Chapter 86: Children


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–Aegir POV–


I sink my body into the hot water and relax, spreading out my arms and legs. I unconsciously let out a long sigh.

This season is the coldest out of the entire year, but it is especially cold today and snow is also fluttering around. To be able to get into a hot water bath at this time is the best feeling.

When I open the bathroom window, I could see what you could call the specialty of Rafen – the torch lights of the workers at night. It is nice to be able to view those hard-working people, who are desperately trying their best in the snow, from the side, but that is a privilege reserved for the feudal lord. I’ll soak my head and warm it up too.


When I completely submerged myself into the water, the door opens and someone walks in while humming. Though with that said, the only people who could come in are the ones in my household. I wonder who it could be though.

「Hmm~♪ So warrrm~ Baths are so nicee……」

「Onee-chan, don’t go ahead without me!」

「It’s because Ruu is slow. Why does it take you that long just to take off your clothes?」

The once quiet bathroom instantly got livelier. The sisters Kuu and Ruu are really close with each other as they eat meals and take baths together. I was thinking about something like that, but my breath is about to run out.

「Come on Ruu, hurry up and get in the water and wash yourself. You’ll catch a cold.」

In the middle of Kuu’s instructions, I raise my head out of the water and stand up. Kuu, who was bending over the water to dip her body in, placed her face in the exact position where my crotch would be.

「Eh……the water? Eh? Pe-……」

「You two are also going to take a bath?」



Kuu fixes her gaze at the object that made its sudden appearance and froze in place. Ruu searches for a cloth to cover her body, but realizing there was nothing of the sort, she shyly used her hands to cover only her slit.

「Geez! Why were you hiding!?」

After regaining their senses, I listen to the two sisters complain after getting in the water. I wasn’t really hiding, I just wanted to get my head warmed up and you just came in at a bad time.

「But now, we can finally get in together with Aegir-san after such a long time.」

Ruu sits beside me and rests her head on my shoulder. She isn’t hiding her breasts or her slit anymore. When I stroke her head, she acts bashfully, but seems happy.

「Uuu, even though we’re of the opposite gender……」

On the other hand, Kuu wasn’t able to relax at all. Rather, she’s rather agitated after getting a glimpse of the thing hanging around my crotch area. It looks like she wanted to check it out nonchalantly, but it was quite obvious from my point of view. It is exactly as Nonna said.

「You want to see it? You could have just told me.」

I stand up and show them my limp cock that droops down.

「Hiih! Th-that’s not-! I didn’t mean that!!」

Although she said that, her gaze doesn’t shift away.

「It’s natural for a woman to be interested in a man. Here, try touching it.」

I take Kuu’s hand and place it on my cock. Without averting her eyes, her hands gently caress it.

「It’s soft……even though it was really hard during the time you embraced my mom.」

「It’s because I’m not lusting after a woman right now……just earlier, it was squeezed dry by Catherine and Nonna.」

In theory, there are naked women beside me, but Ruu is still a developing child and Kuu is tightly covering her important areas.

「Geez! Even though mom’s stomach is finally getting bigger!」

「It’s about time, isn’t it? How is she doing?」

「Well, it looks like she’ll be fine. She’s having an easier time than when she had Sue. I honestly think it’s because Aegir-san is by her side……」

The two of them discuss how they wish a healthy child would be born. However, it’s a strange situation to talk about children while having my cock held like this.

「Do you want to see it get bigger?」

「Eeeh!? No way, it’s not like I want to see……but.」

She absolutely wants to see it. I unwrap the hand that Kuu was using to hide her breasts and gently massage them. They’re definitely not big, but she isn’t flat either. Their size is perfectly large enough to fit in my hands and it has the elasticity that only youth could provide. Just from seeing how her nipples are already getting hard may be enough to get my member aroused. Kuu tries not to show it but she’s surprisingly lewd.

「Ah! Nnh! It feels good……. Uwaa…………it’s getting all plump and expanding.」

My cock is pulsing and gradually getting larger, eventually getting completely erect. The meat rod towers over Kuu at a 45 degree angle and casts an intimidating shadow.

「It became rock hard in no time at all……」

I draw closer to the surprised Kuu and drag the erect penis from her face to her neck.

「Hey Kuu, is it about time you try taking me inside?」

Kuu doesn’t give an answer, but gets up from the water and places her hand on the edge of the bathtub.

「Uuu……well, something that big won’t fit……」

「A woman’s body is made for that. Let’s test it out.」

I hug her from behind and place my cock at the entrance of her slit, pushing it in. The tip is pressing against Kuu’s slightly puffed up genitals and is just about to penetrate her, but Kuu distanced herself from me.

「I’m sorry! It’s scary!!」


Kuu is genuinely scared. The loss of her virginity will be postponed.

「Then, could you at least calm this guy down.」

I had Kuu sit on the edge of the tub as I draw close to her. When she rubs it with her hands, I bring her closer and stick my thing right in front of her face.

