Chapter 99: Northern Disturbance ⑤ Battle of Roleil


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

A small stream flows smoothly in front of us. There are gently sloping hills here and there, but besides that, there is nothing but uninterrupted plains.

We can also see an army wrapped in steel, with many flags waving about.

「As I thought, the enemy was Magrado. I can see their flag.」

「Yeah. But it doesn’t matter now, does it?」

「You’re right. At this point, there’s nothing left to do but fight the enemy.」

The enemy confronts our army from across the stream. The staring contest continues across the stream, where the North Teries river pours into, just slightly south of the plains on the outskirts of Roleil.

Be that as it may, since it hasn’t rained recently, the depth of water in the river is at most up to our thighs and is flowing calmly, and besides it being a bit lower than than the surrounding area and having a slightly harder time running on the gravel road, it isn’t an obstacle worth pointing out for both armies. People and horses can easily cross the river, so the only thing separating us in this staring contest is a psychological barrier on this empty plains.

「Leopolt, the enemy didn’t do anything to the river like last time, did they?1

「It’s geographically impossible.」

Fumu, that’s a load off my mind.

「The Magrado army from the visible troops are around 10 000 and Treia’s imperial guards number 5000, for a total of 15 000!」

Celia informs us. She calculated correctly, impressive.

I rub her head on top of her helmet, but Celia remains stern. She doesn’t have to be so tense.

「Well, shall we go?」


On Leopolt’s orders, the bow cavalry splits into three large groups while the infantry, spear cavalry and heavy cavalry form into ranks.

「Start advancing forward!」

This isn’t a forward charge. The entire army moves at the same speed, closing the distance between the enemy steadily.

「Please don’t charge in this time.」

「I’m not going to charge in the beginning.」

The enemy has also formed impressive ranks and is advancing forward to meet us. If I charge in by myself, I’ll be ruined instantly.

「It looks like the enemy is taking up a wide area at the front of the battlefield.」

If I had to say it, the enemy is lining up horizontally. The Magrado army and imperial guards are adjacent to each other and increasing their area.

「If they spread out horizontally, it’s easy to breakthrough them, but it will be hard to pass them from the side. The enemy is probably confident in their ability to prevent horses from breaking through.」

Fumu, that reminds me, the eastern defence force also used some ridiculously long spears. Should I try?

「Tell Luna to lead the first division bow cavalry and confront the imperial guards on the right wing.」

The messenger runs off and in no time, 2000 bow cavalry changes course and picks up speed. Luna’s squad halts in front of the guards and forms into ranks. The next moment, they shout war cries and start charging.

「First division bow cavalry, start charging.」

「The enemy sent their archers to the front.」

The archers appear from the enemy’s ranks and loose their arrows simultaneously, knocking a few of the cavalry off their horses. In response, the ally bow cavalry also return fire while charging and defeat around the same number of enemies. As expected, if they’re sprinting at full speed, their shooting accuracy decreases.

Both armies close the distance to each other, suffering minor damage, and judging it impossible to defeat us using bows, the imperial guards pull the archers back and send out their spear unit using those 6 m long things. When they stand together, it looks like a pincushion and it doesn’t look like any cavalry could get by. In addition, there are many bowguns aimed from in between them. But this is where the bow cavalry shines.

「All units stop, fire disruptive shots!」

Luna shouts and the bow cavalry hold their positions and loose their arrows one after the other. It wasn’t a controlled simultaneous volley, but one where everybody fires on their own accord, a tactic with a high degree of freedom.

「Do not fear! They are inaccurate when shooting on their horses, they’re trying to disorganiz- guhh! 」

The enemy spearmen commander got hit in the throat and eye and fell off his horse. Unfortunately, their precision is way higher than that of your archers. Their accuracy when shooting at a standstill is one hundred percent.

The enemy bowguns are firing in a panic, but the distance is too great. It is still within the shooting range of a bow, but the enemy couldn’t get the desired results from the smaller and heavier bolts of the bowgun, which don’t get carried by the wind. The super long spears the soldiers are holding requires both hands, so they couldn’t use shields, causing them to fall over quite amusingly.

