Chapter 96: Northern Disturbance ② Pass Through the Forest


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Treia’s eastern defense force has surrendered.」

It was the first report from Leopolt, who headed to Irijina to provide reinforcements. The eastern defense force had just held off 4000 enemies from the front, but as soon as the 1000 bow cavalry intercepted them and started shooting them from behind, the defense force lost morale and was routed. After the pursuit and annihilation of their forces, the survivors finally surrendered.

「It looks like the soldiers that surrendered have been disarmed and will be brought along by Irijina-san.」

It’s lucky that I have Irijina with me to deal with the prisoners of war. To be honest, they’re really unnecessary since we’re on a tight schedule, but if we abandon them, they might be an annoyance from behind us. If Leopolt was the only one there, they might suddenly disappear.

「We can’t just kill them off either……it hurts for the infantry unit to be late.」

Celia has a complicated look on her face. We intend to march and rendezvous with the squad I entrusted with Irijina, but it seems that we might be even later than expected.

「There aren’t many enemies left on the eastern side. We’ll manage somehow, even if we don’t hurry.」

None of them spoke up but I can see that the bow cavalry and their horses look fatigued. We were marching at a fairly quick pace every day for close to 10 days after all. Even though the horses had feed and water, it was probably a little harsh on their smaller bodies.

「It’s true that the east is as good as captured. However, most of Treia’s important bases are in the west, and at this pace, it would give them time to respond……. And a dense forest called the Erg forest is up ahead, which we can’t pass through.」

I feel my shoulder twitch.

「If we detour to the north, we’ll run straight into the fortress…… if we join up with the central army, it would make it meaningless for us to make an assault. It would be nice if we can follow our original plans and detour to the south, but the enemy is probably waiting for us there. If we take too long, we will be isolated.」

That forest is there. Celia is talking about something, but I’m not paying attention anymore.

After that, we continue to march slowly for about a week without resistance and when we advance to the point we can see the Erg forest, we successfully meet up with the trailing Leopolt and Irijina.

「My bad, I made you wait quite a bit!」

「It can’t be helped, but we probably can’t detour to the south of the forest anymore.」

Our initial plans were to meet up with Irijina and the infantry after they broke the enemy envelopment, make a quick march around the south of the forest and attack the capital.

If we make an attack using only the cavalry, we wouldn’t make a dent in the fortress city in the west. We need the strength of the infantry and the siege weapons.

「According to the report from the scouts, it appears imperial guards have been deployed to the south and are constructing their defensive camps.」

As expected, we gave the enemy plenty of time. I’m confident we can still defeat them, but we’ll definitely suffer casualties, and unlike the enemy, we can’t replenish our forces. It’s not the wisest choice.

「In this case, it’s best if we put our plan on hold momentarily and join up with the central army by going around to the north.」

Leopolt stares briefly at Irijina. It’s easy to tell that he probably insisted to kill all the prisoners and march on without them. Irijina becomes a little timid, but she still looks big.

「What if we can get through the Erg forest easily. Will our situation change?」

「Aegir-sama, this forest is a dangerous place where many people have gone missing. There are records of how exploration teams were sent but none of them returned. I am unsure of whether the cause is natural or because of a monster, but it’s dangerous to step foot in there!」

「It looks like there is much vegetation growing as well. It doesn’t seem like the cavalry would be able to advance, much less an army of this size.」

Celia and Leopolt disapproves of my suggestion. Pipi and Luna are shaking their heads to show their opinions as well.

「I said ‘what if’. If we get through the forest in a straight line, would our situation change?」

I repeat what I said in a harsher tone.

「It will. We will end up right behind the enemy if we pass through this forest. Because the enemy can’t get through the forest, there would be nothing to hinder us and it will become a decisive move that affects the entire war.」

I see. I thought the next time I came here would be when I became king or I died, how unfortunate.

「All troops, head towards the center of the forest in single file.」

There are no signs of Treia’s soldiers in front of us. From the Treian perspective, it’s common sense not to enter the forest and they wouldn’t think to lead an army here.


「Will we return alive?」

「It’s the captain’s orders……」

A portion of the soldiers, who knew what was going on, complain anxiously, but one stare from me makes them quiet down. It appears they understand which is scarier – entering the demonic forest or getting their skulls split open with a swing of my spear.

The frightened prisoners will be left at the forest’s entrance with a small number of guards. Since we’ve brought them this far already, even if they revolt, they won’t pose any threat.

