Chapter 82: Champion of the Border


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–Aegir POV–

I am sitting on a chair made of bones from livestock in the middle of a grand tent. There is a strange headpiece placed on my head. Moreover, there is a cloak made of animal fur hung on my shoulders.

「This is proof that you are the chief. It suits you.」

Pipi is praising me, but this appearance really makes me look like the boss of the barbarians. Celia and……Leopolt, I’m glad that they aren’t here. Irijina will probably forget about it after one night’s sleep.

「Oh, great chief. I am thankful and admire your lenient treatment towards us, the defeated.」

「Sure, if you’ll swear loyalty to me from now on, I won’t treat you cruelly.」

The men who were kneeling in front of me stood up with eyes of warriors who regained their spirit. They seem to be slightly arrogant, but that much is fine.

On both sides, Irijina and Pipi are in a suggestive appearance; they are wearing simple clothes that have their breasts and thighs exposed and are leaning coquettishly against me. Although Pipi never had much breasts to show off in the first place. They indeed look like sex slaves but, in front of the mountain tribe, having many women wait on you is proof of the chief’s authority. In addition, there are about 10 more women from Pipi’s clan that are waiting on me at my feet.

「Not stealing women or livestock, you are a person with a bottomless heart; I am in admiration.」

In a battle between mountain tribes alike, even when the battle has been settled, not everyone will be killed. Usually, the conditions will be for the chief to be killed and for their women and livestock to be taken away. Those women who cannot be taken will be raped on the spot. Those women may then get pregnant and have new blood poured in them.

This time, none of that was done. Their chief only lost his position and didn’t get killed.

「From now on, you will be one under the chief. Thus, nothing will be taken from you. Now, let us hold a friendly banquet!」

One of the allied leaders shouted loudly. With a responding cheer, that acted as the signal to bring in the food – a barbecued pig, and several other meat dishes are being brought out consecutively. Lots of alcohol was passed around as the party began, while the current allied leaders sat on my left hand side and the newly befriended leaders sat on my right hand side.

「Everything was accepted quite easily. You’ve fought with each other several times, do you not have grudges against one another?」

While drinking alcohol, I quietly ask Pipi.

「They were enemies in the past, now they are friends; there’s no reason to hold a grudge against friends, right?」

What extremely simple thinking. But I prefer this way of thinking.

The banquet picks up in excitement and I exchange alcohol cups with the leaders of each family. With this, they have sworn loyalty to me from their hearts. Their devotion will not be broken until I die or if I have done something dishonorable. It seems that they believe that if they betray someone, they will earn the anger from the god of the mountain and the souls of their entire tribe will fall to the depths of hell.

Irijina has become more drunk than she appears, but has continued to drink to the cheers from the leaders, while a portion of the leaders proceeded to move in front of me.

「Chief, I’ve heard from the Peel tribe……no, from our new friends that the chief only brought two girls along with him, is that the truth?」

「That is true this time around, but back home……in the plains, I have more.」

「Hooh, about 100 of them?」

「Not that much. About 10.」

What does he think I am? It seems the rumors in the capital say that I’m a sex monster who surrounds himself with 50 women though.

「Too few!」

「That’s not good!」

「To only have 10 women……Are the plains people blind?!」

The leaders are clamoring unanimously, then rush out of the tent. I have a bad feeling about this.

「Chief! Behold!」

I was called outside and when I went out to look, it really looked like about 100 women were lined up.

「Ones with pretty faces, ones with large breasts, ones with large asses and can bear lots of children; all of them are wonderful women. Please take them and keep them by your side.」

It was almost like a scene from a slave city, but the expressions on the girls faces are cheerful. Even if I wanted to check the goods and fuck them on the spot, nobody seemed like they would refuse me.

An orgy with close to 100 women is something that I’ve considerably yearned for, but even if I embrace them here, I’ll have to bring them with me. If I bring this many girls back home, Nonna will faint and the blood vessels on Celia’s head will rupture.

「No, er……」

It’s pathetic of me to act like this in front of women, even if I say so myself, but the leaders’ eyes are all sparkling and the women look motivated. If I were to refuse, I would not look good as a chief nor as a man.

