the gruesome battle would not continue for long. Since both armies did not decelerate, it was only an instant before the cavalry forces passed by each other.

In most cases when the mountain tribes battled each other, they would charge at each other while having a shoot-off with their bows and then stopping to cross swords with each other after or they would pass through each other and once again shoot off their arrows. The enemy is also passing through and nocking their arrows again, turning back to move to the rear, but it isn’t finished yet.

After the bow cavalry’s turn, ours was next; we still have the 300 heavy cavalry lined up side-by-side.

「Gh!! There are still some in the front!!」

The commander shouts, but it’s already too late. To deal with the slower heavy cavalry, the bow cavalry just have to stay out of their range and easily take them out. But the distance between them and us have already closed, so they have no time to ready their bows. Moreover, they have picked up speed on their horses already and couldn’t change directions fast enough.

When we collide with them head-on, their light army is no match for the chunks of iron that is the heavy cavalry.

「Send them flying!!」

As soon as our allies made contact with the enemy, an explosive-like sound roared. The spear our allies thrust out skewered many enemies, and many of our adversaries were flung away on contact. The flustered enemy began drawing their swords to clash with us, but unless they find a gap, they won’t be able to pierce the steel armor.


Irijina is also using her spear to take out the passing enemies, skewering many of them, lifting them up and then throwing them aside. Only their horses were able to escape danger, as they ran to the back and escaped. She couldn’t lose to them.

I push aside the escorting cavalry trying to protect me and in a single strike with my spear, the passing enemy lost his upper body and crumpled to the ground. I switch to the next enemy, who watched me take out the previous warrior, and then took a thrust, the blade of my spear separating his neck from his shoulders.

「Another one!」

I was going to bash the additional enemy, but seeing as it was a woman with teary eyes, I graze the top of her head and smash the middle-aged man’s head who was behind her.

「Take that-!」

Just when they were about to completely pass by, I let my guard down and felt something hot running through my arm. One of the soldiers had cut me. Blood started to flow but the wound wasn’t that deep.


Irijina was about to turn around but I stopped her. The one who cut me was a female, who is just a young girl, and even if she was to turn around now, she wouldn’t catch up with them. On the contrary, it would screw up our strategy.

Should I praise them for their skill in aiming for a gap in my armor or should I blame myself for letting my guard down? I lick the flowing blood. It has truly been awhile since I’ve tasted my own blood.

「Hardlett-dono! Are you alright!?」

「The chief got his arm injured!」

「It’s not a big deal. It was done by a woman, and it’ll heal quickly.」

The ones around me were panicking for a second but seeing as the wound was shallow, they were relieved. Well, let’s just finish them off now.

Pipi looses an arrow straight up into the air. This time, the arrow didn’t make noise, it instead had a fluttering red cloth attached to it. That’s because there is a possibility that the roar from the horses’ hooves could drown out the sound.

The enemy suffered large casualties and their ranks are disoriented. Since they knew that the bow cavalry which passed through them initially have turned around and are going to come at them, they have to stop and change direction and decide whether to deal with them or escape.

「They don’t have the luxury to do so though.」

War cries reverberated and the spear cavalry scattered around the sides fiercely rushed at them. The enemy quickly brought out their bows and looked to shoot the spear cavalry down, but after changing directions, the soldiers in the middle of the dumpling couldn’t let loose their arrows, and many of them have lost their bows and arrows after passing through our ranks for the second time. In addition, the small groups of spear cavalry spread out in all directions are closing in, so they couldn’t get all of them at once, causing a melee to begin.

Both of them are wearing light armor, but there was a clear advantage in this close-combat fight between the spear cavalry, equipped with a 2 meter spear and bow gun, and the mountain tribe, who only had a cleaver-shaped sword. There isn’t much difference in speed, so once the distance is closed, they were unable to use the tactic of running away and shooting arrows.

「The battle has been settled.」

「We were able to defeat the Velen tribe in just one try! We did it!」

Pipi is delighted and Irijina is worrying about my injuries while smiling as well.

When the bow cavalry returned, all of the Velen tribe surrendered, including the non-combatants in the back. I acknowledged their surrender and the Velen tribe got absorbed into Pipi’s clan……or more accurately speaking, my clan.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 20 years old. Autumn.
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Eastern Independent Army Commander. Troop Count 2000
Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. Private Army 1600. Mountain Nation: ????
Assets: 4600 gold (-200 Continued expense for military preparations and domestic affairs)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (pregnant concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Kuu, Ruu, Rita (imitation maid), Catherine (lewd), Sebastian (butler), Yoguri (house guest)
Children: Sue (daughter), Rose (foster), Antonio (son)
Capital: (Melissa X Maria), Miti, Alma, Kroll
Subordinates: Celia (resting due to diarrhea), Irijina (private army commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt, Adolph (domestic affairs official), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 49, children who have been born: 7


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