Chapter 90: Haunted Mansion


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–Aegir POV–

「A ghost?」

「Yes…… the guards came just in case, but it looks like it won’t come out when there’s a large crowd.」

Melissa lies naked beside me. Her entire body was covered in kiss marks and she was basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

「It doesn’t matter if it’s formidable, we can’t do anything if we can’t see it.」

「The family is already scared as it is, and it makes their strange relationships even more awkward……」

This story is regarding the secondhand house that Agor bought. It is a sturdy detached house and relatively cheap but it seems like they got something extra.

「Aegir-san, you’re not afraid of ghosts and stuff?」

「Not really.」

If a person turns into a ghost when you kill them, then I’m sure I’ll have a mountain of them on my shoulder. But I’ve never seen one to this day, so they probably don’t exist. And even if there is one, it won’t do anything, so it’s fine just to leave it alone. The actual problems are the dirty areas, the rats and the bugs.

「Then why don’t you lend your strength to Agor-san?」

Melissa is temporarily the substitute master of the mansion so she has interacted with Agor and the other girls every so often. By the way, it seems the relationship between Agor’s women – the widow in the capital and the maid that he brought with him – is pretty bad.

「It’s not like he‘s a stranger to me, so I don’t mind…… but I don’t have much time.」

Nonna, the others and Leopolt aren’t at the mansion anymore. After the training exercise, I leave the command of the army to Leopolt and have him return to my territory, taking Nonna and the others with him on carriages. There was that earlier incident, but if I leave them in the army, it will be the safest place for them. Since the infantry is with them, their marching speed is slower, so even if I depart at a later date, it’s enough time for me to catch up to them. But with that said, if I take too long and dawdle around, they’ll get mixed up with each other first. Then, it would be annoying to have to split up the mountain nation and the others, and Leopolt will complain to me again.

「It’s fine if it’s only going to be one day. I’ll check on it and if it doesn’t come out, then there’s nothing I can do.」

「I’m sure he’ll be pleased. I told him you are more reliable than calling 20 guards too.」

If you say it that way, I don’t feel as bad. I’ll go tomorrow.

「……so, uhm…… could you stop with that now?」

「Hm? What’s wrong?」

「Like I said, Maria is already in such a horrible state……」

My gaze returns to Maria, who was pinned down under me, and she is in an unconscious state, with an expression that shouldn’t be shown to people in public. I was rocking my hips while talking with Melissa, but I might have overdone it a little. So the warm feeling that I felt here and there was actually the squirting of the fainted Maria.

「I guess, I’ll let her rest. …………guh!!」

I make the last shakes of my hips the hardest and I hug her body as I pour my seed into the exhausted Maria. While raining kisses on her slovenly face, I massage her petite breasts. The slender body of Maria seems to bounce every time my cock twitches.

「You came lots didn’t you. Maria might actually get pregnant now.」

「I want that to happen quickly-! Woah-!」

「I want to see Carla’s and Mel-san’s children too. Down you go-」

Melissa crawls over and pushes my chest after I ejaculated while I was on top of Maria. After my release finished, my meat rod is still just as hard as I pull out of Maria, dripping with both of our juices. I grab it and push it against Melissa.

By the way, Celia, the only one who remained, is passed out from the alcohol given out at dinner, which was stronger than it looked, as planned by Melissa or perhaps it was simply courtesy on her part. The next day, she was really angry when Melissa came out of my room covered in kiss marks and juices.

Afternoon of the Appointment

「Is this your new home? It’s a pretty decent house, isn’t it?」

「Yessir! That alone makes it hard for me to give up…… sorry to trouble you.」

The house that Agor bought is clearly made for normal citizens to live in, so it isn’t that big, but it’s built with stone and the roof also looks sturdy and it’s located in a considerably high class residential area, where there are other houses in the area made from crude bricks.

「It doesn’t look like it’s an old house based on its appearance. But will it be drenched in blood on the inside?」

「No, the inside is neatly organized as well. Nothing has really been touched yet.」

「Nothing will get solved if we just talk about it endlessly outside the house. Let’s check the inside in person.」

Agor and Celia are with me, so all of us walk in.

When we open the door, it is just like Agor said: there isn’t anything ruinous happening conspicuously and neither is there blood splashing everywhere. It’s a little dusty on the inside, but considering that the house was up for sale, it’s not anything odd. When everyone entered the house, the door slams shut loudly behind us. There is some extremely strong wind today, I guess.

「A-Aegir-sama…… the door won’t open.」

「We’ll be investigating now, so we shouldn’t need to open the door.」

Celia is talking about something meaningless. Well, let’s go exploring now.