「I knew about it before, but they have an amazing loosing speed.」

「Yes, if they shoot freely, they’re more than two times faster than normal bow cavalry.」

「Pipi is even faster!」

The one-sided target practice continues while I rub the underside of Pipi’s chin to praise her. The enemy archers try to support the spearmen with high-angled fire from behind, but because their field of vision is low, their accuracy is quite low.

「Damnit! Spear unit, stand down and have the archers up front to counterattack.」

The enemy formation changes once again. Even though they’re aware of the fact that changing formations in the presence of the enemy is a foolish move, they must have deemed it their only option, not to mention they did it twice.

「Exactly how it went in training.」

The enemy continues to shoot and there is no time to check whether there are 2000 or 1500 bow cavalry remaining.


While the formation is loosing arrows in a horizontal line, it splits open and a group of 500 soldiers lined up vertically unsheathes their swords and charges forward. The formation changes again, waiting for the exact moment when the spear unit and archer unit combine with each other. The distance is so close that a bolt from a bowgun could reach the other side, and there is absolutely no time to react to an accelerating charge from a cavalry. The horizontal formation was also used to hide the ones galloping in from the back.

Their formation is solid when they line up together with their super long spears, but in a situation where the soldiers get blended together, there is no fear nor readiness. If you get in range of a sword, you can only stand there like an idiot.

「Luna-san, the enemy charged! Have the remaining bow cavalry switch to swords and start charging!」

「Irijina, go.」

「Yeah! Leave it to me!」

Irijina takes 500, half of the spear cavalry, and leads them to the already collapsing right wing…… then circles around further right of the group of guards. Although the light-armored spear cavalry are flanking, it is still difficult to break through the defense of the super long spears. Nevertheless, they detour, since there is only meaning if they threaten them with the risk of being surrounded. The enemy soon encroaches on Luna’s unit and their formation is disturbed and in chaos.



「Don’t lose speed, cut them down while breaking through!」

The swords of the bow cavalry are not straight like those of regular soldiers, but curved like a crescent moon. This makes it easier to slice through the enemies when passing by and they won’t get stabbed by swords either.

「It might be strange to call them bow cavalry now.」

While thinking such idle thoughts like what new name they should get, the situation changes further.

「The enemy cavalry unit is appearing in the center! Around 2000 are passing through the front and heading to support the right wing.」

「Hooh, as expected, they’re playing their hand.」

Celia’s pretty voice resounds and Leopolt is speaking in a mocking tone.

From what I can see from here, the Magrado army in the center and left wings are already a completed army. I saw that they didn’t have much cooperation with Treia’s imperial guards on the right wing, but I guess it was true.

「I would have abandoned them, but if it’s an allied army, they probably can’t do so.」

With the raise of a hand, the 2000 units in the second division bow cavalry ran at an angle parallel with the enemy. It goes without saying that this chance should be used to defeat the enemy cavalry if possible.

The shooting starts and many enemy cavalry take hits and fall off their horses. But the Magrado army is well trained and wait until the last minute to calmly align themselves with the spear unit.

A large number of arrows rained down on the pursuing second division from the center of their army and about the same number of our troops are defeated.

「Fumu, they’re tough. Have the second division get back. Luna and Irijina should stand down too.」

On Celia’s instructions, a colored flaming arrow is shot in the air. The second division bow cavalry turn around, while Luna’s first division bow cavalry and Irijina’s spear cavalry bypass the enemy and make a large loop around the back of their formation before returning to our position. The bow cavalry can also fight in close combat but if they clash with the enemy cavalry, they don’t have an advantage in the difference between their weapons. There is no need to destroy their advantage by forcing them to fight up close.

「They’ll go back as soon as they withdraw. This speed is their strongest point.」

Leopolt values mobility over heavy equipment. I understood this after observing recently. But I like big and heavy things.2

「Luna-san and Irijina-san have returned. The enemy reinforcement cavalry only suffered minor casualties, but the right wing seems to have taken considerable damage.」

At first glance, the enemy will want to rebuild their line of spears to prepare for a second attack on their right wing, but there are fallen soldiers and confused soldiers making a disorganized mess in that area. The commanders are shouting and a line of sorts is formed but it doesn’t look like it can be used aggressively.

「The right wing will just be a decoration for now. Well done, Luna.」

「I’m delighted to receive such undeserved praise.」

I should really do something about the way she speaks later.