「Hmm, it might be harsh on you guys.」

Irijina appears from inside the tent. As expected, after drinking an entire barrel of alcohol, she has gotten a little red.

「What will be harsh?」

The leaders look at Irijina with a judgemental look. They probably thought that she was jealous, and would reject other women.

「It’s because you guys have small bodies. Take a look at this.」

Irijina pulled down my pants without hesitation and exposed my dick. When she got close to me, I could feel an intense alcohol smell emitting from her mouth. As expected, she has drunk too much and is in a drunken stupor.


「It’s too big!」

「Like a horse……」

「That thing will be impossible.」

「It’s like that even when it’s drooping.」

The women all started to voice their opinions and as expected, I can see that they are afraid.

「What the-!」

「This is……」

「A huge spear, isn’t it?」

「If only my son was also that big.」


I’m extremely reluctant to show the leaders but Irijina is hugging me tightly. It’s not like I could just throw her off either, so I couldn’t do anything about it.

「As you can see, it’s a large spear. Of course, if he was lusting for women, it would get several times bigger. Wouldn’t that be hard on your bodies?」

The people from the mountain nation all have small bodies so their fear was increased even further. I could hear the women say ‘It’ll break me’ and ‘I won’t be able to bear children….’

「That’s why Hardlett-dono limits the women he has to those who could take that. In other words……」

After saying that, Irijina fell asleep. She fell to the floor as I pulled my pants up. It was a reckless act by an idiot, but I’ll use that.

「So that’s how it is. I don’t want to break a woman’s body, so I won’t be embracing all of you. ……if you really want new blood, then please do it with my soldiers.」

「It certainly isn’t good if the woman’s stomach breaks……」

「There’s no other way. You guys can do as you like.」

The women have hardly been able to meet soldiers and plains people alike and should have great interest in them as well. I left, hearing the coquettish cries and voices of excitement behind me. I’ll let the soldiers make some good memories.

「But, as new additions, we can’t just offer nothing to you.」

For the mountain nation, it was natural to offer gifts to the chief.

「The food and alcohol were delicious. You’ve killed some of your best livestock for that right? That’s enough for me.」

「No, this will cause the mountain god to doubt our loyalty. We will prepare a separate offering for you……」

It was then that a man appeared……the man who was the previous chief of the Velen tribe. Right now, that status has been taken from him, and he is just one of the leaders of the tribe who swore loyalty to me.

「Since Pipi-sama has become a woman who serves the chief, we have no choice but to offer women as well……come here.」

A woman, large in size with respect to the mountain nation, appeared. She looks to be about the same age as me, maybe a little younger, and her breasts are modest, but her pretty face slightly tinged by the sun, is a light brown color, causing a fresh aura of sexiness to drift around her. What was characteristic about her, that made her unlike all the previous girls, was that she wasn’t wearing clothes that exposed her body, but she was wearing a battle dress.

「Is she a warrior?」

「Yes, she has a good build and is suitable for the chief’s large spear. She is also skilled in martial arts so please feel free to use her for all sorts of various things.」

「My name is Luna. I can do everything from spear handling to nocturnal activities, so please request anything of me.」

The woman called Luna bows her head deeply.

「I look forward to having you.」

「I am extremely delighted, though undeserving of your praise……」

She speaks in a strange manner, or rather, she’s stupidly polite. They’re words I don’t really hear much from women.

「Luna was interested in the plains people at a young age, and we did not have the skills to teach her, but she was able to finally attain a manuscript from long ago.」

「So she memorized how to speak in such an old-fashioned way.」

It’ll be hard to correct something she learned from such an early age. I guess that makes her interesting, so I don’t mind that much.

Suddenly, I saw the follower that was by her side. At that moment, the follower’s eyes opened wide in astonishment. Oh right, she was the girl who cut me during the battle. It doesn’t mean much to me at this point in time, but it seems that she was worried about that.


