Chapter 93: Healing of the Heart


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Rattling sounds can be heard as the line of wagons progress along the road. In order to treat the women, who have been saved from the nest of goblins, they need to be brought to Rafen briefly, but since we couldn’t tell them to walk, we had wagons come pick them up.

「Everyone seems to have calmed down quite a bit. At one point, I didn’t know what was going to happen.」

It’s exactly as Celia says – because of the tragic circumstances the women suffered, they were frightened, crying and some even wanted to die. That’s why I want to eat and drink until I’m full to get some relief.

「I believe that night attack was crucial.」

The night after we saved the women, the few surviving goblins came to attack the village in an attempt to take back their reproduction tools. The women went into a state of panic, but the soldiers and I beat down the goblins in front of their eyes.

The women saw me as their savior after I took down the hobgoblin leading the mob of goblins. Several of the women automatically reach for my crotch.

「We were captured for so long that we didn’t even know how much time passed…… our bodies have also become so lewd.」

「Mr. Feudal lord, you were so cool. And you have gathered such unbelievably handsome soldiers too……」

Even amongst the women who were saved, the ones who regained their mental and physical strength are talking to us quite assertively.


Celia turns her head. I don’t have a particularly handsome group of guys. And although there are attractive guys, there are also guys that are as ugly as pigs. However, goblins are the ugliest and dirtiest of all monsters. After those girls have been with goblins for such a long time, most men they see henceforth will appear beautiful to them.

By the way, I prohibited the soldiers from laying their hands on the women. I thought that after they were fucked repeatedly by goblins, their hearts would be broken, but from the look of things, it may have been unnecessary caution on my part.

「All of you should go to the city and get treated first. If you aren’t feeling well, don’t be shy to admit it.」


Some girls reply cheerfully, but there are some who still haven’t regained their energy and are just nodding silently. On the surface, the order is in consideration for how hard it would be for those girls to live with the residents of Rafen from now on if they show such an unsightly appearance. But in actuality, it’s because things would be problematic if they gave birth to a goblin’s child in the city, so that’s why they should get treated first.

Seeing 150 women gathered together like this is quite the spectacle. Not to mention, these women are all of childbearing age, so there’s an air of eroticness about them. Just when I was thinking of attacking them, the group of tents pitched on the plains close to Rafen came into our field of view. It’s the area where the women will be treated we prepared ahead of time.

「Carry the women into the tents! It’s fine if you grope their ass, but treat them with care.」

The soldiers help the women and carry them off the wagons one by one. Normally, the soldiers would grumble when they’re asked to carry water barrels and military supplies, but absolutely no complains came out of their mouths this time. The women should all be able to walk, but they’re all blushing as they entrust their bodies to the soldiers. Some of the men and women lock lips with each other, but I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything.

A few days later

「My lord, the treatment of those women is complete.」

When I returned to my house, an elderly man working as the head doctor in Rafen comes and reports to me…… it’s the doctor I first brought to this city. The population has increased exponentially so there are more doctors as well. His job is to gather all of them and to report to me directly. Many women needed treatment this time so many more doctors are needed to constantly supervise them.

「The treatment consists of medicine and……」

I hold out my hand to signal that he doesn’t have to go on.

「The women deserve their privacy. I don’t need to hear the details. I just want to know whether any traces of goblin remain in them.」

「I see……. Well, they can continue to live as ordinary girls. But a few of them are emotionally troubled. It’s not something I can fix as a doctor.」

「Umu, I’ll think of something for that. Good work.」

The head doctor bows once and leaves. Let’s go meet the girls now.

Celia is waiting for me outside the room.

「Aegir-sama, the soldiers that participated in the goblin suppression are gathering outside the gate…… do you still have something you need them for at this point in time?」

「For something necessary.」

「Then I will come with you as well.」

「You can’t. You’ll stay in the mansion to keep watch and make sure Pipi doesn’t come either.」

Celia makes a dejected face. But she can’t come today. It won’t be good for her upbringing.

「So that’s how it is. Tomorrow, I’ll take everyone to Rafen. I’ll look after your lifestyles for the moment so you can do whatever you want, like make a family or find a new way of living.」

And then……I add on further. What I’m about to say is the real issue at hand.

「To forget the hardships of the past and to heal the wounds in your heart, I believe that being embraced by a man is the best medicine. If you so desire…… the soldiers that saved you are here. Would you like to try and be with them?」

Everyone was surprised, as neither the women nor the soldiers convened in this place were informed of anything. Moreover, besides the change in their expressions and gazes, not a single one of them moved. Will this end poorly after all?