「There are changes in the enemy formations. The center is joining up with the left wing!」

I look forward again after I hear Celia’s voice. A faction that wasn’t seen before appeared in front of us.

–Third Person POV–

Treia Magrado Allied Forces Camp

「For it to turn out like this……」

Radgalf, the supreme commander of the expeditionary army, speaks like he’s groaning.

「What terrifying offensive power. To think they could defeat the spear unit with their cavalry, it’s unthinkable.」

Radgalf’s men also nod in amazement. ‘The defensive formation of the spear unit can fend off their cavalry.’ The scene unfolding in front of their eyes easily shatters such common sense.

「I heard that the barbarians in the remote regions can skillfully use bows while riding horses. Were they taken in or were they hired as mercenaries……?」

「It’s fine either way. We’ll dance with them a second time in the same formation. Join up with the left wing and change the formation.」



Flags are waving and the formation changes quickly. The Goldonian side does the same, since the unit that participated in the earlier attack is on their way back to their positions, they are in a chaotic state for a brief moment. It’s already confirmed that there will be no danger from them charging.

「If they went straight for our center right at the start, it might have been a huge mess. 」

「In that sense, we were saved by Treia, who became their target. if we don’t seal that archery skill, it won’t even be a contest for us.」

「Roughly three times the accuracy and twice the speed, huh? If they have 6000 cavalry, then it feels the same as them having 36 000 archers. We would be ripped to shreds if we take a hit from that.」

Radgalf and his men breathe a sigh and laugh together. Unexpected bad luck and good fortune fall on them on the battlefield. All of that is also a part of skill.

「The heavy infantry have all finished deploying on the side! Breakthrough formation completed!」

「What should we do about the Treian army on the right wing?」

「Leave them alone, a disorganized unit will only slow us down. The opponent isn’t so easy that we can shoulder them and fight.」

The prime minister says something in the back but Radgalf and his men ignore him. This is the battlefield and not some place for a civil official to make his appearance.

「First we’ll have them show us their strategy. Then we’ll show them how we fight.」

Radgalf’s subordinates smile fearlessly. Being veterans of battle, they don’t feel afraid.

「All units advance! Destroy them!」

–Aegir POV–

Goldonia Camp

「A metal……box?」

Celia mumbles unknowingly the correct scene. The heavily armored infantry emerges from the front of the enemy army, holding out their large shields, which are as tall as their bodies. Long spears extend from the gaps between the shields and this formation is the same on all fronts.

There are 8 of those large and wide metal box formations and 1000 cavalry on the left and right. Combined with a ringing gong, the footsteps of their march are completely in sync.

「It seems different than the box formation. It’s slow.」

Based on appearance, the infantry are wearing a heavy full-body armor and holding large shields. They don’t look agile at all.

「We have no choice but to see what happens. Bow cavalry second and third divisions, advance forward.」

If their formation crumbles, the other cavalry and infantry will be finished.


Luna leads the troops once again and rushes forward. The enemy cavalry on both wings stay still while the bow cavalry approaches the clump in the front and looses their arrows simultaneously, but the large shields block most of it, limiting their efficacy.

「It’s obvious that the front is sturdy. Use high-angle fire, break their ranks from the middle.」

The 4000 bow cavalry gives up on the enemy in front and releases their arrows to rain on the center of the formation. But the enemy doesn’t slow down and continues to march forward.

「They can cover their heads with their shields too. Arrows won’t get through like that.」

Leopolt speaks calmly and Celia starts to panic. Relax a bit more, they haven’t lost yet.

「Kuh! Concentrate your arrows on the enemy in front, aim at them through the gaps and defeat them! Open them up!」

Obeying Luna’s instructions, everyone focuses their arrows in the front and several people fall. However, the line of soldiers behind them dives in and pushes forward to cover up the holes. Furthermore, bows return volleys from between the shields and shoot down the bow cavalry, who don’t have anything to protect them.


Seeing as how breaking through the front is impossible, Luna detours to the side but doesn’t start attacking.

「The sides are probably as solid as the front.」

「It’s literally a metal box.」

The bow cavalry search for a weakness and gallop around the perimeter, but when they try to rain their arrows on the other metal boxes, they lose soldiers instead. The enemy cavalry starts to move when the bow cavalry circle around to the back. There is an advantage in numbers – 4000 to 2000 – but they can’t fight well just by firing arrows from the outside and after skirmishing randomly, they return to the front once again.

