Schedule: 3 chapters a week.

Author: Anit666


A new demon king has once again come in existence and is raising an army to destroy the world “Phiria”. To defeat him, The Holy Kingdom started a summoning ritual to summon heroes from another world into Phiria. Three heroes are summoned, and the Demon King who is aware of their summoning has started to move in order to crush those heroes before they become a nuisance. The Holy Kingdom also has some more plans for our heroes. Both of them want our Heroes to dance on the palm of their hands, without even realising that they’ve summoned the puppeteer from hell himself. In this eternal game of intellect, strength, bravado, courage, joy, grief, trust, betrayal, hope, despair, chaos, manipulation, love, hate, life and death, the Ruler has descended to reclaim what’s rightfully his.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural

Tags: Character Growth, Dark, Demons, Dragons, Heroes, Male Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Multiple POVs, Psychopaths, Strategic Battles, Strong Love Interests





  1. Um, is there anyone here?

  2. “Dark”, “Manipulative characters”, “Psychopaths”, combined with hints that the established order may not be so nice in and of itself. …And hints that those summoned as Heroes may be a greater threat to the established order than anything native to their world…

  3. What’s with those completely obvious reference of GoT and arthas’ sword?

  4. Nameless Reader

    I am still waiting for 1 volume to finish before reading, but is this a kingdom building novel? Or army building?

    • How about I say……. i’s neither of them?
      Well, there is going to be a little bit of kingdom and army building, of course. But that would be only for a very small part of the novel.

      This novel is mainly about how the characters regain what they have lost, and how they struggle to protect what they already have. It’s about how they’ll use their power to protect today, and to create a tomorrow.

      And it’s also about Sam’s vengeance.

  5. ironyisnotdead

    If this is an original novel, not a translation, then chapters won’t appear in Novel Updates will they?
    Want to try it after volume finished. I’ll set it to email notification of new posts. See if that works
    Good luck.
    Do your best ?

    • Thanks a lot <3

      No, it probably won't appear on NU.
      And you'll have to wait till mid-june for volume 1 to be finished.

  6. If this illustration really representing the story, maybe only if the romance is good enough to make me keep reading this novel..

    Whatever, i’ll try !

  7. So is this a new story or a continuing of an another novel cause im so confused

  8. I’m sorry if this is specified somewhere but i can’t seem to find where the release date for the last chapter is (v3c32) and was wondering when a new chapter releases if anyone would be so kind as to answer my question. By the way love the novel, been looking a while for these types of main characters keep up the good work Mr.Author. 😀

    • That’s because the full v3c32 hasn’t been published yet. Any chapter with a ‘*'(star, or whatever it is called) in it is a teaser.
      A teaser is a small part of that chapter published to give the readers a peek into what’s about to come to entice them and keep them interested, and encourage them to donate to support us.

      Thanks a lot! It makes me incredibly happy that you’re loving work!!

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