「Before that though……」

I check the faces of each prisoner one by one. I choose two, grabbing their crotch to confirm the size of their dicks and pick those who look more feminine and have smaller genitals.

「A-as I thought, you’ve gotten bored of women and now moving to men-!!」

「Chief, you can’t do it with guys. You’ll make the mountain god angry.」

「Hardlett-dono, I’ll dress up as a man so you can just pound my ass as much as you want! That’s why you shouldn’t do it with another male!」

「Men, taking turns in the butt……」

No, that’s not what I’m doing.

The girls are making a huge fuss, but I try to calm them down as I make my way to the front of the entire army and advance into the forest.

「The next big tree…… to the left of the red tree. It’s a swamp on both sides so don’t stray away from the path I’m taking.」

As expected, the infantry and cavalry move at the same speed in such a dense forest, but even so, everyone is able to march through without much issue.

「Aegir-sama……you know about this forest?」

I guess it’s pretty obvious. I know about the watering holes and the places where ripened fruit trees are. This place hasn’t changed at all from the past. It’s been many years already, but I know this scenery like the back of my hand.


「There’s a cliff to the right here. A thicket is hiding it, so be careful.」

I’ve chased after a rabbit and fallen off before.


「Don’t eat that apple. Its looks are deceiving and you’ll be in pain if you eat it.」

It became strange as soon as it was summer. This isn’t an apple, but some mysterious fruit that she planted. It tastes horrible and bitter and upsets your stomach.


「A small path……?」

There is an animal trail that stretches in between the trees, and it’s narrow enough that it’s easily overlooked if you don’t pay attention, but if we push our way through, we should be able to see that wasteland.

I was going to just walk straight through. But midway through, I tried calling out to see if I might be greeted kindly. Perhaps she is sleeping soundly with her legs spread out while the sun is still shining.

A small insect lands around my eye and when I used my hand to brush it away, I felt a slight dampness. If I start crying here, would I stay here forever?


「Aegir-sama? What’s wrong?」

Celia snaps me back to reality. What am I thinking about? I’m going to become a king and come back proudly to see Lucy. I’m not some pathetic man who only puts the tip in, I want to slam it in all the way to the root.

「Bring the prisoners.」

The two prisoners have their hands tied behind their backs and are bound to the tree beside the small path.

「Wh-what are you doing?! Stop it! Untie me!」

「Save me, don’t leave me here!!」

「What on earth?」

「I’m not too fond of excessive torturing……」

Celia looks on doubtfully, while Irijina reproaches me, but I pay them no heed and depart.

「If we want to pass through this forest unharmed, we need that.」

「As I thought, there’s some kind of monster here!?」


She told me to bring sacrifices, so I wonder if Lucy will get mad. Those guys are a present from me to her…… I properly chose some pretty boys that she prefers. Although choosing ones with a more feminine face and smaller dicks is because of my jealousy, she’ll be in arousal when she’s having sex as a vampire anyways and I think she’ll go crazy if she embraces manlier guys.

I continue to hear the screams of the prisoners. Sorry, but this is the path she takes when she goes out for a stroll, so that means you guys will die tonight. But before that, they’ll experience the greatest pleasure…… If I keep thinking about it, I would want to go back and cut their dicks off, so I’ll just hurry ahead.

「Aegir-sama……refill your water with this pond here.」

「Not here.」

It was said in such a strong tone that it makes Celia flinch.

「It’s poisonous? ……I understand. Everyone listen! You can’t drink from here so go further ahead!」

Actually, it’s really delicious. But I couldn’t stand to have the soldiers and horses enter this pond. This is the pond we used to bathe ourselves in.

In the middle of the pond, there is a human-sized rock, and I would use that rock whenever I had sex with Lucy in this pond. Even though I desperately thrusted my hips, she would make fun of me with a smile and continued to urge me to do it faster and rougher.


I sigh and fondle Celia’s breasts, who is next to me.

「Wha-! Why are you suddenly-!」

「……how sad.」


Celia had teary eyes and stayed mad the entire day, but I could never figure out why.

Lucy is standing naked in front of me. I am also naked and my dick is harder than it has ever been before.

Without a single word, she crouches and crawls her tongue over me. Her fellation techniques are unbelivably pleasant, but I don’t intend to let her continue for long. More than anything, I want to be connected with her and put it as deep as I can go.