Luna, who escaped the enemy’s fire, looks at me like she’s about to cry. It appears there is no method of attack.

「Leopolt, do you have anything? 」

「I do, but not immediately.」

If using trampling cavalry is not a ground-breaking strategy, then there’s nothing left to do but perform a frontal attack.

「Bow cavalry second and third division, circle to the back and rest, everyone else march forward!」

「Chase them as much as you can to the edge of the river.」

It won’t be immediate, but Leopolt seems to have something planned. I’ll rely on him.


The bow cavalry are the only ones who stood out recently, but the other cavalry are properly trained too. I’ll have them show some results this time.


The infantry shout and dash forward, crashing into the enemy in front. It makes a tremendous metallic clanging, but the wall of shields in front of us doesn’t break. To be precise, several people collapse but the hole is quickly filled by the soldiers in the back.

Still, bashing them with swords and spears make a remarkable difference than using arrows and the enemy front is in slight disarray. There are some brave men who took the opportunity to poke their spears in but soldiers rush from the back and tossed them away. Many of them who tried to thrust their spears in got skewered by spears instead.

「How disgraceful……」

「We can’t fight unless we do something about those shields……」

Celia mutters frustratingly. Since they stopped the bow cavalry, who make up half our composition, it was clear that we are at a disadvantage.

「The enemy cavalry is moving!」

Have they come to settle the battle after seeing us look disheartened? The enemy cavalry are sandwiching us from the left and right. On one side, Luna and her bow cavalry stopped shooting altogether and brought it to a melee battle but on the other side, they approach the infantry clashing with the box.

「Leopolt, I’m leaving the command to you. Let’s go, Celia!」


One wing of the enemy cavalry contains 1000 troops, while the remaining heavy cavalry as reserve forces number 500. It should be an interesting fight.

「Follow me!」

Hearing Leopolt heave a sigh, Celia leads the escort unit to the front and we charge in. In a battle between cavalry, the two sides close the distance in a flash.

The shouts of the enemy soldiers approaching the flank are replaced by the cheering of myself and the charging heavy cavalry.

The heavy cavalry are powerful but clunky and slow, so when I’m riding Schwartz, I’m always one horse in front of them.

「Let’s rout these enemies swiftly and display Magrado’s power for the world t- gyah!!」

I lop off the head of the noble who is similarly at the head of the army. The battlefield is dangerous, so he should be careful in his second life.

I knock back the following two nobles, including their shields, and grab one of their spears with my left hand.


I hurl the spear at an encroaching enemy. The heavy spear pierces a horse and the two behind him get mixed up and stumble out of control. Celia catches up after I slowed down.

「Again by yourself! Don’t fall behind Aegir-sama! Rout them!」

With me leading a formation similar to an arrowhead, we collide with the enemy cavalry, using our momentum to tear through them. The escort unit near me is heavily armed so they’re fighting with an overwhelming advantage. As I thought, when it comes down to a battle between cavalry, our side has the advantage.

「That figure, I have spotted the infamous Lord Hardlett! Let’s fight, let’s fight!」

I block the spear of the middle-aged knight, who thrusts at me after twirling it around, then I turn my own spear with all my might. The spear is forcibly flung out of his hands and dances in midair, then I stab straight through the throat of the knight who closes his eyes in resignation.

In response to the three spears thrust in front of me, I deflect one, split the second in half, grab the third one and swing the soldier I pulled along with the spear into the others, causing all of them to fall off their horses. This is a battle royale, I wonder if Celia is okay.


Celia is evading the horses deftly on her horse and slipping her sword in between the gaps of their arm guards, then slicing their wrists off. She is really fighting well. I probably wouldn’t be able to match her in terms of swordplay.

「A one-on-one with the infamous Lord Hardlett, ah–!! You cowardly-!」

An arrow struck the yelling man straight in the face. Pipi is really unforgiving. At least I’ll be the one who sends his head flying.

「N-no good! They’re too strong! Withdraw!!」

「Get back, get back–!!」

The battle continues for awhile, and the enemy starts to withdraw when they lose over half their troops. Luna is also redeeming herself and defeating some enemy cavalry, chasing them around. It looks like we won the cavalry battle for now, but that can’t be said for the bigger picture.