Since all the windows are closed, it’s dim inside the house, even though it’s daytime. When we try to open them, they get stuck, so we had no choice but to light some lamps.

「Not even one of the windows would open. Isn’t the problem with repairing these?」

「The last time I came, they opened without a hitch though……」

「…………There are no ghosts here…… absolutely no way.」

We continue to walk through the short corridor from the entrance, and enter the kitchen. It was nicely cleaned in there, and a pretty little table was placed there.

「Oh, so you’ve already put some furniture here? When we’re finished, why don’t we make something light and eat together.」

I just joke lightly, but Agor’s response is dull.

「……I haven’t put anything in yet. There wasn’t anything like this yesterday.」

As if I couldn’t believe him, I look again, but the table isn’t there and there are spider webs stuck around the stove.

「Hm, how strange. I thought everything was tidied up…… I guess there’s nothing here, so let’s go to the next room.」


「…………I didn’t see anything here. Even if I did, I’m probably mistaken.」

When we continue towards the living room, there is a worn out table and chair. Along the wall, there is a large, outstanding portrait and an old candlestick. The portrait looks a little eerie, but it’s way better than the thing that Claudia gave me.

「The furniture is pretty damaged, huh.」

「I’ve tried to replace them…… but I couldn’t.」

He couldn’t? If it’s only this much I could toss it out myself. I try sitting on the chair but it didn’t creak and seems like it can still be used. I was going to say that it would be fine if he just left it there, but the room suddenly lit up.



The candlestick is lit. Now, we don’t have to bother bringing lamps everywhere with us.

「So you brought a candle with you? We wouldn’t be able to see much if we just had these lamps and it would be quite problematic.」

「I didn’t light them……. Plus, just one candle wouldn’t make the room this bright.」


It’s true that it’s pretty bright for one candle but it’s pretty nice for how bright it is. When I look closer, there is a nice big candle placed. I look around the room but I couldn’t really find anything in particular regarding a ghost.

「Oh, thanks for bringing the chair over.」

「The chair moved by itself……」


I sit down and stretch on the chair that unexpectedly came by my feet, but Agor is turning pale and Celia is trembling. It’s rare to see Celia like this, but it’s pretty cute to see how she’s scared of ghosts, even though she’s gotten used to being in battle.

「Let’s go to the bedroom next.」

There is no bed in the relatively large bedroom, and is quite bare-looking. There is a thing that looks like a dressing table, but the mirror was cracked so it probably can’t be used anymore. Celia’s back becomes straight and rigid, and she clings to me tightly.

Then, a loud banging sound comes from the wall of the room. Everyone turns their attention to the origin of the noise, and the banging continued three more times. Agor pulls out his sword and looks around, while Celia remains clinging to me.

「You’re overreacting, maybe it’s a bird or something.」

「For all four times it was a bird!?」

「Then maybe some bad kid in the neighborhood threw a rock or something. Just spank him later.」

After saying that, I turn towards Celia.

「Wh-what’s up……?」

「Hm, just my imagination. I thought there was a girl reflected in the mirror behind you, but I was wrong.」


Celia flinches and jumps into my chest. She is quick to jump, but she’s overreacting. I told you I was mistaken…… hm? Something’s there again. It looks like a head is hanging, but because it’s still bright outside, my eyes aren’t used to the dark and I couldn’t really tell.

「So this place is fine too, you might have been imagining things since you get unexpectedly nervous when moving to a new place.」

「Why is that!? All the rooms are bad!!」

Celia shouts loudly. Though, there’s nothing I can do unless it shows itself in front of my face. I brought my Dual Crater just in case of the possibility of a mean-spirited monster, but I can’t cut something I can’t see.

「I know it won’t come out when there’s a lot of people after it, but if even four people is too much, then there’s almost nothing we can do.」

「When the guards were here, we could open the windows and nothing strange happened at all.」

「Well, I guess there’s really nothing here. Let’s go home now.」

Agor makes a troubled face, while Celia want’s to go home.

「We made the effort to come all the way here. Let’s check all the rooms.」

The remaining rooms are the bedroom, and the three guestrooms. We should split up and quickly search all of them.

「No way!! I’m not leaving Aegir-sama!!」

Celia clings onto me and doesn’t let go.

「Don’t say that. Agor’s women aren’t scared. Someone as strong as you shouldn’t have anything to be frightened about.」


「……What do you mean by my women?」

「What are you saying? I mean the woman you brought along with you, like that widow? Her complexion doesn’t look that well, but you’re feeding her properly, right?」

She’s been closely following behind you from the start.

