Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 1


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


“Hey Sam wake up! The school is over! Let’s go home now!”

A sweet voice reverberated in my head, forcing me back into consciousness.

“Hmm.. just…. 5…. more minutes……..”

I finally managed to make a plea, despite knowing that the owner of this voice won’t allow that.

“What, he still hasn’t woken up yet? Just how lazy can he get??”

Exclaimed another voice.

I finally woke up after being violently shaken. Unsurprisingly, the ones I found after waking up are as usual Chloe and Jack. Chloe is the class president of my class while Jack, hmmm Jack is my best friend and a trusted confidant. As usual, they’re trying to wake me up. Though I don’t know why Chloe is always the one to do it.

Moreover, can they, like, stop trying to wake me up? I’m attending to some really important matters, ya know.

Chloe has blonde hair and brown eyes with pale white skin. And more importantly, she has a large chest. Her face is a bit on the childish side, and is cute. This gap between the childish cuteness of her face and the sensualness of her body figure has already garnered the interest of many boys of our school. She’s like a school idol. Some boys even started a fight with me goddamnit!

On the other hand, Jack is your usual popular boy. His black glossy hair and sharp black eyes, along with his tall figure has already charmed many of the girls of our school. And those girls are hostile towards me because he doesn’t even look at them but treats me like a best friend. Though this behaviour of his has garnered the interest of certain rotten part of my class. He’s basically the school prince.

As for me, well I’m just an average looking guy. I’m average in everything. Even my marks in exams equal the class average.

So, what am I doing with such high-class people? That’s a question that I frequently ask myself.

“Oh so school’s over huh. Let’s go home then.” (Sam)

Oh, and by the way, I am Sam.

“Wow he’s so shameless that I’m speechless.” (Chloe)

Chloe spoke in disgust.

You’re hurting me, you know….

“Let’s go home. I have to complete the anime I’ve been watching.” (Jack)

Jack has completely turned into an otaku. Truly an example of progressive evolution.

“Hey can we stop by McD***lds on the way? I’m hungry.” (Chloe)

“Well if you’re paying then sure.” (Sam)

“Wait why should I pay?” (Chloe)

“That’s because me and Sam suffer from a problem called lack of money.” (Jack)

Jack tried explaining our first world problems to this rich af ojou-chan, but that was in vain.

“What about your allowance for this month?” (Chloe)

“We spent it on games!” (Sam)

“Listen here you little shi-” (Chloe)

Our bickering continued on as always, but suddenly, a weird circular formation appeared at the centre of the classroom. That formation consisted of three thin circular discs, and each of the disc was covered with strange characters. It was glowing with a vibrant red hue, and seemed as it was made from light itself and looked beautiful, but also surreal. Before I could comprehend what was going on, light started pouring out from that, engulfed the entire classroom and filled my vision.

A short time later, the light abruptly vanished, thus allowing me to open my eyes. However, the sound coming from outside my class which belonged to students chattering while going home or attending clubs, had vanished. What had replaced it was silence. Fearing for the worst, I finally opened my eyes, but I didn’t see my classroom.

Instead, I saw a dark dingy room that had many people in it. I looked around and found that Chloe and Jack were still with me. However, the centre area of the room where we were standing was clear. The formation that had covered our classroom had been carved out on the floor instead.

“Wh-What?!” (Chloe)

Chloe exclaimed in fear and confusion, thus breaking the silence.

“Wh-where are we?!” (Jack)

“…” (Sam)

Okay, what the fuck? Where are we? What happened to us?

I once again looked around to understand the situation we were in. Upon closer inspection I found that the people surrounding us were clad in shining golden full body armours, with long swords dangling on their right waists, a shield attached to their left arms and matching crests on their breastplates. Their head was also covered so I couldn’t check their expressions.

I finally paid attention to the two people standing right in front of me. There was a young gorgeous girl with the smile of an angel on her face, and a bald elderly man with a really serious expression.

I don’t even know who I should be more wary of, as more often than not, the one who smiles in the sweetest way possible is the who betrays you in the end.

The man was wearing a plain white robe and looked just like a priest, while the girl was wearing a white gown with stunning golden embroideries on it. Just as I was about to ask what was happening here, the man, as if waiting for the moment I would pay attention to him, stepped forward and started speaking in an ardent tone.

“Welcome, O esteemed heroes. I’m Azell, the grand priest of The Holy Kingdom of this world Phiria. We have summoned you here to ask you to help us defeat the Demon King.” (Azell)

“””Huh?””” (all three)

I am suddenly a hero?!



  1. Sam is the narrator, he should introduce himself.

    Then the names in conversation, since this is his pov maybe(just maybe) change the ones with his name(Sam) to “me”(?), the “all three” also to “us”

    • I did that to maintain consistency because the POVs will keep changing in the later chapters.

      • You could make an author’s note on the top of the chapter. It makes it a lot easier for the readers, and the story will flow better.

      • The example for this one will be at the top of the chapter e.g. 【Sam POV】 🙂 Just giving ideas, but up to you Anit.

      • I initially did think of using your idea, but I later felt that it wasn’t really necessary to do that. Moreover, there are going to be times when I won’t be telling the readers whose POV they are reading (for the story’s progression, of course). That’s why I dropped that idea. But I still tried my best to make sure that the readers know whose POV they are reading (unless I don’t them to know).

      • One Idea is to go ahead and do that with the chapters that you don’t intend to keep hidden so people can get into the flow of things a little easier. And then when there is hiding POVs or when you want someone to guess it creates a bigger impact of the characters that are talking as people will now pay more attention when you don’t tell them who is telling the story

      • Hmmm….
        I can do that.
        Maybe I ‘should’ do that.

        Damn, time to edit the chapters.

  2. What is the nationality of the author? I’m used to Korean and Chinese names, I nearly got f*cking whiplash when I realized the names were English.

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