「W-with my mouth??」

「Would Ruu like to join in as well?」


The mood where her sister and I were about to do something sexual causes Ruu to sink her face halfway into the water while she watches. Since she’s here, why not get her to participate as well? She’s still just a child, but it should be fine if I only get her to lick it.

「Well, I’m counting on you.」

「Nnh……Ruu, I’ll leave the tip to you.」

「’Kay, kyaa! It twitched!」

I sit on the edge of the bathtub and the two sisters start sucking my dick while still in the water. That way, they won’t get cold. It should be the first time that the two of them perform oral sex but maybe because they’re sisters, they are perfectly in sync with each other.

Kuu is quite shy but fairly bold in her sucking and I can’t get enough of Ruu’s tiny tongue as well. It might be nice to periodically get these two siblings to service me.

「Nnh-! It’s hard.」

「Nnnnh! So big.」

The only unfortunate thing is that I can’t have them envelop me with their mouths. I’ll have to train them and get them to practice enough so they can take me in all the way to their throats.

It was rather weak stimulation, but the service continues for 30 minutes and my meat rod is starting to twitch as if begging to release what was being stored.

「I’m cumming, suck on it from both sides.」

I hold the heads of both sisters and push my meat rod against them, then look up at the ceiling. The two of them feverishly sucks my penis, even sucking at the base, and stroke it using their tongues. I instantly felt something hot like magma rising up from my balls. It was also transmitted to the girls while they were sucking me, and they open their eyes wide in astonishment.



「Wah! It came out!!」

Accompanied by splurting sounds, the semen flew everywhere, dirtying the sisters’ faces, dripping to the bath water and even sticking to the ceiling.

「Don’t stop! Keep licking a little longer!」

The sisters separate their mouths from my rod when they were shocked at my ejaculation but I hold their heads close until the end of my eruption. The discharge was caused by weaker stimulation, but it was still a lengthy emission. After everything was fired out, my meat rod droops back down, as I also sink back into the water.

「Aaah…………that was good…………」

「My face is all sticky……」

「Waa~ it even reached the ceiling……」

A while after that, we relax in the water, and I get out from the bath first.

「It’s pretty cold, so stay in there for a moment.」

「Oh yeah, there weren’t any clothes in the dressing room. That’s why I thought nobody was here.」

「That’s because I came here naked. Straight after embracing Nonna and the others.」

「……So you’re going back naked too?」

「I’ll be doing it with Celia next.」


I exit the dressing room while the siblings give me resigned stares. No matter how they look at me, being stared at by women is a nice feeling.

After a while

「You can’t do any farming during the winter season so many people have gathered to do labor~」

「Wow, that’s nice.」

「The bow cavalry is finished with their basic training~」

「Is that so? That’s nice.」

「Previously, the applicants for the private army were increasing, but the balance with the population is~」

「Hooh, that’s nice.」

「「You aren’t even listening!」」

Adolph and Celia both shout at me. The reports were just too dull so I was about to fall asleep. Leopolt actually left on his own, basically determining that I’ve given permission to him since there was no complaints from me.

「The point is that there aren’t many changes, and it’s the same situation as usual, isn’t it? It’s fine if you don’t make such an effort to report everything to me.」

「We can’t do that. In the first place, it’s Hardlett-sama who selfishly agreed to make a deposit to the Flitch company that our freedom of purchasing is……」

Adolph’s explanation is unnecessarily long. The domestic affairs official essentially requires one to have many long and useless banter though.

「You understand? When purchasing goods, we buy from a range of locations so that the risk of interception decreases……」

Right at that moment, light stepping sounds and heavy footsteps come from the corridor. The door of the office was opened without even a knock. The one who came in wasn’t Pipi or Carla, but rather one of the maids and was shouting loudly without so much as giving me any kind of greeting.

「Mel-sama is going into labor!!」

「Adolph, tell me later.」

「It can’t be helped.」

Celia doesn’t object either and follows me in a light jog. When I head to the living room, Mel was being supported by a maid and Sebastian and was being carried to the bedroom. It was already close to the time she might give birth so I had a midwife stay with us permanently.

「……Aegir-sama……the baby is finally-」

「Yeah, I know. Do you want me to accompany you?」

「No, when a woman gives birth, they become like an animal…… you shouldn’t look.」

「Is that so? Then I’ll stay here. Go do your best.」

Mel heads to the bedroom covered in cold sweat. The door was closed and there was a strange silence encompassing the front of the room. Carla, who has a similar large belly, looks on worriedly while Nonna closed her eyes to pray for Mel’s safe delivery. Irijina and Celia were also just as restless somewhere else in the house.

Giving birth is a huge, life-threatening task. Everyone is nervous and Rita was just about to prepare water and a light snack in anticipation for the long haul. But just 10 minutes after Mel entered the room, I could hear the cry of a baby.