「Uhm……I would like to be embraced by everybody……」

A docile-looking woman timidly raises her hand.

「I would also like to remember the feeling of a human man.」

A woman around 30 years old, who is at prime marrying age, raises her hand.

「Everyone’s handsome too…… to be honest, I might be really happy right now.」

A girl around the same age as Celia raises her hand. Seeing little opposition to the idea, everyone starts raising their hands all at once after they saw several others do it. The plan is going smoothly; I can simultaneously heal the bodies and souls of the women, as well as provide a reward to the soldiers for winning the battle.

Although the sun has still not set, men and women are entangling with each other left and right. The number of women participating in these festivities are a little over 100; food and alcohol are given instead to the girls who lost the men they saved their virginities for and to those who developed romantic relationships with other girls during the harsh tribulations, and they head to Rafen ahead of time. The only females remaining are the ones who jumped into the men’s arms and those who want the men in their pants.

「It’s not something like a goblin, but a human male, aah, it’s the best……」

A middle-aged woman, who looks a little past 30, is straddling a muscular man and shaking her hips happily. The man underneath gets aroused by her large breasts and thrusts his hips in a trance, as the two of them hug each other and moan.

To the side, there is a young woman…… in addition she has a promiscuous and sexy body. Men naturally flock around her and three dicks rock back and forth as they thrust in her vagina, ass and mouth. I was about to stop them as I thought they were pushing her too hard, but as soon as the dick came out of her mouth, she let out an erotic moan.

「Amazinnng, to have three wonderful men fucking me like this. Don’t be afraid to move your hips more, fuck me as much as you want. Pour all your human seed in meee!」

The girl puts the dick in her mouth again as she closes her eyes and sucks on the meat rod, urging it to ejaculate. She is enjoying the orgy with tears of joy running down her face.

「You’re really okay…… with a guy like me?」

「What about you, you’re fine with a girl like me?」

「Regardless of what I think ……is such a beauty like you satisfied with me?」

The couple faces each other and sits down together. The man…… is one of my soldiers and his face is familiar. He is considerably brave and talented at fighting, but he’s ugly, like a fusion between a human and a pig. It doesn’t matter much with men, but no matter what you think, it’s a face women will find hard to love.

On the other hand, the girl is still at an age where she hasn’t been with many men, and her ass and breasts are on the small size, but her face is really pretty. Unfortunate to say, but in normal circumstances, men would not usually lust after her.

「I don’t have such a large chest, but if you’re alright with that, please embrace me.」


The man gets fired up and jumps at the girl. If you do that, she’ll get scared though.

「Kyaa! Geez, you’re like a baby.」

But the young woman isn’t frightened, and accepts the man, stroking the man’s face with her hand.

「You’re so cool.」

The man completely loses his composure and shakes his hips in a daze.

「You’re fine with me!? Then-! Will you become my wife!?」

「Aauh! Yeah, sure! If you’ll have me, then I’ll be your wife!! Aaah, I’m cumming!」


The man uses the strength he trained in the army to lift the woman and thrusts deep inside her. It completely looks like rape from an outsider’s perspective but the girl is caressing the man’s head and kissing him repeatedly. It truly is ‘the beauty and the beast’ and they’re enjoying themselves to the fullest. ……Maybe she’s fine because she didn’t see any of the other guys who went into the city, but as expected, it would have a been a blow that the soldier won’t be able to recover from if she were to refuse him here.

It can’t be helped that I see so much sex around here. I went outside to see if I can find someone to partner with me, and two girls, who are still clothed, grab my hands.

「There’s the feudal lord~」

「Over here, over here.」

The girls pull my hand and lead me into the large tent used for treatment. As soon as I enter the tent, I feel a wave of heat. Even though it’s summer, this heat is typically unthinkable for the gradually darkening evening time.


「「It’s the feudal lord.」」

「「Nice to meet you~」」

That should have been the case, but while the tent is big, 30 girls have squeezed into the space where there is only room for treating about 10 people. Besides the ones who came to get me, all the other girls are fully naked and beads of sweat are glistening on their bodies.

「Well this is quite a lot of you……」

「The other soldiers are fine too, but we only want the feudal lord to sleep with us. So we waited here.」

「Mr. Feudal lord…… you were so cool.」

「You’re handsome and strong, and on top of that, you’re kind to us. There aren’t any women who wouldn’t fall in love.」

There’s a question mark attached to the part about me being handsome. I don’t think I’m particularly ugly, but I don’t think I have an especially beautiful face either. The only one who says I’m handsome is Celia and she’s biased, so I can’t take her word at face value.