「What’s wrong?」


「Is that so?」

「? Is there something wrong with Ruby? She is Luna’s younger sister and is accompanying her as a follower but did she cause you any inconvenience?」

「No, it’s nothing.」

I lightly pet the head of Ruby, who was frightened and looking down, and I accept the alcohol cup as Luna swears her loyalty. I thought it would all be over after this, but the leaders escorted us to a place a little bit away from the tent which had become the location of the banquet.

「Let’s use another method for swearing loyalty between a man and a woman.」

I see, that is certainly necessary. I hug Luna’s shoulder and enter the tent.

「Please drink.」

I drink a gulp of the alcohol that Luna offered me and we finally begin with our consummation of loyalty.

「Then, please enjoy.」

Luna removes the armor she wore on her body and takes off her underwear. She isn’t plump, but her toned body is a wonderful thing of beauty. I especially want to suck on her brown colored thighs.

「Please do mine too.」

Luna smiles and strips me. After everything was taken off, my dick sprung up, about half erect.

「Uu-! ……What a terrifying dick, I am in awe.」

「It will still get bigger. Are you going to use your mouth?」

「Yes, I have been trained in the service of men.」

Luna first kissed my balls and the tip, then licked the shaft slowly. And when my cock starts to get fully erect, she opened her mouth as wide as it could open and took me in.

「gh-!!? M-my deepest apologies!!」

She indeed has the knowledge but she has no experience actually putting it into practice, since her teeth scraped against the head of my dick. She is flustered and bowing her head in apology but it didn’t really hurt anyways.

「You don’t actually have much experience, right? You don’t have to worry about me. Just continue without being concerned about it.」

「……Yes. I am still a humble novice……a young virgin with her hymen intact.」

I thought she had a little experience, but I didn’t think she would be a virgin. I spread her crotch and slip a finger in her.

「Fumu, the membrane is still there.」

「……it’s embarrassing……so please have mercy on me.」

I guess it was too much for her when I suddenly turned her over and peeked inside. But since I know she’s a virgin, I’ll have to properly prepare her.

「You don’t have to service me. I’ll do it now, so you can relax.」

「Eh? But with such an awesome thing-」

I ignore her words and caress her slightly protruding breasts, crawl my tongue over her nape and rub her ass by reaching over her genitals. Even if she doesn’t service me, when I can do whatever I like with this erotic brown body, my cock will get hard whether I like it or not.

After I touched her body for a while, Luna started to get turned on, her face melted, her nipples and clitoris got erect and her vagina started to drip with her juices; I can finally start the ritual to make her my woman. I lay her down on her back and got in between her legs. I placed my dick on top of her stomach and Luna leaked a slightly nervous shriek.

「What a big spear, I’ll gladly become its target. Please, expertly tear my purity.」

Her words don’t match her expression but if I tease her, it would only make her suffer, so I’ll do this in one stroke. I push my meat rod against the entrance of her vagina; Luna has a larger build but she is still smaller than Carla. It doesn’t look like it will go in like this, so I’m sorry that I have to put some power into it.


「gh-!! UUuuuuu!!」

I instantly penetrate her with my meat rod and tear her membrane, as I swear I could hear the sound of it getting ripped. Luna moans and turns her jaw away as her mouth is left gaping open.

「Did it hurt? Cling to me, bite me, do anything that will help you take your mind off it.」

I say that as I move my hips in to rub against her. It might be better if I waited a bit, but with such a brown beauty as my partner, my reason is slowly crumbling. My hips are moving on their own.

「W-wonder……ful, it’s pleasurable……my body is g-……going numb!!」

I hug Luna, who is crying while saying these lies.

「You don’t have to lie. It’s natural for the female to feel nothing but pain and not be able to do anything. In fact, it’s my responsibility.」

I hug Luna strongly and I felt her relax a little as I use my hips. Her modest breasts pretty much disappear when she’s lying flat on her back, but the feeling of her erect nipples are able to get me excited.

You can only hear the sounds of Luna’s moans and flesh slapping against flesh in the room. If this goes on, it will take awhile before I’m able to ejaculate. Thinking about that, I felt something warm from behind me.

「I will also service you to make up for my sister’s portion.」

The one who pressed up against me was Ruby, who before I knew it, got naked and is rubbing my back with her breasts. She has similar brown skin like her sister and a similar toned body, but I believe that in the future, she may have larger breasts than her older sister.