「The enemy’s box formation has hardly been touched! Our troops are also suffering increasing amounts of casualties.」

We are being cornered much more now than when we first attacked them. Leopolt is the one leading, which means that they’re genuinely a tough opponent. Alright, guess I’ll go back them up.

「Everyone who is injured or lost they weapons, retreat. The rest follow me!」

「You’re going to do it?」

That’s right.

I aim for the fellow troops being cornered by roughly 1000 people that make up eight of the so-called steel boxes and charge in from the side. Arrows are constantly being fired but all of them are being repelled.

「Arrows don’t work, but how will they fare against a javelin!?」

It’s something I picked up from an enemy earlier.

「It’s a jousting lance…… not a javelin.」

I ignore Celia’s mumblings and launch the javelin with all my strength at the completely shielded flank. The spear wasn’t stopped by the shield…… and with a clank, the shield and the soldier behind it got flung back into the formation. As I thought, the power of a javelin is greater than that of an arrow.

「Like I said, that’s just a spear…… it’s not something a regular person would throw……」

The hole is immediately filled by another soldier, but I charge in nonetheless, since I’ll be using my own spear to crush them from now on.


Three soldiers holding their shields fly far backwards and I can see the inside of their formation through the large hole that opened up. The large shields that the soldiers used were hiding several lines of soldiers on the front and side perimeters and there are archers and spearmen here and there too. No wonder they could fill the hole so quickly.

It must have been outside their expectations to have three soldiers simultaneously knocked so far back that the ones at the back get mixed up, since they were late to fill the hole with replacement soldiers. This is a good chance.

I take Schwartz and his large black body over there and brush away soldier after soldier with my spear. Celia and her subordinates chase after me and dive towards the hole, making the opening wider.

However, the enemies are desperately sticking their spears out to resist, several of them injuring Schwartz. Although the enemy soldiers don’t have much power behind their thrusts and Schwartz’s wounds aren’t too serious, it feels like I can hear him screaming in pain. Schwartz’s large body makes for the perfect target.

「Wai-!? Aegir-sama!?」

I jump off Schwartz and land right in the middle of the enemy, building up strength before swinging my spear with all my might. It’s a single blow with all my power behind it.


With the sound of metal being crushed, the enemies flew over to Celia, causing her to scream. Good, there are no more enemies still alive within the range of my spear.


「Did he just send ten people flying!?」



I get more excited as even the enemies start praising me.


I swing my spear around even more as I let out a beast-like growl, grabbing another spear that an enemy dropped with my other hand and thrusting at enemies left and right using whatever I could get my hands on. I sigh as I think to myself that the sound I made is something that usually comes out when I have the best ejaculations.


「He’s not human!」

「Someone stop himm!!」

The approaching enemies lose their limbs one after the other and the unlucky ones lose their heads. The formation that was once a metal box has completely collapsed, and it looks more like it has been smashed and bent out of shape rather than just having a hole in it. Even the heavy cavalry are on foot and fighting desperately.

And then finally, there was a large clanking sound. All the large shields on the perimeter are thrown away and the enemy formation crumbles as the soldiers start running away.

「They’ve crumbled! Pulverize them!」

After collapsing, the heavily armored infantry are nothing but slow turtles. The bow cavalry giving chase and the heavy cavalry trying to get back on their horses are taking them out consecutively.

「You did it! You crushed the enemy’s formation!」

Celia seems really delighted, but that is finally one box down. I’m pretty tired myself and the other soldiers around me are resting on each other’s shoulders while staring at the sky and breathing roughly. It will be impossible to defeat the other seven boxes in the same manner.

After leading the heavy cavalry back to headquarters, we didn’t have time to take a sip of water or catch our breath.

「Lord Hardlett, please go out once again.」


Why do I have to take orders from Leopolt?

「I can make an opening in the opponent’s front. I need to have the power to breakthrough.」

「Tell me how you can create an opening.」

As expected, I’m tired. If it’s a random reason, then I want to rest for a bit.