I grab my dick, which has gotten so hard that it sticks to my stomach, and rub it against her entrance, then thrust my hips. I feel the sensation of my dick parting her fleshy walls as she smiles and stretches her hands towards me. My dick enters her all the way to the root, even invading to the entrance of her womb, but her provocative smile doesn’t waver one bit.


Right now, it feels like I can burst her stomach with my ejaculation. When I swing my hips as fast as I could, I come to my senses.

「A dream……? My most recent memories……?」

「You were having quite the nightmare. Are you alright?」

Celia looks over at me. I made her worry, huh?

「But why is your dick out?」

The lower half of my body is exposed.

「Well…… I thought that it was because it got too hard and tore through my clothes.」

It certainly felt that way in my dream. And I was certainly feeling pleasure. If I stayed asleep for a little longer, I would have had a wet dream.

「Why is it so big…… there are no women who could put this in them……」

Celia tries to wrap both her hands around it, but is unable to fully do so. It’s absolutely impossible for her. But I can’t wake up Irijina and Luna, who are resting, since there might be a situation tomorrow where they need to fight.

「It might be impossible to put it in, but I could at least sandwich it.」

Celia gets on top of me, squeezes my cock with her thighs and moves them up and down. I remember when she was still a virgin and she used this technique to pleasure me.

「Celia, wait a minute.」

「Does it feel good? I’ll rub it more then.」



Having been pleasured up until the brink in my dream, it didn’t take long for me to reach my climax. Toppling her over, I switch positions with Celia and bring my twitching dick in front of her face.

「You want to cum on my face? ……go ahead.」

Celia closes her eyes and waits for that moment.


Accompanying the incredible pleasure and the ejaculation, I moan and plaster Celia’s face.

「Wah! Wah!」

With more momentum than urinating, my ejaculation continues, spraying her breasts, stomach, and thighs in that order, after running out of room on her face.

「Roll over!」

「You want to get it on my ass too?」

Celia lies on her stomach and I spray it on her back and ass as well. When she’s fully covered with my sperm, I feel a little dizzy and lightheaded.

「Here’s some water. You really cum to much. It’s going to kill you, you know?」

Celia, who handed me some water, is covered from head to toe with my seed and the overwhelmingly strong smell of semen wafts in the air.

「My bad, I couldn’t hold back. Does it stink?」

「It smells really strong. But I don’t really dislike it.」

I hug the sticky, sperm-covered body of Celia and lie on the bed while smiling. After releasing everything I stored up, I feel refreshed and sleepy.

Right before I pass out, Celia mumbles something.

「Who is Lucy?」

The next day when we appear out from the gap in the forest, the Treian army didn’t show up in front of us, it was just an uninhabited plains that spreads out before us.

「What do you think, Leopolt? Will things go well?」

「If you told me at the start that we can pass through the forest, I would be able to strategize easier.」

I should get Lucy to eat this guy…… no, I’d go crazy with jealousy, so I won’t. Leopolt continues to speak with a calm look.

「Then, let’s follow the plan. We will charge into the enemy fortress from behind. First is the capital city and supply base, Roleil.」

This city contains many memories for me as Maria’s home town. I hope to avoid as much damage as possible.

「Tell all the troops. We’ve walked through this demonic forest or whatever. There’s literally nothing else to fear, charge forward!」


The shout of 10,000 people resound and it feels like the earth is shaking. Since we passed through the forest, we are closer to the fortress than our initial plans made us out to be. Everything’s coming together. Let us show Erich what we’re capable of.

While everyone was getting riled up, Celia was talking with Irijina about something.

「By the way, I wanted to tell you something, Celia-dono……」

「What is it? You’re beating around the bush and it’s not like you at all.」

「It smells…… really strong…… and your whole body is kind of crusty.」

「You stink, Celia.」

「You should at least take a bath on the battlefield.」

Pipi and Luna also chime in, as Celia screams silently.

Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Late summer. Wartime.

Subordinate Units: 11 200
Infantry: 2700, Cavalry: 1500, Archers: 800, Combat Engineers: 200, Bow Cavalry: 6000

Subordinates: Leopolt (Chief of Staff and Deputy General Commander), Celia (Crusty Adjutant), Irijina (Captain), Luna (Bow Cavalry Commander), Pipi (Mascot)

Current Location: Treian Nation, Western Region

Accomplishments: Annihilation of Treia Eastern Defence Forces (surrender)



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