With two women sandwiching me, my arousal increases, and my seed finally rises up from my balls.

「Do you want me to let my seed out like this……regardless if you get pregnant?」

「Of course! Who in their right mind would refuse the seed from the great chief?」

Luna seems to welcome me to do so, so I can ejaculate without hesitation. For the last few thrusts of my hips, I made them super strong.

「Aah!! So rough! Thick! It’s swelling!!」

Semen flows through my meat rod and instantly inflates. Luna left her hand on my shoulder as she moaned loudly.



With my last thrust, I slam my hips against her and hold my position deep inside her, releasing my semen into her womb.

「Aah, it’s squeezing me nicely. It feels like it might tear it off……」


「So much seed poured into……my sister……she’ll get pregnant for sure.」

I ejaculated plenty inside Luna so I pull my dick out from her, and after a breath, Luna doesn’t move. When I look carefully, she’s fainted while hugging me. In a panic, Ruby rushes over and releases her.

「She’s fine. She’ll eventually come to.」

It isn’t rare for the women I embrace to faint, so as expected, I’m getting used to it.

「You’re used to it, aren’t you……. I guess it’s natural since you have that huge spear.」

Ruby has a tone which seems to criticise me, but it still isn’t over yet.

「Ruby ……was it? You’re next.」


「When I saw you in battle, I wanted to meet you at least once. I’m glad you’re quite the beautiful woman.」

I raise her chin and push my dick in front of her. After attacking her sister just a while earlier, my dick is covered with both of our juices but it still hasn’t withered yet. Ruby unconsciously retreats and plops to the ground.

At the appearance that invites the violent lust of a man, I get turned on and lift Ruby up, throwing her beside Luna. In no time, I hold both of her hands down and steal her lips.

「Noo! Don’t be rough!」

「Stay still!」

I suck on her breasts, forcefully sticking my hand in her crotch to stir her up. Her body is smaller than her sister and is still immature, but that stuff doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t mind if this girl broke, I just want to slam my cock into her right now and dominate her womb.

Ruby is desperately trying to resist, but after seeing the scar left on my arm, she relaxes and burst into tears.

「gusu-, eguu1…………」

I grab the crying Ruby’s legs and spread them wide, pushing my incredibly inflated meat rod against her stomach, almost as if it would be pierced through her stomach……but then I came back to my senses. I don’t have a preference to make women cry, and the one who is getting her belly written on by my dick, is still just a girl that is close to a child. Why am I acting like such an animal? For my dick to get this inflated is quite rare too.

There is only one thing that comes to mind.

「I got drugged?」

「Please forgive me……I was planning to accept everything, but for me to go unconscious is unforgivable.」

Luna, who came back to her senses, is apologizing with her head bowed to the ground. Apparently, the alcohol she had me drink in the beginning had some sort of drug in it.

「It was rude of me. It was shallow thinking on my part that it could at least allow you to enjoy yourself to the fullest.」

Good grief, I can’t really get upset at a woman who is bowing like this. More so if she was just trying to let me enjoy myself.

「It’s fine. But please take responsibility for this.」

Because of the drug, my dick has become so enlarged that it’s hard to walk, and it’s become too hard.

「Of course I will. Even if I end up being broken, I don’t mind, so please thrust into me.」

After saying that, Luna spreads open her vagina on her own, and it was already quite red and swollen from the intercourse that we had earlier. If I slam my cock into her, which has already gotten larger than it was before, then she will undoubtedly break. I don’t want to do something so foolish as to break the woman that I attained on the first day.

「Get on top of your sister, rub it out with the two of your bodies.」

「Ah……I understand.」

Luna got on top of Ruby and my cock was placed between their crotches. I rub my cock between the two sisters as I move back and forth.

「Ruby, sorry about that. Because of your sister, I’ve caused you to have some scary memories.」

「No, it’s okay. ……your penis is coming all the way to my breasts. It’s too incredible……」

For awhile, Ruby is watching my penis curiously, but when I adjusted my movements to rub her clitories, Ruby quickly started to lose her composure.