Since they’ve been saved, they were receiving treatment here and not able to meet many people, so even now, it appears they don’t have a proper grasp of the standard of a man’s face. But if they’re going to be fucked either way, maybe it would produce more healing if they believe the person is handsome.

「We gathered the ones who only want to be embraced by the feudal lord, but it turns out there are a lot of us…… is it alright with you?」

「Of course. A person who dislikes being around a bunch of women isn’t a man. Come.」

The women are squealing and kyaaing as they gather around me. In the blink of an eye, they strip my clothes and several women push me on my back. It’s like an avalanche of women. They kiss me as if competing with each other to take possession of my lips and the ones left out rain kisses on my nape and face. The ones around my lower body finally take the last piece of clothing off.

「Uwah! It’s big.」

「Amazing! It’s still soft, yet it’s this thick. What’ll happen when it gets erect?」

「It’s the smell of a man…… but it doesn’t stink. It smells nice.」

Considering their previous gloomy and depressed state from the period with the goblins, it’s almost like they are different people now and are more cheerful. It appears the main factor is the shadow of the goblins haunting the women has disappeared and knowing their lifestyles will be covered for the most part for the next little while. As expected, it’s better for women to be cheerful and lewd.

「Let’s hurry and lick it so it gets bigger.」

「There are many of us here, so there isn’t much space.」

「……I want to lick his asshole.」

As expected, when they all try to crowd around my crotch, there’s not enough space.

「You can get on top of me. You won’t be heavy for me.」

「Well, you’re this muscular after all…… then pardon me.」

Two women got on top of me with their butts towards my face. Their slightly opened slits dripped some of their juices onto my stomach.

「Nnh……ggh……oooh! This is amazing.」

At the same time, I am kissing two girls together, entangling my tongue with theirs, but am taken aback by the sudden rush of pleasure on my lower half. When I take a look, the women are crowding around my meat rod, almost overlapping each other, and 10 of them are using their tongues. Of course they’re licking the tip and my rod, but also putting their mouths on my balls and sucking the area near my asshole.

「Aahn, the tip, I’m next……」

「It’s getting bigger and bigger. Looks like one more person can lick his rod here.」

「This might be rude but……can I lick your asshole?」

It’s meaningless to be ashamed at this point in time. The ten mouths work hard to slurp my crotch area and it was quite absurd, but there are still more than half of the girls left idle.

「We want to do it too~」

「Just gonna get on top.」

「Kyah! You’re heavy.」

The group that was on standby lose their patience and climb over the girls servicing me so they can crawl their tongues over me. As the girls lick my body, they start gasping and the increasingly choking smell of sex gradually get my meat rod hard.

「Uhyaa……this is amazing.」

「Even more than that thing……」

「Yeah, it’s much bigger than that dirty boss’s.」

「It’s no good!! I can’t wait anymore.」

Just when I was thinking it would be fine to cum like this, one of them couldn’t hold back and climbs on top of me, grabbing my meat rod with both hands and guides it to her entrance. The girls around her voice their complaints but that girl doesn’t move from her position on top of me.

「Hey! If you’re going to do it, hurry up! We want to do it too.」

「S-sorry…… it’s too big and won’t-……」

「Enough of that! Here, quickly!」

The girl’s words are cut short and the surrounding women grab her thighs, forcefully dropping her hips onto my rod. Although the women aren’t all that strong, with four of them, they are able to instantly bury almost my entire dick into the girl’s hole.

「gh-!!! Nnnhhaaah–!!」

Through the tip of my penis, I could feel the sensation of many things being pushed apart inside the woman. Undoubtedly, my cock has buried itself all the way into the woman’s womb and the tip has penetrated the entrance.

「Oooh……ooooooh……it’s so……deep.」

The girl felt such intense stimulation that she trembles uncontrollably, yet the other girls continue to push her back and grab her thighs to rock her hips.

「Hey, hey, she finally got her chance to enjoy herself, so don’t do things so forcefully.」

I get up from the position on my back and get into the missionary position, covering the girl with my body almost as if I was protecting her from the others.

「There, let’s do it slowly. Can you tell that it’s inside you?」

「Yes……Yes……. It’s so big that it feels like it’s tearing me apart.」

「Does it hurt? Do you want to pull it out?」

The woman shakes her head in such a way that it seems her neck would snap.

