Ruler Prologue

Chapter Count 1 out of 3.

Light Novels Translations is excited to announce our first Original novel on the site! Please welcome Anit666 and give him your support. You can read the full synopsis HERE.

This novel is scheduled 3 chapters a week.

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Greetings everyone. Anit666 here, with his novel “Ruler” for all of you.

Sam, Jack and Chloe have been summoned into a new world and asked to become heroes. Having no other choice, they agree. But would this really end just by defeating the demon king? Or would this turn into something where the lines between friends and enemies are blurred and our heroes have no choice but to rely only on themselves? And, would this really end with just the Demon King?

Read on to find out! Enjoy!

About Anit666

A nihilistic, insomniac, ambitionless, readaholic, lazy suicidal piece of shit university student who has somehow found enough motivation to write a novel and is determined to give his all for it.


  1. hey Anit666 just started your novel like promised.

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