「The enemy is being pushed by our squads, almost getting pushed back towards the river.」

This much is obvious, rather, aren’t we the ones cornering them? Besides, even if we lure them to the river, it’s a shallow and gentle-flowing one. I can’t imagine that being able to cause the enemy to crumble.

「What will happen when we circle around to the enemy’s side after pushing them to the river?」

「The enemy will just change direction to deal with us.」

No matter how thickheaded it is, changing directions isn’t so difficult that makes it a foolish move.

「It seems they’re keeping pace with a gong, but the area around the river isn’t even and the footing is weird. If they go at the same pace, their ranks will be disturbed.」

Leopolt has a serious expression.

「If we put a battering ram there……pardon me, if Lord Hardlett could please charge in and create an opening.」

「Hey…… you corrected yourself just now, didn’t you.」

「I pray for your good fortune.」

The enemy army’s seven box formations are lined up and gradually approaching the riverbed. I thought we were just pushing them but was he aiming for this?

「We have successfully pushed them back but it won’t be a decisive blow to them.」

How impressive. I’ll forgive his verbal abuse.

Flaming blue arrows are released from the headquarters all at once. Taking that as a signal, the units that have been engaged in battle up until now retreat, circle to the right and make movements to the side.

「Hmph! You think I’ll let you get around us now? All units, shift to the left, capture the front and push them away!」

The enemy commander shouts and the steel box skillfully changes direction in the blink of an eye. The gong resounds at a faster pace than usual, seemingly hurrying the soldiers.

The Magrado army, who are trying to catch up to their allies by the riverside, cause their ranks to start to slowly but surely crumble. The left side is keeping the same pace as usual but the right side is starting to gradually fall behind.

「What are you doing?! Match our pace!」

The commander shouts angrily but the gap doesn’t close.

「Tch-! Our footing-!」

Right when the order to fix their formation was given, arrows are loosed by the bow cavalry, pouring down on them like rain. And it only went towards the enemies on the right who are lagging behind. They defend with their shields and avoid any major damage, but the shock from taking the arrows cause their march to get further out of sync.

「Recover your rhythm! Stop stepping quickly!」

The pace of the gong slows down, but even if the entire unit changes their movements, they can’t make up the difference in their steps. Finally a crack is made in the wall of steel, and the inside of the box can be seen.

「Stop! Return our ranks to normal……」

I have no intention of allowing that.
Their allies are turning around, but falling into the same situation as everyone else, they collide with each other.

「We’re going too.」


「Pipi is going too!」

I leave my spear behind and unsheathe the Dual Crater, charging into the enemies on foot. I slice through two of them along with their shields, crush the head of another with my bare hand, and steal his shield. The large shield weighs about 10 kg but I can still hold it with my left hand alone.

I block the incoming spear with the shield, then ram my body against him, snapping his spear and knocking him back. This kind of technique might actually be used in swordplay3. I kick away the enemy coming at me from the right and then bash the fallen enemy with the corner of the shield to finish him. This kind of technique probably doesn’t exist though.

「Barbarians! Barbarians have come!」

「No, it’s an Orc!」

What rude fellows, I’ll kill them. The wind sweeps over with the scent of blood as I cut down most of the enemies in one slash to mess up their formation as much as possible. Eventually, the enemy formation crumbles and crumbles until it can no longer function as a box, so our allies start falling back.

「Have we been saved?」

「Let’s fix our ranks……」

There is just no need anymore.

An innumerable amount of arrows shower on the heads of the soldiers who lost their protection from the shields, causing many of them to be fall quite comically. I face the enemy commander, who is still desperately trying to calm the others down, and hurl the battered and worn out shield at him, as it soars in the air and hits my target beautifully. That became the final trigger that caused the formation to completely collapse and the soldiers to start fleeing for their lives.

The other formations seem to be slightly influenced by the fact that I was rampaging and as a result, when the disrupted enemies could not rebuild their formations and started crumbling one after the other, they finally started to flee and our victory was all but confirmed.

「Raise the shouts of victory!」


「Oh-, kyaa—-!!」

I couldn’t suppress my pent up feelings and just stuck my fingers deep into Celia’s genitals. Sorry, but I’ll be really affectionate with her tonight.

Several squads vigorously pursue the retreating Magrado army. I won’t stop them, but the entire unit won’t go. My top priority is to protect Roleil after all.