「Please continue to move like this. It’s fine if it tears me, just kiss me aft-……nnmh!」

I kiss her and continue moving slowly. Unlike the earlier crazy slushing sounds, a steady rhythmical sticky sound is made with each thrust of my hips.

「Uuu……she’s hogging him all to herself. How nicee……」

「Nothing will change even if we complain. Let’s wait our turn. If it’s the feudal lord, he’ll surely give his dick to all of us.」

「Uhm……can I lick your asshole?」

We are just moving slowly, but it didn’t take long before the girl under me starts convulsing.

「I’m cumming, sorry! It’s only me-!!」

「It’s fine. Cum in my arms.」

I hug her with my entire body, as if swallowing her whole, and give a final strong thrust. Without even moaning, the surprised girl trembles intensely and lies languidly.

「Good work, let her sleep somewhere.」

The woman remains passed out with a happy look on her face as I pull my rod out of her and sit cross-legged. I haven’t ejaculated yet, so my dick is getting harder and bigger.

「Who’s next?」

As if trying to sit on me, several women came to me with their asses towards me.

6 hours later



In the missionary position, I slam my hips against her with all my might and then ejaculate. I kiss the girls, who are losing their consciousness one after the other, and watch over them until they fully close their eyes. That makes 10…… or is it 11?

When I pull out, three women flock around me and use their tongues to clean my rod. There’s another girl licking my asshole, although It feels like she’s been doing this from the very beginning. Being licked endlessly like this makes me feel strange.

「You’re next, so what position would you like?」

「Ah, from the back please…… roughly, as if you’re raping me.」

Leave it to me and relax your hips.

「Mr. Feudal lord? Are you alright? You’ve been swinging your hips constantly for several hours.」

This is nothing, since I normally do it with the women in my house after all. Doing it three times each for eight people is no problem for me.

「……perhaps we offered our bodies to someone exceedingly wonderful?」

「Maybe we’ll all be pierced to death before tomorrow.」

While listening to the women speak, I hold the hips of the girl I’m fucking and increase the speed of my own hips. There is an unbelievably intense smell and heat inside this tent, but unlike the goblin’s nest, I welcome this.

6 more hours later

「There! Cum!」


The girl I lifted up by the thighs leaks love juice and urine from her crotch, my semen sprays all over the place and she leans against my neck. She’s still moaning a little, but her consciousness has flown far away.

「That’s 25 people, looks like I can do everyone.」

As expected, my dick is losing some of its rigidity, but many of the remaining girls are big-breasted. If I bury my face in them, my dick will revive in no time.

「Mo-……a monster……」

「Does he have semen stored in his entire body……?」

That’s rude. I drink a large gulp of water and press against the remaining girls. Because of the heat, my entire body is covered in sweat, but at this point it only acts as a spice to further stimulate my lust.

「Get on top of each other and entwine your tongues. I’ll do you together!」

Even now, there’s still one girl licking my asshole. How obsessed with my asshole is she if she’s going to keep licking for half a day?

Having gotten aroused from the foreplay and servicing earlier, the four girls promptly reach their climax and join the pile of sleeping girls. There is only one more remaining.

Her hair is red like a flame and she is rather short, but not short enough to look like a child. She’s lacking in the breasts department and her butt is small, and when the girl speaks, her voice is quiet like a whisper.

「Uhm……I have a request……」

「You want me to put it in your ass right?」

「Eh!? How did you-?」

Well, that’s because you’ve been licking my asshole this whole time. Plus, you have a finger in your own asshole. You really like the ass, don’t you.

「Then……please do so……」

Her quiet mumbling is hard for me to interpret. It’s like Alma from the capital, but all grown up.

「Then, I’m going to kiss you.」

「No, it’s fine……it’s dirty, plus my mouth is exclusively for the asshole.」

「Then I’ll put it in. Your body is small after all, so I’ll get it wet enough that your ass doesn’t tear……」


The girl sticks her finger in her own ass and spreads it wide. In this way, it’s bigger than the hole in front, and I can basically see her insides.

「……Was it used by the goblins?」

「……I did it myself.」

I’m speechless. I place my dick at the entrance and infiltrate her ass in one quick motion.

「How deep…… it’s easily going all the way to the back.」

「……ah, aaaaaaaaah.」

The girl’s asshole feels soft, and is swallowing my entire length as if there is no dead end. Once I insert my rod up to the root, the girl trembles silently. Oh crap, I went too far.