「M-my women said that until the ghost has been dealt with, they absolutely wouldn’t come in this house though……」

「Be-behind you……」

The two of them turn around slowly and their gazes meet with that woman. As a kind of courtesy, the woman smiles.



Agor jumps back and hits his head, Celia froths at the mouth and faints on the spot. No matter what it is, that’s a little rude, don’t you think? I was going to apologize and talk to her a little but, before I knew it, the woman appears behind me.

(Go home, get out.)

Even though I couldn’t hear anything, I could register the voice. It was an odd feeling. The woman’s face distorts unseemingly and I could see feelings of resentment and hate. Oh, I see. This is the ghost.

(Kill, kill, hate, kill.)

The voice that echoes in my head turns into some meaningless curses. When I look closely, her distorted face is actually not too shabby-looking and although her skin is a pale blue, her style is decent. Her clothes are being lifted up by her breasts, so she’s got quite the pair of tits.

「Don’t warp your face like that, it’ll ruin your beauty.」

(Hate, hate, I’ll kill you.)

The woman instantly approaches me with a distorted face and places her hands around my throat. She grins broadly while squeezing my throat.

If that was a man, I would take him down, but unfortunately if it’s a woman, she isn’t strong enough to strangle me to death. I feel an instance of pain, but when I braced myself, it wasn’t much. Looks like this ghost doesn’t have the physical ability to strangle me.


I try to place my hand on the ghost’s shoulder but I couldn’t grab it properly and there was a vague feeling of touching it. I am able to touch it somewhat.

I grab the shoulder of the woman with a demonic appearance and pull her in for a kiss. Ooh, it certainly felt like I touched her.


The woman nimbly put some distance between us. She has a face which tells me she couldn’t understand what was going on. It was a prettier face than her warped face.

「If you make that face, there’s nothing to be scared about.」

(Be quiet!)

I’m able to properly make conversation with her, so this time I’ll go over and try kissing her even more.

(Don’t come!)

The woman passes through the walls to escape, but it seems she can’t get outside of the house. In such a small house, she can’t run away forever, and I was finally able to grab her hand in one of the bedrooms. As I thought, she is quite the beauty when I look closely. If she tidies up her hair, she’ll be even prettier.

(C-curse you! Nmu!)

I grab her so that she can’t phase through the walls and kiss her repeatedly while stroking her breasts and ass. Yep, because of this strange phenomenon, I can’t really tell. But fortunately, there’s a bed in this room. We can take our time and chat.

I push the woman onto the bed and caress her face while continuing to kiss her. The ghost is sending curses of resentment into my head, but when I kiss her for a while, she stops saying anything. When I separate my lips from her, she no longer tries to run away.

「Well, can you tell me why you became a ghost now?」

With her ruffled hair still covering her face, she once again transmits her voice into my head.

(Abandoned……betrayed……hung……can’t leave.)

In summary, she was the daughter of a relatively prosperous family, who fell in love with a certain man. However, that man was targeting her family’s fortunes and when the family that supported her went bankrupt, he quickly abandoned her, causing her to commit suicide in this house from the despair and guilt. After that, she was bound by her own grudge, and it seems she couldn’t leave this house.

(Recently, I’ve begun to lose myself. If this continues, I’ll turn into a monster.)

At first, she had a completely human consciousness and wouldn’t scare people meaninglessly, but it seems that lately, she has been in a trance and didn’t know what she was doing herself. The shock from my kiss brought her back to her senses.

(Erase me with that sword.)

The woman stretches her hand to the Dual Crater. When the blade was pulled from the sheath just a little bit, the hand that touches it starts to get inflamed like she was burnt. Since the Dual Crater is made of mithril, it has the power to drive away demons. I didn’t know that it works on ghosts too though……

(I want to disappear before I turn into a monser.)

I remember hearing about how the ghost of a person that died with a grudge will turn into an annoying monster if they possess hatred for a long time. This woman will probably follow the same sequence of events. But it would be a waste if I were to just erase a pretty lady like this.

The woman is wearing a tattered one-piece dress and she had the distinct remnants of the rope around her neck. I guess she kept the look from the time she committed suicide.

「Alright. I’ll pierce through you…… could you let me know your name though?」


Casie lays sideways on the bed and closes her eyes. As she awaits her final moment, she has a very human-like smile on her face. I adjust my positioning and instantly pierce through the girl.

(—-!! What are you doing?!!!)

The Dual Crater is still standing next to the bed, while I take out my meat rod, flip up the edge of her dress and insert myself into Casie’s crotch.