「Well, I’d want to make a triumphant return, but there are still things left to do.」

「Yeah, there’s still some remaining.」

Leopolt and I have matching opinions. Luna and Irijina’s eyes are sparkling as well.

They look towards the imperial guards that were defeated at the beginning of the battle. They are rushing around in the confusion and heading north, towards Roleil.

「Even though we’re exhausted, us bow cavalry still have enough to go on.」

The outcome has already been decided. There are plenty of arrows when we return to town too, so we don’t have to be frugal.

「You can do as you like with the equipment stolen from the imperial guards.」

The eyes of the exhausted soldiers instantly change. Everyone knows that at the very least, the imperial guards have the finest equipment that money can buy.

「Don’t hold back……annihilate them!!」

The cavalry and infantry combine and charge in.

The fellow soldiers raise shouts of victory and increase their own morale.

Remnants of a defeated enemy.

It’s the same as deciding the victors before the bow cavalry even use their arrows to tear the enemy apart.

–Third Person POV–

Magrado, Treia Expeditionary Army

「Supreme Commander! Please be safe!」

One of the commanders who fell to the ground gave a salute before collapsing. He got shot in his stomach by an arrow and can’t walk anymore. There’s no one who has the luxury to carry people while moving forward. The man is a capable subordinate from Radgalf’s father’s generation.

The soldier throws his shield away, removes his steel armor, and lastly even his sword, before running. The enemy contains cavalry, and if they pursue, they’ll catch up instantly. None of the remnants of the army are unaware of their own fate.


Radgalf doesn’t say a single word. It would be pointless to waste one’s breath on idle chitchat. He has to get back to the ship and return to his home country as soon as possible.

「Supreme Commander, be safe!」

One of the knights turn around and face the pursuing enemies with his sword. He quickly gets shot with a bowgun. He’s the person who gave Radgalf a sword as a wedding present.

The words to turn back and fully resist came up his throat but got stuck in his mouth. Radgalf’s abundant experience told him that even if he struggled here, the only option would be to get annihilated. He can only bite his lip and run away for now.

It eventually gets quiet behind him, Goldonia stops pursuing and leaves. The retreat went as planned and there were no pursuers. No one would chase them after they distanced themselves so far from Roleil.

「Gather everyone……we’re all retreating.」

The man’s usual daring voice is now flat. The soldiers are also gathering and wavering unsteadily as if they’re all naked.

「I’ve been beaten……thoroughly……a defeat such as this……」

There are many commanders who are missing from the ones who gathered. Doing a rough count, there aren’t even 3 000 of the 10 000 soldiers left.

He didn’t fight cowardly at all. He fought them straight up and to the death and was defeated. But Radgalf’s heart is still unsettled. Subordinates that he’s known for many years, knights that he’s looked after since they were kids – many of them have fallen on the ground here.

He draws the sword that he held on to until the end and raises it in the air.

「Oh God of war, be thy witness! I will definitely have a rematch with him and defeat him! I swear this on my life!!」

His sunburned face looked fearful to his subordinates and they started crying tears they’ve been holding back.

Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Autumn. Wartime.

Subordinate Units: 9400
Infantry: 2000, Cavalry: 1300, Archers: 700, Combat Engineers: 200, Bow Cavalry: 5200

Subordinates: Leopolt (Chief of Staff and Deputy General Commander), Celia (Adjutant, Escort Captain), Irijina (Commander), Luna (Bow Cavalry Commander), Pipi (Mascot)

Current Location: Roleil

Accomplishments: Annihilation of Treia Eastern Defence Forces (surrender), Captured Roleil, Magrado Army defeated, Treia’s Imperial Army destroyed


  1. Nat: recall the sinking mud trick they did to stop the enemy in a previous battle
  2. Nat: not just military related I’m sure
  3. Nat: Taiatari which is a Kendo movement, literally meaning to hit (ataru) with the body (tai). It is a collision move used to break the kamae(stance) and therefore the defense of the opponent.


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    • wtf r u high on?
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      celia, irijina, and luna are good commanders and warriors, pipi is a high level bow expert who’s important at times, and leopolt has excellent and unique strategy available
      that guy just has experience in war for decades (which is not something aegir necessarily needs) and just bc of that was he in charge of such a large army
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