「Hey, you alright?」

「aaaaaaaah…………!! It’s soo biiiiiiig!! My ass feels great, my assssss!! I was waiting for this! I was waiting for such a large penis to fuck my ass!! Aaaah, it’s reaching my insidessss! Ooohhohhhhhh!!」


Where is the docile voice from before? She’s now screaming repeatedly like how soldiers shout their war cries on the battlefield. Before I knew it, the girl was bouncing on top of me and grinding her ass against me. Her terrifying hip movements feel like it’s scraping off my meat rod.

「uuun……what is……」

Hearing the unexpectedly loud moans from our sex, the girls who previously lost consciousness are waking up.

「Oooggaaaaaah!! This thick penis is stretching out my asshole! It’s so long it feels like it’ll come out my mouth!! It’s the besssssst!! I can’t get enough of such a big cock digging out my assholeeeeee!!」

「What is this?」

「I also want to know.」

The girls are waking up one by one and sigh after looking at each other. In the end, the girl continued to shake her hips and after squeezing two shots from me, she fainted with my cock inside her. Her face is dripping with tears, snot and saliva, but looks full of delight.


「Fuuh, it’s so hot.」

When I open up the tent, the air rushes in, almost making a whooshing sound as the cool air replaces the warmer air. The cold temperature during dawn feels a little bit like winter.

「Today was fun. If I wanted to be extra luxurious, I’d go for a second round……」

「Your stamina will last, but there’s not enough time……」

Celia said she would return in the morning. She doesn’t really sleep in and at this time, she’s usually already up waiting for me. Moreover, if the sun has completely risen and I don’t go back, she’ll definitely come looking for me. If she sees a scene like this, she might faint.

「Then what do you think about this?」

30 women – 29 women, excluding the one who’s addicted to my asshole to be precise – are kneeling outside with their asses towards me.

「Please taste whichever ass you like.」

「You can be rough.」

「Thrust into us with reckless abandon and make us faint before the sun comes up, ‘kay?」

I can’t just reject them when they said this much, even if it makes Celia faint.

I lower my pants after just putting it on and expose my meat rod, grabbing my favorite ass with both hands. Around me, the soldiers and women, who were going at it since last evening, are starting to wake up.

「The feudal lord, he’s doing it outside.」

「Wait, how many people are there!? Did you have sex with all of them?」

「Woah! It’s huge! What the heck is that?」

I don’t have a preference of being watched while having sex, but I can’t just back down now, and it’s rather nice and cool out here. I slam my meat rod without hesitation into the ass I grabbed and she moans with a pleasure-filled voice in no time.

「The women can’t get enough when they get pierced with something as thick and burly as that, can they.」

「My wife might also cheat with just one thrust from that.」

「……Hey wait, what’s that about the wife!? I thought you said earlier that you would give your wife to me!」

People are making a fuss around me, but I shake my hips regardless. Each person becomes exhausted after they cum, so after I let them do so, I move on to the next person. This time, the women are seeking pleasure more than they are seeking love, so they match their hip movements with me and finish off quickly. Looks like I’ll be able to get everyone to climax before Celia comes.


「You came to get me, huh? Then, shall we head back to the house?」


「If we ride our horses, we’ll make it just in time for breakfast. I want to eat a mountain-load of bread with plenty of butter spread on top.」


「Was Pipi being a good girl? She loves jam, so when you feed her some, she becomes obedient.」



「The ground is covered in juices.」

「Is that so?」

「After this, I’ll be the one who cleans up the mess in the tent though, and I’m sure the place is covered with juices anyways, so it’s pointless to try and hide it.」

「Let’s eat.」

「My assss……Mr. Feudal lordd……please give me more in the ass……」

「Hey Alice! Be quiet, will you?! You can’t right now!」

I hear a voice from inside the tent.

「I had Claire bring me some rare treats after all.」

「……It’s extremely sweet, so please have some.」

The bribery scheme was in vain, so after breakfast, Nonna ran up to me and rammed me with a flying headbutt.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Summer.
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Eastern Independent Army 2000, Private Army 3000, Bow Cavalry 500 At most 6000
Assets: 6450 gold (5700) (Internal Affairs Materials -100) (Labor Cost -200) (Medical Supplies, Doctors -150)
※ All Assets: 6450, Remaining Loan: 5700, On hand: 750
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (enraged), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Rita (maid), Catherine (lewd), Sebastian (butler), Ruby (Luna’s follower), Yoguri (just eating meals), Casie (ghost)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Capital: Melissa, Maria, Miti, Alma, Kroll
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 83, children who have been born: 9



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