「Uuuu, it’s like a log rubbing my crotch.」

「Your sister……is also feeling good!」

While I’m at it, I might as well get the two of them to climax, as I slip a finger into her vagina and rub a pleasurable spot. For the two virgin sisters, this sensation should be a first for them.

「Hiih!! Aaaaaah!!」

「Onee-chan!!2 Nee-cha!! Aah—-!!」

The two of them threw their heads back as they climax, while I also release my semen to match them. Whether it was the drug or a natural ejaculation, I don’t know, but it felt like the moisture from my entire body turned into semen and fired out, literally covering the sisters with man-juices.



The two of them hug each other as they bathed in the semen, collapsing into an exhausted pile of flesh. I also released too much and started to feel sleepy, rolling over in the character ‘大’.

And so, the mountain nation sisters became my women.

After that, I took the two tribes with me around the mountain nation’s territory for a while, absorbing the neighboring tribes one after the other. The mountain nation had their own policy when it came to moving about, so when I took advice from them, we could easily find the other tribes. And since I’ve absorbed the two strongest and largest tribes already, nobody was a match for me, resulting in most tribes either being beaten in a single blow or surrendering before the fighting began, then swearing loyalty to me.

Of course, since the area of the mountain nation’s territory is so large, it would be near impossible to subjugate every single tribe that lived there, but at the very least, there are no more people that oppose me from the areas adjacent to Goldonia and Treia.

Even though I conquered them, if I gather all the tribes together, then the watering holes would dry up and the livestock would lose the grass they eat. Besides, it wouldn’t be meaningful to force our lifestyles on them. The only things I asked of them is to come for training on a regular basis and to send warriors during emergency situations. If I was going to do what I’ve been doing until now, then it might have been good to get their loyalty. They would just continue to live by hunting, being nomads, and worshipping the mountains.

Then, it was finally the last night before I return home.

「It’s the first time seeing this many assemble here……」

「You’re right……it’s incredible.」

Pipi and Ruby both sounded surprised. The number of people from the mountain nation assembled in front of us, including the children and elderly, may reach ten thousand. When I return, they will once again scatter and return to the wasteland in their own tribes and clans. This large gathering is quite the memorable scene.

「You don’t have to think too much about it. Just live as you have been doing so, and when I tell you to come, make your battle preparations and come. That’s all!」

I’m not really suited for speeches so I just kept it at a simple declaration. Silence continued for awhile after I spoke, and I thought that my message missed the mark, but I could hear a quiet voice start saying something.

「To subjugate such a large number of people……is he the grand chief?」

「No, he’s a king. He is the one chosen by the mountain god, he is our king!」

「Our great king!!」

The mountain nation shouted and cheered in reply to my short excerpt. It was a cheer which resounded like it would never end. The soldiers I brought along with me must have gotten affected by the passion, but even the eastern army and the private army are shouting in excitement as well.

「It would be nice if this can be recognized as me becoming king.」

Irijina turns her head at my mumbling.

「No, it’s nothing.」

I entrust everything about each clan to the newly appointed leaders and take only Pipi, Luna and Ruby with me.

「The leaders are happy too. Plenty of new blood has been introduced.」

It seems like some lucky soldiers were able to sneak a few of the mountain nation women with them. When I look around, some of the soldiers’ feelings have spread to the women and the soldiers are bringing them home. I might have unintentionally encouraged marriage.

Well, let’s try to imagine what reactions Nonna and Celia will have when I bring back these sisters.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 20 years old. Late Autumn.
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Eastern Independent Army 2000, Private Army 2000, Bow Cavalry approx 1000 (others still training)
Assets: 3600 gold (-1000 Continued expense for military preparations and domestic affairs)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (pregnant concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Rita (imitation maid), Catherine (lewd), Sebastian (butler), Yoguri (house guest), Luna, Ruby
Children: Sue (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Capital: (Melissa X Maria), Miti, Alma, Kroll
Subordinates: Celia (…….), Irijina (private army commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt, Adolph (domestic affairs official), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 50, children who have been born: 7


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