「As I thought, it’s an airy sensation indeed. But it isn’t too bad.」

(Pu-pull it out! Why?! This is rape! I’ll sue you!)

Casie is making a fuss inside my head but this makes her seem more like a human than she was before. I talk to her while continuing to shake my hips.

「It’s sad to see you disappear while only knowing a man who chose money over a beauty like you.」

(That is different from this! I’m definitely not going to accept this!!)

The girl definitely had a personality that hated losing when she was alive.

「I’m already inside you, so it can’t be helped. At least tell me where it feels best for you.」

(……uuu-, the shallow area near the entrance……)

「Leave it to me.」

I make bare the woman’s chest and fondle her large tits while slowly rocking my hips. I only realize now, but the translucent body that only pertain to ghosts make it possible for me to see through her and see the cock that pierced her. Coupled with the distinctive feeling of being touched gently, it made for a mysterious sensation. When I try putting some force behind my hips, my dick sticks out of her, like it pierces through her stomach. It appears that her body is made of something that’s soft and gentle.

(What is this log?! Don’t tell me, it’s your cock!?)

I smile as I kiss her and continue fucking her. The girl continuously cries out ‘I’m being raped’ and ‘what a cruel man’, but she wraps her arms and legs around me as if trying to envelope me. Normally, I would try not to be too rough on girls so I wouldn’t break them, but if it’s this girl, I don’t have to hold back, thus I move my hips to my heart’s content.

(How rough…… it’s incomparable to how he used his hips.)

The stimulation is weaker than when I embrace other girls so it takes some time, but I am finally able to reach my climax.

「Casie, forget about your previous lover and become my woman. That way, you’ll also forget your grudge.」

(Putting aside that this is rape, you’re asking me to become your woman? …………but I don’t dislike that manly part of yours. Fine, I’ll become your woman.)

「I’m about to cum……! Cumming!!」

(……Do it whenever you’re ready.)


I want to push myself into Casie’s depths but because her body is translucent, that part doesn’t exist. The sperm that ejects from my dick passes through her body and splashes on the bed and the wall. I’ll keep this a secret from Agor.

(Wow…… there’s so much, I’ll get pregnant.)

While thinking that it wouldn’t be possible for her, I collapse on the bed after releasing my semen. It is really dusty, so I choke a little.

(Heey…… why don’t you just die here? If you’re with me, I won’t become a monster.)

「Don’t be ridiculous. If I die here, I’ll hold a grudge.」

(But, I won’t be able to leave this place…… and now I won’t disappear either. I want to be with you.)

She just has to get out, what a strange girl. I pull Casie’s hand, throw open the front doors and walk outside. There, she is able to get out without any resistance at all.

(I’m out…… I got out!! How long has it been…… the sun’s rays.)

Casie flies around filled with deep emotions…… flying around?


The middle-aged woman walking outside keels over and starts foaming at the mouth. We should probably have her come outside only at night.

「Now, you can live freely…… or not, since you’re already dead I guess. Anyways, you can freely do as you please. So, what will you do?」

(It has already been decided. I will……follow you forever!!)

With this, the ghost incident at Agor’s new house is resolved. He is very thankful, but it seems that those people who could see Casie could see her quite clearly – when I bring her home with me, Miti and Alma wet themselves, and Melissa and Maria just tilts their heads. Celia glares at me with teary-eyes as well, so I had no choice but to keep her in the basement storage. She was alone for such a long time already, so abandoning her for several months is nothing to her.

After that, I was going to take her with me when I returned to the territory, but just before my departure.

「She’s going together with you, right? She’s not going to stay in the house, right!?」

Miti and Alma are pleading desperately to me, so I call out to her.

「You here?」

(I’m over here.)


You wet yourselves again?

「Geez, pissing yourself in public like this……」

Celia, you did that in a major way when you were in Agor’s house too. If I recall, you wet your short pants and fainted.

「So, shall we return to the territory?」



Casie clings to me from behind as I ride Schwartz. He neighs happily. You’re fine with ghosts too? What an indiscriminate perverted horse.

「It was quite bothersome this time! ……By the way, there was some smelly fluid sticking on the bedroom walls. Is that something left from dealing with the ghost too?」

Let’s move on.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Spring.
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Eastern Independent Army 2000, Private Army 3000, Bow Cavalry 500 At most 6000
Assets: 8100 gold (6200) (Internal Affairs Materials -200) (Labor Cost -400)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Rita (maid?), Catherine (lewd), Sebastian (butler), Ruby (Luna’s follower), Yoguri (just eating meals), Casie (phantom)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Capital: Melissa, Maria, Miti, Alma, Kroll
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 53, children who have been born: 9



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