「Hm? Has the child been born?」

「Eh? The water hasn’t even gotten warm yet.」

But the midwife opens the door to greet me.

「It is a healthy little girl. It must be god’s intervention that it was such a safe delivery.」

「Hurry and get the baby’s first bath! Is the water not ready yet?」

It was such a sudden birth that the baby’s bath will need a little longer before it’s ready.

「Mel, are you……tired?」

「Ufu, honestly, I’m not that tired. Is the baby healthy?」

「Yeah, looks like she’s healthy.」

「Thank goodness……. Another girl, so when all four of them are together, it will be very lively in the future, I’m sure.」

Because it was an extremely short delivery, Mel’s face doesn’t look fatigued. I give the woman, who’s smiling while holding the baby girl, a light kiss and leave the room. It seems best to give the mother some space immediately after childbirth.

「A little girl, huh? ……it’s amazing that there are four of them.」

「I’m so glad that mom is okay……」

「We’ll have to think of a name for her.」

「That’s where I, as the legal wife, comes in…………so how about Ekaterina?」

「Kuu, Ruu, Sue, Ekaterina? You don’t have much of a naming sense, do you.」

The kids are also making a fuss, throwing out names at random. Whatever the name is doesn’t matter; Mel is also satisfied at the fact that the child has been born without any complications. Just when the servants were about to present alcohol in celebration, a groan can be heard.

「Uuuurgh……ooww, it hurts……what is this……my stomach is……」

When I look, Carla is crouching down and holding her stomach. Everyone instantly turns to look at one another.

Once again, everyone starts running around, the midwife is called from Mel’s side and takes Carla with her. It wasn’t expected that she would give birth on the same day, so the room preparation hasn’t been done yet. The maids were also grabbing sheets and a bunch of other things and are running around hastily.

「At the same time? ……which means that they got pregnant at the same time when I was doing them together?」

「Please don’t say something so vulgar at a time like this!」

Nonna, who was making jokes about Carla earlier, is pretty shaken and lost her composure at Carla’s sudden change in expression. Unlike Mel, it is Carla’s first childbirth, so it might be a little painful for her.

That’s what I thought, but after 30 minutes, the midwife comes out carrying a baby girl. It was such a safe delivery that it made me doubt whether she actually gave birth or not; even the midwife felt it was a little anti-climactic.

「The path for the baby to come out was quite wide so she was able to pass through easily.」

I wonder what she’s referring to.

Nonna and Rita look at each other.

「Well, the size of the baby’s head is about the same……right?」

「It’s been going in and out of her, right?」

It seems they were discussing something together.

In any case, my family has increased by two. Mel’s child is named Miu, and Carla’s child is named Ekaterina……as expected they get along well.

「Not yet……I still have the opportunity to give birth to an heir!」

It seems Nonna is finally getting serious.

The hard part is what comes after. I didn’t really intend to spread rumors about my child having been born, but Sebastian said it was common to write a letter to your close acquaintances unless it was an illegitimate child; thus I only sent a message to Erich.

When I did so, nobles and merchants, whose names I don’t even know, had come to deliver me celebratory gifts one after the other. The eccentric things included the song celebrating the birth and the celebratory wine placed in the cellar that was accompanied by a title deed. There was an idiot who asked for marriage with a three year old son, and even worse, there was a bigger idiot who wanted to get engaged with me while she was pregnant with a possible son.

「It isn’t unusual for them to decide on you as a marriage candidate right after there has been a birth though?」

I was talking to Nonna about the idiotic things that those nobles were doing, but she replies in an indifferent manner. It seems I’m not able to keep up with the noble society.

In the first place, Erich is to blame for spreading the rumors. The next time I meet him, I’ll cause some trouble for him.

「If that’s so, then you don’t have much time to spare.」

Celia comes to my side. She’s cute so I stroke her face and head.

「Waah! My hair!」

She must have done something to her hair; then I did something bad to her. Celia fixes her hair and then continues further.

「Just a little earlier, didn’t a messenger come? There will be an assembly in the spring. The direct orders from the King were to bring your troops to the capital for the large training exercise in spring.」

Is that so? The season is already close to spring. I’ll have to summon the bow cavalry to the assembly as well. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the capital, so I can also see Melissa and Maria too. Let’s put the issue with Erich to the side for now.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Spring.
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Eastern Independent Army 2000, Private Army 3000, Bow Cavalry approx 3000 (in training)
Assets: 13000 gold (8000) (Military Materials -2000 gold) (Labor Cost -3000) Winter~Spring
(Remaining deposit: 8000)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Rita (imitation maid), Catherine (lewd), Sebastian (butler), Yoguri (house guest), Luna, Ruby
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Capital: (Melissa X Maria), Miti, Alma, Kroll
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (private army commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt (strategist), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 50, children who have been born: 9



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